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The Shaman's page

1,353 posts. Alias of Boyan Penev.


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To me it was a bit weird that it had to be compensated sex. So the goddess of lust and passion is not cool with sex done for the purpose of passion or purely following your lusts and prefers it as a transaction? I am not convinced this stipulation makes sense.

Hm, now I read the silver nocking point, it definitely looks good, although I think it works best for the earlier parts of the AP. Jade Regent has a lot of travelling, and some of it in pretty unpleasant environments - if your DM remembers the rules for environmental challenges, you can expect to deal with those penalties a fair bit. I think it was mostly in book 2 and 3, but there may be some later. Also, this item turns wind wall and its variants into just significant penalties, rather than an auto-lose for you.

Would it be cheap, knowing what you already know, to save for a bane (evil outsiders) or holy enchantment on your weapon?

A medium or occultist can definitely serve passably as melee damage dealers/tanks, especially with the right archetypes. Speaking of which, was there ever an item or feat that gives the Relic Channeler medium an extra relic?

How set are you on the inspired blade? While the extra feat is good, losing the option to regain panache when defeating an enemy can be big. It might also be an option to use the Daring Champion cavalier archetype, it does not get all swashbuckler goodies but it does have most of the non-mounted cavalier ones.

I want to see happenings in Taldor. I have a thing for decadent, almost harmless empires proving not so harmless to the new kids on the block.

Sadly, it does not share a border with Cheliax, that would have been an easy conflict. However, there is room enough for a heavily intrigue-based adventures, a volatile border with Qadira, a slightly less openly so with Galt, and all the fun you might have with invaders over the eastern mountains. Even the oh so nice Andoran may decide that it can spread its virtues over parts of its parent state.

Hmm, Council of Thieves was that popular? Weird.

Would you rather have subgroups, perhaps? It does seem weird, but the system tends to group skills in very broad categories.

Has anyone here had a problem with the extra background skills, as in do they "clutter" the party with skills?

Fighters: the version from the 3.5 PFCS (4+int skill points, more skills,1 less feat) is the default one. They start with combat stamina and bravery gives 1 to saves vs fear, DC to intimidate and combat stamina per 2 levels.

Swashbucklers: Charmed life does not take an action.

Kineticists: full BAB with kinetic blasts, kinetic buffer starts full each day.

Alec Keeler wrote:
I was actually really pleased that it's in there. One of my players wanted to play a Paladin, but was having a hard time deciding which deity to worship. She liked some of what Shelyn was about, but wasn't sure about her as a whole.

I think Shelyn works okay for a paladin, particularly in a campaign where not every enemy is fanatic and irredeemable - if I remember her code correctly, she is about protection and mercy. It is certainly a somewhat softer around the edges deity for a paladin, but if can work great for a more courtly paladin. In this campaign, they could draw on her story with ZK as an example of standing against evil and in protection of what is good and pure (and of offering redemption where possible).

Sure, she probably won´t have the skills to spare to be a good singer or painter - unless you use the background skills rule to give the party a few extra skill points for such "hobbies". I am a big fan of this rule anyway, especially for low-skill characters (fighters, paladins, clerics etc).

Anyway, I agree with some of the reasons why there is a ZK altar there. My first reason is that it is done to propitiate him, so he does not torment the patients there further. You can say that as sufferers from mental traumas and insanity they are sort of within his purview, and as I see it Zon-Kuthon is a rather jealous deity, who may become displeased if those who are sort of "his" do not give him the necessary respect.

I don't know, it has been a long time since I read the plot of Kingmaker. Perhaps it is just something against the ceremonial aspect of it, not against being in a committed relationship.

I can imagine a centaur working as a pack mule, but full-time mount would be something they would likely not be fond of.

If they need the money hard enough, perhaps, but from what I know of centaurs on Golarion it is not too likely.

((Sorry if this is the wrong forum, I expect that variant rules can also be discussed here))

I have been thinking of using the grouped skill variant rule for a future campaign, but I have not seen much comment about it. Has anyone tried it out and how does it work with the Paizo APs?

I have also thought about using the background skills rule, either giving everyone one free background specialty or giving 2 to the 2+ and 4+ skill point classes and 1 to those with 6+ and 8+.

Has anyone tried using the combined skill group & specialties rules from Unchained? I think they reduce the difference in skill points significantly. My main worry is how it impacts skills that must be maxed to be efficient at all, i.e. trapfinding early on.

OTOH, when 2+ and 4+ skill classes start trained in 2 whole skill groups and get the same amount of specialties as everyone else, any character is able to contribute in at least some skill situations.

I think deadly aim is really a good idea for a switch hitter, at the end of the day you want more damage. PBS and Rapid Shot are ok on their own, sure, but a bit more damage is likely to be worth it imo.

I am generally ok with power attack on swashbucklers, but for halflings it can be a pain in the posterior getting enough strength.

However, what about risky striker? Halfling swashbucklers should have quite high AC from their high dexterity and class features alone, and that is before you consider the crane style feat chain. Trading some of that for damage when you need to is imo definitely a good option. Yes, the extra damage only applies against creatures that are 2+ size categories larger than you... but that is quite a few creatures.

Considering humans and elves can interbreed without any magical assistance and half-elves breed true, it should not be a problem biologically. As DualJay mentioned, the rest is mostly cultural issues, so it should be okay. I remember reading that some sects do not approve of marriage, though. IIRC the first major villain in Kingmaker had a father who was exiled from the Green Faith for marrying someone.

I find that background skills are a great idea. To be honest, I think every non-Int dependent classes need at least 4+, background skills at least put a band-aid on the issue.

Okay, I don´t care about the stats on that thing, if my DM describes it as it is written I would have an oh crap moment no matter what class and level I´m playing :) .

I´m sort of curious, who is the mother, what species/classes/level is she and what things does she want put in the dresses?

Anyway, if they are mostly grown up, I would call for a mix of utility, protection, and discreteness.

Eh, it and the brawler archetype (there is a figher archetype called brawler) are okayish imo, but I think it depends on two things:

- does the DM allow you to take advanced weapon training (from the weapon master's handbook) for the groups they sort of have weapon training in?
- is the combat stamina system from Pathfinder Unchained allowed?

Both of these things can make a big difference for fighters. Without them, they, not that great - they have little to do outside of a fight, and are not that much better than anyone else in a fight.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Nefreet wrote:

Yup. The cow must succeed at the Craft DC, spend 8 hours each day nonstop producing milk, and consume resources equal to 1/3 the price of said milk.

I imagine this exchange at the home of Bovus, master lactomancer:

"Master, good news! I was able to purchase the straw for the winter at almost half the price!"
"Stupid apprentice! I need straw worth 45 gold crowns for the cows to produce enough milk for the entire winter. Go back and get some more!"

@Corwin Icewolf

To be honest, the need for magical gear has been a big issue for a while. You are right, monks definitely have this problem - the system presumes they have certain items, theme be damned. You have to fluff it somehow.

One thing that can help in this case are the automated bonus progression rules from unchained, essentially your characters gets bonus X (and sometimes Y) at level Z, an instead they only get half the normal gold for other magic items as they automatically get the big bonuses. This can definitely work for monks, imo, but the question is how well it gels with other characters. If you do not want that, then yes, the esoteric magus and the meditant psychic warrior are great. I am particularly partial to the PsyWar.

As for alignment, in my games I remove it for anyone who is not tied to a divine or similar power source. As I see it, neutral or chaotic alignment does not preclude enlightenment or even self-discipline.

Usually, I like to either go big or go home on DR, so I am quite cool with the superstitious barbarian. Both features it trades are good substitutions imo.

By the way, speaking of thematic archetypes for this path, I think it is hard to beat the mooncursed barbarian. Granted, it may get you run out of town or worse in some places... Welcome to Ustalav!

The main problem is imo that not having access to weapons while you rage until leve 5 can be a bit of a problem.

"Remember , unchained barb highly favors two weapon fighting not two handed "

I do not get it, why do you think so? Sure, the UB rage is somewhat better for two-weapon fighting due to the static damage bonuses, but two-handed fighting is still a great combat style imo.

Is there anything like the "powerful sneak" ability for kineticists? It sounds a lot more passing than deadly aim or the like.

Apupunchau wrote:
Performance Combat is of course one of the top things to go after if you're using your wrestling character a true performer. I think the problem is the feats aren't applicable often unless the GM is really specifically writing the game around your character. So many people won't take them, which saddens me.

I think it depends a lot on where the campaign takes place, too. In a mostly urban one like Curse of the Crimson Throne, Council of Thieves or Hell´s Rebels, you can easily confirm with the DM that there is a crowd for many of the fights, so you could stretch the performance rules to apply as well. In a dungeon crawler or exploration-based one, though... not so much. Unless you can somehow get your combat exploits to count as bardic music - then we are talking! Sadly, I think the exemplar brawler loses a little too much for what it gets. The variant bard multiclassing may be a better idea. Check with your DM if you can get a custom perform skill approved.

I found out I really like the Ulfen Guard / Furious Guardian. Has anyone tried taking it on a non-barbarian?

The whole outrage over burning flags sounds really strange to me to be honest. As far as I understand, it is actually a valid symbolic gesture when you perceive the flag, respectively what it stands for, as being desecrated. Here is the excerpt from

"§176. Respect for flag

No disrespect should be shown to the flag of the United States of America; the flag should not be dipped to any person or thing. Regimental colors, State flags, and organization or institutional flags are to be dipped as a mark of honor.
(k) The flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning."

Ergo, if you feel that something that has happened has been so harmful to the reputation or the ideals of the United States that it desecrates the flag, the flag SHOULD be burned.

BigNorseWolf wrote:

A Washington Post-ABC News poll taken in June found Clinton leading Trump among college-educated whites 50 percent to 42 percent.

I am inclined to believe that, because it is close to other polls, but I find it surprising how many people with college education or higher support Trump when he is saying obvious lies. If the nonexistant revelation he promised about Obama's birth certificate did not sink him, and the, say, nonexistant Jersey muslims celebrating 9/11 (and Cthulhu knows what else) did not do it either, what would it take to persuade more than a slim majority that this man is either completely delusional or lying all over the place for whatever reason he can think of?

Sorcerer should be relatively simple, but he may need a bit of help with the early spell selection. I would say that a summoner may also be fun for him, and if he is using the pre-unchained spell list, it does not lag far behind 9-level casters.

An oracle would actually be another good choice - I am not familiar with the incanter, but unless their spell list is very close to the cleric´s, the oracle definitely has a niche in this party. It is also a bit hardier than the sorcerer, in case your friend wants to do a bit of melee combat, and some of the curses can be quite flavorful for a horror campaign.

@Krodjin - it is in Book 3 of the Council of Thieves AP, What Lies in Dust. There is an article on Hellknights there, although some of it may be listed elsewhere as well.

Chain: flail
Gate: dagger
Godclaw: morningstar
Nail: lance or halberd
Pyre: glaive
Rack: longsword or whip
Scourge: heavy mace or whip

Geistlinger wrote:
Here's mine. Lenore Ushura, Dandy Ranger and VMC Diviner

You know, this definitely gives me an idea. Ustalav is sort of famous for its duelists (well, famous enought that there is a fighter duelist archetype, at least), nobles and curses, so a noble fencer with an oracle VMC and the tongues curse, screaming in Aklo when in a fight, could be quite thematic.

I was consindering merging the combat maneuver feats to make them scaling, but this means you cannot "rush" both feats early on. Do you think this could become a problem?

I am actually cool with positive energy harming undead and vice versa, tbh. I guess I just accepted it as a given. What I sometimes miss are the specialty clerics from 2E who did not use the same chassis. That is hard to do in pathfinder, though, what with clerics not having all that many features to exchange in archetypes.

Any other classes that I have missed that you think really should get a patch?

I thought about it, but the beauty of it is it does not even need the viking and in fact works well with other fighters who can make use of the advanced trainings.

I have been considering the Furious Guardian / Ulfen Guard PrC for a slightly more social barbarian. For a barbarian, it slightly delays greater rage, but offers you a few extra class skills, a boost to your will save, and some nice options to your rage powers (and it counts to your barbarian levels for selecting rage powers). You also get a few other tricks, including the option to follow your ward, moving as an immediate action, or using AoOs to attack anyone who moves near or attacks your ward.

It may be also interesting for fighters who can thus get rage and greater rage. Actually, I think the wording of formal training means that the guardian levels count as fighter levels for extra Advanced Weapon/Armor training.

Overwhelming soul may be a very good idea with sylphs, to be honest. In the case of kineticists, you can check with the air affinity would apply for them as well.

What geniekin would you tie telekineticists to, btw - suli?

coldvictim wrote:
Has a player asked if they can play a Barbarian Monk?

This is my personal opinion, but as I am reading alignments a lot of law vs chaos comes down to ethical issues and individuality vs community. I do not see how harnessing an inner rage or developing your ki do not tie in with your philosophical or ethical views. As I see it, unless your mojo comes from someone who can give and take away as they see fit, your morality or ethics have little to do with it.

I can sort of see it for archetypes or PrCs that have to represent narrow niches (like the assassin), but broad templates like a barbarian or monk, not that much.

As for reducing the maximum spell count, as far as I have seen spellcasters at higher levels do not really run out of spells unless they really go nuts. I would like to test a slightly lower number of spells at mid- to high levels to see how it would work. I specifically aimed at the top spell slots to avoid the issue of hitting them where they are weaker early on.

Kineticist HD helps them take one more burn-causing action per day. Essentially, it is about equal to getting toughness on a class that essentially spends HP as a resource. Alternatively, I was thinking of increaasing the maximum on their elemental overflow so they can really go nuts. What do you think of that?

Regarding the cleric, I like the variant channel rules to make channeling feel different for the different deities. IMO clerics already have a bit of an issue in not having all that much variety. Anything else I can do instead?

Any feedback on the fighter btw? This is the one I was most unsure about. I was also considering having a mechanic to regain stamina on a critical hit (higher modified gives more) in the 10+ levels, perhaps via feat. It would be powerful, but these are the levels spellcasters really throw out some crazy stuff.

My general idea was to buff a few classes in order to secure a solid niche for them, combine a few feats so they scale better and fix some minor peeves of mine.

On kineticists - burn can be a very frustrating ability that in a sense "eats" their high constitution, so a higher HD (which is a near equivalent of toughness) helps them not be so squishy when they are at near max levels. And compared to properly done blaster casters, kineticists at max burn are neither tougher nor significantly better at doing damage (I think they might even be weaker, unless the DM throws encounter guides out the window and, say, doubles your daily encounters).

The heroic effort is an extra ability. I was looking at the fighter table and essentially, up to level 19, they have 3 abilities - bravery and armor/weapon training. Sure,there are extra feats, but it is a rather poor table for a class with no extra mechanic at all.

As for the monk, I am returning the "traditional" save and HD, because while I am mostly happy with the unchained monk, for me the all good saves were a staple of the D&D monk and the loss of the will save was a big deal,even for a class that tended to have good wisdom score. I decided to just reverse those two changes.

I generally like the new summoner, but I think their spell list was made a bit too bland. While they had a ton of early access spells before, now their list was cut down to the point that I find it excessively mediocre compared to that of other 6-level casters, nevermind conjurer wizards or sorcerers. I am comparing it to other summon specialists, and I don't like where it stands in this comparison.

Regarding the variant channeling, I do not necessarily see it as weaker, but it helps differentiate the playstyles of different clerics, and I find them a bit too similar in that regard. Full casters already get a nerf on their spell slots.

Anyway, I appreciate the replies. Anything else you can think of?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Hi, I am planning to use the following houserules for a campaign I may (or may not) run in the near future. I would like to ask for some feedback - what do you think?


Background skills are in. 2+ int and 4+ int classes get 2 per level, 6+int and 8+ int get 1.
In case of multiclassing or prestige classes, use fractional BAB and save calculation.

Alignment restrictions are only for classes with a specific code and an active entity granting them powers (i.e. paladins, clerics, etc).

All spell-less full BAB classes get combat stamina as a bonus feat.

All casters cap out at 1 less spell slot per level from their max - i.e 3+specialization for wizards, 4 for bards, 5 for sorcerers.



Use the unchained barbarian version, but a barbarian can assume a known stance know as an immediate action upon entering rage.
Barbarians can be lawful and do not lose their rage feature.


All cleric use the variant channeling rules.


Bravery is +1 to saves vs fear, DC to intimidate and combat stamina per 2 levels. As an immediate action, a fighter can burn stamina up to his bravery bonus to get the bonus to any save. This cannot be done if the fighter is flat-footed. Archetypes that lose bravery instead get it at half the rate.

Armor mastery – a character can elect to take a flat +1 to armor class when wearing armor as an advanced armor training

Weapon mastery: the bonus also applies to any CMD roll when armed with this weapon and as an insight bonus to AC against attacks with such weapon (defensive weapon training lets you use the AC bonus of a fighter of your level or gives +2 to fighters). The bonus to damage rolls is doubled. Weaponmaster gloves give you +4 to your level for all bonuses

Heroic effort: at level 8, a fighter can burn 10 stamina points to get one of the effects of a hero point. This can be done once per day, plus once more at level 16


Kineticists get a d10 HD.
The kinetic buffer starts full whenever the kineticist removes burn
There is a universal talent that allows kineticists to get a -1 to their attack to reroll any 1s on their kinetic blast damage dice. The penalty increases to -2 at level 7 and -3 at level 13, at which point the kineticist can reroll any 2s and 3s respectively
There are magic items (amulet slots, priced as the amulets of mighty fists) that give +x to attack and +2x to attacks with blasts of a certain element


Use the unchained monk version, but with the HD and saves of the standard monks (d8, good will save).
Monks can be non-lawful and keep leveling.


We are using the unchained rogue as the rogue/ninja with the following change:

At level 2, rogues get a luck pool that functions as the ninja ki pool with the following changes
rogues do not get the acrobatics bonus to jump
they can spend a luck point to reroll an attack roll (after the roll was made, before the result is announced) up to once per round instead of an extra attack. Both ninjas and rogues also have the option to spend a luck/ki point or to get a luck bonus to their AC or any save as an immediate action

Ninjas are a rogue archetype with different talents and trading trapfinding and danger sense for poison use, no trace and light steps


By player choice, a player can use either the pre-unchained eidolon and the unchained spell-list or vice versa.


Charmed life does not take an action.
Swashbuckler weapon training is changed as weapon training and swashbucklers can take advanced WT with feats as fighters. For the purposes of AWT options, they count as having weapon training in light blades.


Critical feat giving you +1 to stamina on a crit, +2 for x3 weapons,+3 for x4 weapons.
Weapon focus, weapon specialization, shield focus and spell focus give the “greater”bonuses at BAB or CL 10+ (I am considering that for the greater maneuver feats, but that would disable them for anyone until BAB 10+).
Taking improved TWF also gives you the benefits of Greater TWF at BAB 11+
Combat expertise reduces the attack penalty of fighting defensively by 1 (2 for CMB checks), but this cannot reduce the penalty to 0, and improves the AC bonus of fighting defensively or total defense by +1
Risky striker is accessible to other small races (gnomes and goblins for sure)

Quarterstaffs are finessable if used as dual weapons.
Greatclubs are simple weapons
Tridents cannot be thrown but have a x3 critical.

If skill points are a big issue and push comes to shove, you can take the cardinal archetype and play like a divine wizard. However, losing a domain and spontaneous casting is a pretty big thing imo.

I think there were canon rules for stacking item features on the same item slot, but this is something best checked with the DM.

Ideally, the game such a character is in should make good use of the performance combat rules. A pro wrestler is also a showman and it is only fitting that they get a crowd.

By the way, the nee dragons-related book has a monk archetype that works off charisma. It might be worth checking out. I would also consider using the variant multiclassing rules from unchained to get, say, some bardic mojo on a brawler or barbarian.

There is the tidepool dragon, which is a tiny dragon with a tiny breath weapon. There are two other options that can "kind of breathe" fire - the pseudosphinx and the xiao have a bite attack and can use burning hands as a spell-like ability a few times per day. How does that sound?

As a backup option, you can get a fire wysp, but it more of a elemental ball with tendril attacks.

I am curious, is there any mention of the scaled fist being allowed to be neutral? IIRC the sovereign dragons are neutral and there was a mention that the samurai archetype could be neutral because of that. Another archetype that relaxes the monk alignment restrictions would be cool, as I freely admit I am not a fan of these restrictions in the first place.

Sundakan wrote:
I think the "perfect" Summoner is the normal Summoner's Eidolon with the Unchained Summoner spell list.

Ironically, I prefer the opposite version. I like the extra built in flavor of the USummoner, but the spell list was nerfed a bit TOO hard.

Different strokes, I guess.

MageHunter wrote:

I don't want this to be useless, but I am fine for it not being the best it can be. I mean, TWF isn't exactly the best option always.

I'd rather stick with Rogue for the skill ranks and sneak attack. Even if I run into creatures immune to sneak attack, I can still provide flanking and tripping to help out.

Eh,overall I would have recommended slayer but your call. I take it you are not interested in taking a few more fighter levels for the CMB/CMD bonus and weapon training?

Well, it is not a complete failure.If it were, the party would have to start working towards a completely different objective - extricating themselves from the mess they got themselves into! Now that can be fun - nothing like all your former allies wanting to kick you when you are down for a change of pace.

In your case, though, I imagine a recurring foil would make the most sense. There's plenty of mischief to be done, and now some of it got a bit harder.

How about somethink smaller, like Dragon´s Demand? It is supposed to be bigger than most adventures but not as big as a full AP. It takes the PCs from level 1 to level 7, which is still a pretty solid run.

Navior wrote:
Azlant, anyone?

Can it be about the "Low Azlant?"

Sort of. Jade Regent ends with a big party-on-party fight.The enemy group includes:


A Samurai
A ninja
An oracle
An oni

The Giantslayer BBEG is

a giant with fighter levels

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