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Crystal Figurine

Tiny Coffee Golem's page

8,162 posts. Alias of wesF.


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*Furiously takes notes.*

Dracovar wrote:

You've got another option to try that I don't think was mentioned in previous posts:

Brazen it out.

Mr. 16th Level can find you. He can kill you. He should be able to do it without breaking a sweat. Even with all the advice about escape and evasion, reincarnation, etc.

But - remember when he said "you aren't worthy?". Well, when he shows up for the rematch, remind him of those words (hopefully you can utter them before you die) and ask - "I think I'm worthy now, I killed your butt once already. Now, how about we just get past that little inconvenience and work together? I need a mentor, and maybe you need a gopher..."

Maybe Mr.Wiz is looking for a worthy apprentice and this was a test. Maybe killing him means passing that test.

So, be ballsy. Show some attitude. If you're going to die, die on your feet facing it, be that NE honcho you know yourself to be.

Or, it was a Stupid Test and you failed. I think the consequences of this option are pretty obvious to everyone...

This is probably the best advice. it's contingent upon being able to speak to the wizard before he incinerates you, of course. That being said it's still the best plan.

Any advice on getting these various creatures to cooperate and, you know, not kill you in your sleep?

Tacticslion wrote:

Astral Projection is a spell that allows a wizard to project a fake body onto a new plane (with copies of his loot!), and gets better instantly when he "dies". With any variant of create demiplane and permanency, the wizard can easily gain effective immortality (and limitless wealth).

How does astral projection/demiplane give one limitless wealth?

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1) Drop all of his stuff somewhere. Anywhere is fine as long as it's far far away from you.

2) Get reincarnated.

3) Hope that most laws of divination no longer apply as you are now effectively an entirely different creature. I think that'll fool a lot of divinations.

4) Hope that that high level wizard who was dumb enough to be killed by a 5th level is also dumb enough not to be able to divine/determine what you did to run away.

5) Live the rest of your probably short life in fear.


Dont you have to pick the cross hair (square corners, basically) on the map for bursts? So you'd let the enemy pick on of the 4 cross hairs of the square the ninja used to be in. Given that he may or may not hit the ninja.

Is that right?

I have a rogue concept that I've never played, but I think COULD (stressing could) work.

Halfling rogue with sniper goggles or the sniper archtype if the goggles arent available.

The halfling trait that reduces stealth penalty to sniping

The feat that reduces sniping for halfling.

I'll have to look the names up, but I know the exist. Essentially it reduces the sniping stealth penalty to 0.

Then skill focus stealth + Max ranks + any and all stealthy item bonuses.

You could theoretically snipe from a distance and do decent damage every round.

Again, never played this character, but I think it could be sufficiently fun to play if not necessarily min/maxed.

Arachnofiend wrote:
Good aligned gods tend to get their collective asses handed to them by whatever the Ultimate Evil is in RPG's. That's why you need Average Joe From A Small Town to fulfill his destiny.

Evil is more efficient. Good has to deal with morals and such.

Hence good's general need for some destined child to repeatedly save the world from falling off the razors edge.

What feat is that for the Oracle?

Scarred witch doctor or Wizard.
Zen Archer Monk as a close third.

Staff of wishes where the casting of wish doesn't use a charge. The party can pool all of the tome money, then add a big pile of platinum to it and get all the wishes you'd ever want. Just be sure to watch what you say when holding it.

Simply Destroying the body will prevent most undead. If a spell doesn't exist to do just that it wouldn't be hard to research one and distribute it. It wouldn't even need to be very high level. 2nd at most.


Ge mind controlled a lot.

Dwarf with the magic resist trait will get you a modest Spell resistance. I think there's a feat you can use to bump it, but the name escapes me and It might be a holdover from 3.5.

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chaoseffect wrote:

23a) "What the hell do you mean your lord won't see us? Tell him to get his ass up. Adventurers are here. Don't you know who we are?"

"You are a filthy vagrants with no honor or claim to nobility and you will take your crass mannerisms elsewhere or face the wrath of the royal guards."
"Make that a filthy vagrant with no honor or claim to nobility who murdered like 50 people yesterday on the road just to get here. Tell your king to get his fancy ass down here to talk or we will be rolling initiative!"

I love this more than I can say.

DungeonmasterCal wrote:
I thought this was going to be a thread about posting selfies.

Initially so did I. A thread in the same vein as "pics or you're a sock puppet."

Eschew materials does not cover Foci. the feat specifically says Material component. A focus is something else. Bolded references below.

For example contingency requires a Verbal, Somatic, material, and Focus. For sake of argument i'm ignoring the fact that the focus is above 1gp. lets just pretend that it's 1 copper instead.

the thing with the M is the only thing Eschew Materials covers. It does not cover, Somatic, Verbal, or Focus. There are other feats for those things.

It seems pretty cut and dry to me.

Eschew Materials:
You can cast many spells without needing to utilize minor material components.

Benefit: You can cast any spell with a material component costing 1 gp or less without needing that component. The casting of the spell still provokes attacks of opportunity as normal. If the spell requires a material component that costs more than 1 gp, you must have the material component on hand to cast the spell, as normal.

School evocation; Level sorcerer/wizard 6

Casting Time at least 10 minutes; see text
Components V, S, M (quicksilver and an eyelash of a spell-using creature), F (ivory statuette of you worth 1 Copper (price changed for demonstration purposes)

Range personal
Target you
Duration 1 day/level (D) or until discharged...

They're also expensive as all hell.

Jeraa wrote:
Focuses are not material components. That is why the rules differentiate them. Eschew Materials won't remove the need for the focus.

This. Eschew materials only affects material components. Not Foci. Though, luckily you only need one foci as it is not consumed.

Elf Wizard

Am I real? Yes. /End Relations Module.

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Poisons are extremely useless.

What it says on the tin; Caffiene addict 20

Happy Christmas, everyone.



I like a gnome reincarnated druid with the weather domain. Flying around as an air elemental dropping lightning bolts.

I'm pretty sure fireballs stop at solid barriers, including but not limited to the earth. It's a ball of fire, not an explosion. You wouldn't need to earth glide farther away than under the ground. Retracting your arm should be sufficient.

Though Imbicatus' points are all valid and would need to be overcome for this to work.

Though I'm sure everyone is super smart, this isn't an imaginary thing.

There's a Solar bike path in the Netherlands. True, it's not a roadway, but more of a proof of concept. This is definitely a real thing.

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Monks with amulets of anti magic shell.

What it says on the tin; Caffiene addict 20
DMTFY wrote:
Wish me luck tonight kids, I am off to the company christmas party here in about an hour.

I've got mine tonight and I'm still unsure of the dress code.

I suspect it's because one is real and one is imaginary. They are thus incomparable.

In fantasy games this incompatibility seems like it would continue.

That's just my pseudo-psychological theory anyway.

Kirth Gersen wrote:
Yeah, your link is a LOT slower than a direct one would have been.

But not nearly as funny. :-)

In a world where antigrav has been perfected, I have no issue with the soccer ball droid with the exception that it looks kinda stupid. My assumption is that there's gyro's and magnets and such inside the soccerball.

Kirth Gersen wrote:
Electric Wizard wrote:
The eminent British physicist Stephen Hawking warns the development of intelligent machines could pose a major threat to humanity.
Citation please?

It was a recent Article.

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Irnk, Dead-Eye's Prodigal wrote:
Yep. I'm with ShadowcatX on this one. Belkar is prepping for round 2 with Durkula.

Seconded. Motion carried.

Purple Dragon Knight wrote:
Erik Mona said that the upcoming hardcover will give MUCH love to rogues... so don't write them off yet! ;-)

I wonder if they'll revamp the base class or just add an archetype (or two) that functions appropriately.

DrDeth wrote:
Senko wrote:
I know its foolish but I hope one day people will just answer the question given
I did.

It's a thought experiment. It's for thinking. :-)

TriOmegaZero wrote:
*casts silent image of a wall* U CAN'T C ME, TCG!

I attack the darkness.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
twells wrote:
What he said.
Which is what I said.

I say it too!!!

Wait. What are we doing?

Imbicatus wrote:
Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
CWheezy wrote:
Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
All rolls are free actions.
They are actually no action at all.
You are correct. By free I meant a non-action. Semantics.
Free action and non-action are separate and distinct game terms. Free actions can only be done on your turn and can be limited by GM fiat. Non-action has no limit, because it take no action at all to do.

Yes. I know. I accidentally used a game term. I meant it initially as in what it means in the English language, now what it means in pathfinder language.

As stated. You are still correct. I made an err.

CWheezy wrote:
Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
All rolls are free actions.
They are actually no action at all.

You are correct. By free I meant a non-action. Semantics.

If memory serves you get to roll all knowledge checks (limited by what's appropriate for sake of speed) one time when you encounter a new situation. All rolls are free actions. This represents what the character already knows. Not any kind of time consuming analysis or research.

Effectively its one of every knowledge check per encounter. Though DM is smart to tell the player which one(s) to roll.

Blayde MacRonan wrote:
I'm normally not a fan of Stephen Colbert... but this just cracked me up. Plus, it's relevant to the discussion. I'll take his explanation as to how it works over anything else I've seen... because it actually makes sense.

He has a point. Well, as much of a point as anyone talking about theoretical physics in a fantasy/sci-fi setting with quasi-religion/magic has.

Edit: Plus he called them/some of you nerfherders, which is awesome.

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Marroar Gellantara wrote:

Oh my response would be to match crazy with crazy.

So clearly I would dress up as a CN elf sorceress/wizard.

I would then proceed to seduce the game master.

Actually, this has some level of merit when dealing with crazy people.

Damon Griffin wrote:

Response #1: It would require a lot more than waking up in a warehouse full of fantasy props to convince any rational person that magic is suddenly real, so there'd be no point to dressing up as a wizard or cleric; there's no expectation you'd be able to exploit their class strengths. Ditto the racial "suits"; no reason to believe that giving myself pointed ears would suddenly grant low-light vision or whatever. (On the other hand, that would be a simple enough experiment, so see Response #2 below.)

I would suspect I'd been dropped into an RPG-themed version of "Saw" by some lunatic, ignore the racial suits and adopt light armor and a couple of weapons I might reasonably expect to use untrained: staff and a light sword, probably. This is not because I consider myself to be a competent Fighter; I don't. It's because the Fighter's skill set is the easiest of the four for a mundane to fake and the easiest of the four to pick up quickly.

Response #2: Assuming that from observing others it becomes apparent that adopting a racial suit or class-appropriate gear does somehow grant the abilities linked to that race/class combination, I would still stay away from Wizard, because there are too many unknown variables in terms of spells available, etc. I'd probably stick with Fighter, but on the assumption that whatever is granting racial and class abilities will now make me compenent with whatever gear I choose, I'd get slightly heavier armor and weapons, and add a bow. I presumably don't know what game system/edition is being simulated here, but I would probably add a racial suit that has the best chance of increasing my STR and CON: dwarf or half-orc.

Basically this. Stick with something simple. Ranged weapons as primary with a melee backup. Dont be a hero and don't go first. Plus I'd assume there is no money or happy ending if you "win." I'd play along while looking for an actual exit.

Edit: Now if the "racial gear" was actually something to give me an edge such as "darkvision" being a pair of night vision goggles, then I'd do that.

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Getting to space in a world of magic is easy.

Any shmuck with boots of levitate and an amulet of adaptation and a lot of free time can get to space. Re-entry might be more difficult though. There are obviously better ways to get to space, but when one can tell physics to sit down and shut up it's much easier than in our physics-heavy reality.

Lemmy wrote:
Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:
Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
Electric Wizard wrote:
I always thought he was a Jedi.
I've never met the man and could easily be mistaken.
*this is not the post you're looking for* handwave
This is not the post I'm looking for.


Mind control doesn't work on golems! He is faking it!


BigNorseWolf wrote:
Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
Electric Wizard wrote:
I always thought he was a Jedi.
I've never met the man and could easily be mistaken.

*this is not the post you're looking for* handwave

This is not the post I'm looking for.

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