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Tigersage's page

Goblin Squad Member. FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 21 posts (26 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 8 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.


Silver Crusade

Wooo, I had a blast and glad to hear everyone also did too. I wanted to also thank all the players that made it out and to Del for running Cyphermage Dilemma. New favorite NPC of all time in that scenario. We'll try and coordinate August's PFS Saturday soon and let everyone know when that will be.

Silver Crusade

Hey Jiggy, was wondering how your build turned out and if you had a chance to play it? I'm in a similar situation with a lot of GM credit for a PC I intended to eventually be an Eldritch Knight.

I had originally wanted him to be a melee guy, but lately have had this idea of a ranged blaster, either through spells (evocation focus) or arrows. That and I have a lot of melee characters already. I was curious how your build was working before I talk myself out of melee style Eldritch Knight.

Silver Crusade

BlackWyvern wrote:
"Wait, what's in the sausage ...?"

A special blend of country herbs and stirges, ahem, spices. Yeah spices...

Glad you enjoyed it. There were some rather comical moments in the RP parts for me. Having run it once now, I think I can improve/streamline if I run it again. We got a little pressed for time towards the end, but the enlarged two-handed weapon fighter removed what little concern I had for you guys and sped combat up in the end. Stupid clerics working with stupid fighters.....

Silver Crusade

Lobolusk wrote:
completely non sexually of course

Of course...

Thanks guys. I figured I was overthinking this one.

Silver Crusade

I know this topic has come up, but when I searched through the threads, it wasn't explicitly spelled out to a point I was completely clear on. So here goes (starts praying thread doesn't blow up)...

Can an unarmed fighter have something in his hands and still perform an unarmed strike?

My confusion comes from under the monk class, it states specifically:

A monk's attacks may be with fist, elbows, knees, and feet. This means that a monk may make unarmed strikes with his hands full.
Under the combat section when referencing an unarmed strike it states:
Striking for damage with punches, kicks, and head butts ...

The scenario I'm envisioning is the unarmed fighter has an object in one hand (alchemist fire, potion, gun, teddy bear, cookie, you name it) and an opponent engages him in melee. He doesn't want to ditch his item yet but instead chooses to attack his new opponent and goes for an unarmed strike.

They way I read it, I interpret it as something special for monks since it's stated specifically. But I could try to infer that an unarmed fighter could do it based on the combat section wording, which I don't know if that is a proper interpretation. I may be overthinking this one...

Silver Crusade *

After seeing other people's comments, from a backstory standpoint, my vote is make a Zorro character. You know, if we get to vote.

I can see him being Chelaxian in background but now supporting Andoran. Complete with mask and fancy hat. Stay away from the whip and go with the rapier. Maybe a free hand fighter archetype possibly prestige class into duelist later... I'm writing this down for myself as a future PC.

Silver Crusade *

Maggiethecat wrote:
But if you do worship a deity, you do have to be one step in alignment from them.

That was why I tossed out Cayden as a suggestion. Assuming he's CG, and you're NG, everything's zesty.

Silver Crusade *

The Amazing Saberman wrote:
Do you have to have a chosen deity?

As for deity, Cayden is always fun. I think he's chaotic good. Don't have my book handy.

Silver Crusade *

I guess it kinda depends on how you want to roleplay it I suppose. I considered maybe Grand Lodge if you look at in terms of stopping the "bad guys" from exploiting lost treasures and knowledge for personal gain. There is always the Silver Crusade as well. Most people think automatically undead = evil, but I mean highwaymen and bandits are harmful to innocent folk just as much as ghouls and ghosts.

Silver Crusade

I also agree with going fighter. Ranger could work, especially if you look at it from the seafaring/scout perspective. I watch 13th Warrior when I want quick inspiration for variety of viking warriors, and there is totally a ranger viking in that movie.

I'm a fan of axe & board, possibly going the TWF route, but maybe you should take a look at the 2-handed weapon archetype in the APG? You can do some pretty ridiculous damage using the overhand chop ability from what I've seen. And you can sorta come off berserker like without being a barbarian.

The Thunderstriker archetype in UC maybe something to read as well, since its supposed to combine 2-handed weapon and buckler. But I'm not too familiar with that one.

How are you building stats? Using dice rolls or point buy?

Silver Crusade

As an extra note, I would like to point out that Feast of Ravenmoor is a level 2 to 4 adventure. That should cover everyone that has been able to join us on our Saturday events.

@Del - We'll have to check out those modules as well. I think I was glancing over Masks of the Living God the other day.

@Dread - Yeah, Bryan has been able to join us. We usually count him as one of our regulars for the Saturday events. Like I mentioned, if you guys ever feel like a break from your usual stuff and want to try out Society scenarios, let Cat and myself know so we can help set you guys up. I'm sure Bryan can cover the specifics for character creation with you guys, as well as the different factions.

Silver Crusade

Yeah, I hope we have better turnout but looks like we'll be restricted GM-wise (Cat has to work during the day). I may try to run something special for you guys on the 12th rather than not have anything in May. I'll post something once I get a chance to confirm my idea with Cat.

Hey Dread! Hope you get an opportunity at some point to join us. Yeah, we noticed the schedule doesn't fit well for everyone, but we had to go with the days that were open at the shop (Wed is RPG night and Sat is for scheduling events) as well as player availability. If things change we'll be sure to let everyone know.

As an aside, for you guys in the Charlotte Role Players Meet Up, do any of you run any society scenarios or just home games? Cat and myself would be happy to get you guys started if you've got a willing GM and group that can meet.

Silver Crusade *

I feel your pain. Interest has dropped of in our area as well. I take it you guys are running only once a month? Aside from just straight up player enthusiasm, you may have to look at increased frequency of game sessions to get past the tier 1 hurdle.

What scenarios have you guys ran so far? Something we've tried to do is find themes/continuity with the scenarios so it feels like a connected adventure. It works for most of our players to keep them interested (some like the episodic feel since they can't always show up). This season has been very nice, especially the Quest For Perfection scenarios. We've got a lot of positive feedback from new and old players. Sprinkle in some of the scenarios from Blakros in between "arcs" as things the Pathfinder team does in Absalom when not in the field.

Also, are your players rolling multiple PC's? We've had that problem with some players trying out multiple characters, but then they complain about not playing any higher level scenarios. Try to kindly point out the obvious. Failing that, I recommend a swift smack to the back of the head. Just kidding...mostly...

Silver Crusade

Thanks to all you guys that could make it out. Didn't have the turn out we were expecting, but still lots of fun for those of us that were there! I've always wanted to be a 'reckless vigilante', and it was on my Shadow Lodge gunslinger no less.

@dinketry: Thanks for the invite, but unfortunately I know some of us won't be able to make it. In fact, May 12th is likely the weekend we'll have our next Society day. Our local shop is really busy in May with different tournaments and it looks like that may be the only open weekend. We'll post something soon confirming whether we're running on the 12th or not.

Silver Crusade

We can try to hype up the event for May, just to see what kind of "advanced" turn out we may get. Some of our newer players do have friends/cohorts that play Pathfinder. Not to mention the semester should be wrapping up at that time for some of the local college students that play.

Or crazy thought, if you guys are able to come up, Cat or myself could actually play in a scenario we aren't running to round out a third or fourth table. Yes I am that shameless to bring it up, mostly because I don't remember the last time I played a scenario.

Silver Crusade

@BlackWyvern: Glad you could come out and had fun! I had to knock some rust off, but it was nice to run a game again. Hopefully we can get past the current lull we're in, and if there's enough interest we'll go back to more frequent game sessions. Keep an eye out on the Facebook page for when we set up our next PFS Saturday in April (more than likely it'll be towards the end of the month).

Silver Crusade *

I'll toss my two cents in. Things I would like to see:

1) More unique gear: A lot has already been said. Only comment I have is I would especially like to see changes to the subtier 1-2 loot lists. Preferably more than 1 item and things that stand out/fit the flavor of the scenario. I'm not asking for half of what's in the Society's vault at level 1 (not like a 1st level PC could afford it). Maybe give a circumstantial bonus that could help a PC do something they can't normally at low levels? Going way back as an example, I reference Silent Tide.

A lost treatise entitled "The Inward-Facing Circle" written by Coganaris the Wracker, a famed Chelish devil-binder. (When making Knowledge (planes) checks, this treatise grants a +2 circumstance bonus on checks concerning devils. Using the treatise in this way takes 1 minute.)(Cost:100 gp)

2) Faction missions that feel like they fit: Again, many have posted similar. The only thing I'll reiterate is balancing out the difficulty of the missions for all factions. As a player/GM I've seen some factions as a whole have missions that are complete tangents to what is going on in the scenario. Slaying all the undead in the place you're going is way easier and "on mission" than trying to hit a DC 20 diplomacy check to sway a group of NPCs to your cause when they are the ones that attacked your group in the first place via ambush.

3) Give Options for the GM: Lemme 'splain (hopefully without kicking up the old RAW vs GM freedom to make changes debate). This example relates heavily to faction missions, since I've read that encounter design/scaling is forthcoming and I want to wait and see how that works. I've noticed sometimes that some faction missions allow multiple opportunities to attempt something, but maybe it's the same skill check. Well again, if I don't have that skill as the PC, I'm kinda hosed. Especially if I'm supposed to be "discreet". What if I get creative and try to do something else? As a GM, if someone at least sells me their idea and hits a particular DC I try to make up on the spot, it's up to the dice gods at that point. But my definition of an "allowable" creative solution may not be the same as the next GM. So my suggestion would be for some cases (not all) give primary, secondary, and tertiary options for success. It would standardize GM's rulings on "successful" missions, hopefully keep the game moving, but still allow some room for creative solutions by PC's (cause lets face it, since when did the party do what you expected to...).

4) Stranger locales/monsters: I think I've read some other posts along these lines. Yes to less human(oid)s, more monsters. For me, I like the Indiana Jones adventure style. Going to a lost tomb/solving riddles/finding artifacts/fighting Nazis... wait scratch that last one. The point being, I like finding something new from something old, unearthing "lost knowledge", and going up against strange creatures. Maybe part of the mission is to actually document sightings of a creature (that gives me an idea for a snipe hunt for some level 1's). Don't know about other players, but that makes me feel like a Pathfinder. I've not played/ran much in the current season nor had opportunity for many higher than level 5 adventures. So maybe I'm just missing out. I will say, the Quest for Perfection series thus far has been very entertaining for our local group.

And now my wall of text is done... whew.

Silver Crusade *

I used to play a lot of PFS, and even agreed to run games as a 2nd GM when it appeared that our local group was growing, but I don't do much of either anymore. The various reasons have been:

1. Time. As much as I don't like it, real life gets to veto gamer life, especially if my job helps pay for said gamer life.
2. Not enough roleplay. Ok, I'm not the greatest roleplayer nor do I stay in character all the time, but the players' approach to scenarios became particularly formulaic. It became more apparent for me as a GM and I saw all these min/max builds and players literally began asking, "what do I have to roll to succeed?" instead of trying to roleplay what was in front of them.
3. Loss of interest. Yeah, that local group we had that was growing (not large by some, be we were excited to have almost 3 full tables at it's peak)... I guess simply put we all got bored. I think there were other contributing factors, like OP rules/scenarios isn't for everyone and again real life gets to trump game life. In the end, those of us that still showed up every week we were simply not excited about playing anymore.
4. Felt like work. I got burned out. Plain and simple. I play games as a hobby. Building off my previous point, if no one was excited to play, it became a second job instead of a fun hobby.

Lastly, and this is just an observation during this past year in PFS:
Messageboards weren't all that helpful. No offense, and I'm not directing toward anyone in particular. The general feeling from our group of players and GM's was that it was the same group of people arguing over points that left us just as confused without any real clarification. Granted I'm used to seeing this from past experience on boards (completely unrelated to Pathfinder/Paizo but the past is why I don't actively post in the present). However, the feeling of being a "speed bump" for other's posts when trying to contribute in a thread was discouraging for some in our group. Again, just an observation.

Silver Crusade

Players and GM's can sometimes get boons to allow other races. Le Stat picked up the Dhampir racial boon for being a GM during the Beginner Box Bash.

As for the PC concept, it's interesting but I don't really play bards so can't say. I'd like to read up on it some more after work and maybe toss in my two cents then.

Silver Crusade *

I will attempt to post what I thought was the original point of this blog/thread, what I do and don't like about the proposal and how it will affect my games (positive or negative)? This is all my opinion, take it or leave it.

1) I'm cool with running a PC within one level of the module (makes most sense). I’m ok to an extent with running a pregen linked to a character (not something I would do). And I'm ok with the replay rules.

I do not like that you cannot "level up" to the appropriate level with an existing lower level character. From a consistent/simple/one set of rules standpoint I understand, and if it comes to that I'll either suck it up or quit playing OP. Just that simple. Speaking as a Player and GM in an area where we might have 12 players if they all showed up (which they don't), all who started at different times, modules gives us an opportunity for something different. Something out of the ordinary from the standard scenarios. Since most of us don't get a chance to play multiple home games but chose PFS instead, it gives us a chance to play other adventures/settings within Golarion. Most importantly it gives our local players a chance to play the character they wanted to play in a particular module. The point was for fun, and not let level constraints bar people from a table, which I'm sad to say we've had to do for the scenarios, which completely counters our efforts to generate interest. A point previously stated that I will not belabor, we also don’t have the luxury of multiple nights and multiple locations where we can differentiate groups of interested players. Overall how will this affect our little group? Probably not much at this point. Thankfully we're finally getting PC's within a similar level range that exclusion should not come up so often. If new players show up, well that's something my fellow GM and I will just have to plan for.

2) Regarding conditions, death, and expendables. I'm ok with tracking them and having consumables count. It never made much sense to me why there are not consequences to one's actions in a module. If you spend money on who you thought was a tavern wench, it's spent. If you drink a half dozen cure light potions with an antitoxin chaser, you drank them. If you died, guess what, you're dead. Again, grand scheme of things, how will this affect our player group? Well, it'll keep some players in line from exploiting the system, but overall it doesn't seem any different from a normal scenario. It will definitely make people consider long and hard before playing a module, which means we may not schedule them.

3) As far as credit goes, I’m not a huge fan. If it was simply, you play a PFS character of appropriate level, it’s like any other scenario. I got no problem there. If it’s a pregen, that’s where I get concerned. If for credit, you can’t apply it until the appropriate level when your character gets there, why does PC death have to be immediate? If you intend to enforce those conditions at that time, then give credit and appropriate wealth tiered as such at that time. Otherwise do the reverse, and not let the character death take effect until the PC is also of appropriate level. In some ways I like that, but I think is impractical to enforce. How will this impact the games ran in our area? More than likely no one will want to sign up for a module and will stick with scenarios. Running multiple sessions for a module hasn’t been a problem since we offer a signup sheet specifically for a module in advance.

4) Retirement and Beyond: I believe I’m ok with it. I honestly don’t know when I’ll even get a PC to that level. The highest I have is a 6 at the moment. As I read it today, it seems good to me.

Again these are my thoughts based on my opinions from the trends I've seen from the players we had play in the area over the last 9 months.

Silver Crusade *

I've not had too many memorable close calls in society games that I can recall, but I've also started running more games since we're trying to build up our PFS player base at my LGS.

On that note, one of the more memorable games I've ran was a session of Decline of Glory. At the end, the fighter moved back to the top of some stairs and started chucking every thrown weapon he had after getting knocked to zero hit points. The barbarian was not only at negative hit points but also paralyzed. The sorceror had to step in and save the barbarian (in melee no less) and got rewarded by getting knocked to 2 hit points. The zen archer monk was the only one not to take damage in that combat. Granted the monk had to burn the party's few healing potions because he bled out to -9 in the very first combat of the adventure... That was the first time I ever saw a barbarian stop bleeding by choking it (he got a nat 20 on the heal check. Not sure why the barbarian had heal, but the monk wasn't complaining).

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