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Meirril wrote:

When people say "tank" in Pathfinder, it irks me. I'm an old Everquest player. I know what a MMO tank is. Fighter has NEVER been that tank. Pathfinder's Fighter is a melee DPS.

It isn't even a "you soak damage" kind of melee, its actually a damage avoidance type. How could I think so? Easy, because the fighter can stack on armor and shield and enchantment bonuses to both. If a fighter gets serious about AC, there are very few classes that can equal them. And those classes that can? They have to make some serious sacrifices to do it. Fighter just switches to a single handed weapon and a heavy shield. Done. If they don't find a sufficiently enchanted shield it means sacrificing a +1 from his weapon to get a decently defensive shield. The soak damage guy is the barbarian, and he's only slightly ahead of the fighter for HP and slightly behind in AC.

Or a fighter can concentrate on doing DPS and raise their damage potential at the cost of AC. Lots of builds do this and quite frankly the payoff is huge.

Lots of people say that fighter is a feat monkey. Well, its true, but it kind of short changes the fighter. The really outstanding abilities of a fighter are actually Weapon Training and Armor Training. Fighter gets full BAB, is heavily induced to use Strength as its primary stat, and can stack on feats to raise their to hit. So can every other full BAB class. Weapon Training gives the fighter that extra umph that makes them superior to other similar classes. Armor training also relaxes the restrictions that everybody else has to pay attention to. Extra AC from dex, less skill penalties, and full movement. I hate a lot of the fighter archatypes because they trades away some of the best abilities fighters get for subpar specialized abilities that are just lacking.

Anyways, back to 'Tanks'. What makes a tank is an ability to force things to attack you. 4th edition D&D has that. Pathfinder has a spell that does that. Fighters don't get it at all. Fighters are not Tanks. If you are making a 'tank' for your...

I would argue that drawing aggro is a way to tank, but is not the only way to tank. A tank reduces the incoming damage for the squishies, whether that is by drawing aggro, debuffing the enemy offence, or providing barriers/temp hp. Aggro tanking is generally the simplest because it works well with combat healers: a lot of tanking is ablative, and hit point healing restores what an aggro tank needs to keep tanking.

I have a mesmerist I enjoy a lot in the tanking role, as both a debuff and aggro tank. Pure aggro tanking is often difficult in PF because how healing works is not balanced for dedicated tanks. But forcing an opponent in a specific direction while they're at -7 to hit is still a noticeable defensive aid.

Here's a question (I was going to do this with a bunch of characters later):

One of the PCs in a campaign I assosiate closely with is a Barbarian. What would be the best totem for a young feral woodcutter wielding a magitech chainsaw?

Xion in Kingdom Hearts 358/2, followed shortly by Roxas. Due to my autism, I was both slow to empathize with characters and had a fairly low subset of characters I identified with. Roxas was one of the first characters i did identify with.

Gnomes are underpowered. I mean, they can't even muster the strength to voice all the letters in their name!

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If you've been living under a rock for most of your life, and get up with only a small amount of time left, wouldn't you want to be entertained in your last moments?

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Gary Teter wrote:

10th epoch

"Your fair maiden," said Mareshka. "That will damp him . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . "

Did the bot actually put in that many periods? It must really like dramatic pauses.

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I stall, forcing the continuation of PF1 due to the inability of Paizo to stay inactive that long.

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It's from the new Blood of the Ancients. It doesn't seem to be on either d20srd or AoN yet.

christian kramer wrote:
I echo the Paladin/Sorcerer Mix. If you take the psychic Bloodline, then you don't suffer arcane failure chances and qualify for heavy armor too. Mix that with Eldritch Heritage for the Arcana bloodline and eventually get yourself an Azata improved familiar that can buff you with wands. 3 levels of paladin will boost all your saves, and make you immune to fear which is a very large descriptor of effects that no longer hinder emotion components that effect psychic casters.

I'm pretty sure the Azata familiars require at least one step from CG.

How does a washing machine function if it's that fragile? It does need to be able to handle throwing a bunch of water around, and water's pretty heavy.

Since the PF2 redcap does not have a CMB, we can assume that manoeuvres use some altered form of the normal AC. Either that or 10+Reflex bonus (which I think appears at some other point). You could always run at SF's AC+8 as an approximation.

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Arachnofiend wrote:
I'm not going to let a novel I've never read tell me how the game I've been playing for years is "supposed" to work. If anything, it sounds like the novelists responsible for the books need a better understanding of how the game they're trying to emulate functions rather than just pretending Golarion is Gritty Low Magic Setting #3754,

This. Before reading DMW's posts, I was pretty worried that if I did read the books, I would completely miss the main content in favour of continuously calling out the inaccuracies when the way the setting work is expressly laid out. Arceus knows I do enough of that already.

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I appear to have been stabbed in the heart. But it doesn't get through my helmet, so I'm fine.

Yep, the rest of the world kept going even if Europe stalled once Rome fell.

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Somewhat recently, I went with my family to see a show based on an AD&D adventure.

New player: "It's a fairy, so it should be nice, right?"
Me: *snerk*

Later, my family asked about it.

My response: You know that dungeon from last summer
the one where the enemies were abducting people to power ritual sacrifice
and who first made there presence known with an eviscerated dwarf put there so you'd have enough ammo?
Those were fairies


I've seen a mixed Arcane Archer/ Eldritch Knight build as well.

While the PrC is for fullcasters (since the others do not need combat help), I would argue that there are at least specific builds that go well with Eldritch Knight:

Blade Adept Arcanist. You're here for being a fullcaster with a blackblade. You can take the exploit so that the blade scales with CL and not class level, allowing you to avoid the scaling problem.

Any Sorcerer build that relies primarily on the arcana. You have what you came for, and spontaneous casters taking PrCs don't have to worry about continuously buying spells. There are a number of archetypes that are combat-focused, which don't work unless you can get the BAB up.

Once per page would be a lot more reasonable than anytime anybody adds something.

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*pokes with a stick*

I was looking at alchemical weapons recently and found blanch bombs. Grenades that do nothing but remove DR are interesting.

some PF1 spells:
close-quarters Dwarven technique

Summon Anvil

I've already promised to get up, find a table, and flip it if the metal armour restriction is still there. I don't know where you got the idea that Druid is not going to be controversial.

Okay, maybe it's just me.

Didn't we already get rogue, and aren't classes usually not on Fridays (so whatever hot mess it produces can be adequately moderated)?

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While we're dropping sci-fantasy video games, I'm going to suggest Xenoblade. It's got too much magic for normal scifi, and too many mech armours for normal fantasy.

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I'll admit some of those fanmade ones look pretty reasonable. Honestly, better than I expect an official one could be. Real companies can't just stuff everything into one mega-CRB and cutting out some of the weirder thing is a steep dropoff for me.

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Pathfinder Way wrote:
*Pokemon PF2

Do you have any idea at all how you would go about this? I'm a huge pokenerd that's been thinking of converting various video game elements to PF since I picked it up, and I can't see how this would work well. Even ignoring the distinctiveness of pokemon's combat system, it's not something that easily fits into a class-based system. There are hundreds of distinct sets of abilities and stats.

Or is it better to have fully enclosed wooden battlements to keep flyers out?

And I don't mean the wimpy ones seen in most fantasy either. I mean ones with the merlons full-body height and the crenels still at waist-height. In other words, using a map,


(elevation difference)


Secondly, would including machicolations (holes at the bottom to allow for easier firing downwards) change this answer?

I've finally lost my patience with people hating on defensive play.

Excaliburproxy wrote:

Why did you build the Paladin loss functions so badly, Mark!?

Creator sentient life wellbeing>>>Sentient life wellbeing>>>Nonsentient life wellbeing!!!

If that approach was used, it could result in this scenario as soon as the robot paladins start constructing other robot paladins. To hard-code it out, you would effectivly need the robots to be fully designed as a servitor race, which may chafe with giving them paladin motivations.

Tangent101 wrote:

Small note on secret rolls.

I know some players dislike having their freedom taken away from them and insist on rolls for all things - even Sense Motive or the like - despite the fact that KNOWING you need to make a roll of ANY kind starts getting people suspicious.

There's two ways around it. One is to have people randomly make rolls at any time. Most of the time it's for nothing. But that gets old fast and can disrupt the game.

Another method I've heard about works far better: have the players all roll 1d20 and write down the result... and do this for twenty or so rolls. Then you take that information and keep it on hand behind the GM screen (if you use one). Then if you need a secret roll, the player has already rolled for the result. They might not know they are rolling for Sense Motive but if they succeed you can always pass that player a note "you feel like this person is lying about not knowing who broke into the warehouse" (or whatever). Or even "you see something out of the corner of your eyes" (for a secret perception check).

It requires a little bit of work as the GM have to keep track of pertinent skills for the players... but it allows for more secrecy but still lets the player be in control of their own destiny, seeing they were the ones who pre-rolled the dice.

Just be sure to roll an extra one yourself for the seed.

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201)Is the number of feats per average word in the statblock of a monster between level/CR 15 and 20 going to stay consistent?

202)Is there going to be a weakness order for bosses?

203)Is introducing the party to an NPC named "Game" considered met a Game-ing?

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Meanwhile, as somebody who only skirts Golarion lore, I've gone from "get in line behind the Tian races" to "holy ****, these guys are Evil" after this thread and ones like it.

It's not the cheesiest thing you could be doing with Distracting Cloak. That one involves This feat and this weapon.

Electric Wizard, you have a typo. I would recommend changing to

night in
texas towns.

The inability of kitsune to physically attack with their tail, especially since a human with a pile of feats sunk into it can (RH kitsune, magical tail to get a tail, RH kobold, tail terror to hit people with it.)

This idea has existed for quite a while using the Cave Druid archetype. Since it uses standard polymorph rules, you can turn into a Carnivorous Crystal for a way higher damage attack than you could get via scaling.

Said familiar answers to "Yorik."

Falling Below Istanbul?

Then you're out 5000gp compared to somebody with only one, 6 500 if masterwork, 16 500 if +1, or 46 500 if +2, nearly the cost of a single +5 weapon. (+3 is 96 500, not that you'll ever have enough budget for that. +4 is 166 500, +5 is 256 500, over the cost of a +10 equivalent)

I'm pretty sure that "removes all penalties, not just lack of casting" is a valid reading of the rules text. If it wasn't, Shield Master wouldn't have needed to get FAQ'd so that it only applies to TWF penalties.

Ye be missin' the most important part o' gunfightin': reloadin' yer pistol. Sure, ol' Teach used to carry a dozen of 'em, all loaded, but you might want to enjoy some o' that gold instead o' spendin' it all on guns. I meself took some trainin' in the performance arts, but I've also seen some bilge rats who give 'emselves a third arm instead.

And now we have Mythic Feather Fall to produce similar destruction from on high.

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Shoutouts to Metroid for making you take damage for being in a room that contains lava without protection.

If the bowstring isn't considered part of the bow, it shouldn't matter whether Haley has a spare if they all make it out. Elan has Mending.

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And yet he does the most damage stabbing things and most of his observed magic is through items he picked up. Gandalf may be high-level, but a wizard he isn't.

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Joana wrote:
FedoraFerret wrote:
Not gonna lie, unless Remove Blindness/Deafness and Cure Disease have been turned into much higher level spells I'm not super impressed by that legendary Heal feat.
The main benefit I see is that it opens up condition removal to classes other than cleric/paladin, making non-standard party composition more viable.

Only at high levels. If it required Expert or possibly Master, I could see the point, but this might just be adding rogue to that list.

By the way, the blog is not a class blog

I never got the "requires simpler tech" aspect. I consider "take this hide, use this specialized tool to get the hair off, soak it in these chemicals over here, and go find a cutting implement because you won't be able to shape it" to be more tech-intensive than "heat up this rock and hit it until it's in the right shape" Heck, steel was used for a while before production was known, they just happened to produce a higher carbon content from the charcoal the ore was being smelted on.

Heck, if you get into the protector aspect, It ain't carbon keeping the oceans from being stripped off. Life makes these big complicated things enshrining single atoms of metal, because its those metal atoms that allow life to function. It's Iron that lets elements get anywhere so they can form life, and the most common element might as well be a metal, since you see it oxidized an awful lot more than you see it reduced (high-pressure conductivity aside)

The contribution issue is why, of the classes I suggested, only two are not Full BAB, and thoes two have their own attack/damage boosts.

Consider using fractional progression from Unchained, it would even out the BAB issue (though at a likely hit to saves)

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