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Aldern Foxglove

TheWarriorPoet519's page

494 posts (495 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 aliases.

Full Name

The Warrior Poet of 519, The Third


Internet Denizen


Gamemaster 4/Writer 4/Martial Artist 3






Yet in the bloom of youth

Special Abilities

Standard GM abilities with "The Dreamer" Feat and Skill Focus: Fiction writer. Weapons Proficiency: Longsword


Somewhere between LG and LN




The Outer Web Spheres


English and Nerd


Full time Author

About TheWarriorPoet519

The Warrior Poet of 519 The Third is a simple soul that fancies himself complex, currently to be found wandering the outer spheres of the Planes of Internet with little other then a stout sword, a pile of books, and a pair of glasses he is forever polishing.

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