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Thorgrym the Tracker's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,453 posts (2,707 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 1 alias.

Full Name





Ranger 10, AC 23, HPs 81/127, Int +3, Fort +13, Ref +11, Will +6 (Bucho AC 25 HPs 97/111, Fort +16, Ref +11, Will +6 +4morale)







Special Abilities

All kinds of stuff...






Korvosa, or where ever the DM puts us?




Adventuring? Bounty Hunting?

Strength 14
Dexterity 16
Constitution 18
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 14
Charisma 11

About Thorgrym the Tracker

Fort +13, Reflex +11, Will +6
Initiative +3 (+7 urban, +5 underground/dungeon)
HPs 116, AC 23

Humans +6 attack/damage, bluff/perception/sensemtive/tracking
Undead +4, Orc +2 etc...
tracking, 1/2 level to checks (+5)
Wild empathy +10 "diplomacy check" animals
Favored Terrain: Urban (buildings/streets/sewers) +4, 2nd favored terrain : Underground (dungeons/caves) +2 initiative/perception/survival/stealth/knowledge(geography)
Woodland Stride
Swift Tracker

Dodge, improved unarmed combat, 2 weapon fighting, endurance, mobility, boon companion, 2 weapon defense, power attack, improved 2 weapon, two weapon rend

Acrobatics 10
Climb 16
Handle Animal 12 (+4 for Bucho)
Perception 15(+4 urban, +2 underground)
Stealth 17(+4 urban, +2 underground)
Survival 15, +5 tracking, + 6 track humans (+4 urban, +2 underground)
Swim 12
Sense Motive 8 (+5 humans)
Ride 9
Knowledge Geography 10 (+4 urban, +2 underground)
Knowledge Nature 7

Sling +13, 1d4+6, 50ft
+1 Scimitar +14/+9, 1d6+13
"Shark Slayer"
+2 Dagger of Undead Bane +15/+10, 1d4+14 (extra +2, 2d6 vs undead)
mwk club +14/+9, 1d6+12
+1 hunga munga +15, 1d8+6+1

Ranger Spells
1st: Speak w/ animals (5 min), Magic Fang (5 min)
2nd: Protection from Energy (40 min, 48 damage absorb), WindWall

Fame: 8/8

Notes: 5,438 gp 138 silver 50 plat crowns

Mithril Shirt +2
Ring of Protection +1
Amulet of natural armor +1
Cloak of Resistence +1
Mighty Keen Sheath (3/day)
"BLB", belt of giant strength +4
Heward's Haversack
3 water breathing potions
3 vials of holy water
Wand of Greater Magic Fang (8 shots)

Bucho, Pitbull Terrier
HPs 96, AC 25 Fort+16, Ref+11, Will+6 (+4 morale)
Speed 40ft, Bite +15/+10, 1d8+6
Power Bite +12/+7, 1d8+12
Str 21, Dex 19, Con 18, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 6
Perception +11/+19, Survival +2/+10
Stealth +11, Climb +5, Swim +5
low light vision, scent
Cloak of Resistence +1
Belt of Constitution +4
weapon focus (bite), improved natural attack, power attack, toughness, Improved natural armor
track, attack all, down, heel, seek, fetch, flank, aid another, guard

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