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Dr Davaulus

Thomas Earthborn's page

33 posts. Alias of Big OM.

Full Name

Thomas Earthborn






32 looks a little younger


Still trying to find his place in kindred society

About Thomas Earthborn

Name: Thomas Earthborn
Player: Big OM
Chronicle: Chicago by Night (V:tR)

Concept: Politician in the making
Virtue: Hope
Vice: Envy

Clan: Nosferatu
Covenant: Ordo Dracul
Sire: Victoria Landingham


Strength xx
Dexterity xx
Stamina xxx

Presence xx
Manipulation xx
Composure xxx

Intelligence xxx
Wits xx
Resolve xxx


Mental (-3 unskilled)
Academics: xxxx (Law)
Computer: x
Investigation: x
Medicine: x
Politics: xxx
Science: x

Physical (-1 unskilled)
Brawl: x
Drive: x
Firearms: x
Stealth: xx
Survival: x

Social (-1 unskilled)
Animal Ken:
Intimidate: xx (Veiled Threats)
Persuasion: x
Socialize: xx
Subterfuge: xx (Spotting Lies)

Merits expanded:

Contacts xx
.. Charles Harris is one of the few people Thomas still speaks with since his embrace. Thomas secured convictions in some of the police sergeants less than stellar cases and prevented a reprimand because of this. So from time to time this lean man in his fifties slips the occasional information to a man, he believes is mentally ill and does some PI work to get by.
.. Claire Jones worked in the RNC as an aid and closely with Thomas as he was groomed for office. She now also believes that he is scraping by due to mental illness. They some times meet and chat about the old days and how the politics moves in the country.

Haven xx
.. Realising that he needed to protect himself now and the first order of business was a safe place to sleep. He set up a number of legal shields and dummy corporations to secure the ownership of his Haven. He is now the proud owner of a

Will be concluded later.

Languages x
.. French

Resources xx
.. Having embraced the 21th century Thomas runs an online law consult. Primary used by wealthy law students and associates need to appear smarter than they are.


Nightmare x
Vigor xx

Variable traits:

Health: 8

Willpower: 6/6


Blood Potency: 1

Humanity: 5


Size: 5

Speed: 9

Defence: 2

Initiative Modifiers: 5

Experience points: 1/10

Questions from the Book:

How old are you?
He appears late twenties but was actually born in 1980 (32 years old)

What was unique about your childhood?
Growing up as the son of a renowned rheumatologist science was one of the major influences on Thomas during his childhood and youth. He attended private schools excelling in academics. He never had an affinity for hard science but the softer social sciences and history struck home. While not one of the popular kids he stay well in the large medium group not falling to low in the social hierarchy. Faith was not a large part of his life, he prayed at mass a required but coming from a protestant home he didn’t share the faith of the majority of Catholics.

What kind of person were you?
To Thomas there were always more than one side to an issue although one might be more correct than the others. He cared for the weak and downtrodden as long as they stayed away from crime.

What was your first brush with the supernatural?
Without knowing he was approached by a ghoul trying to exert political pressure on behalf of his vampire master when he worked in the DA’s office. The first real brush with the supernatural was his embrace.

How did the Embrace change you?
All his future planes changed at that moment. All his plans of running for congress as a moderate republican where destroyed. At first his education, clerkship and employments seamed useless. It took him at least a year before he had raged out and realized that this set of skill were useful as a kindred, He became less caring and hardened.

Who was your sire, and how did he treat you?
Victoria Landingham played with Thomas for almost a year before taking him in. Although never left unsupervised and never a threat to the masquerade he had to fend for himself. It made him stronger and under her tutorage he picked up skills unknown to him before.

How did you meet the others in your coterie?
Not sure yet.

Where is your haven?
See expanded merits.

Do you retain any connections to your mortal life?
Many bridges were burned after his embrace but Thomas maintain a few fleeting connections to his former life. He has no contact with his parents.

What are your habitual feeding grounds?
Will be added later.

What motivates you?
Thomas flirted with the thought of working to create a better society for his fellow kindred and some still believe he strives for that but truth be told he has learned that this is a game of power and one should only look out for one self.

Notable gear owned
SM M640 (standard light revolver), a ragged dirty suit and whole clean suit

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