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The Shifty Mongoose's page

FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 331 posts (366 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 10 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Shadow Lodge

Snowblind wrote:
Just because nobody has pointed it out, buffing Will saves vs fear does nothing vs the shaken effect from an intimidate check, because intimidate doesn't allow a save.

Really? How did I assume that "save bonus vs. fear" equates to an increased Intimidate DC? It isn't in the Fear section of the Core Rulebook glossary on the PRD, it isn't in Fighter's Bravery, or any other class abilities I've seen.

Maybe I just heard about that as a house rule once and didn't know it was a house rule.

Shadow Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

True, as it's apparently happened with hobgoblins and bugbears before. Plus, their hatred of pack animals and reliance on raiding and stealing means that they're culturally bad at commerce - rather than building and crafting, they'd rather steal things and figure out how to make those things suit themselves (like dogslicers and horsechoppers). This also means they won't grasp the concept of trading, seeing wagons and such as targets first and foremost.

I was thinking more about their fear of writing implying a cultural disregard of precision, but I'm probably out of line with that presumption. I mean, goblin alchemists can get repeatably good at what they do - the Free RPG Day modules are proof of that.

Also, I'm biased toward kobolds. They tend to put their intellects towards scheming, defensive-designs-as-cultural-artwork, and finding tougher allies to protect them from their former tougher allies.

Shadow Lodge

Oh, right! Why'd I forget about that, especially with the iconic Bard & Mesmerist's relationship?

Do Remove Fear, Unbreakable Heart, or Surmount Affliction come in psychic form? Those can deal with fear as well.

Though, again, I do find it hilarious to imagine someone just insulting a psychic without realizing that they've unintentionally prevented their foe from bringing their most dangerous stuff to bear. Of course, things might get messy after the psychic gets over it...

Though really, the worst part about psyhcic magic, to me, is that it's secret, it's rare, and it's new. If the group hands all the arcane scrolls and wands to the psychic, saying, "You're a wizard, right?" there's going to have to be a lot of UMD checks.

Shadow Lodge

Well, Swoosh's point was that you don't even need a specific spell to interfere with psychic magic; you just need to use a skill to hurt a psychic caster's feelings to do it.

Plus, there's also the drawback of thought components increasing concentration DCs unless you use up a move action first.

In either case, a paladin buddy nearby to take hits, protect from AoOs, use mercies, and sending out an Aura of Courage? Yes please!

Shadow Lodge

Well, culturally, they carry on everything they've learned by oral tradition. Individual goblins may have good memories, plenty of patience, or sneaky social skills, but culturally, their fear of writing and love of raiding is what's both holding them back and justifying their CE tendencies.

Really, it seems like goblins tend to strive toward what's fun, mostly stealing from the longshanks and setting their writing on fire. Goblin alchemists are proud of finding all sorts of new ways to set things on fire (even themselves, safely, if they get that goblin alchemist prestige class that gives them Fire Body 1 as an extract), goblin bards and teachers try to remember stuff they've learned to tell others about it in a fun way, and leaders have to figure out how to settle disputes and make sure their tribe stays strong.

Of course, since PCs tend to be oddballs, picking an aspiration can help with any time you want to play as a goblin.

Shadow Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

You intimidate the Mesmerist as a standard action. The Mesmerist uses the Touch Treatment on oneself as a swift action, which removes the shakened condition, and still has other actions left.

As was previously mentioned, there are ways to protect oneself against fear, and some psychic spellcasters use Wisdom for their spells, which will make the Intimidate DC higher.

Also, if the same person repeatedly tries to Intimidate the same target, the DC increases by 5 until an hour after you stop trying.

Oh, plus, other than psychic spells that can still be cast even if you've had your feelings hurt, Occultists, Spiritualists, Mesmerists, possibly Kineticests and some Mediums can still suck it up for the round they've been shaken for and try to hit you with their 3/4 BAB.

Though I do like the idea of an opponent making fun of my Mesmerist with, "Psychic magic seems pretty terrible. I mean, why even bother?" and then he slaps himself across the face with, "Get ahold of yourself!" and magically makes his opponent feel inadequate about themeselves.

Shadow Lodge

Just a point that was brought up earlier:
When it says in the rules about saving throws that you "feel a tingle" when you save against a spell that "has no physical manifestation", it means the spell's effect, not its casting.
So, for example, if you make a save against Charm Person or Cat's Grace, your Saving Throw Sense tingles; if you made your save against Fireball or Stinking Cloud, you don't feel it because you got to shield your face from the fire or the cloud in time.
Really, it's a way to know that you just resisted a spell that wasn't immediately obvious. Whether or not the caster was behind cover or something has no bearing on it.

Shadow Lodge

Right, so that would mean I'd only give the Stare that lowers Will saves to people I wouldn't want to fight. I should bick Boldness that centers around lowering stuff like Initiative, Sense Motive or Perception; if a fight does break out, then I'd switch to Staring at a friend to help them protect me.

Also, his False Healing will have to come in the form of inspirational slogans:

"Just a scratch; only a flesh wound. You've had worse!"

"Don't you go dying on me!"

"Never give up! Trust your instincts!"

Shadow Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

How are you planning on making it happen? Will it work like everyone possessing each other, where they use their own mental stats, base attack bonuses, spell slots and so on, or are you just going to tell all the players to exchange character sheets?

Either way, if characters with different gender identities change hands, be careful (and respectful).

Shadow Lodge

I had similar issues, so this is the way I rationalize it:

You put your hands on opposite sides of the subject's head, send a gentle psychic pulse from one hand to the other, make your skill check, and determine that the subject is a female human paladin who isn't as experienced as you are.

She then asks you for her money back.

While yes, phrenology doesn't work and has even been used to rationalize racist rhetoric, Pathfinder has a history of using magic to force pseudo-science to work (as well as avoiding bigoted stances). So I figure it's less about learning about someone by measuring their head as much as empathizing basic information about someone by touching their head. Like magical neurology instead.

Shadow Lodge

Fanatical Stare replaces Painful Stare, but not Hypnotic Stare. Does this mean he can only have either Hypnotic Stare active (with accompanying Boldness) against a foe, or Fanatical Stare active on a team-mate, but not both at once?

Since the standard Mesmerist's Painful Stare works as a part of Hypnotic Stare on the same target, it lower's the target's Will save and makes them take more damage; having Fanatical Stare active on a team-mate would do mostly the same thing, though the Fanatic buddy could get the attack/damage bonus on other targets. On the other hand, it sounds like they'd be mutually exclusive effects, seeing as you can Stare at only one person at a time. Then, it'd be a choice of, "Do I put my Boldness against that guy to slow him down, or inspire my friend to hit him harder?"

Characterization Tangent:
Also, I want to defy the expectation of Evil-aligned Mesmerists, by making a LG Cult Master from Alvis (in southern Andoran) who isn't starting a cult. Instead, he's a magical psychotherapist, giving self-confidence and focus to people who need it.

*tugs suspenders* "Now, I'm no big-city enchanter with a fancy spellbook or a fairy dragon, but I've learned that positive encouragement can do more for one's sanity than a whole cellar full of potions and scrolls."

Shadow Lodge

Word casting, from Ultimate Magic, would be fun and effective, though confusing.
If you're giving them class levels, and don't have Occult Adventures, I'd suggest wizardry too. I'd personally house-rule their spell books as huge, engraved tablets on the walls of their deep-sea cavernous cities, and their arcane bonds not requiring any magical tools at all.

Or, possibly, give one an amulet that it swallowed and can use that way.

Shadow Lodge

I really want to play both APs, like with the same group (maybe different GMs) on different days of the week. Then, it'll end with the characters of both groups squaring off against each other. The only problem with that would be that it'd involve lots of players talking to themselves.
I wouldn't mind, though.

Shadow Lodge

If I had to make a GM call on this, I'd say that goblins call it a "bunch" of goblins, whereas humans would use "mess", dwarves would use "pyre", elves would just say "goblins" with extra contempt, and gnomes would use "$(/@".

For official use, I'm ambivalent.

Shadow Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

81. Intense Transformation: The caster enters a bout of violent anger, refusing to cast spells or activate magic items, but doesn't gain increases to physical stats nor Base Attack Bonus.

82. Literal Burning Hands: The caster's hands catch fire, causing 1d4*2 levels fire damage (max 5d4) per round unless the caster succeeds at a Reflex save.

Shadow Lodge

Well, I know that certain Kuthites complain about what they do to themselves because it's considered music to the ears of other Kuthites.

In real life, though, by complaining out loud about what you've been doing, or a facet of who you are, it can help you figure a way to do/cope with it better.

Shadow Lodge

Get a pair of glasses frames, and take them off when you're in Vigilante Mode.
Have a long cloak or dress to dramatically toss away? (Then spend the rest of the so-far-five-minute costume change time folding it up carefully and looking for a place to put it)

Shadow Lodge **

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Ooh! Mantis' Prey reminded me of my time in that one as well!

We're told that this leather is actually tanned hide from the Tarrasque itself! While the other PCs get worried that it might grow into a new Tarrasque or something, all my witch's Knowledge check gets out of the GM is, "You read somewhere that the Tarrasque is fireproof".

So she cries out, "I have an idea!", takes the leather in one hand, and runs up the stairs with her Burning Hands wand in the other.

She returns a little later, empty-handed, sadly shaking her head.

She tried to save face, but the cost ended up having to come out of her Chronicle sheet.

Shadow Lodge

Why does that last picture remind me of the Great Roleplaying Game movie? Was the picture intended as an homage?

Shadow Lodge

As punishment for all of your crimes against the realm, I sentence you to death and community service.
To elaborate: after a lethal dosage of embalming fluids and painkillers, your corpse will be cleaned and animated, after being securely attached to a treadmill until deemed fit to die completely.
This will most likely happen when another heinous criminal is similarly sentenced, in order to take your place.

(A cheaper, easier, if evil, source of perpetual motion than a permanent Gust of Wind)

Shadow Lodge

D'aww, that's a more suitable and adorable idea.

Shadow Lodge

You could just "dismiss" your old familiar and re-establish the Arcane Bond with something else, but what then? You could hold on to your former familiar who loses all the benefits of being a magical test animal, or leave it with any surviving family members a PC might have.
As long as we're swapping anecdotes about this topic for mutual inspiration, though, I know what my eventual Drow demonic apostle cleric will do with his familiar: first, he'll get a spider. Then, as he levels up, it'll turn into a fiendish spider. Then, as soon as he hits level 7, it messily explodes and there's a quasit sitting in its place.

The biggest issue will be finding an opportunity to bring in a demon-worshipping drow.

Shadow Lodge

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I had an evil witch who is disgusted at the way she sees human men talk about elven women. She has a custom Bestow Curse the GM has approved in case men try to make crude advances at her:

She curses them with impotence, to be lifted upon True Love's Kiss. Either the offensive people learn to live in a mutually stable relationship, or, more likely, it'll never happen and they'll see it as the most terrifying curse imaginable.

Shadow Lodge

In the Inner Sea World Guide, there's a feat called Secret Signs. In addition to a couple of other small benefits, it lets you cast a spell with only somatic components with one hand behind your back (at least, that's how I see it).

When you use it that way, you get to make Sleight of Hand, opposed by Perception from anyone looking at you at the time; if they succeed, they can then make Spellcraft to figure out what you're casting. If your Sleight of Hand beats their Perception, then they can't make Spellcraft.

A few spells (Forced Quiet, Mislead, and a couple others) have only S components by themselves, but Silent Spell can let you do that with any of them!

Shadow Lodge

Just my idea, but if I was the GM in such a situation, I'd say that you'd reincarnate as the new Ghoran from the seed, for simplicity's sake.

Shadow Lodge

This looks like a fun thing to include in your home game. Wouldn't it also require Craft Wonderous Item?

Though, if anyone in your group is planning on being a Ghoran, then the vine might not see much use. Those plant people can grow Goodberries on themselves.

Shadow Lodge

If you put them in (even as a detour) the Ivory Labyrinth, they could ask the deposed Runelord for directions. Would that work?

Shadow Lodge

Huh. The GM just glossed over that.

It's too late for a do-over, though.

Shadow Lodge

3 people marked this as a favorite.

I know a person who really wants to bring in an antipaladin.

This thread made me imagine her having said antipaladin having to hide the spiky armour and infiltrate a small town; as he befriends its populace, he finds himself unwilling to kill any of them. When the time comes to put his evil plan into effect, he balks.

His prayers abruptly go unanswered. Searching aimlessly for something to give himself purpose again, he finds himself at the town's temple of Erastil.

His repentance is wholehearted; his re-training, rapid. By the next session, the GM has let him trade in all his levels.

He has risen.

Though I don't think that's what she'd want her guy to do.

Shadow Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

We're in the Emerald Spire. Our group has so far:

1) hid bees in the privy

2) poisoned the hellknights

3) gotten everyone else in the fort high at the same time

4) freed slaves while enslaving a hellknight named Thaddeus

5) freed child slaves, only to teach them how to be child assassins.

6) offered to take some thieves with us, only to murder them later because they had apparently planned to betray other thieves.

They didn't tell my character (LE Syrinx arcanist who's become appalled at the violent gullible sex-crazed Flightless people) what they were planning on doing with the thieves, but they did talk about when they were going to murder Thaddeus. (I kept saying, "at least wait until his servitude has ended!")

So we dodge one of those statues that punches people, and I turn a corner. I hear a gunshot, then another, then turn back to see both thieves on the ground with bullet wounds in their heads.

Dwarf Gun Tank: "I roll Bluff on her: The statue shot them!" *Double-taps thief*

Shadow Lodge

3 people marked this as a favorite.
Joe Hex wrote:

I'm almost afraid to ask the guy playing a Brawler in my game, anymore insight to how he plays it. As it stands, he's already described how the character's pupils dilate, and gets an erection every time he uses "Brawler's Strike".

Well, then, some mysteries are better left untouched.

Shadow Lodge

I'd say that this is one of the things that's intentionally left vague so that the individual players and GMs can decide it for themselves. Sort of like how every sorcerer has their own personal take on Magic Missiles.

She could be blessed by Gorum or Kurgess; she could be mastering ki without fully realizing it; "Spell Slots" could be a theoretical function of the soul, which your Brawler is unknowingly using. Not for formal spells, but for a constant extraordinary effect.

Or you could just have someone who believes if she practices enough, she can wrestle a fire elemental and win. In such a magical setting, it's perfectly possible!

Shadow Lodge

There's also a magic item, Helm of Comprehend Languages and Read Magic that lets its wearer do those things at-will. It isn't Detect Magic, but it'll help with any scrolls, spellbooks, or magically-altered writing you may find. It costs 5,200 GP, though, so it wouldn't be something to get at low levels.

Shadow Lodge

As my CoT character idea is a Razmirite, there's always the possibility that my HRs character might be a naive convert.

That is, if I ever get to do either one.

Shadow Lodge

I want to go to Arcadia, so as to meet, greet, and unintentionally offend the native syrinx with my natural flightlessness.

Also, Galt AP seconded!

Shadow Lodge

I seem to have made up a few evil characters lately. I always try to figure out why they're evil, what they want, and how they'll maintain relationships.

In the Emerald Spire, I'm a LE syrinx arcanist; the rest of her research team having been killed, she was forced to ally with nearby Flightless because they were so much better at violence.

Nobody cared when her human disguise eventually failed, so long as she can keep casting buff spells on them. The rest of the group is "CN" and falling, playing practical jokes on Hellknights as practice for their plan to murder all of them in the fort. They mainly seem interested in the Spire for salvage, but I keep pressing them further on.

She's evil because she's snooty and racist, having written of the Flightless as "violent, gullible, sex-crazed, god-fearing bullies". She agrees with the group that enslaving one's own species is morally backward, but bought an enslaved human at an auction to prevent other humans from doing it. She is currently the only one who refuses to make him Head Trap Detector.

The Gunslinger loves filling her head and notebook with nonsense, the cleric has given up all theological debate, and the investigator stole one of her feathers while she'd been downed. We have very good group cohesion, but we've joked that, sooner or later, we're all going to convert to Rovagug. (She's staunchly a-religious, though, which winded up causing an avoidable genocide, and her temporary death that she refuses to acknowledge, just because she wanted to prove to a small population that their religion was wrong)

Shadow Lodge

I just know a player who really wants, one day, to play as a paladin who abruptly turns anti-paladin without infuriating the other players.

Also, she says the ioun wyrd looks like a Pokemon, inspiring a conjuror out of her; not counting her half-Orc sea witch who dispenses beneficial hexes via kisses from her giant isopod, Brunnhilde.

Shadow Lodge

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I took one look at the Chosen One archetype for Paladins and thought:

The familiar gets Knowledge (Religion) but you don't. Then, at level 7, it reveals its True Form...

*POOF* "I'm actually a quasit, and now you're an anti-paladin!"

Shadow Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

To me, it looks as if the trade-off is worth it, especially for a bard in Wrath of the Righteous who wants to be a hymnal-singer. Spell progression is dinged a bit, but you get even more skills and the stacking with bardic performances.

Shadow Lodge **

What? Everyone knows how much easier it is to aim when you're drunk!

Seriously, though, it could always get "un-banned" if they ever come up with other options to replace the siege feats.

Shadow Lodge

Don't forget the cestus! You can put ranks in Disguise and pretend to be a brawler.

Shadow Lodge **

When I'm a player, most of my characters think of the Society as an international journalism organization/detective agency (especially the Detective Bard). Most of them offer to write specific NPCs into their Chronicles, so that people in Absalom will get to read about them, or mention that you can head to a Pathfinder lodge and look up just about anything about anywhere.

When I'm the GM, most of the NPCs think of Pathfinders as a bunch of nosey vagrants, armed to the teeth and expecting to be able to walk charge into one's home, rifle through one's dainties, list everything they find and complain that they didn't find anything magical. On a good day, wherein violence doesn't seem to follow them wherever they go.

Fortunately, that LG Bard guy I mentioned is also good at Bluffing, so if anyone asks him suspiciously if he's a Pathfinder, he can just dodge the question by complaining about how nosey and violent Pathfinders are, and if he ever sees one it'll be too soon.

Shadow Lodge

Since an outsider's "Body and soul forms one unit" (as described in the Bestiaries), and the fact that, in one book in Skull & Shackles (avoiding spoilers) you can come across the corpse of an outsider, it looks like this:

If an outsider dies on their home plane (or possibly another Outer Plane), they get re-absorbed into the place, sort of like the Abyssal equivalent of bio-degrading. You probably couldn't rightly call any new outsider that appears after that "the same one".

However, if they die on the Material Plane, they're dead and can't do that stuff I mentioned above. I think that other outsiders of the same type would want to recover corpses if they're able to, or at least get a hold of mortal souls to recover any losses (whether by sanctification or damnation).

If you want a succubus as a recurring antagonist, and also want her to flee back into the Abyss, you could always have her keep around some last-ditch means of using Dismissal on herself and forgo the saving throw. Of course, getting back would be tricky, though desperately lonely demonologists are sadly never in short supply.

Shadow Lodge

Ketchup King - You may or may not have misspelled the character's name, just because. I know where it came from. I played as a Magic Word caster in this AP, and used those ones.

Shadow Lodge

I'm likewise not sold, but that still does sound like a great idea for your heretic's back story! Go for it!

Shadow Lodge

Or a half-elf who takes Exotic Weapon Proficiency instead of Skill Focus!

Or a kensai magus of any race, picking that as their weapon of choice. If you want to trip and disarm with a two-handed weapon, a heavy flail's a good martial weapon choice; however, flails can't snag clothing and make people flat-footed. Do one, then the other, then let your ninja team-mate have all the rest of the fun!

Shadow Lodge **

Depending on their age or your ability to gloss over any gory bits, Before the Dawn, Part One: The Bloodcove Disguise is mostly about subtlety, where you have to infiltrate a Pathfinder-unfriendly city while securing allies. If the group is obvious enough, though, there's a Chronicle Sheet boon where they capture and harm you.

Or Shadow's Last Stand, Part Two: Web of Intrigue. You travel through the capital of Andoren, gathering evidence and promising witness protection, then get to present it all, Ace Attorney-style! All the fighting in the scenario is more of an afterthought, or securing a desperate, frightened witness.

...Though both of them are two-parters, the other halves of which are less about figuring things out and more violence-happy. They both have vastly different situations, though, and are both fun as well.

Shadow Lodge **

First off, it's great to hear that you, Rudy, re-examined your initial decision, listened to criticism, and came to a better decision with the help of passersby on the internet! It can be done!

Secondly, whether I'm in the Player or GM's seat, I always go over ruling decisions with everyone in order to hopefully defuse difficult issues. If a corner case comes up, I'll bring/ask for the confusing thing in question, and try to stay open to compromise unless someone's actually trying to get away with something they shouldn't.

My Oracle with the Lame curse has a wand charged with Longstrider, claiming it can help soothe his bad back. If the GM rules that getting around the drawback of an Oracle curse invalidates its benefits or outright disallows his entire Mystery, I proceed to roll UMD by placing the die down on a 1. Other GMs have said it's fine, and have let me keep pace with the rest of the group while carrying a beat-up ally, for example.

As for the Masterpiece itself, I did get worried on my first reading of it; then, on my second reading, it struck me as a sort of magically-empowered Dunning-Kruger Effect, whereby your wilful ignorance and lack of self-awareness makes you certain that you know more than people who know that a given subject's more complex than it sounds. While you couldn't really tell what kind of plant that is, how much that rug is worth, or which Empyrial Lord is the favourite of this group, you can make a wild guess with +4. If nobody corrects you, or even knows if your guess is wrong, your dance can remove the penalty for telling an unlikely lie; how would they know if you're wrong?

I would want to take this feat, but not for PFS:
Once, this Razmirite of mine failed a Spellcraft check to identify a ring, so I then Bluffed and declared it to be a Ring of Climbing. Another PC didn't believe him and took the ring from him to check it out herself. She made her check, and the GM then revealed that it was, in fact... a Ring of Climbing!

"Praise be the Living God!"

Shadow Lodge

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Kess and Quinn are my favourites of the ACG Iconics; now I'm eager to see them in a comic together!

Right now, my main mental image of her is of her sundering rapiers by grabbing and bending the blades around!

Shadow Lodge

68. "By the power vested in me by the Living God himself, I now pronounce you a Paladin of Razmir! Just remember that if you defy those on higher steps than yourself, you might fall."

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