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Crystal Figurine

Tiny Coffee Golem's page

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Kryzbyn wrote:
Yeah should probably worry about existing organizations before we make some up. Elan council doesn't officially exist.

I plan to have a rather extensive spy network, but holding off clarifying until the final character creation.

thunderbeard wrote:


Minor Artifacts generally don't have ego scores nearly that high.

That's fair. I really wasn't thinking about the ego at the time. Polgara may need to be my non-artifact item. We'll see what compromise we can come to when the time comes.

Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
Monkeygod wrote:

There are no rules, per se, for signature items. More like guidelines:

Use these as examples

Yea, it's definitely more powerful than the staff of the magi. I think I'll need to scale it back a bit.

Would the DMs be open to allowing me to craft a staff, paying appropriate costs from my wealth then add artifact level appropriate abilities to it?

In other words it'd be a single item, but pull resources from both my wealth pool and the more ambiguous "minor artifact equivelant" pool.

Admittedly it needs to be reworked and scaled down a bit, but I like the idea of Polgara. I'd prefer she be my artifact and not just another magic item.

Monkeygod wrote:

There are no rules, per se, for signature items. More like guidelines:

Use these as examples

Yea, it's definitely more powerful than the staff of the magi. I think I'll need to scale it back a bit.

fnord72 wrote:

Illia asked "how much does it cost to make a sailing ship fly via magic?" This would make a nifty signature item, not the whole ship, just that it flies. If it was a small ship, you could probably get away with the whole thing being your signature item. If you want a cruise liner or battleship, not so likely.

One way is to make the whole thing an animated object then use construct points to give it a fly speed.

I have a rough draft for my signature item. It's based off of a Staff of the Magi, but I made sure not to give it any overtly offensive spells.
Also, it may seem powerful, but 1) It's a mythic artifact and as such should be powerful and 2) I can do most of the listed things myself regardless. The staff just makes it slightly easier to keep track of. All of the spells, for example.

A few things on the staff have pre-paid costs that your gut may initially tell you is too powerful. If you were immortal and didn't want to have to worry about finding metric tons of diamond dust all the time you'd do something similar. lol. There are lots and lots of ways to get "free" diamond dust. Blood Money, Blood Money + Magic Jar, robe of components, false focus, etc. I'd prefer to cheese it slightly this way than that way. Again, that's more to save me the trouble of keeping track of such things. Given the artifact level and our relative level I see this as an expensive, but ultimately minor boon.

Further, given the backstory Belgraen has poured his heart and soul into this over the centuries. He made it himself and it should be pretty powerful.

Polgara (warning, Long):

Specifics of this story are left intentionally vague so they can be more fully integrated into the plot.

Even in his centuries of live Belgraen has rarely taken a wife and rarer still fathered a child. However, via epic love story it happened several centuries ago. There's a well known legend, though few know it is true and based on Belgraen's life. Polgara is the first and last child Belgraen ever sired, though before her death she had three children. Their families flourished and multiplied over the centuries, but this is not their story.

Through this joyous union Belgraen fathered a daughter. Her name is Polgara. She grew as many children did while her parents doted on her. She grew into a fine young elven lady with a talent for magics that was encouraged by her father. She grew very powerful and skilled.

One day without warning war came in the form of a swift and needlessly destructive opening salvo (Specifics TBD, but maybe something plot related. World wound maybe?). One of the opening salvos killed Belgraen's wife and Polgara's mother. In their fury and haste they vowed together to make the enemy regret causing such sorrow and chaos.

They were an amazing team, but they were rash. In their sorrow and rage they underestimated an enemy and were poorly prepared. Polgara was near death in such a way as her soul would have been forever lost to the void. Even as he wept cradling her broken body she reached a hand to stroke her fathers cheek and telepathically whisper, "It's ok. I love you."

He would not and could not stand such a loss. As a stop-gap measure Belgraen pulled her soul into a gem. He stored the gem for safety. After that the legend says that every tear he wept for his daughter turned into unrepentant fury and horror as he proceeded to call down all manner of horror upon the enemy until there were no more. Only when he was standing in smoke and ash of the decimated ruins of the enemies final fortification did he allow himself the luxury of rest. He surveyed the field then returned to his daughters soul stone to commune and discuss her wishes.

Over the course of many centuries, sessions, and upgrades Belgraen abided his daughters wishes that she be remade so that she might continue to fight with and protect her father and homeland. He also made sure that she would never be lost to him again.

- Polgara - (Intelligent Mythic Staff of the Magi variant)
The below represents the current stat of the staff, though Polgara has been upgraded over a long time to become what she is today.

Int 20, Wis, 20, Cha 20
Ego: TBD, but really high. It's unlikely to come into play as if she dislikes her wielder, other than Belgraen, she'll simply leave.
All abilities are at CL20
Senses/Abilities: Speech (though she rarely does so), telepathy (touch and Belgraen as Telepathic bond), Blindsense 120'
Polgara has 10 ranks in spell craft
Fly 30' (perfect)
Greater Dispel magic @ will
+2 luck to saves, attack rolls, and skill checks
Staff and Wielder are always under an effect identical to Mind Blank.
True res (Belgraen only) 1/Month
Polgara can hold any number of book-shaped objects in an extra dimensional space similar to a glove of storing. However, she may only put one in or take one out as a full round action. She has the ability to "read" any books thusly stored. Including magical writings via a read magic effect.

The following powers use:
0 Charges: Greater Arcane sight, Emergency Force sphere, Telekinesis, Displacement, Mirror Image, Call Construct
1 Charge: Telepathic bond, Teleport without Error, Heal, Freedom, Greater Prying Eyes, Greater Restoration, Polymorph any object, Foresight, Mass Charm Monster, Freedom of movement
2 Charges: Teleportation circle, Planeshift, Planar adaptation
10 Charges: Wish (prepaid cost), Swift binding (willing. Touch only. See below), Permanency (prepaid cost up to 25K per casting)

Alternate forms - Polgara may change her size and shape into a piece of generally solid jewelry (a cuff, torc, etc) as well as any single hand held non-mechanical weapon, including all forms of bows, but not crossbows or guns. She dislikes any form other than Staff and Bow, however, she sometimes takes other forms in order to blend in. In any form she and her weirder retain all use of her powers and abilities. Further she can change the outward appearance of any such object appearing as different materials or designs.

Wielder of the staff has SR 30. However, if lowered and action is readied it can absorb spell energy and convert it to charges as Staff of the Magi (SOTM).
Unlike a regular SOTM Polgara has 100 charges and she (not the wielder unless she chooses to tell them) always know how many remain.

Retributive strike - as SOTM, but instead of being utterly destroyed the energy of the staff is discoporeates throughout the multiverse. (See Recorpreate)

Swift binding - If Polgara has sufficient charges and a readied action she may use an effect identical to Binding (generally minimum containment) on a willing target touching the staff. The action required to do this is so quick that it may be done in the minuscule moment between when the staff is broken and before the energy is released. The trapped soul counts as part of the staff when discoporeated and reforms unharmed when recorporeated.

Recorpreate - Belgraen, and only Belgraen (or the body his soul inhabits) can, as a full round action, will the dispersed energy of Polgara into any mundane roughly staff shaped object. A branch is typically used. When so recuperated Polgara's energy suffuses the object and transforms it back into her staff self, though with zero charges.

Further, when used as an optional additional focus the staff changes the function of certain spells as below. This functions if the staff casts the spell or the user does;
-Polymorph any Object - Spells that user can mimic are changed as follows: alter self, beast shape IV, elemental body IV, form of the dragon III, giant form II, and plant shape III
-Greater Prying Eyes - Polgara can see through 1 eye as as they go about their scouting, switch eyes as a move action, and can telepathically change the instructions to all eyes as a standard action.
- Magic Jar - Polgara can serve as focus allowing the effect to be permanent until dismissed. Further, if the caster wishes and Polgara agrees, Polgara's soul may take the place of the caster, though this can be risky as if she is destroyed her soul is forever lost.
-Freedom - Polgara can cast this on herself and/or wielder even while imprisoned.
-Telepathic bond - When cast Polgara can choose to include herself in the bond and this does not count towards the maximum number allowed by the spell.

Destruction: To be fully destroyed the staff must be broken in a retributive strike as Polgaras soul is inhabiting another body.

Edit: forgot the destruction description.

Monkeygod wrote:

I have said I plan on adding in limitations, like uses per something, or times per day, or what have you.

Just haven't gotten there yet.

Limitations like every time you use a spell you may cause everyone around you to die? :-)

Perhaps I missed it, but do we know when final player decisions will be made? If I make it I plan to dive head first into this no doubt lengthy character creation process.

It's not mind affecting.

I was thinking a staff of the magi variant with some mythic/level appropriate tricks.
With more of a personal flavor of course.



Fabricate a ballast tank to overcome the volume issue and keep the ship afloat

I think we should leave the caster levels as is. This game has enough tweaks to it.

My 2c

Kryzbyn wrote:
I would think logically, that if you are immortal, like you never die from old age, your body doesn't deteriorate from age, so...why would you accrue physical penalties? ?

I agree with you for this system but devils advocate:

Eternal life and eternal youth aren't the same. There are many tropes about immortals getting older and older without dying.

Belgraen is several thousand years old. No one knows specifically, but I'll make a decision if it becomes necessary.

fnord72 wrote:

Why would aging not have the negative physical effects?

Unless the means of immortality specifically states that you don't have aging effects, I'd say that being a venerable quickling would mean you do have the -3 to your physical stats.

Unless you get your immortality from being a wizard, which specifically states remove the negative penalties.

I'm getting it by being a wizard.


Prerequisite: You must be at least a 20th-level Wizard to select this discovery.

Benefit: You discover a cure for aging, and from this point forward you take no penalty to your physical ability scores from advanced age. If you are already taking such penalties, they are removed at this time. This is an extraordinary ability.

Speaking of which, are we doing positive & negative modifiers for age categories?

Kryzbyn wrote:
Right, I was asking in case it makes more sense for DT to be a hundred years old or so...

Well, when you get too old let me know and I'll reincarnate you into a brand new young body.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Kryzbyn wrote:

Oh yeah, very true.

How do age modifiers work for immortals? Do you just get the bonuses?

Well, he'd still age, but it just wouldn't have any meaningful negative effects for him.

"You've aged 80 years."

"Ok. Lol" *Fireball*

Kryzbyn wrote:
That age thing is a kicker.

Not if you're immortal :-)

Ohh. Quickling template is both shiny and fits with the Leshay theme. I'll probably replace some fighter levels with that.

fnord72 wrote:

We're looking for your class choices primarily, along with that should be something about the expected background. Since the choices will be based on classes, there will be an expectation that they will effectively remain unchanged between now and final build.

We'll be looking at working with everyone on crunch after that.

Cool. Thanks.

Brodert Quink, Lady's Man, esq. wrote:
Eben TheQuiet wrote:

: punches at Brodert :

Sorry, bro, you can't take 10 in combat.

But you can in making love, Damn it why won't anyone flesh these rules out.

Please don't. I'd rather not role play that with my DM.

Kryzbyn wrote:

Works for me.

I probably won't do too much more work on it until actually chosen though, if that's alright.

That was my thought too.

Will the basic descriptions posted suffice? It's a lot of work for a game one may not get into?

My mini-leshay "race" is as follows:

- Standard Elf - 10 RP
-Advanced Int +6 - 15 RP
- Advanced Dex +4 - 9 RP
- See in Darkness - 4 RP
- Quick Reactions (improved initiative) - 2 RP

thunderbeard wrote:
Alright. Instead of posting dumb teasers, here's my rough draft of a character backstory. (Since this is still an interest check, a full character would be absurd, though I did calculate skill bonuses because those are hilarious at level 25)...

Taking a page out of Thunderbeards book, I’ve started the mechanic build, but it is completely ridiculous in the best kind of way. The only way I could to it is on paper, but I’ll transfer it digitally when I’m done.

Grand Magister Belgraen

Race: Elf "Leshay"
Alignment: NG (Keeps his word, pays his debts, loves his homeland. However, his extremely long lifespan has given him perspective regarding the greater good.)

1-20 Wiz 20 (Teleport) / Clr 20 (Fire/Storm)
21 Monk (Zen Archer)/Fighter (Archer)
22 Monk (Zen Archer)/Fighter (Archer)
23 Monk (Zen Archer)/Fighter (Archer)
24 Arcane Archer/Fighter (Archer)
25 Arcane Archer/Fighter (Archer)
(i'm not entirely sold on the fighter levels. I wasn't sure what else to do. I may change them out. We'll see. Same flavor though.

Role: Magical multitool, Knowledge monkey, problem solver, facilitate the parties ability to kick a**

Titles: Archtheurge, General of the queens army, Fiendscourge, Master of the Green Tower, the all knowing, The Everliving, Kyonin’s finest, Queen Telandia Edasseril, The Many as One

Organizational Affiliations:
Member: Green Faith, Pathfinder

Allies: All those loyal to Kyonin, Eagle Knights

Opposes: Aspis Consortium, Red Mantis, Whispering Way


Belgraen is ancient even for an elf. His exact age is not common knowledge, but mentions of him can be found in writing dating back over 4000 years.

Belgraen seems to be everywhere. This is in large part to his network of Simulacra that act on his behalf across the multiverse. (See below)

In person he’s much of what you’d expect from an archmage and some not. Calm, collected, Supernatually intelligent. However, he’s also quick with a joke. His sense of humor is a bit dark, but he rarely follows through with promises to turn people into woodland animals.

He is fiercely loyal to his homeland and has been known to both work quietly and loudly to protect its interests as the situation warrants.

For all his power, he understands his limitations. However, he’s always looking to expand his power and thereby reduce his limitations.


Belgraen is NG. He acts for the greater good as much as possible, but understands the need to cross the line when necessary. Overall he’s a kind and jovial type, but doesn’t suffer fools. He makes a distinction between actual ignorance and willful ignorance. The former he is kind to and the latter less-so.

Holdings: :

The green tower: There are many schools of magic in Golarion, but none so coveted by potential students than The Green Tower. Located in the heart of Kyonin the Green tower is an obelisk of immense sixe that towers into the sky, towering above the largest treetops. The exact location is two days ride from the Elven capital.

Various Demiplanes

A manor house in the Kyonin capital: A gift from an long passed Elven king. This is where Belgraen stays when he has business requiring him to be in the capital for long periods. The house is well maintained, but Belgraen rarely visits. Hasn’t made an appearance in the last 200 years or so.

Allies, Demiplanes, etc:

Work in progress, but so far:

Milani – Cohort, Master chef and potion maker / Spymaster (Specifics TBD, but I think Clonemaster Alchemist)

The Howling Storm (Truenaem creature) – Elder Lightning Elemental

The Guardian – The Uber-guardian of The Path. Details TBD

Intelligence network – Over the centuries Belgraen has set up a Pyramid shaped network of spies and informants all over the planet/multiverse. Many are humanoids, but not all. His network includes awakened animals & plants, simulacra of himself and others, and more esoteric things. They remain mostly unknown because they pass messages via telepathy. Each agent is connected to the network via permanent telepathy. The telepathic pyramid scheme has a series of handlers, each with multiple agents, eventually working themselves up to the spymaster, Milani. Milani is the only one directly connected to Belgraen Telepathically. He only disturbs Balgraen if he cannot handle a situation himself.

Simulacra – Belgraen has an unknown number of simulacra. Many of which are telepathically connected to Belgraen so that he might “be in more than one place at a time.” The simulacra handle the majority of situations and Belgraen gives instructions on what needs to be done.

Demiplanes (Greater)
Note: Only The Path is common knowledge.

- The path: network of permanent gates connecting strategic points on Golarian. Timeless plane where magic above 3rd level is restricted unless one possesses the Belgraens arcane mark. Any who behave and pay the toll are free to use The Path. However, The Guardian has several tricks to bar the entrance of any group or individual he chooses. There’s a toll at the entrances that varies according to reason for travel and ability to pay. A peasant visiting a sick relative may be allowed to travel for free wherein a wealthy merchant wishing to move goods across will be charged heavily.

- Alpha Node: Small Secret demiplane where Belgraens true body stays. (More details on that later)

- The Green Tower: The Green Tower is a demiplane attached to the aforementioned obelisk. This large (multiple castings) demiplane is a training ground for elite casters. A demiplane is used both for the opulence and the safety of others. Here is where the high-evel secrets of magic are shared with the chosen few who are deemed worthy.

- The Estate: This large demiplane (multiple castings) is Belgraens home as much as anything is. There is a large mansion and expansive grounds. This is where Belgraen escapes the world for a time, entertains guests, and provides sanctuary for those worth who ask for it.

- The Horde: Belgraens dirty little secret. He finds undead distasteful, but he’s a pragmatist at heart. When Belgraen finds or feels the need to make undead he stores them in this plane. The place is teeming with a variety of mostly low-level uncontrolled undead. In times of great need or desperation he opens a portal to release the horde upon an evil population. To date he’s only used it once against a large Drow City whose Matron Mothers had nearly completed a plan to bring devastation to Kyonin. With time short Belgrean opened the portal in the middle of the city. In the ensuing chaos Belgraen was able to thoroughly dismantle the Matron Mothers machinations.

- There are other demiplanes of various uses around Golarion and the multiverse that Belgraen has established for favored Allies. Multiple Bountiful demiplanes around Kyonin to augment the food stores in times of war, for example.

On a related. Note:

Any suggestions on caster-y elf-y templates I could consider?

I've been obscenely busy with work this week. I'll get my draft description out as this weekend I hope.

fnord72 wrote:
Arcane Trickster is not allowed, or only allowed by taking it on both sides of the gestalt as it is effectively two classes combined and falls under the same rule as a mystic theurge.

Take one level of telekineticist somewhere and the arcane trickster theme is covered.

The Sapphire light wrote:

fnord72 ruled: Psionic classes will need to keep separate pools for each side of their gestalt. So the pooling point is mute now.

Also I think Monkeygod politily ask us to drop the subject.

So that's just what I'm going to do. :)

Works for me.

The Sapphire light wrote:

Are now we get to it, I know a few who feel its 'unfair' that psionics can spend across their powers. But note that short fall in power points to spells there is the pay back for having that flexibility. So its 100% a valid comparison.

Now has has been stated the Hate/Love thread for Psionics should really be set up for this now. We have a ruling so lets move on.


You seem to have some preconceived notions about by feelings on the matter, so I'll reiterate more clearly. I don't care. I neither love nor hate psionics. I'm ambivalent. I'm not playing one and have no "skin in the fight," so to speak. I don't know much about psionics (not since 3.5 anyway) and could care less if someone has a million points or not. I'm not comparing the "power level" or anything like it. We're playing a god-like game. I doubt the psionics point pool is going to drastically sway that. To further clarify I'm not upset, but I dislike being misrepresented.

Here's what I am talking about. Purely mechanics.

Gestalt is a X/Y per level. You pick the best of X or Y in any instance where there's an overlap. The reflex save example mentioned previously. Or better yet skill points is a better example. A fighter / rogue gets 8+int skill points per level. Not ((8+Int)+(2+int)) skill points.

Cleric and wizard gestalt spells are different because they are not interchangeable. I can't prepare magic missle in my cleric slots. They're not the same "pool," so to speak like saves, BAB, or skill points.

Again, Mechanically speaking only
Leve 1 Psionic class X / Psionic class Y both have an identical resource. Points. So if X gives 2 points and Y gives 1 point for that one level of gestalt the character would get 2 points not 3.

Now that being said, I will repeat mysef yet again. I truly do not care how the group decides to rule on the matter. It makes absolutely no difference to me. I'm simply pointing out how the current rules for this houseruled character generation process are set up. I'll leave the final decision to a group consensus.

The Sapphire light wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

Except a 9th level spell can't be broken into 9 1st level spells. It's not a valid comparison.

Edit: unless we're using a spell point system I mean.

The Sapphire light wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

You need to re-read what I wrote. Not all spell slots are the same.

Also, I was pointing out the mechanic. Then I indicated we're free to change the same.

Though my knowledge of psionics is limited I don't really care if someone had a metric ton of points. They can go all day long, but still only so much per round.

Here's the difference. This is gestalt. Typically when you talk about each side you get the best, but not both. Like Reflex saves. Is one side has a +1 and the other a + 2 your character gets a Reflex save of +2. Not +3.

Spell slots is the same in that you get slots based on caster type. Clr / wiz gets both sides slots since they have different spell lists. Mystic theurges/ cleric for example (if it were allowed) wouldn't get all the slots.

By this reasoning psionics would get whichever pool is the most, but not both since they're literally the same thing.

Perhaps it's not entirely fair, but it is what it is. Unless we choose to change it.

Edit: ninjad by bane. Kinda.

I'd prefer to keep my wiz/clr levels. As always you're limited per round by actions. I don't see having more spells available as a problem. However, if others feel differently I'll adapt.

Race: Leshay (Uber-elf)
Class: Wiz (teleport) 20/ arcane archer 2/ zen archer 3 || 20 cleric (fire/storm)/archer fighter 5
Role: utility/problem solver/ buff/debuffer
Mythic: Archmage

Monkeygod wrote:

Can I get a post from each of you that includes race, class/levels, and general role?

Also, your likely mythic path.

I've got that on my computer. I'll post it in an hour or so.

I'm mostly unfamiliar with pathfinder psionics. I'll just need to know if we're using magic/psionics transparency or not. I prefer it, but I can adapt.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Monkeygod wrote:
Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
Monkeygod wrote:


Not sure if spending the extra million on a construct is what I had in mind.

Unless it was wholly non-combative.

I'm being entirely sarcastic.
You know I can't/don't trust you :P

That's wise.

Monkeygod wrote:


Not sure if spending the extra million on a construct is what I had in mind.

Unless it was wholly non-combative.

I'm being entirely sarcastic.

nate lange wrote:
Lol- now I can't stop thinking about all the absurd things I could do if I took craft construct and used all million gold on it...


I'd like to revisit my opinion on the extra million. :-)

Regarding demiplanes and the like:

Since I'm an uber caster I was only planning on using the wealth for personal gear.

There are many many ways for a high level caster to have effectively infinite wealth.

For the rest of it I was just going to pick stuff that makes sense. An elven wizardry college and a lot of demiplanes, a manor in the elven capital, for example. I wasn't going to track any of that. It's simply accrued over the last few thousand years I've been alive.

None of it will really be a real mechanical benefit. Just stuff I use etc.

My 2c

Bane88 wrote:
Fair enough, I will be a clockwork/dwarf intent bent on building things to benefit all of the world. And I will live in an automated living city that I constantly tinker with. It's underground, only accessible by a bronze wizard tower on the surface.

Yea. That's very different from mine. He's an elf-y elf arcane archer God wizard type. His cleric levels are elemental( Fire:Air) His "God" is more of a image respect for primal elemental forces than a traditional church.

We can both play this and not step on each other. We can role play an opposites attract kind of friendship if you like.

Bane88 wrote:

I did not realize that Tiny Coffee Golem and I were working on a very similar concept of a wizard/cleric crafter.

Perhaps I shall work on something else.

Two high level theurges could be fine if you're set on the concept. We just need to be sure to differentiate ourselves. Frankly mythic crafter is hard not to take.

I'm a wiz/clr with the mythic craft everything ability. If we're allies and I make the cut feel free to say I made your thing.

Kryzbyn wrote:

I also took abilities flavorful and more fitting than technically ideal.

He is more focused on eliminating evil casters/manifesters than dishing out damage. The Ascetic psi war path isn't the best choice, but it works with his "started a monestary" bit. So on, and so forth.

I think you and I can work together quite nicely. I can be your go-to good caster.

I've got some of the basic mechanics worked out. However I'm going to work on the role play details first. I'll post it as soon as I've got it worked out. I've got some ideas that'll require DM approval, but I'll mark them as such.

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