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Vrock Skull

TheWhiteHand1's page

5 posts. Alias of TheWhiteHand.


Heres my 2nd Edition MM Basilisk

MMMMMM Underdark ala Pathfinder, I think im in love.

Right now my top 5 are

Freeholds of Karistynia
Theocracy of Carnamach
Land of the Stained Peaks

Was stoked to see a killer spin on dwarves.

Reading more closely today, may change

This is my new favorite item of the bunch since The Maw Of Urgathoa was eliminated.

Cant wait to have my players dig this sucker up. My bunch of paranoid freaks wont know what to think.

I will go where the talent goes. And right now that is Pathfinder. I love Pathfinder and everything your doing with Gamemastery. 3.5 Would keep me around more than 4.0

Top notch talent, top notch stories, top notch artwork.

I am with you guys till the end of days.

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