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Thornborn's page

272 posts. Alias of KRNVR.


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Upside: Spells targeted on you might instead target the roomate.

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Suggests Paizo is clear.

Joana wrote:
(My list of NPCs on the Campaigns tab is at least partially for me so I don't forget everyone I've introduced. I think that's the first time I've typed Cas's name this whole game that I haven't had to go look up how to spell it!)

"Cousin's sick" has been my mnemonic.

The Bag of Trickeds

This bag, when found, typically will appear to contain nothing. If felt into without looking within, a small, warm, vaguely-sensed object is detected. If it is drawn forth, it becomes surrounded by mists, and enlarges and resolves into (The New PC). At this point, the bag will suddenly contain various adventuring equipments as might be expected to be used by (The New PC). These cannot be removed from the bag by others, by any means, short of the death of (The New PC). (The New PC) will be helpless for an hour, disoriented for the next, dazed for an hour after that, and thereafter, normal. If the adventurer's equipments are all removed from the bag, the bag will thereafter show in the gloom at its bottom the sparkle of something metallic and silvery. If the unknown something is reached for, the person reaching becomes the bag's next occupant. If they are drawn forth promptly, their helplessness will be only very brief. Their equipments will be found in the bag, as expected. Occupancy of a Bag of Trickeds for long periods of time often causes profound and lasting amnesia, delusional memories of distant places and events, or combinations thereof. Or not. :)

Find and take ownership of the greatest single oxen or cow (or whale...) Repeatedly Restore Corpse, and butcher that oxen all day long and into the next... it's a miracle! (Purify Food and Drink, is required)

Dream Feast, not useful as it affects only one creature, unless that creature is a milk cow... the starving cattle fatten and give milk! It's a miracle!

Abstemiousness, similar to above.

I think the real trouble is not can you help, but can you keep from hurting, when you have to go away?

You have to leverage your time in the city performing miracles into a time of teaching, planting seeds in hearts and gardens, both.

Edit: And there's a Heirophant Path power that lets you cast Create Food and Drink all day long. Maybe the famine is incarnate, someplace, and defeating it gets you that next tier, and the path power?

Not sure I can compete, but I really want to see another of your collection.

I'll do my best.

colemcm wrote:
Ascalaphus wrote:

It's the Small Reinforced bows that vex me most. But I do think we're on the right track here. We're going to make the crossbow the shotgun to the longbow's SMG.


Side note. A friend told me tonight that historically, crossbowmen had civilian sidekicks that wound up their crossbows, so they could rotate through several bows at a time to keep up rate of fire.

Except the rules would probably require a move action to take a crossbow from someone.

If the bow is so heavy it takes three rounds to windlass it to cocked position, I can hide behind an arrow slit with three people winding.

Fire bow A, drop bow A, pick up Bow B. Helper A picks up Bow A, starts to wind it...

I suppose they could also shoot, if the bows were lighter, but... we only have one arrow slit? :)

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Fractal Faerie Tales
The 6th Hart

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Poor Wandering One wrote: unblock-able means of sending secure, if quite limited messages.

The Light cantrip works similarly. I don't think it's transplanar.

A flambard is a bastard sword with a wavy blade that grants +4 to Sunder vs wood-hafted weapons.

I'd put the Black Blade with the Paladin's warhorse or the Falconer Ranger's bird under 'reasons not to expect strict RAW... duh' when copypasta.

To keep that splash-weapon a viable option longer, consider the Hybridization Funnel, which might (depending on the local GMoid field polarity) allow you to apply your INT to damage, twice, while doing Holy/Fire damage, or Fire/Acid, or whatever.

We also used it to make a burger topping that tastes like Barbeque Sauce AND Ketchup, and not like both mixed together. (My Alchemist was a chef...)

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Saltines for the 'whistler' bard?

A cat's cradle for the archer?

Chinese finger trap?

They were playing rocket tag, and the dragon lost? I can't feel bad about it, considering the OP also told us of lots of other rockets being fired back and forth.

I'm not smelling any cheese. Just cordite.

"I Withdraw from the invisible guy who might be threatening."

"But there is NO invisible guy."

"Suuuure. I still Withdraw."

It's arguable the -4 to weapon attacks from Blackened is not intended to affect spellcasting, given that Blackened _includes_ Scorching Ray.

If a guy at my table dipped out of Sorceror for flavor, and wound up two levels delayed for spells, I would not also apply a -4 to his ray spell 'to hit' rolls.

Derringer wrote:
Ricard the Daring wrote:
Not had crane wing come up in any of the games I've been in, but it didn't seem overpowered before the nerf. Most enemies you come up against have multiple attacks anyways, and most combats you'll be fighting multiple enemies. Don't really get why it was nerfed. Out of interest though, how are you multiclassing monk/barbarian? I though monks have to be lawful and barbarians have to be non-lawful.
Ex-monks who become non - lawful lose none of their abilities. My character was sent off for monk training to deal with his rage issues as a teen. After returning from the monastery his training hasn't entirely stuck. He still tries to control himself but fails sometimes. He is 10th level and he has only gone into rage 5 times total.

"ROLEPLAY!" /Lovitz Master Thespian

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IF your GM is building his encounters and campaign to suit the PC party, your build 'power' is irrelevant, and there are no 'traps'. If he's running canned adventures without modifications, and there's no other arcane blast-bot, the fact you'll be _two_ levels behind a wizard's spell-level access _might_ be a problem.

That's always the single greatest determinant; the GM's style. And a lot of GM's cater and adjust, but pretend they don't, like carnival rides don't have names like 'Padded Safety Belt!'. While other GM's throw softballs until they get mad, then break out the OwlBearLichHolders.

So, as always, talk to your GM.

Other factors: the loss of DEX might hinder your use of rays and other ranged touch attacks, as will the dipping in a non-full BAB class. But you'll adapt around that, I'd expect.

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I disagree with the manner of the adjustment of the power of Crane Wing. That so many have so much to say on the question proves the answer is important. Observing Kudaku's 'expiration date', I wonder if language like:

This block can only be made against attacks of opponents smaller than the character's size. For every 3 BAB of the character, one size category larger can be blocked. An unusually-large weapon for a wielder (does|does not) affect this limit.

...might serve well. Too late? Sure. But offered with hope.

As I GM I don't rule out homebrew (I'm gathering you mean for character builds), but I'd be up front with the player about how a homebrew for flavor, at 80% of the power of official material, will be welcomed much more swiftly than a homebrew at 100% power or better. Then I say, "So if you want max raw power, talk to Whale" (our local alpha-geek for rules) "Because if you try to homebrew for power, we'll waste a lot of time that could have been spent actually playing."

Outside of character builds, I use a lot of homebrew, often building a monster or NPC or effect from an image I've found. That (hopefully) gives me a lot of practice balancing things.

Lene Lovitch Cats Away is an instrumental that always seemed to me to be a 70's Saturday Morning urban superhero team theme song.

Johnny Cash' Thirteen

She's Come Undone

We should let ourselves put down the mental burdens of things that don't affect our life today. Even if they are ill past of us, we can be well past of them.

All the weird uses of rope/twine:

Add oil (or not) for wicks/fuses.

Lay the rope out as a target for Faerie Fire to make a huge 'neon' sign that says 'Neener neener' and can be viewed from a certain politician's house in a certain scenario.

Skip the Faerie Fire, just use oil, and light the rope to burn slogans into the politician's lawn.

Stuff the rope/twine under and around doors to make them airtight/noiseproof. (Wet the rope after, it'll swell tight)

Develop a habit of making Monkey's Paws, so that when you stash something important in one, nobody thinks to look.

Make monkey paws around stones, for flaming missles or non-magical light sources you can throw down a hallway.

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[bored, resigned]"Another to usher to Judgement? I am weary, yeah, but I will serve. You! Make your peace with your god! You meet them this day!"[/bored, resigned]

The usual 1 round/lvl duration crosses off your pony reasoning, and similarly for any 'hide the viper' shenanigans. But for deniable support in a sewers, the rat. Dogs in any city, especially if you have it run away before the duration ends. Fire beetles emit light...

I've always thought the point of having a list was to let me think on my feet. Part of the game for me, really.

That said, yes, eagle wins the DPR olympics in the SM-I bracket.

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A Witch can take a Hex that lets them Cure Light Wounds everyone in the party, one time every day. That's like 5 extra healing spells. And then, you're still a Witch.

A Cleric can Channel to heal everyone standing around for 2d6 (at 4th level, it gets better as you level) a handful of times a day. If you're into Roleplaying 'Gather that we might ask my God for a blessing...', that could be fun.

Either could also cast healing spells.

I'm told a Life Oracle is a mega-healer, but I can't really describe why.

What other roles can you do while healing? The Witch is sort of a tricksy wizard. The Cleric is a sort of a fighter. Search for 'Reach Cleric', see if that sounds like fun. (It's a Cleric that carries a long spear, and prays during his own turn, but uses the reach to stab enemies during the enemies' turn.)

Smarter people than I will be along with better suggestions, soon. :)


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I'd say you're looking for the Rough and Ready trait, to use all manner of hatmaking tools as weapons. Scissors, sciveing knives, hatpins, your tapemeasure (or a knotted thin cord, as a garotte?)...

There's another trait, I forget the name, for essentially "oops, I didn't mean to hurt you just then", and they believe it.

And a hatband of Returning, for your Oddjob special bladed bowler. :)

Welcome. If you're all having fun, you're doing it right.

Sounds like you're doing it pretty well. Congrats.

Kariel, Oracle of Korada wrote:

"I'd like to speak to the head of the temple." she said, far more calmly than she felt.

*fetches her a mirror*

An idea to non-destructively motivate move actions every turn among ranged attackers:

Barrels of oil, small enough fit in... Catapults, small enough to fire often. Enough catapults (behind full cover) to maintain a rate of fire of 1/round, or 1/2 rounds.

Add a wick, and the oil goes up as it lands. It's a techish fireball. And it has a small radius.

Add a kite-tail, with a torch on it, or another catapult firing scattered torches, and instead of dropping bombs on the team, you're dropping problems. Which can be solved.

"A barrel smashes here. The oil starts to spread. The kite-tail torch lands...(dice) here..."

So they can run around neutralizing torches (but more could come), or getting out of the oil spread (but more could come) and single attacking, or taking full attack actions.

I think if I were the archer and some enemy tried this, I'd enjoy the puzzling the combat offered.

The Shrink Item spell.

There is a noble's pillbox or some similar name, magic item which will let you detect poison.

Item spell? I seem to recall the robe can have warhounds and mules, so then, why not Zoidberg? Or an Elephant?

Green Smashomancer wrote:
Thornborn wrote:
I have a redshirt rule when I GM. I make my NPCs model a red shirt for me, before they go on stage. If it doesn't look good on them, I make myself explain why. When I can't make the red shirt work, I check the nametag, and realize its Mary Sue.
You don't mean to say that every NPC should be disposable all the time? Like you yourself said, the GM in question may have had plans for Meathead #1 and they were "complicated" by his sudden case of Lance. Not saying the GM didn't handle the situation x100 worse than the OP (good job on that BTW) though.

I mean to say that when they aren't disposable, I have to check they aren't Mary Sue. I have to check that my 'no, this one cannot die' feeling is from a solid 'good for the game' motivation, and not because I'm somehow personally emotionally invested in the NPC's welfare.

I mean to say that I try to run that cavalier's lance through my NPCs, before the cavalier gets a chance, because Crit Happens. So if my version of that wanted bandit was intended to lead the party someplace, his personal possessions, his flunkies, or the tearful-but-adorable kid sister who was hiding in the woods, something, would be able to serve the plot purpose of pointing to whatever opportunity the bandit represented.

And I try not to have badass bandits just so I can be badass.

Nicos wrote:
Thornborn wrote: written, BF does not solve MI.
It does not matter if the spell create sounds (it does). Because the spell itsefl state that a creature that can not see you and the figments is inmune to it.

Which is why I should not post on a coffee break.

If the spell says it needs sight, then the spell also saying it makes sound, is... grey ink.

Do they buy grey ink by the tankerful, or what?

So then, with the spell limiting itself, BF becomes sovereign against MI. Well, miss chance, but two rolls.

If the Mirror Image spell includes sound, then BlindFight is not a solution, because while BF might avoid the deception of the visual figment, BF also declaredly relies on the aural glamer.

I'd really like for BF to solve Mirror Image, I want to reward such creativity. I might (at a home table) go so far as to hurriedly pencil in that the NPC was casting an inferior Mirror Image, and let it work. But as written, BF does not solve MI.

It does read that he was getting 'back' some of what your crit 'took'.

He had plans for that NPC. Maybe to die better than that, maybe to harass the party for multiple encounters. Maybe even as his personal avatar, Marty Stew. But plans, is my read. The NPC had never worn a red shirt.

I have a redshirt rule when I GM. I make my NPCs model a red shirt for me, before they go on stage. If it doesn't look good on them, I make myself explain why. When I can't make the red shirt work, I check the nametag, and realize its Mary Sue.

Let's be charitable. He intended you to capture this guy who's wanted Dead or Alive, and take him in for the reward. Well, still take him in. That way you're still letting whatever plot threads were planned for him, be used by the GM.

But the lance being auto-disarmed on a crit? Jolly Bad Form.

There may be some traction for you with a Cockatrice cavalier, they get Dazzling Display?

Joana wrote:
I'm going to leave Gristav to decide the lady or the tiger (that is, upstairs or down)

And I'm going to let Braddon and Malkith have a veto to Gris getting more involved. If either request I have Gris stay out, Gris will decide Braddon has a right to moral outrage, if not to committing outrage, and Gris will go upstairs. Otherwise, down.

The Beard wrote:

Did someone say Richard?

I... really feel the urge to break out into song now.

"It's Herbert"

But back to the OP. You're not in my doghouse. If I were the GM, I'd role with it. :)

I'd have another android assassin from the future show up(without the failsafe of bad programming, this one really will kill your target). And then another(un-fail-safed), and then three, with the third one having the failsafe, and played by the android player. And I'd keep you all jumping until you'd levelled, at which point the uplevelled PC android can reveal he's managed to destroy the time-sending magic circle, but it's only a matter of time before another is made...

Because really, once you're messing with time, things don't happen again, they happen before.

Anyway, OP, I think you done good.

Imbicatus wrote:
Paladins can use Lay on Hands solo.

And it's a swift action!

Ask him. Maybe he sees himself as having class or alignment forcing 'must always step up', or 'must always open the red door'. Maybe he's wondering why there's so many red doors.

If the wizard has seen the cavalier humbled repeatedly as the cavalier took the high road (over broken glass, it may have been, but it's agreed as the high road, it seems), he may have seen little reason to be 'good'.

If the cavalier has seen other alignment tallies made against folk, he may have been thinking about that sort of penalty in his decision-making process. Arm and enrich bandits? Allow a public armed beating? If he was thinking, 'The GM is gonna ding my alignment if I let this stuff pass', I can understand his choices.

Just guessing at these.

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Jiggy wrote:
I demand lyrics for "Murderhobo's Paradise".

As I start the scenario that's different but same

All the bleh stands out, and it all seems kinda lame
But it's just perfect when you're rolling twenty
And the RP's just the right difficulty

Started in the casino, now I'm killin' drows
The swashbuckler's busy,
starin' down the redhead's blouse (fool)
Feels like we've been underground so long
Even the Mwangi oracle's tan lines gone

I've been rolling real good dice
In my Murderhobo's paradise
Crit endboss once or twice
It's a Murderhobo's paradise

PFS GM dissin' on my character sheet
Turn my Stern Gaze on him, and I Job Roll... 20! Sweet!
I really don' care, he thinks my Profession smells
"Murderhobo", it says. Check my region: "Nine Hells"

I'd allow it, but I'd be wrong. The right kind of wrong.

Which is way better than the wrong kind of right.

Blood of the Moon, #41?

Might I get a copy of 'Oakling'?

And thank you very much.

Doomed Hero wrote:

I'm not going to check the rules on that. I'm sure you're correct. I'm also sure that it's stupid.

I find it extremely silly that 11 people throwing pints of holy water at a demon would do more damage than hitting it with 100 gallons of it.

I find I have to question if the destroyed-water bead or portable hole is a properly blessed receptacle for Holy Water. It is almost as if the great powers elected that such waters were to be applied with faith and will, by men, and not by constructs resembling plumbing.

Still, I would think 100 gallons of even normal water has considerable impact, if you can break your bead against the ceiling above your target.

I can see it being interpreted either way. I'd go with letting you intercept the spell, but I would know it was not RAI or RAW. A spell is not an attack, unless there's an attack roll, I would be saying...

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