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Tilnar's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,023 posts (9,027 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 32 aliases.


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Except that Sal doesn't have a moderate, as she was healed magically to a mild.

Assuming the NHS works at all like the Canadian system, Sal going to the hospital would be like a 13-hour ordeal of waiting, because after the first triage nurse confirmed the wrist wasn't broken, she'd be marked low-priority and given a wonderful seat in the waiting room (single-payer health system is excellent for critical care, but waiting times for non-critical things can be pretty high -- especially given some people use the ER in place of having their own GP...).

(Otherwise, Kenneth could have used the mental stress he took downgrading Sal's moderate to heal away Danny's mild... to make sure he didn't cry about potential scarring..)

Milds are just that: mild. Enough to slow a body down for the rest of that scene and the next... then you're better (think of all the times Harry just needed a hot shower and a moment's rest...)

In terms of Kenneth, if he weren't magically reinforced, he'd be looking at having someone splint his ribs and would be a while recovering. However, having been beaten by Trolls, he's got a pretty decent idea of how durable he is. Plus, his rapid healing is such that he'd probably get better before a doctor looked at his X-Rays... And then, too, there's the small matter of needing to keep his temper as to not accidentally fry many thousands of pounds of medical equipment.

Just had my post (responding to Sal) eaten, so I'll try not to run and leap off a building in depression.

However, mechanically, Sal should basically be fine -- she just (more or less) needs to rest a bit.

First up, people lose all their stress at the end of each scene.

And even vanilla humans shrug off mild consequences -- they should go away at the end of the scene after recovery starts.

Being in "rough shape" would usually be a Severe (or worse).

Point of fact, Kenneth's more injured than Sal (with his moderate), but his Inhuman Recovery lets him treat consequences as if they were 1 phase less severe -- so he'll bounce back from the nastier injury as quickly as she does.

I am, indeed.

It's.... work. Generally, I like what I do, but I like it less when it's all in the midst of a panic.

Sorry. New government, been absolutely ridiculous amounts of work -- would have been relatively easy to have a quick reactive post, but instead, I have to deal with the whole sister and her boyfriend thing... Plus, you know, the fae. ;)

I'd go with holding the soul, personally.

That way, you don't die if it's taken (until/unless someone smashes it). Seems like a whole lot of good dramatic tension potential to me. :)

That works, too.

Plus, an Item of Power could have kept you alive and/or resurrected you (and transferred some of its power into you as part of that process.)

But yes, I'd think Recovery might make more sense than toughness (given the fact you were dead but got better) -- and, given that, I'd even look at going past Inhuman (the "immortal" character I was working up before would have sunk most of his refresh into Mythic Recovery - but then, that would have been his only "power", as it were).

Generally, Treppa, you can change an aspect when you get hit with a sufficiently large milestone -- exactly to reflect that you've changed. (Somewhat similar to the the extreme consequence effect..)

Hey, Mahorfeus -- it's an interesting idea (I'd considered a private dick character way back -- thinking more an immortal, time-displaced sort -- literally a 1940s noir detective). In terms of building your character, having a "template" isn't necessary, per se -- those templates just exist (more or less) to provide ideas and/or grounding characters (giving you an idea what power-set you're buying to get there).

Ultimately, the biggest question would be whether or not your character died all the way or not (death is a traumatic experience which is more than enough to unlock a person's inner power, which could "convert" him) -- and, if so, then there's the issues of what's keeping him ambulatory if he did die. If you cut a deal to stay alive (so you could get your revenge), you can probably "borrow" from the Emissary of Power concept. If it was something inside you that kept you alive, then you'd probably basically look like some sort of "minor" talent (auto-necromancy, I guess). Still -- basically -- it's just a matter of figuring out what powers make sense and going with them.

I wasn't offended -- in fact, I'm glad to hear it. I've been trying to play Kenneth as a real person and not just a stereotype.

And you can have a minor, moderate and severe on each track -- but they're all taggable, so it's not generally a good thing to collect. However, nice thing, minors, they go away quicklike -- after the scene, in fact......and being inhumanly recoverish, I shake off the moderate the same way (unless the explosion was loaded with blessed mistletoe and nobody told me).

Work. Insane. Dying.

But still about.

Yes, I was wondering about that part, especially given the potential evidence of being involved, with the whole having survived bit.

Treppa wrote:
Sorry Tilnar, kinda jammed Kenneth & Molly up with that shot. :(

No worries --- Kenneth's pretty durable -- and I have at least 2 spare sisters after this one. ;)

I will say that severes are pretty rough -- you might be better off with a moderate and 2 stress. Stress goes away at end of scene, and moderates don't persist the way severes do. (Also, a severe is beyond Kenneth's magic to heal)

And, Rags -- you could lose your stress with a mild. Then again, not having something taggable is often a goodly sort of thing.

She said she had to experience it. I'd say I was more tortured than she, I knew what it was but went on it with her anyway.


In terms of the character shifts, that sounds like it would be pretty cool -- I can totally see it with her character, especially given the challenges that she's been facing.

Me, I just had a goddess tell me I had the soul of a warrior-poet...and take a whole whackload of my refresh

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Am I missing something? Isn't the amount of stress you inflict equal to (non-resisted attack roll) + (weapon damage) ?

So, 10 shifts against a surprised opponent (no dodging) is, pretty much, devastating.. (Though they probably have supernatural toughness or something to soak damage)

I'll mail you some snowballs, Rags.

Well, not 'til Jan or Feb. ;)

My first time there was over Christmas -- girlfriend's parents had a timeshare in Kissime. Wasn't my only green Christmas, but certainly the only one where it was sunny, green, warm (and humid!).

I will say, though, that palm trees and warm don't quite connect with Christmas in my head, but then, I'm Canadian. Though having family there did help (even if it wasn't my family).

I loathe that ride. I did it my first time there, and then had to do it again when I went with my wife on our honeymoon -- she needed to experience it -- and we got stuck for an extra couple of minutes at the end.... I've never so wished to be deafened...

However, since then, we've been back a few times for (late) anniversary trips -- most recently last December -- she'd never been "at Christmas" -- and I think I'd forgetten just how amazing it really is -- the christmas parades and fireworks, the festival of lights, everything all decorated for the season -- it's totally magical (the only thing that was missing was the snow -- but they even fake that -- and, to be fair, we came home, it rained and melted all the snow we'd had before we left, so green Christmas either way...)

There's been some changes (like the whole of Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom -- didn't exist back then -- they came in the late 80s early 90s as I recall -- and both of those parks are undergoing changes/expansions now.)

Magic Kingdom is mostly the same, though some of the rides have changed, and they've added in a Rapunzel's tower (from Tangled) and the new Fantasyland.

Epcot is probably the most disappointng, in that it's supposed to be about the future and human progress and it's not been kept up to date at all (not including the World Pavillion, which is also pretty static, but it makes a lot more sense that it would be).

Still, though, 'tis a magical place.

Oh goodie. Hitchhiker ghosts.

Other than just looting, that is? ;)

Glad to hear that, Rags.

I'm here. Though I'll be away next week.

Welcome to the Asylum.

At this point, we're like a 70s stadium band -- poor Rags is the only original left. ;)

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Hopefully the data can be saved. I was lucky last time in that the hard drive was totally fine (and became the second drive in my new machine)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I was about 85% through building a human slayer (for the skill role) when I realized he was basically a reskin of a half-elven ranger from one of the campaigns that just ended.

Switched to a gnomish magus (eldritch scion) that would use the history of the original mouser idea, but I keep finishing myself wishing he was the mouser (was even looking at the panache-like arcana).

On the plus side, I *do* have an idea for an Ulfen Bard (Savage Skald archetype) that I'm kind of excited about... So I need to ask when (timewise) the recruitment closes to see if I should try to work it up over lunch and after work, or if I should just congratulate people on strong submissions and wish them well.

I keep coming back to the fun idea of a gnomish mouser, but given the huge amount of Martial types (some of whom are excellent submissions, BTW, big props), I may see if I can find a fun "giantslayerish" idea that fits into another role.

Still closing the 17th, I hope?

1 person marked this as a favorite.


Saw this earlier and thought about it (love Belkzen and the idea of Giantslayer)... and now with 3 or 4 campaigns dying in the last week, I suddenly have time. (Especially given that I've got a few more days to throw together a character).

Talk about being torn... Kenneth could have come to this thing on his Lady's behalf and been outed to his sister... Or have done what we did and risk losing his protection of hospitality based on Danny's ability to behave. ;)

Enjoy your celebration, Rags!

I'm good with (a) or (b)...

However, as much as the lack of agency of (b) is a little less spiffy, it also ensures that the aftermath of all of this makes sense and resolves in a way that doesn't leave to many loose ends... So I'm kind of leaning a bit that way (especially given the loss of the narrative threads).

Game over is my least favorite option.

Point form character concept:

Garrgeni Orvarra
NG Male Half-Elven (Varisian) Oracle (Spirit Guide) 2 {Wood Mystery} [Erastil]


Garrgeni's build combines the height and grace of his elven heritage with the long limbs and wiry grace of Varisian blood. He stands roughly four inches above six feet and his long limbs and lean, almost wiry build, looks to weigh roughly thirteen stone. His olive complexion and features mark him as Varisian (even more than the long limbs) as does the wave of wild, platinum hair that cascades down to touch his shoulders, almost dancing on the line between silver and white, with a few random streaks of an almost leaden grey that matches his bright (though slightly tired) eyes. Despite the quality and cleanliness of his clothing and equipment, there is something unkempt about him, almost as if he's just walked through a storm of wind.

Point Form History:

- Garrgeni was born in Korvosa, the child of Zeldana, a Varisian dancer that caught the fancy of one of the staff of the Mierani embassy... at least until she was with child and another pretty, impressionable young human came along.

- Garrgeni's mother had trouble staying in the city with the boy, headed back to the family and caravan

- Childhood in the caravan was good -- he was raised by a loving mother -- but almost more importantly, grew up withina tight-knit family of uncles and cousins and aunts who genuinely cared for and protected each other. Garrgeni's only real lack was for a few minutes alone.

- As he got older, Garrgeni was put to work as a hunter, taking to the woods or plains to find meat for his family.

- In his seventeenth winter, everything changed for Garrgeni. He had a dream, a nightmare of a terrible battle. First he saw a massive flaming blade coming down to strike ruin over some town, a number of smaller blades, some shining in the light with others blazing in the sun, trying to turn the evil thing away before, finally, a winged shield of silver scales flew in, absorbing the full weight of the strike, protecting the town even as it collapsed into a pile of small shards; an eagle with black feathers, darker than a raven's, flying toward the town, holding a horned bow in its talons, its form melting into a far more human one, firing arrows into an encroaching darkness; a tree unrooting itself and heading forth into battle against a burning hoarde of evil; finally he saw himself, a tiny seed in the massive, epic battle around him, and heard a voice telling him to grow. Somehow, that voice's command couldn't be ignored, and without understanding how or why, he felt himself root in place, and the tiny seed of himself, useless and inconsequential in the battle, grew into a large, wooden giant, a wooden cudgel growing from one hand and a bow in the other. With this weapons, he began to tear through the evil minions, giving people a chance to flee -- but at a cost, as the spirit or soul of each of the dark creatures he felled stayed with him, clawing at him even as he strode forward to do more good, until they finally overrode him.

- When he woke, the dark spirits had followed him back. They haunted him, pulling on his clothes, messing his hair, unfolding the things in his pack -- and he knew, then, that it was real. That there was, somewhere, a battle coming -- one that he needed to be a part of. One that he might not win, but that everyone would lose if he wasn't there.

- The following night, his dream told him not to mind the dark spirits, that while they marked him and would do what they could to impede him, they could not actually harm him or anyone he loved... and that, when he was ready, good spirits of power would visit him and lend him their aid.

- Spoke to the family elders, who sent him with some coin to the Pathfinder's lodge to look for answers -- and between bits of lore and images, a few more portents, ended up in Andoran... where he was able to use the last of his coin to join a group of young gloryseekers heading north to join the Crusades.


Since his strange and terrible dream, the thing that has literally left him haunted, Garrgeni has been readying himself, trying to get a better understanding of his powers. As such, the family-oriented, fun-loving boy of 17 winters has been wrapped in the hard armour of a dedicated, driven 20-year old man -- almost to the point of grimness. He's accepted his calling, if not the curse, but at the same time, it's clear that he's driven by what he's fighting for - home, family, community -- and the possibility of love -- and that his ultimate hope is that he'll succeed in his calling, and one day be able to have those things for himself..


Still working the stats a bit and not sure how much to spend on gear, but, I'm thinking:

Str 12, Dex 16 , Con 14, Int 10, Wis 8, Cha 16

Traits: Seeker, Touched by Divinity (Divine Favour)
Feat: Point-Blank Shot

Revelation: Wood Bond (+1 competence bonus to attack rolls with wooden weapons)

1st (5/day) - bless, shield of faith (DC 14), shillelagh (DC 14) , cure light wounds (DC 14)
0th (at will) - detect magic , guidance (DC 13) , light , read magic (DC ) , stabilize (DC 13) , ghost sound (DC 13) , mage hand

Ok, thinking I may split the diffence and go Spirit Guide Oracle.

However, as things are forming in my head, leaning toward a lame or haunted wood mystery oracle who worships ol' Deadeye. NG. Was thinking halfling, but I can't get at sling-staff without a proficiency (though thought it could be fun) -- so may go elven (which gets me the bow proficiency, also).

I'll be working something up -- was looking at a full divine -- originally thinking of trying out a shaman, but might go oracle -- considering the stated needs.

Going to read over a few things before developing the concept -- though it'd be good to know what limits exist, also. :)

Tirion said you were looking for folks -- I've got a few characters that I'd built for Wrath of Righteous:
Vardan Argider, (Small) Angelkin Aasimar Cavalier of the Star (Shelyn)

Petravius Impetus, Half-Elven Magus

... I've also got a bloodrager and a swashbuckler that I'd be happy to adjust to fit into the campaign...

However, with the giant pile of orphan characters and a head full of chracter ideas I've not necessarily fully fleshed out, more than happy to fill whatever hole might be found.

We had Victoria Day last week. To be fair, the weather was nicer than today, so as far as days off go... ;)

No problem. Just wanted to make sure everyone's still alive. ;)

I must admit, the lack of any posting in the game thread for a month now has me more than a mite bit pessimistic.

Welcome back, Rags. How the bunny was kind.

Happy Easter to you, Rags and DSX (and Treppa, too)

Asaran nods, [B]"It does seem useful.

Yeah, Nightside sort of gets.... well... odd.... in that John's gift seems to become a very Deux ex Machina -- and, therefore, it gets blocked whenever it needs to.... He essentially flips between being the most powerful being in the Nightside and just a Shmo with a trick and his wits.

In terms of Gaiman, Neverwhere was good (and in the same vein of urban fantasy) -- though I also very much liked American Gods (Anansi Boys, less so). [And, of course, Good Omens with Terry Pratchett is just plain hilarious...]

I did the thirteen books of Kelly Armstrongs "Women of Otherworld" -- but, again, they started very well (Bitten, especially, was well done -- and has been turned into a series on SyFy, which I haven't watched, to be fair) -- but when it went beyond the werewolves, the stories were still pretty good but the world-building, well, less so...

I'll have to take these under advisement... :)

I mean, other than a few Neil Gaiman books and the Simon Greene Nightside books, I haven't really found anything in that sweet spot of modern urban fantasy -- which isn't to say I haven't read other series, just that for the most part, they were rather meh...

I'd say that the last series that I discovered (far, far too late) that I really enjoyed would be the Repairman Jack books... There was a nice package deal on the ebooks, so I figured I'd give 'em a try and generally really liked them.

Of course, I also don't read as much as I used to now that I'm carpooling instead of taking the bus to work.

I may have to pick that up -- I've been looking for something to read while waiting..

Have fun, Rags.

Not being able to post from work save on a phone slows me down more than I expected. It's frustrating to do a long post that way, especially when your accent is being autocorrected away at every step.

Which causes me to delay posting 'til I get home, which doesn't always work also.

All that to say, I don't think any of us are burning down the boards with our high posting rate. :)


More than enough food, not quite enough booze, but all in all, I'll take it. :)

Merry Christmas to all (... And a Happy Boxing Day, too..)

Formal dress. You know, Kenneth spends more time in a tux and kilt than in his leather jacket. ;)

Speaking of busy -- just as a head's up, I'll be out of town and travelling in a "not getting online to check on games" sort of way for about a week, December 12-20.

I know, I know, it's a week away -- just trying to give a little advanced notice. ;)

I think so... Unless some sort of divine inspiration strikes us, I think we're as test as we'll ever be.

I'm sure we're all missing something obvious, but hey. :)

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