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Grand Necromancer

TimD's page

Goblin Squad Member. RPG Superstar 6 Season Star Voter, 8 Season Star Voter. FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 1,203 posts (1,252 including aliases). 1 review. No lists. No wishlists. 70 Pathfinder Society characters. 2 aliases.


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Isabelle Lee wrote:

My first scenario! ^_^

(And hopefully not my last...)



Steven Schopmeyer wrote:
Good taste was not exercised.

True. The VO's choice to use their private access boards to get their pet peeve races banned seriously eroded player faith in PF leadership, which continues to this day. This is especially true when VOs make comments about not being able to trust the player base due to the actions of a tiny minority. Somewhat like the delusion it's somehow easier to dummy up a photocopy than put a watermark on a .pdf - the entire player base is penalized due to the actions of a minority so small they are statistically insignificant. Thus the nigh-endless "ban this" threads - because PF leadership has shown that if you complain about something loud enough, you'll probably get your way, even if it does more harm than good.

Steven Schopmeyer wrote:
I'm not going to argue perceptions.

Except that you obviously are. Or is that a statement of future intent?


Apparently it's re-hash bitter divisive arguments in PFS day.
Do we really want to go through this again? ... because if so, I've a feeling that we'll be cruising for a thread-lock.


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Murdock Mudeater wrote:
The Role Playing isn't really anything unique anymore, as every game has some degree of roleplaying.

You say that, but the last time I role-played the dog when playing monopoly I was asked to stop. I looked to the shoe for commiseration, but for some reason they didn't say anything...

Murdock Mudeater wrote:
As for the stigma, Pathfinder is a horrible game to introduce to heavy christian communities.
Full stop. Not sure the mods really want this topic to start again, just so they can delete / moderate. Not all members of all faiths have identically nuanced beliefs and this is a hot-button topic that's going to go nowhere good fast.
Murdock Mudeater wrote:
Locally, the best thing I'm seen for altering the stigma of roleplaying, is our local PFS group is held in a gaming store that serves alcohol.

Now THAT is what my Bacchus-loving heart likes to hear! Some of our local venues are just bars, but having source material and booze is definitely a better win.

Level designations are more about matching for themes than complexity.

If you want PCs to have issues related to weather & travel and "normal" barriers, it's very difficult to do so with 15th level characters than can just teleport themselves if they get annoyed.

Likewise if you want to have a thematic encounter around a dragon, it's best to have a level in mind so you know if the intent is to kill the dragon or just have it as a showcase / environmental threat / hint of things to come.

Finally, some social encounters may actually work better with higher level characters who have sufficient skill ranks and influence to affect the larger world / story and deal with the rewards and drawbacks of their fame / infamy.

It CAN work, but the main thing (as with almost every aspect of RPGs) is communication.

Make sure that you and your co-GMs are planning on using the same house rules / interpretations. Discuss some general plot arc / NPCs you plan on using so that you guys don't end up overlapping or killing off each others plot hooks / goals. If you have more than 2 GMs, I recommend nominating someone as the primary campaign GM so that they can go over some of the other plotlines without spoilering things for the others who may also be GM'ing.

Knowing where your "hand-offs" are going to be level / real-time wise also helps immensely for GM planning for the other GMs. A GM knowing that they're going to take over for a game when characters hit 5th and pass the torch when they hit 7th will be able to focus a lot more on what they need with much less time / effort investment.

As always, most of all, have fun!

Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
Friendly Neighborhood Glabrezu wrote:

From what I understand, the Test of the Starstone is supposedly different for each individual, possibly targeting their weaknesses and highlighting their strengths, but also potentially tailored to the type of deity that they would become if they are successful.

In order to answer this effectively, we'd need more information about the characters, in terms of mechanics, personality and goals. Are they all working together to find their way through? Is there any internal strife? What are the character's alignments?

To directly answer your question about traps, in the most general sense. Multiple traps stacked up, traps that make other traps or encounters worse, and traps in the middle of a standard combat are all good ways to make regular traps more interesting.

The Test should split them up so that you do them as a set of one on one sessions.

... or maybe they end up getting crunched together into one divinity like Norgerberger if they don't split up :)

I'm assuming by "PFS Legal" you mean that you are using home campaign characters that you are using PFS rules for, rather than actual PFS campaign characters.

Random thoughts RE: 20th Level traps:
I would stack a few traps and haunts who have been killed by them. Have them trigger off of each other so that action economy is more an advantage of the room than the PCs. Examples of other fun things:

Impassable area - must actually trigger and take an effect to continue (which means those with Mindblank, non-detection, etc. get left behind).
Perpetual Aroden's Spellbanes - to deal with "I win" effects (spice with additional Mage's Disjunction for additional flavoring)
No Magic Demiplanes - so that the skill monkey characters are effectively the only solution (especially when combined with Impassable Areas)
Echoes of the Would-be Gods - multi-effect haunts which trigger if PCs attempt to bypass the necessary skill checks.
Shadows of the Stone - areas with planar weakness which function to limit line-of-sight in the manner of fog and can't be bypassed by things like Goz Masks or CLA which allow characters to ignore fog / mist / smoke / etc.
Oozes are not poison - traps which trigger oozes, molds, etc. may get around general poison immunity. Combine with other effects which may disperse / buff the oozes / spores etc. for maximum threat.


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Jeff Hazuka wrote:
I don't have the ability to claim that it isn't available (you know, because it is).

Except, when, you know - it isn't.

Not all lodges have the manpower / resources to run simultaneous CORE & Standard. This has been effectively illustrated ad nauseum and is still somehow ignored / missed. I'm in one of the most prolific areas for PFS (Mike Brock & John Compton's original PFS stomping grounds) and even we have had some CORE vs. Standard issues.
Not all solutions apply equally in all areas.

Me, I'd generally rather not play PFS than play CORE. The only reason I have CORE characters registered is that I was a store coordinator and felt I should have some characters ready in order to support the campaign and (now) if I get a wild hair and decide to play at a con (because I can't play my standard characters due to the fact I don't feel like buying all of my books twice and hauling around a 60lb+ book cart is cumbersome and cuts down on my ability to carry alcohol efficiently) I can play CORE if there's nothing else going on.

Wow am I late to this party... especially as I only recently cancelled my modules subscription, partly due to the oversaturation of low-level mods. Ah well, I can always re-sub.

For me, the specific venue of the mod on Golarion matters less than the fact that I want it to feel like a high-level mod, not like a low level mod with just bigger AC's, DC, and damage numbers. Emerald Spire did a pretty decent job at its finale of giving us a little more info about how the world came to be and, to me, that's a critical part of good high level adventures - getting a bit more insight into the "why"s of the world, especially if mixed with a bit more of the end boss challenges.

While I'd love to see some specific areas of Golarion explored further, I think that the more page count is expended on the expansion of Golarion the less we'll have for good high level stuff that a 64-page format may be able to deliver. Re-reading the thread though, since apparently that's already been addressed, my top 5 thoughts would be:

#5 Mordant Spire - especially if we got a better look at the non-Runelord Azlanti
#4 Valashmai - especially some more info on the Golarion-specifics of the kaiju rather than bestiary-generic
#3 Casmaron - specifically something involving Namzaruum
#2 the Pre-Runelord origins of Kaer Maga that have been hinted at

...and #1 - Jalmeray - because Kothogaz in 101 pieces and the strangely symmetrical 101 ships sounds like an appropriately epic start for 18th level characters... especially if Trilochan is involved, as well.


I can understand the reluctance for no more replay.

I also remember when I was a store coordinator I had people come in the store who had tried PFS in year 0 or 1 that were thinking about coming back, but couldn't remember what they had played and didn't want to expend the effort of trying to find it out.

If there was a timer, I could have probably got some of them back as there would have been no need to try to find chronicles that were lost 2 or 3 moves prior and written by people they don't even know. The "modified chronicle" proposals don't really solve that secondary issue (which to me is a bigger thing than the original, "I want more replays"), so I'd be "meh" at best about it.


I've actually wondered if this was going to become a thing for several years now.
I'd support it as it also solves for people who may have tried PFS many years ago and have no idea what they played, but don't want to feel like they're breaking rules and don't have any desire to try to track down people they haven't spoken with in 4+ years to find out what they may have played on a random game day.

Werthead wrote:
I was happy just to be, longlisted. Of course, it would have to be in this year in the most heavily over-trolled category. Sigh.

Belated nom congrats, Wert...


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Wei Ji the Learner wrote:
This could be heavily abused "It's not PvP if I'm healing someone, right?" if the sidebar is implemented.

I'd already been pondering the fun of convincing people to blind activate wands of infernal healing / protection from good for non-PvP trolling, which would of course would result in character expulsion under the proposed plan.

Because obviously that's the type of door we want opened here as it will make for a far better campaign experience, right? <--- sarcasm

Which is to say, upon additional reflection, not just "no", but "the infernal plumbing beneath Nessus no"...


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TOZ wrote:
Because he and I are really tired of this being a question.

You aren't the only ones tired of the question.

Those of us on the other side are even more tired of the assumptions of motive that keep being thrown around. We sometimes like it when tables make rather than everyone going home because someone has a 2nd L character, but not a 1st.
(Speaking for myself, but I imagine it also applies to others:) this is especially relevant now that I'm unlikely to EVER play a 1st L Pre Gen under the current rules, except possibly to make a table for a Quest, after the Pre Gen credit change.
For those that are worried about over-tier, most GMs would probably actually prefer to see a normal 2nd L character (who is locked into their build) rather than a purpose-built 1st go through MoFF.

Best of luck!

I think the minutiae of working on the ACG will serve you well when you begin (or continue) your DX code & ICD adventures in nursing school.


1 person marked this as a favorite.


Additional rules elements such as the one cited are rarely introduced into Society play for a reason (the only exception I can think of is the retraining rules from Ultimate Campaign). One shouldn't need to buy a different hardback book in order to know how alignment, which is in the CRB, will be adjudicated in PFS. I believe this is one reason almost all of Unchained (barring the re-written classes) is not allowed per additional resources.

Stick with the FAQ.

EDIT: so very ninja'd ... this is what happens when I multitask too much... bah!

TimD wrote:
Java Man wrote:
You have your characters mixed up, you are thinking of Sadi the Eunuch, or maybe that other Nyassan assasin who was missing an eye.
Hrm. It's possible. Will have to go re-read the Belgariad and Mallorean again, it seems... back in a week or so with some follow-up :)

OK, re-read both Belgariad and Mallorean ... yes, had combined a bit of both in my head... will post recommendations for building a version of Silk for PF when I have a bit more time...


EDIT: obviously too much blood in my caffeine stream this morning...


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... we now return you to the "scenario vs. module vs. adventure" argument for MoFF once again.


Andrew Roberts wrote:

Whether a level 21 character is legal for play or not seems... pretty irrelevant. :p

Where are you going to play it?

One can hope that there are plans...

... glorious plans...
... something about ... Shax?


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Andrew Christian wrote:
The campaign team made it clear t g at they want risk of death for the character. So any solutions need to include risk of actual death.

Is there a quote for that somewhere? (not trying to be snarky in this case - didn't know if it was something said where it can be seen by non-VO's, if so, please link or advise where)

I ask as, while I can see there was a change, it's been suggested that the issue is one of attempting to curb a disruptive play style, rather than a desire for more dead PCs. The solution does not at all address the disruptive players, but will indeed cause more dead PCs and likely a diminishment of play in the campaign in general.


I've always assumed the way it was laid out was for newer GMs as ... well, a guide. Much like the order in which you generate a character, I would never declare a PC illegal because a player decided on their class and alignment before their race and age, despite the steps laid out in what is now Appendix 1 of the Guide or would I argue with a GM that asked me to fill out paperwork I've done for pretty much every GM I've had in PFS. It's one thing to say "I do it differently" it's another thing to say "you're doing it wrong, you should be kicked out of the campaign".
There's a huge difference in non-conformity and cheating.

Also: Earl's solution seems good.

Java Man wrote:
You have your characters mixed up, you are thinking of Sadi the Eunuch, or maybe that other Nyassan assasin who was missing an eye.

Hrm. It's possible. Will have to go re-read the Belgariad and Mallorean again, it seems... back in a week or so with some follow-up :)

MrApollinax wrote:
IIRC, Silk was also adept at unarmed combat (see his fight with Kordoch the Dagashi in Rak Cthol).

That's the scene that made me say "ninja" rather than rogue.

Much as it pains my piratical hear to say, Silk would probably be a ninja of some sort. Sneaky with hand-to-hand skills and an encyclopedic knowledge of poisons, antidotes, and their various tastes.


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Sin of Asmodeus wrote:

Rocks fall, characters die. This shouldn't be negated, but a lot of people even in this thread would rather misapply a cert, instead of taking risks. That to me is unbecoming.

Go forth, fight tooth and nail, live gloriously, die spectacularly! Not everyone enjoys that style of play, but they should respect the rules, and the core system.

I do not think this means what you think that it means...

Majuba wrote:
If they *do* assign it down to a brand-new character, it puts the group on notice that they may not be taking it seriously.

How would you even know it's a brand new character? All you're getting is a PFS ID# ... for some people, that might work for lower numbers, for those like me (where my -31 is currently 7.1) it's a bit less obvious what's a new character and what isn't.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

LOL at thread name.

Now I want to see a game: SyFy: exiled from NBC - a system where the players are NBC execs or failed marketing people with spelling issues who have blackmail info, political connections, etc. that keep them from getting fired, but not from being moved to a network they despise. Game play to consist of finding a way to destroy the network by introducing wrestling, canceling Dresden files because not enough non-SF people are watching it, etc. in a desire to burn it down andtry to return and destroy their enemies at NBC...

9 or 10, mish-mash of boxes followed quickly by 1E AD&D.


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Sin of Asmodeus wrote:
All I hear from a lot of people and ymmv, is that they want zero risk of death in PFS and all the rewards.

That may be all you are hearing, but that's not what I've seen anyone saying. I know it's an election year and all, but please stop with the straw-man arguements...


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Andrew Christian wrote:
But this problem largely goes away if the region stops running things on the day of, and organizes things a few weeks out.

I've seen things organized months out that this "solution" would only hinder rather than aid. Most people I see sign up aren't very specific in what they are playing or what level and the further out the sign-ups the greater chance that things will be changed by the day of.

The real problem is that the "solution" actually doesn't stop the problem (and I'm assuming you correctly identified the problem the change was meant to address) - players who choose to be disruptive can still just assign the character to a random # and in the meantime those who used the rule in a non-disruptive way have no real alternatives other than electing not to play. I have enough reason to choose not to play, I was really not looking for more (and this is coming from someone who almost never plays pregens).


2 people marked this as a favorite.

Another point I think that may not have yet come up: playing PreGens so that your PC doesn't overshadow the party, especially if you find yourself with a less experienced GM or group of players. I've had several occasions where I've pondered if I should be playing a pre gen with groups of newer players or GMs rather than a character that might grossly overshadow the other PCs or even the scenario.
There have been numerous threads about overpowered PCs and frustrated GMs (especially before Core &/or 5E made their appearance) and one of the few things a player who didn't want to make a group of new players feel ineffective had as an option was to play a Pre Gen to assist those players and / or GM in finding their way through. This change effectively removes that as a tolerable option.
I also think you may find an upsurge in "designated first level characters" (ie characters people build who are custom-built for 1st level play) for those who don't want to risk a lower level character death and find the available Iconic Pre Gens too underwhelming - I imagine the "best 1st level characters" threads will have a resurgence shortly.


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Sin of Asmodeus wrote:
If it's a 7 to 11 I'll be assigning it to their highest level character to enforce this new rule.

So you're so happy, you're willing to do illegal things like assigning to a different character than the one they signed up for because you can?



nosig wrote:
Knowledge check to ID monster.:

I am now totally going to add what a monster's quest, fav color and air speed velocity are as part of my "standard" questions. Thank you :)


1 person marked this as a favorite.

After some additional thought, I'm also wondering how many people will accidentally apply CORE / Non-CORE #'s because they aren't anticipating this change thereby accidentally forcing campaign changes on other characters, mucking things up further for the already beleaguered tech folks at Paizo.


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Hilary Moon Murphy wrote:
I'm going to have to show her the image of Calisro and see what she can come up with for me.

I've not made tusks in awhile, but there used to be something you could pick up from Toys-R-Us that worked great. I'm trying to remember what it was called, but effectively they were plastic balls a bit larger than bb's that you would drop in boiling water and they melted together and became malleable for awhile so you could mold them to fit your mouth / teeth. They didn't have to be super-hot to be malleable and if you needed to adjust, you just dropped them in boiling water again.

Hilary Moon Murphy wrote:


Thanks, Tim! Much appreciated!

No worries. More grar was there than intended. Likely from exhaling my vanilla coke through my nose.


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Hilary Moon Murphy wrote:

Gang, let's not point fingers at others here. Please? It does not make the boards more positive when we call others negative.



Valid. I've edited my response.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'm also curious about the cosplay rules / restrictions. I have lots of costuming from decades of LARPing, but not sure how "Pathfinder" I need to be. To date, I've only been in costume for Pathfinder to run a pirate-themed scenario on talk-like-a-pirate day.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

Yeah, not a fan of this change.

For new players who may not understand how various character #'s work and are just trying to experiment to see what they may find fun or effective, it means a greater likelihood of general frustration in watching your efforts go to Pharasma.

I anticipate it will have a chilling effect on casual play, especially for those who may not have all of their PFS #'s / characters memorized or available at game start. (I know it will for me, but I'm definitely an outlier when it comes to too many characters.)

There will likely be times when someone may have been willing to play a pregen to balance a group or help newer players under the prior ruling where that player will instead just opt to not play.

On the other hand, it frees me up to make 10 more characters for the spots I had previously devoted to pre gen death, so I guess there's a bit of a silver lining for me, at least... will be a good bridge between -40 and -51, but will make me actually register -51 through -70 on the Paizo site.

Alt-ohlicism: it's a dreadful curse.

Hey, awesome Paizo CS-folks.

If you would, please cancel all three of my subscriptions (AP, maps, and modules).

Thanks much!



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Majuba wrote:

Well, I'd just come to the conclusion that this was still an open question, but language in the new Guide actually clears it up. As an evergreen, whether Tier 1 or 1-2, it can be played/run once for 2nd level.

Guide 8.0, page 18, Evergreens wrote:
All Tier 1 and 1-2 adventures can be replayed an unlimited number of times with a 1st-level character for credit. The Tier 1 and 1–2 adventures can also be played with a 2nd-level character once for credit in each campaign mode (Core and Standard Modes). GMs receive another Chronicle sheet each time they run one of the Tier 1 and Tier 1-2 adventures, but can only apply a Chronicle sheet to one 2nd-level character per adventure per campaign mode.

So glad this is finally resolved.


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Nefreet wrote:

*takes a third shot*

We here in Cali obviously have a different vision of what it takes to play a Paladin. *hic*

Wait, did I do that in the wrong order?

only if you stopped at three

I'm always sad to see the loss of more book stores.

I concur that digital content is a great deal of the loss. Where previously people would buy a paperback and then take it to their used bookstore when they finished it and get something different now those people are buying e-books (or just downloading pirated copies).

I used to purchase 6-8 books per month at B&N. Now I'll pick up 2 if I'm lucky and many times won't pick up any at all. Between the fact that there are fewer books being published in a format I'm willing to purchase (barring maybe 3 authors I only purchase mass-market paperback) and that B&N started pushing their Nook in stores so hard I find myself going there almost as often for coffee than I do for books.

End of an era.


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Sinistrad wrote:

Huzzah! (Link!)

Additional Resources: Advanced Race Guide wrote:
Oreads: all alternate racial traits, favored class options, racial archetypes, racial equipment, feats, magic items, and spells are legal for play. The shaitan binder archetype can be applied to an unchained summoner; however, the summoner must select elemental (earth) for his eidolon's subtype.

The Unchained Summoner's evolution list doesn't include some of the abilities given to a Shaitan Binder (basic magic, minor magic, major magic).

This leads to (at least) two questions:
1. does this open these abilities for additional purchase beyond the bonus given by the archtype (I suspect not, but it's worth asking).
2. Is an Unchained Shaitan Binder able to spend the evolution points at the appropriate level to increase the number of times per day those abilities may be used by the Eidolon, per the description given in the APG Evolutions description of those abilities? (I would hope so, but could see the argument against).


Congrats on officially becoming a 5-star GM, Kevin W.

Any intelligent item will try to remove any other intelligent items from its wielder's possession:

prd on intelligent items wrote:

Such items are natural rivals, even with others of the same alignment. No intelligent item wants to share its wielder with other intelligent magic items. An intelligent item is aware of the presence of any other intelligent item within 60 feet, and such an intelligent item usually tries its best to mislead or distract its host so that she ignores or destroys the rival. Of course, alignment might change this sort of behavior.

Items with personalities are never totally controlled or silenced by the characters that possess them, even though they might never successfully control their possessors. They might be powerless to force their demands, but most remain undaunted and continue to air their wishes and preferences.

Not sure if it came up yet or not, but another option to extend survivability on the cleric might be a mix of Imbue with Spell Ability and Shield Other so that the minions eat half her damage ; also don't forget her Master's Illusion ability (veil can be handy).

Thanks much for running, Andrew. :)

GM Andrew wrote:

Only Skredli got the Zurnzal's Foe boon because it

requires the Zurnzal's boon from Serpents' Rise.[/ooc]

Some day I will manage to play that!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Barring org play...

As a GM: depends on the premise of the campaign, how long I expect it to last, and the experience / competence of the players. Some stories are better told at different levels.

As a player: minimum 3rd if I can help it. Having gone through hundreds of first level characters in previous incarnations of our "roll a d20" system and having more than 50 1st L characters put together for PFS, I've no real desire to play the "please don't let that house cat be hostile" level of the game any more than I have to.

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thejeff wrote:
What you see is a lying opportunistic authoritarian with no real consistent policy, just a few things that sound good

Agreed. Wait, which candidate are we talking about? :D

137ben wrote:
For those unfamiliar with the system, Mongoose Legend is a d100-based fantasy RPG system (though it is a lot more universal than other "fantasy" systems). It is distantly related to the Basic Roleplaying system used in CoC, and also related to some editions of Runequest.

So... this has nothing to do with Rikki Tikki Tavi? :(

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