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Tilnar's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,127 posts (9,724 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 33 aliases.


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Works for me.

I've got a few characters half-built, so I can rush something.

So far, half-built -- Paladin of Arshae, Urban Barbarian and Slayer.

Good, and feeling rather sheepish at the reminder that I should have posted by now. ;)

Is she going Daring Champion, then?

I'll look at some 3p archetypes, in case there's a snazzy idea hiding....

I'm here, other than a few long weekends, until September.

(Which is to say, if others are good, I am).

And I've been holding off on completing a character pending Rags -- but I have 4 half-built characters I just need to finish depending on what role I'll be filling (and just what kind of hero/drunken fop/hedonist/true believer/all of the above I feel suits best).

Some people like the whole drifty-trippy sensation, I'm told.

Not really my thing, but then, I've never been on the strong stuff.

Then those are probably the correct answers. ;)

That does sound like a lot of fun. ;)

An excellent strategy.


Also, in starting to build the EK idea, I find myself taking the 1 level of martial as Swashbuckler rather than gunslinger (though I am debating taking Amateur Gunslinger so I can get Deadeye -- if it looks like it'll be useful.).

GM Treppa wrote:
Hedonist paladin amuses me. So much for the stick-in-the-mud image!

Well, Pathfinder wiki says this about Arshea's church:

PF Wiki wrote:
The Spirit of Abandon's temples are most likely found in artist's studios, burlesque parlors, and dance halls. Arshea's most devout followers endeavor to achieve sexual release daily (either solo or with partners), praise the beauty of the partners and self, and pray to Arshea while naked

So, yeah, sounds like fun. I suppose I could pick up a copy of Inner Sea Gods to see if there's more meat to it, but that seems a bad reason for a big purchase.

Thinking no on the holy gun -- since we're in a Firearms common (martial) world, it's not necessary -- and I hate the idea of needing to pay grit to smite evil (per shot).

As I've said, a Scot in England will never go unarmed. ;)

All in all, I like the concept -- though I'm not sure you can afford everything you're hoping for on 8 refresh. ;)

OK, so I've built an Urban Barbarian (who'll multiclasd Urban ranger) -- a Tiefling (with the nearly Human trait) as I said, in the Porthos vein. Didn't buy equipment yet, but mostly done.

Have also built a hedonist paladin of Arshea -- not totally hammered down, still debating archetype or not. He's human and may be taking Amateur Swashbuckler.

Working on two others:

Started building a Gunslinger who would take arcane levels and get to EK -- thinking illusion and enchantment magic.

Started building a partial caster, I keep flipping between arcane duelist, archaeologist or a magus (who would take Flamboyant Arcana)


So, that said, I'm either making:
- the strongman/meatshield who will also track/trapfind
- a paladin hedonist (partial healer)
- a delayed full caster with pistol and rapier
- a partial caster, sneaky, dextrous guy (either with buffs or nasty offensive magic)

... Whatever will balance out the party. I like the warpriest idea, but my brain would rather play the hedonist paladin than a drunken warpriest.

As much as I was looking forward to this, I'm also (selfishly) good with you focussing on Age of Worms.

That's because Tilnar's clever.

Also, it's easy to count to 1. ;)

That does help -- getting some idea of what roles still need to be filled, that is.

As I suspected, there seems a lack of magic -- I'll throw together a couple of builds, likely one magicky and one not -- and see what fits. I'm kind of feeling the Porthos, party-hard type..

I think I may have a half-empty jar of Frobozz Magic Grue Repellent somewhere. You know, as a precaution.

I'll be posting when I have a bit more time myself. Been a rough week at work.

I use PcGen. It's slow, because it's all in java, but it works pretty well... (it has some problems with some of the newer archetypes, but it's generally quite functional -- plus, they do keep updating it over time)., since all the data files are text, it's not too hard to tweak.. well, once you get used to it.

Still, for about 97% of characters, it's great.

I think have a pulse. *checks*

Yup. I do.

So, we're looking like the least magicky party in Golarion. ;)

Based on current composition, I think I'm leaning bard -- either archaeologist or arcane duelist -- to have a wee bit of spellcasting. Just trying to figure out if I want to be a braggart, or just preternaturally lucky. Or both.

You could do what you're looking for, Rags, with a 1-level dip to Alchie to get Mutagen and your first set of extracts. Level 1 bombs aren't amazing, but it's like making some of your own alchemist's fire every day. Or, you could go Vivisectionist and have a bit of sneak attack damage when you're flanking. Might be worth the dip (especially since Mousers flank with everyone if they do the "underfoot" thing and share their target's space)

Rags, the way to do what you're looking with a full caster for is to head for EK. You get weapon specialization and bonus fighter feats, and with magical knack trait, you're still at full caster level, even with the dip into full BAB and the one dead-magic level. (Of course, you're behind on when you get the spells, but them's the breaks). There's a few bloodlines, if you go sorcerer, that make that interesting. (Though I might personally head for witch as my arcane class...)

That said, if you're willing to go partial-caster, Magus and bard (especially arcane duelist or archaeologist) are your friend.

Or you can just make the cleric or a warpriest. That also works.

I was kind of in a holding pattern with build ideas until others stepped up -- to avoid stepping on toes in terms of role and abilities.

And that's the big issue -- rifling won't be invented for another 150 years or so -- it's all balls and smoothbore. Accuracy goes up with length of barrel, but then way, way down with range.

All that to say: Pistols were generally not considered reliably accurate until you were basically in dueling range anyway. Add to that the whole notion of honour (shooting a man, not so honourable -- but sometimes necessary) -- and so, yes, you fired your pistols as you closed and then drew your far more reliable, trusty rapier (especially if, like D'Artagnan, you were skilled with said blade).

Dip Urban Barbarian? ;) Amaze your friends! ;)

Sorry, right, it's level to damage unless you get slashing grace or an agile weapon.

Also... I may regret doing this, but wouldn't the Pitch Blade dwarf that Jagdbach and I struck be trying to fell us? I mean, if he's distracted and just wants to stand there and get hit, I'm good with that, but just in general..

Rags, it's all good. Swashbucklers add dex to damage (not right away, but not too far down).

There's always the Daring Champion Cavalier archetype that pretty much *is* a swashbuckler. No mount, sadly, but you do get an order -- and given that they actually made some orders that don't need you to be mounted to use the abilities, it's good.

As I said, I'm rolling a few concepts around -- trying to see what roles need to be filled before I start messing around too much with concepts.

That said, I'm (mostly) toying with something a little roguish -- urban ranger, bard, or maybe giving the slayer a whirl.

Much as I love the paladin concepts (Arshae especially) but I just can't go back to 2 skill points a level. It makes me all sadlike. I keep thinking the warpriest might be a god compromise, though.

I've read it in the original French. Own a copy, even.

Tricky to say -- dex bonus good.... but then, reach bonus *also* good.

In the absence of wands, a potion of CLW or two might be useful.

Still flipping ideas -- may wait to see what others make before I drift down the path.

Rags - there's 2 arcana -- one (the better one) gives you parry/riposte and derring-do -- which I would think is a huge step toward the musketeering. ;)

Advance Class Guide wrote:
Flamboyant Arcana (Ex): A magus gains the derring-do and opportune parry and riposte deeds from the swashbuckler's list of deeds. The magus can spend only points from his arcane pool (not panache points) to use these deeds and any other deeds he gains from arcane deed. He can't use points from his arcane pool to use deeds from other classes or those gained by feats, nor can he regain points in his arcane pool the way a swashbuckler would regain panache points. Effects that add to, reduce the cost of, or otherwise affect panache or grit don't affect the arcane pool of a magus with this arcana.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'd be quite interested.

Have more than a few ideas popping into my head -- would be easy to make a warpriest of Cayden Cailean fit right in, for one.

A paladin of Shelyn could easily be quite the dandy, while a paladin of Arshea would totally fit (going holy gun would even get the mechanics work). Paladin could end up Aramis-like if you're heading for the devout, or a bit more D'Artagnian-like.

Roguish character would be pretty simple -- I mean, you almost have to try to build a rogue that wouldn't fit in the swashbuckler world -- urban ranger, investigator, hunter, slayer -- all have a lot of options (and, of course, Arcane Duelist, Dervish Dancer or Archaelogist bard).

So, yes, I'm in.

Rags -- I'd looked at multiclassing swashbuckler/magus before -- I recall that there's an arcana that you can take that lets you use your arcana pool like panache.... And I seem to recall there's an archetype that goes that way too.

I pretty much agree with everything Rags just said. ;)

It's all good.

In another campaign, now that i have the slots, I tend to leave one free -- the ability to fill the empty flask later in the day is *very* useful -- but I think only once have I ever managed to mix up a second mutagen.

Looking forward to it...

Assuming Kenneth is right, it was 8 initial refresh (at the time Kenneth joined) and +1 since then.

Still about. Just holdin' on.

Read the Aeronaut's Windlass while I was on holidays - So far I like it, but it's much more Magitech than Steampunk

Nice. I'll have to look into that. How long is the series?

I am back now. I'll catch up and post.

I am, indeed..

I'm good with GM control -- but if Rags or DSX would rather get Ensis beat up, that's fine too.

Reducing the flashy, I'd say an old Benz, Subaru, Audi, Citroen should all be doable.

I'm good either way with initiative.

There you go. Imagine you could find a beat-up, needing to be restored, late 60s or early 70s model.

Technically, an old and powerful wizard can hex a typewriter or a bicycle -- so there's no real defense there.

Having said that, keeping with a car that doesn't depend on an onboard computer, you're golden (against garden variety mage-types). Really, anything made in the 60s to 80s should be fine -- as should low-end 90s cars.

Of course, if you're looking for a specific sort of thing -- there's a reason that older cars are classics. Could always dig out an older version of an upscale car -- something still reliable.

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