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The Un-Believer's page

34 posts. Alias of BluePigeon.


You are here Master. That's all that matters.

In the real world, my time is in a bind. I'm moving to Indiana as of Tuesday and internet access will be spotty and on the road at best.

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:::Slaps Gark with a holy BLT:::

Feel the power of bacon and grease!

You will be missed for two weeks sir. Carry on with your rants when you come back.

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JMD031 wrote:
I will be watching Green Lantern tonight in hopes of it sparking enough rage for me to put together a new rant.

You need a red power ring for that.

I'm staying out of Colorado, especially in light of their failing school systems.

You can believe it!

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:::bangs head against wall::

That you are sir.

I have a secret. Don't tell anyone.

I believe in Independence Day.

Don't tell anyone.

Happy Forth of July.

A rant about brown outs, rainy weather, an no ac, Hmmmmmm?

TOZ wrote:
Heh heh. 'Greenwood'.

Greenwood doesn't burn on the Forth of July. Drywood however does.

Fire Elementals anyone?

JMD031 wrote:
It's like all of the other ranters are on vacation or something.

I was at my father's funeral in Wyoming. Buried him without a rank. Something about cemeteries that takes the ranting out of me.

.... .... .....


The Mad Badger wrote:

That's my name!

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For the Masses

Kneels before JMD031

Master, I have returned.

Br@in wrote:
The Eldritch Mr. Shiny wrote:
Aberzombie wrote:
BluePigeon wrote:
Now what?
Try to take over the world?
Take over the world?
Err, hmmm...planning to take over the world is my department. After all, I work on that every day.

Ha! Wrong sir! Undead Hordes! You are armed with Balck Power RIngs!


AoLtL, No one believes that.

JMD031 wrote:
So, thoughts on me starting a new thread where I re-post my rants?

Go for it.

Awesome bacon is something I can believe in.

What a strange disturbance..., I feel in the negative material plane.

I must inject some more awesomeness in this thread, even if I do not believe in it.

It feels..., strange.

There is no law for I am the Un-Believer.

Gruumash . wrote:
I am a generous orc always willing to give to others :)

...And what will you give them?

Gruumash . wrote:
You know we still think you and Leafear are the same person.

It only helps his madness.

Don't Reply TO THIS THREAD must be Reborn and it should be called DON"T REPLY TO THIS THREAD REBORN

The Un-Believer does not believe that Thread will stay closed forever.

VM mercenario wrote:
Hey guys! Happy zombie Jesus day for everybody.

Sorry I'm late in my reply. Had personal issues with a roaming band of adventurers in my dungeon.

See, someone out sees the Resurrection of Christ for what it really is...

We're all delusional here, today, aren't we?

Hands out copies of "Dianetics" to everyone on the thread.

You may burn these now.

Frustrated, the lich runs through the thread touching everyone and everything with his cold deathly hands

There! You're all mine now.

No llamas either. Reminds me, I need to kill and skin a certain critter. My old cloak from the second era is rotting away something fierce. I need something new for my phylactery...

Monsters, monsters, where did I put my Monster Summoning spells. JMD hear are some monsters you should and could rant.

01. The Rancor
02. The T-1000 - a construct, but a monster none the less
03. H.R. Giger's Alien - What's life with a killer bug or two...
04. Liches. Why? Ever since Twiligh vampires are irrelevant and over-rated.
05. A Zombie Apocalypse, a personal favorite of mine
06. The Kracken from Clash of the Titans
07. Mimics, Dopplegangers, and other living shape-changers...
08. Orcs
09. Dark Elves
10. Dragons

Give me a day or two, I'll come up with something from the news papers.

Leafar the Lost wrote:

Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the world shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith Leafar!

Book of Leafar 1:7


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