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Thornborn's page

300 posts. Alias of KRNVR.


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3d12 in order for DJ

1d12 ⇒ 2
1d12 ⇒ 2
1d12 ⇒ 7

"reroll one of them"

1d12 ⇒ 4

1d4 ⇒ 1
1d4 ⇒ 2
1d4 ⇒ 3

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It may not say it gives a bonus to disguise, but if the assassins (or the palace guards, if you're the assassin) are looking for gender XX, and you're now an XY?

"Stop that woman! She looks like this wanted poster, if you shave off the beard and pluck the brows a bit..."

While I wouldn't want to add such to my 'treasure table', in the local tabletop game where a half-ogre entered chained to a wall as arena-fodder, part of my scene setting was a certain unsympathetic NPC saying, "Me? I'm just waiting for you to get killed. Already sold your stones to a witch!"

might a demi-ent also request a copy?

At 50 seconds.

That's the bluff check.

But with PotP, he's actually speaking those languages, and saying what he's trying to say?

He can dance around with mice, and 'Make a pretty dress for Cinderelly'?

He can cutscene and flashcrowd with a dozen mini-lab-coated elven techs, and at the end, have produced the KN:Engineering solution to the missing maguffin?


Wait, all day, forever?


Ravingdork wrote:
Thornborn wrote:
If a good fight lasts five rounds, and your damage doubles, the opposition suddenly 'will have been' breeding doubly-tough monsters, which you'll meet very soon... I acknowledge this is not the case in PFS.
Assuming you are doing it because of a new combination the player came up with rather than typical level/CR advancement, I've always viewed this as rather bad GMing. If you are having a problem with a player character's new toy or trick, you should talk to the player and resolve the root of the problem, not compound it by killing everyone else with strong monsters.

If I let a trick in, my players know I will still challenge them. My players rely upon me to present challenges. So while I will celebrate WITH them, their latest gizmonic, possibly joke about it smelling of cheese, they know the presence of the new method is not going to _only_ let them kill 2.4 more city guards a round. The new cannon is going to also blow open the door of the Iron House, and let out the legion of lightning golems.

Because it was always about fighting cooler stuff with cooler stuff, not about pasting mooks more efficiently.

And I think it's rather good GMing.

I find both "No, you can't have it, not even going to talk about it" and "OK, you win, they're all dead, now go home", as bad GMing.

Ravingdork wrote:
Also, I find it best to just leave it be if it doesn't appear to be diminishing the fun of anyone else. I've found that oftentimes, the apparent problem lies with the GM alone. (Even so, a GM should strive to have fun too.) Whenever one of my players comes up with a powerful character, concept, combo, or whatever, I revel in their joy and keep the story moving forward as already prescribed by my notes or the module in question. The only time I step in is when it is causing problems for others (such as stealing away too much of the limelight or whatnot).

I agree with all of the above, with the caveat that if a new toy breaks something, I'm supposed to have something else ready to serve.

To keep this remotely on topic, I think the feat is pure flavor for low-levels, where my games start, and I expect of myself that I would adapt as PCs leveled up.

Reporting from the low end of the spectrum, 2 ranks gives a 50% success on 1st-level spells and a tiny chance on 2nd-level spells. 3 ranks gives a 70% chance on 1st-level spells and a 40% chance on 2nd-level spells.

Assuming perfect solving of the 'use these dice to make a number' puzzle.

I don't see this as a problem with the character/player/npc/setting_element I'm already allowing to do other miraculous things. I like that my narrative can now model such things.

Game balance is always an illusion. If a good fight lasts five rounds, and your damage doubles, the opposition suddenly 'will have been' breeding doubly-tough monsters, which you'll meet very soon... I acknowledge this is not the case in PFS.

This feat with Still and Silent could let your sorc cast while bound and gagged.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Very nice art. I can see the motion.

It seems fair to ask him to charge the mouth, both for the legality and the evocative licking of wounds to heal them.

I suppose I might accept a headbutt, from a cat, as a way to deliver a heal.

Rather than look back with regrets, just inform the players "We've got to check our maths better in the future". We is an important word there.

Then I would suggests the ghosts of HiroshXXXXXXPitax begin to percolate, and that dire warning from Commune come, "Let not the ghosts wake the Sleeper"...

That Kaiju thing is very cool, but so is the ghost thing.

And you could have some NPC point out to the Oracle, the Kaiju is apparently immortal. :)

I don't think you can get a piece of a Solar from which to grow a Simulacrum, in the first place. I think they're like elementals, like all the plane-stuff-made direct servants of the planes.

Frostbite? Chill Touch?

If you're letting yourself 'skin' the effects, they might work.

using a flask of acid as an 'alchemical power component lets the acid splash do damage over TWO rounds...

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Opinion: Against synergy here, owing to the specifically stated 'one attack roll'. But I wouldn't mind if my GM ruled otherwise. And with a barb that wasn't otherwise coated in cheese, I might allow it.

"They're really more actual guidelines"

A garden, still beautiful though seeming untended, in that the plants just seem to have not needed tending. This is the home of a nymph, wintering/summering/(whatever season it is, she always spends that season here, out of affection for one of the long-dead elves, to remember her lost friend). Whatever undeads lurk, they will not enter or pursue into the garden.

Perhaps the caryatids ward the garden from the undead, and from casual vandals? (Don't cut the roses!) Similar caryatids might mark the tomb of the nymph's friend, where a passage might be found to some other point of interest? Of course, the caryatids might bar passage. (Better bring a rose!)

On the coffin of the friend, is a rose, either still perfect and white, or long withered and black. GM decides. The nymph, when told of it (and she will ask), weeps, either joyfully or with a broken heart. If the latter, perhaps ordering her garden and caryatids to attack! (How old-school are you? LOL)

Bear in mind the glassworks might be happy to help with some of the more specialized equipments.

I last used an illusion (silent image) to drape a shop's windows while we searched it, so our lanterns would not be seen by neighbors or watchmen.

The line from Keep Calm and Carrion, "Illusions that entertain your GM" is perhaps the BEST way of warning you to work on Illusions with your GM. And if your GM is the sort that has more fun when you're having less, reconsider using illusions. Find one of the bulletproof guides to some Flavor of the Month, instead.

16 people marked this as a favorite.

"Carnivorous Apes jump from the trees! Roll initiative!"

"Um, what trees? We're in a desert...?"

"You didn't see the trees? Then you're surprised!"

1 person marked this as a favorite.

No argument that the cantrip should not be able to trump the higher-level-spell-granted scent power available from beast shape?


It would remove the blood and grime and weapon holes if you'd been struck. It would remove any bonus to track by scent that the blood might have given, any bonus to identify you by sight that the blood might have caused.

It would not cause you to stop smelling like the 'guy who had been there', nor stop looking like the 'guy who had been there', but it would in each sense keep you from smelling/looking 'bloody'.

Ferocious Fighter wrote:
Ok that stirge one is actually funny enough for me to believe it wasn't a bad call...

It wasn't just a bad call, it was a hunting, with all the other PCs guided out of the scene. Copy the following from an earlier post of mine:

This is kind of topical. I'll leave it here, with the superscript that both sides can be wrong at once in these questions. And the other guy being wrong doesn't change how wrong you might be.

Mourn the lost mage, Rtilliu
(Hurloff his first name)

Who wanted to be half-ogre
(Just 'big' was not the same)

The GM said, "Your eyes don't glow"
"Your teeth are normal, too"

But Hurloff had his self-image
'The demon-mage Rtilliu'

I recount so you'll be assured
None of these weighed a wit

And all was fair and above board
When Hurloff, while stirge-bit

Did cast his lonely magic spell
And Mage Armor did form

Around Hurloff, and the stirge too!
(Which kept both snuggly warm)

Mourn the lost mage, Rtilliu
(Hurloff his first name)

Who wanted to be half-ogre
(just 'big' was not the same)

that barrels full of flammable/explosive chemical have a radius of effect based on taking the gallons of contents flask-by-flask

that the sloshing, splashing chemical above somehow is not ignited by flaming arrows, only by zombies dropping torches into it, according to The Plan

that best 3-of-4d6 is fair, beside best 1-of-300-npcs for the bff's character

that 12 random bar patrons carrying furniture ("delivering a barfight") make no sound on approach down an inn hallway, until one takes an axe to the room door

that all female elves have a chance to snore. Really, all of them. We're just going to check for your PC first...

that Mage Armor cast after a stirge attaches, will also protect the stirge...

First things first.

Glad you're still in the real world.

Take your time. And here's some good wishes to go wïth.

If things were going to be changed, moving the 'stoptracking' "x" from just after the new post count (close enough I can accidentally hit it when using my phone), to the other side of the thread name, would be great. Or moving the post count similarly?

Thank you for considering it.

It is a hazard. I did like Furnok's quiet determination. Hard to know what game will go on, and for how long.

This is Arean, BTW.

11. "Play Stairway to Heaven? Dude, I'm gonna make a stairway to heaven!"

Joana wrote:
Gristav, you know you can deal nonlethal damage by taking a -4 on the attack roll, right?

Please. Permitted as stands? Shall I reroll? Please take my proxy to resolve, I've got to get these lasagnae en route.

I think it's clear, one chooses before one rolls, whether one is making a touch spellish attack or a more normal weaponish attack. There is no forgiveness built into the system for choosing badly.

I also think it would be a great houserule default or a houserule feat or something, for a wuxia magic campaign or a cult of magical assassins.

Because ALL the mages swinging staves and knives and such is a cool visual.

I read No (but I could see a GM ruling yes) and Yes, citing 'cast a spell into a pint of water'.

Upside: Spells targeted on you might instead target the roomate.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Suggests Paizo is clear.

Joana wrote:
(My list of NPCs on the Campaigns tab is at least partially for me so I don't forget everyone I've introduced. I think that's the first time I've typed Cas's name this whole game that I haven't had to go look up how to spell it!)

"Cousin's sick" has been my mnemonic.

The Bag of Trickeds

This bag, when found, typically will appear to contain nothing. If felt into without looking within, a small, warm, vaguely-sensed object is detected. If it is drawn forth, it becomes surrounded by mists, and enlarges and resolves into (The New PC). At this point, the bag will suddenly contain various adventuring equipments as might be expected to be used by (The New PC). These cannot be removed from the bag by others, by any means, short of the death of (The New PC). (The New PC) will be helpless for an hour, disoriented for the next, dazed for an hour after that, and thereafter, normal. If the adventurer's equipments are all removed from the bag, the bag will thereafter show in the gloom at its bottom the sparkle of something metallic and silvery. If the unknown something is reached for, the person reaching becomes the bag's next occupant. If they are drawn forth promptly, their helplessness will be only very brief. Their equipments will be found in the bag, as expected. Occupancy of a Bag of Trickeds for long periods of time often causes profound and lasting amnesia, delusional memories of distant places and events, or combinations thereof. Or not. :)

Find and take ownership of the greatest single oxen or cow (or whale...) Repeatedly Restore Corpse, and butcher that oxen all day long and into the next... it's a miracle! (Purify Food and Drink, is required)

Dream Feast, not useful as it affects only one creature, unless that creature is a milk cow... the starving cattle fatten and give milk! It's a miracle!

Abstemiousness, similar to above.

I think the real trouble is not can you help, but can you keep from hurting, when you have to go away?

You have to leverage your time in the city performing miracles into a time of teaching, planting seeds in hearts and gardens, both.

Edit: And there's a Heirophant Path power that lets you cast Create Food and Drink all day long. Maybe the famine is incarnate, someplace, and defeating it gets you that next tier, and the path power?

Not sure I can compete, but I really want to see another of your collection.

I'll do my best.

colemcm wrote:
Ascalaphus wrote:

It's the Small Reinforced bows that vex me most. But I do think we're on the right track here. We're going to make the crossbow the shotgun to the longbow's SMG.


Side note. A friend told me tonight that historically, crossbowmen had civilian sidekicks that wound up their crossbows, so they could rotate through several bows at a time to keep up rate of fire.

Except the rules would probably require a move action to take a crossbow from someone.

If the bow is so heavy it takes three rounds to windlass it to cocked position, I can hide behind an arrow slit with three people winding.

Fire bow A, drop bow A, pick up Bow B. Helper A picks up Bow A, starts to wind it...

I suppose they could also shoot, if the bows were lighter, but... we only have one arrow slit? :)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Fractal Faerie Tales
The 6th Hart

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Poor Wandering One wrote: unblock-able means of sending secure, if quite limited messages.

The Light cantrip works similarly. I don't think it's transplanar.

A flambard is a bastard sword with a wavy blade that grants +4 to Sunder vs wood-hafted weapons.

I'd put the Black Blade with the Paladin's warhorse or the Falconer Ranger's bird under 'reasons not to expect strict RAW... duh' when copypasta.

To keep that splash-weapon a viable option longer, consider the Hybridization Funnel, which might (depending on the local GMoid field polarity) allow you to apply your INT to damage, twice, while doing Holy/Fire damage, or Fire/Acid, or whatever.

We also used it to make a burger topping that tastes like Barbeque Sauce AND Ketchup, and not like both mixed together. (My Alchemist was a chef...)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Saltines for the 'whistler' bard?

A cat's cradle for the archer?

Chinese finger trap?

They were playing rocket tag, and the dragon lost? I can't feel bad about it, considering the OP also told us of lots of other rockets being fired back and forth.

I'm not smelling any cheese. Just cordite.

"I Withdraw from the invisible guy who might be threatening."

"But there is NO invisible guy."

"Suuuure. I still Withdraw."

It's arguable the -4 to weapon attacks from Blackened is not intended to affect spellcasting, given that Blackened _includes_ Scorching Ray.

If a guy at my table dipped out of Sorceror for flavor, and wound up two levels delayed for spells, I would not also apply a -4 to his ray spell 'to hit' rolls.

Derringer wrote:
Ricard the Daring wrote:
Not had crane wing come up in any of the games I've been in, but it didn't seem overpowered before the nerf. Most enemies you come up against have multiple attacks anyways, and most combats you'll be fighting multiple enemies. Don't really get why it was nerfed. Out of interest though, how are you multiclassing monk/barbarian? I though monks have to be lawful and barbarians have to be non-lawful.
Ex-monks who become non - lawful lose none of their abilities. My character was sent off for monk training to deal with his rage issues as a teen. After returning from the monastery his training hasn't entirely stuck. He still tries to control himself but fails sometimes. He is 10th level and he has only gone into rage 5 times total.

"ROLEPLAY!" /Lovitz Master Thespian

1 person marked this as a favorite.

IF your GM is building his encounters and campaign to suit the PC party, your build 'power' is irrelevant, and there are no 'traps'. If he's running canned adventures without modifications, and there's no other arcane blast-bot, the fact you'll be _two_ levels behind a wizard's spell-level access _might_ be a problem.

That's always the single greatest determinant; the GM's style. And a lot of GM's cater and adjust, but pretend they don't, like carnival rides don't have names like 'Padded Safety Belt!'. While other GM's throw softballs until they get mad, then break out the OwlBearLichHolders.

So, as always, talk to your GM.

Other factors: the loss of DEX might hinder your use of rays and other ranged touch attacks, as will the dipping in a non-full BAB class. But you'll adapt around that, I'd expect.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I disagree with the manner of the adjustment of the power of Crane Wing. That so many have so much to say on the question proves the answer is important. Observing Kudaku's 'expiration date', I wonder if language like:

This block can only be made against attacks of opponents smaller than the character's size. For every 3 BAB of the character, one size category larger can be blocked. An unusually-large weapon for a wielder (does|does not) affect this limit.

...might serve well. Too late? Sure. But offered with hope.

As I GM I don't rule out homebrew (I'm gathering you mean for character builds), but I'd be up front with the player about how a homebrew for flavor, at 80% of the power of official material, will be welcomed much more swiftly than a homebrew at 100% power or better. Then I say, "So if you want max raw power, talk to Whale" (our local alpha-geek for rules) "Because if you try to homebrew for power, we'll waste a lot of time that could have been spent actually playing."

Outside of character builds, I use a lot of homebrew, often building a monster or NPC or effect from an image I've found. That (hopefully) gives me a lot of practice balancing things.

Lene Lovitch Cats Away is an instrumental that always seemed to me to be a 70's Saturday Morning urban superhero team theme song.

Johnny Cash' Thirteen

She's Come Undone

We should let ourselves put down the mental burdens of things that don't affect our life today. Even if they are ill past of us, we can be well past of them.

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