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Tiran Collab's page

44 posts. Alias of d'Eon.

Full Name

Tiran Collab




Fighter(Two-Weapon) 16




5'3" 145 lbs






Cayden Cailean


Common, Taldane

Strength 19
Dexterity 23
Constitution 18
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 13
Charisma 10

About Tiran Collab


HP: 149/149
Init: +6
Melee: +20/+15/+10/+5
Ranged: +22/+17/+12/+7

Full Attack:
+4 agile adamantine rapier +21/+16/+11/+6 (1d6+23 18-20/x2)
+2 agile adamantine dagger +19/+14/+9 (1d4+16 19-20/x2)
1d10+6 rend damage

Standard Attack:
+4 agile adamantine rapier +18 (1d6+20 18-20/x2)
+2 agile adamantine dagger +16 (1d4+13 19-20/x2)
1d10+6 rend damage

Disarm(rapier): +30
Disarm(dagger): +28

Shortbow +22/+17/+12/+7 1d6 x3 60'
20 arrows

AC: 34


Acrobatics: +14 = 8(ranks)+6(Dex)
Climb: +14 = 8(ranks)+3(class)+4(Str)-1(armor)
Knowledge(Dungeoneering): +12 = 8ranks)+3(class)+1(Int)
Knowledge(History): +10 = 8(ranks)+1(Int)+1(trait)
Perception: +17 = 16(ranks)+1(Wis)
Survival: +12 = 8(ranks)+3(class)+1(Wis)
Swim: +14 = 8(ranks)+3(class)+4(Str)-1(armor)

AC, Saves, Attacks:

AC: 34 = 10+11(armor)+1(shield)+5(Dex)+5(dodge)+2(deflection)
Touch: 18 = 10+5(Dex)+5(dodge)+2(deflection)
Flat: = 10+11(armor)+1(shield)+2(deflection)

Fort: +18 = 10(base)+4(Con)+4(resistance)
Ref: +17 = 5(base)+6(Dex)+4(resistance)
Will: +10 = 5(base)+1(Wis)+4(resistance)

rapier: +21 = 16(BAB)+6(Dex)+1(Weapon Focus)+1(Greater Weapon Focus)+4(enhancement)+3(Twin Blades)-5(Combat Expertise)-5(Power Attack)
dagger: +19 = 16(BAB)+6(Dex)+1(Weapon Focus)+1(Greater Weapon Focus)+2(enhancement)+3(Twin Blades)-5(Combat Expertise)-5(Power Attack)

CMB: +20 = 16(BAB)+4(Str)
CMD: 33 = 16(BAB)+4(Str)+6(Dex)+5(dodge)+2(deflection)
versus disarm: 43 = 33(CMD)+2(Improved Disarm)+8(favored class)
versus grapple, sunder, trip: 41 = 33(CMD)+8(favored class)

Feats, Racial Traits, Traits, Class Features:

Combat Expertise: -5 to hit, +5 dodge bonus.
Impoved Disarm: +2 CMD vs. disarm, + 2 to disarm, no AoO.
Greater Disarm: +2 to disarm, weapon lands 15' away.
Power Attack: -5 to hit, +10 to damage.
Quick Draw: Draw weapons as free action.
Two-Weapon Fighting: Reduce penalties for two-weapon fighting.
Break Guard: May attack as a swift action after disarming foe.
Double Slice: Full Str bonus on off-hand attacks.
Hammer The Gap: +1 damage for each prior, consecutive hit.
Improved Two-Weapon Fighting: Second off-hand attack.
Martial Versatility(Weapon Focus(light blades)): Weapon Focus applies to all light blades.
Martial Mastery: All combat feats apply to light blades.
Two-Weapon Rend: Deal 1d10+6 rend damage if both weapons hit.
Greater Two-Weapon Fighting: Third off-hand attack.
Two-Weapon Defense: +1 shield bonus while wielding two weapons.
Weapon Finesse: Use Dex bonus with finesse weapons.
Weapon Focus(Rapier): +1 to hit with rapiers.
Greater Weapon Focus(Rapier): +1 to hit with rapiers.

Racial Traits:
Skilled: +1 skill point per level.

River Fighter: May charge downstream or cross-current at +5 DC.
Chivalrous: +1 trait bonus to Diplomacy and Knowledge(History).

Class Features:
Bravery: +4 bonus to Will saves against fear.
Defensive Flurry: +4 dodge bonus when using full-attack with two weapons.
Twin Blades: +3 to hit and damage when using full-attack with two weapons.
Double Strike: May attack once with both weapons as a standard action.
Improved Balance: Reduce two-weapon fighting penalties by 1.
Equal Opportunity: May make AoO with both weapons.
Perfect Balance: Reduce two-weapon fighting penalties by 1.


+4 agile adamantine rapier; +2 agile adamantine dagger; shortbow; 20 arrows; adamantine falcata; +5 medium fortification mithral breastplate; +2 ring of protection; +4 belt of physical perfection; goggles of night; explorer's outfit; eyepatch; hat; cloak of resistance +4; scabbard of staunching; quick runner's shirt; masterwork backpack (in backpack: explorer's outfit; 1 day's rations; 2 waterskins; bedroll; 50' spider silk rope; grappling hook; flint and steel); bag of holding(type 1)(in bag: 3 potions of bear's endurance; 3 potions of bull's strength; 3 potions of cat's grace; 3 potions of displacement; 10 potions of cure serious wounds; 3 potions of flying; 3 potions of protection from acid; 3 potions of protection from cold; 3 potions of protection from electricity; 3 potions of protection from fire; 3 potions of protection from sonic; 3 potions of good hope; 10 potions of lesser restoration; 3 potions of invisibility; 3 potions of remove curse; 3 potions of magic circle against evil; 3 potions of protection from arrows; 3 potions of heroism; 10 potions of cure moderate wounds);
heavy horse(war-trained)(on horse: military saddle; bit and bridle; saddlebags)
heavy horse (on horse: pack saddle; small tent; 40 waterskins; 13 days' rations; 28 days' feed)
86 lbs light load


13,058 gp, 1 sp

Physical Description:

Tiran is rather short, with lightly bronzed skin and dark hair. He wears an eyepatch over his left eye, a large brimmed hat and an embroidered cape, with a rapier and dagger at his belt.


Name: Tiran Collab
Race: Human
Job: Mercenary
Age: 35
Likes: His brother, Doritian Collab; fellow mercenaries.
Dislikes: Qadirans, pirates, Gebites.

Tiran was born in Zimar, and spent the first few years of his career serving Taldor, hunting Qadiran bandits in the Border Wood with his brother, Doritian. After leaving the Phalanx, he and Doritian set off as mercenaries, gaining a reputation around the coasts of the Inner Sea battling pirates and fighting minor border wars. One fateful trip to Mediogalti Island cost Tiran his left eye and almost found him sold to Geb. Only with his brother's help were he and the surviving members of their crew saved from certain undeath. On the voyage home, a fellow passenger mentioned stories of a mountain exploding in the Mindspin Mountains. Curiosity piqued, they set off to see the sight themselves. Unfortunately, one night Tiran was startled awake by the sounds of a struggle. He left the tent to find his brother gone, snatched away in the dark by forces unknown, leaving only his falcata behind. Tiran took it up, determined to find his brother.

Useful Die Rolls:

full attack(rapier)[dice]1d20+21;1d20+16;1d20+11;1d20+6[/dice]
full attack(dagger)[dice]1d20+19;1d20+14;1d20+9[/dice]
standard attack(rapier)[dice]1d20+18[/dice]
standard attack(dagger)[dice]1d20+16[/dice]
rend damage[dice]1d10+6[/dice]
fort save[dice]1d20+18[/dice]
ref save[dice]1d20+15[/dice]
will save[dice]1d20+10[/dice]

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