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No problem for me. Actually, I like the slow pace because I am not the most diligent poster too.

I took it for the usual time between posts. No need to worry I guess.

I don't find it that difficult. If the streets really are dangerous now, people do better if they stick to another. Less dangerous that way. Sufficient explanation to me.

We usually add up all market prices of all the stuff. Then, everybody may pick items from the pool. His or her share is then reduced by the market price. That way, everything is fair, but it takes a bit of time. I do the math if you want. But I'm also fine with Garrans method.

I'm fine with every solution. Maybe we should try to get someone new.

...well, that means at least that my English seems reasonable enough ;-)

Oh sorry, in Germany we don't even realize that it may be a holiday because we don't celebrate thanksgiving. ;-) Could have thought...

You are not waiting for me, are you? Edita is still deaf so she relies on the others to do most of the talking and keeps herself in the background. That's why I don't react. I still check at least every other day...

I really don't care. Just do, what is most fun for you. I like both skill systems. I wouldn't even care if we converted to 5E :-)

Yeah, I know that thing. They take it home from daycare and pass it along through the whole family. Got two of my own, dude. Sometimes they totally wreck your plans. (+_°)

Marvelous! Thank you!

Yeah, sounds very good, thanks!

When do we go on with our campaign? Last post is ten days old.

Im going on a holiday-trip abroad until 3rd Nov. Maybe I can't post if I get no WLAN access.

Busniss trip until Thursday.

I will try to stay in touch, but cannot promise.

Great, thanks!

....and another question regarding this Revelation:

The inflict version of touch of the moon applies confusion to the target. Confusion says, that confused creatures always attack their attackers.

If that would be the case for this spell, touch of the moon would be pointless, because all Targets would attack the caster. What am I missing? Why do the confused creatures not automatically attack the Oracle?

Hey there -

I have a question concerning

Touch of the Moon:

Touch of the Moon (Su): The exact effects of this revelation depend on whether you cast inflict or cure spells. If you cast inflict spells, these spells carry with them the taint of madness. Subjects who take damage from your inflict spells are also subject to confusion, as the spell, except the duration of this effect is a number of rounds equal to the level of the inflict spell. The save DC against this effect is 10 + 1/2 your oracle level + your Charisma modifier. Alternatively, if you cast cure spells, these spells are potentially more effective but entirely in the target’s mind. Whenever you cast a cure spell, you can cast it as though it were enhanced with the Empower Spell metamagic feat by expending two spell slots, except these hit points are temporary. This does not increase the level of the spell. Hit points healed this way expire after a number of minutes equal to half your oracle level. You must be at least 7th level to select this revelation.

What, if you take both cure and inflict spells? It doesn't read like it depended on your first Level choice of free cure or inflict spells...

Can you use both effects?


Cool, thanks.

Hey there -

just wanted to make sure if you guys come to the same conclusion as I did:

Draconic Bloodline Arcana gives a spell with a certain descriptor an untyped +1 Bonus on damage per die.

I assume that this increases the damage of all four elements of an Elemental Assessor spell? That's RAW at least... wouldn't break game balance either, because Elemental Assessor is not that good for a level 6 spell...


Yay! It finally did work! Thanks in advance for the DMing!

Still here and happy to provide much needed fortune telling support ☺

Also still here... :-)

Guess I will try some of your suggestions - Thx all

Thanks for the advice and opinions!

The Mad Comrade wrote:

How far into the campaign is your group? How many player characters? Anyone have Leadership? Anyone or especially several someones spamming summons?

I'm not familiar with the updated version of RotRL. If you're running the original AP the bad guys will suffer for it if the PCs have access to all of the shiny new crunch-rules released in the past decade.

We are just on the trip to Jorgenfist (Part 4). They killed Barl, Longtooth and Lamathar Bayden in absurdly short time. All three had time to attack only once.

We are 4 characters, no leadership, one full leveled animal companion, usually no summons. Main problem is in my opinion the archer ranger (favored enemies giants 4, humans 4, dragons 2).

Hythlodeus wrote:
err.... just make the fights more challenging.

I could. But that is just the thing I want to avoid. Free time is scarce.

Yeah, I know.

We used a 25 pt. build, but I add +2 on all abilities of enemies. The group consists of four PCs.

So that should not be the reason for the low challenge.

So - which APs are more difficult in your eyes?

Hey everybody -

currently, me and my group are running Rise of the Runelords.

I'm quite frustrated with it, because my PCs kill nearly every BBEG in about two rounds, although they are underequipped.

So I'm looking for the most challenging AP.

Which APs are the most difficult in your experience?


Great thoughts, thanks! I'll be sure remembering that.

Hey there,
I play a lv 10 Psychic in our Jade Regent group. Now another player enters an oracle. I suggested to coordinate the spell selection a bit, because both of us have few spells known so some things are sufficient when only one of us can cast them.

- Which spells do you think are worth taking only once, which twice?
- Are there any useful combinations between the two classes' spell lists?
- other aspects to consider?


I'd like to submit Edita Zaqawi.

Edita was born and raised among wagons, songs and bright-coloured dresses. Although she is a full-blooded Varisian girl, she always felt a bit ... off. The ever-changing life of a nomad seemed to not fully satisfy her. Because of this she often got into arguments with her family and finally ran away at a very young age.
Eventually, she found her way to Korvosa and a certain man named Gaedran Lamm. Lamm got her addicted to better control her, for he saw tremendous magical talent in Edita.
A few years later though, she broke free from Lamm and opened a small fortune Tellers shop in Korvosa. Although today she is more of a therapist than a true soothsayer. She tries to help people better their lives through sensitive talk, because her magic powers are still underdeveloped.

Rough Build:
Human Tattooed Sorcerer (Draconic Bloodline - Bronze), Lawful Good

- Will have an emphasis on blasting, divinations and some control spells
- Campaign-Trait: Addict

Ectoplasmic Hand - to my mind one of the best spells for a psychic. It is a Spiritual Weapon, a part-time Telekinesis and a Spectral Hand all in one. Plus you can end nasty grapples with a touched Freedom of Movement even without casting it ahead of time (this works with spectral Hand too, though).

Tactical Acumen - A very good Party Buff from Level 10 up. Costs almost nothing (Level 2). Cast it right after Haste for maximum effect.

Ectoplasmic Shards - ...just make sure to let your allies know where the shards are. Telepathic bond is your friend.

Telepathic Bond - When I'm DMing, I only allow my Players to discuss strategy when their characters have the time to do so. With telepathic bond I lift this restriction. Also makes discussion possible when sneaking up on the BBEG.

Hey there -

in a Psychic Asylum you have 15 minutes of purely mental time. Since psychic magic is a purely mental Action - can you cast spells in your Psychic Asylum?

At least Things that only affect your own mind like Heroism or Heightened Awareness?


Hey there -

is there a list of useful feats for animal companions that can only be taken with INT 3? (example big cat)

I had a look at the list of the ones you can take with INT 2


Acrobatic, Agile Maneuvers, Armor Proficiency (light, medium, and heavy), Athletic, Blind-Fight, Combat Reflexes, Diehard, Dodge, Endurance, Great Fortitude, Improved Bull Rush, Improved Initiative, Improved Natural Armor, Improved Natural Attack, Improved Overrun, Intimidating Prowess, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, Mobility, Power Attack, Run, Skill Focus, Spring Attack, Stealthy, Toughness, Weapon Finesse, and Weapon Focus

and it seemed already pretty good to me, so that I'm tempted to just put the ability points into the (odd numbered) physical abilities.

Thx all :-)

Hello there,

I play a chaotic neutral Oracle with an animal companion. Because I am going to take Animate Dead I wanted to ask if there are any downsides on using the animal an some Skeletons together.

Animal panics because of unnatural creatures around? Is there a Thing as an "get along with undead"-trick?

THX all

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Hello there -

I play an arcanist (School savant) in our current homebrew campaign.

What do you guys think are the best Divination-spells at each Level? Because the Divination-School powers are so good, I want to try to make the best out of divinations mediocre spells.

We use everything from paizo, but no third party content.
Here is my current list of favorites:

1: Heightened Awareness
2: Locate Object (Tactical Acumen from Lv 10 up)
3: Harrowing (still unsure on this one)
4: Arcane Eye
5: Prying Eyes (again, unsure...)
6: True Seeing
7: Greater Scrying, Greater Insect Spies?
8: Moment of Prescience
9: Foresight

Thanks for your opinions!

Hello there,

is the following possible?

Wizard awakes downtime-morning. Wizard prepares fabricate. Goes to the market, buys a ton of alchemy supplies. Casts Fabricate and crafts 10 cubic-feet per Level. (which is a lot of... say... Antitoxin...)

...or is it still limited by the craft-check like when you craft items the normal way? (Check result x DC silver pieces)


Hello everybody,

although it seems quite unlikely, we are looking for players for our newly founded Pathfinder-Group in Frankfurt.

We play in German language and meet about twice per month.

Hey there,

From what I understand, WotR is considered to easy from book 4 on by most people here.

I really like mythic and dm it nevertheless. What could be a quick and viable solution to make WotR an adequate challenge?

What do you think of this approach?

I'd just double each mythic foe's hp and it can spend 1 MP to use Arcane Surge (with its SLAs also) or to make an additional attack like the champions feature (don't know the right now).

FAQ-request seconded and bumped. :-)

My guess goes for wisdom and character level.

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If that's the case...

PLEASE, paizo-stuff, the Mythic rules are pretty cool. Keep publishing adventures for mythic characters. It's REALLY fun to play. :-)

What about the various Elemental Bonds?

I guess, Fire is much stronger than the other three bonds, because fire is not only an elemental descriptor, but also a type of damage. So the fire-bonded Mage can throw really big blasts around (especially with Intensify). The other three can't do that most of the time.

So to my mind, there are two possible solutions:

a) Apply the Fire Bond only to non-damaging spells
b) Apply Earth Bond, Water Bond and Air Bond also to spells with the acid, cold or electricity descriptors. And that would still favor fire, because fire has more and usually better blasts.

I favor b).

Any opinions on this?

A charge over difficult terrain isn't possible.

What if someone charges and an enemy creates difficult terrain right in his path?

Would that...

a) ...make the charger lose his full-round action?
b) ...force the charger to take another action with his full round unspent although he already moved a few feet?
c) ...take away a move action and force the charger to pick a standard action?


An Outer Rifts-Oracle uses "Unearthly Terrain" to interrupt a charging Orc Warrior. The Orc has to stop right in front of the now difficult terrain and what then?

Thank you all.

Goes the right direction, though. I just need this for a witch - maybe with a few less spells on it.

No, sorry. I mean the witch`s "spellbook", i.e. all the spells she knows. Thank you for asking!

Hey everybody,

I need a high level witch spell storage.

One of my players plays a witch and quests for a high-level mentor to learn spells from.

I intend the spell-storage to go up to level nine, but it shouldn`t be all encompassing, because I want the player to "trade" spells with the going-to-be npc-witch.

One fun method for getting such a list would be a real witch one of you plays. Just post your spells here.

Thanks a lot.

Pendagast wrote:

whats a dread gnome?

Is a he Rasta-man?

Not quite. :-)

A dread gnome is a gnome-variant with the knack for poison and fell magic traits.

We play RoW with a very small group (three characters). I will DM the AP.

Because we are so few players, I will also run a character. To prevent myself from (subconsciously?) abusing my knowledge of the challenges to come I created my character with all decisions for all levels before reading anything except for the Player's Guide.

Maybe this will help some of you who have similar problems (i.e. few players or often stuck with DMing).

Group consists of...

...a quite plain-vanilla dwarven fighter, who focuses quite strongly on defense.

...a human cleric of Asmodeus with the fire-domain and a strong focus on channeling and spells (i.e. weak in melee).

...and a dread gnome sorcerer with the sanguine-bloodline.

I couldn't help but read the whole "steamy-load-discussion" above.

As I first read the summary of "Rasputin must die!" in the campaign outline, I thought: "Oh my god! What are they doing?"

But after that, I imagined, how cool it would be, to see e.g. a high level warrior-type actually suffering a full-auto-load of bullets from a machine gun - and SURVIVE it...

I am really curious how this whole "modern weapons vs. melee and magic"-thing is done.

I don't know what will be - this thing has to my mind the potential to become (one of?) the best adventure(s) I ever DMed.

After all, Fantasy-Roleplaying, especially High-Fantasy like Golarion, is all about crossing boundaries...

Good luck with this one, piazo-crew - I can't wait to get my hands on it, because THAT THING is really new.

Hey guys,

I'm back from my vacation.

Sadly, some real-world-issues force me to withdraw time from fun-activities to get back into my old job or to apply for a new one.

If I can help you to go on with the campaign in any way, please let me know via PM.

I am very sorry that I have to end all my pbp-activities at once in this way, but it helps me a lot attending my current problems.

It was a very entertaining time - thank you all.


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