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The Vicious Chicken of Bristol's page

1,213 posts. Alias of Signore di Fortuna.


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*Has a BLT and wins*

I am no canary...*takes the win back*

Thank you, loyal subject! I shall take the win from here.

I took a break, so I'm here to get what's rightfully mine.

I think I've let you people get your grubby fingers/talons/whatevers on the win for too long.

And Schism fumbles. I win.

You rang?

I win, Bob Butterball.

You're a dead horse. I win.

That's right, you're not winning.

AM Winning.

But I am winning.

I'm not going anywhere, sweetheart.

Buy me a gyro, servant!

Longer than you.

*takes win back*

You're looking for the nickname thread, Hoover.

When? Because it certainly isn't now.

Nope. Huzzah!

All I see is a grouchy banana who just lost.

You're back, Mark. Long time, no see. I suppose I should reacquaint you with the game. I win, you lose.

Hang in there, buddy! It's only 40 below.

Wait! I want outta here too!

You people are strange.

No, you lose.

He was abused in his orcish youth. He takes it out on the world now.

You can't taste. You have no mouth, just some cheap speakers.

And folks say I'm vicious.

You're better off calling a repairman. That dragon'll be busy all night.

Even Bob the Janitor knew.

It wasn't that big a secret.

He was a golem created to capitalize on the 90's action hero craze. He was built using the DNA of Michael Dudikoff and Charles Bronson.


No, he got cast in the remake of Walker: Texas Ranger.

I thought you'd like it. You'll be working with Tom Arnold, Andy Dick and Rob Schneider as the pretzel lady.

Yeah, yeah, it's real. You'll be playing Barbo Beggins, a meek mall cop who gets into the holiday spirit when Black Friday shoppers threaten the safety of the pretzel lady in the food court.

Oh, but I've got good news for him: I got him a lead role in a movie. Jingle All the Way 2: The Desolation of the Shopping Malls.

Yes, I do. I've got more winning-ness than Matt Damon.

We keep it real here.

Those are right out.

Especially on Mondays.

Yes, we are.

Today is not that day.

That was way back when in the dark ages of 2011.

I think we can all live with that.

Such an uncivilized place.

And done!

Wasn't funny the first time. Some might say you're using it wrong.

This isn't a date, Quiche. Keep your doohickeys to yourself.

It's the last hour of my birthday. I win.

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