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Thefurmonger's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,114 posts. 2 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 6 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.


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The Fourth Horseman wrote:
Sebastian Hirsch wrote:
They didn't mention it, and I suspect that any clarification/errata regarding this issue would have to change/clarify the dragon disciple... so you might have to wait for a CRB errata.
I agree with this, but I also agree with the disappointment.

Same, I was really hopeful

Anything on Bloodrager to DD? (Sorry cant view it till i get home)

This why my wife's sorcerer has Heighten spell.

Every game she asks who wants a heightened continual flame, only 50 gp.

I also do this fairly often with decent level characters. Pick up stuff I dont/cant use just to make others better.

Roasa Annarey Hellena de Noire wrote:
Thefurmonger wrote:
Blazej wrote:

I have known one player with significant position in society play that who called out that they had specifically made a high lethality melee character while intentionally minimizing his defenses against enchantments to give GM tools (his dominated character) to kill the party.

How does this NOT break the "Don't be an ass" rule we have in place?

I would be...... Lets go with "Upset" if my character died to this.

Well when does 'diligent efforts' finish? I once had to fight one of my party members as he rather stupidly got possessed by a Shadow Demon. We (me and the other cleric) cast 3 protections from evil and two hold persons. (astonishingly enough the idiot had luck enough to save against those...but not the mind jar)

In the meantime, he had nearly killed the ranger (whose axe beak fled with his stabilzed body), put one other player to negs twice and put two others down by half.

It took BOTH clerics to put down him along with the others we kept healing up, the other critters the shadow demon had AND keep the others healthy. Even after I put him to -14, I was ready to cast stabilize..

But then the critter that took him came out, and I got to make a knowledge (Planes) roll to know it was either leave him or me.. and if I died.. only the ranger was safely away.

So, I guess by your terms.. I was a jerk because I decided to save the rest of the party and not him. My cleric's take.. needs of the many.. verse the one. She decided to let him die..and would have killed him..

Of course he stupidly kicked open the door while the rest of us were cleaning up the last fight.. because he was 'bored'.

I'm not sure how you think thats at all the same thing?

Blazej wrote:

I have known one player with significant position in society play that who called out that they had specifically made a high lethality melee character while intentionally minimizing his defenses against enchantments to give GM tools (his dominated character) to kill the party.

How does this NOT break the "Don't be an ass" rule we have in place?

I would be...... Lets go with "Upset" if my character died to this.

TimD wrote:

There was a thread about paying for more content to try to raise the amount of money PFS generated for Paizo in order to possibly increase staff to handle increasing scenario output.

I had recommended having some sort of opt-in program similar to what RPGA did where players could have some sort of paid PFS membership that would provide some sort of non-mechanical benefit. Having some sort of way to vet actual book purchases would be worth the $ to me to be able to use photocopies rather than having to haul around crazy amounts of physical product. From what I understand this might actually help Paizo since physical, rather than .pdf, product is a main part of their financial strategy (see the many many posts by Vic about why there is no .pdf subscription plan) and continue to support PFS as their main tool for marketing at the same time.

I'm not sure what specific form it would take, but might be an alternative to "have VO's sign off" (especially as there are hundreds of VO's out there and it's doubtful a VO from CA would recognize the signature of a VO from GA).


I would pay for this.

Honestly this is 90% why I use d20pfsrd, the faq/errata thing.

it is just so nice to see all the info there.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
Take the blackened mystery.

Perfect, thanks

Thanks a lot guys, all the advice is being read and discussed.

While my wife loves Pathfinder, she also does not want a super complex character.

Thus far she has done.... (all PFS)

Tattooed sorc, super high Init, buffer (11th)

Two handed fighter, greatsword... smash.... (3rd)

Ninja, vanish/stab (5th)

The flame oracle may be a great way to go, shame they dont get scorching tho.

As pointed out upthread yes there could have been reasons this happened, maybe the players ran out of the room as soon as warned, maybe X other thing happened. The game is dynamic.

I cant imagine running a game like..

GM: Tells the players the kobolds warn them.

Player: "ok as you know i had expeditious retreat up so i run out to meet them, my speed is 70 and i double"

GM: "you cant, the adventure says the fight is in here"

In our game, right before the waves started some players were going to go out and free the statue person. that would have changed the location.

The point is that "It depends" IS the answer.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Robert Hetherington wrote:
The why is we don't know the details and are giving the gm the benefit of the doubt rather than jumping on them based on one side of a story.

^^^101% this

Kensai Magus. I like it with Bladebound.

I do something similar. that way if i know im going to just one game i can only grab what i need for that one character.

well to me the point would be that i could use photocopies again.

I can keep all the rules i use along with the character in a binder.

Its also MUCH easier to hand a GM one sheet with the rule highlighted then it is to find it in the book and hand that over.

Karui Kage wrote:

Lots of great feedback on all the sites! Curious on those of you who use the AoN, since it seems like the topic of the day is now on our 3rd party sites:

1. Background - Would a simple color swap of black and white fix most of the issues? I've been thinking about redoing the CSS to have the white background and black text, since it is a common request.

2. Search - I developed the entire engine myself for fun, but if there are better already made engines out there that I could plugin, I'd love to know about them. I've thought about sticking a google search engine on the site for one.

Both these changes would be AMAZING, google search seems to work really well.

Yeah as I play at FLGS mostly I try to buy real book to keep them in business.

Having a check sheet signed off by a VO that let me use photocopies would make my life a lot better as then I could bike to more games.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Yeah sadly the guide seems to be gone, and uses the wizard route (Admixture IIRC)

As the iconic blaster is a sor, i would have thought there would be something out there.

Also its only on a crit, and a mace is only on a 20.

Hey all.

So my wife is looking to make a new PFS character and wants to try a blaster. With a Ifrit boon it just seemed to fit.

We were looking at a flame oracle or the normal sorcerer. She FAR prefers spont casting to prepared.

I was looking around for a good guide that goes in depth on blasting but as blasting largely sucks, there doesnt seem to be one.

Any help would be awesome.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

I would be happy to pay good money for, "Absalom, it's pretty sweet" the hardback.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Generally remaking a thread that is locked is a no-no

Thanks for everything Mike, I'm really sorry to see you go and hope everything goes well for you and your family.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

The curator of Nethys does his work for free out of his own time and doesn't clutter up his site with adds, or constantly bombard you with popups the way PFSRD does everytime you visit the site. When you go to PFSRD you get hit with the commrecialism right off.

The aesthetics of the Nethys site actually gives you an atmosphere of peering through the scrolls of an arcane library. And I've never had any problems with it's search function.

I agree that its a wonderful site. I use it all the time.

My only question was in regards to a small complaint being characterized as "Pissing on it", Dude said he didn't care for the colors, and that it was a personal thing.

Also yes, the search on d20pfsrd is better and easier to use, at least to me, and it seems at least one other guy.

Having said all that, I generally love your posts, and find your opinions to be good and insightful. In this case I think you jumped a guy for nothing.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

How is saying he doesn't like the colors, and the fact that the search function is not the best "pissing on one of the more notable VOLOUNTEER pieces of work from the community."

Neyths is amazing, and a great resource, but having said that the search is awful, and the black background does bug some people.

Honestly while I find the rule livable as it is, if we did make photocopies legal again my life would get a LOT easier.

blackbloodtroll wrote:

I just keep all my PDFs on a Flash Drive.

If they want to check, they can just use their laptop/ipad/etc, and look it up.

This would also not fly with me. I bring the books. not a laptop. So you could say you had anything on the flash drive and I couldn't tell if you were right or not.

This has happened at several games I have been to, or its a HUGE hassle when player X MUST be close to a plug or they lose access to everything.

I for one always ask. and have seen a lot of GMs ask.

I find a milk crate carries almost all my books, so thats what i do for cons, and as as added bonus it gives me a mini table to set my things on next to my chair.

Hey all.

So I am looking to get into some roll20 games as that seems to be the most common on line.

What do I have to do?.......

I play a lot off line, but never on. how do I set up my sheet? does roll 20 have a dice roller (i assume).

Can i set up roll macros?

is a webcam common/required? or is just a mic good enough?

other things i havent thought of?

I keep all my characters online now at mythweavers if that matters.

thanks all.

I know this wont work, but both camps have said their piece over, and over.... AND OVER.

We all clicked FAQ, can we just agree to disagree?

Thank you.

Hey all.

I seem to remember that there is a feat to get 2 AO when someone provokes?

Am I insane?

ah, sorry, not sure how i screwed up a bit of basic math.

And yeah, tho to be honest I'm not sure why people hate it so much. Its still really good.

Thanks again.

Thank you.

Hey all.

So I want to be sure that I have all the retraining rules correct here before my next game.

I have a Bladebound Kensai Magus 10/Unarmed fighter 1 with the crane line.

as my 9th level feat I took Improved Initiative (I wanted Crane Riposte but did not have the +8 BAB)

at 11th I took Critical focus

Now that I DO have +8 BAB can I retrain Improved Initiative into Crane Riposte?

I think Yes as I have all the pre-reqs.

If so, I pay ***Edit*** 550 Gp and 5PP? ***Edit***

And I have to get my next GM to sign off on it?

Is this all right?

Sacred fist Warpriest, I have one and am having a BALL with it.

Its the best of all worlds.

Yes, if they are all primary then yeah it works.

Spudmaster wrote:
where should I focus my attribute points in an inquisitor

This will help

Great question.

Yeah sadly you had to GM to do it, so we set up a 2 day games days for some friends so my wife and i could both run it to apply the chronicle.

I think that you make a good point as to the fact that the person was evil, and was torturing.

Where you lost me was RACING another PC so you could slit the throat before he could tie them up.

That seems a bit less good, and a bit more gleeful killer.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Your pissed that your GM made it hard for you to murder a helpless person?

Not judging..... just checking.

Elbedor wrote:

I think there are a number of rules that can be abused by creative players. I don't believe it is the responsibility of the rules to guard against every possible corner case. That is the GM's job. If a player wants to pull cheesy moves and Ready things whenever the enemy blinks or breathes or whatnot, I think it's smart for a GM to put a stop to it.

At mid 40's, I generally game with folks that are easily within 10 years of me. I can't think of one of us that would think to abuse the Ready action (which doesn't seem to get used all that often) or any other actions.

Actually scratch that, I can think of one creative person, but we don't talk about him. :p

Due to how many people here play PFS the GM does not always have the last call. Thats the point of organised play. We all follow the same rules.

Yes at my home game this would never be a thing, and may result in pizza being thrown. But at a PFS game day if its ok by the rules I have to let it fly.

kk, just wanted to be sure, thank you.

hey all,

Easy question, what type (if any) is the stuff your familiar gives you? like the +1 NA, +4 Initiative, stuff like that.

BigNorseWolf wrote:

1. Is there any way to be factionless for 2 scenarios?

Grand lodge has "the no faction faction" as one of the strong contenders for what it is.

Ok cool, thanks

BigNorseWolf wrote:

2. If not, can we just put down Grand lodge but if asked in game say Lantern still? (just RP)

Probably. If anything, just say you're grand lodge and work out of the Goka Lodge (which is functionally what amara li does now)

I think this is the way we will end up going.

BigNorseWolf wrote:

3. It seems we keep all titles from Lantern, is our Fame/PP the same with a change?



BigNorseWolf wrote:

4. If we DO go for an actual faction, what would you suggest? Both characters are Tian, Super Asian flavored.

Which kind of asian flavor?

Honorable samurai: Silver crusade

Sneaky ninja: exchange

Enlightened book learner: scarab sage

I deal with oni and spirits: Dark archive

(The only type not really associated with asian is liberty's edge..)

Its the "Honorable Samurai" style, LN Kensai Magus

BigNorseWolf wrote:

5. If we go with another faction, and if our Fame/PP does stay, can we buy all the titles and stuff there too? (Time to get a Herrald)

You would have to check your notes and see if you bought any lantern lodge factions before you switched.

your new fame and PP let you buy new stuff right out of the box: someone that joined andoran (now liberty's edge) at 5 am is just as able to buy eagle knight as someone thats been around for years slowly building up prestige points

Yeah we made sure to buy all the titles before the cut off date. so the character is "Master Sebastian Li, Honored Brother of the Lantern Lodge"

And the more we talk about it, I think we will just go GL for the last 2 games before we hit 12 and take your advice to say we work out of Goka.

Thanks for all the help.

Thanks for all the advice guys, I will be sure we play 6-13 before we hit retirement arc. Any suggestions on one more 7-11 that might fit well?

Just on the off chance a dev reads this, PLEASE don't let this be a thing.

We have enough RAW corner cases without this.

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