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Argbadh Karambagya

TheThousandfold's page

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No Captain, you are not!

I'm running this AP for my daughters and the old guard of players I grew up with. Because of the personality makeup of the group, I've taken a "Sarkoris Rises Again" tack with the AP.

I like to wait until I can read the entire AP, improve the foreshadowing and to just generally get ahead of the storyline, and while I'm sure it's not the intention of the designers, I've made Iomedae more like the deity Tomás de Torquemada would have loved to worship. Her behavior in this part of the AP really cemented my decision to approach it this way.

She hasn't gone completely darkside, but Asmodeus is working on that. It's the reasoning behind the question of what's flawed in her herald, and in the crusades as a whole. The reason they're increasingly ineffectual and failing. It is simply because Iomedae is becoming increasingly flawed herself. All of this stems, in my version of events, from the death of Aroden. It's causes and consequences.

Now it's not as simple as Iomedae killed her god because she lusted after his power. More along the lines that what Aroden had planned was made to seem increasingly like a really bad idea, by Asmodeus behind the scenes, and this lead Iomedae to kill the Maiden, one of the Fates(in my Golarion, Pharasma is a norn/valkyrie triumvirate of primordial power...and while she deals mainly with the afterlife and the fate of souls, there is another triad that handles life. More closely modeled after the Maiden/Mother/Crone. And yes I know I'm splitting up Pharasma's portfolio...because I can!) which is why prophecy is now all kinds of wonky, and leading to the "strained" relationship Iomedae now has with the Lady of Graves.

So I definitely ran with the tired, possibly gulit-ridden, and increasingly harsher "general of armies" stereotype with "the Inheritor", who behaves more like "the Usurper".

I'm leaving it up to my heroes as to whether they can save her or whether by the end of the AP Asmodeus has succeeded in creating the ultimate Anti-Paladin.

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Since Monks are MAD already, I was curious if anyone has used any dips into other classes to shore up their utility outside of combat. Are there any archetypes that help with this?

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