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Tilnar's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,078 posts (9,282 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 33 aliases.


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Technically, an old and powerful wizard can hex a typewriter or a bicycle -- so there's no real defense there.

Having said that, keeping with a car that doesn't depend on an onboard computer, you're golden (against garden variety mage-types). Really, anything made in the 60s to 80s should be fine -- as should low-end 90s cars.

Of course, if you're looking for a specific sort of thing -- there's a reason that older cars are classics. Could always dig out an older version of an upscale car -- something still reliable.

Just a warning -- I'll be out of town for 9 days -- leaving Sunday the 14th, and back the 23rd (a Tuesday, I believe). I won't have internet access during that time (though, hopefully, I'll have a lot of sun and a nice beach).

Free free to bot Kenneth, as needed... of course, I'm not gone yet, either.

Just a warning -- I'll be out of town for 9 days -- leaving Sunday the 14th, and back the 23rd (a Tuesday, I believe). I won't have internet access during that time (though, hopefully, I'll have a lot of sun and a nice beach).

Free free to bot Ensis, as needed.

I'll probably be able to provide slightly better direction for his next few actions once we see exactly how this situation gets messy.


Then, yes, Kenneth will head to Edinburgh -- apparently taking Sal in the road trip -- he's going to see his sisters... and to visit Cait's grave to try to center himself... and will also be introducing Sal to the folks he knows who can make fake paper for her.

That done, he'll follow along the whole "being called to serve" thing -- I imagine that the Lady'll have a few small things for her Herald to do.

Mechanics (Enchanting Something):

Also, as I was saying, really debating enchanting up some armour for myself -- with the 2 slots and lore 5, I can bump something to 6. That'd give me an always on Block 3, though since blocks fail if they've been beaten, I'm not quite sure how that would work -- I guess it would just reset immediately?

I suppose I could go with armour, but the halving twice makes that somewhat less snazzy.

Another option would be a one-time super-block/armour (a "get out of jail free" magic that absorbs a nasty shot).

Another option would be a social block/armour -- which is also more than a little tempting.

I can't help it. The empty slots are driving me crazy. ;)

I'm agreeing with Rags -- take the time to rest while you can. :)

DSX - Kenneth's Downtime (IC):

Kenneth's downtime will depend, at least, somewhat, on the talk he'll have with Molly the next day... and how Sloane is doing.

I'm thinking, really, no matter what -- he's probably going be thinking about taking a trip back to Edinburgh -- to see his other sisters -- whether to talk about Molly's progress and "tell them the good news", or to express his concern about how her current "improvement" isn't really long for this world.

The time away from York, also, will give him some time to clear his head -- he's dealing with feeling for Laura, Letitia and Sal -- and there's the way that Sloane's been looking at him. He's more than a little worried about hurting any of them -- and he'll be at least a little wistful that he's about 1000 years too late to be the traveling bard/hero who moves on and, so, avoids hurting anyone.... So, based on all that, I'm thinking he'll want to visit Cait's grave.

Of course, he may completely ruin that by bringing Sal along to meet some of his old contacts who might be able to get her new papers...

He'll also be doing what he can to look for Brigid's bow, of course.

I do have a few other ideas -- and I might actually enchant something else in the downtime also -- but it somewhat depends on what happens when he does the first bits -- and, for that matter, how much downtime there is.

Right, ok, per the milestone, I'm chosing not to swap skills or alter aspects -- I've more sisters and even if Molly is "saved", it wouldn't really change that aspect of myself.

I *did*, however, use the new skill rank to learn Average Empathy -- I figure that'd be the result of some long talks with Molly and her new beau -- learning to listen a little more (beyond the usual approach of using Presence and/or Investigation)

Ensis will fess up to looking for the one-gloved man, then head out to do it (figuring that of Dee is also looking, we'd likely stay close -- buddy system given the bad feeling we're getting)

I'll go make an IC post to support that.

Not a bad location.

Also have a few ideas. Will get back to you.

Happy birthday, Rags!

No, I get it -- if you go back to the building of Kenneth, I was concerned there was too much overlap in my aspects. ;)

That's an interesting thought -- though, to be fair, some ambiguity is good in that it allows for flexibility.

I find that, for names, I'm increasingly looking at meanings -- spend some time on a side like Behind the Name, for instance.

But, given that *many* Latin male names are down to birth-order, which made no sense for a non-legitimized bastard, I just found latin words that worked for the sense of the character I wanted.

(f'rinstance, Corax is Raven) ;)

Woo. Two hero points. :)

Figured I'd go with Latin-sounding names - given Cheliax's "place" in Golarion.

Wasn't 'til I posted that I realized that I did the 3 name thing here (like I did in DSX's game) -- which is funny because it's like 2 in 32.

Thinking I'd take lowlight, actually

Treppa - Would you be OK with me taking the blood of dragons trait and reskinning it to be fiendish blood (I'd rather be a normal Chelish human with weird eyes than have a bonus to a knowledge skill as a Swashbuckler ... If not, I'll just take Infernal Influence.

Ok, I should be ready -- I may need to flesh out the backstory a bit more, but I've got point-formed/highlights in my head which I can post as a placeholder -- and I have two builds made (the Daring Cav and the straight Swashbuckler..) -- so it's just a matter of putting one of them online.

Alchemist is weird - no caster level means you can't arcane strike or craft (potions notwithstanding), for instance -- but at the same time you *can* use wands ["An alchemist can utilize spell-trigger items if the spell appears on his formulae list, but not spell-completion items (unless he uses Use Magic Device to do so).]

Also, Rags, don't worry too much about optimizing -- I've seen players go down the brutish alchie route (high strength, decent int, strength mutagen with feral) and do well (though AC is an issue), I've seen dex builds (either with feral and finesse, given that natural weapons are finesse-able, or going for pure bomb damage). I've seen small alchemists go the mad bomber route (bomb damage doesn't go down with size, bonus dex and AC, bonus to-hit from size -- and reduce person becomes your best friend).

All that to say, it's one of the few classes where you can start as a JoT and then specialize as you go (and get a feel for your role in the party) via feats and discoveries.

I forgot to mention the big plus of infusion, Rags -- that spells that are normally range "personal" are still infuse-able. ;)

As to keeping up, we'll see. I'm still fleshing out my character idea -- may not be mechanically the best, but should be fun -- and working up a sufficiently pretentious Latin name. ;)

Rags: Chiurgeon isn't worth it if you're planning to take infusion (the biggest thing it gives you, the ability to heal others, you'll get anyway..)

I will say, from my own experience, it is a little less cool when you can only self-buff, so it does pull a fella toward taking infusion. (The other issue with an alchie is, of course, that extracts are less powerful than spells -- haste, for instance, only effects the guy who drinks it instead of 1 ally per level -- of course, the trade off here is that drinking an extract is a standard for you, so there's no 1-round casting time to enlarge, for instance)

I've seen some pretty nasty feral alchemist builds at low level -- you get multiple attacks at full BAB that way, and with things like enlarge, shield, barkskin... it can be pretty rough. It's not necessarily my favourite path -- the alchemist I'm playing in Runelords (the beastmorph) is much more the mad bomber kind.

DSX: I believe that, officially, archetypes are supposed to work with the unchained monk, which might be snazzy if that's the route you're thinking of heading.

I'm definitely going with a bastard Milani-type -- (thinking the campaign trait "Historian of the Rebellion"). I'm still really thinking Swashbuckler (especially if I don't need to handle locks and traps)... In fact, I'm somewhat temptated to build as a Daring Champion Cavalier -- it delays the snazzy panache things, but that's balanced by the ability to challenge and having an Order (f'rinstance, Order of the Star, dedicated to Milani). Still, straight Swashbuckler is attractive too. I was thinking I'd be bastard offspring of one of the super-loyal to House Thrune types (if not a lesser of the family itself), basically giving me a reason to have a strong, personal distaste, while also explaining the education, both in general and in combat. (Might take Infernal Influence or Fiend Blood as a trait to make the link more pronounced and have a wee bit of the Infernal within)

I've no problem with the all noble thing -- the set-up in the guide really seems to lend itself to that sort of approach.

Rags - are you going to be making an alchie that can do the trapfinding, or going for more mad bomber/killer kind?

I'm a fan of the chirurgeon archetype, because then you can use your extracts as back up healing. Some people really like the vivisectionist (and I do think it's cool), but it requires giving up bombs. However, there are new things (like Trap Breaker and Crypt Breaker) that can do trapfinding.

If not, then I may buckle fewer swashes or be less warlike and priesty and be a little more slay-ish.... though I suppose the bard could do that for us too.

Yes is the correct answer. :)

"Rose" certainly isn't the best episode (not even of season 1), but it did what it was intended to do: Create a solid entry point for new people to come aboard without needing to know all the lore of the 20-odd seasons before -- while also purshing back against much of the negative public impressions about Dr. Who (old, stodgy, and especially boring and slow).

Further, I've airways liked the ninth Doctor (Eccleston) -- both from the performance and (much of) the writing -- I think many of the things people like about #10 are, in fact, the natural developments of what we see in 9 -- the broken bits inside behind the mask. ("Dalek" was a brilliant episode, for instance, and I don't think it would have worked with Tennant).. I just wish he'd stayed on for more than a single season. I certainly prefer him to Capaldi and Smith.

That said, the writing and production staff really found their groove in Series 2 (first episode notwithstanding), and Tennant, over time, really infused a lot into the performance and character, such that for most fans of the modern series he *is* the Doctor (as was Baker for those of us who watched the old ones...)...

All that to say, it's scifi camp that has moments that will make you laugh, make you think, make you all ferklempt, will scare you... All the while celebrating the notion of optimism and reason as the solution to all problems.

Well, I imagine that's up to the GM. ;)

Nice! That worked out well.

I like Hero Points, personally. But that's me.

So do we all have roles worked out? ;)

GM Treppa wrote:
Tilnar wrote:

Heck, if you look at my aliases, I've got pretty much one of almost everything that isn't new. ;)

Huh. I feel pretty silly now for asking if you played PF. Obviously didn't do my homework. No offense intended!

Oh. None taken.

I've got an alchemist in another PbP -- actually, one who's Chelish (Brastlework Gnome), in fact -- dealing with Runelords. I do like them. A lot. Maybe too much. He's the party sneak/scout... and mad bomber. (He's a beastmorph, so he can fly now).

Heck, if you look at my aliases, I've got pretty much one of almost everything that isn't new. ;)

I was thinking, if this is really going along with the French Revolution in Paris theme as much as it feels like it might, a streetwise Brawler "agitator" could be a good fit.

All that to say ... I've got a whackload of ideas and playstyles -- the only thing I note as I think about the environment and setting -- is that I keep finding myself drifting away from full casters and armoured meat-walls and back toward sneaky and/or bravado types....

Bah, some people are attracted by trouble...

Have a few ideas rolling around in my head, the one that's congealing a bit would be a noble's bastard Swashbuckler, and closet Milanian.

Of course, I'm pretty good with any role that isn't just a healbot -- though based on the flavour of the AP, I'm leading toward the chaotic and irreverent, probably something at least somewhat sneaky -- maybe an alchemist or slayer (though a magus or warpriest could be fun

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I think we're probably better off talking about roles, just to make sure they're all filled.

Four first level wizards tend to be less than ideal at avoiding the TPK.

Ragadolf wrote:
Tilnar wrote:

While, mechanically, further refinements to Kenneth's powers would be useful, I have to think there's a limit - it's borrowed power to start with, so I have trouble with the idea of him getting more powerful.

I mean, yes, some refinements could make sense, in the whole "getting better at using the samr Power he's been given" or "blessing more items", but I can't really see his faith getting stronger -- so, in terms of having an IC reason to get a real power-up, I'd have to say the scared item (Object of Power) is the only path.

Hmm,.. may I make an observation? ;)

I see (looking back now) that Kenneth is in the same sort of boat as 'The Hand of God'. But while MOST of his power was from wielding the sword (object of power I guess) it was not ALL of it. Even without drawing the sword, his faith had grown so powerful, that (in the right circumstances, like the party in book 2?) simply touching him burned vamps. I'm not saying that Kenneth HAS to become more powerful, (He's certainly doing fine I think!) but there's certainly a precedent in the books for his being able to. IMHO. :)

That would be righteousness/holy touch -- which isn't a bad way to go, Kenneth's certainly got faith (though it's -3 refresh to get there -- so... ouch) -- but at the same time, he's actively drawing on the power of his faith when he channels the Flame of Kildare -- so his touch already does that... kinda.

And, yes, "better" (if it's not about gaining actual power) for Kenneth would be more refinements -- especially in terms of getting new enchanted items -- better armour, for instance, and/or new rote spells. Which is a path I can walk down -- the gauntlet, for instance, is exactly that. But, then, repeated refinement is basically just doing what you already do incrementally better.... and, now that we've lost Axe and Tangris, I'm the closest thing to a heavy we have -- and I'm far less good at sheer kickage-of-rump than they were.

And, in terms of heavy bottom-kicking -- getting stronger, tougher, faster -- as I said, I can't (IC) justify him getting to Supernatural Recovery without having an Object of Power to anchor him to it. (I suppose his faith could get stronger to unlock more power, but at the same time, it strikes me as weird that Brigid wouldn't give her champion all she could -- or, at least, all he could handle).

Plus, really, Brigid's bow is, in fact a holy artifact, so it would make sense that Kenneth would be searching for it to "complete" his potential.

Funnily, my copy of the Windlass arrived from Amazon today. Bought it ahead of the trip I'll be taking next month.

The library here also auto-kills electronic borrows, so there's never any late fees -- but I will echo Rags rant about the idiocy of games that need to be connected online. (Though I've also got a subscription to the PS Plus, so some of my games are "free", as long as the membership lasts). What I hate in terms of mobile games are the ones with in game purchases (where they're not optional so much as the only way to win/compete).

Had a post get eaten. Laptop battery's not really lasting very long anymore (and given that it's like the third replacement, I'm thinking it may be time for a new one.. or, at least, a relatively recent refurb given that I hate Win 8...)

In terms of Kenneth's build, no, he's not really changed much -- I've only been around for one milestone, and while I did take a level of refinement (to get new magic items -- specifically the gauntlet) and bump his Lore (new rote spells, better at enchanting).

In terms of his power level, well, yes, he's good, but in a very limited way. He can do some spiffy magic, but its limited to the threefold aspect of the Flame of Kildare. I'll never be able to throw lightning, freeze water or do anything along those lines.. The threefold aspect means I'm not just a one-trick pony (like Lesser Talent) and the holy nature of the flame means I'm not totally powerless against things immune to heat, but a Wizard would still be able to wipe the floor with me.

Kenneth was (more or less) built by averaging the Emissary of Power and Champion of God together by stacking the True Believer with the Emissary template (while taking some peaks at the Faerie Court Knight as well). Basically, when DSX and I were working it out, we figured the Flame of Kildare was pretty comparable to the Seelie Magic -- but then one less refresh because it's sponsored magic. Then, as a magicky-sort, he got to enchant items and make potions (potions totally made sense from the old style bard thing, and so does the blessed/magicky sword). All in all, it worked out to something that held together, I thought.

That all said, though, it was a very, very complicated idea for a first character and I'm not sure I'd recommend it to other newbies. (I was greatly helped in getting up to speed by the Ferromancer who used to live here...)

Seems reasonable to me...

I'm in -- and I'd prefer the "fast" group of daily to the slow group of weekly.

I'd say that we did exchange numbers by now as well ... It only makes sense... Though, worst case, we safely all have some contacts in common to get us the digits or pass messages as need be.

As for me, as much as I'd like to enchant more items and become more powerful, I'm saving refresh for Brigid's Bow.

While, mechanically, further refinements to Kenneth's powers would be useful, I have to think there's a limit - it's borrowed power to start with, so I have trouble with the idea of him getting more powerful.

I mean, yes, some refinements could make sense, in the whole "getting better at using the samr Power he's been given" or "blessing more items", but I can't really see his faith getting stronger -- so, in terms of having an IC reason to get a real power-up, I'd have to say the scared item (Object of Power) is the only path.


Sorry, for some reason I thought it was only one of the two (Guide My Hand, Bless This House), and not both. That does complicate things a little. (And the suggestion for Holy Touch came from the fact that you were looking at taking Righteousness).

Of course, taking the two "entry" powers and growing into the rest certainly makes sense in a 'progression' sort of way.

Who knows, maybe DSX's readying an Item of Power for you?


Both skill shifts and power attainment require Milestones (however, dropping 2 mortal stunts to pay back the "bonus" refresh that pure mortal gave is 'free').

Unless, of course, this happened in the split-second during the explosion -- you can have your high concept changed "on the fly" per the rules on p. 91/92 -- which include needing to have (and spend) the fate points to buy the change. Not having them would leave you in debt -- though, in your case, to your higher power. Of course, you could have manifested the change in concept and got a "Guide My Hand" -- and then the *rest* would come during the milestones.

I'm wondering if, thematically, also, as a "warrior" of God-type it might make more sense for you to head toward "Holy Touch" (giving you a way to harm supernaturals) rather than "Bless This House" -- though, having Bless This House would be useful in that the effects stack -- the two of us in the same place would boost the threshold by 4 -- effectively turning little shacks and apartments into strong family homes.

How big a rebuild are you planning, Treppa? I mean, I know you're cashing in some refresh for faith powers -- just not sure how many. ;)

I think it'd be a matter to what extent we think he's been "scared straight" -- and if the answer is "not very", then we may have to have him accidentally arrested.... Some sort of involvement in an explosion the day before...?

Really? Even the modern re-start with Eccleston? I was able to get more than a few non-Whoians into it by starting with "Rose".

That does really sound like comic book time -- always anchored to the present, while the past slides slowly forward.

Looking forward to see what happens as we skip forward.

Absolutely. Backup list sounds good.

I've just had a bit of a technological issue which ate my background. Don't think I'll be able to rebuild by midnight, sadly.

I also enjoyed the Alera series, and agree with Rag's description -- I've read it twice so far.

As for the new series, I also plan to readt, especially given Butcher's love for airships and steampunk, but as the save time, I'm trying to resist having to wait on the save man for 2 new books. ;)

...and, Trippa, no problem with your post, though no ability to reply from work.

Name: Sylvain Lécuier
Gender: Male
Phenotype: Ork (Maybe Hobgoblin) [French]
Archetype: Physical Mage (Shamanistic) Cat Burglar
Stat Spec: Quick hands, strong will, and the strength and hardiness of being an ork.
Personality: Sylvain grew up a have not, and was more than a little bitter about it -- but after his magic manifested, he gained the ability to start taking from those who had what he wanted. As such, he's a bit vain and arrogant, and looking out for himself -- though he's got a having grown up in the underground, he's got a thing about bullies (especially social ones), making him willing to use his skills to help out the little guy. This is somewhat subject to change as a totem (or Loa) is selected, of course.
Skill Set: Stealth/infiltrator skills, magical skills, secondary combat skills
Abilities: No matrix, limited social, primarily illusion/misleading/shapechange magic, boosted reflexes, and weapon combat (debated skipping firearms in favour of bows and blades completely, but it's s hard sell)

Happy New year to all of you as well!

No, not at all. Just been waiting until I felt like I had the time to prepare a proper reply.

Bit of both -- enough to get a nice bit of crust and extra weight.

Well, I can't say I loved digging out -- I don't usually mind shoveling, but storms like that are just killer.

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