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Grand Necromancer

TimD's page

Goblin Squad Member. RPG Superstar 6 Season Star Voter, 8 Season Star Voter. Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps, Modules Subscriber. FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 1,095 posts (1,113 including aliases). 1 review. No lists. No wishlists. 41 Pathfinder Society characters. 2 aliases.


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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps, Modules Subscriber
DungeonmasterCal wrote:
And is "Mythic Adventures" not epic enough? smh.

No, it's not "epic" at all (when defining epic as post-20th level).

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps, Modules Subscriber

For PFS: expect table variation and for people to criticize both your character's understanding of the lore and try to get you to not lose them their Prestige on any sensitive missions. If you push it, you may end up on the receiving end of "not healing / not buffing you is not PvP"

Outside of PFS: talk to your GM and fellow players and make sure that they are on board with the change you made in the background (the part about how Zon-Kuthon is only around because of Shelyn, rather than because he's a crazy neo-Cennobite deity and deities rarely throw down with each other, especially over mortals, double especially do good deities rarely throw down with evil deities over mortals the evil deity in fact saved from the Earthfall).

Also, +1 to the "this is a chaotic act, Mr. Monk, please join the paladin in the 'falling in perpetuity' queue".

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps, Modules Subscriber
Alakallanar wrote:
While AC40 and Saves +16 are reachable, 300+ HP is a lot, even with Thoughness and a high CHA.

With PFS-style "max at 1st, average thereafter", toughness, a 28 base charisma, a +4 cha headband, and his FCB in hitpoints, he'd hit 256. If he gets more than average or has a higher cha than 32 with gear, I can easily see them hitting 300+.


Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps, Modules Subscriber

First of all, welcome back to PFS.

As mentioned upthread, if you've only played the character in one or two scenarios, you should be good for a full rebuild barring any prestige purchases as I don't believe there were any sanctioned modules in Season 0 or 1 that would have been able to push you over the 3xp / played as a 2nd level character limit.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps, Modules Subscriber

Pretty sure the Dresden Files qualify.


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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps, Modules Subscriber
GM Lamplighter wrote:
TimD wrote:
"Those who took advantage of the opportunity to lock aasimars & tieflings were accused of "abuse" (despite the blog post)... "

You're apparently missing the most important part of the post:

blog wrote:
"...but we're trusting you'll exercise some good taste and respect a decision made with the larger community in mind."

I didn't miss it at all, neither when it was posted or now.

I had a very much longer response trying to demonstrate how much damage these decisions and the negativity that arise from them has done to this community, but really, I'm just tired of it. Every time this topic comes up, it erodes my faith in the PFS community and especially the volunteers a bit more, especially with the "haves" and "have-nots" dividing line that now exists in the Standard Campaign due to various banning-and-grandfathering initiatives.

I feel for the new PFS players that get to play in games with APG summoners and early-entry prestige classes and are effectively told "you should have started sooner, N00b" when they ask how they can have the same opportunities as the other players.


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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps, Modules Subscriber
captain yesterday wrote:

For those of us not in the PFS loop, what happened last time with the races. I'm somewhat aware of what happened with Unchained, but any further enlightenment there would help as well.

Just curious. :-)

text from actual blog post:

For several years, aasimar and tieflings have enjoyed a prominent role in the Pathfinder Society, but as the organization concludes its work in Mendev—where numerous pit-born fight for recognition and heaven-blooded warriors wage holy war—it's time for them to step back. Beginning on August 14th, creating an aasimar or tiefling character will require a special Chronicle sheet, as was the case years ago. The exception is any aasimar or tielfing character with at least 1 XP; these characters are grandfathered into the campaign.

Does this mean you can create several new characters, play a scenario with each, and have several native outsiders waiting for when you need them? Well, we debated long and hard whether to require 4 XP per character, as at that point one is past the free rebuilding stage. However, we also recognized this as unnecessarily punitive to casual players who may only be able to play once or twice in the next month. To answer your question, yes, you can make 10 aasimars and play The Confirmation an equal number of times, but we're trusting you'll exercise some good taste and respect a decision made with the larger community in mind.

After that post, anecdotal accounts of some players fast-playing Master of the Fallen Fortress in order to "lock" aasimar & tiefling characters arose. Those who took advantage of the opportunity to lock aasimars & tieflings were accused of "abuse" (despite the blog post) causing a lot of friction and loss of faith in the campaign, especially the volunteers.

When the APG summoners were banned, it was arguably even worse as those of us who had been GM'ing were punished for GM'ing rather than playing as any of our characters which possibly COULD be respec'd were forced to respect (ie any characters which had not yet been played as a 2nd level or higher character with APG Summoner levels were not able to retain their summoner class and forced to change to something else).

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps, Modules Subscriber

The vitriol express begins again... *sigh*

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps, Modules Subscriber
GabrielBreen wrote:
One of my biggest concerns with the bad guys is our Antipaladin. He´s also our youngest player (somewhere in his early twenties while the rest of us is over 30) and while the group knows each other quite well (we are playing pathfinder for 5 years at least now) he seems a little eager to wreak havoc. Also he is unbeliveable tough (we are talking 300+ Hp, Ac 40 and saving throws above +16). All the other characters are either lawful or neutral evil which is way easier to handle than chaotic evil in my opinion.

Not surprising... throwing together the template and points you gave, I'm betting either a base 24 STR & 28 CHA or vice versa, with Toughness as a Bonus Feat, and a +7 Natural Armor bonus that will just go up as he levels, and DR 10/- with immunity to cold and electricity (so he can hang out in cold & electricity AoE's) and that's a pretty tough nut to crack. With the right magic items, he's pretty much only going to be worried about touch attacks or accidentally charging into a pit he can't easily escape.

So what sort of advise are you looking for from those of us who have Black Hat play experience?

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps, Modules Subscriber

First of all, welcome to PFS :)

Keep in mind that most PFS play stops at 11th level, at this point very little goes to 12 or beyond. Make sure you character will be fun throughout and not just built for top-end play.

That said, the build looks very similar to my warpriest of Tanagaar / Unchained Rogue build, albeit without the dex to damage and with more spells. I considered a warpriest for one of my Red Mantis-worshipping characters, but in the end decided inquisitor was a better choice.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps, Modules Subscriber

While I want to support your request for Epic content, I have to agree that 5 exclamation points is a bit much.

Unfortunately, as mentioned upthread, Mythic is currently the closest you will currently get to true high level / epic play in PF. I too wish that we can see more support for high-level content, but I think at this point it would be better to see more support for 15-20 play and THEN post-20 play published by Paizo as far too many people seem to have issues with games that go beyond even 12th level, much less past 20th.

I looked at Mythic and don't feel it fills in for what I would consider actual post-20th level support, but for others it apparently works out fine.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps, Modules Subscriber
Brakiri wrote:

I find it hard to play a well rounded "person" with a role so confined in the "range" of capabilities that he actually can't do much of anything despite his "main function".

But that's just me.

Sorry, i'm not really here to argue, if that is you general opinion i respect it.

Different systems offer different things. PF is very role-oriented, rewards specialization, and has a lot of both "trap options" as well as sacred bovines, many of which are artifacts of the game system it predated and was built upon. I could rant about GURPS and bell-curve systems, or we could go over a lot of the exceptions that PF has put into its general rules (*cough*GunslingersGettingCalledShots*cough*) but we'd be here all day :)

As with most game systems, in PF finding out the type of character(s) you want to play that will work within the system is part of both the challenge and the fun. The summoner is fairly hard-coded to the eidolon, which can be a down-side. I recommended it as it has some of the best buff spells in the game, a strangely high BAB (3/4, comparable to a Rogue or Cleric), the ability to wear light armor, and access to conjuration spells, such as the ones you were inquiring about. Frankly, if you don't want the battle eidolon, there are a lot of niche eidolon builds out there for making skill monkey assistants which can also be a lot of fun as long as you aren't stealing someone else's thunder.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps, Modules Subscriber
HWalsh wrote:
We don't know his domains

Domains Good, Law, Nobility, War

Subdomains Archon (Good), Archon (Law), Honor, Martyr, Tactics

Inner Sea Gods, pg. 324 & 325 or Archives of Nethys.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps, Modules Subscriber

One of the many advantages of higher level play is the fact that PCs are imminently more "recoverable" than at lower levels.

Having a group of NPCs teleport in and alpha-strike a group of low-level PCs is pretty certain to lead to a total party wipe and new characters (possibly new players). Having it happen to high level PCs may involve the loss of simulacra, use of resources for raise dead and an intense interest in who had the ability to find / get to the PCs in their pocket demi planes or other sanctums. In short, the GM has to hold back less and PCs may have to devote more resources to day-to-day things rather than assuming that the adventure is waiting for them (they may actually be the targets of other adventuring parties at this point).

The higher the level, the more tools and smarter/ more effective opponents a GM can throw at PCs and the more they can break out of the realm of "expected / anticipated" adventures.

Also, to be fair, the point about published modules is apt. Keep in mind that most things published by Paizo at this point are for middle-of-the-road, 15-pt build parties of four. In my experience, very little high level gaming actually matches this description.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps, Modules Subscriber
Brakiri wrote:


I didn't know that limiting flexibility and preventing players from playing exactly what they had in mind without breaking the balance is a feature. But as you said, different strokes.

While I'd never argue that PF is an excessively balanced game, it is a class-based game, which defaults to a game which revolves around party roles. Attempting to twist a class which is THE archtypical support class into a control caster isn't something I'd call "limiting flexibility", but is very close to what I'd consider "breaking the balance".

Given that you are looking for a "battlefield control/buff" I would look into Summoner rather than Bard, which is more "buff/skill monkey".

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps, Modules Subscriber

First, analysis::

So, let's set aside the "evil" bit for a moment, you already have some work cut out for you...

You have 25-pt characters.
*so stats are going to be relatively crazy
You are apparently allowing leadership.
*so action economy is something that may turn crazy, especially if you allow one of your "power gamers" to custom-build their character's minions to complement their character
You are allowing templates of up to +2 CR
*so "relatively crazy" stats may go to bug-nuts crazy and now you have to also figure out how the monstrous abilities work in conjunction with the character levels, spells, and other "standard" PC abilities.
You are starting at 14th level
*so there is very little "cement" for the backstory of your characters before starting and all will probably be super-optimized with perfect equipment for their starting level

I HIGHLY recommend that you do at least one "Slot Zero" session with everyone sitting down and working out their character backgrounds and how they interact in advance.

... going back to team evil, now.

Having evil characters adds another dimension to the normal "social contract of gamers" especially as many feel it adds additional threat / risk of PvP.
Pathfinder is not optimized for PvP (though you can do so). Make sure that before you start, your players know where they stand on PvP and what all of you are comfortable with. DO this again with the shades of evil everyone will be engaged in and you may want to drop hints about where you think that they will end up or what sorts of combined goals (barring world conquest) that they are interested in.

I'm not sure what your experience is with any of the combinations of the above factors, but that is a LOT of moving parts.

Second, advise::

Take a LOT of notes, both before and during game play. Notes not only about what happened, but about what spurred the actions and reactions - this is something you can use later when writing your 2nd arc campaign when the current PCs are your Big Bads. It will also let you make sure the tone of your game is something you and your players are in agreement with.

Involve the players in the world design a bit more than you normally might. They are starting at 14th level, which is higher level than many PCs ever even see after years of gaming. The characters should know who a lot of the movers and shakers are and have a somewhat clear idea of how their world works by now.

Make sure the evil characters have clear cut goals and that you have a way to communicate their perceived progress to them, otherwise this is going to go VERY off the rails and you are trying to start and wrap in very few sessions.

Give them someone or something to hate.
Generalities time: Good PCs are often motivated by altruism, good-roleplay opportunities, and chance to advance their characters and goals. Neutral characters are similar, though often more greedy and think a bit longer term. Evil characters want to live forever and see their enemies utterly destroyed in a manner that will be a lesson for all those who may even think about opposing them in the future. Write something to support that.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps, Modules Subscriber
Brakiri wrote:
This is the general template problem of class and level systems like PF.

Some call it a bug, others call it a feature.

Diff strokes for diff folks. PF is very much not GURPS.


Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps, Modules Subscriber
Kevin Willis wrote:

Things I expect to see as NPCs in All for Immortality:

... John's Alchemist

Now, now, Kevin let's not lose our heads over this :)


Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps, Modules Subscriber
John Compton wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:
John Compton wrote:

So long as you have one of the books that references and supplies statistics for the animal companion, you should be good. There might be an exception out there that I've missed, so it's always good to check the Additional Resources document to be sure it's a legal option.

EDIT: Whoa, the megafauna don't appear in the B2 entry. That is bizarre. Because it's a book sanctioned before I started working on the campaign, I don't have any recollection of those not being allowed. Does anyone know if that's been the case for years, or is this some recent glitch I'm seeing?

Animals going extinct from the bestiary without notice has been a thing for a bit...
I know of a few, but the issue I'm getting at is that as the person inputting changes into the document, I am aware when those options are removed. This one was off my radar, hence my concern.

Just checked some of the old additional resources I had handy:

Additional Resources from 01/30/2013 wrote:
Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 2 Animal Companions: allosaurus, arsinoitherium, baboon, compsognathus,gar, glyptodon, hippopotamus, manta ray, megaloceros, megatherium, parasaurolophus, ram, giant snapping turtle, stingray, tylosaurus
Additional Resources from 08/14/2013 wrote:
Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 2 Animal Companions: baboon, compsognathus, gar, hippopotamus, manta ray, ram, giant snapping turtle, stingray

... so looks like sometime between January and August 2013.

Hope that helps.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps, Modules Subscriber

Paizo has not yet published anything that would be considered epic (post 20th level) rules. I believe there is some 3rd party support for such rules out there, however, so that may be a solution for you.

Mythic was Paizo's attempt at incorporating some themes which were often used in high level play into the normal 20-level progression found in the Core Rulebook. Some use it as post-20 progression.

When last I checked (which has been awhile, admittedly) Paizo has no plans for publishing actual epic content (post-20th level) and felt that Mythic would suffice for players seeking epic level content.


Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps, Modules Subscriber

Looking forward to the additional Seeker content.

Also: impressive pollen counts indeed if they can compete with us here in GA (which checking, they can even if they fall a bit behind in WA).

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps, Modules Subscriber
Starbuck_II wrote:
Now, how many babies do you have to create to balance your murder spree? That is more equal because creating life balances life taken.

So your argument is getting laid balances murder sprees on the good-evil scale?!

As we would have said in Paranoia: Citizen, you've got more Chutzpah, than a Red Cleanliness Officer with an orifice vacuum in a Violet Zone.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps, Modules Subscriber
HWalsh wrote:

3. This thread is to discuss why people rail against the system in such a mass when the rules are pretty clearly defined.

Well, can't agree with that premise.

On the other hand, alignment thread, so shots!

Kobold Cleaver wrote:
With such players, I recommend forcing Neutral Good. It's the only alignment that I've never seen screwed up that badly (I mean, how do you screw up the "Don't be a dick" PC?)

I could answer that question, but you seem to still have some faith in humanity left and I like you, so I won't ruin that :)


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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps, Modules Subscriber

I like the concept, but I'm not sure on the execution. It addresses what is to me, the very worst part of PF gaming - how rules changes are implemented, communicated, and executed; which leads to the degradation of the sense of community that PFS normally tries to foster and maintain.

What the OP seems to be asking is that the same consideration be given players who may not be able to update as quickly as others as were given to the players and GM's at GenCon last year who were not forced to update their characters on-site for the ACG/ARG errata which released the same week.


Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps, Modules Subscriber
Evie Smith wrote:

Hence the qualifier in my earlier statement of support.

I do agree with your last statement in that I would likely have an easier time accepting more evil boons if I felt good characters were getting equivalent attention.

Something we can agree on.

Some of us who are pro-evil boons are not opposed to good-boons. The existence of these types of boons help assist with the game design concept "meaningful choices" (and also assist with giving a more structured reward in the form of a boon for accepting some of the restrictions of the alignment system, but that would be a whole longer thread).

Evie Smith wrote:
I will say it again: I don't think it's asking much to have the campaign cater to people who want to play good characters as well as it does for people who want to straddle the line.

Who is saying otherwise?

The point was that PFS isn't the "good guy organization" and has not been since its inception. It is an organization with widespread influence and within that organization are good and evil people. Those who are good may be using their influence to have the society promote the cause of good. Those who are not may do things like promote their own agendas such as a drive for financial success, information, or influence. It's almost like there's already a whole faction system in place to do just that.

Evie Smith wrote:
My fantasy is just as valid as yours, and I don't like feeling as though I'm somehow ostracizing myself from the group in order to play the game in a way I enjoy.

That always sucks. I can sympathize. People assume that because I like lawful evil characters (in home games, not PFS, obviously), I'm somehow out to get them rather than assuming that I'm playing sociopaths with hyper efficiency complexes that see their party members as the most valuable things in the universe. Meanwhile, if someone wants to play a paladin, it's the person who is wanting to play an evil character who is often viewed to be in the wrong since the paladin can't play with them due to their paladin's code.

Evie Smith wrote:

Speaking of those particular boons, while John said:

John Compton wrote:
I lean strongly toward requiring one to give up an evil boon's benefits before atonement can wipe away its drawbacks.
I would like an unambiguous clarification as to how those particular boons should be ruled in regards to atonements.

I think the alignment boons already in existence spell out how they function mechanically. My takeaway from John's statement was in how future boons might be worded, not a change in how existing boons on sheets might change.


Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps, Modules Subscriber

I apparently failed my Profession (Paizo Board Lurker) check on this one.

David, to piggy-back on what John's response was to my tongue-in-cheek comment about paladins, keep in mind that any time Paizo opens "specific exceptions" such as the one you are referring to, the law of unintended consequences rears its ugly head. This trait in particular was likely intended mostly innocuously so that there could be good people legitimately worshiping an evil deity due to the deceptive nature of said deity. It devolved to a "ha ha paladins of Asmodeus" thread, much to the dismay of the person who wrote the trait.

For the record, I agree it's a neat archtype. I wrote my -66 around it :). I just don't think you're going to manage to shoehorn in a healing cleric of Asmodeus around it, especially as Jared notes, it doesn't actually affect the actual alignment of the deity, it only allows you to worship a deity that your alignment would normally prohibit.


Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps, Modules Subscriber
David Birchbauer wrote:
My question about Pact Servant, why not allow it in a limited case

Because paladins.

This helpful message brought to you by your friends at Team Evil™.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps, Modules Subscriber

Hopefully, John made a note of this to plan for Season 9: 9-11: Emergency in Absalom


Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps, Modules Subscriber
Harold Ervin wrote:
The out-of-game Pathfinder Society does not allow evil characters... and then a long rambling bit with actually nothing else I can agree with

I started to go through Harold's points, point-by-point, but I don't actually have time for that and had to delete things like "Han shot first, that wouldn't get him kicked from the Society!" so that I wouldn't get too close to the don't-be-a-jerk rule.

Suffice to day, there is actually nothing he posted that I agree with in his last two posts and I am VERY glad that whatever PF games he plays are seemingly nothing like those I play and enjoy.

Thanks again for listening to multiple sides, John.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps, Modules Subscriber
Kobold Cleaver wrote:


Steve Geddes wrote:
Do we still get to blame Cosmo?

The sun rose in the east again and the day ends in "y", so yes, of course.


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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps, Modules Subscriber

I have to concur with Drogon with the concerns here.

Bob Jonquet wrote:
And remember, if you don't get a GameDay reward this quarter, nothing changed for you compared to last quarter. Nothing is being taken away.

Not actually true:

Tonya Woldridge wrote:
Now we have two types of support - Convention Support and Game Day Support - and we are working to divide up the events into each category. The differences in the support packages are the type of GM boon and that cons get gift certificates. The cons which occur in retail space now apply for Game Day support via their RVC.

Before this decision, if you had enough tables at a game day using retail space to qualify as a convention, you could request convention support. Now you can no longer can do so as you are required to go through your RVC for one of the 10 per quarter Game Day support packets.

That is a change, and not necessarily for the better.


Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps, Modules Subscriber

more characters than sense:

-1 Craft: Alchemy
-2 Get Lost in the Woods (Erastil Archer Paladin, primarily GM & DD credit)
-3 await reincarnation (killed by Fencing Grace NERF)
-4 Perform: Oral Skills
-5 Craft: Calligraphy hanging out in Fangwood Keep on the look-out for Galtans seeking his watermelon slicer
-6 Craft: Alchemy, really! (Gunslinger/Alchemist)
-7 no dayjob - treasure map, you're my only hope!
-8 dreaming of and seeking vengeance on the living (killed in Thornkeep, RIP)
-9 no dayjob - cleaning up after a celestial lion is a lot of work at low levels
-10 Profession: Soldier
-11 await reincarnation (killed by Summoner ban and SLA change)
-12 await reincarnation (killed by Summoner ban)
-13 no dayjob - serving Achaekek er, bodyguarding requires a lot of focus
-14 Craft: Alchemy
-15 await reincarnation (killed by Fencing Grace NERF)
-16 await reincarnation (killed by Fencing Grace NERF)
-17 await manifestation (primarily a GM blob)
-18 Craft: Alchemy &/or Profession: Soldier (fortunately he uses a scimitar!)
-19 Profession: Deathspeaker
-20 awaiting manifestation (GM credit Tiefling)
-21 no dayjob - being bloody angry is apparently challenging at 1st level
-22 awaiting manifestation (not yet played)
-23 Craft: Alchemy
-24 awaiting reincarnation (killed by Summoner ban)
-25 Craft: Alchemy - awaiting remanifestation (killed by Fencing Grace NERF)
-26 awaiting manifestation (not yet played)
-27 awaiting manifestation (not yet played)
-28 Perform: Stringed
-29 awaiting manifestation (not yet played)
-30 awaiting manifestation (not yet played)
-31 Profession: Hunter
-32 awaiting manifestation (not yet played)
-33 awaiting manifestation (not yet played)
-34 awaiting manifestation (not yet played)
-35 Profession: Pig Farmer (that's some pig!)
-36 through -40 CORE characters, not yet played

I never realized how often I took Craft (Alchemy), especially on non-Alchemists / Gunslingers.

Urien smiles, focusing on something other than the waitress or the food for a moment. He speaks in a lowered voice.
Pathfinders? That's a dangerous profession, especially with fools or enemies whispering that they could be allied with Molthune. Let us, for sake of argument and good company, say that we are Pathfinders as all sensible folk and even a few bards such as myself find information always valuable. What would you tell such a group?

diplomacy to put him more at ease so as not to draw attention: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (4) + 7 = 11

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps, Modules Subscriber

Gunslinger + Kineticist is probably the closest you'll come without some rather intensive house rules.
(Especially with the gunpowder consumption bit.)


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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps, Modules Subscriber

Short answer: it varies by region and table and what you are doing.

Long answer: see Bob J's answer above for what is the best general answer.

I'd also add that I know that when I was a store coordinator (before the FLGS I was coordinating for closed) I had a whole host of 1st L characters that I had built so that I could help make tables where necessary to balance out tables, especially for newer players. A lot of the reaction you will get is going to have to do with WHY you are playing a purpose-built 1st L and if you are overshadowing those who are not playing a purpose-built 1st L character. If you have a purpose-built healer that you break out to assist tables of new characters where you play for no credit people will have less issues than if you have a character which over performs to the point that you can effectively solo the scenario.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps, Modules Subscriber
TOZ wrote:
Where'd the OP go?

I was going to make a quip about meeting the Red Mantis assassin that one time, but no, instead...

OP irony.


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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps, Modules Subscriber

Excepting his first sentence and the bit about boons for PFS community service awards (which I can totally get behind and would love to see some sort of sheet akin to the faction sheets, but for OOP stuff), I disagree with pretty much every point Harold made.

I appreciate that the campaign can illustrate that there are multiple alignments represented within the Society, even if a player is restricted from playing an evil character within the PFS campaign.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps, Modules Subscriber
QuidEst wrote:

*looks over at Geb*


*looks up towards Eox*


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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps, Modules Subscriber

Also, a PF version of the Storm Hag was added in Bestiary 5.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps, Modules Subscriber
Swiftbrook wrote:
However, I don't see Grand Master Torch ever coming out as a miniature.

em/ HoldTorch :)

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps, Modules Subscriber

What about those of us who game with different groups? :)

Ex. I am active in a homebrew home game, a PFS Adventure Path home game, and do game-shop PFS pretty regularly at local shops.


Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps, Modules Subscriber

Is the intent to allow more access to non-CORE items in the CORE campaign?
... because as-written, that is what it will do.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps, Modules Subscriber

A Youtube Channel would probably be great for the beginner GM aspect, especially as you could also go back over it and edit it with additional comments and such to make some of it a bit more clear and provide an example as you went along.

The more nuanced campaign changing advise would probably be better in text format, though I can definitely see it being a 3rd party thing for setting-neutral formats. For Golarion, obviously it would need to be done by Paizo.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps, Modules Subscriber

While I'm a fan of that idea, I think the roadblock is that you want to have something that will appeal to more than just GMs in order to get Paizo's higher-ups to jump on board. Resources for players sell better because ultimately there are far more players than GMs.

I continue to think that an advanced campaigning book which would include material primarily for GMs, but also for players who might transition to GMs or be interested in more nuanced play styles or adaptations within a play style would be an easier sell than a book just for GMs.


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Constructive: While I can see where some ambiguity might be perceived, I'm looking at it the same way I do the archtype stacking rules clarified for PFS. If it basically even mentions that particular ability, it is consider to modify it. Ex. two archtypes that both add class skills do not stack, even if they don't modify the specific skill.

Less Constructive:

I concur it's dumb. I lost a Shaitan Binder when Unchained was released because I opted to volunteer and GM rather than play. [edited to remove comments about org play volunteers before paizo staff does]

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Congrats Meloriel!
I am happy to have lost to someone properly demonstrating the evil that lurks within gnomes :)

Finally posted, hopefully the formatting is ok.

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Good call to be worried on this one.
When I ran this for a PFS table it resulted in the first PC death in PFS I was responsible for as a GM. It is a brutal fight, especially if PCs are unprepared for the combination of land-to-water and aquatic combat.
Assuming this is for a home game, you may want to come up with a morale condition or other means for your group to "defeat" this encounter without requiring a fight to the death.


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Shaitan Binder modifies the base form and is therefore illegal.

Shaitan Binder Text from the prd:

Base Form: At 1st level, if a shaitan binder's eidolon has the biped base form, it gains a +2 bonus to one ability score. The shaitan binder must make this choice at 1st level. If at any time the shaitan binder's eidolon has another base form, it loses this bonus until it returns to biped form. A shaitan binder's eidolon does not gain the share spells ability.

Leaning towards a 1.1 archer bard.

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