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Crystal Figurine

Tiny Coffee Golem's page

7,673 posts. Alias of wesF.


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A small generator and prestidigitation to keep some part of it spinning.


I was thinking a dagger with a permanent version of calcific touch on it. Perhaps with reach metamagic as well. Targets dex and not HP.

Dave Justus wrote:

I wouldn't give it GPS level precision, but automatically knowing one's general position seems reasonable. Knowing you a a few dozen miles southwest of Port Peril for example.

That wouldn't necessarily tell you the best way to get there though...reefs, prevailing winds, etc could all make just going directly toward something the wrong choice.


I'm playing a powerful Mystic Theurge. I'm contemplating making a weapon of some kind. Most likely this will take the form of some @ will spell that I can spam. Ideally i'd like something that remains useful for many levels.

Any ideas?

You can use message spell through greater scrying.

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Thank you, Cr500cricket. However, that was covered on page 1.

Harakani wrote:

Let's see how a PC would do this.

The obvious answer is Cursed Earth.
At best cursed earth covers an area of 3.14 square miles.
Actually... forgive me here, but I'm going to use metric.
8.13 km2
The earth has a land surface area of 148940000 km2
Therefore if golarion and earth are similar, and circles could be optimally overlapped we'd be looking at 18319803 or more castings.

Now at 7 spells per day this would take about 7165 years
and cost (at 10000gp of onyx per casting) about 18 billion gps worth of powdered onyx.

But, let's say we build an item that can cast the spell an unlimited number of times per day.
roughly 1800*17*9+10000*50=275400+500000=775400gp. Creations cost is 623930 if you take hedge magician. Now there was a time 600+K gp seemed like a lot, but that was before we had a material component cost so high we had to start calculating whether the elemental plane of earth actually contained enough onyx to do this.

so 624K gp and you have a lovely zombieapocalypse... thing. A hat? Seems like a hat.

Casting time is 10 minutes. If we assume travel time is negligible then without sleep this whole thing is now doable in just 348 years.

With four of these (and some ruthless accomplices) and about 2.5 million gp you could do the whole thing in less than a century. That's about the wealth by level of 4 19th level PCs, so once you murder, loot and raise the other three members of your adventuring party you're in!

For those aspiring armegeddonizers who seek to do this at a slightly lower level I direct you to the Soul Trade. Even a commoners soul is worth about 100gp of material component, which means 20000 commoners souls and you're in! Possibly at the cost of rendering you zombieapocalypse hat into a sentient and very, very evil item.

While a century to do the world does sound like a lot, remember that with 4 of these you can do about 1800 square miles a day. About a 24 mile radius in a day - though there...

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Inviktus wrote:
I think this thread deserves to be enshrined as one of the great troll threads of the year. It sucks you in and just won't let go.

I can't stop reading this thread and I hate myself for it.

Dot because I like this thread.

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If not you can consider yourself good as you stare the drow in the eye as he looks at his bloody knife and you hold your own intestines in your hands.

Stained glass golems are kinds cool for this kind of place.

It depends on how optimized your other players are. Mythic is pretty cool, but it varies in "power" depending on how you use it. Talk to your players and see what they think is fair.

How many mythic levels will you give other players to compensate for the vampire template?

Also, don't let the player cheese his way out of the sunlight issue. Vampirism does have a rather distinct downside.
The running water thing is probably the most complicated to deal with.

DrDeth wrote:
Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
Get a wand of mount.
DrDeth wrote:
How do mounts open chests or doors?

Carefully. /snark

DrDeth wrote:
What happens when the trap is set to blow up where the party is?

Send the horse ahead of the party.

DrDeth wrote:
What happens if the trap is set to destroy the goods if set off?

What if the trap is set to destroy the rogue if set off?

DrDeth wrote:

And if it's a alarm type trap, you have done exactly what they wanted- congratulations!

This is creative thinking and should work once.

Get a wand of mount.

A well built Eldrich knight would probably be what you're looking for. Use an Admixture wizard in order to be able to switch out your energy type for your spells.

Rudy2 wrote:
SCPRedMage wrote:
PrinceRaven wrote:
Per RAW the Sleeves literally transform their clothes into the desired clothing.
While the description certainly states that your clothes "transform" into the other outfit (the language clearly indicates that the clothes actually change form), it's at odds not only with the way the prerequisite spell works, but also with the illusion aura the item has.
There's an active 200 post thread arguing about the Sleeves turning into the swarm suit. It might be best to argue about it there, rather than derail this thread with another argument about it.

I strongly second this. Please please please don't derail this this thread talking about the swarm suit/ SOMG connection. It's played out.

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You're all wrong. The DM is the scariest pathfinder monster. You're welcome.

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I weep for humanity.

I'll just go ahead and flag Roger's passport selling post.

Pontificor the Great wrote:
trollbill wrote:
I still wouldn't consider temporarily blinding someone just to check their alignment a good act, unless they gave you permission first.
I went to this one town and they had vampires. So I was colorspraying suspects to check'em out!

I have used disrupt undead as an undead checker before. If it burns a hole, kill it.

Amulet of Adaptation is basically airbubble at will only better.


Just make a crap ton of Pearls of power 1 (or higher). You're AB will only be limited by your first level spell slots. Plus it's fairly cheap. Of course it's a standard action to "recharge" those spell slots, but you can't have everything.

Though I'm in the camp that thinks arcane blast isn't very good.

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Mighty Morphing Arcane caster

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Ravingdork wrote:

I really hope you guys FAQ the crap out of this one only to get a "no response required" result returned to you.

You guys really are splitting hairs. It seems obvious to me that it was intended to take the form of clothes such as the swarm suit.

This. So many times this.

I'm amazed this conversation has gone on as long as it has for something so pedantic and incredibly situational.

Rudy2 wrote:
In the Player's Handbook? Do you mean the Core Rulebook?


Rudy2 wrote:
Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
light Melee Weapon" is a specific category. "Clothing" is not
Can you give me the basis, or source, for this statement?

The fact that Light Melee weapons are called a category in the Players handbook and clothing is not.

Edit: Also, understanding the definition of "category."

Rudy2 wrote:

If it pleases you, I suppose. The argument is really remarkably simple. It's that the sleeves of many garments can change clothing into anything on the Clothing chart.

Just as a "light melee weapon" are weapons under the chart "Light Melee Weapons", and not any melee weapon that might be described as being light, due to being made of mithral, or whatnot.

I recognize that you can view it in your manner as well, but there is no grounds for saying that limiting it to the Clothing chart, in the same way that a "light melee weapon" is limited to the "light melee weapon" chart, is absurd.

"light Melee Weapon" is a specific category. "Clothing" is not. If you were wearing a Burlap sack, a big oak leaf, or the skin of your fallen foes to cover your nakedness it's clothing.

Rudy2 wrote:

My questioning actually has nothing to do with the description, and everything to do with the fact that the Swarm Suit isn't under the Clothing section, which is what I believe the Sleeves are meant to refer to.

I was actually trying to make a point that semantic games are silly, but I guess I failed in that; apologies.

I still see this as a non-issue. Magical sleeves make clothing. Why does it have to be in the clothing section to qualify as clothing? I don't have it in front of me, but if memory serves underwear and socks aren't in the clothing section either. Are those not clothing because it's not in the right section or do socks and underwear simply not exist in Pathfinder? Everyone must be free balling. I bet talcum powder is very in demand.

It appears as though you simply don't want it to work and you're doing your best to justify it. If that's the case so be it. Just house rule your home games.

Frankly, I've never seen either a swarm suit or the sleeves used in game.

Rudy2 wrote:

"These heavy and overlapping layers of clothing, coupled with a wide hat outfitted with a dense, veil-like netting around its brim"

Fine, Anzyr, if you want to play the semantics game, you can have the clothing, but not the veil-like netting, explicitly not part of the layers of clothing; the word that seems to be so important. No DR for you.

You're seriously splitting hairs. How are hats/veils not clothing?

Frankly the fact that this conversation has gone on as long as it has baffles me. It's a magic item that makes clothes. If the swarm suit and it's somehow non-clothing hat are a problem just make a multi-layered burrka (spelling?) that cinches around your boots and gloves. Same effect without the "hat issue."

Force missile isn't a spell thus cannot have metamagic added.

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Korthis wrote:
FLite wrote:
Just because you are a customer, does not mean the rules don't apply to you.
I wish more people understood this...

Or ideally everyone.

On a related note a few Simulacra with permanent telepathic bonds is a great way to keep your stronghold running efficiently even when you're away.

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*** Furiously takes notes for a future kingmaker game ***

I'm not aware of any such spell, though you could research it.

With cookies and begging.

I would love to play a caster in a campaign where no one else had magic. I'd be a force to be reckoned with at medium levels.


There's a combat feat tree (I forge the name) that lets you add 2X your Int to spells, though I think you have to study the target for three rounds or some such. It would work, but it's not really practical.

Kydeem de'Morcaine wrote:
Aranna wrote:
Same with the Mithral chain shirt; no armor check penalties. Even mages can wear them though they do have a small spell failure chance, but that can be magiced away. Giving you nice armor for your wizardlings.
Is there a spell that I forgot that gets rid of spell failure?

In 3.5 there was a +1 armor ability, but I'm not sure with pathfinder

Terquem wrote:

You realize that Ultron is the vilian in the next avengers movie, right? And that instead of being a creation of Hank Pym, Ultron will now be a suit of Tony's armor that becomes sentient.

Also, there is a bit of internet rumor going around that Angela will be in the Avengers movie.

Basically an evil Jarvis, right?

Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:

Imagine someone in the real world who has had an entry level working-class job for a long long time. The waitress that's been working at the diner for 40 years. The Mailman who has had the same route for 20 years. The person who has been working on the floor at Sears for 35 years.

You get the gist. Any job you could get without a high school education plus a couple decades of experience.

I actually know someone who would fit this category. She's had lots of entry level job over a long period of time. She can walk into any restaurant and be waiting tables like a pro within an hour.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Lots of power and lack of a stat block.

Imagine someone in the real world who has had an entry level working-class job for a long long time. The waitress that's been working at the diner for 40 years. The Mailman who has had the same route for 20 years. The person who has been working on the floor at Sears for 35 years.

You get the gist. Any job you could get without a high school education plus a couple decades of experience.

Thus far my plan is to call some outsiders (looking for suggestions) as backup. Then carrying a bow and looking like just an archer.

By ain't magic I mean it doesn't work. As in anti magic zone.

The city is an anti magic zone. Basically I have to go buy some stuff. I'm thinking of bargaining with an air elemental for a quick getaway.

I'm a mythic theurge with access to wiz 7 as well as cleric 6 and below.

I have to go into an anti magic zone. I'd like to prep as much as possible. I was thinking calling some outsiders to act as bodyguards.

Any thoughts on what outsider or other strategies?

What it says on the tin; Caffiene addict 20

We seem to have stalled out.

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