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Crystal Figurine

Tiny Coffee Golem's page

8,544 posts. Alias of wesF.


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Echo Vining wrote:
Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
"Date" might be a strong word, but I like the big muscled guy.
Ezren? He's got a bit of a Christopher Lee vibe.

Doesn't matter. Whichever one fits the criteria. :-)

I like stuff that you can throw out and automatically fires upon the enemy. My go-to summon are Lantern Archons.

Anyway, I'd like to branstorm/crowdsource ideas. There are two related, but seperate instances of auto-turrets I'm interested in.

First is mobile. Spells are an excellent example, but this is pretty well covered under Summon Monster. Though if there are other such set and forget spells I'd be curious about that. Also, in this category are items or other such things you could pull out of your pocket and then run away while they fire upon the enemy. In a sci-fi game this would be something like a portable laser turret.

Stationary has more options, I think. This would include something that sits on a tower or city wall that automatically fires upon anything that gets too close. Animated siege crossbow comes to mind, though expensive. Perhaps also undead archers in a stone tower with only one window facing the direction you want them to fire. If they are capable of using a bow and cant otherwise escape you'd just have to supply them with arrows. Though I dont think mindless undead are capable of using a bow.



What it says on the tin; Caffiene addict 20

Pardon the interrupt, I've been enjoying reading your gameplay thread and wanted to compliment the concept and playstyle. Very fun. Carry on.

Telekinetic rogue (Max 1 or 2 actual rogue levels, otherwise just a playstyle comment). Looks completely mundane and unarmed. Even after he starts throwing badguys at other badguys without actually moving or speaking.

Seriously if there ever was a character that needed zero gear a Telikineticist is it.

Technically, yes. However I assume trap builders are aware and take steps to prevent it. Perhaps a custom and very minor version of mind blank specific to traps exists to prevent such divination. Were I a trap maker it's one of the first things I'd research.

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Servant horde. 3rd level spell creates 2d6 + cl unseen servants.

Not unique, but doesn't exist in pathfinder.

I also like researching energy spells that use different energy. Cold fireballs, for example. I know there's a feat, but I like different energy as the bad spell.

The water disappears after 24 hours. It says so in the Spell. It's magic. Not physics.

I had an idea for a spell. Basically it's a resilient sphere except as a free action the caster can open or close up to a 1' hole anywhere in it. I imagine it'd be at least 6th level, but still worth it.
Edit: attempts to open more than one such hole fail. Hole cannot be closed if blocked by solid object.

"Date" might be a strong word, but I like the big muscled guy.


Thanks everyone!

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Alexander S. Modeus wrote:
Either that or I would be dating a T-Rex who just so happened to be named James Jacobs... which wouldn't be as exciting.


We're I a paranoid Lich my phyla try would be an intelligent item. This opens up all kinds of shenanigans.

Stick it in a golem and have it drive the thing through whatever means.

Maybe the phalactry cloaks it's aura and pretends to be some awesome loot. Maybe it is some awesome loot. Imagine a badass paladin sword whose name I can't remember we're actually the phalactry.

Is there a resource anywhere with good maps of castles? Preferably with grid lines. They don't have to be fully fleshed out. Just a shell k can print out and let the players decide what to do with it.

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Step1: Learn to thoroughly enjoy cantrips.

Ancient "books" and manuscripts that discuss the land.

Rynjin wrote:
She's not even a musician. She's a DJ.

Her job is DJ. Growing up with her dad I'd bet she can play an instrument or three.

Shadow Knight 12 wrote:
Rynjin wrote:

There's a major, subtle but important difference between Will and Wolfgang.

Wolfgang is a stone cold killer. Will thinks like a police officer, he'll threaten to shoot you, and he'll do it if he has to, but he'll try all non-violent means first, and nonlethal means second before killing a man. He's compassionate and hesitates to take human life.

Wolfgang does not. Enemy humans are an obstacle to overcome. He's not emotionless, or a "monster" like he claims to be, he just feels very little (or even no) remorse about killing someone who needs to be killed, and he will not hesitate to do it.

Yeah, I know they're different characters, but I'm talking in terms of their skillset. They are both decent at melee fighting, decent at firearms, and good at physical intimidation. While Will has "cop instincts" that Wolfgang lacks, and Wolfgang has that "ruthlessness" that Will doesn't have, they are still fairly similar when it comes to the talents they can lend to the other Sensates.

Not to mention right now Riley doesn't seem to have a skill to lend to others (even if she's good at linking them and all the stuff people are pointing out, she doesn't have a lot to offer to the others in terms of "I need someone who can do X!").

She's a musician. Though not as useful as some of the other skills she's your girl if you need to rock out on karokee night. Plus maybe she's got something we don't know about.

Basically she's a bard.


2 people marked this as a favorite.

Also, the ones that survive are VERY good at survival. Couple that with the fact that an individual Drow/Elf can live for hundreds of years. Longer if they spend that time figuring out how to achieve immortality/survivability.

I have this amusing/disguising concept for an air elemental tumor familiar. Guess where it enters and exits the body...on second thought, don't.

James Risner wrote:
Korlos wrote:
My other point is that PCs printing money is disruptive. Add some interesting consequences.
Remind me to not play in your games.


Gnome reincarnated druid with the Storm domain.

At around level 7 (or maybe 9) you can basically live in air elemental form and throw lightning/summons at people.


James Risner wrote:

Is there a reason you think it doesn't work Tiny Coffee Golem?

If it is:

Casting Time 2 rounds
Then yes it works because you had the material component at the beginning of the spell casting. We don't have a hard rule saying so, but it makes sense and is backed up by James Jacobs saying it works.

perfect. Thanks.

My casters wear hats of disguise to make themselves appear to be larger, more muscular, and wearing full plate. If your enemy gets close enough to tell the difference it's already too late.

The opposite also works for fighters pretending to be casters. It helps to get the enemy to come to you.

In a populated city or something use mock armor.

With Poly any object you can turn it into whatever you want.

I believe the answer is "Maybe, but no because DM says so."

However, DM aside I'm curious if it's permissible.

on a related note Does blood money work for permanency.

R1: standard action: Cast Target spell
R2: Swift action: blood money diamond dust
R2: Standard action: Permanency.

What it says on the tin; Caffiene addict 20
Keiko Gasai wrote:
Sparel Radtymah wrote:
Keiko Gasai wrote:

Ahhh. Fancy!

Sparel: Her comment about being an Oni-wrap was in reference to HER being an Oni, not her assailant (Who's a modified Morrigna Psychopomp). It would be possible to misinterpret what she said IC, just double checking that you weren't confused OOC. Assuming you aren't trying to find MY weaknesses, that is :P

I was confused Out of character. In character I can actually see the thing. :-)

Though I'll make a mental note of your mention of Oni.

Most of this time she's been a fox-headed humanoid. She's not exactly trying to hide what she is. That was actually part of the reason she was vacationing in the Outer Planes to begin with; she feels like she can be herself here, whereas on the material plane she constantly had to pretend to be something else if she didn't want a mob or group of monster-hunters after her.

Given that our crew has a vampire and a dragon you're hardly the most unusual thing here. :-)

Actually just mauler and small race would suffice. No additional magic needed.

Hogeyhead wrote:
Well the mauler archetype makes a familiar medium at level 3, now what spell do I permanency to make it large? Enlarge person doesn't work does it?

Mauler would be a good way to go then.

Enlarge person does work if you cast the spell because it's your familiar.

Hogeyhead wrote:
Is there any way to get your familiar to the size large, that is reliable over long periods of time?

I don't think so. However, if you have a small sized familiar you can permanently enlarge it making it medium.

Then if you're a small race you're good to go. Else if you're medium you can permanently reduce yourself.

Or you can go with the lazy halfling wizard concept. Basically you're a halfling wizard with an earth elemental familiar shaped like an easy chair. it's not a mount so much as it's just strong enough to carry you around. if it double moves it can go 40' per round, which is respectable. Plus it doesn't get tired.

With some creativity you could do the same thing (theoretically) with an air elemental and go 200' per round. It gets a bit absurd, though legal i think, so check with your DM.

Ride your familiar or bonded animal companion. For Shift, that's the only way I know of.

KahnyaGnorc wrote:
A monk dressed in robes that goes around punching things is not going to be mistaken for a wizard. A wizard wearing eastern-style monastic stylings that hurls Fireballs is not going to be mistaken as a monk.

by this logic you have to see them in the act. If these same two people are just standing around talking what are they? Two guys in robes. Maybe that's normal dress for the area

TriOmegaZero wrote:
Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
TriOmegaZero wrote:
Blackened and Legalistic.
I'm confused. How does that help you heal?
Why does the curse need to help you heal? The Life mystery does everything you need for that.

The comment was dual cursed life oracle makes the best healer. I was trying to figure out how "dual cursed" played into "best healer."

FLite wrote:
Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
With an 8 int and the inability to learn cantrips I fail to see how a person could even study wizadry. True the rules may say differently, but I think this is a fairly common sense scenario.

I refer you to rincewind, from disk world

. He knows in his heart that he is a wizard, and various magical tools that only work for wizards work for him, but he doesn't have the talent to cast the most trivial spell.

Though an amusing character he's an outlier.

It's like being a mathematician, but not understanding anything past basic addition.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
Blackened and Legalistic.

I'm confused. How does that help you heal?

meatrace wrote:

Dual-Cursed Life Oracle with Fey Foundling.

Possibly the best healer in the game, and doesn't waste their spells or actions to do it.

Which two curses?

3 people marked this as a favorite.

With an 8 int and the inability to learn cantrips I fail to see how a person could even study wizadry. True the rules may say differently, but I think this is a fairly common sense scenario.

1 level of Admixture wizard for any other type of blaster build.

DM_Blake wrote:

I would say it's time to bend over and kiss a relatively distant portion of your anatomy goodbye (hint, it's behind your lap).

But if you were that flexible, you probably could get out of the grapple on your own anyway...

Seriously though, this is the kind of thing you have to plan for. You're not low level, you need items, even a potion of gaseous form or some such. The Arcanist or Conjuror with the swift action short range teleport. A Stilled dimension door for emergencies. A high Escape Artist skill AND a Stilled Grease spell. Any of the items mentioned upthread.

Sadly, if you did not already anticipate needing a way out of a powerful grapple, it's time to pucker up...

Such as a:

command word Dimension door
Command word telekinesis
Tattoo'd potion of gaseous form

I just wanted advice on other options. Though it appears I have most of my bases covered

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Goblin13 wrote:

Uhm in a way There is a Chain of Command !

Necromancer Creates Wights, Wights create Spawns under their control. Necromancer tell Alpha Wights to order the Spawns to Not Attack him or his allies.

In short :

Necromancer -> Alpha Wights -> Wights Spawn !

P.S. Alpha Wights have a HD Total of controllable Spawn, wich is separated from the Controlling Bucket of the Necro !

This. Though if your Alpha breaks lose the necromancer is going to have a really bad day.

Telekinetic Grapple = Grapple initiated via the Telekinesis spell.


Would Gaseous form get you out of a telekinetic grapple?

I have a command word D Door Item. That's what I'm trying Round 2.

I'm not sure if DD alone will get me out of a Telekinetic grapple, though I think it will. However, I'll just have to break line of sight.

derpdidruid wrote:
Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:

Narwal form + Charge

Dude if a large narwal can do stuff as cool as that then something as big as my eidolon and with even better natural weapons could potentially tear a ship apart!

It's mostly a joke. However, if you can get some gargantuan lance or equivalent and somehow charge in water, then it could be a viable option.

I'm actually a mystic theurge and not low level. This is happening in a PBP at the moment.

Narwal form + Charge

Consciousness is usually unrelated to spell duration.

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