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Thocar's page

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I'm just trying to clarify how player held light sources can/should work. Specifically with regards to whether they need to be held in hand or can your attach them to your belt or necklace?

In the core rulebook, the lantern description states "You CAN carry a lantern in one hand". Does they mean the lantern must be in your hand to use it as a light source?

Could you get non-burning light sources, such as a lantern, wayfinder or everburning torch and clip them to your belt for them to be effective, freeing up both your hands?

An argument against this is that, if the light source is around your neck or on your belt and you're holding a shield/weapon/ or two handed weapon, your arms will be in front of the light, casting large shadows into the room beyond, reducing the efficacy of the light source.

This goes for casting light spell on a object too. If it's cast on a weapon or shield, then it's the same as holding out a torch to project light. If it's cast on a belt buckle then the light is obscured by whatever you're holding.

I've tried to find clarification for this in the core rulebook but came up empty. What do people think?

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