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Yes. I guesss i didn't make myself clear as the question was to Aurelio.... And i just can't make up any excuse for a demon to be in the glassworks even if i want my PCs to be surprised:)

Thanks Misroi.

But how did you explain a demon inside glassworks? I mean there were no wizards there and alchemist can't summon a demon.

Aurelio 90 wrote:
Well, after the initial attack in Sandpoint and the battle in the Glassworks (i add an goblin alchemist and a vermlek in the fight, and replace Tsuto with Genthus by Towns of Inner Sea), every time they see a goblin they cry "OH GODS, THEY ARE COMING! THEY'RE COMING OUTTA THE F****NG WALLS!!!".

What's a vermlek??? I couldn't find it in the bestiary.

I incorporated Toadstool goblins (thanks Haladir) and Shalelu dumped all the info on the players while they were going on the road to the attack site to speak with farmer Kraditt. It takes half an hour so it was more organic. Still it WAS an info dump:) But you would expect it from an expert when you meat one.

I let the thread go to sleep for too long:( I like Godsmouth Heresy very much but i doubt players would visit Kaer Maga. Only if i specifically turn them into that direction with some adventure hook.

Yes that was the godness from Wayfinder 7 (though originaly from some internet site i believe). So i already plan to introduce kingdom rules after fort Rannick.

For now i see that they will have to go to Magnimar with a petition signed by four noble families and register it here. It will give them first insight into a great a generous man governor Grobas is ;) And i want them to be turned down, but then hailed by a woman who wants to find what happened to her brother in law - and that would be a hook to make them explore Varisia a bit and get into Feast of Ravenmoor. For this she will help to get needed approval.

I'll take a look at it thank you.

By calling it a settlement i only meant an independent base of operations for players. They will settle there, no? :)

I mean it will probably have a population if at least 50 (mill and sawmill will have a group of workers - 5 each, lumberjacks - 5 or 10, at least 10 guards and their families. And that's the bare minimum without alchemists for wizard's tower, mansion workers and so on). It would be probably the place with the biggest number of people outside Sandpoint walls (well except cemetery in Pauper Graves of course).

The fact that Sandpoint and its hinterlands are one Kingdom hex only means that using mass combat rules my players Sawmill and mill will be protected. But if we go to lower scale then Sandpoint wouldn't be able to save it from all attacks. It would only mean that attackers will have aproximately 1-2 hours to take and sack the place, after which a reaction force of gurds would appear. After Sandpoint raid this reaction force would be a little bit busy with looking for injured and taking out fires. So a few giants trying to vent their frustration on players home on the way back would be ok (giants weren't allowed to do it before attack to maintain secrecy and element of surprise).

Also i don't really intend to use Kingdom rules before handing Fort Rannick to my players, when Magnimar would give them charter to rid the land around Rannick and Turtleback Ferry of dangers and help rebuild the town, after which they will be able to tax town and its hinterlands for protection and will be paying tax to Magnimar themselves as a kind of vassal state. This of course also include a possibility of rebellion, union with Korvosa, union against Korovsa and so on ;)

But during AP they will only have enough time to rebuild a little and not prosper enough to start building an army. Maybe after Karzoug.

But let's return to the players hamlet. They have an income from mill and sawmill, maybe from alchemist lab of a wizard - that i can understand. But how can addition of guards or even elite esoldiers lead to actual increase of profits? I mean soldiers are not producing anything - they take payment from the profits of hamlet right? So basically i just can't understand how to link Downtime rules to common sense here.

Thanks a lot for your answer Urath DM. I really forgot that location can be an issue here. Then i'll have to make a hamlet of sorts... with the danger of goblins and such it will turn into a fort over time... which is not a bad thing in itself :)

A separate base of operations will be a good option in my opinion. Wooden palisade will be much more apropriate there with barracks near the gate. Mill and Lumber mill inside for business. A place for party wizards lab and tower and a place for a house which will turn into a mansion by the end of AP.

Also players will be sent to Choper's island very soon and will be able to buy it. This will provide a place for a Sandpoint residence for players and a bank, which is badly needed in the opinion of Jasper Korvasky, head of Mercantile League.

During Sandpoint raid bank will be one of the targets and fort can be attacked by giants on the way back.

Urath DM you sent my thoughts in the right direction.

Should it be hard to acquire deed needed to start a new business in Sandpoint Hinterlands or relatively easy considering that it is sorely needed by the town? It can be possible to make a social quest requiring to get four signs on the document from all Sandpoint noble families. Then it will be needed to somehow manipulate Scarnettis to sign it. Maybe by finding evidence of their involvement with Sczarni?

Hello all.

My players are just going to be sent into glassworks, so they don't really know much of what will happen to them soon;)

They heard that Scarnettis are a really bad guys always trying to give themselves unfair advantage using their monopoly on lumber, undermining Kendra's authority (while one of players is actually from Deverin family) and being a part of mill fires.

So basically they want to start investgation into Scarnetti (which is godd) and also to build new lumber mill and flour mill.

Advise i need is - they will have to build it in front of the northern gates (basically to make a new town block there) and will have to build also a defensive wooden wall (i don't see a stone wall in Downtime rules) and hire mercenaries to defend it. But those mercenaries will need to be paid and downtime system assumes that they are self sufficient. This is where i can't decide how to handle it.

Also i have a lot of plans (Sandpoint Bank for example) and would ask more questions in this thread.

Could i have a copy of Kirithfinder? Last time i viewed this thread it was 2 years ago:)


Great roleplay as always.

And is there a journal for your Jade Regent compaign?

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You can also give them improved trip and improved steal:) Steal a caster component pouch. And that potion of Cure Serious Wounds looks so tasty:)

Desna's luck domain clerical power "Bit of luck" will make Raesh even more (if that is even possible) deadly.

"You can touch a willing creature as a standard action, giving it a bit of luck. For the next round, any time the target rolls a d20, he may roll twice and take the more favorable result."
As i understand it let's you make double roll on all rolls of the next round.

About crit houserule - what if you roll crit confirm (for double crit) and then roll a miss? You just do a double crit? Or is it a single crit?

Also consider giving them a less staggering crit progression - If you roll nat 20 - it's max die for the hit (even if crit is not confirmed). If you confirm then it's - max die hit + usual hit ( for crit /*2). If you roll nat 20 again - then next damage roll is maxed (so for a usual *2 weapon you get maxed out damage roll which is ok for 2 natural 20s and probability is ok). Three natural 20s is a kill (becausee it should be with this much luck). If Raesh would roll 15 then 20 - then he damage would be usual DMG roll + maxed DMG roll. If it was a *4 weapon - nat 20 only maxes one DMG roll (so even with two natural 20s you'd get only 2 maxed + 2 usual rolls - less damage overall. And double critthreat shouldn't really be giving any benefits if you already have too much damage.

I guess it is a bit of a hectic explanation, but i hope it'll help with your thinking process:)

PS - Raesh rules:) Shiro rocks :) And Hi is so gnomy that it can only be compared to the goblinness of your goblins:) And Halek is just Halek.... don't mess with his EarthBreaker. Greatest campaign journal i ever read.

Ok i just finished this glorious thread and a little bit sad, that you didn't post you last sessions regarding mayor of Magnimar and other political RP.

Also something which bugs me for some time now - what do you mean by "triple crit-crit-double crit-crit-hit"? What is a triple crit by Raesh? I mean then you roll 20 (or less with scimitar with 18–20/×2 going to 15-20/*2 with Keen), then confirm hit and just roll damage dice twice (d6 will go to 2d6, though i houserule that on natural 20 you always get first die maxed even if you don't confirm). But "triple crit"... What's that? And also 5 attacks by paladin in 1 round - it's hasted with BAB 15+?

Well i thought along the same lines. Mosswood and Seven Tooth it is then. Mosswood's are metioned in Pathfinder comics btw. Also there was an article about Toadstool tribe which separated from Mosswood.
Also as i understand there is 1 dead goblin hero (from Bidcruncher tribe) and 5 living - Thistletop chief, bruthazamus, licktoad chief, Vorka (dies in WBG) and Koruvus. So i'll have to invent new ones.

In my early stages of Burnt Offerings my players start to think about some Gobocide (goblin genocide). I wanted to know which tribes are important in the future APs. I know that brinemarsh goblins will be in the Jade Regent and that Vorka died in We Be Goblins (which is also obvious from Jade Regent). Thistletop will be wiped out by my players. What about others?

Hello Kyle. I like your Combat Manager very much and want to thank you for it.

Some thoughts which would be hard to implement but very handy:
1) Add NPC and PC classes to monster advancer. It will help A LOT for custom villains, but i know how hard it is to do (just the ammount of work).
2) Easier thing - adding a spells known / prepared list to spells tab with links in the manager itself - so that you can see all you need in the window of combat manager without looking to the list of spells. Also something to count spells used/left will be good too.
3) Also some counter for different abilities - like remaining ki pool, domain abilities per day and so on.

Thanks in advance.

Well at 5 lvl it gives you 13 20ft cubes or 13*16=208 5ft squares.... It is a lot of space:)It can easily engulf almost any room inside a dungeon and can make a big long crevice which will stop stupid melee guys from rushing your caster and archer on surface :) All in all, a very powerfull spell in the right hands (like most illusion spells).

It is just that the jump in power is too big for 1 lvl change. 4th level is good only for preplanned ambush and 5th is so good for any battle:)

And where did material component go? It is said to be an upgrade of previous spell, but material component vanished.

Might be an error here:
The spell mirage arcanais specifically said to be like Halucinatory terrain, yet it is 1 standart action to cast insteead of 10 minutes for terrain/ Also it has no material component while terrain has (a stone, a twig, and a green leaf). Yes it is smaller (20ft cube instead of 30ft) and has shorter duration (1hr/lvl(D) instead of 2hr/lvl(D)) but it is too big a change - 10 mintue cast makes it a spell for an ambush and impossible in the battle. And then next spell level you can suddenly use it in battle on the fly. Is it an error?

I should point that medium construct already has 2 CP and giving it Cloth flaw (which is pretty obvious) gives it another CP. So if you construct it - you already got 3 CP. So it's price for a construct would be 3k gp or 4k gp for 4CP with full strength bonus and self-repair. But it will require craft:tailor check. Or you can just optionally say that it is 3k price for medium and 1k gp for each improvement up to maximum price of 7k gp.
You can just omit part of "price like construct" and say it is 3k gp + cloths (1500 for construction + cloths) with basic at haul bonus and it costs 1000 (500)gp for each improvement. Optionally - each next improvement costs 1000(500)gp higher (eg +16 strength will be 1000+2000) and self repair next will be another 3k. Also you can give more construction possibilities to it. Like prestidigitation at will or mage hand 3 times a day or unseen servant. Also you can givi it a trait costing 2cp to alert you if it notices (with +10 perception) something while you sleep.

Well i guess it's really ok to give them 25% penalty on mundane crafting and 50% penalty on magical. And any activity like reading scrolls or writing spells to spellbook would be twice longer and you will get -2/-4 to your perception while you're at it. But then all the party is up full night and 4 checks will alleviate this penalty:) And all of them will do something useful.

Ok nobody wants to commnet more on this, so i will ask some more. What is considered keep watch and stand vigil? Do you only go around tha campsite and look around or can you for example repair your boots while others sleep? Or read a spell from the scroll? Or make a potion brewing vigil:)

Yes, but why not make a crafting vigil?:)

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

The spell description says:
"This spell enables the subjects to stand watch or keep vigil throughout the night without any ill effects.

The subjects suffer no fatigue and gain all the usual benefits of a full night's rest.

The subjects gain hit points as though from resting, wizards may prepare their spells as though they had slept for 8 hours, and so on. Effects that rely on actual sleep or dreaming are ineffective, though the subjects are still susceptible to effects that would put them to sleep, such as sleep or deep slumber. Any vigorous activity, including fighting, immediately ends the effect, and the affected creatures must either have the spell cast on them again or sleep for the remaining hours to avoid fatigue and gain the benefits of a full night's rest."

This is from D20PFSRD.COM

Also it targets "one creature touched/2 levels"

So questions are as follows:
1) Is it 1 creature at 1st level and 2 at 4th or 0 at 1st and 1 at 2nd?

2) My wizard can never sleep again at the cost of 1 1st level spell which actually replenishes after sleep? Cool, gimme two of that:)

3) A fighter can "rest" in heavy armor and never sleep for the cost of 1st level wand (50 days at least)? Which also includes the fact that wizard will be able to cast it on more people in time.

4) Can wizard craft scrolls at night? It is not a "vigorous activity". Maybe even craft wondrous items and brew potions? I don't see anything in spell description stopping me. Also he can write spells in the spellbook and learn new spells from scrolls for all night. The best spell for your wizard:)

5)Can a player use craft skills at night? Tanning a hide is not that vigorous and gemcutting is not vigorous at all. Or craft alchemy.

Those are the things i want to know and then i will rise another question - can i make it permanent?:) Because it is so good that i will make an item with 1/day use anyway.

Well i just make those 5 shops and go adventuring. They net me 1000gp worth ofmagic every day - so if i go for 10 days i can then make an item worth 10000. So the problem is only at the start of the process which passes pretty fast:) And interesting question - do i need a manager for each building and organization or only 1? I got my magic stored at my house - so why should i have 5 managers if i only need 1 majordomo.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I don't really understand organization upkeep part here. Say i build an alchemist workshop for 390gp or half if you have capital/ This nets me +10 to magic and my shop takes 10. So i have 2 magic/day which can go as 200gp for magic item building costing 100gp - so an alchemist lab actually starting to give you profit in only 4 days. So i build 5 of those buildings and now i have +10 magic a day which totally covers my 1000gp/day limit. Now i craft for 25% cost instead of 50 and all of this for a starting investment of 1950gp. Screwed as ever:)

Another thing - i stop all my shops before going to adventure. I have 2 apprentices to aid me in crafting items (+4 to craft magical items for 1040gp - wohoo). Now i go out for 2 years and maybe even loose my shops (though if they ar estopped should i really loose them?) but my apprentices are still working for me all those 2 years without asking for money? I totally understand why they want to send me to hell in 1 month and go their own separate ways:). It is strange as hell that they don't have upkeep. But if i take a manager and pay him upfront 700gp for 2 years with 2gp/day - then apprentices continue to work for me still for free and doing nothing... Also should i have a manager for every building or i can have 1 for all my 5 labs? If i have a manager then those shops continue working without any stupid ideas of saying me goodbye:) I get 20 magic from each lab each 14 days and loose 1 for manager (including 2 weekends every week - never forget weekends). Hm... even if i have to hire a manager for each building - then i pay him say even4gp/day i still get net profit of 1900-56=1844gp every 2 weeks while i am gone from each shop. Wow and i got 5 of them... Sooooo in 2 years of doing precicely nothing to my business with 2000gp starting investment i got a profit of 1844*5*52=479440(approximately for 2 years) to craft items... the problem is i need 2 years to craft it:( But hey i can hire a few mages for 960gp each who can make some +1swords for me to sell or other simple items i might need. I can also actually hire 1 of them beforehand and let him make a lot of simple magic items which i will then sell in Magnimar and Korvosa. Of course i will get more profit in a good dungeon.... but that's for only 5 labs. I can make 100 of them:)

Sorry for this wall of text... just some thinking on the idea of Ucam downtime system.

and who would buy medium troglodyte armor or dogslicers?:) I really doubt many goblins trade in Sandpoint... And i totally doubt many troglodytes go here searching for new armor or new Rovagug divine focus.

So you can sell any loot you got at half price by the rules. But then - dogslicers and goblin armors are made of junk and are still considered to cost 8 and 10 respectively (halving it to 9gp per goblin at least). All well and good - but who will buy it? I mean who really needs it?

But it's getting even better - i kill a troglodyte cleric of Rovagug which has studded leather armor (25gp) and obsidian divine focus of Rovagug worth 50gp... Who will buy leather armor made for troglodyte? It is stinky as hell and is not going to be good for a human - troglodytes being humanoids still are too different for this armor to be comfortable (especially with stink). And who for the Calistria's virginity would buy the Rovagug divine focus? But you can sell it all and even get full price for divine focus as it is actually work of art/jevelry.

And now the best thing - who would buy armor of rune giant... who needs it? Or armor of an ogre?

I jsut don't get how it should work. Up until now i managed it like a town paying a bounty for those items for extermination of monsters... but it can't last forever.

I am adding a houserule for this - you can sell for 25-75% of max value depending on your diplomacy, appraise and profession merchant rolls. So a solo fighter with dumped charisma will be even more underWBLed. But my present party has a cleric with high charisma and diplomacy and a rogue who came from merchant family - they make selling loot more profitable. Crafting mundane things was profitable even before - for 33% of full price, now good merchant can sell it for more profit than before while crappy ones will go red. And for magic items - isn't it actually logical to be making profit selling handcrafted magical items??? It just shouldn't be overwhelming. And with 1000gp craft per day it isn't that big anyway - on higher levels he makes more emoney by adventuring.

The question is quite simple - Death Knell can't be cast by sor/wiz but Death Knel Aura (both versions) can and cannot be cast by antipaladins - is it not strange? I think this is not consistent and should be changed. I think that antipalladins should be able to cast Death Knell (why not - they are antipalladins). And Wizard necromancers should be able to cast Death Knell Aura - they are necromancers. Witches can cast it and so should wizards too:)

The spell Black Spot is too overpowered i think

"The black spot is a specific and feared pirate curse. An intangible, illusory black spot manifests above the target’s head and remains until the target dies or the curse is lifted. The black spot cannot be covered or hidden by any means, including other illusions. The black spot radiates a cursed aura in a 10-foot radius around its target. Anyone within the aura gains a +2 bonus on weapon attack and damage rolls against the target. In addition, the target has a –4 penalty on saving throws against death effects.

Every day in which a creature bears a black spot, it must make a Fortitude save. On a failed save, the creature takes 1 point of Constitution damage. The damage cannot be healed until the black spot is removed. If the creature’s Constitution reaches 0, it dies. Pirates killed by this spell often return as ghosts, but that is not a direct effect of this spell.

The black spot cannot be dispelled, but it can be removed with break enchantment, limited wish, miracle, remove curse, or wish."

You should just touch a BBEG and then teleport/run away and wait for a few weeks - and he is dead.

You are right of course (though i don't really know what is Gencon - i don't track those things). I see a lot of errata in this thread - 10 pages of errata for Ultimate Equipment at a first glance (with a lot of msitakes there).

...... I thought i posted it in the paizo Products subforum... Urgatoa's bony ass, i missed :(
Ehm...sorry for that - how do i move it to Paizo products?

Is there somebody from Paizo staff who can look at this and say if this will be errated? It is minor issues but i think they need to be changed in later releases (though i doubt there will be a second release for Dungeons of Golarion, but APG will someday. And also it should be changed in PRD.

APG's Battlemind link spell for sorc/wiz 6 - has a short descriptions that you gain an attack and AC bonus. But in the spell itself there is no AC bonus.
Should change AC in description to DC bonus for spells.

Dungeons of Golarion's Battering Blast - A sentence in the description is phrased poorly: "For every 5 caster levels you possess beyond 5th, you gain a second ball of force." Should change word 'second' to 'additional'.

That's it for now. Hope it is needed:)

About the adding of additional abilities - it is always 1.5 price of cheaper - so that it is always consistent with the price to create item anew. While making it 1.25 will make it unbalanced - nobody will ever make a ring with 2 abilities. They will make it with one and then add another as second tast and will make it 25% cheaper. Which is totaly WBL screwy stuff:) (as all item creation feats are - i just usually give those feats to caster who wants to craft for free at appropriate levels as a houserule).

There is a solution to your problem - use a list of random rolls (like 1000 random d20 rolls) and then use them then the time comes. Like then a player is going stealth you jsut let him without any rolls. But then he is first observed (has to make opposed check) you note a number in the list (say it's 3) and then either roll or use next number in the list (say it's 12 - with mods he has been spotted). This way you still make open rolls but players don't know what those rolls are for or even if you made a roll yourself (i hope you don't let them look in your papers).

Oh Spiked traps from javelins is something i never thought about. I will mention the possibility to him. It is not good for DM to give advice to players but rule of fun says i must mention it. I really hope it would be extraordinary funny. I just hope it won't be TPK-funny ;) But it's their choice anyway.

A good advice. Unfortunately i already added most of the pointless starting quests to the game and played them. During boar hunt i even added Dire Boar, who was a really troublesome pet to kill. Actually playing in 1st level is quite interesting - it is hard and wizards are not uber cool, so fighter is actually ruling the scene here. Well if he has healing bakup that is - without it his rule can be short. Of course wizard's color spray is pretty cheaty spell in this early stages too. Getting 3-4 enemies down for 2-4 turns is actually looking pretty "save or die" to me.

I will add a lab in the lower caves to explore, and then they go to the outer cave tunnels then they will encounter A LOT of troglodytes. That's then they will have to decide to keep all those stupid clubs and javelins their rogue keeps dreaming of selling in town or to drop them to get some speed:)

Oh that gives me almost all the insight i need to do it from now on myself:) Thanks a lot for that.

I am not using experience system - i will grant them level ups at the moments i think apropriate from the point of AP balance (i made a lot of sidequests and gave players some minor buffs like an extra feat or trait, so i use quite a lot of mobs to scale it (like 7 troglodytes against 5 players - that's pretty strong against first level party, but they managed), so with real experience counting they would level up too fast.

And now i think they will get second level after all that troglodyte beating:) It would make glassworks encounter too easy but i can always add some bards and more goblins to the mix. Also from the pathfinder issue 3 i can always add some ghouls to the tunnels beneath Sandpoint:) Maybe even with saving fleeing Tsuto Kaijitsu from ghouls.

Oh the possibilities of DMing :) I feel like a God mwuahahaha.... Ahem... sorry, jsut slipped, won't happen again.

PS now i see how many awful grammar mistakes i made in the previous post.... gotta check it better next time:(

Hello to all.

I have started DMing Rise of the Runelord AP for 5 players. As a side quest i added Ancient Mine from Beginner Box with some changes.... those some changes included 10 tiems bigger mines with a lot of troglodytes and skeletons of dwarven miners who died here before. Also i changed the time of disaster to the late unpleasantries (as in a cave beneath those mines is an ancient Thassilonian laboratory with minor Runewell which was triggered by Karzoug's awakening. This made a minor earthquake which collapsed most ofthe mines and a burst of negative energy which animated now dead dwarves. This earthquake made it possible for Troglodyte tribe living below in the caves near that ancient lab to get up and claim territory. Also as a boss for mines there will be a Troglodyte wizard!!! (he is a smart troglodyte who used spellbooks of wizards killed by his tribe before (which were in the treasure hoard and he got hold of them). Now Kyrrik Glowtail is using those mines as his base and lab, where my players will be soon enough:).
There are 2 floors in the mine now and most of the passages are collpsed rock (with a place for some earth elementals. which are pretty tugh competition for 1st level party. I hope Kyrrik in his 3rd level wizard advanced troglodyte won't prove to be undefeatable :( ). At 4 points near collapsed walls they can find shafts of rubble and stone through which troglodytes came here. I placed a wand of stone shape with 5 charges to let them seal those shafts. Unfortunately the players did an unexpected (at least to such an unexperienced DM like me) - they want to go down before even attempting to search allthe mines. And i am not ready for this yet:). Also those caverns should probably lead to the Pit in the Devil's platter, so it is a really not a place for 1st level chars. I might add some skill challange with 100 troglodytes chase:) Which will be funny if they survive (i don't want to kill them - we only started and it's a first expirience for all of us, i am afraid it can divert most of players from the game).
Any ideas on how to do it? Ideas for the cavern at all and Thassilonian lab? Rewards and treasures? enemies?
I used in the mines nearly 20 troglodytes with clubs, javelins and a few with blowguns and poisoned darts. 4 shamans with 7 mnitor lizards here and there. A wizard trog. Also 16 skeletons and 3 skeletal champions of dwarves and 4 earth elementals on the other side from the place in ancient mine where elemental attacked 2 dwarf scouts. Those elementals are attracted to minor magic ctone which can be easily converted to campfire bead, while not i'ts just a ruby with innate magic:)
Thanks in advance for all the advice.

It is not permanent as i recall

Building even 3-5 story farm is easier than going to caverns beneath Kaer Maga:) You will be alive with building at least:) Also why change plants if you can make a daylight spell in the cave:)? I doubt those plants would be good and nutrient in fungi form - ater all the level of energy absorption is lower and so it will take bigger fields to yield same crop.

And demiplane is a little bit too high level i think.

I was just reading City of Strangers actually and thought that a city with a lot of spellcasters like Kaer Maga and not enought soil can actually manage to lower its dependancy on food supplies from trade by building an actual magic farm. So it is a niche for a player (out of adventure of course) to get money and influence. Also it is a good thing for other campaigns for the future:)

Druid is the ultimate thing for farming, but it really is nit profitable enough for him. So i was thinking more on the line of magical items and tools to make farm working with non-wizard workers.

500kg of potato from 1 ar is what i found in the net (i am not really good with acres - i prefer "hundreads" as we call ar's in my country) and its very good thing to grow if you have limited land. Of course it should involve nature check to understand that nutrients you should add to soil and alchemist to produce it:) I guess it will be not that expensive, though i am not sure - i've never seen anything of this kind in pricing sections of pathfinder:)

Also the farm itself would be multystory building with a roof - hence use of daylight item (which will work 12 hours a day.... or 16... maybe make it a command word to turn on and off), with soil in the fields... well just like modern greenhouses actually. Because Kaer Maga doesn't have any good soil there anyway. Make water to this soil with a constant/command word create water cantrip item which will give water to a system of pipes to distribute it evenly (we have a lot of gnomes who can make this technological innovation work).

PS Also this has a lot to do with the fact that i bought some land in country and going to build a house there in RL so my thinking of late is kind of turned to all the uses a land can get, so i think about such things even in Pathfinder:)

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So i was thinking on how is it possible to make a magical farm to produce crops (say near Kaer Maga). Produce Food and Water is not a good option as that food is not really tasty and you want to sell it:)
So you will need something with permanent Daylight spell (goes to something like 45000gp in crafting 1!!! item as there is no mention of this spell in permanency). Ok let's assume it's good for only half a day (half the price) and can make A LOT of light for a pretty big field (10 acre=400ar). Then some items of create water cantrip to feed it - but compared to daylight item it's cheap. All in all it will give us 50kgp. Then you try to sell it. You get say 500kg of potato from 1 ar - that's 200tonnes of potato in a year. So if 1kg of potato is 1 silver coin then you get 20000gp a year minus taxes, wages and all other things - you can actually go to profit in 3-4 years. All in all seems balanced but it is good only if daylight item can get you this much output of light. Am i missing something here? Opinions?

Does it have any way to add custom feats which would give actual bonuses to stats in the sheet (and more feats than intended - i heavely houserule in my games and have a lot of weak custom feats to give to players as rewards)?

Well as of WBL unbalancing - he must pay wizard for the time that wizard is giving him. 1 hour would cost 5gp and we got WBL back online:) Although if you have a spellbook wizard in the party you skip that part:) Of course 5gp per hour for wizard work is not that much... but by doing profession you get less in a day anyway so seems pretty balanced to me.

You can homebrew it:) I added all the crafting feats to wizard as bonus feats and yes i know it is very OP:) But they like it - so why bother standing in their way? I will just make stronger enemies:)

OK. Now a question about permanent Detect Magic item again. You can make a cantrip permanent with permanency spell for 2500. And you can't use it on anyone else. But you can make an item with 0.5 (spell lvl)*1 (CL)*2000 (permanent item)*2(or4 for minute or round duration) and it gives me 2000 or 4000 depending on how to count a spell duration. Then it goes to 1.5 if i add it to another item or *2 if i make it slotless. Am i right in this one?

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