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Grand Necromancer

TimD's page

Goblin Squad Member. RPG Superstar 2013 Star Voter, 2015 Star Voter. FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 724 posts (726 including aliases). 1 review. No lists. No wishlists. 35 Pathfinder Society characters. 2 aliases.


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Cort Odekirk wrote:

TimD - Ironically, that's how the system is supposed to work. Only owners (or folks they delegate) are supposed to add new scenarios that way. The "show all" created a bypass to that security and let effectively anyone add anything, which is concerning for obvious reasons.

We're having an internal debate now on the future of that functionality. While we recognize it provides a shortcut, that shortcut by it's nature can be used for malicious actions (not saying anyone has, but the option is there).

For now, the owner of the event (or individuals they have assigned as able to edit that event) will have to do the editing for scenarios not included when the event was created via the process I listed above. We'll let folks know when we come to a decision on the future of "view all".

I sort of figured that it was working as intended in that regard, I was just illustrating that (at least for some of us), the work-around isn't something we can use.

While I can see the worry for abuse, the functionality of not having to generate multiple PFS #'s for different venues is a huge bonus.
As an example, the store I'm the liaison for has had at least 5 PFS #"s affiliated with it that I'm aware of, and some of those owners are either no longer involved in PFS or live out of state. I'm not sure what, if any, impact having multiple ID#'s for the same venue would have for internal database / reporting purposes for you folks at Paizo, but it's one reason I've been reluctant to just add several #'s for an ongoing venue.

I'm not trying to be critical of your processes, just trying to provide perspective from at least one user's point-of-view.

Thanks for the update!



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Calybos1 wrote:
Speaking only for myself, this "Core" option has motivated me to finally step up from just playing in PFS to possibly GMing.

Noted :)

I'll mention you as a possible GM in our PFS core scheduling conversation for local games.


Cort Odekirk wrote:

Verified that it's not showing the full list. We're looking at a fix, but for the short term if you need to report a scenario being run at an event that was not on your initial selection when you created the event, you can just edit the event to add the additional scenario, then it will show up to be reported normally.

Same effect, different path.

Unfortunately, I don't think that option exists if the event code is "owned" by one person and the reporting is done by another as the only options are "Sessions & Report" with no "Edit" option.


For some reason the "show all scenarios" option now seems to be disabled for me and is no longer giving me a drop-down list.

I'm trying to edit a game reported under 62037 as I apparently reported it under -18 rather than -08.



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It means I have to register PFS char #'s 36-40. So much for THAT New Years resolution.

-TimD, Unapologetic Alt-a-holic™


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GM Lamplighter wrote:
"How can I break the Core?" has been a very fun thought experiment.

This, right here, is why PFS players and GMs drift away from the game abandon public Organized Play for private PFS or home games. Not just because of complexity, or cost, or availability, but because a small group of players see the game as being "how do I break it".

As pointed out, Core Campaign won't weed out players with intentions to ruin the game for others. Only GMs and Coordinators can do that. And they should. This will make the biggest positive impact on your local Lodge, and it is something that is totally out of Paizo's hands.

A bad attitude is definitely one thing that can drive players away.

The assumption it is always someone else's may be in error.



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So as not to wall-of-text this discussion...

Response to outshyn:

outshyn wrote:
TimD wrote:
CORE-only means the players will have no incentive to buy anything (other than maybe snacks & drinks) at the stores and that may negatively impact the image of Paizo & PFS for the store folks.
Here is my thinking. But first, my disclaimer: I may be an idiot.

I spend a lot of time on the internet, no worries.

outshyn wrote:

OK, so this move is intended to address new players/GMs who feel too overwhelmed to participate, as well as older players/GMs who gave up on PFS due to bloat or lack of new games to play. In all of those cases, these are players who were lost to us. They hadn't joined up, had dropped out, were burnt out, etc.

In other words, none of them were spending any money at all.

That I doubt. Lack of participation in PFS =/= not buying Pathfinder product. Lots of folks buy PF stuff with absolutely no involvement in PFS.

outshyn wrote:

So, this solution ropes in new people and re-opens the doors to older returning players. This announcement almost entirely pulls in extra bodies.

In other words, it's almost entirely a source of additional revenue, not less.

OK, maybe this time I'm not thinking of something. If you're a core-only player and you already own a CRB, what Paizo product are you buying at a store? If you're a GM, you only have to buy the scenario (which isn't something a store can carry).

Or do you mean revenue for Paizo? - because that's not at all what I'm talking about. I'm talking about from the POV from a store owner / employee who has limited resources for games & gamers, does not make the majority of their $ from snacks/drinks/food, and is making a decision between PFS players and some other activity.

outshyn wrote:

Granted, it is possible that there are some players out there who have been dutifully buying up all the splatbooks, and switch solely to avoid spending any more money. However, I think there are two important points to make about that:

  • That's not going to be a lot of people. If you play in the existing game, what are the odds that you'll completely abandon that for a purely core experience? What are the odds that lots of existing players will do that? I was just tonight at my local game store when this was announced to about 20 PFS players, and while almost every single one wanted to try it out, a total of zero said they were dropping the existing, normal campaign.
  • If a player does go from spending lots to spending nothing, that's a strong indication that they were tired of the existing setup anyway! In other words, they weren't going to last much longer in the game as it stood. So "losing" them to a Core game is better than losing them forever to the void.

I'm likely a corner case of my own example, but I'll throw it out there. Before I started playing PFS I owned maybe a dozen books Paizo books, only one or two of which were non-core (hrm. Terminology confusion. In this context meaning the "system neutral Pathfinder product" rather than the Golarion-specific.). Now, I have probably 50 to 70 lbs books/maps/etc. that I only purchased because I play PFS that I bring when I'm a player. If core-only had been an option (and popular in the area), I probably would have saved a lot of $ and future chiropractor visits by not bothering to buy any of them as I don't use Golarion in home games and the mechanics are free online.

outshyn wrote:
TimD wrote:
A week night 3-7 game is scheduled, with a pretty standard group of 6 people showing up. In this case, though, it's one GM, 2 players with core-only characters, 2 players with "all the bells & whistles" characters and one walk-in player who doesn't have anything in-tier, but owns lots of PF product and came to the store to buy more.
As far as I can tell, this should almost never happen. They already mentioned earlier in the thread that Warhorn is getting upgraded to handle this, which means that when the store offers that 3-7 game, it will be flagged ahead of time as "CORE ONLY" if it is. Therefore, everyone will know ahead of time to bring a Core character. The walk-in wouldn't matter either way in your example, since he was going to be handed a pre-gen regardless of the decision. So he's getting a Core pre-gen and the game moves forward.

Two assumptions there:

1) that folks use Warhorn (which I only use when organizing more than 4 tables on a single night and generally find a larger barrier to entry than about anything else I've encounter. I've created Warhorn events and still prefer not to use it for smaller game days (especially as I get weird pre-reg/ drops when online-only folks don't read and assume it's an online game)
2) that folks schedule things in a specific manner and that players pay attention to those details. If you read through some of the PFS threads about mustering you'll find that there are some very dissimilar methods of organizing which occur in PFS. I'm not criticizing any of those methods - folks use what works for them, but I think you're making an assumption that is often not accurate. In addition, many players often don't remember what scenarios they've played, much less which character they played it as, and now they have to also keep up if it was core vs. non-core. Mistakes will happen.

outshyn wrote:
If someone shows up to a Core game with an expanded character, that doesn't throw everything into disarray and cause the organizer to possibly change the game, screwing over the Core-only players. No. Instead, the organizer can nicely say, "Well you screwed up, and your character is not valid here. Get out a Core character, or play a pre-gen. And learn to pay attention to the 'CORE ONLY' headline next time."

Sure, so then you lose the two players with characters that showed up because your organizer forgot to specify on their sign-up (because it will happen, folks make mistakes), the walk-in says "huh, drama, maybe this isn't for me, peace out" and your other two players now are unable to play because you don't have a legal table. Probably not an optimal solution for our hypothetical organizer.

That said, apparently you think that hypothetical situation is a bit of a stretch. Fair enough, here's another (very likely one) involving a "standard" of six people... You have two games scheduled with only two players signed up for each, CORE & non-CORE. Should anyone bother to show up now? Before the core, it's likely people would, but now there's an additional element of "will I be able to play?" because I know I wouldn't be happy showing up to a game day and finding out that I had to convert my core-only core PC to non-core or play a substandard PreGen when I brought my back-breaking quantity of books.

outshyn wrote:

And then maybe he hits that player with a fish. Maybe.

(Sorry, I'm being obviously silly. I just think the concern that players will all show up with different types of characters and somehow ruin it for everyone is a bit too high-anxiety. These troubles shouldn't happen once the scheduling system is upgraded to prominently display that Core games are... Core games.)

I invoked the great and powerful staypuff marshmallow man, I can hardly throw stones about the sillyness of slapping someone with a fish. :)

Again, not saying the sky is falling, but I'm a store organizer and not a VO. I know that Mike said that this has been discussed amongst to the VO's and I'm assuming that this HAD to have come up at some point. The VO's sign NDA's, so I can't ask them about it in good conscience. So I'm curious what I can do to spin this and minimize drama for my sign ups for the four games a month I organize.
While my store is currently very pro-PFS, I really don't want that to change and I've spoken with too many stores that were alienated by Paizo (or worse WizKids' contract with Alliance which means they have difficulty carrying the prepainted PF figs) to want to add my store to that list.

As always, though, I do want to thank Mike, John, et. all for their patience and willingness to listen to feedback. Especially the less than positive feedback.


P.S. also want to throw a "thank you" out to Drogon - I know you have a store, so knowing that you view this as a positive change is encouraging


As core is being referenced as a separate campaign, does this mean it will have its own GM stars or will GM credits apply equally between campaigns to the same pool?



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vvincent wrote:

I'm not sure I see the problem of splitting the base. Core-only characters can transition to standard campaign if they want to. So it's not like you're locked into Core-only forever.

Fair enough.


A week night 3-7 game is scheduled, with a pretty standard group of 6 people showing up. In this case, though, it's one GM, 2 players with core-only characters, 2 players with "all the bells & whistles" characters and one walk-in player who doesn't have anything in-tier, but owns lots of PF product and came to the store to buy more.

As I understand it, the core-only folks can only use core-only chronicles or lose their "core-only" status forever on those characters. Likewise, the PFS players with all the bells-and-whistles can't play at a core-only table. The walk-in probably has no idea what he's walked in on, and the GM now has to figure out the best way to untangle it with the fewest annoyed players and while trying not to have all the store staff overhear "the awesome benefits of not having to buy anything more if you play core-only" (or something similar).

From what I understand using pre-gens won't even fix this issue as it's an issue in the reporting system and even the pre-gen credit would be borked if you tried to cross the streams of core vs. non-core reporting without even the benefit of a stay-puff marshmallow man fun.

Not trying to rain on parades, but would like to know how this should play out before it happens.



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Add me to the list of folks with reservations, though I applaud the attempt to lower the barriers of entry for new GMs & players.

While I concur with the concern about splitting the player base further (see also D&D vs. AD&D vs. 2E D&D), my main concern is more spinning this towards the stores that many of us play at and who compete with MtG players & other games for table-space.
CORE-only means the players will have no incentive to buy anything (other than maybe snacks & drinks) at the stores and that may negatively impact the image of Paizo & PFS for the store folks. Hopefully I'm over-thinking this, but I'm curious what some of the other liaisons (or better yet store owners/employees) think about this one.



Either the local VO's or the person who reported the event(s) should be able to correct it for you.

It's not an uncommon occurrence.



As always, thanks for the update.

If I might inquire about intent, though, how do you see this affecting the "faction-focused scenarios" &/or faction-specific chronicles going forward? Is the intent to eliminate, cut back, continue at about the same pace as Season 5/6, or is this intended as an additional dimension?


276. Astrologer / Astronomer / Telescope / Dominion of the Black (future?) Minion
277. Cartographer
278. Stationer/Illuminator
279. Vintner
280. Farrier / Vet
281. Massage parlor
282. Gunsmith (likely only in/near Alkenstar on Golarion)
283. Burned out building
284. Collapsed building
285. Broken / excessively aged statue
286. Ice house
287. Windmill
288. Armory
289. random wall / dome (created by a wall of stone, wall of iron, etc)

I would probably just do a holy symbol version of a Sihedron Medallion with a permanent "reversed" magic aura to make it seem non-magical or with a different aura so that it seems like something else.


Here are a few thoughts for you:



With arms outstretched like wings, face or turn directly away from the sun (or moon, or a specific star). Should you face the celestial body, meditate upon the challenges of law and good governance upon the ruler. Should you face away from the celestial body, try to form a shadow in the shape of a falcon and meditate upon dangers of rulership, especially in balancing good and good rule and how those in power seldom see rule as those who are being ruled. If you are unable to see a celestial body from where you are performing your obedience (such as being in the Underdark), create a source of light, or a picture of the rising or setting sun, or meditate upon a falcon or the image of a falcon instead.
Benefit: Should you face the sun (or other celestial body) in your meditation, the DC of any effects you create that have the Light descriptor, or give the blinded or dazzled condition are incrased by 1. Should you face away (or are perform the alternate Obedience) the caster level of any effects you generate that counter, dispel, remove or suppress the dazzled or blinded condition or effects which have the Shadow descriptor are increased by 1.



Sit in silence amongst living plants, which bear fruit or seed pods. Meditate upon the cyclic nature of existance - of fertility, death, and rebirth, scattering the seeds or gathering them to take elsewhere to plant. If you are unable to meditate in an area with living plants of this type, you may cut or mark yourself with the juices from a fruit-bearing plant in a manner reminiscent of the dismemberment of Osiris and meditate upon magics which bind life and return the living from death.
Benefit: You gain a +2 sacred bonus on all saves against necromancy and death effects and to Fortitude saves to stabilize while dying.

Bonus round - Sobek

For some reason, this one is much harder and I'm not as happy with it, but...


Partially submerge yourself or cover yourself with vegetation so that you are more diffulct to see, but are still able to observe your surroundings. Tense and relax your muscles as you observe your surroundings, but move only to breath, to tense and relax, or to erupt into violence should your meditation be interrupted. Meditate upon battle, upon tactics and upon responding to the unknown. Visualize yourself attacking or being attacked from surprise and the best ways to gain or take back the advantage in combat. Focus on the dual truths of battle: good preparation and that things rarely ever go as anticipated once battle is joined. As you complete your meditation, erupt from your position with as much speed and violence as possible - either striking or feigning a strike for practice.
Benefit: You gain a +1 sacred or profane bonus to melee attack rolls as part of a readied action or may reduce the armor class penalty you take from charging by 1 against the target of your charge.


Half Elf with Arcane Training is probably what you're looking for...

Downside is you miss out on your fav class bonuses, but it's kind of neat being able to read scrolls and activate wands as a Wizard 1 when you're a Monk.


I would add Walter Jon Williams for Cyberpunk sainthood (I'd recommend one of his more recent novels, This is Not a Game, as something of a smart techno thriller, but I wouldn't call it overly spy/political - very near future cyberpunk feel though).

There are several Robert J. Sawyer & Charles Stross novels that might also make for good reads for inspiration.



Good stuff.
Not sure where the boffer combat comes in when it comes to PFS, but looks like folks are having fun :)


Doomed Hero wrote:

Want to get really weird?

Go to a basilisk lair and collect a bunch of statues that used to be people. Cast Rock to Mud on them. Mix the mud around a bit. Cast Mud to Rock. Cast Use fabricate to make a statue out of the rock. Use Stone to Flesh to make a single corpse out of the statue. Animate the corpse.

What a great concept for an insane medusa-caster experiment.

Doomed Hero wrote:
What have you made?

I'm not sure yet, but I'll try to remember to post it once I'm done writing it :)


If you don't have Dr. Jones avoidance of snakes, I might recommend Nalinivati for a non-Pharasman neutral deity.


1 person marked this as a favorite.
Liz Courts wrote:
Eric Hinkle wrote:
'Codpiece of the Goblin King' -- do we want to know?
Have you heard about the babe?


Jareth wrote:
What babe?

Very cool.
The out-of-print flip-mats are often a pain to find at a remotely reasonable price.



I'm a store liaison for one of the north Georgia game stores, FCB, so this is from that point of view. I'm not sure what local #'s are like for the other stores in the area as I'm not a VO and don't have access to that level of info (assuming that they do, which they may not either), nor do I work for the store in any capacity so I have no control over their stock or policies. We don't use Facebook - I'm not on it and am not interested in any involvement with Facebook, so that would be a deal-breaker for my involvement.

GA PFS has a website forum that most of the store coordinators in the area use to schedule games for anything other than really large gathers (ie local cons, holiday party, Black Friday event, etc - for those we tend to use Warhorn). There's a calendar that shows the game and links to the sign-up.

We have a variety of games in game store in the metro Atlanta area, so at FCB I schedule for four games a month and try to alternate the days & scenarios so that there is minimal overlap on game days / scenarios. I try to post out the upcoming scenarios for the quarter on its own thread so that folks can plan ahead. I try to post the actual sign-ups for 30-45 days out on "stickied" threads, but I'm a bit slow this time around and only have the last bits of December up at the moment while I wait to hear back from my GMs.

As an example, here's the sub-forum for the store I'm the liaison for: FCB Games.

Depending on the time of year (holiday season tends to result in fewer available gamers), I normally schedule 1 or 2 tables per night, but it can get up to 3. We only run one "slot" on any given game day at FCB, as we run on week nights & Sundays, so we have a bit less time available than the Saturday stores.

I currently have about a half dozen regular GMs and about that same # of occasional GMs at FCB, including myself and some of the local VLs.
There is no charge for tables, nor are the GMs incentivized (beyond the normal GM credit, of course) to run games at our store or any of the other local stores that I'm aware of. We don’t get a lot of walk-ins, and thus far have been able to seat those we have gotten. As pretty much every game store in the area uses the same model we do, the local players are used to signing up before games. For the same reason, we generally don’t have “over-full” tables – though we do occasionally have to go to 7 to accommodate – it’s the exception, not the rule. GMs get me the sign-up sheet after they've run and I log them for the store.

Hope that helps.


Not the thread I thought this was going to be.

From the title, I was hoping for discussion about stylish headgear for a velociraptor, or the challenges of keeping the top hat on your dire bat while they are flying. =0)



Avatar-1 wrote:

You'd probably be allowed to understand it but not "speak" it (at best).

I think there's something else that follows this precedent, but I can't remember what it is.

You may be thinking of D'ziriak...

... which I've now discovered from this thread that my shadow caster needs to change out of as it is also not PFS legal.



1 person marked this as a favorite.

In addition to the PFS-legality factor, and while I'm a huge proponent of more folks being able to properly appreciate flail snail poetry, Flail Snail is not just a sign language - it also has "slime" components, which are unlikely to be easily duplicated without table variation in PFS.
I'm also not sure most PFS characters would have the sufficient # of limbs to replicate the four tentacles of the poetic maestros of the underdark in order to replicate even the "sign" portion of their language.



I did not participate in the playtest this year.

The one person I know of who was going for the 9-slot boon was not able to get it due to tables failing to make and having to respec because they were unaware that they were not able to take a level dip and still get credit. I believe they did get to 6, however.

As has been indicated above, both the timing (between my two busiest holidays) and the short playtest duration did not help. There were several other chilling effects which resulted in my not playtesting these classes at all, but the main chilling point was the fact that most of my game play right now is in PFS and the structure of the chronicle sheet made me disinclined to sacrifice more time & effort.

recommendations for next playtest:

1. Find a way to allow higher-level playtesting without requiring GM credit.
I would recommend allowing re-play of existing scenarios, so long as the entire table is either re-playing or GM'ing with a static 500 GP, 1 XP, 2 PA max for a 1st level character like one receives for playing a pre-Gen. Call it a playtest replay and call it a day.

2. Find a way to encourage more play. Maybe unlocking First Steps II & III, but only for Playtesting, or some of the modified other scenarios which have been removed from Society Play. Maybe some of the 3.5 mods for static GP/XP/PA. Something which says "hey, this is special and limited time" rather than "hey, you know those rapidly dwindling # of scenarios you can play - why don't you burn through those EVEN faster!"

3. Longer playtest period, with better scheduling - we had a game day scheduled for Black Friday with 3 slots running. It would have been great to NOT end a play test just before lots of folks had a long weekend during which they may have been able to contribute.

4. Don't require GM credit to get a boon. I already burned most of my GM credit over the summer trying to "lock" aasimar's & tieflings. The timing between that and the playtest requirement was a huge deterrent to me.

5. Do something which encourages folks to GM for play-testers. Giving the GMs the additional headache of learning new rules which they will have to unlearn once the book comes out should have some acknowledgement and getting their feedback would also be useful (possibly even more so than the player feedback in some cases).


Very cool stuff.
Reminds me I still need to try to get ahold of one of the translations of the Popol Vuh...


1 person marked this as a favorite.
Christopher Dudley wrote:
These are all good points. Do goblins love their children like other civilized humanoids? What I'm saying is, if you strapped goblin children to your shields, would goblins stop attacking you? Because I'm totally trying that.

Ah, the old strapped babies/children trick - I normally see it as a way to try to defend against single-target spell attacks, not as a means to slow counter-attacks.

From my experience, works better on gnomes than goblins, but as always, YMMV.



Bumping - after all, what's better to recover from family around the holidays than PFS?!

... OTHER than alcohol!

. ... ok, fine, but PFS is fun!

If you're in the northeast GA area and pondering the crazy of Black Friday, you may as well swing by and enjoy the crazy with some fellow gamers.



... and if that doesn't work, well, there is a bar two doors down... I'm just sayin'...


John Comption via Blog wrote:
Baron Bomande Rudyahm. Can you tell where he's from?

Going with Martel, though I could see perhaps some education in Ustalav given the possible "Lepidstadt scar" on his face.


Another option would be for both of you to play a game of We Be Goblins Too! (assuming you haven't already) and apply the credit towards those characters - will get you 1 XP, 1PP and some gold to help the recovery effort.

While you wouldn't technically be playing the same characters for that adventure, I don't think there's a real PFS narrative about how the boon is applied, so you could probably make up some sort of RP backstory about some conflict in Varisia involving goblins. In the story make sure you were woken up by Drengle Drang and that Zarta Dralneen made some comments that were just shy of inappropriate and you should be good to go. :)


+1 for Library of the Lion - that's the only PFS scenario I've ever gone through with no combat at all.

Are the two of you trying to do all of your scenarios together or just stay the same level? - another option would be GM credits. Both of you run something and apply the credits towards those characters.

Good luck :)


TracerBullet42 wrote:
Dispatch the gnome, stop the machines…have some cake.

This sounds like a perfect game day to me!

My default answer to "how do I make this cooler?" - add alcohol - is probably not a good one for a 16 year old's birthday party.

Random amusement aside, I would make a point of considering how to keep the pseudo-dragon familiar PC from overshadowing things. With flight, blindsense, an insanely high stealth, sleep poison, and telepathy it's pretty darn cool even before you give it sneak attacks, evasion and trap sense. Most of the things you might use to counter those are probably a bit over scale for a lower-level group. (Not saying don't allow it, just keep it in mind when figuring out your encounter.)


Princess Bride
Big Trouble in Little China
Donny Darko
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
Empire Strikes Back

Outside of my PFS experience, starting at greater than 1st level is the norm, not the exception. Some character concepts (especially those that involve being multi-classed) can't even really occur at 1st level.

As always YMMV and the decision of what level your campaign should start at should generally be predicated upon the experience level of both the GMs and the players - brand new players should probably not try to create 12th level characters and a newer GM may be rapidly overwhelmed running characters and monsters of higher levels than they have experience with without any ramp-up :)


Trimalchio wrote:
"Characters using spells with the evil descriptor should consider themselves to be committing minor acts of evil"

Where is this quote from? I'm not finding it on the PRD.

RE: Dresden animates - Dresden's animates don't work like PF animates. PF animates don't care about how old the body is, unlike in Dresden. Not sure, but I don't think in Dresden it rips the soul out of whatever afterlife or judgment it's in the process of as it does in PF, either.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

Casting an evil spell is an evil act. Evil acts can accumulate to result in an alignment shift (assuming you didn't start out as evil). Not all evil acts "weigh" equally, however.
Casting infernal healing on a dying orphan who just escaped the burning orphanage ahead of the blood-thirsty murder hobos is less evil than plotting the downfall and destruction of a nation of elves with armies of cacodaemons on retainer to deliver all of their souls to Szuriel. There is a lot of room in between.
Alignment changes and the acts that lead up them are intentionally (for better or worse) a qualitative rather than quantitative aspect of the game.



For those of you who may be looking to evade loved ones, the masses at the malls, or because your online game is stalled while your guild friends are off shopping before Cyber Monday, GA PFS has a solution* for your post-Turkey Day blues - a PFS game day. Feel free to drop me a line with any questions either here or on the GA PFS forums.

November 28, 2014: Black Friday PFS Game Day at FCB in Alpharetta, GA.

We will be running three slots on five tables from 10am to midnight, with an additional table dedicated to the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game &/or Silverhex Chronicles.


Venue Information:

FCB Cards and Games
9850 Nesbitt Ferry Road, Suite 21
Alpharetta GA, 30045
(770) 993-6955

GA PFS is not responsible for geographic challenges for this solution, please note that this poster also does not speak for GA PFS and is in-fact, only a store organizer. We now return you to your regularly scheduled legalese. Some restrictions apply. Hail Hydra. Not valid when not valid.


Great update.

... 395 VO's. Wow. I think we've moved from "society" to "army".


The best of endings involves player agency.
The best player agency normally involves victory, at least of a sort - especially against overwhelming odds.
I would probably write something where the PCs know that they are opposing some sort of overpoweringly horrific enemy, who knows all of their tricks and all of the proper counters, but their alignment and world view cannot comprehend that the PCs would be willing to sacrifice everything to end them.
Let the PCs monologue to the villain to end (that part of) the campaign for once.

"This is where we differ. Our victory is predicated not upon our own successes or glory, but upon your defeat - a victory for the forces of good, that we are buying - gladly - with our lives so that your evil cannot harm another innocent."


WilliamInnocent wrote:
Im entering at level 12. In a level 40 campaign.

I hope you have EPIC loot, because that's not even high enough level that you'd be a henchman for a 40th L character with leadership...


2nd level characters might ROFL-stomp MoFF unless you bump it a bit, but I agree it's a cool scenario.
May be able to reflavor and slightly bump Crypt of the Everflame or Godsmouth Heresy. Of the two, Crypt would probably be more appropriate if you want to keep them in and around Varisia where RotR takes place.

May also want to check through the 1-5 PFS scenarios for stuff that takes place in Varisia as they are designed for more of a pick-up style game and should be able to be completed in a single session. Season 4 had a lot of Runelord themed stuff, so I'd probably start there so you can tie it back into your RotR campaign more easily.

Hope that helps :)


From your argument, I take it you're from the "flavor should be separate from rules" camp rather than the "rules should reinforce flavor" camp I tend to side with. We're obviously not going to agree, but I bid you good gaming none-the-less.


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Thormind wrote:
A shaman is allowed to take one witch basic hex. Is a witch allowed to take one shaman basic hex? If it is not by RAW, as a GM would you allow it?

Um, yes, but only in that limited circumstance.

Mixing CLA's is one thing that lead to the rogue's current sad state...

Also, I like that there are evil-only hexes. Child scent is one of the most thematically appropriate and flavorful abilities in the game, IMHO. "Pick a scent" would be boring to me and much more powerful.


Apologies for posting something that came across as overly contentious on that "devout players" thread.
Will attempt to cement the apology with alcohol should we ever find ourselves at the same convention / bar / room party :)


As my original post was deemed contentious towards real world issues / religion, I'm not sure what's safe to say (I intended it more as a warning towards GM'ing for any given group of players who are used to having a game revolve around their biases, but it's entirely possible it didn't come out that way).

I'm off to the apologize to Chris thread now...

Good luck, OP!


+1 for Paladin / Oradin... or if healing > channel as an option, maybe a Lunar Oracle with a tiger companion.


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Popupjoe wrote:
Adding new people has always been a bit of a chore with me the GM being the decider.

Could be a sign that this may not just be about you and your son.

Popupjoe wrote:
My son is 12 and has enjoyed playing with me in our bi-weekly solo game for 2 years now.

2 year solo game vet since age 10, check. Good job, +5 gamer-parent points.

Popupjoe wrote:
But every other Saturday he sits out while the adults play "Pretend" with out him. I want to included him in my long running group but half of my players are boycotting the decision by threatening to leave the game. What's worse is my son already made a character and overheard some of the talk about others not wanting to play with him. I strongly feel as the kid should play but my friends are very dear to me as well. Any advice? Has anyone else gone through this? I'm pretty sure I'm adding him to the group and rebuilding as needed. I can't run multiple games with multiple groups at the moment.

Looks like you've already decided, I'm not sure what advice you would want, unless you are seeking advice in recruiting new players...


I used to not mind playing with kids and have enjoyed teaching RPGs, tips, tricks and fun over the years I've been playing. Since I've started PFS, though, one poor experience has completely ruined it for me to the point that I've actually avoided volunteering to run games at some game days to avoid a particular parent-child combo.

The problem with playing with people's kids is that most parents are always in "parent mode" when the kid is around and if you don't know the parent REALLY well, it's hard to say where the boundaries are for what is appropriate, especially if the boundaries are elastic. While you may say "hey, that's my issue, no theirs" it does have an impact on the game and how it runs, especially if it is the GM who is always in parent-mode.

I don't know how conservative you are or what experiences the players have had with your son being around, but I have to say that from my POV, prior experiences would definitely make me less comfortable gaming around someone's kids. If your players are veteran players, they may have had similar experiences, or even more drastic ones.

I would recommend trying to find out WHY your players are reluctant to play with your son and if it's something that can be addressed before you elect to go all "blood is thicker than teamwork feats, bud" on your players.


tl;dr - I agree with most of Kirth's statements thus far in this thread :)

I'd try to find a way to give them a unique and relevant schtick, probably by completely reworking Rogue Talents or introducing something more akin to an Oracle's Mystery ability, but aimed at Rogues.


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