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The Beast of Lepidstadt

ThreeEyedSloth's page

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 448 posts (1,591 including aliases). 6 reviews. No lists. 3 wishlists. 15 Pathfinder Society characters. 8 aliases.

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One of the best


Mists of Mwangi tasks players with investigating strange occurences within the Blackros Museum, and why some of the staff have gone a little mad.

+ The premise is very simple, but incredibly fun. It provides a "Night at the Museum" style of exploration, leaving players guessing at what they'll come across next.

+ Varied encounters that are interesting and challenging, especially the final fight.

+ Strong theme, and players are potentially given a great roleplaying hook that encourages them to have fun with the adventure.

+ Non-linear progression means the party can explore the museum in any way they want, though it could possibly lead to an anti-climactic finale with the "final encounter" is engaged early.

Mists of Mwangi has long been one of my favorite scenarios and continues to be my go-to adventure for introducing players to the Pathfinder Society. It's a classic and introduces a setting and characters that will continue to be seen in future PFS scenarios over the years.

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Engaging and interesting

****( )

The Frozen Fingers of Midnight tasks players with seeking out a friend of a Venture-Captain that is seemingly ill, and discovering the cause of his illness.

+ Lots of great and memorable NPCs. If the GM puts in a little effort, Skelg and another important NPC can be fantastic characters that the players will remember for a long time.

+ Faction missions are good, and the GM can easily create some funny moments based on at least one particular mission.

+ One of the later encounters utilizes terrain in a way that requires the PCs to think about their surroundings and properly engage the enemy, which can be rare in adventures.

+ Encounters that allow players to completely bypass through negotiation and diplomacy are also rare, but Frozen Fingers gives players a chance to do so. It also creates some interesting story repercussions and moral quandries for PCs to think about.

- Most encounters are very easy and uninteresting, with the exception of one near the end.

All in all, Frozen Fingers is a very good scenario that could've been stellar, but a handful of lackluster encounters dings an otherwise amazing and fun adventure.

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Fun but flawed

***( )( )

Murder on the Silken Caravan tasks players with escorting a caravan carrying the fallen of one of their own across the Qadiran desert.

+ While "protect the caravan" is a overused RPG trope, there surprisingly aren't a whole lot of PFS scenarios that utilize it. It's a decent change of pace from a standard dungeon crawl or investigation.

+ A couple of encounters are very fun and memorable, especially for a low-level party.

+ Plenty of good roleplaying opportunities at the beginning of the scenario.

- The required prep for GMs is a bit high. There isn't any included sidebars or info regarding overland travel or hot weather conditions, considering the party is likely to be armed and donning armor.

- Encounters with an overwhelming number of enemies, especially at low level, can be very frustrating and unfair. GMs should probably use non-optimal tactics against a tier 1-2 party, otherwise it's very easy to cause a TPK.

Overland desert adventures can be a lot of fun, and Murder on the Silken Caravan provides a simple but enjoyable adventure that is unforunately marred a bit by a lack of helpful GM information and a few bad encounters.

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Fun but ultimately generic

***( )( )

The Hydra's Fang Incident tasks players with tracking down a contact on board a renegade Chelish boat that is causing quite a bit of destruction.

+ Pirate and water-themed adventures are always fun and provide a change of scenery from the usual dungeons or wilderness.

+ A few encounters can be quite challenging, requiring players to plan and use smart tactics to prevail.

+ One of the encounters involving boats and water-based combat is very exciting and memorable.

- The overall plot is a little messy for players to follow. It's easy to forget what the party's motivations are for going on this quest. The faction missions also muddy up the waters in terms of objective.

- The final encounter felt very random and out of place compared to the rest of the scenario. It's also incredibly dangerous for low-level parties.

The Hydra's Fang Incident is a fun low-level PFS scenario, but ultimately fails to overcome its rather sloppy story and off-putting final encounter and become a really great adventure. Still, it's decent enough and worth playing or running once.

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A great start

****( )

Silent Tide pits the players in a life-or-death struggle with an unstoppable force that threatens to destroy Absalom.

+ One of the best introductions to any PFS scenario. The stakes are immediately raised and creates a very fun amount of tension to get things rolling.

+ Very unique and memorable encounters all around. Lots of interesting terrain and locations to fight in that will stick in players' heads for a long time.

+ The main group of bad guys aren't mechanically special, but their appearance and flavor is strong and intimidating, especially at low tiers.

+ There's a real sense of urgency that if the players don't act quickly, the entire city could be killed. Creating player agency is difficult, but Silent Tide pulls it off well and early.

- The difficulty is fairly low, which is barely a complaint. However, the final encounter is a bit anti-climactic, especially considering everything else that came before it.

- The primary antagonist is pretty boring and uninteresting, especially compared to the great minions of the Silent Tide that the party has been encountering so far.

All in all, Silent Tide remains one of the more memorable PFS scenarios even after its debut 7 years ago. Highly recommended as a great starting adventure for new Pathfinder Society players.

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