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Thornborn's page

379 posts. Alias of KRNVR.


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Doesn't any underground manufactured space count as 'urban' or 'dungeon'? (RAW question)

Shouldn't even an urban Druidic Grove count as 'forest'? (RAI question)

(And both rhetorical)

I know that common sense is far from the last word in Rules Court, so I know that this isn't going to change anyone's mind about what anything ELSE means.

But if a human with no natural weapons, and thus no natural weapon attacks, can use a method to gain two claw natural weapons, which then go on the human's two hands-and-arms 'limbs', and GRANT two natural weapon attacks...

And a human can gain two more limbs which are declared to give no more attacks (remember, those first two limbs the human was born with also granted no more attacks)...

Then it seems to me another trip to the 'gain claws on two upper limbs' method would grant two more natural weapons attacks.

If Vestigial Limb said, 'this limb cannot attack', that might be clearer than 'this limb does not grant extra attacks', because one might read the scenario I outline above as Vestigial Limb not granting any extra attacks, but rather the claw-source method granting those attacks.

If as a GM you're not comfy with a four-armed four-clawed slashing NPCeeple eater, well, disallow it. If as a player your GM isn't comfy with this, don't do it.

The rules are thousands of pages. Torture them long enough, they'll admit to anything. But 'reasonable' is only one word.

It's magic. It affects everything and everybody you're carrying at the time of casting, nothing you cannot envelop afterward, and nothing you put down.

You could shoot from inside an invisible tent. The tent stays invisible, you stay invisible inside it, anybody nearby gets a roll to see your arrow slit.

Invisibility is not a lice/tick/Xill egg detector. You can't 'not open' the trapped box by invisibility-ing the lid. You Would make the whole box and contents invisible to outside observers. Shroedinger's cat in a box made invisible after the cat was put in, cannot see outside the box, nothing has changed for him.

All old-school gamer opinion, above.

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Make something up.

The Flask of Regret

This clear flask radiates enchantment magic only when filled with the regrets of a person who died while in contact with it. When empty, there is nothing to show it as anything more than a normal, if perhaps finely-made, crystal tube such as might be used for perfumes or alchemies.

The regrets of a dying person are rendered by the magic of the flask into a sort of syrup, light or dark, thick or thin, and colored evocatively of the regret. Thus, a dark, blood-hued syrup might be formed from regretted untaken violent revenge, while a rose-hued syrup the thickness of tears might form for unrequited love.

A filled Flask of Regret cannot be unstoppered accidentally, nor can it be broken into bestowing the regret. However, the first person opening the flask, even if unaware of the enchantment or contents, will find themselves possessed of the memories of the deceased, on all matters related to the stored regret.

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Hey, you know who gets to make the call of what's cool to discuss here on this free forum run by a game company?

Not you.

Please do not interfere with staff as they operate this vehicle.

It's too bad if you were just about to cure cancer or solve terrorism. But if you're THAT GOOD at what you're doing, if your words are so important you have to oppose Liz doing her job, you need to go say them somewhere else. This is not the place for such thoughts.

It's just a game forum.

37. It turns out Fleshfester Fever is actually an anaphylactic reaction to a spore-borne fungal infestation. And that stuff we thought was soot on the ceilings? Um...

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Matthew Downie wrote:

Is it an OWLbear an OWL?

Is an owlbEAR an EAR?

A tORCh is an ORC weapon...

That is my understanding.

Local bard uses the cantrip to summon instruments that he then Rough and Ready into battle with, using some other trait/feat to auto-confirm crits by smashing the guitar over the badguy.

...which might not be what you intend, at all. :)

Is it possible the player is using the ACCELERATE word twice in one casting?

I think I recall it's not possible for the caster to use the same word twice, but I can see how a player might read things differently.

I'm not sure I'd rule against repeating the effect word, given the system is partly about layering effects.

Happy to see WOP in the wild.

The '15' puzzle dungeon, composed of sections on rails that can slide past each other. At some interval, changes occur, with distant grinding noises, near grinding noises, or Reflex saves vs Prone status, depending on whether the section moving is far, near, or the same as the section the party is in.

The 'gap' in the sections might be impassible, or it might be the actual way forward. If it is, it's surely trapped/inhabited/machinery...

3 people marked this as a favorite.

It's a Sleep spell. It has a sort of 'common law' precedent from back when Invisibility was forever and Haste aged your friends. From back before the concept of 'conditions'.

It was the one shot the one-hp mage had, and it had a better-than-average chance of overpowering the available enemy targets and hitting the player characters, and yes, it made all affected unaware, prone, disarmed, blind, and helpless. And it would take a whole minute to wake up a friend, or kill an enemy.

A lot has changed. But I don't think the Conditions scaffold that was added to my Temple of Elemental Evil is supposed to obscure the stained glass of Saint Evilmancer Slumbering the White Knights.

I see how nowadays Sleep's peanut butter has been spread thin, all the way to at-will Hexes. And you'd perhaps like to water it down.

But it always bothers me when the feats of the great heroes of old (sometimes, of yesterday) become impossible, because the rules change.

If it were a 'Dire Daze' spell, you could do as you like. But it's Sleep. Would you really have the tightrope-walker remain balanced during it? The foe on the stairs? The one climbing the wall? The rope ladder? You're driving well past the median on the road to Interpretation, you've taken a left turn onto Wannanerf.

Don't Crane Wing my Sleep spell.

I think I'd just rule 'benefited from this hex' to be actually re-rolling a die, so A) one benefit per day, and B) missing the window to benefit or failing to Cackle so the Fortune lapses is not so much of a loss, just Fortune again.

I expect folk can point me to why I'm wrong, but I think this approach will play more smoothly.

I would read it as "...of the creature type whose form you plan to assume." (Italics are my additional word)

Human for human, orc for orc, etc.

I have read it thus, while GMing.

I can see that other readings are possible.

In the spirit of a specific home game, I might rule (or expect a ruling) that the spell allows closer approximation, perhaps with the copy-target alive and on hand (perhaps literally). But I think the existing bonus to disguise checks satisfies both logics: [you have shapechanged to look like the target] AND [Shapechange can never be perfect]. Because +whatever to a skill roll is not ever 'perfect'.

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
*enters graveyard with a lonely, flickering candle, sets it down by a double grave marked City of Heroes/City of Villains, and leaves without a word*

A lone seagull watches, and never makes a sound.

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If you buy an umbrella, it should not rain any less.

If you use an umbrella, it should not wind any more.

Sometimes, the story will be about how you had to chase your umbrella when the wind took it away.

Construct your golem as a hollow shell, with a lot of padding so you don't get too bruised if you have to shelter inside it.

Then your GM can show some minotaurs or something getting shredded by automated defenses, dart storms and slashing adamant blades. One hero-minotaur manages to parry a blade, and all this is observed. How to get to the defenses controls? The suit can absorb the dart storms, but not dodge the blades. The 'rager could use his BAB to parry, but the darts would shred him over time.

But the 'rager, INSIDE the suit... Good thing all that padding is removable.

So much cool. <-- That is a dot

78. Because somewhere among them, is the plot hook for the next chapter.

79. Because the GM will have someone else save them if I don't, and that guy is my rival.

80. Because I just remembered, my backstory includes a situation just like this, and NEVER AGAIN!

81. Because it should take about an hour and a half, and we've already missed the first showing of that new movie.

One thing I think might be true is that a modern education and media exposure has given many of us 'bardic knowledge'. It's very easy to know a little bit about a whole lot, when the internet has been bringing it to you most of your life.

Can you fake a doppleganger scare? Swap his shoes when he takes them off for airline security?

If you have an exact copy, you must have contacted the original jeweler, so you might know if there's any inscription. Let's hope no inscription.

"Say, I have that same ring..." your operative says, showing the twin. "What's the inscription, in yours?"

"Yes, inscribed. Kind of hard to see, but here..." (takes off the ring, shows prestidigitated inscription, a line of verse, a blessing, or curse, or whatever might pique the mark's interest)

"What's in yours?"

If he takes it off, FIREBALL or such, something to make him drop it. Your operative makes sure to get the real ring, and the absence of inscription proves the mark has his own ring back.

It's overly-elaborate. Some GMs love such things.

What would be wrong with a level one wall of force? It's totally defensive, stops line of effect for player characters, too...

It only controls a path if it's the only path. (And I might welcome players being a tad more actually aware of the map.) So it's very much less useful out-of-doors.

Instead of comparing it to a Wall of Force, OMG!, try comparing it to a Tower Shield, NBD.

This is a tricky problem.

Player is late or absent, do you let their character be involved? Yes supports the narrative, no simplifies things for a harried GM. (Who runs the character? Does the player have some right to veto choices made in the player's absence?)

Player absent, character present, does character get XP? Yes supports the narrative and keeps party all of-a-level, no guides the narrative toward the underlevelled PC exiting the stage (but that assumes the player is gone for good, perhaps it causes the player be gone for good).

Player absent, character absent, does character get XP? This is not a trick question, just a tricky situation. On any particular night, we'd like to all be similarly powerful. We all see the folly of mixed power levels in a game that assumes otherwise.

If you think your late-coming players are a problem, I have co-players who miss three sessions and then complain of falling behind in their concept and growth. Other co-players who run off on a tangent and narratively trap their character away from the party (And then run an absent player's character...). We're running a sandbox, and the sand gets in the gears. :)

Back in the days of random stats, long before WBL 20-pt characters and such assumed and regulated regularities, a new character was 1st level, even if the party was higher. They caught up quickly. It was no big deal. It doesn't need to be a big deal, now.

Unless one sees the regulated regularities as a right.

Speaking to the OP, though? That team earned that XP.

You'll need the buy-in of your GM, but

If a statue with a Magic Mouth spell opens it's mouth to speak, you might put a ring in it's mouth, so it falls away when it speaks. Any number of mechanical systems can then be controlled by the Mouth's sensorium.

If you're willing to wait for your traps to go off, an item spell version of, say, a blacksmith's forge-fire might be sewn into the lining of your bat-mask... and replaced on a regular schedule, one would hope.

Five d100s:
1d100 ⇒ 62
1d100 ⇒ 52
1d100 ⇒ 96
1d100 ⇒ 26
1d100 ⇒ 22

Hmm. Look at all the 2's and 6's...

Air-related magical anomaly
Powerful Good Imprisoned
(Reroll one of above, then roll again:
1d100 ⇒ 92 Another 2
Something that will make people laugh when they read it pressure
1d100 ⇒ 80
A vast repository of information)
Mutual hostility between all intelligent races
Lost/hidden civilization

The Author sleeps. The Great Pen is still, the Hallowed Brush empty of ink, since the Eon Wind scattered and jumbled The Works of the Author. Such True reflections of the Author-Mind, and of reality, their scattering, was a shattering, of the Author's consciousness. Their Chaos, now the Author's dream, or nightmare.

But order has come. The Dwarrow, the Edhel, Men... even some machines. They've found their way, through the Chaos, to the Library. And they all work, to bring Order, once again. Cataloguing, collating, combining. Alphabetizing...

Each in their own alphabet.

26 letters in THIS alphabet. :)

In a local game I have a custom-race(tiny flying plant) Witch-dipped(Prehensile VINE, Swamp's Grasp planned) Alchemist(Bramble Brewer? She's not, but you could be).

So, Bramble Brewer with a Witch dip?

My local toon has been allowed to use the Rogue Genius swaps (which are like what unchained wanted to be, but they were there first) to keep her Hexen level up (swapped for Bombs) and take Youxia (swapped for Mutagens).

Alchemist might flavorfully leverage phytotoxins and drugs? My toon's not yet rich enough for such toys.

I'm a fan of MessageEase keyboard. Complex appearance, simple use, and you could make the 'keys' as large as you like.

"The Handed Races", is my humble suggestion. It has that implicit awareness of a parity between, say, a bear and a woodsman. But one has hands, and has learned to use them, and the other has natural tools.

I think when an animal reports to a druid of a human, or an dwarf, or a goblin, the term they use translates to 'man'. It's just human hubris to imagine that 'man' applies only to themselves.

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We had a local game that began in the ruins of a magical school...

Anyway, part of the backstory we built for the PCs (all survivors of the schoolpocalypse) was that we had all played 'lasertag' with Disrupt Undead.

One INT-challenged sorceress PC never did actually use the 'lasertag' spell against the undead we faced. When coached to do so, she'd look confused, and ask, 'why?'.

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"Was that iron-bound book very valuable?"

"Did you know there's an apprentice's union?"

"I was practicing my Old High Draconic declensions while dusting in the Special Library. I'd never noticed the echo, before..."


<in another voice> "I'm FREE!"

thunderbeard wrote:
Meanwhile, Sir Darren gets seasick real easily and probably wouldn't join your crew without a properly compelling interest.

Did you not see her character picture? :)

Also, a late but sincere dot.

"What is the sound of one hand striking?" <strikes>

The land is part of a grant from King Longago An'faraway to a noble of a house that is still extant. It's status is perhaps clouded, but all the most important parties agree, it's not yours.

The castle is the personal property of that long-lost noble. Perhaps, if you could actually prove the noble's dead, his heirs might lease it to you?

In other words, it's not part of your Wealth-By-Level, it's hooks for the next adventure!

At least, in a perfect world, it is.

Did I read they entered at 5 and went down, with 6 remaining unexplored?

They can overhear, from the opposition facing them:

"How'd they get in?"

"From the top, I guess."

"They came through the demon's room?"

"Must have."

"And you want to face them?"

"You want to face the master?!"

"Hey, I was... charmed."

I'm always wary of 'discovered check' GMing, and I'm speaking as a GM here. If thrown net + shrink item = area damage, then what about an adamant wire net?

My experience is that 'hooray - you've cleverly doomed us all!' is not what I want at my table.

I'd probably rule the shrinking net breaks where it needs to, rather than wounding/strangling/bisecting those within.

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In times past, some bowed in the direction of Redmond.

I was not among them. For while I welcomed their wisdoms and their arts, I was not blind to their foolishness.

The heroes of the past were capable of deeds, that seem to us, impossible. Impossible, because the rules have changed.

Would Heracles allow that his club be ruled a light weapon, and then never place his off hand on it?

Thank them, for the common framework and language, to describe our heroes and their enemies. But don't... obey them. They're trying to fence in, to herd, lost sheep.

If you weren't lost, don't be herded.

I've got an elven alchemist named 'Cookie', he does things like make a tongues sandwich for Comprehend Languages, other similar silliness.

If that's the sort of thing you mean, I'll try to find his notes and share more.

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Despite my avatar, I am in no way employed by or allied with Dryads singly or in any plurality.

But what I know of humanity suggests to me, that on the occasions when a man returned from their company, that man would be badgered into confirming sexual congress. And any denials of such would be taken as lies.

So OF COURSE the reputation of Dryads is salacious. Humanity is very ready to believe of itself that it is universally desirable. Even by plants.

TL;DR: Four words. Out of your league.

True that. Plan A was at greater distance, if you speak of the illusion. If you speak of the invitation, it would be entirely sincere.

I'd rather the diplomat do the diplomacy, of course. The swordsman the fighting, witch the spelling, etc.

If Gris isn't lying, Pip can do what, gut-check?

Goblin Squad Member

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Y'know what's disturbing? All these guys wanting this account, PMing me, have like 1 post each. I almost have to wonder who they are.

Because I had to create the GW account to get the list of swag, is it now that I have to sell that account (with my name on it) to an unhistoried unknown?

I might rather keep it, than have a 'Thornborn' GW account doing something nefarious.

Goblin Squad Member

Having built an account, I see the following:

Reward Quantity
New Player Pack 1
Destinys Twin 1
Daily Deals 1
Alliance Pack 1
Open Enrollment 1
1 Month game time 2
Head Start 1
Shield Mate 1
Character Name Reservation 1

I'll PM w/ my telephone number, we can work out the transfer, assuming service continues. I'm inside that blizzard in the Northeast.

Goblin Squad Member

I bought in to support the concept, but I knew I didn't have the time to MMO, and I think I've actually opened only 3 of those 104 updates they've sent me. Didn't bother me, I'd seen it as paying back, or forward, or whatever.

Hadn't thought to cash out, except that that would be not really paying back, anymore.

But here you are, you want it to use, and why shouldn't you have this one? Well, I guess, you should.

Which update will tell me if I have what you want?


“Let go your earthly teather…”

I think you want 'tether'.

Unless it's an earth elemental infant chewing on a ruby or something.


One low-roll I built was Lem Menayd, the Helpful Halfling Dragon Cavalier, built to hand out +3 AC to everybody near him, and honestly let the Riding Hound do most of his fighting (while getting +3AC).

Another was Megekki, the half-sane human with the feat for Orcish Heritage, and his only good stat in CON, so Witchdoctor became an option.

Malkith ain't here, and Dayn's not complaining, and it all looks good on you?

And Gris doesn't have place to speak to a split he's not seen as part of.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I recall somebody's shrink item+permanency'd teepee worn as the traditional wizard's conical hat, so any AMF would enlarge the teepee, and thus block line of effect to the wizard, who could then teleport away...

I don't know the card game (ducking!), but is an ability to send a low-will opponent from the combat suitable in power?

Call it, "I'll be in my Bunk"

The problem with even that level of description, is that characters change. I don't think I've actually had a toon that developed in obediance to any plan I might have had for them. So describing toons so GMs can jigsaw us together is somewhat unproductive, since toons and plans change. Even parties change, with people dropping and replacements coming on.

If I put myself in the place of the GM, I think I'd be trying to check off, or double- or triple-check off, broad functions, maybe...?

Can Heal, Can Hurt, Can Take It, Can Steal, Can Wheel&Deal?

Father, Fist, Fort, Fingers, Face, ...Fireball?

Whatever we might agree on, somebody will show up who doesn't fit. Call them 'Fancy', maybe. :)

I know my Monk, who in a previous aborted playthrough dipped Magus, doesn't think of himself as a 'Martial', but he's not, at level one, anything like 'Skilled', and even after dipping, isn't the party's 'Arcane'.

The real issue in the list you were making was the thirty-five applicants, with people like my monk and the face-arcane summoner and her scout-ghost eidolon. That's Fancy. :)

Am I a Lion? I don't think of myself as a Lion...

Brawler, the new class, offers no loss of BAB, and a choose-when-you-use-it Combat Feat 4/day. So there's no, "If only he'd taken bla-bla" regrets. And Bodyguard is on the list. Take it with Barroom Brawler feat, and he can be very specifically effective for things he sees coming. In Harm's Way, is what I'm thinking here. As a GM, I'd have to be careful not to crowd the Barb-Ranger.

And smarter people than me will arrive soon, with better advice. :)

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