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Tilnar's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,164 posts (10,066 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 35 aliases.


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I didn't see that -- that *is* bad news.

Dotting -- have a character Kaelifax, Savage Skald Bard who was orphanned from an earlier RoW that I'd love to play through...

2d6 + 6 ⇒ (6, 6) + 6 = 18
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (1, 6) + 6 = 13
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (6, 5) + 6 = 17
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (6, 6) + 6 = 18
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (6, 5) + 6 = 17
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (6, 3) + 6 = 15

Wow. That's the luckiest I think I've ever been.

I'm thinking we load up with defensive magic and hunt it down -- that said, I'm thinking buying some supplies to help would be useful too.

I've been fighting to keep Win7, personally -- even been looking for a new (old) laptop that runs it, in fact.

That said, spent like 2 hours fixing something on my parents' Win10 machine that should have taken like 15 minutes. It was unfun.

Hopefully it's resolved itself, Treppa?

Ugh. Windows 10 is terrible.

I am still interested, but given the large number of applicants and the fact that two of the concepts I had in mind have been well represented here, I'll bow out -- wishing everyone the best of luck.

Dotting - was originally thinking I'd submit a character from a past JR that orphaned when the campaign died in the swamp, but I can see that there's a similar character submission already.

Agreement with Rags. Thanks, Treppa!

Sure hope so. Summer's been ... busy.

I did.

To be fair, there was a Ferromancer when I got here, so I wasn't the only one who drifted into the complexities of magic-making... just the only one still standing.

Still, given that all my experience playing this system can be summed up in a few hundred posts, I'm a little worried for all of us that I'm the "expert". ;)

Also, really, the system is pretty much built on the notion of the Rule of Cool -- it's meant to be very story/RP driven -- though I will concur that DSX also does a very good job of it.

Seconding the good wishes and the well-getting-soon bits. :)

As a head's up -- I'll be out of town in a place where I'm not expecting to have any internet access from Friday, Sept 2 until Saturday the 10 (and will likely be unpacking and the like, such that Monday the 12th is probably the safest estimate of when I'll be able to catch up and post).

All that to say, I'm not ignoring you of Kenneth doesn't react to something. Just imagine that he's rescuing some other cute coed and further complicating his life. ;)

Roll 20 isn't the nicest on mobile devices, which it what I use most of the time -- but if the majority wants to go with it, I'll make due.

I don't know what to suggest -- burn sage? ;)

Not if you want me to respond. ;)

I refuse to call you Al.

You two seem to have the worst luck, Treppa.

As others have said, your prohibition that killing sleeping enemies is more about your code of honour than it is your alignment (yes, your code is an LG one, but it's not the only way to play LG) -- of course, that very much depends on who/what the sleeping things are, as well. A sleeping peasant army that's been taken in by a warlord (possibly pressed) is not the same as a roving band of hill giants or bugbears.

Now, I think your character saying, "I cannot do that" is a perfectly valid RP response, and your willingness to distract the boss while they did it showed a good amount of compromise. If I were playing a good-aligned character, I'd likely respect your character's unwillingness to kill the sleeping foes -- though I'd think your unwillingness to strike from surprise against the boss was daft -- but, hey, codes of honour are generally restrictive.

In a healthy party, there would be a discussion after the fact, maybe some tension, and generally, it *would* be water under the bridge... the fact that it wasn't makes me also think this is more a matter of play style than anything else.

In the second case, you choosing to be merciful and knocking out your opponents was, again, a decision that makes sense based on your own code of conduct -- and, really, your monk should have realized that he was in a somewhat different position than the others that allowed him to do so (most characters don't have a lot of non-lethal options, at least not without sacrificing a whole lot of effectiveness, which isn't something you want to do when being swarmed with 'helpless' foes -- especially given how any clever villain could be hiding among the 'helpless'. Where the problem comes is the rogue murdering the guys you subdued.

Looking at it in character, your monk would see that as murder, which is evil, and either try to apprehend or stop the rogue -- or, at the very least, refuse to associate with him -- and I can't see a way around that.

Stepping out of character, your description very much makes it sound as though it was done out of spite -- of course, that may be because of your reaction more than his intent -- it could just be him playing his nasty thief IC -- but either way, you're at an impasse in terms of party cohesion.

And, really, allow me to sympathize -- I've been in similar situations myself in the past, and literally had to roll up another character, because there was no way that the high-minded, swashbuckling "hero" type would be able to associate with at least 2 other party members... However, as much as the new character fit in more, it was still a problem of playstyle and the type of game I wanted vs. what they wanted -- I played another 4 months with them and was miserable the whole time (so much so I was actually relieved when the party was TPKed later)... which is when I realized that life is way too short (and gaming time way to precious) to waste time not having fun.

I'll go with #4 for Zöe.

There's no budget. I'll likely be taking it as time off in the late fall when things start to calm down.

Still, starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel... My boss has her planned 3 weeks cancelled (she's getting 2 days tracked on to a weekend)... Lucky for me, my wife and I rented a cottage first week of September, so that should be doable.

Hey Rags.

(...and so comes that sudden feeling of realization that I'm now several months overdue for a post...)

It's been a crazy stress-work summer (with unpredictable overtime) -- but other than that, things are mostly ok.

Treppa - Just wanted to ask what rules (if any) would be used for feat retraining? (F'instance, if Vittorio gets Weapon Finesse as a class feature, can he retrain his feat?)

Okay, sorry -- it was my birthday weekend and there was a bit more time spent getting ready for people to come over than I'd expected (and, in fact, that was warranted based on people bailing).

That said, it'll be Vittorio (the bloodrager).

I kept wanting to do the Magus, but two things came up -- one, I could really only figure out a personality of the "I'm so intelligent I'll outthink you" type (because, of course, I wanted the appropriate musketeerish swagger), and it didn't really quite fit in with my plan (especially given that the ego would be a little off, as a non-full BAB class).

So, Vittorio's an Urban Bloodrager (per Heroes of the Streets), he's more about the controlled focused state of mind (and will most likely be boosting his dex more often) -- with the destined bloodline.

I'll get the sheet up and the background (at least a point form version) and the list of folks I know -- I'd say tonight, but it's already 8:30 and I've got to avoid being killed by the wife -- so let's say within 24 hours. Went destined bloodline -- Vittorio's going to be the affable, slightly annoying, impulsive person who literally knows he was born under a good sign and so doesn't necessarily worry about the negative consequences of his actions.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Shouldn't be a problem, assuming I can make a freaking choice.

Ragadolf wrote:
GM Treppa wrote:
Remember, these lackeys are NPC hirelings, not cohorts from the leadership feat, so I'll be playing them. :P
Even better! :)


I'll get back to you -- depends which me I go with.

Either it'll be:
A male "buddy" -- thinking a fourth or fifth son, irresponsible and cut-off (all but disowned) who's now looking to earn a name for himself (either in his own right or to impress the family).


Female lesser noble lady-in-waiting type with a (mostly) unrequited crush.

I'll take an aristocrat -- an actual noble who taught me in the ways of court

Ok, looking at things, I'm leaning toward Slayer (maybe with Amateur Swashbuckler), Swashbuckler (maybe Mysterious Stranger) or Urban Ranger.

I'm thinking we need at least one d10 hit die around here. ;)

I totally would have done it, save for the lack of skillpoints -- hedonistic worship sounded snazzy -- but Acrobatics, Stealth, Diplomacy, etc...

In terms of planning -- I thought vigilantes got much of the sneaky/lockpicky bits? (Not sure about the archetypes)

I'm thinking, Treppa, I'd rather see a buffer as a DMPC than a swiss army character -- either a less-selfish bard or an all-out full-arcane casty-type.

For my own self, I'm liking the Magus, Bloodrager and Archaeologist builds. I stopped kicking around the warpriest, as I figured it'd overlap a lot with Rag's cleric. (Kept kicking the tires on an alchemist-type, but I've done it too often, I think -- rather hoping to do something a little different)

Magus (Vittorio di Stamenus) took Finesse and Arcane Strike; will take Flamboyant Arcana as soon as I can. Looked at Eldritch Scion to reduce the MAD-ness (yay, charisma), but draining the eldritch pool to be able to use abilities would greatly reduce the amount of pool available to be Flamboyant.

Bloodrager (Guarin di Surupio) is Destined bloodline, will pick up amateur swashbuckler (but didn't at 1st) -- rushing toward Fencing Grace.

Archaeologist (Velasca di Praedian) also went Finesse and Arcane Strike, was thinking might dip a level of Swashbuckler or Gunslinger (Mysterious Stranger) -- but not right away.

Ultimately, I'm thinking the issue I'm having with slayer is that I'm not feeling like any archetype really fits the right personality I was hoping for (plus, those that might work give up the 2-level talent, which would delay trapfinding to 4th level, which is less than ideal).

Also thought about a full-on Porthosian brawler, also, but kind of gave up on it after a bit. Concept is good, mechanics don't quite fit what I'd had in mind.

Ok, won't be the paladin -- as fun as the RP would be, the lack of skill points is just too much. (Also, I seem to have lost the character file...)

So I've got an Urban Bloodrager and a Hexcrafter Magus ready to go (well, after spending a bit more gold).

That said, if we're missing a trapfinder/lockpicker, I have the half-built Slayer and Archaeologists I could finish.

As do the travel subdomains (exploration lets you look through walls)

I'm flipping between magus/warpriest/paladin of arshea/bard.

Something with a little magic -- as much as I did build a Pothosian Urban Barb (might still dip later)

Rags -- trick is to take useful domains.

Travel for sure (it's almost so good you need a reason not to take it)

Strength is rather meh, but two subdomains aren't bad:
- Ferocity gives you Ferocious Strike (bonus damage when you need it)
- Competition gives you Athletic Exploit (reduces the ACP plus a bonus on Swim, Athletics, Climb and Escape Artist)

A few other snazzy subdomains:
- Love (Charm) can be snazzy, and could fit right into the whole romantic/womanizer thing (using adoration to make people retroactively not attack you is quite nifty).

- Elysium's Call (Azata, by way of chaos or good) is also a very useful power (though very poorly described)

-Revelry (Chaos) gives you (at 8th) free extend on morale buffs (like bless)

Ugh, that sounds unpleasant, Treppa.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Bardigan Cain wrote:
Well, so long as you'll be really terrible at level 1 and good at going down in a heap, you'll fit right in regardless of what class you pick! =)

I can do that!

Of course, I'm not sure why I'm happy about it. Must be the desire to fit in?

Is there a specific role that needs filling -- just to get some ideas flowing for the post-compound times.

I have not played or run either of them -- any of them, in fact.

Works for me.

I've got a few characters half-built, so I can rush something.

So far, half-built -- Paladin of Arshae, Urban Barbarian and Slayer.

Good, and feeling rather sheepish at the reminder that I should have posted by now. ;)

Is she going Daring Champion, then?

I'll look at some 3p archetypes, in case there's a snazzy idea hiding....

I'm here, other than a few long weekends, until September.

(Which is to say, if others are good, I am).

And I've been holding off on completing a character pending Rags -- but I have 4 half-built characters I just need to finish depending on what role I'll be filling (and just what kind of hero/drunken fop/hedonist/true believer/all of the above I feel suits best).

Some people like the whole drifty-trippy sensation, I'm told.

Not really my thing, but then, I've never been on the strong stuff.

Then those are probably the correct answers. ;)

That does sound like a lot of fun. ;)

An excellent strategy.


Also, in starting to build the EK idea, I find myself taking the 1 level of martial as Swashbuckler rather than gunslinger (though I am debating taking Amateur Gunslinger so I can get Deadeye -- if it looks like it'll be useful.).

GM Treppa wrote:
Hedonist paladin amuses me. So much for the stick-in-the-mud image!

Well, Pathfinder wiki says this about Arshea's church:

PF Wiki wrote:
The Spirit of Abandon's temples are most likely found in artist's studios, burlesque parlors, and dance halls. Arshea's most devout followers endeavor to achieve sexual release daily (either solo or with partners), praise the beauty of the partners and self, and pray to Arshea while naked

So, yeah, sounds like fun. I suppose I could pick up a copy of Inner Sea Gods to see if there's more meat to it, but that seems a bad reason for a big purchase.

Thinking no on the holy gun -- since we're in a Firearms common (martial) world, it's not necessary -- and I hate the idea of needing to pay grit to smite evil (per shot).

As I've said, a Scot in England will never go unarmed. ;)

All in all, I like the concept -- though I'm not sure you can afford everything you're hoping for on 8 refresh. ;)

OK, so I've built an Urban Barbarian (who'll multiclasd Urban ranger) -- a Tiefling (with the nearly Human trait) as I said, in the Porthos vein. Didn't buy equipment yet, but mostly done.

Have also built a hedonist paladin of Arshea -- not totally hammered down, still debating archetype or not. He's human and may be taking Amateur Swashbuckler.

Working on two others:

Started building a Gunslinger who would take arcane levels and get to EK -- thinking illusion and enchantment magic.

Started building a partial caster, I keep flipping between arcane duelist, archaeologist or a magus (who would take Flamboyant Arcana)


So, that said, I'm either making:
- the strongman/meatshield who will also track/trapfind
- a paladin hedonist (partial healer)
- a delayed full caster with pistol and rapier
- a partial caster, sneaky, dextrous guy (either with buffs or nasty offensive magic)

... Whatever will balance out the party. I like the warpriest idea, but my brain would rather play the hedonist paladin than a drunken warpriest.

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