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Argbadh Karambagya

TheThousandfold's page

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No Captain, you are not!

I'm running this AP for my daughters and the old guard of players I grew up with. Because of the personality makeup of the group, I've taken a "Sarkoris Rises Again" tack with the AP.

I like to wait until I can read the entire AP, improve the foreshadowing and to just generally get ahead of the storyline, and while I'm sure it's not the intention of the designers, I've made Iomedae more like the deity Tomás de Torquemada would have loved to worship. Her behavior in this part of the AP really cemented my decision to approach it this way.

She hasn't gone completely darkside, but Asmodeus is working on that. It's the reasoning behind the question of what's flawed in her herald, and in the crusades as a whole. The reason they're increasingly ineffectual and failing. It is simply because Iomedae is becoming increasingly flawed herself. All of this stems, in my version of events, from the death of Aroden. It's causes and consequences.

Now it's not as simple as Iomedae killed her god because she lusted after his power. More along the lines that what Aroden had planned was made to seem increasingly like a really bad idea, by Asmodeus behind the scenes, and this lead Iomedae to kill the Maiden, one of the Fates(in my Golarion, Pharasma is a norn/valkyrie triumvirate of primordial power...and while she deals mainly with the afterlife and the fate of souls, there is another triad that handles life. More closely modeled after the Maiden/Mother/Crone. And yes I know I'm splitting up Pharasma's portfolio...because I can!) which is why prophecy is now all kinds of wonky, and leading to the "strained" relationship Iomedae now has with the Lady of Graves.

So I definitely ran with the tired, possibly gulit-ridden, and increasingly harsher "general of armies" stereotype with "the Inheritor", who behaves more like "the Usurper".

I'm leaving it up to my heroes as to whether they can save her or whether by the end of the AP Asmodeus has succeeded in creating the ultimate Anti-Paladin.

Oooh, that would be pretty cool, and work out well with some of the details I'm highlighting in the adventure.

After some foreshadowing, when PC's finally see the wardstone fragment, they are going to recognize it as a repurposed Sarkorian standing stone.

As it stands, one of the PC's, a thief whose Riftwarden parents were slain by Xanthir, is traveling to Kenebres to make contact with the Riftwardens. He has in his possession, a certain tome that he relieved from his guild. One he recognized as being too dangerous to let fall in the hands of the highest bidder.

So if essential parts of the book are scattered throughout the Worldwound, all the better. I have a feeling though, that he might find the book hard to hold onto during an exhibition match between a champion of chaos and a silver hero of Kenebres...just a hunch I have.

Again, many thanks!

I decided to grab the PDFs of the novel, and I'll start researching more of it!

The book looks pretty good so far, I'll probably actually read it when I have more time.

Sebastian Hirsch wrote:

It has been some time since I read the novel in question, but in your campaign, you can make it whatever you want. Since the PCs are supposed to hand it over to the Queens researchers, it doesn't really matter all that much.

And IIRC it a chaotic book rather than an evil one. No need to add even more abilities to the campaign.

Giving the book a metal cover and using it to squish a particular enduring demon could be a fun way to close the portal.

Thanks! Even just that little tidbit helps a ton...

I actually plan on the the PC's being the ones to decipher and use the Lexicon, as I said, I'm going pretty off book with the AP. Amongst other things, one of the main focuses of the campaign is the inability of the crusades to stop the encroachment of the abyss, and the resurgence of the old Sarkorian Gods, and the Green Faith. I'm using 5e, and the mythic part of the campaign is the PC's gaining regenerating hero points along with some epic boons and blessings.

So, yeah...pretty far off book. ;)

Any more ideas or details you guys can throw my way are always appreciated! I'll keep checking back.

Can anyone describe the Lexicon for me?

I'm going off book with it and having the PC's themselves recover it, rather than using it as an offstage prop.

Is it simply another version of the BoVD or the Necronomicon?

What are it's abilities and how does it affect those who read it and possess it?

I just simply can't find anything on it anywhere, and I'd rather not read the novel. My time is better spent working on the campaign.

Can anyone help me out?

Hope all are well during the holidays!

I'm prepping for a Wrath of the Righteous campaign, and I've run across mention of "The Order of the Heralds" who consequently ended most of the witch hunts plaguing Mendev at the end of the 3rd crusade.

That's all I can really find of the Order and I'm curious about how the Heralds were instituted, by whom, under what banner, and any idea about how they reigned in the zealots. What gave them that kind of pull, what sort of functions do they perform at the beginning of the 5th crusade?

Are they discussed in any of the sourcebooks, or articles I might be able to reference? Has anyone done any homebrew of this faction?

Help a GM out!

I missed the recruitment window!?! Oh the agony! I guess I really should have gotten on the ball last night. I ran across the thread and put off throwing in my hat until today.

I have a good feeling about this one, so I'll be spectating, if that's alright.

Good luck everyone!

Yep he's a viking shaolin. Which means he's buddhist, but of the philosophical school as opposed to the religious/theological school. It's a subtle point, unless you're well read on the subject, but it'll really get interesting if he comes into contact with a cleric or any zealot.

I actually have the entire history of his order in my noggin...really should write it down. A history going back to a bound Solar in the service of the Runelord of Pride and what grew out of that during and after the cataclysm. Originally concieved for a RotRL campaign...just haven't found one to get him in to.

@Thorgar: I saw the same thing when we were chosen during the recruitment, Thorgar. I actually think the entire group was a good mix. Sucks we were abandoned, and Doomed had to grab the reigns. I think we all really appreciate you keeping this going, and youre doing a great job, but I really would have loved to see what your wizard would have added to the mix.

Great job all around, everyone! Having a great time! ... now if only I could get some love from the dice...

Alrighty, everybody. Work was pretty intense earlier this week, but it should be calm through the weekend. Since our GM is still mia, I'm ready to move forward if everybody still wants game.

Thordan, I can get to the tavern without the slapstick help, the enthusiasm is appreciated, though. Let's all chime in with our thoughts, and figure this out!

Yeah the guide is great! My first PbP as well. I'm working on getting Haaken's profile polished up and all the crunch sorted out.


Still working on writing the background down for you. Works been crazy and it's my birthday today. I will make the time though, and have it to you late tonight. In short he's been sent to deliver a parcel of rare mountain herbs to Rista Stoutbarrow, with some cryptic instructions from the Abbot about his return.

Haaken will be an Aasimar(Angelkin) Monk (Ki Mystic/Weapon Adept). I'll need DM approval on a few things, though. Looking at the alternate racial traits from the table in "Blood of Angels". Leaning towards asking for an additional attribute bonus to either STR or WIS. Trying to relieve some of the MAD, required for a monk.

Quick question: Can you describe the "small Ulfen village near the border with Irrisen"? Rough location, or anything else that might help me interweave any background elements?

I'm very interested! I have a character I've been working on that would fit your setting in perfectly. I'll get on a detailed background write up and sort out the crunch in a bit.

Quickly though, the concept is an ulfen neophyte monk (playing with the idea of an aasimar of ulfen descent). He's from a reclusive monastic order located somewhere in the Kodar mountains. It's a philsophical order that has it's roots in Cyrusian, of ancient Thassilon fame. Think of the Shaolin (if you know anything of their origins and outlook) with nordic/ulfen trappings.

The order was founded by an angel that had been bound to the service of the Runelord of Pride. After the cataclysm, the angel's bonds held it earthbound for hundreds of years in some Thassilonian ruins. A small settlement grew up around the location, eventually the order sprung into existence using the instructions provided by the angel. It had alot to teach those seeking enlightenment. The angel used the symbol of it's captors, the sihedron, as a symbol to instuct them. It was called the Seven-fold Path.

Currently, the order is known to the local populace( though almost unheard of in larger circles). The order is mostly shrouded in myth and misunderstanding, and has minimal contact with it's neighbors.

Haaken, the PC, has been raised in this monastery pursuing his studies and undergoing the intense physical regime required by them. His reason for becoming involved in the adventure can be modified however we like, from something as rote as a chance encounter while traveling through the region, to being giving a directive by the abbot after a vision.

As I said this is just a quick rundown. If it's piqued any interest, I'll polish it up. I have already been shaping the idea, and was looking/waiting for a RotRL game to try it out on, but I'm really intrigued by your "Beneath the Snow" idea, and think it could work out well.

Let me know what you think!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Since Monks are MAD already, I was curious if anyone has used any dips into other classes to shore up their utility outside of combat. Are there any archetypes that help with this?

Wow! Lots of things to mull over.

Thanks a lot! This makes it alot easier. Incidently looks like the PbP game I was applying for got their missing player back, so I'm pretty much free to go any direction I wish. I'm sure I'll find a game.

No problem! I'm going to keep working up my ranger/fighter/whatever. I'm sure it'll see some use. I'm stuck in Ohio on work, so at the very least it gives me something to do.

After some reading, I realized that Linnorm has a pretty big population of dwarves, so I might fuse both characters into one. Seeing as how there's actually more logic in a Mul being born there.

Thanks for the consideration, and let me know if anything opens up!

I'm thinking Giants, since I know they get fairly thick in RotRL.

Thanks guys!

Well, the rough background is that he hails from Trollheim. Cut his teeth fighting with the Blackravens, and has travelled south seeking fortune and adventure. I pictured a tall lean, but powerful, cunning warrior. The word cunning actually traces its roots to someone who could fight with both or either hand. So I imagined a broadsword paired wih an axe.

I definitely want him to be able to hold his own, or more so, when he's up close and personal. The RPing comes first, but I want him to function as well. He wouldn't accept anything less.

Work got crazy and interrupted my creative writing for the Ulfen. I'll get on,though.

After poking around a bit, I'm not sure the Two-Weapon Warrior will do the job that needs done as far as balancing the party. I'm still open to it, but I'm really just trying to fill that need. The class/build won't change the character's personality/concept too much, and that's what I'm really excited about in the end.

Threw it at the advice forums and they came back at me with a "switch hitter" ranger (they brought up barbarian as well, but I don't want to step on Krojun's toes ;) or a ranger/skirmisher.

Figured I'd throw it back at you guys and see what sticks.

Oh btw, theporkchopxpress, awesome name.

"Have ya paid your dues, Jack?"

The Switch Hitter looks very interesting, and goes pretty close to my initial idea for the character. I notice the guide you reference doesn't take into account the archetypes. How would they alter the approach?

The group looks like they need either someone to dish out the damage quick or someone to be able to soak damage (or just draw fire). So I'm curious about how well I can fit that role.

I thought of the Barbarian angle as well, but there's already another barb in the mix, and I'm really reluctant to style-bite. Plus, the image in my head was of a skilled, honed, warrior rather than the usual frothing at the mouth engine of mayhem viking. Not that there's anything wrong with that, mind you. Plenty of fun. I was just trying to turn the Ulfen on their heads a bit.

Hello! trying to get advice on a build for my PC. I'm currently trying to get accepted to a PbP campaign for Rise of the Runelords.

It looks like the group needs a front line character for combat, and while I have a concept that I like, I'm not sure if it will fill the place that the group is looking for. So I'm asking for help from everyone to see if I can make this gel right.

It's a 20pt build, and it looks like the group is currently lvl 2.

The basic idea, which is fairly malleable, is a wandering Ulfen sellsword. My mind is currently focused on a Fighter/Two Weapon Warrior mixed with a Ranger/Skirmisher.

Would a build based along these lines be effective? If not, what sort of build would stick with the concept of a deadly frontline fighter with skills?

Any and all help is welcome and treasured!!!

After reading a bit, I've also come up with an idea for a wandering Ulfen 2 weapon warrior, named Ravien. I'll write up a quick background after lunch and post it fir review.

I'd like to throw my offering into the mix. I'm interested in playing a ranger. It's been a while since I've played D&D (since before Pathfinder had it's own ruleset) and this would be my 1st PBP, so I hope you'll be forgiving of that and take me under wing.

I'm able to put in some hours every day, so participation won't be an issue any time soon.

I'm flexible with the race, but I'd like to play a Mul. Always been a favorite race of mine.

Here's the backstory:

"16 years ago, Pawvti, the prized daughter of the chieftain, stumbled back into her quah's camp, beaten and near death. After spending days in death's shadow she finally showed signs of recovery. When she woke, she would not utter a word about what happened to her. The Shaman kept her suspicions to herself, yet all became clear after a few months, when her belly grew with the burden of ripening life.

When the time for the birth came, it was so difficult it claimed Pawvti's life. This was not such an unusual thing, but the child was. It was large and rawboned, with sharply pointed ears. These features, proving that the father was not human, threatened the newborns life. Fearing the child was a half-orc, the chieftain nearly killed the baby outright. Stayed by the shaman's warning of retribution by the spirits for parricide, the child was taken out into the wilderness where the proper offerings were made, and then the child was left alone for the ancestors to decide it's fate.

The child's cries attracted a wanderer in the wilds. An elf named Shalelu Andosana. Discovering the strange orphan upon the shale alter, she decided, after coming to the opinion that it was harmless, to find a suitable place for it. Shalelu wasn't sure, but the stone table didn't seem to be it's proper home.  The infant was swaddled and found shelter that night in a redwood tree. After an exasperating cross-country journey, the child was delivered into the hands of Father Tobyn.

In the following years Andosana visited the boy often, and was given the task, by Father Tobyn of naming the child. She took her time in this. She wanted to observe the creature and it's habits first. It was 3 years before she finally dubbed the infant. His name was to be Haaken (pronounced Haw-Ken), a name she gathered from some place in her travels. When asked what it meant, she declined to answer. It didn't seem to be an elvish word, but she said it fit him, and that was all there was to that.

The youth grew up well cared for by the Sandpoint Chapel and it's laity. While generally considered a good lad, he was also stubborn and somewhat unruly. Many of the other children were wary of his large size and unsual looks, and so was forced to weather the usual treatment that such a thing brings. He tried to not let the teasing bother him. He was very aware that it was the charity of the people of Sandpoint that provided for him, and of this he was grateful. But his mother's blood ran strongly in his veins, and the wild called him. The friendship of an elf didn't encourage him in the way Father Tobyn thought was proper, either, but only so much could be done, the rest was in the gods hands.

Early on the dwarven locals informed everyone that Haaken was clearly of their stock. A Mul. The local bullies ate that up. The Dwarves however felt that Haaken was not to be kept ignorant of their part of his heritage, and so made sure to do their part in his upbringing.

Aside from Shalelu, he made one other close friend, Jervis Stoot. It all started when Jervis was "freeing" a bird high in a tree outside of town, and became aware of being spied upon. The lonely child was in a neighboring tree trying to mimick the carver's deft strokes. The eccentric man sensed a kindred soul. He cut the just finished bird from it's roost and made it a gift to the boy. After that, they would be seen in each others presence frequently. Until, that is, when Stoot moved onto his island. He stopped carving whenever Haaken approached and would pack up and leave. Haaken wracked his brain trying to recall how he could have offended his friend. He knew something was wrong. Father Tobyn was dismissive, saying, "What did you expect, child? It's Stoot."

When Stoot was revealed to be Chopper, it broke Haaken's heart. Even more so when people started destroying Stoot's work. Secretly Haaken collected as many of the "Stoots" as he could and made a memorial to Jervis in the tree where they had first met.

The next blow came from the fire and the loss of his home and Father Tobyn and his beautiful daughter.

In the remaining five years Andosana began to take Haaken with her on hunting trips. And why not? At ten he was already as tall and robust as most human men. Besides she felt he needed something to do after the "Late Unpleasantness", and began to teach him in the ways of woodcraft. Haaken took to being in the wild with zeal. So much so that on his sixteenth year Andosana decided he was ready to accompany her on a scouting mission to the north to check on some rumors about goblins. He didn't even seem to care that he'd be missing the festival."

Let me know what you think!

I'm interested in a hi-res pdf versions that I could import to rpg tools like maptool. That's how I utilize the pathfinder pdfs I buy.

Yeah...this is the best thread ever!

Also, to take a real-world angle, I'd say that the Sihedron is a type of Pentacle. Pentacles being magical objects or symbols employed for various reasons. Technically, the Sihedron is a Heptagram, which has several preconceptions. One of which is magical power.

Wiki has a pretty thorough article about it:

Not really a spoiler, but just to be polite...

Based on that estimation, I'd theorize that it was a Sigil created by Old Xin and inherited by his RuneLords, who subsequently turned it into a symbol embodying their own dark proclivities. Very much like the Swastika mentioned above.

Oh...I think they're rising just fine.

It's already been said, but I'd like to add my voice to the gallery stating the "slow-build" is going well, and I'd not prefer to have it any other way.

I have no problem seeing the meta-plot, even though the specifics are yet to surface fully. My players are intrigued OOC and want to see where it's all going, and how it comes together. They're enjoying Sandpoint, and like the intimacy of slowly learning about the setting as their characters do(as opposed to rifling through a sourcebook, and having loads of OOC knowledge that skews their in-game perceptions, and robs them of the wonder of the exploration).

This is the first campaign my friends and I have actually played in several years. We grew up gaming together, but having become adults, it's nearly impossible for any of us to GM a game and give it the development time needed to create a worthwhile experience. I ran across Pathfinder around a week ago, and was nothing but impressed with the quality and depth given to the material. It saves me hours of time dealing with world-crafting and allows me to quickly setup the adventure for the evening. (The only work, aside from the fun job of storytelling, I have to attend to is conversion from D20 material to DP9's SilCore. We're just not huge D20 fans). We're having a blast and really appreciate it.

Keep up with the top-notch development so I can game and still have a RL. ;)


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