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Cannon Golem

The Shaman's page

1,223 posts. Alias of Boyan Penev.


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Archpaladin Zousha wrote:
Val'bryn2 wrote:
Rabbit, for initiative, and for the jokes involving emergency rations.
Would rabbits work on a ship? They don't like to be held, need plenty of space to run and don't get along well with children or other small animals (like Fishguts' beloved chickens, for example).

You can get a monkey, the extra hands will be helpful - especially if you go for an assist-oriented familiar like a valet (the familiar archetype, I mean).

Alchemists and investigators get some options to remove statuses, but I agree, a witch with the healing patron is perhaps even good at that (other patrons, not so much). If you are going for skulls and shackles, though, some of the other patrons strike me as quite thematic :P.

By the way, am I reading it right that the alchemy bonus from an alchemist VMC stacks with the witch's cauldron hex bonus and with the valet familiar's cooperative crafting? This could result in some pretty insane bonuses to crafting alchemical items or potions.

Archpaladin Zousha wrote:
I've asked this question on these boards before, wondering if something like the Chirurgeon Alchemist or White Mage Arcanist would be a viable substitute, and the answer I got was a resounding NO.

I cannot edit my post anymore, so I will have to reply one more time - I have yet to see a party fail because an alchemist, arcanist or a witch was not providing sufficient healing. Sure, more is better, but I think a 6+ level caster with features and a spell list that lend themselves to curing spells is okay. Yes, you can supplement that healing with items, but you should still be okay if the rest of the group works well.

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Witches and shamans can be decent healing spell casting healers (hedge witches and especially herbal witches are very solid at that imo), and alchemists/investigators can do it from a more "scientific" perspective. Actually, alchemists make pretty good pharmaceutics, since there are a lot of alchemical items that give large bonuses to overcome status effects, and alchemists can manufacture them pretty quickly. Here is a list with some of the things you can make with alchemy.

Sure, antiplague might not be as good as cure disease in a dungeon, but when your you need to bring an epidemic under control, being able to produce multiple doses of antiplague quickly - on top of your standard infusions - can make a big difference.

Wachow wrote:
I'm pretty much stuck with it until it dies, I don't like this either but I'm really feeling I should at least make an effort to make it sort of work.

Well, you can, but tbh I am not keen on thrown weapons with these stats. Can you multiclass :P ?

If no, archery or even crossbows (since you are not going to be adding strength to damage any time soon) are a better option for a ranged character.

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Ring_of_Gyges wrote:

Dr Jekyll & Mr. Hyde is what came to my mind, which is unfortunate since (by RAW) the dual alignments have to be within one step of each other (so no Chaotic Hyde and Lawful Jekyll). Still, that's probably the simplest house rule ever...

That is an easy houserule, but imo the Master Chymist does Jekyll and Hyde much better.

I'm just not impressed by the whole shebang.

Ugh... I am definitely not a fan for using thrown weapons, especially ones with a bit of weight, on a character with very low strength. Truth be told, I would rather suggest going with a class that can use this very high wisdom, maybe like a warpriest. The thing is, with 3 weapons and a chain shirt you are already likely encumbered, so it is going to be quite hard if you cannot juggle scores and change the class.

Ranged attacks can be powerful, but it is a very feat intensive style. If you do damage at ranged, point blank shot, precise shot and deadly aim need to come pretty early, and two-weapon fighting is pretty important as well. Quick draw will also be important, for obvious reasons.

The thing is, I cannot really recommend this character class with these stats and this style. To be quite honest a wisdom-based character with 6 or 9 level spells (i.e. druid, shaman, inquisitor, warpriest/cleric) would work better. Starting with deadly aim and point-blank shot is not a bad idea, but even then, you can only take this character so far.

I´m hoping for some high intrigue in Taldor. Would it be too much to have Taldor enter the Chelaxian civil war or whatever was going down there around Hell´s Rebels / Vengeance?

Failing that, it´s been a while since an AP was last in NotAsia, so Jalmeray is a good option. Brevoy /First World would not be too bad, although it might be seen as pandering to the popularity of Game of Thrones. I wish we could get some hardcore Arabian Nights adventure in Kelesh, though.

I have been toying with the idea of reducing the maximum spell slots per level by 1, so i.e. non-specialist wizards cap at 3 spell slots per level, specialists at 4, sorcerers at 5, etc. Do you think this would make a significant difference in how powerful these classes are mid/late game?

Morlaf wrote:

Yes, i want that to be the case.

PCs and NPC will, on occasion, have to get their hands dirty.

The problem is this again hits warriors, who rely on weapons, while casters don´t give a south end of a north-bound rat about that. Okay, that is a bit of an exaggeration, but the less you rely on weapon damage, the less you care about weapon breakage. This is less of an issue if you rule that masterwork weapons don't break, but from what I got about your setting masterwork weapons should be quite rare themselves.

I get the idea of making fighters the warriors of the warriors, but I think it works better by improving them rather than hitting all other warriors (paladins, barbarians, rangers, slayers etc), because that throws them off in direct competition with the next BAB bracket, and as I said quite a few times, those kids have some serious mojo on top of their BAB. You end up either screwing several classes or having to rework almost every class to match the newly changed ones.

Why not give the fighters something along the lines of +1 BAB every 5 leves, extra AC from armor training (since there are no or few heavy armors in that setting, the current one isn't worth much) and a few other goodies instead? That way barbs can get their fun new thing and still wreck face, while not be as good with weapons as fighters are.

Hmm, I think 1st Edition D&D had something like that - your deity could veto certain spells or even give you something entirely different - but it would be a pain for the player and extra work for the GM.

I would not go that far, but if there is a product that gives you a more thematic list a la the spheres from 2E, that could be a decent solution. I have heard of the Spheres of Power book, does it do something like that?

Well, I do think the system works a lot better if fighters (and a few others) got their attack bonus even higher, to be honest. Besides, with the rules for fragile weapons, they are going to need it when they have to reach for a nearby big rock because their primary and secondary weapons just broke.

Sorry, I edited my stuff somewhat.

Alchemists with the right discovery can make full attacks with bombs, lobbing several attacks versus touch AC. The magus class can use its arcane pool to throw some pretty nasty empowered attacks a few times per day as well. Occultists and a few others iirc can do this for a while as well.

The weird thing is, for me a full caster throwing two spells per turn - one with a quicken spell (possibly with a rod of quicken to be able to fire it off without too many extra levels), the second empowered or persisted - is likely more powerful than either of the above in higher levels, and full casters can keep this up for a while. Sometimes, the briefest nova isn´t the strongest.

Morlaf wrote:

The druid's Wild Shape gives her some combat abilities.

These are significantly weaker than a standard fighter.
Compared to the barbarian I have in my little mind - they are totally lamentable.

The wild shape gives more than just combat abilities, however. It can give them mobility, special attacks, special senses, etc. It is also very long duration and does not debuff the character later, which you said you want to do for the barbarian. You also mentioned weapons and armor being fairly primitive, which makes wildshape even more valuable (since you can get several primary natural attacks at full BAB).

By itself, it might not be enough to eclipse the fighter, but it isn´t everything a druid can do. This is just one of the class features of a class that has a strong pet, full casting and other pretty nice features. The spells are a huge deal on their own - especially in a setting where technology and equipment are less developed. Casters can make their own weapons and powerups, martials need to have them.

This is the competition your barbarian must contend with. I was asking for you to "sell me" on it so you can also visualize its strong points and compare them to those of its direct competitors - many of whom, as I mentioned, have level 6 or 9 casting and extra features. This is why I said that if your barbarian has medium BAB, you should consider giving it something on the level of wild shape, the druid class features, an animal companion AND a bit of casting (if not the whole 9 levels - the druid is imo a very strong class).

If you have a more or less concrete table of what barbies get per level so we can actually give you feedback on THAT, I´d love to see it.

@ Morlaf - You will often hear several classes mentioned as underpowers, and usually it is only classes with no or level 4 spellcasting. Conversely, all level 9 casters are seen as quite strong. This issue tends to emerge at medium levels and only gets more pronounced.

BTW, almost everything you mentioned as extra attacks, size etc is what a druid gets with wild shape. True, they start at level 4, but that isn't all that late. However, their bonuses are chosen by them, have long duration and do not cripple them later. That is just one of their features. If what your barbarian gets can match all of wild shape, the animal companion, all the druid features and, say, level 4 spellcasting, great. It would be a solid class. If not, well, you have something to work on in order to make it appealing for players.

The unchained rogue is an update of the rogue class in the Pathfinder unchained book. This book buffs rogues and monks, somewhat changes barbarians, and nerfs summoners.

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Morlaf wrote:

As you ask, this is what i have decided:

Barb BAB = 3/4.
in my Caveman session only fighters have BAB = 1.
Barbarians get Rage for free which is a feat that any1 can have (Str and BAB pre-requisits exist).
But as an option they can enter a Warp Spasm (which will be called something else, so as to not further offend the creators of Slaine). This will grant further bonuses in combat (the specifics I shall not bore you with). Some the player will choose so as to allow Character Customisation. Others will be rolled randomly, as the Gift of Mother Nature attempting to protect its Chosen One is, in part, uncontrollable.
A round of Warp Spasm costs 2 (or more) rounds of Rage and at the end the Barbarian is left a lot worse off than simply "Fatigued".

There is a problem looking at this from a mechanical perspective. Medium BAB in pathfinder tends to go with a LOT of goodies. At the very least, every single feature that rogues and the like get. Even then, pre-unchained rogues and monks were bad enough that they had to be changed. Right now, if I remember correctly unchained rogues are the only non-magical class with medium BAB, and people tend to rate them fairly low. So yeah, for a combat class, medium BAB is kind of a huge deal. Classes that go with medium BAB and are seen as good (not OP) tend to have level 6 spells and then something extra (bardic mojo, eidolons, inquisitor tricks, etc).

You can tweak the game as you want, and I am not going to tell you you are WRONG and should NEVER do this. However, if you want to have a balanced barbarian class with medium BAB, you want what they get to compare well to everything a bard, inquisitor, hunter or shaman will get, spells included, and at least to all things an unchained rogue ever gets (I say at least, because the unchained rogue is sort of meh as well). Otherwise, barbarians will be unnecessarily weak in the game and a trap option for the players who want to try them - they will come in expecting to be cool and awesome and find out most everyone does their job better.

Look at it this way. Sell me on the barbarian class. Show me how it is better at being the nature's champion than a ranger, a combat-oriented druid or a hunter. I am not just talking fluff, I am talking how I can translate this fluff in the game.

Hmm, not too much, but if I was DMing I´d be a bit wary of a feat that both adds your shield armor bonus to AC and the enhancement to the reflex saves.

Hi, I am considering trying out a shield user, probably a fighter, once I get the Armor Master Handbook. I was hoping to find a way to get the shield bonus to my touch attack (or at least against some spells such as rays) and I thought there might have been feats for that, but I cannot find them. All I can find are the shielded fighter and tower shield fighter archetypes, and I am not particularly fond of either. Am I missing something, like maybe a particular feat, enhancement for shields or a named magic item?

The 3.5 Pathfinder CS book had an option for fighters to lose their bonus feat at 1st level for 4+int skills and a better list, and I found it to be a very interesting option. If you are not using the Unchained rules for background skills and skill groups, I can definitely see fighters getting this feature - and heck, with how incredibly OP they are, I don´t see a need for it to cost a feat, either.

Hmm, to be honest for that sort of character I like slayer more than rogue (the extra base attack bonus is great), but if you have to, power attack definitely sounds good - even if you are using dexterity for attack and damage, you can probably spare a score of 13 or 14 for strength, and push everything into dexterity afterwards. I will also chime in for using major magic with vanish, having several uses of invisibility strikes me as very cool for a rogue. I am not sold on swordplay style as rogues don´t have as many feats as fighters, but it might be handy. I would definitely want furious focus f you go for PA though, you do not want to miss with your first attack (especially if you are use the scout archetype and intend to only make one attack).

By the way, combat stamina can be a handy trick for a rogue. Even without any of the feat unlocks, being able to have a stamina pool you can use for bonuses to attack is quite decent.

Eh, for CG characters the Chevalier is still an option, but it is more a slice of paladinhood for another class than a CG paladin pie.

Mind you, a NG paladin of a NG deity still having to uphold law and good rather than pure good strikes me as somewhat counterintuitive.

Outside of homebrewing, that is :/ . TBH an unchained fighter would have been much more welcome than an unchained barbarian, maybe even the summoner.

To be honest, Unchained did have a lot of stuff for the fighters - combat stamina, variant skills, etc - but it was not meant to be. Was there ever a statement why there was no unchained fighter, by the way?

Does the class specifically give out the unchained summoner casting? The classic summoner has a decidedly strong spell list.

I had a short-lived group where everyone was working at the same place, but the company was shift-based. It didn´t work, because there was almost no time where all of us were available. Large companies with normal working times should be okay.

Two questions the search function did not find in this thread - does reckless aim work on kineticists, and would the draconic bloodline bonus from a 1-level dip in draconic sorcerer work on energy blasts of the same element? I expect that to be the case, but I wanted to be sure.

Deighton Thrane wrote:
They have an FAQ explaining that if the ability says that it works like the fighter's weapon training, it counts as weapon training. If it doesn't, then it doesn't count as weapon training. Swashbuckler weapon training doesn't say it otherwise works as the fighter ability.

Sorry, but could you please post a link or a date of the errata? I have not heard of it and cannot immediately find it. on#530 and seem to point in the other direction.

Mind you, according to the designer involved, it should be okay to have the equivalent of duelist gloves for Swashbucklers - and considering that they are meant to replace the duelist PrC, I´d call those the duelist gloves and use something like "weaponmaster´s gloves" for regular fighters.

Martial weapon proficiency gives you proficiency with one martial weapon. I assume it is the scimitar in your case - alternatively you can go with half elf for racial proficiency, or get WF rapier and fencing grace. Mind you, half-elf bards really get a lot of mileage out of SF Perform for their main perform mode. Also, you cannot take discordant voice at that level, unless you have any early access options. It requires 10 ranks in a skill, which in pathfinder means level 10.

The thing with bard is that usually, your performances either focus on buffs or debuffs, and you compensate with spells for the missing part. For example, the court bard is a great debuffer, but you must use spells to buff your allies. The standard bard is a very good buffer, but your performances aren´t that good when it comes to debuffing.

If you want to debuff with spells, spell focus and greater spell focus for the schools you most use can be worthwhile. Likewise, persistent spell and spell penetration may be very useful. Also, look for ways to intimidate your enemies - this is not just a physical debuff but also weakens their saves and is usually keyed off charisma.

Speaking of which, is there a way to make the card deck "regrow" cards or have them not be destroyed upon a hit? Harrow decks are meant to be fairly valuable in lore.

Hmm, I would focus on the two-handed fighter. Granted, his sword is fairly big, but I think a greatsword works well enough,and a THF is quite decent.

For a more stealth-oriented option, I think the slayer works quite well.

Noctek wrote:
So I have been avoiding third party materials as they have a tendency to be more unbalanced.

That is sadly not guaranteed. For example, I think that wizards are at least as powerful as any of the psionic classes, even though the latter are a third party product (or rather update).

Noctek wrote:
I think he may end up taking a level of swashbuckler for the deeds and then sword saint samurai from there, but I will ask if that's what he wants to go with. I'm willing to give him a reverse blade katana the is used nonleathal normally and can be used with a -1 or -2 penalty for lethal due to it being awkward to wield the sword backwards to cut people with it. I don't want the penalty to be too extreme because nothing in his character motivations would cause him to have a problem with killing monsters and whatnot.

In that case, consider making a swashbuckler archetype with a few tricks from the sword saint. The swashbuckler has some issues imo, but it is the default class for an agile warrior. Perhaps you can exchange iaijutsu for weapon training or teamwork feats?

Well, PF Ogres have some racial HD that could be a problem, so you can just use the Half-ogre as a template and say you are an ogre. Your call, though.

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I would also consider missile shield. Archery or guns can do a lot of damage in pathfinder, so ignoring 1 attack per round can be a big thing.

Power attack is extremely important, as at the end of the day as a fighter you are supported to do enough damage to be a threat.

I'd go with a race that has powerful build so you can use large firearms. At this point, I'd probably go with the culverin, if possible with an upgrade/ feat that does not knock you prone while you fire it.

You can also go for a musket master and use the good old musket, but in your case something like a culverin makes sense.

There is a note in the feats list that Defensive weapon training works well with picking natural attacks. Sadly, as per the SRD, the feat specifically does not allow you to pick this category.

Hmm, any idea how Trained Throw works with the extra weapon training damage of the Dragoon archetype?

Imbicatus wrote:
EDIT: They don't even need the feat tax. The requirements of Ricochet Toss are "weapon training class feature with a ranged weapon." It doesn't need to be in the thrown weapon group, just weapon training. There are several ranged weapons in the spear group.

Interesting, I was sure Ricochet Toss required weapon training with the thrown weapons group. If it doesn't, even better... although a blinkback belt would save the feat that a dragon can use for getting an animal companion for a cavalry character who can either charge with a lance or skirmish with javelins/short spears. A pity that startoss style does not work if you have a non-buckler shield in the other hand.

Speaking of which, would the dragoon extra bonus damage be doubled by Trained Throw? Normally two doubles count as a triple in Pathfinder, but the spear training of a dragoon gives a numerical bonus to damage.

Hmm, I was actually thinking about using dragoon for the double WT damage to spears. This cannot work with Ricochet Toss, sadly (dragoons only get WT spears), but you can work with javelins/short spears and a blinkback belt.

Hmm, Curse of the Crimson Throne is mostly urban and can have a lot of social rolls, but it can be a bit on the dark side at times. Still, it can be pretty fun.

I think Council of Thieves was mostly urban and had a lot of social moments (including starring in a play or going to a governor´s feast) but I´m not sure how good it is - can anyone recommend it?

BadBird wrote:
Though just straight Swashbuckler works well too since instead of Challenge they get Weapon Training and access to Fighter feats, which ends up pretty equal - a bit less damage, a bit more accuracy, and always functioning. Plus straight Swashbuckler gets to Parry and Riposte.

Depends, I´d give an overall nod to the cavalier as by the time the swashie gets weapon training, the cavalier has more challenges per day, order bonuses, team tactics and banner. Mind you, you can be a swashbuckler and use your free feats to VMC into cavalier, the only problem is that you only have 1 challenge per day without 3PP feats. If you think the cavalier bonuses don't work for this character, though, feel free to use swashbuckler. Mind you, if I remember correctly there were quite a few fights where Kenshin he was looking/advising from the sidelines as another character was fighting, and the way he carried himself was an inspiration to his allies, so tactician/banner could work too.

There may be a few other ways if you are willing to homebrew a bit or use 3PP. A reflavored monk (or a fighter archetype with monk ac bonus instead of armor proficiencies) can also work.If Path of War is an option, there will be quite a few ways to do it right. I am also a fan of using psychic warrior and some of the more subtle options for a more "flashy" but not obviously supernatural warrior.

@ Deadmanwalking - true, although to be honest you can say this does fit this particular character, even if it is objectively worse.

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There might be some pretty dang powerful elves holding back Treerazer in Kyonin or having a shadow war against the drow, but I think the setting is following the usual paradigm of humans being the most prominent (PC) race. You could say that Elves don't push themselves quite as much as humans do, I guess, but that is just looking for justification.

Sure, I would expect there to be quite a few triple- or quadruple-classed high level elves. I just doubt we will see them :) .

Well, the fighter archetype who gains rage loses Weapon training for it, so it is a pretty big deal. Sadly, you only get mutagen at level 11 with the VMC system - consider having your DM remove the bombs so you can get it faster.

IUD and Trap sense are fairly weak compared to a mutagen, to be honest.

There are some rage powers like greater air totem, rolling dodge, spirit totem, and possibly a few others I am currently forgetting. Gloves of arrow snaring are pretty much a guaranteed protection against 2 arrows or similar projectiles per day. If your campaign has lots of firearms, an amulet of bullet protection is an option.

Still, in general people with medium armor and no shield are vulnerable to arrows. That´s the tradeoff from having a BFS :) .

Well, it is difficult to do it alone - if you team includes spellcasters, Wind Wall or Fickle Winds has you covered. I imagine your character does not use shield for the missile shield feat nor has two free feats for deflect arrows.

Are you using the unchained barbarian or the regular one, and what powers/ feats do you currently have?

Moospuh wrote:
Effortless lace is good to make your quarterstaff a light weapon, making it finessable

How is that? A staff is normally two-handed/double, and does the wrong damage for that. I think quarterstaff mastery does not change the weapon type, just how you can use it. If the DM approves it, of course it goes, but it isn't quite the same.

I had a game a long time ago where I played a 3.5 swashbuckler and got DM permission to use my stuff with a staff and have both ends count as finessable, but again, that is DM fiat. I can see it for a standard quarterstaff, since both ends have the same damage and crit rate as a

Blackvial wrote:
Inner Sea Gods and one of the chapters for Carrion Crown has a section on her

Trial of the Beast, the second Carrion Crown module.

@Tim Statler - "Ashes at Dawn" has a sidebar mentioning the issue. Basically the idea is that Pharasma doesn't have to be lawful stupid about this - as the sort of goddess of fate she understands that certain problems cannot be solved immediately and one should keep the bigger picture in mind. However, eventually she gets to the details :) .

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I am not the greatest Godzilla buff, but I always pegged him as N. It´s not that he is a mindless animal, but he does not have an ideological or moral agenda that would push him to any of the other alignments.

Well, if they can change public opinion, they should - veneration of an undead is pretty much a blasphemy against Pharasma, and thus something that should be addressed in its own right. If that is not possible, and the cleric cannot act to cast down this undead, they should call for help from the church outside - as an ordained cleric of Pharasma you are a part of a pretty big and influential organization, which can also call on Pharasma´s outsider servants. Just how ruthlessly or discretely the Pharasmin address the matter is up to their own judgement and the teachings of their particular order. A NG and a NE inquisitor may handle the same situation differently despite following the same code, after all.

Anyway, as a member of the cult it is perfectly okay to call for aid if you cannot handle the situation yourself. That is why you have an organized religion, after all :) . It could be that your superiors decide to let the matter be for the time being and focus on bigger problems elsewhere, but if they do have the manpower and time, they will respond.

Don´t worry too much about being considered a criminal, even if your character is lawful. If you are a devotee of Pharasma favored enough to work miracles by Her will, Hers is the law that matters most to you.

My Self wrote:

If you're feeling benevolent, you might let them get their affairs in order, but yeah, true death is the only acceptable end result.

Though that makes me wonder: what is Pharasma's position on resurrection spells?

Generally, she is cool with people who died before their time being returned, as long as they have not been judged yet. Note that even true resurrection cannot bring someone back if they died from old age, so if your time is up, it's up. I think raise dead was mentioned to no longer work if the soul has already been judged by Pharasma, but since her plane has time working... differently, just how long that takes is hard to tell.

As for undead who do not want to die yet - a cleric of Pharasma should do everything possible to ensure they change their mind, and if that doesn´t work, they are supposed to use force. Mind you, the Carrion Crown AP mentions that in extreme situations, this can be postponed (i.e. in the case of cooperating against a greater threat). However, if there are no extreme external factors... well, undead are an abomination against Pharasma's position and duties, and as her chosen representatives her clergy must take care of it.

Would that ban also cover oracles? By lore, they are "blessed" by powers, but they do not necessarily know who or why. They are sort of divine sorcerers, which could fit the campaign.

I think she could also work as a more combat-focus option like the synthesist (if the original summoner is allowed). That archetype may be a bit hard on your DM, though.

Eh, pity. I backed the project only on the level where you got the first module for free, and I found it pretty promising. Ah well, at least Zeitgeist still seeems to be going...

Q1. If I wrote an Adventure Path, would you legitimately support it?
A1. Depends on the theme and the pricing, but if both are okay and I think it will be quality, sure.

Q2, If I did this, what level would you want it to go up to?
A2. 1-10+. I would not mind having it start a few levels later, actually, i.e. 3-15

Q3. Is having it supported with Hero Lab files a deal maker?
A3. No, I do not use it.

Q4. Some APs, like Castle Whiterock, have pregens. Would you want these added?
A4. I don´t care much.

Hmm, can you just get accomplished sneak attacker at 7 with the rogue VMC and enter the PrC directly off that?

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