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Tulrin Endessell

Tiabrar's page

243 posts. Alias of Chris Shannon 719.

Full Name

Tiabrar Firathal


Gray Elf


Alchemist 4










Celestial, Common, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Sylvan

Strength 10
Dexterity 16
Constitution 10
Intelligence 19
Wisdom 10
Charisma 9

About Tiabrar

Basic Status:

AC 17, touch 13, flat-footed 14 (+4 armor, +3 Dex)
hp 27/27
Fort +5, Ref +7, Will +1
Immune sleep; Resist Elven Immunities, Poison Resistance +2
Bombs left 7/7
Alchemist Fire left 5/7
Bracers' ability left 3/3
Mutagen: Not used
Extracts (1st-4/day, 2nd-2/day)
OPEN - 1 (one minute to mix an extract)
Comprehend Languages
Cure Light Wounds - 1 prepared
Disguise Self
Endure Elements
Expeditious Retreat
Polypurpose Panacea
Shield - 1 prepared
True Strike - 1 prepared

Status on Mutagen:

40 minutes (10 min/level)
Init +5
Senses Low-Light Vision; Perception +8
HP 27
AC 21 (17 + 4 more DEX +2 Natural Armor)
CMB +2, CMD 17
FORT +5, REF +9, WILL +0
Immune sleep; Resist Elven Immunities, Poison Resistance +2
Bombs left 7/7

Magical Gear:

The elvish bracers of Sehanine Moonbow bestow luck to any archer wearing them. Once per day they allow the wearer to instead make two attack rolls on a d20 to determine the result of an attack (both attacks must be rolled together, the better roll is taken). However, if worn by an elf, they allow the ability to be used three times per day.

Heroforge stats:

Male Elf Alchemist (Chirurgeon) 4
CG Medium Humanoid (Elf)
Init +3; Senses Low-Light Vision; Perception +9
AC 17, touch 13, flat-footed 14 (+4 armor, +3 Dex)
hp 27 (4d8)
Fort +5, Ref +7, Will +1
Immune sleep; Resist Elven Immunities, Poison Resistance +2
Spd 30 ft.
Melee Dagger +3 (1d4/19-20/x2) and
Unarmed Strike +3 (1d3/20/x2)
Ranged Bomb +7 (2d6+4 Fire) and
Darkwood Longbow +7 (1d8/20/x3)
Special Attacks Bomb 2d6+4 (8/day) (DC 16), Explosive Bomb
Alchemist (Chirurgeon) Spells Known (CL 4, 3 melee touch, 6 ranged touch):
Str 10, Dex 16, Con 10, Int 19, Wis 10, Cha 9
Base Atk +3; CMB +3; CMD 16
Feats Brew Potion, Elven Weapon Proficiencies, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Throw Anything
Traits Forlorn, Sacred Touch
Skills Acrobatics +6, Appraise +8, Craft (Alchemy) +10, Craft (Traps) +8, Disable Device +10, Heal +6, Knowledge (Arcana) +11, Knowledge (Nature) +8, Perception +9, Sleight of Hand +7, Spellcraft +11, Survival +4, Use Magic Device +6 Modifiers Alchemy +4
Languages Celestial, Common, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Sylvan
SQ Elven Magic, Fast Poisoning (Move Action) (Ex), Infused Curative, Mutagen (DC 16) (Su), Precise Bombs (4 squares) (Su), Swift Alchemy (Ex)
Combat Gear Arrows (20), Arrows, Blunt (20), Dagger, Darkwood Longbow, Mithral Chain Shirt; Other Gear Thieves' tools, masterwork
Alchemy +4 (Su) +4 to Craft (Alchemy) to create alchemical items, can Id potions by touch.
Bomb 2d6+4 (8/day) (DC 16) (Su) Thrown Splash Weapon deals 2d6+4 fire damage.
Elven Immunities +2 save bonus vs Enchantments.
Elven Immunities - Sleep You are immune to magic sleep effects.
Elven Magic +2 to spellcraft checks to determine the properties of a magic item.
Explosive Bomb (Su) The alchemist’s bombs now have a splash radius of 10 feet rather than 5 feet. Creatures that take a direct hit from an explosive bomb catch fire, taking 1d6 points of fire damage each round until the fire is extinguished. Extinguishing the flames is
Fast Poisoning (Move Action) (Ex) Apply poison to a weapon as a move action.
Infused Curative At 2nd level, a chirurgeon's extracts of cure spells automatically act as infusions, and can be used by non-alchemists. When a chirurgeon prepares his extracts, he may choose to render any or all of his infused curatives inert and prepare othe
Low-Light Vision See twice as far as a human in low light, distinguishing color and detail.
Mutagen (DC 16) (Su) Mutagen adds +4 to a Physical attribute, -2 to a mental attribute, and +2 natural armor for 10 minutes/level.
Point Blank Shot +1 to attack and damage rolls with ranged weapons at up to 30 feet.
Poison Resistance +2 (Ex) +2 to save vs. Poison.
Precise Bombs (4 squares) (Su) Whenever the alchemist throws a bomb, he can select a number of squares equal to his Intelligence modifier that are not affected by the splash damage from his bombs.
Precise Shot You don't get -4 to hit when shooting or throwing into combat.
Sacred Touch You were exposed to a potent source of positive energy as a child, perhaps by being born under the right cosmic sign, or maybe because one of your parents was a gifted healer. As a standard action, you may automatically stabilize a dying creature mer
Swift Alchemy (Ex) You can construct alchemical items in half the normal time.
Throw Anything Proficient with improvised ranged weapons. +1 to hit with thrown splash weapons.

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If not for the obvious ears and hair, Tiabar would pass for another human mercenary archer dressed in his chain shirt and brown breeches with his bow in hand. There is a roughness about him similar to a wood elf, but his lean physique dispels any confusion that might arise.

Not surprisingly, Tiabrar is not heartily welcomed in most elven communities. Even more so due to his pursuit of alchemical magic while ignoring the more traditional magic. Many are offended that he would choose to enhance his physical skills at the expense of his mental capabilities. Tiabrar scoffs at his fellow elves and is convinced the art of alchemy and its potential has been too long ignored.

Tiabar enjoys drinking--anything--especially his own potions.

When treating the wounded he is almost tender, but in battle he grins as his enemies burn in flames.


Default Mutagen prepared each day is:
+4 Dex
-2 WIS
+2 Natural Armor

Extracts Known/Prepared:

2 starting, 4 for INT, 1 per level after 1st = 8 known at 3rd level
Can learn new ones like a wizard
1st - 4/day
OPEN - 1
Comprehend Languages
Cure Light Wounds - 1 prepared
Disguise Self
Endure Elements
Expeditious Retreat
Polypurpose Panacea
Shield - 1 prepared
True Strike - 1 prepared
2nd - 2/day

Attack Rolls:

Point Blank and/or Precise Shot might apply.
You can instead target a specific grid intersection. Treat this as a ranged attack against AC 5.

Ranged Bomb (Ranged touch +7)(7x day)
[dice]2d6+4[/dice] Fire damage
-Target takes 1d6 fire damage each round until the target spends a round extinguishing the flames and a successful DC 15 REF save.
-Splash damage is 6 (minimum damage from bomb). DC 15 REF save for half.

Darkwood Longbow +8



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