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I went back and forth on the stat boost thing, but decided it added a good sense of "hey this is an epic spell now" to it. Feel free to disregard.

And I stuck the "subject to GM approval" in to account for GMs who don't want the players to have access to every race. EDIT: and it occurs to me that if the limitation is "you can't change your type", and my type is outsider (native) because I'm, say, a sylph, then I could reincarnate as a Janni (still a native outsider) and get a fly speed with perfect maneuverability, plus bunch of spell like abilities. So I think limiting it to 0-hd races make sense.

In my own campaign, it looks like this is primarily going to be used as a rite of passage -- the PC has just taken the Divine Source ability and started granting spells to followers, and the player wanted to reincarnate each new worshipper as a kind of initiation. Yeah, that'll get expensive, but the flavor is awesome.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Here's a mythic reincarnate I came up with for use in a campaign I'm GM'ing. Add the following to the end of the spell:


Mythic: You may roll twice when selecting the target's new race, and choose which roll to use.

Augmented (6th): If you expend an additional 4 uses of mythic power, add all playable (0 hd) races to the list of possible races, subject to your GM's approval. You may choose the target's new race, gender, and age category. You may choose the details of the new body's form, such as hair and eye color, complexion, and so on. In addition, you may grant the target a +1 reincarnation bonus to one physical ability score. This bonus does not stack: subsequent reincarnations may affect a new physical ability score, but not the same one twice.

It was vampires that got me on this, actually. Quite aside from monsters with templates, what do you do about NPCs with templates?

Vampires are neither super-common nor unusually rare, so the Knowledge DC would start at 10.

A level 5 human fighter with the vampire has a CR of 6 -- 4 from class levels, and +2 from the vampire template. So when encountering him, the party has to make a DC 16 Kn (Religion) check to recall one useful piece of information about vampires, such as that you really need Protection from Evil because they can dominate people.

But if the vampire was a level 10 fighter, he'd have a CR of 11 -- 9 from levels, 2 from vampire, and getting the exact same piece of information would require a DC 21 Kn (Religion) check.

It's weird that the difficulty of knowing the properties of a template varies depending on what kind of creature it's attached to.

And considering I pledged for the new edition of the Advanced Bestiary and have Hero Lab, templates are probably going to be popping up a lot more in my game. When I throw a swarmblooded teratocephalic gigantean house cat at my PCs, I want them to have a chance to figure out what the heck it is.

According to the Knowledge skill description, the DC to identify a monster's abilities and weaknesses is 10 + the monster's CR. That's fine for stock monsters. But what do you do about templates?

Is it really supposed be harder to figure out what a template does when applied to a level 10 fighter compared to the exact same template on a level 5 fighter?

Thanks! I did find the image in Google Images, but I prefer to use the originals where possible, and just got a copy of Lost Kingdoms.

I'd like a map showing modern day Golarion with the outlines of the old Thassilonian provinces overlaid on it. I'm pretty sure I've seen one somewhere, but I can't remember where. Can anyone point me in the right direction, please?

Katarina -- I wasn't asking about PC reactions; just about player reactions. Some people can find distressing events in role play disturbing. I once had a player cry for about an hour simply because a character fell off a cliff and died. It wasn't even that player's character.

Though it doesn't sound like anyone in your group is quite that sensitive, it's just a good idea when something like this comes up to check whether it spoiled anyone's fun. You need to determine what boundaries your group of players -- not PCs, players -- is comfortable with. That will vary from group to group.

In fact it's generally just a good idea to check and see how players are feeling about the campaign on a regular basis. I try and chat with mine after every session. The more feedback you can get from them, the better you can adjust the campaign to suit their preferences.

Check in with the other players. If any of them were disturbed or grossed out enough that the game stopped being fun for them, that's not okay. This one player's "fun" shouldn't be allowed to ruin everyone else's, and it easily could.

If they were, then you'll need to talk with the player about acceptable behavior -- something along the lines of "keep it PG-13". Or whatever level your group IS comfortable with.

If it turns out that everybody thinks it was a high old time, uh, well, consider whether you're okay with playing NPCs who get horrendously mutilated, because it's bound to happen again.

The advice above is generally good. I have two things to add:

1) If your players are comfortable with rules, consider giving them mythic tiers. A judicious application of the mythic rules can make a PC considerably tougher.

It may also help with action economy. The mythic rules offer a variety of ways to get extra actions. Non-casting characters may benefit particularly, because many mythic abilities can be done as a swift action -- something not usually available to martials and tricksy types.

The mythic ruleset does have the downside of complicating the game, though.

2) Consider recruitment. That is, perhaps the bad guys are more interested in recruiting the heroes than killing them, which may lead them to pull some punches. Lucrecia in book 3 would be a prime point for this, considering it was written into the adventure in the first place. However, at that point you'd be A) running an evil campaign where the PCs assist Karzoug in rising to power (or supplant him), and B) you'd be well and truly off the rails.

Think of it as a learning experience for them. They get to learn exactly why it's a bad idea to split the party.

And I actually rather like the fact that they're all getting bits of the story separately. It means they have to compare notes (preferably in character!) in order to figure out what's going on.

And yes, VTTs can be very nice. I've never tried Fantasy Grounds, but I've been a player in a Roll20 game, and GM'ed for a couple of years using MapTool.

My players are about to reach Black Magga, so I thought I'd make a map for the encounter. Here it is:

Black Magga Encounter

Black Magga Encounter with Grid

Scale is 100 pixels to the inch; dimensions are 40 inches by 50 inches.

The terrain corresponds in both shape and scale to the map of Turtleback Ferry in the RotRL Anniversary Edition appendix. The church isn't the same shape, though -- I could have made one, but time was an issue. I also added some high points because I plan on running the flood a bit deeper than written.

It's not the best, but I only had 2 hours to give it. Made with textures from cgtextures, buildings and tree from the Dundjinni forums, and Photoshop witchery.

Note: this is the second time I've done this post. The forums ate the first attempt. >.<;

The rules can never, ever cover every possibility. Adjudicating creative approaches like this is part and parcel of GM'ing. Get used to it.

I think you handled the Erylium scenario exactly right. It's generally best to let players try things; but if the situation warrants it, or even if you just want to complicate their lives, you are totally free to impose reasonable extras, such as the reflex save to avoid the zombie pit. The party dealt with it, and now they'll have a new story to tell.

As for the second scenario, the solution itself was clever. The morality of it is debatable, and I'm sure lots of people will debate it. Ultimately it's up to you as GM to decide whether using a goblin as bunyip bait is an act evil enough to cause your Paladin alignment trouble.

This is a feat from Blood of the Night, and it's confusing. Here's the full text:

Blood of the Night p. 17 (page unnumbered) wrote:

Improved Gaseous Form

Your gaseous state is more potent than that of your peers.

Prerequisite: Vampire.

Benefit: As a standard action, you can assume gaseous form at will (caster level 5th), but can remain gaseous
indefinitely and have a fly speed of 20 feet with perfect maneuverability. This is a supernatural ability.

If you already possess the gaseous form special quality, you can instead choose to augment your gaseous form in
one of the following ways. These effects apply only to creatures that enter your space while you are in gaseous form.

Glitterdust (Su): Creatures must succeed at a Will save or be blinded and outlined in golden particles as
though under the effects of glitterdust.

Mind Fog (Su): Creatures must succeed at a Will save or take penalties as though under the effects of mind fog.
This effect lasts as long as a creature shares your space and for 2d6 rounds after.

Special: You can gain this feat multiple times. Each time you take this feat, choose another swarm type.

Questions questions, so many questions.

1) Suppose a standard vampire who already has gaseous form takes this feat. Must she make a choice between Glitterdust and Mind Fog once, when the feat is taken, or each time she assumes gaseous form?

The "Special" line about taking the feat multiple times would suggest that you choose one when you take the feat, but then it goes on to talk about choosing a swarm type. That's clearly a copy-paste error from the "Improved Swarm Form" feat on the same page, but since it doesn't actually say you have to pick one manifestation when you take the feat, it's totally ambiguous.

2) Suppose we have a face-off between Vina Vampire and Perry Paladin. They are standing directly adjacent to one another, thus:


As a standard action, Vina goes gaseous. She has Improved Gaseous Form, and has chosen Mind Fog. The feat says that the Glitterdust/Mind Fog effects "apply only to creatures that enter your space while you are in gaseous form." Does this mean:

2A) That Perry has to voluntarily step into Vina's square? Or,
2B) Can Vina step into Perry's square to force a Will save against Mind Fog?

3) Assuming the answer to 2B is "yes, she can step into his square to force the save", how often can she force that save? The options are:

- every time she enters his square
- once per round when she enters his square
- once per some longer interval (minute/day/month)
- once per time she assumes gaseous form, because it counts as a separate casting of "Mind Fog"

If it's EVERY time she enters his square, she has 20 feet of movement, and can therefore force Perry to make 2 saves against Mind Fog in the same round that she became gaseous with a simple move action (in, save, out, in, save, out). If she can manage a double-move or a run using the same trick, that's a whole lot more saves.

Anyway, sooner or later, Perry is going to fail that Will save, and incur a -10 penalty on Will saves for AT LEAST 2 rounds -- plenty of time for Vina to curdle his brains with Dominate Person, and order him to murder his colleagues.

4) This is actually unrelated to the feat specifically, but can a creature in gaseous form fly into an opponent's lungs and just sit in there, thereby triggering the suffocation rules? Because that would be positively evil.

If I am the fey queen, and an insolent mortal sorceress angers me by being insulting or threatening, I will call on the Eldest to lay a curse on her tongue. Until she appeases me, no one will ever believe her words. If she tells the truth, people will assume she's lying. If she lies, they'll believe her words are true. And regardless, they will believe these things even with solid evidence staring them in the face.

I won't tell her about this. She'll know I did something, but I won't tell her what. She'll just have to figure it out.

Her party members will be exempt from this curse (unless you want to go to the trouble of enlisting the other players). So will I, because it wouldn't do for her to be unable to offer apologies. If she does apologize, perhaps I'll petition the Eldest to undo the curse. Or I may demand some service of her in exchange. Who can say? It may depend on what I had for breakfast that morning.

Goblin Squad Member

Okay, I've updated the alignments as requested. Kreuz Bernstein = LN, Mystical Awakening = LN, and Kabal = NG.

Goblin Squad Member

Updated for 28 July draft! Sorry for the delay, the first couple of days of the week have been super busy.


Tavernhold moved from F to C
The Gauntlet moved from C to D
Kabal moved from Q to F
The Guardians moved from D to G
Eastern Sun changed names to Kreuz Bernstein but retained H
Open Road moved from S to Q
Hope's End moved from AA to S
The Bastard Sons of Daggermark took AC
Elkhaven vacated G and moved in with Ozem's Vigil

Goblin Squad Member


I actually updated it yesterday about an hour before the real update came out and thought "Gee, not much changed this week." Then the real update came out and I got to do it all again ... :-/


The Deaders moved from T to R
Open Road took S
Hope's End took AA
Hand of Abraxas lost R
Quadrivium lost S

I think Quadrivium merged with somebody, but as I've said before, I don't follow the diplomacy closely. Please post any corrections or errors you spot.

If a lich uses its Grave Touch ability and is successful on the melee touch attack, does that also activate the lich's paralysis ability?

Goblin Squad Member

Ah, but I joined KotC ages ago.

Goblin Squad Member

Ah, I see.

Goblin Squad Member

I'm very late this week! Apologies -- I've been dealing with both a family crisis and transitioning between web hosts.


The Guardians moved from R to D
Kabal moved from AC to Q
Hand of Abraxas moved from U to R
Newcomer "The Deaders" took T
Brains and Brawn moved from D to U
The Iron Gauntlet moved from T to AC
Librarians of Doom lost Q

Pity about the Librarians of Doom. I seriously considered throwing my lot in with them, and I've been rooting for them. But I couldn't get in touch with them to ask questions, they didn't have a web site, and I couldn't tell if they had any kind of plan for keeping a settlement.

I don't see anything in the undead entry about immunity to polymorph effects.

Are you thinking of the immunity to any effect requiring a Fort save unless it works on objects? Because that only renders undead immune to effects that allow a Fortitude save, and there are plenty of personal-range polymorph spells that don't. Example: Alter Self allows no save. Nor does Beast Shape.

However, I'll accept Ipslore's answer and the general consensus: vampires can't dodge the running water weakness via polymorph spells because they don't change the creature's base type. Thanks.

The vampire template says:

PRD wrote:
Each round of immersion in running water inflicts damage on a vampire equal to one-third of its maximum hit points—a vampire reduced to 0 hit points in this manner is destroyed.

And later it says:

PRD wrote:
If the base creature has a swim speed, the vampire is not unduly harmed by running water.

If a vampire gains a swim speed via a polymorph effect, does that remove the damage penalty for immersion in running water?

Or is that based strictly on the creature as it was at the time of death?

For reference, the passage Rikkan is quoting comes from the Special Spell Effects section of the Magic chapter.

It's an interesting interpretation. Rikkan, assuming your interpretation is correct, how do you explain Surprise Spells, the capstone ability of the Arcane Trickster prestige class?

If your interpretation is correct, then Surprise Spells is a simple restatement of how the rules work, and confers no additional benefit. Yet, if that were the case, why would the devs have taken the time to write the description as if it were conveying some new ability to the PC?

1) The red dragon got to this area first, took control of the local tribe, and turned them into his personal slaves.

2) The silvers came along later, and decided to free the tribe, because they object to that kind of thing as LG creatures. But they lacked the power to simply kill or drive off the red. So, they used their Polymorph ability to infiltrate the tribe and foment a rebellion, with the idea that if the humans helped them, together they could all dispose of the red.

3) Unfortunately, their efforts only divided the tribe into two factions. Some remained loyal to the red, while others joined the silvers. This is the origin of the two tribes. They were originally one tribe; but now they have a civil war going.

4) The red actually stands a fair chance of defeating the two silvers in a straight-up fight. BUT, he's vastly enjoying this delicious little war. He savors the spectacle of siblings killing each other, the agony of the wounded, the general mayhem. So he has not gone out of his way to force a confrontation with the silvers. He has attended the battles primarily to keep the silvers from killing off his loyalists, as he'd much rather the humans killed one another for his enjoyment. He's doing all he can to prolong this conflict.

5) The leaders of the loyalist tribe realize the red doesn't care whether they live or die. They are loyal to the red; he is their tribal totem, the reason they are a feared power in the region. They want to keep him because they fear that without him, they might get wiped out by neighboring tribes who are not currently involved in the conflict. But at the same time, they realize that the civil war will kill them just as surely.

6) Therefore, the leaders of the loyalists have taken steps to disable the silvers. Specifically, they prayed to some dark deity or other and asked for the silvers to be cursed with a condition similar to lycanthropy: forced into an animal form and turned vicious, so that the silvers would destroy their own forces. A bitter irony that a SILVER dragon would fall to such a fate, no?

7) And their prayers were answered! But due to the whimsy of the deity, or perhaps due to the intervention of some good-aligned deity, the curse only affected ONE of the silvers. ONE of them transformed into a ravenous beast and set about devouring the rebel tribe. The OTHER silver managed to capture and contain her partner, but not before he savaged several important leaders of the rebel tribe, including their warchief.

8) Ever since, the remaining silver has been using illusion magic to make it appear as though there are still two effective silvers. (You'll have to customize her spells-known list a little for this). The rebel tribe has been severely weakened by the loss of their warchief. They lack the military leadership they had before. Also, because the silver has to concentrate to maintain her illusions, she cannot engage in battle as she once did. She has been swooping low over the opposing forces, to try and cow them with her frightful presence, but if she lets the illusion go in order to engage in combat, their weakness will be revealed and the rebels will be destroyed.

Enter the PCs. They have several sub-goals:

1) Find a cure for the cursed silver. This might involve petitioning an appropriate deity, tracking down cure reagents, or it could be as simple as a Remove Curse spell (that the remaining silver does not have).

2) Provide military leadership to the tribe, to help them win their battles. I envision combat encounters centered on destroying key resources of the loyalist tribe, social encounters to try and recruit disaffected loyalists as double agents to sabotage the loyalist tribe's defenses, and so on.

3) Face the red dragon directly in combat, with the aid of the silvers and a backdrop of loyalist and rebel tribespeople in pitched battle all around. This should be the crowning encounter of the adventure. Give the red dragon class levels if necessary to make him a serious threat. If possible, arrange for one or both of the silvers to die valiantly in the course of the combat, with dramatic fanfare of their noble sacrifice.

4) Lastly, force any remaining loyalists to surrender and reconcile with the rebels. Or alternately, wipe them out if they insist on following their cruel master to the grave.

End result: the end to the conflict, and a severely weakened tribe who really needs an alliance to secure their borders against hostile neighbors -- such as, for example, becoming a vassal state (or a province) of the PC's kingdom.

Goblin Squad Member

Updated for the 7/7 draft.


Agents of Erastil moved from AC to A
Terra Australis Incognito moved from A to J
vVv Gaming moved from J to N
Reading Between the Lines moved from T to P
The Guardians moved from P to R
Golarion Liberators changed name to Quadrivium and moved to S
The Iron Gauntlet moved from U to T
Newcomer Hand of Abraxas took U
Kabal moved from R to AC
Open Road lost S

Sorry for the slow update this week, I had other things on my mind.

I painted up my copies of Baron Blackshield and Murgmo yesterday. They turned out nicely. Here are some pics:




I think Baron Blackshield is the better paint job, but the photo came out a bit blurry, especially from the shoulders up. It's painted according to the character art in the Thornkeep book.

I didn't realize there was character art for Murgmo till after I was done -- I never read past chapter 2 of the Thornkeep book, in hopes of someday playing through those dungeons. So he got painted as a fairly standard goblin.


Goblin Squad Member

Okay. I've altered the coloration of the overlay for the three Kickstarter settlements.

I gave all three the same basic color, using Golgotha's hex as a base since it's a big one and they're all big. Then, I changed the color's hue to bright neon green to make them visually distinct from all the other settlements.

How's that?

Goblin Squad Member

@Nihimon: I didn't understand there was some kind of color-coding going on with those. I just picked colors that were different than those of adjacent settlements. I'll take another look at it later.

The topic can be handled well, but it's extremely hard, and probably better avoided.

The only time this has come up in a game I GM'ed was actually a misunderstanding. A charismatic bandit chief who was attempting to rob the soloist PC told her that he would happily take all her worldly goods, but her virtue was safe. The player mis-heard that as a rape threat. In retaliation, after thoroughly defeating the chief and his henchmen, the PC raped him.

It was unquestionably the single most intense role-play experience I've ever had. And decidedly ironic, since that NPC had been designed explicitly with the core concept that he used his 100% intolerance for rape as justification for his repeated theft and murder.

The player and I both enjoyed that session immensely. It proved a defining moment in the campaign, and shifted the entire thing to a much darker note than I'd planned.

But I don't think I'd like to try and engineer a repeat performance, and I don't think I'm going to be using that kind of NPC concept again. Even though it worked out well that one time, it's just too risky.

Goblin Squad Member

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Updated for the 6/29 draft!


Terra Australis Incognito moved from J to A
Brains and Brawn moved from S to D
vVv Gaming moved from A to J
The Phoenix Brotherhood changed names to Sunholm but retained control of O
Kabal moved from D to R
Newcomer Open Road took S
Reading Between the Lines moved from R to T
The Bastard Sons of Daggermark lost T

As usual, please post any corrections here.

Goblin Squad Member

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Okay, I've added an additional overlay for the territories of the three first-gen settlements.

And I've updated the alignment for the Agents of Erastil.

Goblin Squad Member

Updated for the results of the latest draft! Sorry for the delay, I just couldn't get time to work on this yesterday.


vVv Gaming moved from AA to A
The Gauntlet moved from D to C
Kabal moved from F to D
Tavernhold moved from J to F
Newcomer Terra Australis Incognito took J
Newcomer The Guardians took P
The Bastard Sons of Daggermark moved from P to T
Thod&rsquo;s Friends changed names to The Emerald Lodge but retained V
Pax Golgotha dropped the Pax part of their name, but retained control of W
Mystical Awakening moved from C to AA
Otium Explorator lost A
Four Rivers Mercenary Corporation lost T

I'm not fully up to date on the diplomacy, but I've tried to note things that were name changes rather than new organizations.

In addition to the above, the addition of the the Game of Towers mechanic made the colored hexes that Goblinworks includes on their map actually useful for seeing the expanse of territories directly around each settlement. So I've added that in. It can be toggled with the "Hide Territories" checkbox in the controls at the top, and can be hidden independently of the settlement icons.

As usual, please report any errors, bugs, or clarifications.

Bestiary 4 says "Cernunnos’s holy symbol is the head of a stag, ram
or similar horned creature with torcs or rings hanging
from its horns." Is there a picture of this someplace? I checked Chronicles of the Righteous, and it didn't have one.

Goblin Squad Member

Question: do we need somebody online to hold a tower even if it is not assaulted during the PvP window?

That is, if the PvP window opens for a tower controlled by a company, and there's nobody there the whole time -- crickets chirp, deer graze peacefully in the distance -- does the tower revert to an "uncontrolled" state?

He's been playing since the '90s, so the Beginner Box probably doesn't fit this particular ticket. I rather doubt he'll ever play PFS, but stranger things have happened.

I'm already GM'ing two other games -- one Rise of the Runelords, and one homebrew set in Sevenarches. The prep work takes tons of time. Particularly the homebrew one, for which I have to make lots of maps. Another multi-session or long-term campaign is not what I need.

So the chief attraction of PFS scenarios is ease of preparation. A self-contained adventure designed to be played in 4 hours that comes with decent pre-made maps I can just throw in the VTT? YES, please.

@Deirdre -- yes, I've got that, and seriously looked at it. The quality seems a bit variable, but I may well use one of those if the PFS thing is really not practical.

I'd like to GM some short adventures for my brother, remotely via virtual tabletop. I don't want to run a whole campaign for him, just a few one-offs. PFS scenarios seem perfect for it, but I've never played any of them since I don't do PFS.

Which ones would be reasonably easy to modify for a solo PC? I'd especially like ones that include all or most of the maps they'd need, since I can get the PDF and export that image for use in MapTool.

If you click "Cantrips / Orisons" in the spell list index, it will toggle the checkbox for level 1 spells.

To correct, replace "1-level-checkbox" with "0-level-checkbox" in the FOR attribute of the LABEL element on line 238.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

The Underdark, reclaiming a lost citadel of the ancient dwarves.

Crap. I let my soloist PC go twice as far per day on a journey north from Gristmill to Gralton because she was traveling downstream. But it turns out she was actually going upstream. *facepalm*

In the 3.5-rules Rise of the Runelords that I'm GM'ing, we're still using XP. And calculating the @#$% thing is a pain in the butt.

In the Kingmaker game where I'm a player - yes, we're still using XP. I hardly know why, though.

In the Sevenarches-based homebrew campaign that I'm GM'ing, we abandoned XP a year and a half ago, and have not missed it AT ALL. Less tedious math to do, and I don't have to slavishly plot out how many encounters and how much XP will be needed to make the players level at story-appropriate points. Instead, they just level at story-appropriate points and we can get on with the story.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

Succubi. They're a "challenging" encounter for an APL 6 party, but the save DCs for their Charm Monster and Dominate abilities are sky-high.

A level 6 cleric with an 18 Wisdom would have a Will save of +9. That's not bad, but it'd still take a 14+ on the die to save against the DC 23 dominate person -- meaning a PC who's supposed to be GOOD at will saves has a 65% chance of failing that save. Compare to the poor fighter, who is likely to be a good bit lower than that even if he diligently took Iron Will and didn't dump Wisdom.

Of course, a succubus only gets to Dominate once per day. But she can use Charm Monster and Suggestion at will, which is almost as good, and has a DC of 22, so there's a very good chance you will soon believe wholeheartedly that this lady is your trusted friend and ally, whom you should probably help if she asks you to do something reasonable. And her Bluff skill is ridiculous, so she can make some truly outrageous things seem like a terrific idea.

But suppose you saw them coming, and had Protection from Evil running on the party. Hooray, she can't curdle your brains! But she has ethereal jaunt and greater teleport at will, so really all she has to do is make a tactical withdrawal, wait a few minutes for the spell to wear off, and then come back and curdle your brains all she wants. It'd take Dimensional Anchor -- a 5th level spell that level 6 PCs don't generally have access to -- to actually corner a succubus.

And if you DID manage somehow, as a sixth level party, to confront a succubus with both Protection from Evil and Dimensional Anchor in place, then she's pretty much ... oh wait, she can summon a Babau demon. Babau demons have Dispel Magic at will, and carry spears. So she can summon one (50% chance), directing him to keep spamming Dispel Magic at the PCs, starting with the ones wearing heavy armor, so that she can curdle their brains.

So basically, if you throw a succubus at a level 6 party, they are either going to be REALLY lucky, or they're going to be sock puppets for Team Evil in short order.

Goblin Squad Member

Thanks for those clarifications. I don't stay perfectly up to date on the diplomacy, so the changelogs are just my observations of what happened with icons on the map.

Goblin Squad Member

Map has been updated for the 6/15 draft. As usual, please report any errors.


Otium Explorator moved from G to A
Newcomer Kabal took F
Newcomer Elkhaven took G
Newcomer Tavernhold took J
The Bastard Sons of Daggermark moved from S to P
Brains and Brawn moved from A to S
The Iron Gauntlet moved from J to U
The Golden Flask lost F
The Vigilant lost N
Erastil's Irregulars lost P
Dreamchasers lost U
Taur-im-Duinath lost Y

If the Ring of Sustenance thing doesn't -- ahem -- fly, you could always get the same effect with a clear spindle ioun stone, which is slotless.

You could even economize with a flawed one, especially if you have a cleric or druid who doesn't mind carrying around the Create Water cantrip. I mean, you could use it as a Paladin spell yourself, but it would eat up your level 1 spell slots.

Goblin Squad Member

Fixed! They changed the file name of the icon overlay -- I made the unwarranted assumption that they were just going to keep updating the image.

Goblin Squad Member

Map updated to reflect 8 June draft. Changes:

- Brains and Brawn moved to S to A.
- Librarians of Doom moved to Q from R.
- Newcomer "Reading Between the Lines" took R.
- The Bastard Sons of Daggermark moved from A to S.
- Newcomer "Four Rivers Mercenary Corporation" took T.
- Green Mountain Militia lost Q.

If I've made any errors, please let me know and I'll correct them.

The really expensive part is the plane ticket, at just over $700 for a flight with one stop on both outgoing and returning legs, which would take 14 hours on the return leg, AND return me to a different airport than I left from.

Driving would take 2 days, which would be a little cheaper but turn a weekend getaway into a week-long extravaganza.

I really hate being located in this tiny little town so far off the beaten path. Getting ANYWHERE is a serious pain.

I'm debating whether to go or not, and I need to make a choice very soon, since the lottery registration ends at 4 PM Pacific time tomorrow.


1) Sounds cool.

2) I could use a vacation.

3) I have a gamer friend who lives in Seattle whom it would be nice to see.


1) Out of pocket expenses would be about $1300 to attend, which is about a quarter of my total ready assets. And that assumes that I do not spend a single cent at the actual convention on anything other than food and lodging. Which seems unlikely.

2) I don't play in PFS, partly because there's no lodge closer than a four-and-a-half hour drive from where I live, and partly because the exceptional strictness of the rules does not appeal. I understand there are good, solid fairness reasons for it in the PFS environment, but it just doesn't sound fun. So, given that I'm not interested in PFS, that eliminates 80% of the open enrollment events and doesn't leave a lot to do if I were not to win some lottery spots.

My heart wants to say yes, but my head is coming up with "no, put that money towards another student loan payment".

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