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Thefurmonger's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,056 posts. 2 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 6 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.

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Hey all.

Real basic question that I just can't find the answer to.

Our party is in a dungeon and hit a break point. At this point my Oracle goes from 9 to 10.

Do I get my new spells immediately? Or do I have to wait to prep again to gain access to the 5ths?

I assume I have to wait but cant for the life of me find the rule.

Thanks all.

Hey all,

Is there any info in any book on Highhelm? Maps, detailed info? anything?

Thanks all.

Hey all,

So after much wringing of hands I think I am going to do a Wizard for my next PFS character.

As I have no idea what the party makeup will be until I set down I was things that having loads of options would be best.

Upping my CL by 4 once or twice a day is kinda "meh" but the real reason for it is the 2nd level power

Awesome Power wrote:

Spell Study (Su)

At 2nd level, the sage's understanding of the spells of bards, clerics, and druids is so great that he can use his own magic in an inefficient, roundabout way to duplicate those classes' spells. Once per day, a spell sage can spontaneously cast any spell on the bard, cleric, or druid spell list as if it were a wizard spell he knew and had prepared. Casting the spell requires the spell sage to spend 1 full round per spell level of the desired spell (if the spell is on multiple spell lists indicated above, using the lowest level from among those lists) and requires expending two prepared spells of that spell level or higher; if the spell's casting time is normally 1 full round or longer, this is added to the spell sage's casting time. For example, if a spell sage wants to use spell study to cast cure light wounds (cleric spell level 1st), he must spend 2 full rounds casting and expend two prepared wizard spells of 1st level or higher.

At 6th level and every 5 levels thereafter, a spell sage can use this ability an additional time per day (to a maximum of four times per day at 16th level).

But to get these you give up Bond AND School..... Damn thats a lot.

What do you guys think? worth it?

Hey all.

So here is the question. My daughter and I were looking at making her Ifrit Sorcerer (with boon). I explained all about day jobs, craft and Proff.
Anyway she was reading the Ifrit section of the advanced race guide and found this.

Advanced Race Guide wrote:

Ink, Fire

This rich yellow ink reacts with a creature's body heat to create a flickering, flame-like glow. It takes 10 minutes to apply fire ink, and 1 dose covers an approximately hand-sized area. Once applied, the ink glows as a candle for 24 hours. Four or more doses applied to the same part of the body glow as a torch for 24 hours. The alchemical reaction of the ink to the target's skin and body heat is painful and irritating, giving the target the sickened condition while the glow lasts. A DC 15 Heal check can temporarily soothe these sensations, negating the sickened condition for 1 hour. Creatures immune or resistant to fire are immune to this sickening effect. Ifrits are especially known for their fondness for fire ink, and ifrit fire-dancers often decorate their skin with flaming designs before performing. A concentrated version of the ink costs 10 times as much and can be used to make permanently glowing tattoos.

So she asked me if she could use craft tattoo as her day job, I said sure.

THEN she asked if she could use fire ink if she paid for it herself then used it on other PCs to give glowing tattoos?......

I have no idea.

She is allowed to buy fire ink as an ifrit, she can use an item on another PC, but I have NO IDEA what happenes then.

Any help would be great, thanks.

Hey all.

So I have been playing Pathfinder for years now, from PFS to my weekly home game I have a ball.
Sadly Life is getting more and more busy and I find that gaming sessions are harder and harder to schedule.
But as I work from home, on a computer no less, I thought that PbP may be the way to go.

I have done a TINY bit of it in 3.5 over on the GitP boards. but I'm not sure where to go to find a Pathfinder game.
Any advice would be great, thanks guys.

Oh and I would not mind PFS but really non is cool too.

Thanks again.

Hey guys,

So years ago I seem to remember (i think it was for PFS) a guide to what a character should be able to do by X level.

Like at level 2 be able to deal with swarms, level 5, some way to fly... etc.

I thought it was by Painlord, but may be wrong.

Anyone? am i just insane?

Hey all.

So my wife and I stopped playing PFS around this time 2 years ago (3/13ish) when RL decided to come up.

Anyway I am thinking of going to an event and has a few questions.

1. My factions seem to have gone away...... What do we do at this point? I read the new guide but I'm still a tad confused.

1b. 2 of our characters were ready for eyes of ten and lantern lodge, is there any way to end their careers in the old way?

3. It seems that my Bladebound/Kensai Magus/Monk/Fighter has Crane line that no longer do what they once did. do I just keep them and deal (still good) or can i free retrain as the feat changed?

4. It seems the base races changed, I have a level 1 Asimar that I would like to retrain (it was a legal choice without boon back then) can I do that and still play him without boon? do I have to change race?

Thanks for the help guys.

Hey all.

So I am leveling my oracle to 8th and realise that I have no spells that target Reflex.

Are there any decent ones? More than just damage that is?


Hey all.

So odd request.
What books (RAW) tell about high end luxury materials?

For example under "Dream spider" it says.

Dream spider webbing is worth 50 gp per nest, although care must be taken in handling the stuff. Silk spun from dream spider webs is particularly valued in the crafting of clothing intended to bear illusion magic.
and Adherer says
Once their adherer creator has died, rendering the silk harmless, these clinging garments can be extremely valuable to the right buyer, and silk from an adherer can sell for 10 times the price of the normal variety.

I am sure there are a ton more, any help would be great.

Thanks in advance.

Hey all

Simple question (I hope), is there anything like this? Anywhere?

Like a little floating disk thing you can ride around on?

((Please do not say you can just ride a floating disk, RAW is grey at best))

The character is a 7th level oracle with CWI if that helps.

Hey all,

So I know odd question. I am playing a level 7 lore oracle in a RP heavy game. We do a lot of travel and deal with many races/kingdoms.

As odd as it sounds, just through gameplay I have acquired several mounds from the different areas we have traveled. The RP of this is great, riding into Urgir on a woolly ram we captured from a tribe of Ogres, thats just good fun.

Anyway, my issue is what to do with them in the interim, yes I could find a stable, but then I have to go to a central location each time to change.

Is there a magic item or spell that would help with it? I seem to remember (might have been 3.5.. or earlier? got me..) that could shrink a horse down to a bracelet charm? Am I insane?

Thanks for the help guys.

Hey all,
So fairly basic (I hope) question on magic crafting.
Under each magic crafting section it says....
The costs for materials and ingredients are subsumed in the cost for brewing the potion
The cost for the materials is subsumed in the cost for creating the ring.
The cost for the materials is subsumed in the cost for creating the rod.
To create a magic staff, a character needs a supply of materials, the most obvious being a staff or the pieces of the staff to be assembled. The materials cost is subsumed in the cost of creation.
And so on like that.

My question is this.
If a Ring/Staff/Boots/Gem/Book has a market price of say 2000Gp, that is a Cost of 1000Gp. what Percentage of that 1000 is the cost of the Item?

Take a 2000Gp ring. It's 1000 to make, but is that a 200 Gp ring and 800Gp in magic stuff? 100/900? 500/500?

Is there a formula?

My character has the crafting skills to make the base item, but I have no idea how much that is worth.

Hey all,

So my party and I will be traveling through Ustalav by horse for 3 weeks or so of game time.
As I have a high handle animal I thought we might be able to catch and train something cooler then my light horse.

Anyone know what animals we are likely to find on our travels?
For the curious we are headed to the Hold of Belkzen.

the title says it all, does anyone know where I can order a wagon, horses, oxen, etc at the correct scale?

Hey all,

Simple question really, is there a "go here fast" spell on the oracle list before wind walk?

I'm used to arcane, where we have a ton from mount, to phantom steed the a host of others.

Am I just missing it?

Hey all.

So Prophet of Kalistrade PRC has a cool ability (yes I know this PRC blows in general) called Auspicious Display

A prophet of Kalistrade projects an air of confidence and inviolability by displaying his wealth and status. So long as the prophet wears 1,000 gp worth of purely decorative jewelry, clothing, or other adornments, he gains a +1 dodge bonus to AC and a +1 morale bonus on saving throws. This bonus (and the necessary value of his accoutrements) increases as he gains levels, to +2 for 4,000 gp at 4th level, +3 for 9,000 gp at 7th level, and +4 for 16,000 gp at 10th level.

Now my question is this, aside from Jewelry (this is the easy way) is there any way in hell to spend 16k on clothes? A royal outfit is only 200Gp

Is there any RAW anything on the prices of clothes that cost as much as a decent sized keep?

Silk from a phase spider? ball hair of an angel? anything?

Thanks for the help.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Hey all,

So we all know the normal adventuring equipment, bedroll, cloak, insanely magic weapon and armor, stat boosts etc.

What about stuff for someone that likes to live the high life?
Someone that has Mending and Prestidigitation to keep his silk jammies clean and heat his bath water.

Are there magic items to make the road less crappy? Instant pavilions? perhaps with unseen servants built in?

Clothes that are always the height of fashion?

Think Rod of splendor, but more then 1/week.

Thanks for the help.

For the curious it is for a Lore oracle who works as a sage and is used to the better things in life.

Hey all,

So the title says it all, I will soon be playing a Lore oracle with Mystic past life.
I will be the group "yeah I know stuff" guy (well girl, but you get the idea)
Any good Pali/Inq spells I should be looking at for early entry?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Hey all,

So I'm joining a new campaign (all Pathfinder books allowed) and the char creation rules are odd.

All characters will get MAXIMUM Hit Points for their first three Character levels.

Attributes:No dice will be rolled.All attributes start at 10.You have 15 additional points to spend to increase attributes.You may trade points at a 1:1 ratio but may not lower a stat below 7, nor increase a stat above 18.

This method for attributes creates fairly low adventurer stats, but above the typical commoner. I did this on purpose. Your characters will grow over time. You may purchase Attribute increases using XP. Note that this rule is not found in Pathfinder books. This is my custom variant. Costs are listed below:

New Attribute value Cost in XP
8-10 1,000
11-15 2,500
16-18 5,000
18-20 10,000

Now this is all well and good, but it does make for fairly low stats and makes MAD classes non-viable (IMHO)

So I was thinking Orc Scarred Witch?

I prefer full casters, but im kinda thrown here.

Any ideas would be helpful.

Real easy question, Can you use both a weapon and cast a spell to defeat a monster?

For example a quarterstaff and scorching ray?

Hey all,

So My wife and I play in a 6 person group and are having a ball.
She plays Amiri and I play Lem (others are Ezren, Val, Kyra and the Rogue)

Anyway, the only issue is that we have trouble feeling like the character we are playing is "Ours" so in that vein I want to make custom character cards with the picture and names changed. That way all the game stats stay exactly the same, but its not Kyra the Cleric, its Brother Jerome for example.

Sadly I cant find good high res images of all the character cards (both sides) as well as the card that is just the character's picture and name to put at locations. Tho really the last one I can just make new easily enough as it really just a picture in a sleeve.

Any help anyone could be would be great. Sadly I don't own a scanner or I would do it myself.

Thanks again.

Is there such a list anywhere?

Or any spell DB that can filter by casting time?

My search-fu might be lacking, but i could not find one.

This is far a battle oracle BTW, but it would be handy for other characters as well.

Thanks for the help.

Hey all.

So I am making a Dwarven Inquisitor. This is for PFS

Backstory is that he was held as a captive by a mage, escaped, swore revenge.... you have heard it before.

Anyway I am NOT doing the SR as a Dwarf for several reasons, the first is that it sucks.

Weapon will be an Earthbreaker (have a PFS boon to get prof)

Will tool around in heavy armor and hit things.

I am taking the trait "Glory of old" to bump my racial bonus to +3 vs spells, spell likes and Poison.


1. I have a boon that gives +1 on saves Vs one school of magic and +2 on spellcraft checks to ID it. What school do you think?

2. Archetypes. (keep in mind PFS caps around 12)
I am either thinking Spellbreaker
Both Witch Hunter and Preacher As you can see I am not that into the teamwork feats.

I will be taking step up at 5th BTW.

Thanks for the advice.

Hey all.

Does anyone have a list of the sanctioned modules by level?

We are looking for one at 9, 10 or 11th level.

Thanks much.

Hey all

So I am running at bGencon this year and one of the things I (and most other people) are running is "Bonekeep"

Due to a ton of people all running it at once I assume it is a special, is it the one from WF?

The only thing I am confused about is this, if it is a special, why do I not have a tier next to it (Like Gencon Special 5-9)?

Any info would be helpful as well.... I'm really curious.

Thanks for the info.

Hey all.

So as you can see by my lack of stars, I do not GM that much for PFS, I do play a lot tho.

Anyway recently I was thinking about something and wanted your opinions on it.
We play in a organised play campaign, that should mean that your experience playing under GM 1 is about the same as under GM 2. (not identical, but closeish)

But we all know that some GMs kill more characters then others, look to Kyle for a good example.

When I PC I Hate when I can tell the GM is pulling punches. With out the risk of PC death where is the fun?

As a result, when I GM I play the monsters by the tactics written, but they make good decisions, use good tactics and generally try to win (the NPCs not me). Mind you this is only intelligent creatures, Animals and such act as an animal would.
I roll the dice and let the results stand.

However this results is quite a few dead PCs.
More then I see most GMs cause.

So I am left with 2 possible reasons.
1. I am doing something wrong.
2. Other GMs fudge so the PCs always win.

So what is the answer?
Do you fudge to let the PCs live?
Do you avoid charging the squishey mage and instead charge the tin can Pali?
Am I just a dick?

Thanks for the advice.

Hey all.

Real basic question.

If a boon gives you a choice of effects can you use it more then once (provided you have enough)

For example the boon "Sinscared" gives you a +1 bonus on saves Vs one school of magic.

Could I use 2 of them to gain a +1 vs Enchantment AND Illusion?

Thanks for the help.

Hey all.

So I have a rough idea and I have no idea if it would be underpowered, OP or just right. Both of these options DRASTICALLY change the alchemist class.

Option #1.
The alchemist loses The Extract class feature. and gains evolutions at the same rate as an edolon (use the edolon chart) once chosen these cant be changed, tho the alchemist can save points from previous levels to buy a larger evolution.

Option #2.
Same as option #1, but the evolutions only work in mutagen.

Option #3.
The alchemist loses Extracts AND mutagen. but gains the same as option #1.

Honestly I'm not sure of the power level.
Any feedback is helpful.

Hey all.

So currently we have a Neutral/Evil campaign going and the question of getting info out of prisoners has come up.

Now we all decided that we did not want to RP out a torture scene as well. just no.

So anyway we needed rules for it, and we have found that these work fairly well.

Anyway here is what we use.

Torture, or "Ve have vays of makink you talk"

The brutality of torture doesn't really have a place in your typical pathfinder game, if you and your players decide to use it it is best to simply let a few dice rolls decide success or failure, Torture is always an evil act. and the victim must be bound or helpless in some other way.
Each Torture check requires one hour of work and gains no bonus from the "Aid another" rule.

The Torturer makes a Heal, or Profession Torturer check, (May also use intimidate but with a -5 to the check). The victim then makes a will save V.S. the result of that check.
Failure of the Victim's will save indicates that some piece of information was revealed, Success indicates the victim held fast.

In either case the victim takes 1d3 constitution damage from the hour of torture.
If the torturer continues, each hour of torture beyond the first provides a cumulative +1 to their skill check, while still dealing 1d3 con per hour to the victim. Torture checks should be made each hour.
This Constitution damage does NOT heal normally from rest until the victim is out of the torture area.
If any of the constitution damage is healed, all of the bonus to torture checks is reset to zero.
This continues until the victim reveals all his information, the torturer stops, or the victim dies from loss of con.

As an example.
John is a 1st level expert with 1 rank in profession Torture, a +1 from Wis and +3 class skill bonus for a +5 total.

Mike is a enemy spy, with a +2 base will save, +1 from Wis and Iron will (+3) for a +6 total.
He also has an 11 con

Hour 1.
John Rolls a 10+5=14
Mike rolls a 12+6=16

John finds out nothing of value and Mike takes 1d3 (2) con and is at 9.

Hour 2.
John rolls a 14+5+1 (for the second hour)= 20
Mike rolls a 6+6=12

John gets one piece of info and Mike takes 1 more con for a total loss of 3 leaving 8.

This continues until john learns everything or mike dies. John could have mike healed up and do it again the next day... and the next, and the next..........

Hey all.

So currently I am playing in a mystery/steam campaign set in Ebberon in a steampunk/victorian time (yeah its complex), think League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.


I am playing a Jekkel/Hyde style Doctor that is slowly turning himself into a dragon. Long backstory, feel free to ask.

He is currently a 5th level Dhampir, Beastmorph/Viv alchemist, will be going Master Chem at 8th.

Anyway, has anyone out there in homebrewland made any draconic themed discoveries?

I would have thought so but have not found any.

Thanks all.

Hey all.

So my group is in a campaign right now and it looks like vehicle chases and combat may be a big part of it.

UC has stats for a few vehicles, but not many.

Any of you 3pp have what I'm looking for?

I need a book with loads of them.

Thanks all.

Hey all.

Simple question. In PFS does my Inquisitor need to name a god he follows?

I know Clerics do, but I was not sure on this one.

Thanks all.

Hey all.

So My wife needs some character advice, as you read you will see why this is a PFS question and not a standard PFRPG question.


She has a Human, Tattooed, Verdant bloodline Sorc that is leveling from 8 to 9.

This gives her the following
1 feat (9th level)
1 new 4th level spell
1 new 3rd level spell
1 new 3rd or lower spell from FC

Due to the PFS gameplay, I'm sure you all understand, we are thinking of picking up Heighten spell for her feat and Continual flame as her FC spell.

That way we will both have a level 4 (5 next level) light spell with us.

This will fix the 352,234 scenerios that have at will darkness and DD.

However thats a spell known and a feat to counter 1 freakin thing.

What do you think?

What other feat might be good?

Check out the character Here

Hey all.

So while I am sure this has been asked before I sure as hell could not find it in my searches.

My wife and I took our characters (druid and ranger) through a 3 part series durring a con this weekend.

At the end of said series you get the following boon

Axe Beak Companion: As long as you have Chronicle sheets for all three parts of the Quest for Perfection campaign arc, you may take an axe beak as a loyal mount or companion; the Chronicle sheets need not be consecutive or in order, but all three must be present in the same character’s records. If you possess a class feature which permits you to take an animal companion or a mount that progresses as an animal companion, you may add the axe beak to your list of legal and available companions. You must present a copy of Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 3 in order to use an axe beak companion as if it were allowed as an additional resource. Other than provide access to this animal as a choice of mount or companion, this boon provides no mechanical benefit.

The issue comes in when I look in beastiary 3 and there are no stats for it as a companion.

Any help would be great, as my wife wants to use it for her ranger.

Thanks for the help.

Hey all.

So I just hit 5th level with my PFS Treesinger Druid.

Feel free to look him over Here

Also you can see his companion Here

Anyway as you can see he is set up for summoning (SF Conj, AS) and Has Natural spell so I can cast in Plant form.

Here is my issue tho.

Going into Plantform (See the treesinger link) to say, take the form of a Violet Fungus tanks my AC, 4 attacks with 10' reach is nice I suppose but at only 1d4+3, is it worth it?

Then we get to the main question I have.

Why do the SNA III seem to be not much better (or in some cases worse then the SNA II choices?

The Small Earth elemental does a slam for +8 and 1d6+10 with earth mastery and PA.

the III list just seems kinda "Meh"

Is it just me?

Hey all.

So I was helping my wife with her Ranger (just hit 4th level) and she wanted an AC. Anyway she settled on a Badger (apperently it's "cute")

Anyway, what I found intresting was this

Badgers Rule wrote:
Special Attacks Rage (as a barbarian, 6 rounds per day)

Not some "kinda rage" not some "psudo rage" but real barbarian rage.

It seems that Badgers are really upset for some reason.

So I got to thinking how can we work with this for another character?

I'm thinking someone with rage (barbarian, or take the rage domain) and somehow use some of the teamwork feats for rage?

Give our little buddy a 3 int so he can take all the feats and load up on rage feats? (extra rage, raging vitality)

really this is just a half formed idea based on the thought of an angry Badger, so come on guys help me form it into something fun.

Hey all.

I seem to remember a thread that listed all the ways to make X stat do other things.

For example there is an oracle that can use Cha to AC.

Anyone have a link?

Hey all.

Do you guys know if the quest for perfection series(1-4) is a series with a boon for doing the whole thing in order?

I am thinking of signing up for another scenerio between parts 2 and 3 and wanted to ask before i screw myself out a boon.

Thanks a lot.

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

Hey all.

So a weapon made of Wyroot

Source: Advanced Race Guide.

The root of the wyrwood tree has a peculiar quality. When a weapon constructed of wyroot confirms a critical hit, it absorbs some of the life force of the creature hit. The creature hit is unharmed and the wyroot weapon gains 1 life point. As a swift action, a wielder with a ki pool or an arcane pool can absorb 1 life point from the wyrwood weapon and convert it into either 1 ki point or 1 arcane pool point. Most wyroot weapons can only hold 1 life point at a time, but higher-quality wyroot does exist. The most powerful wyroot weapons can hold up to 3 life points at a time. Any unspent life points dissipate at dusk.

Wyroot can be used to construct any melee weapon made entirely of wood or a melee weapon with a wooden haft. Constructing a wyroot weapon that can hold 1 life point increases the weapon's cost by 1,000 gp, constructing one that can hold up to 2 life points increases the weapon's cost by 2,000 gp, and constructing one that can hold up to 3 life points increases the weapon's cost by 4,000 gp.

Say just the base 1k type

After the battle a magus pulls out his wyroot club and Coup de Grace someone

Coup de grace


Coup de Grace
As a full-round action, you can use a melee weapon to deliver a coup de grace (pronounced "coo day grahs") to a helpless opponent. You can also use a bow or crossbow, provided you are adjacent to the target.

You automatically hit and score a critical hit. If the defender survives the damage, he must make a Fortitude save (DC 10 + damage dealt) or die. A rogue also gets her extra sneak attack damage against a helpless opponent when delivering a coup de grace.

Delivering a coup de grace provokes attacks of opportunity from threatening opponents.

You can't deliver a coup de grace against a creature that is immune to critical hits. You can deliver a coup de grace against a creature with total concealment, but doing this requires two consecutive full-round actions (one to "find" the creature once you've determined what square it's in, and one to deliver the coup de grace).

Its an auto crit, so the target is unharmed and the weapon has one life point.

now he absorbs that life point and does it again, or to the next close to dead thing.

Lather, rinse, repeat?

Does this work?

Hey all, as the last thread on replay was closed I would like to open a slightly diffrent take on it.

Honestly I see why people do not want replay.

Also the argument can be made that you don't need repaly, there are a TON of scenrarios out there.

However that breaks down post 12.

once you hit post 12 with one character you can not go on with another.

the issue comes from the fact that for each level range there is only one mod you can play.

so if you have 2 level 12s and want to go on you have to make a BIG choice.

So we can get several characters to 12. but only 1 past it?

That just seems a bit off to me.

Hey all.

So I will have a character nearing the 12 soft cap soon and am really curious how it all works.

Getting to 12 is easy, there are lots of 7-11 out there.

However at gencon there was a table of 15s running the special.

I assume that was due to modules?

Can someone please break down exactly how 12+ play works?

For clarity, can you give examples from a 11 character through say 15?

Also is there enough out there to do this with more then one character due to the replay rules (assuming I don't GM it)

Or should I make damn sure what character I want to hit mid to high teens before I start on that road?

hey all.

So I will be running first steps in a month or so and was wondering if anyone has any of the maps in digital form suitable for play?

the issue is that the current maps have things I dont actually want on it.

like secret doors, the locations of the baddies, stuff like that.

Any help would be great, thanks guys.

hey all.

So I am building a Cleric for PFS and would like the following 2 domains.

Growth (Sub of Plants)

I cant seem to find a diety that grants them, however I am no expert either.

Am I stuck with sepratist?

hey all.

I know this existed in 3.5 but not sure on pathfinder..

Is there an item that gives an extra spell knows to a spont caster?

like the old runestaff or runestone. (i think they were called that)

Thanks for the help.

Hey all.

Where can i find the chart with all the light levels on it?

A lot of spells call out they raise it by "one level" or lower it by "2 levels"

But for the life of me I cant find the chart of the levels and what they do.

Thanks for the help.

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