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The Shifty Mongoose's page

FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 302 posts (337 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 10 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Shadow Lodge

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We're in the Emerald Spire. Our group has so far:

1) hid bees in the privy

2) poisoned the hellknights

3) gotten everyone else in the fort high at the same time

4) freed slaves while enslaving a hellknight named Thaddeus

5) freed child slaves, only to teach them how to be child assassins.

6) offered to take some thieves with us, only to murder them later because they had apparently planned to betray other thieves.

They didn't tell my character (LE Syrinx arcanist who's become appalled at the violent gullible sex-crazed Flightless people) what they were planning on doing with the thieves, but they did talk about when they were going to murder Thaddeus. (I kept saying, "at least wait until his servitude has ended!")

So we dodge one of those statues that punches people, and I turn a corner. I hear a gunshot, then another, then turn back to see both thieves on the ground with bullet wounds in their heads.

Dwarf Gun Tank: "I roll Bluff on her: The statue shot them!" *Double-taps thief*

Shadow Lodge

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Joe Hex wrote:

I'm almost afraid to ask the guy playing a Brawler in my game, anymore insight to how he plays it. As it stands, he's already described how the character's pupils dilate, and gets an erection every time he uses "Brawler's Strike".

Well, then, some mysteries are better left untouched.

Shadow Lodge

I'd say that this is one of the things that's intentionally left vague so that the individual players and GMs can decide it for themselves. Sort of like how every sorcerer has their own personal take on Magic Missiles.

She could be blessed by Gorum or Kurgess; she could be mastering ki without fully realizing it; "Spell Slots" could be a theoretical function of the soul, which your Brawler is unknowingly using. Not for formal spells, but for a constant extraordinary effect.

Or you could just have someone who believes if she practices enough, she can wrestle a fire elemental and win. In such a magical setting, it's perfectly possible!

Shadow Lodge

There's also a magic item, Helm of Comprehend Languages and Read Magic that lets its wearer do those things at-will. It isn't Detect Magic, but it'll help with any scrolls, spellbooks, or magically-altered writing you may find. It costs 5,200 GP, though, so it wouldn't be something to get at low levels.

Shadow Lodge

As my CoT character idea is a Razmirite, there's always the possibility that my HRs character might be a naive convert.

That is, if I ever get to do either one.

Shadow Lodge

I want to go to Arcadia, so as to meet, greet, and unintentionally offend the native syrinx with my natural flightlessness.

Also, Galt AP seconded!

Shadow Lodge

I seem to have made up a few evil characters lately. I always try to figure out why they're evil, what they want, and how they'll maintain relationships.

In the Emerald Spire, I'm a LE syrinx arcanist; the rest of her research team having been killed, she was forced to ally with nearby Flightless because they were so much better at violence.

Nobody cared when her human disguise eventually failed, so long as she can keep casting buff spells on them. The rest of the group is "CN" and falling, playing practical jokes on Hellknights as practice for their plan to murder all of them in the fort. They mainly seem interested in the Spire for salvage, but I keep pressing them further on.

She's evil because she's snooty and racist, having written of the Flightless as "violent, gullible, sex-crazed, god-fearing bullies". She agrees with the group that enslaving one's own species is morally backward, but bought an enslaved human at an auction to prevent other humans from doing it. She is currently the only one who refuses to make him Head Trap Detector.

The Gunslinger loves filling her head and notebook with nonsense, the cleric has given up all theological debate, and the investigator stole one of her feathers while she'd been downed. We have very good group cohesion, but we've joked that, sooner or later, we're all going to convert to Rovagug. (She's staunchly a-religious, though, which winded up causing an avoidable genocide, and her temporary death that she refuses to acknowledge, just because she wanted to prove to a small population that their religion was wrong)

Shadow Lodge

I just know a player who really wants, one day, to play as a paladin who abruptly turns anti-paladin without infuriating the other players.

Also, she says the ioun wyrd looks like a Pokemon, inspiring a conjuror out of her; not counting her half-Orc sea witch who dispenses beneficial hexes via kisses from her giant isopod, Brunnhilde.

Shadow Lodge

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I took one look at the Chosen One archetype for Paladins and thought:

The familiar gets Knowledge (Religion) but you don't. Then, at level 7, it reveals its True Form...

*POOF* "I'm actually a quasit, and now you're an anti-paladin!"

Shadow Lodge

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To me, it looks as if the trade-off is worth it, especially for a bard in Wrath of the Righteous who wants to be a hymnal-singer. Spell progression is dinged a bit, but you get even more skills and the stacking with bardic performances.

Shadow Lodge **

What? Everyone knows how much easier it is to aim when you're drunk!

Seriously, though, it could always get "un-banned" if they ever come up with other options to replace the siege feats.

Shadow Lodge

Don't forget the cestus! You can put ranks in Disguise and pretend to be a brawler.

Shadow Lodge **

When I'm a player, most of my characters think of the Society as an international journalism organization/detective agency (especially the Detective Bard). Most of them offer to write specific NPCs into their Chronicles, so that people in Absalom will get to read about them, or mention that you can head to a Pathfinder lodge and look up just about anything about anywhere.

When I'm the GM, most of the NPCs think of Pathfinders as a bunch of nosey vagrants, armed to the teeth and expecting to be able to walk charge into one's home, rifle through one's dainties, list everything they find and complain that they didn't find anything magical. On a good day, wherein violence doesn't seem to follow them wherever they go.

Fortunately, that LG Bard guy I mentioned is also good at Bluffing, so if anyone asks him suspiciously if he's a Pathfinder, he can just dodge the question by complaining about how nosey and violent Pathfinders are, and if he ever sees one it'll be too soon.

Shadow Lodge

Since an outsider's "Body and soul forms one unit" (as described in the Bestiaries), and the fact that, in one book in Skull & Shackles (avoiding spoilers) you can come across the corpse of an outsider, it looks like this:

If an outsider dies on their home plane (or possibly another Outer Plane), they get re-absorbed into the place, sort of like the Abyssal equivalent of bio-degrading. You probably couldn't rightly call any new outsider that appears after that "the same one".

However, if they die on the Material Plane, they're dead and can't do that stuff I mentioned above. I think that other outsiders of the same type would want to recover corpses if they're able to, or at least get a hold of mortal souls to recover any losses (whether by sanctification or damnation).

If you want a succubus as a recurring antagonist, and also want her to flee back into the Abyss, you could always have her keep around some last-ditch means of using Dismissal on herself and forgo the saving throw. Of course, getting back would be tricky, though desperately lonely demonologists are sadly never in short supply.

Shadow Lodge

Ketchup King - You may or may not have misspelled the character's name, just because. I know where it came from. I played as a Magic Word caster in this AP, and used those ones.

Shadow Lodge

I'm likewise not sold, but that still does sound like a great idea for your heretic's back story! Go for it!

Shadow Lodge

Or a half-elf who takes Exotic Weapon Proficiency instead of Skill Focus!

Or a kensai magus of any race, picking that as their weapon of choice. If you want to trip and disarm with a two-handed weapon, a heavy flail's a good martial weapon choice; however, flails can't snag clothing and make people flat-footed. Do one, then the other, then let your ninja team-mate have all the rest of the fun!

Shadow Lodge **

Depending on their age or your ability to gloss over any gory bits, Before the Dawn, Part One: The Bloodcove Disguise is mostly about subtlety, where you have to infiltrate a Pathfinder-unfriendly city while securing allies. If the group is obvious enough, though, there's a Chronicle Sheet boon where they capture and harm you.

Or Shadow's Last Stand, Part Two: Web of Intrigue. You travel through the capital of Andoren, gathering evidence and promising witness protection, then get to present it all, Ace Attorney-style! All the fighting in the scenario is more of an afterthought, or securing a desperate, frightened witness.

...Though both of them are two-parters, the other halves of which are less about figuring things out and more violence-happy. They both have vastly different situations, though, and are both fun as well.

Shadow Lodge **

First off, it's great to hear that you, Rudy, re-examined your initial decision, listened to criticism, and came to a better decision with the help of passersby on the internet! It can be done!

Secondly, whether I'm in the Player or GM's seat, I always go over ruling decisions with everyone in order to hopefully defuse difficult issues. If a corner case comes up, I'll bring/ask for the confusing thing in question, and try to stay open to compromise unless someone's actually trying to get away with something they shouldn't.

My Oracle with the Lame curse has a wand charged with Longstrider, claiming it can help soothe his bad back. If the GM rules that getting around the drawback of an Oracle curse invalidates its benefits or outright disallows his entire Mystery, I proceed to roll UMD by placing the die down on a 1. Other GMs have said it's fine, and have let me keep pace with the rest of the group while carrying a beat-up ally, for example.

As for the Masterpiece itself, I did get worried on my first reading of it; then, on my second reading, it struck me as a sort of magically-empowered Dunning-Kruger Effect, whereby your wilful ignorance and lack of self-awareness makes you certain that you know more than people who know that a given subject's more complex than it sounds. While you couldn't really tell what kind of plant that is, how much that rug is worth, or which Empyrial Lord is the favourite of this group, you can make a wild guess with +4. If nobody corrects you, or even knows if your guess is wrong, your dance can remove the penalty for telling an unlikely lie; how would they know if you're wrong?

I would want to take this feat, but not for PFS:
Once, this Razmirite of mine failed a Spellcraft check to identify a ring, so I then Bluffed and declared it to be a Ring of Climbing. Another PC didn't believe him and took the ring from him to check it out herself. She made her check, and the GM then revealed that it was, in fact... a Ring of Climbing!

"Praise be the Living God!"

Shadow Lodge

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Kess and Quinn are my favourites of the ACG Iconics; now I'm eager to see them in a comic together!

Right now, my main mental image of her is of her sundering rapiers by grabbing and bending the blades around!

Shadow Lodge

68. "By the power vested in me by the Living God himself, I now pronounce you a Paladin of Razmir! Just remember that if you defy those on higher steps than yourself, you might fall."

Shadow Lodge


Kobolds being reptilian humanoids (civilization-organizing reptiles?), they could also be a species of small, smart, tool-using dinosaur. Saurian shaman druids sound like a fun choice for them now more than ever.

Shadow Lodge

Before this, I had a Kuthite arcane duelist bard as my metalhead character. Now, I'm tempted to bring in a skald who prays to Gorum, the most literally metal deity in the he pantheon!

Shadow Lodge

My kobold PC is a sorceress, claiming that a sovereign dragon taught her tribe advanced mathematics and incubation techniques ages ago. She's got standard kobold stats, but she's yellow, getting the Gold dragon bloodline because of avoiding making her things sound-based. She's a great party face and is also the stealthiest, which is helped along by the loud barbarian with Con as his highest stat. She isn't going to make close combat attacks or carry things anyway, so the stat penalties aren't much of an issue.

Giving them swarming does sound like a good idea, especially if there are ratfolk around with friendly terms.

Shadow Lodge

Reading the counter-arguments of, "They're supposed to be weak!" makes me want to envision a setting where kobolds have a better lot in life, the go-fers and diplomats of the subterranean races, thereby justifying a healthier, safer lifestyle and better stat modifiers.

Of course, depending on GM and back story, a PC can get a "kobold exemplar" with a suitably-explained bump from the ARG. I didn't take that route, but I might entertain it if a player asks about it. Part of their appeal is, after all, a self-assured species scrabbling to survive for a collective shot at the big time.

Shadow Lodge

I bought Kobolds of Golarion with the intent of making up a kobold PC, and ended up in an all-kobold group! Unfortunately, the lack of high strength made things difficult, then everyone else died, but things are much more effective with just one in a mostly-medium group. I hope to get Leadership at level 7.

Though I do want kobolds to get a -2 +2 +2 stat modifier like most other playable races, they can work without it. That's why they tend to rely on traps and magic, though finesse rogues and urban barbarians could work well. Agile Maneuver Masters can help set things up for the others, but mostly, it comes down to being really careful or cowardly. Stealth, bluff and diplomacy would be more helpful than outright fighting, though kobold rangers, druids and cavaliers can direct animals who are more dangerous in a fight than they are.

Not to mention Summoners.

Shadow Lodge

Varisian Wanderer wrote:

Lamashtu is probably among the most unfriendly deities in terms of appropriate content for the average Pathfinder group, but she and her faithful make for great villains, so I'm glad that she is included.

I wouldn't view Lamashtu as homophobic, not necessarily. I could actually see certain same-sex couples praying to Lamashtu for the ability to conceive a child.

While Inner Sea Gods says that some men are envious of womens' ability to give birth (going to gross lengths to mimic it, such as being hosts for rot grubs, xill eggs, etc), and that women tend to have high ranks because they can bear children, it also mentions that some sects of her cult have discovered magical means of impregnating both men and women (see the module "Broken Chains").

Poof! Same-sex couples could theoretically have (likely monstrous...) children!

Such magical means of conception could also aid in fulfilling Lamashtu's Demonic Obedience, which has the devotee engaging in a tryst with the 'sincere intention' of being impregnated by or impregnating their partner.

Of course, it also gives the option to simply sacrifice a creature no more than a week old, and Lamashtu's Deific Obedience involves killing a creature in an awful manner, and then some. But there are options out there, for those who seek them! :P

On a side-note, I think the Demon Mother's Mask is a really interesting and flavorful (if horrifying!) item. A cultist dressed in a black-feathered cloak with a gold hyena/jackal mask, guarded by his/her fiendish children? A neat encounter, but also a disturbing one!

I never thought of that. There are also aberrations and similar that can implant parasitic larvae into people, for another way to do it. Or Alter Self beforehand.

I just got the mental image of a Lamashtu-oriented antipaladin look proudly upon her Fiendish Companion's latest act of carnage: "That's my girl!"

Shadow Lodge

Also, heading into the realm of Mature Subject Matter...

Warning! Mentions of rape and bigotry:
Lamashtu may have some overlap with Nocticula, except instead of rape to exert force on another, it's to conceive offspring now, disregarding who's involved. As well, another GM suggested to me that Lamashtu could very well be the only divine entity with homophobic doctrine:

"What!? Women shtupping women? They can't give birth that way! You! Correct them!"

It's a good thing that Paizo hasn't included any of that, because not only would it be found hurtful by survivors of sexual assault and homophobia (which leaves deep mental wounds), but also that it might be seen to glamorize that stuff.

I've also heard her get called, "The Queen of the Demon Furries" once. If I ever have to homebrew an antagonistic foil for that particular player, I know to go right for a Lamashtu-worshipping gnoll vivisectionist.

Shadow Lodge

It may or may not be, officially, but that could be so that GMs don't feel stuck to one interpretation.

The way I read it, I thought Sivanah saw Razmir as the world's greatest joke. He doesn't seem focused on achieving full-on mythicality, mainly due to the issues of consolidating and expanding his power base, whereas constructing the faith to not be about him personally, Xanderghul didn't have to worry or deal with all the issues that Razmir does. As the aforementioned added bonuses, his rivals get to tacitly allow his worship without catching on and teaming up against him. That's definitely a source of pride.

Shadow Lodge

I have made tactical use of the Pit spells, mostly at higher levels in order to separate dangerous things that can't climb or fly well.

There was one that made the GM fume until he realized that it was as hilarious as the players found it:

he ruled that, despite being Huge size, the ooze could fall into the pit and fill it almost to the brim; it was able to climb out on its turn, but that took long enough for the cleric to Air Walk overtop of it and drop a handful of Fire Seeds on it.

The most annoying thing about the Pit spells that I've found is when they get cast in tight spaces, preventing hand-to-hand combat right after my character had invoked a special thing upon her weapon that would end if she dropped it or put it away.

Many indoor encounters happen in five-to-ten-foot-wide hallways, doorways and passages, so a pit under the enemy frontliner means we can't get to the enemy archer and spell-caster, but they can still aim at us without worrying about getting threatened.

Just so long as everyone's judicious in its use, it shouldn't be too bothersome. For extra confusing fun, however, cast it on the deck of a ship or the inside of a wagon!

Shadow Lodge

It's a quote from my PFS oracle on diabolism and devil-worshippers. Nothing official.

Shadow Lodge

He could want people to know it was him. He may or may not have left obscure hints that got lost over time, depending on how you GM it: he had declared himself its chief priest without any of his spell slots being devoted to the divine, and after all, what else would the seminal practitioner of Pride worship but himself?

I had previously accused the faith of Lisalla of being a constructed religion, because it struck me as a way for the Runelords to think of sin as a self-serving philosophy while enforcing it as doctrine. The way I GM it, Lisalla was a mythical lillend that Xin contacted for help in working out his virtues, then to be the focus of a faith for them. That way, you didn't have to be a philosopher to accept them.

Then his apprentices managed to trick or coerce her until she was the way they wanted her to be. After that, it was only a matter of time before Xanderghul thought, "I can do it all myself!"

As for those graveknights who claim to have been paladins of the Peacock Spirit, they don't or never had to avoid lying. Or they could have been duped in life.

Shadow Lodge

3 people marked this as a favorite.

I found out about Ihys when I wanted to make up a rabbi; he's an enlightened philosopher who venerates the memory of Ihys.

The way he tells it, a representative from every plane got to make manifest on the nexus between them to write a rule for it; Asmodeus invented time, making things happen after each other, while Ihys invented probability, so that the most likely thing wouldn't always have to happen ("You can see it every day, with every risky decision you Pathfinders make that works."); then Asmodeus invited Ihys to a remote bit of the Dark Tapestry to invent betrayal and show it to the being that called themselves brothers before they had to leave.

Where Ihys' corpse was left, parasites festered in it, as he says, resulting in the being known as Azathoth.

"To this day, why people would make deals with the thing that invented betrayal is beyond me."

With everything that claims to be first, either they weren't aware of each other, time didn't really happen until Asmodeus had it standardized, or there was historical revisionism from all sides.

Shadow Lodge

Oh. I thought to myself, "if he worships himself all the time, what could be better than getting people to do it, other than getting people to do it without realizing the truth of it?"

But even with all the time and money, it'd be too much trouble to retrain from Illusionist 20 to Illusionist 7/Mystic Theurge 10/Cleric of Himself 3.

Shadow Lodge

3 people marked this as a favorite.

This may not be what anyone would have had in mind, but it might make sense.

I also don't know if this is better-suited to the RotRL or ShSt board, which is why I put it in General Discussion.

Xanderghul being mythical, if he took the mythical ability where people can pray to you and get divine spells out of it, and if the Peacock Spirit was merely a title, then Xanderghul could have set up a literal cult of personality.

As the one and only Runelord of Pride, it sounds like a thing he'd want to do. Not only did the faith vanish along with him, but the connection was also lost over time (unless he never made the connection explicit).

Shadow Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

From what I've read and experienced, APs seem to favour group cohesion over build optimization as means of survival; if you plan things out, know when not to fight, have everyone's bases covered, and are careful, the biggest cause of sudden death would either be lucky crits, rolling a 1 on climbing or something, and jumping to wrong conclusions.

I have had characters make it through the entire AP (one never died at all, mainly due to being cautious and unobtrusive with the Toughness feat), with character deaths coming from one of them rushing ahead, spreading around when it would have been more sensible to focus one one opponent at a time, or just provoking something dangerous into aiming for them first.

If your people keep dying, I'd suggest all the players and the GM get together and figure out what's going wrong: is the GM trying to take down PCs, is the GM ratcheting up the numbers due to thinking the AP, as written, will be too easy and inadvertently making it too hard, or are the players all ignoring each other?

Spending however long you need to with the characters discussing strategy won't progress the plot, but it could help their overall survivability.

Shadow Lodge

Shaun wrote:

I was surprised that Skull & Shackles didn't make use of the sea cat considering the beasts CR and the miniature created for the beast. I thought that they were pretty cool considering the creatures we named sea leopards and sealoins.

I would be interested in hearing more about the pirate captain with pet sea cats you created, Shaun.

Perhaps I should be more willing to go off script from the adventures and develop some of the elements presented in the bestiary etc that I was disappointed weren't included in the main narrative.

Hehehe, "Sealoins".

I once rolled a random encounter and ended up with an Inctilus or two. I basically described two people in a rowboat out at sea, both of whom had big mollusc shells on their heads. Nobody knew anything about them, so they decided to keep sailing and ask about them later on. I worked them in by telling them that there's a kind of symbiotic mollusc that just sits on people's heads and tries to be inconspicuous, but everyone notices them. A couple of people in the bar the were in had them, but nobody wanted any for themselves.

It involved changing them into not being dangerous at all, but that also meant they sailed right by two stranded people.

Shadow Lodge

Oh, I thought from the title that the fight took three in-game hours. That would have been a lot more tiring.

Just wait until the next thing you have to do!

Shadow Lodge

Yay! Your group is doing post-AP stuff? Or will you end it there with the Mythical ascension?

Shadow Lodge

Very risky behaviour. Please continue, though I hope they don't all TPK from a trap that doesn't even work as expected.

Shadow Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

TPK, save one.

Names: Draniss Gravedrake; Kirrik Gravedrake; Alan Gravedrake the Honorary.

Races: Kobold; kobold; human.

Classes/Levels: Swashbuckler 1; Pharasmin Inquisitor 1; Fighter 1.

Adventure: Empty Graves.

The False Tomb

What Happened: A deadly lack of caution.

The Gory Details:
The self-appointed chief declared that room to be obviously dangerous, and decided to set off whatever trap was in there from a distance by Open/Closing the sarcophagus. One guy said, "That's a stupid idea," and strode into the room. The others followed and surrounded the sarcophagus while Alan knocked on the lid and bade whatever undead he presumed to be inside to hop out and fight them, with the sorceress standing outside, warning them not to do that.

She saw the sarcophagus itself hop up off of a pressure plate and slam its lid down on Alan's head, and was only able to cast a single spell before the doors shut her out and them in. She heard pleading, thumping, screaming, and flowing water, then a scraping sound, then silence.

When the doors opened again, everyone was dead. Kirrik and Alan had drowned, while Draniss had avoided that fate by bleeding out before he could have drowned.

Beside herself with despair, she was still able to take as much from them as she could carry, and barely made it out of the necropolis with her life. (She waited until daytime, and when the GM demanded to roll a random encounter, she was able to get enough Perception and Stealth to avoid it completely)

We want to move forward with Mummy's Mask, and hopefully it'll have more group cohesion, but everyone's new characters will also come with more evil. Yes, more evil than the all-kobold group.

Shadow Lodge

In one AP (un-named so as to avoid spoilers), it does mention that, while you could scry on the invading enemy leader's boss and teleport to there, it goes on to mention that you would then be surrounded by the entire invasion force, with no diversion or backup.

But when you aren't targeting a prepared invading force, it looks as if nobody does it for fear of unanticipated countermeasures.

Maybe in your high fantasy setting that's been globalized, there's some sort of treaty that declares teleportation-assisted murder a war crime?

At the very least, whether with a spell or a Cape of the Mountebank, if heavily armed hostile a teleport to you, you could always teleport away. Maybe to a panic room, where your next action is to shut the lead-lined door or call for assistance?

Shadow Lodge

... I once pondered the same idea, but since it was started by a goblin character idea, it'd work if one in the group knew of the secrets of writing.

Basically, a goblin wizard in the Norgorber Corps would be able to read the journals, but as far as I've seen, they can just go after the humans, the ogres, the giants, and such in order. Maybe they find out from captured minions, or infiltrate Magnimar to pull off the biggest raid ever undertaken by goblinkind?

Shadow Lodge

The way I GM Razmirism when wear the GMing hat is that, one way or another, nobody likes it: Pathfinders say to each other, "If he passed the Test of the Starstone, where is his record in the Cathedral?"

The people of Tymon call him a fraud and dare him to convert them while they're pulling his mask off and hitting him; the Ustalavs are suspicious of this secretive faith and want nothing to do with it; residents of Lastwall find it offensive; Molthuni and Nirmalthans can join in if they like the sound of a sure path to Power and Glory (and not even know their congregation has each other in them); others could see it as helpful if being seen as a creepy masked cultist would be better than having their actual faces shown; and further away, in places like Garund or Casmaron, they haven't heard of it.

I've taken advantage of this with two other GMs, who've agreed that it's funny: once, when an oni had declared herself divine, my sorcerer kept calling her, "Tien Razmir" and ended up getting killed by her...

Now I have a Razmiran bard in Cheliax where, due to Clarity Pyres, the official policy is that Razmir and any worship of him does not exist, meaning nobody knows who he is or why he's doing what he does.

Shadow Lodge **

My contribution, which wasn't so much "talking my way out of a fight", but "directing it toward uselessness":

Rise of the Goblin Guild, level 2:

My inquisitor, who introduced herself as "mostly dwarven" offered to move in first and scare the goblins. While she could get one of them shaken at a time, they still all threw their bombs and alchemist's fire at her; being a tiefling who didn't like to have that fact advertised, she just waded through all the firey goop while her team-mates loosed arrows and sling bullets. She was glad to have diverted a potential problem.

Then we got to the leader of the titular guild; I offered to accept punishment in the form of burning alive, but the budding crime boss replied, "Actually, I'd much rather chop you to pieces."


Then battle was joined.

Shadow Lodge

Name: Torphrex Gravedrake

Race: Kobold

Class/Level: Druid 1

Adventure: Empty Graves

Location: The Necropolis Gates

What Happened: Dying Alone

Why: The formerly tribeless jungle kobold and his lion never liked the group dynamic in his tribe. When everyone got attacked by vermin, he kept summoning monkeys, holding nothing back for healing. Ignoring their chief's demands to wait until morning and head back into Wati proper for more supplies, he got on his lion and rode off, forgetting to tell anyone that he was trying to get supplies right away.

Everyone assumed that he abandoned his tribe, and that he would die alone.

When he got to the closed gates, he summoned an eagle to pick him up and carry him over the gates before it vanished. Having forgotten the rule that nobody was to pass the gates during the night, he was shot by an arrow (critical!) and was dead before he hit the ground.

A Pharasmin apologetically told the tribe that they had accidentally shot one of their own (it was taken in stride), and offered the sole surviving member of another group to join up with them: a young human Iomedan who was happily proclaimed an honorary tribemate. Alan Gravedrake is now the only one with a Strength of more than 10!

Shadow Lodge

Thanks to divinations and Interplanetary Teleport, they really could have asked aliens for help.

Locals from Leng would probably ask for payment in tasty test subjects, though.

Shadow Lodge

In Mummy's Mask, half the players wanted an all-kobold group, and that's what we're doing. The idea is an inter-tribe coalition with a few representatives taking the opportunity to reverse-engineer human traps and prove their own as superior.

Kirrok, who is an inquisitor, has black scales with the odd white ones, and is a very sensible advance scout with high AC.

Draniss will be a swashbuckler/magus, has red scales, and lived under Oparra, then spent some time with the Sewer Dragons. Time that he never wants to recount. He'll be the official Egg Watcher, and can fit in the same 5' space with Kirrok.

Torphrex is a green Mwangi jungle kobold druid whose animal companion is the lion that chewed him up and spat him out; he took the campaign trait where he died and got raised somehow. He's the silliest one, and will be instrumental in summoning things that are bigger than us.

I made up Angka, the yellow-scaled wild blooded Dragon sorceress, who prays to Apsu, Dahak, and Shizuru all at once. Her bloodline comes from a sovereign dragon, but since there's nothing about that (and the issue of sound-based powers), I went with the Gold Dragon bloodline but picked for her starting spells Mighty Roar (Ear-piercing Scream) and Dragonflame (Snapdragon Fireworks). She came from the Darklands, brought the new tribe together, and declared herself chief because she's the best at being condescending to the Brightlanders.

I like kobolds too, and I'm excited to see our group in action. We're going to have to be very careful so as not to die, but it might be the most cohesive group I'll have seen in years.

Shadow Lodge

The Gravedrake Tribe

An all-kobold group! We'll probably end up not caring about the ancient religions, instead determined to reverse-engineer all of the humans' traps and tout our own as far superior. Also, culture shock and conceited posturing will be a given.

Shadow Lodge

Hopefully your players are all on board with this idea, and this won't get sprung on them as fast as the lightning javelin fusillade will on their characters...

Firstly, kobolds prefer to set up underground tunnels and chambers, so a tower would seem out of place for them (though that can hint at their non-kobold assistance). They won't have a retreating plan, save for ropes, slides, parachutes and Feather Falling off of the top of the tower. If their leader hasn't revealed his true form to them at any point, then he should offer them some escape route, whether real or made up. A cornered kobold is a dead kobold, unless that kobold happens to be a dragon in disguise.

Speaking of the dragon, if he's willing, you could have a few magical traps available. Mainly illusions, ("you hear a Click," "you pull the switch, and flooring appears over the hole"), perhaps a Shocking Grasp-related Joy Buzzer, and because you're the GM, you could even make a magic trap based on the blue dragon's Desert Thirst ability, evaporating the contents of their waterskins, barrels, and potion vials.

Though because it's a tower, and they're level 10, you can either put no doors at ground level, forcing them to enter from the top and go down into the basement (with underground tunnels, so the kobolds won't have to be cornered), or make entering through the front or cellar doors the aim. In that case, you could set traps to stop intruders from making progress upwards, or pushing them back down. Oily, slippery stairs, Raiders of the Lost Ark-style boulder corridors, weight limit-triggered collapsing floors, stuff like that.

Finally, if the kobolds are brave and you really want to pressure the PCs, use arrow slits and maintenance tunnels to harass them. They can't be careful all the way through if every Disable Device roll will be met with multiple darts, bolts and arrows.

Of course, since difficulty will mainly be based on PCs having to slog through disadvantageous terrain, under constant attack with limited means of fighting back, only to find their enemy more concerned about their deaths than however many of their own, the players might end up unhappy unless they figure out how to circumvent the whole thing. Say, by short-range teleportation, divinations, repeated summons, and good Perception/Disable Device/Reflex saves. They might enjoy theirselves popping in, seeing the dragon hurriedly assume his true form, having one big, hectic fight, then taking their time to work their way back down.

I, for one, would like to know how it turns out. I love those little guys!

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