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Thefurmonger's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 973 posts. 2 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 4 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.


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Thanks for the tip Cevah

I went with two world magic as a trait to get Prestidigitation, its a must.

Anyone know where stats for a peacock can be found?

Great stuff guys.

Starting at level 5, but the group normally goes to mid/high so planning is good.

For the record any item or spell that is more about style and comfort then anything is helpful.

Thanks again

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Hey all,

So we all know the normal adventuring equipment, bedroll, cloak, insanely magic weapon and armor, stat boosts etc.

What about stuff for someone that likes to live the high life?
Someone that has Mending and Prestidigitation to keep his silk jammies clean and heat his bath water.

Are there magic items to make the road less crappy? Instant pavilions? perhaps with unseen servants built in?

Clothes that are always the height of fashion?

Think Rod of splendor, but more then 1/week.

Thanks for the help.

For the curious it is for a Lore oracle who works as a sage and is used to the better things in life.

awesome, i hadn't thought of those

Hey all,

So the title says it all, I will soon be playing a Lore oracle with Mystic past life.
I will be the group "yeah I know stuff" guy (well girl, but you get the idea)
Any good Pali/Inq spells I should be looking at for early entry?

Xethik wrote:
Also vote for caster Oracle. Every defensive stat based on Charisma (well not HP unless you are undead), casting with Charisma, and can even get Charisma to Init.

OOOhhhh thats a good point

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Hey all,

So I'm joining a new campaign (all Pathfinder books allowed) and the char creation rules are odd.

All characters will get MAXIMUM Hit Points for their first three Character levels.

Attributes:No dice will be rolled.All attributes start at 10.You have 15 additional points to spend to increase attributes.You may trade points at a 1:1 ratio but may not lower a stat below 7, nor increase a stat above 18.

This method for attributes creates fairly low adventurer stats, but above the typical commoner. I did this on purpose. Your characters will grow over time. You may purchase Attribute increases using XP. Note that this rule is not found in Pathfinder books. This is my custom variant. Costs are listed below:

New Attribute value Cost in XP
8-10 1,000
11-15 2,500
16-18 5,000
18-20 10,000

Now this is all well and good, but it does make for fairly low stats and makes MAD classes non-viable (IMHO)

So I was thinking Orc Scarred Witch?

I prefer full casters, but im kinda thrown here.

Any ideas would be helpful.

Character Name: Lem
Role Card: Virtuoso
Skill Feats: Charisma (+1) (+2) (+3) (+4)
Power Feats: Proficient with Weapons, Once per check you may add 1d4 (+1) (+2), When you play blessing of Shelyn add a d12
Card Feats: Spell (5) (6), Ally (5)
Weapons: Venomous Dagger +2
Spells: Charm Person, Cure x2, Haste, Holy Light, Scorching Ray
Items: Medusa Mask, Wand of Enervation
Allies: Merchant, Toad, Yap the Pixie, Poog
Blessings: Shelyn x4, Phrasma

Character Name: Amiri
Role Card: Berzerker
Skill Feats: Strength (+1) (+2) (+3) (+4)
Power Feats: Hand Size (5), Bury a card to add 1d10 (+1), At end of turn move you (and/or another character), When you play a blessing of Gorum add a d12
Card Feats: Ally (3), Blessing (5) (6)
Weapons: Bastard sword +1, Glave, Greatsword, Icy Longspear +1, Scythe +1
Armors: Magic Leather Armor, Elven Chain Shirt
Items: Eyes of the Eagle, Masterwork Tools
Allies: Black Arrow Ranger, Shalelu Andosana, Troubadour
Blessings: Gorum x4, Gods x2

Sadly no, there is no way to just hold it.

This has been asked a lot over the years, do a search to find the relevant rules quote, I'm on my phone or i would link it.

Thanks guys.

Real easy question, Can you use both a weapon and cast a spell to defeat a monster?

For example a quarterstaff and scorching ray?

Hey all,

So My wife and I play in a 6 person group and are having a ball.
She plays Amiri and I play Lem (others are Ezren, Val, Kyra and the Rogue)

Anyway, the only issue is that we have trouble feeling like the character we are playing is "Ours" so in that vein I want to make custom character cards with the picture and names changed. That way all the game stats stay exactly the same, but its not Kyra the Cleric, its Brother Jerome for example.

Sadly I cant find good high res images of all the character cards (both sides) as well as the card that is just the character's picture and name to put at locations. Tho really the last one I can just make new easily enough as it really just a picture in a sleeve.

Any help anyone could be would be great. Sadly I don't own a scanner or I would do it myself.

Thanks again.

Driver 325 yards wrote:
James Risner wrote:
Driver 325 yards wrote:
It is, nonetheless, the RAW until they change the langauge.
Except it is RAW and until you can post a rule that says "Huge Roc looks like this" you don't get to claim it is RAW.

RAW does tell you all you need to know about what a Huge Roc looks like. It looks like any other Roc, except it is huge. Further, I don't care what its stat block is because I don't need it. If I would need the stat block (taking your position) I would use the young template and say that Eagle Shaman is an exception to the rule that says that you can't use a template. Now I have a stat block, if for some reason you insist on one.

Oh, but I already stated that in the laid out arguments on both sides. I also already stated your response to what I just stated above. It will not stop you from restating your position, however, I am sure. So have at it.

I guess you guys beleive that if you state something over and over again and ignore the others guy's position over and over again, it makes your argument stronger.

News flash. It doesn't.

Not to be rude, but is that not exactly what you are also doing?

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Cheapy wrote:
I'm speechless.

Not much to add to this...


Saint Caleth wrote:

CHA Based Witch for Thefurmonger

Thanks man, can't wait to see what you come up with.

I would love to see a Witch Archetype that focuses on the Charm angle.

Maybe Cha casting? more charm stuff then one hex?

I'm thinking of something like the devil in every movie where the hero is talked into a deal that ends up screwing them over.

Think the Devil from Ghostrider. Dark, charming, but a total dick.

Listen to the PFCBG.

E-mail your local VO.

Captain Yeti wrote:
I am looking for a listing of alternate dwarven racial stats to replace the +2Str +2 Con -2 Chr.

That's not what Dwarves get.

yes you are.

shallowsoul wrote:

I don't fudge rolls nor do I want them fudged on me.

Whether it takes me five minutes or five hours to create a character, I always go into the game knowing that my character could die at any time and I am perfectly happy with that. My brain contains a vast array of concepts that are just standing in line, waiting to be called upon when need be.

Same goes when I am DMing. Doesn't matter how long it takes me to create a BBEG, if you guys blow through it then I applaud you for your work.

Wow, I totally agree with Shallowsoul here.

If I know a GM fudged to keep me alive it ruins the game for me, if I am low level then the character should be dead and what I do from then on is almost a lie.

If i was high level then it seems the GM thinks so little of me that I would really complain about spending a bit o' gold.

Either way, not my brand of fun. I like to play pathfinder, in Pathfinder there is a chance my character dies, please do not take that away.

On the other side, when I GM I roll, what happens, happens.

[[Mind you I mostly play PFS so that may be a tad different.]]

And it should have been FowlervillapaloozaCON.

Just a bump to say come on MI people, this should be great, let's make it an annual thing.

This is an area that needs all of our support to make PFS happen.

Well to start, you should avoid the racebuilder.

Just pick a base race, and make a normal Magus, seriously they are hard to screw up.

What do we think of ending this one and having a "Boon Trading Thread" and a "Please give me a boon thread"?

This one has gone from "Let's trade!" to "Pretty please with sugar on top"

Salindurthas wrote:

That spell database lets you do a bit of sorting.

I also personally recall at least some of the "Litany of ..." spells being immediate.

Most of them are, but sadly they are Inq or Pali only....

Thanks, no I don't use hero lab.

But I really appreciate you looking.

Is there such a list anywhere?

Or any spell DB that can filter by casting time?

My search-fu might be lacking, but i could not find one.

This is far a battle oracle BTW, but it would be handy for other characters as well.

Thanks for the help.

I would buy it. Those were some of my fav 3.5 books.


Hey all.

So I am making a Dwarven Inquisitor. This is for PFS

Backstory is that he was held as a captive by a mage, escaped, swore revenge.... you have heard it before.

Anyway I am NOT doing the SR as a Dwarf for several reasons, the first is that it sucks.

Weapon will be an Earthbreaker (have a PFS boon to get prof)

Will tool around in heavy armor and hit things.

I am taking the trait "Glory of old" to bump my racial bonus to +3 vs spells, spell likes and Poison.


1. I have a boon that gives +1 on saves Vs one school of magic and +2 on spellcraft checks to ID it. What school do you think?

2. Archetypes. (keep in mind PFS caps around 12)
I am either thinking Spellbreaker
Both Witch Hunter and Preacher As you can see I am not that into the teamwork feats.

I will be taking step up at 5th BTW.

Thanks for the advice.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

right so as this is PFS fully 3/4 of play is gone before he can do this and he has to be HUGE to pull it off. and most PFS combats do not give room for that.

It's not a Grizzly, it's a Black bear.

If you search around you will find that the Devs said this was the intent, Bears stats are so good that if you made them Large it would be OP.

Again, this is not MY opinion, but has been stated.

Cord of something or other.

Magic item that makes fatigue into damage

It does, thank you!

Hey all.

Does anyone have a list of the sanctioned modules by level?

We are looking for one at 9, 10 or 11th level.

Thanks much.

I asked Mike,

Hotel is Wed night checking out Monday morning.

nosig wrote:
Netopalis wrote:

...snipping to save space....

1) First Steps. Had to surrender to the thing that everybody surrenders to.

...snipping to save space...

I do not understand the above comment. Spoiler a reply if you feel the need, but I know of nothing in any of the three First Steps scenario that you COULD surrender to that would in any way help, or even change any of the outcomes...

I'm really curious as well, maybe...

The ambush in the alley? Not sure what you would surrender, but that's the only thing I can think of

Wow, not really sure what to say..... I'll go with "OOps"

Thanks for the info.

Hey all

So I am running at bGencon this year and one of the things I (and most other people) are running is "Bonekeep"

Due to a ton of people all running it at once I assume it is a special, is it the one from WF?

The only thing I am confused about is this, if it is a special, why do I not have a tier next to it (Like Gencon Special 5-9)?

Any info would be helpful as well.... I'm really curious.

Thanks for the info.

Quendishir wrote:
Thomas Graham wrote:

I've had a few incidents where the target would run, usually for cover but after one or two truly epic hits-maybe just running. I also try to be a mobile person who moves about the battle field putting the enemy off balance with things like tanglefoot bag/ghast stench flasks and other options.

I'm not the hardest hitter in the group..though that will change with Vital Strike coming into play.. but I can hit and disable folks or impede them easily.

In my group, I think I'm the hardest-hitting non-caster we have. With a maximum damage potential of 88 damage at level 5 (4d12 +40 on a successful critical), I think the closest is the Barbarian that can do...20 damage on a critical? The Eidolon might be able to come close, but I don't know. Either way, it's not something that is easily ignored.

Sorry, but I have to ask. How the hell is a level 5 Barbarian doing only 20 damage on a critical?

I'm at a loss to how you can even do that without actually TRYING to suck.

The new couple that started, they played in Everflame last Sat.

The John half of John and Carrie. He said he is a Spanish teacher.

Sadly no.

In a home game I would assume most GMs would let it fly, I know I would.

But if your asking the actual "Rule" then nope. (And if it's for PFS then No is what we have to go with)

Fair nuff, thanks guys.

Nope, currently no way to cast in Fox shape.

In a home game most GMs would just let natural spell fly. But not for PFS.

neferphras wrote:

no its not fox shape, Kitsune do that already. Its a race boon i won

Right but that race can cast in their normal form. It's an anthropomorphic fox. Not just a fox.

Unless you use the Fox shape feat.

Rosza Juette de Vieuxpont wrote:
Now I must roll up a gnome wizard with a perch-helmet for his owl to fly him around by...

^^^^^^THIS^^^^^ Oh god, this.

Michael Brock wrote:
IvanSanchez wrote:
baron arem heshvaun wrote:
Did anyone notice the Spanish and French games being offered?

Yes, yes I did.

And I get a bit angry at the fact that francophones are getting a translation of the PFCRB before us Spanish-speakers.

C'mon, Mike, if you want stuff happening in Spain you gotta promise us books too!

We already have Core Rulebooks translated into French. The contract is still pending with the Spanish/Portuguese translation company and it is doubtful that the Spanish CRB will be available in time for Gen Con. If it was, I certainly would have offered it.

As it stands now, I have had no volunteers for Spanish language tables and will likely be canceling them if I don't get a volunteer or two by mid March.

We have a player in Kalamazoo MI that is a Spanish teacher. Dan Luckett the VC should know who it is, I don't know if he would be into it but never hurts to ask.


Thursday, August 15
Slot 1 (0800-1300): OFF
Slot 2 (1300-1800): #4-08: The Cultist's Kiss
Slot 3 (1900-2400): Bonekeep Level 1

Friday, August 16
Slot 4 (0800-1300): #4-08: The Cultist's Kiss
Slot 5 (1300-1800): #4-08: The Cultist's Kiss
Slot 6 (1900-2400): Gen Con Season 5 Special: Siege of Diamond City 5-9

Saturday, August 17
Slot 7 (0800-1300): #4-08: The Cultist's Kiss
Slot 8 (1300-1800): #01-56: Jester's Fraud
Slot 9 (1900-2400): OFF

Sunday, August 18
Slot 10 (0900-1400): #4-17: Tower of the Ironwood Watch

(sadly a lot of HQ slots were taken so she is running some real games..... God help those players)

Thursday, August 15
Slot 1 (0800-1300): OFF
Slot 2 (1300-1800): #00-06: Black Waters
Slot 3 (1900-2400): PFS HQ

Friday, August 16
Slot 4 (0800-1300): PFS HQ
Slot 5 (1300-1800): We Be Goblins
Slot 6 (1900-2400): PFS HQ

Saturday, August 17
Slot 7 (0800-1300): We Be Goblins
Slot 8 (1300-1800): We Be Goblins
Slot 9 (1900-2400): OFF

Sunday, August 18
Slot 10 (0900-1400): #00-06: Black Waters

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