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The Shaman's page

1,428 posts. Alias of Boyan Penev.


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Well, if the townsfolk know what they are, they would not be welcome anywhere where the people can drive them out by force.

Seriously. If they can't lie their asses off and use a bit of disguise they will find the local population - at least in the rural parts - quite unfriendly. Heck, they might get jeered if they came with a carnival as the main attractions. There are several characters there that are enough to cause a riot by themselves.

Did the players know they would be in Ustalav when making these characters? Because it does seem like they intentionally picked something that would cause a pitchfork party wherever they showed up.

I would say Shelyn and Sarenrae would both be pretty good fit for fighting corrupting eldritch horrors and being willing to give someone a chance at redemption. To be honest, though, most paladin deities would be okay with not letting the machinations of Old One cults and madmen come to fruition. IMO Erastil makes slightly less sense as the adventure path is more about travel and less about staying in one place and community, but seriously, I think they all work.

I like the thematic eidolons, just wish they would have more options :). And yes, the spell list was full of early access spells - and GOOD ones, to the point I would say it was about equivalent to the wizard list. It was a bit much, but I think they nerfed it a bit too hard.

Has anyone actually had problems with a scaled fist's will save, i.e. are irrepressible / steadfast personality not enough?

Purple Dragon Knight wrote:
About Unchained Summoner being OP: I thought they made the Unchained Summoner to nerf the class? what are the main differences between classic Summoner and Unchained Summoner other than the Eidolon? I *thought* they nerfed the spell list...

They did, pretty hard. The USummoner is probably the level 6 caster with least early access spells.

But hey, if the DM thinks unchained is the bad version, feel free to use the original one. It is not as focused on debuffs as the right sorcerer, but can keep up with one well enough.

The alignment rules on some classes mix ethical and moral issues with self-discipline, which makes no sense.

I would say that while standard paladins may focus on goodness and order (which may well put them at odds with the monarchy in Cheliax - heck, at the time of Hell´s Rebels / Hell´s Vengeance there is a huge rebellion in Cheliax led by paladins) the CG version would focus on goodness and change and mutability. To me, lawful alignments focus on order, hierarchy and stable institutions, while chaotic ones focus on development and flexibility. A lawful character may see a situation and think of a precedent that fits it and that would dictate the reaction, while a chaotic character would decide what to do based on what is happening here and now.

Going back to the original post, a paladin can be pretty damn willing to challenge an authority that is not legitimate in his/her eyes, and Cheliax qualifies pretty easily. The sort of stuff Barzilai Thrune does - in particular what he does behind the curtains - can definitely bring a LG type to the rebellion. There is a world of difference between wanting law and order and wanting THIS law and order. So while the book tends to push for a more chaotic party, lawful characters can work perfectly well for this campaign.

I would also advise to target the weak spots of the class rather than cutting off its main strength. Swashbucklers have 2 weak saves (charmed life only happens so many times per day) and very little combat proficiency outside of melee. Throwing the odd caryatid column, rust monster or elemental/construct/formless (thus immune to precision damage) aberration now and then can be okay, but obviously going for the swashbuckler strikes me as bad manners on the gaming table. And frankly, fae have so many ways to mess with a character´s brain that there are plenty of way to mess with the swashie without as much as touching his weapon. Considering that fae can also have a complex hierarchy, you can probably drop a geas or a similar spell from something a fair bit higher than the party´s current level.

BTW, I am quite curious, what is everyone else playing? Maybe the issue is that they want a different way of playing and the swashbuckler player is doing his own thing... and quite effectively at that, which frustrates the other players.

If I am running a game, I would have a few fixes for kineticist, and starting with a full buffer is one of them. It is not a huge deal and makes bookkeeping much easier for the DM and the player.

I am also considering letting them count as full BAB for kinetic blast and blast-related abilities (i.e. CMB checks from blast riders) and/or arranging for items that give them enhancement bonuses to their blast attacks.

It would probably depend on who is being married. Nobles or royalty may get a much bigger ceremony, since it is a public and a social event which people should see and know about. The religious component to it may be fairly small, but it would serve to reaffirm the public perception that the clergy and thus the gods approve of the social order.

A regular Joe and Jane who seek recognition of their marirage would imo receive a blessing and a short sermon on the virtues that Wadjet represents for their married life - i.e. an exhortation to show the wisdom and kindness that she represents in their life together and in raising their children. Wadjet is associated with protection as well, so a prayer to her to keep the couple and the children from harm would definitely not be amiss - I expect Golarion to have better healthcare than RL ancient Egypt, but birth and infant mortality may still be a big issue (particularly to the couples themselves).

No, in Pathfinder, 10 is low fantasy, 15 medium, 20 high and 25 epic. Your figures match 3.5, but point-buy there had different rules, iirc starting lower.

Commoners get 10s and 11s or a max of 13 and a min of 8. An array starting with 15 was considered an elite array back in 3.5.

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Inquisitors and vigilantes work well in groups, especially if archetypes are allowed. But you can´t tell me that a band of bards doing odd jobs and saving the world under the cover of a tour would be anything short of awesome. Bonus points if they are called something like "Jo-Sayi and the Felinids."

Bramble Brewer (HE Alchemist) has a dendrite mutagen that gives you fast healing in sunlight.

I would give the edge to Occultist for Dresden due to the many evocations and the brute force approach he uses.

I have heard that Constantine was supposedly subtler, so maybe investigator does make sense for him. I only read very little of the comic and I have not seen the series, though.

Hm, sweet, though with hosteling one needs heavy armor or a tower shield for a large companion. Well, I can't find a way to give a companion poison, so if the prospective DM is not cool with me giving 2 feats for evolved animal companion, I may have to fake it with acid maw or with primal companion.

Other than that... hm, how would a CG cultist of a CN great old one play? You are at least honoring a powerful, distant power that, at the best of time, does not care much for humans. Perhaps you see it as propitiating it so it does not harm you or accepts you and yours as chosen worshippers?

Manowar is a given, but Sabaton might be worth checking out as well.

It can work, yeah, though I was aiming for something more cultist-ish. By the way, I remember hearing about a way to absorb an animal companion as a tattoo or an embroidery to magic item robe, but I can´t find it, just the carry companion spell which makes a figurine out of it. Were there ways to absorb it in yourself or the clothes as well?

Isn't that basically a shaman :) ?

Debuffs and positioning would be quite important, yes. Full arcane casters are generally a bit weaker at first imo. And if bad comes to worse - Evil Eye is the equivalent of +2 AC for everyone attacked, and it does not miss.

I skimmed through the first book for a possible game I was planning on and,well, at least early on things look decent for you. By the way, horrible stuff tends to often cause will saves,have this in mind.

I am fond of half-elf investigators for several reasons. I like to either go ham on perception with the skill focus or, for some builds, use ancestral arms. For melee investigators, a fauchard or another polearm better than the longspear can be worth it.

My main task is to find a way to get a venomous bite on a constrictor snake animal companion, so I can have a venomous snake that is also truly monstrous in size. A bite attack on the character themselves would be nice and I would probably either take that or the venom domain for poisoning weapons. I was thinking of staying a "regular" race for this characte, though, so s/he can pose as a regular person - human or half elf if possible, vishkanya or rakshasa-born tiefling at most.

I am thinking of making a mostly stable and party-friendly mythos cultist, probably one of Yig, so I have been mulling over the character options for him or her. Is there a way to put a venomous bite on a constrictor snake? I want something bigger and still poisonous. So far all I can think of is using the primal companion hunter for evolutions (or naturally the summoner, but I want a more divine-focused build). I was hoping for a way to do it with a zealot vigilante, inquisitor or a serpent shaman druid, but another similar character like a hunter is also an option.

I thought about getting evolved animal companion twice for the poison evolution, but I think it only gives several 1-point evolutions if you take it multiple times.

So, any advice on how to get the best pet or any other mechanical or roleplaying tips on playing a discrete, yet efficient servant of the Father or Serpents?

P.S.: To play something vaguely off the norm, and because I have a difficult time playing a good CN character, I was considering a neutral or chaotic good alignment. The first would probably play not unlike a druid, the latter... maybe a hidden protector and avenger of the community?

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Tacticslion wrote:
The masked lady, Eilistraee!

You know, now that I think of it Ashava seems to really be an Eilistraee expy.

Pathfinder has the chevalier as a CG paladin-lite PrC, and there are a few other optionsthat have the "divinely inspired warrior" feel to it. As for the grey paladin...feh, it still does not offer the option for CG or TN patrons, even though it lets the character itself be freer with alignment. Alas, we still have no way to get paladins of Desna or Pharasma.

Hmm, Iomedae does not have much of a position on lust, but she is pretty big on honor. The bit with the skeletal champion´s remains goes a bit further than she would be cool with. I would give this dude a probation first, since he did not get that on the first time.

Flirting with near everything is a bit much for a paladin of Iomedae, too, but if he does not get too vulgar it might not be a big enough issue to cause a fall in itself. That is, if he knows when to stop (as in, lightly flirting with a married woman may be okay, trying to proposition her for sex is not) and to take no for an answer.

Hello, I have been meaning to test some of the Unchained rules in my next game, and I was thinking that the automatic bonus progression fits RoW fairly well due to the PCs assuming the mantle of Black Midnight and thus becoming supernatural creatures in their own right. However, I have not used this rule before and I am not sure how much it impacts the items that should be available in an AP. Has anyone used this rule in this AP (or another one) and do you have any tips?

It is in the first issue of the Worldscape comic. If you can find it in print or online, it is right after the comic ends.

Paizo has been putting in short pieces at the end of the their previous comics as well, but it seems that Worldscape will have archetypes as well. I hope they make it to the SRDs soon too.

Off the top of my head, I can think of several things that can get Gorum annoyed.

- messing up a good fight with tricks - poisoned blades, utilizing diseases in war, intrigue and betrayal, etc.
- slaughtering weaklings who cannot fight.
- not fighting when you have all you need to, i.e. chickening out.

If you want to fight - a good, hard fight, not an assassination or a raid on someone who can't fight back- he likes that. The rest doesn't matter so much.

Wait, wasn't Irori's style the one where you dealt average damage? I did not see anything that lets you take monastic legacy on that feat.

Hi, I have been considering making an inquisitor or a zealot of Irori for an upcoming Hell's Rebels campaign (or just a generic campaign if I need a martial investigator sort of character) and link them to the order of archivist, and I have been looking for ways to make them better at fighting barehanded. I thought there would be a feat, inquisition or the like to improve their unarmed damage without relying only on equipment or spells, but I cannot find anything that I can take without multiclassing or houseruling. I am specifically looking for something an inquisitor or zealot can take. So far, my best bet appears to be multiclassing with unchained monk and taking monastic legacy, but I was hoping for something that would require as little multiclassing and come online as quickly as possible.

So far, I have considered the following:

Focused weapon via warpriest or the fighter advanced weapon training - different classes
Monastic legacy - backup option, requires multiclassing or high levels (if taken via ascetic strike)
Lethal Grace - definitely an option if I am going with Zealot, but is it enough?
Fist of the vigilante / Signature weapon - available only to avenger vigilantes. I really want this, but I am not aware if there is any option to take an avenger talent as a non-avenger.
Monk VMC - backup option, the classes I want to play it with do not get a lot of feats.
Greater Unarmed Strike - third party.
Stone fist - spell, thus not always available. Backup option.

Is there anything else?

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DrDeth wrote:
So talk with him. Dont tell him what he is doing is wrong, dont put blame on him, just tell him you're not having fun anymore.

I would definitely try that at some point. If he tries to brush it off, and you have the nerves for it, roll with the punch. Have your paladin soldier on to the end, not fearing death or what lies beyond. Look for a way out, of course, but just endure the HP loss and do not compromise. If you die, then you die, but Pharasma's judgement will not find you lacking.

In enduring, grow stronger.

Actually, now you can use Sword Devil ranger to get Cha and Dex to AC, if you go to level 4 with it. I am a bit unsure if I want to mix the two, though - 4 levels is not a small dip, and at this point the question is do you want to stop taking more sword devil levels.

The Sideromancer wrote:
Empyreal knight paladin. Trades out most important pally stuff, but your horse gets wings.

I don't know, getting near-full power summons strikes me as good as well. You do give out a lot, but get some handy stuff. Sure beats the Dusk Knight, though. I would also say that the geisha bard may be cool and fun in an oriental intrigue campaign, I think it lost a bit too much to be worth it.

Oh, and everything that trades a ton of useful features for a drake is right up here.

I would go for something simple and related to their devotion as well. Taking the blessings (like a warpriest) for one of Iomedae´s domains would be a good fit imo. Giving her a cleric domain or an inquisition (again, from Iomedae´s list) can also be interesting. I am also a fan of paladins being able to call on celestial allies when they need to, which one of the archetypes (Empyreal Knight) can do, although technically a few blessings can get something like it as well.

As others noted, you can also have something related to her past, but it should not step on what the rogue is getting. Domain, blessing or an inquisition would be a much better fit imo. Having a favored community (like the urban ranger) is an option, but I think a divine-flavored boost would be a better fit.

They add options for the fighter. They do not change the chassis, and this is what I think should have changed. I remember a lot more people being unhappy with the fighter than the barbarian, for example.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Well, I´m still waiting for the Unchained Fighter, ever since the powers that be decided that it was the Barbarian who needed their attention ;).

By the way,if anyone wants to use Red Sonya in her current write-up, she should have a bit more oomph. As far as I can see, the enhancement bonuses to attack and damage of her weapons were not included in her sheet.

Alright, have fun.

I was about to suggest using the regular bard for the extra versatility and team boost, but the dervish of dawn is the better combatant and a pretty decent combo with the paladin.

Kodyax wrote:
Hmmm, I may have to steal this idea if I get to run Strange Aeons. From what I can tell it would slot in perfectly with that AP

It could work if you are making an intro to Strange Aeons before the adventure itself starts, but I think that would diminish some of the impact the characters finding shards of their past is supposed to have on the players. This can be a good thing if you have players who really hate the idea of the DM deciding their backstory for them and wanting to have more say in who their characters were, but I think it would be more of a drawback in most cases - a problem for immersion in an AP whose main theme (horror) runs on immersion.

It depends how you interpret law vs chaos alignmentwise. For me, it is in some ways almost a political debate - do you stress society or individuality, do you trust an overall ruleset to fit all cases and provide better outcomes overall or you think every situation should be judged individually. Basically, to me, someone who puts individual people as more important than social institutions, or codes of behavior leans towards the chaotic.

Hmm, that depends. If their empire is so decadent and yours is so healthy, you are less of an underdog. Also, it removes the angle of the PCs getting their country to get its stuff together... at least temporarily. From a narrative perspective, these can be powerful lures.

I have considered cutting the introduction skirmishes and starting directly with the Black Rider at level 2. It allows the PCs to start anywhere - Irrisen, Golarion, or even a somehow connected different world.

Rangers aren´t that great when it comes to intimidation, but with the half-orc bonuses and something like intimidating prowess (presuming you are going for a strength build) you will do well enough.

To be honest, the default ranger or the urban ranger are both pretty decent imo. As 666bender suggested, dipping a level in rogue (or even a few levels, if you are using the unchained rogue) isn´t a bad idea, but I am not that keen on it as it delays some nice ranger abilities, especially if you are using an animal companion. It makes your intimidate much better, but at a cost.

A permanent geas-like effect is a bit of a deus ex machina, but it could work. RoW has something like it in book 1.

Curse of the Crimson Throne could work a bit like that with your initial patron getting you out of, say, a jail (or the hands of a crime boss, as you will be working with the law later on) with a geas of sorts. Actually, it might be that you are initially saved from Gaedred Lamm, who features prominently in the backstory, and then payment comes due some time later. Alternatively, Lamm had stepped on the toes of someone with enough power to have the PCs released with a control mechanism to get rid of the old bastard.

Okay, if you are starting at that level, you have several good options imo.

1. using the Arcane archer prestige class, using the imbue arrows ability to launch area spells with your bow. If you use Magus as a base, you will barely have that ability by level 10. (8 levels magus, 2 levels AA). You can use a combination of a full BAB martial class (ranger, fighter, etc) and wizard to get more arcane archer levels. Your magic will be a bit weaker at first, though, and not all magus archetypes work well as archers.

2. using a hunter with a bow to get access to some druidic control spells. Your bow could be reflavored as your divine focus or have the divine focus attached/incorporated in it (that may require some DM approval). You are less directly good in a fight but have a powerful animal companion and some teamwork tricks

3. using the grenadier alchemist, Gulthor already described why.

4. using the arrowsong Minstrel, Deadmanwalking described why.

I would shy away from warpriest as imo cleric spells are fairly low on control. Druids/hunters, bards or wizards/sorcerers, in that order, are imo better.

I think any AP may need some rework to make it suitable for kids in the 8-11 age range, it is just a matter of how much. Mind you, I think that if they don´t get too hung on just how many things their characters are killing, a vampire or a werewolf should not be all that scary, especially with them being in tons of pop culture nowadays.

Reign of Winter is imo not that hard, but it has a few unnerving encounters early on. I agree on Mummy´s Mask and Iron Gods being fairly light on disturbing stuff, though they do have some nastiness here and there (some undead or alien beings, swarms etc). Giantslayer could work, but I think it may be a bit repetitive for kids and they may lose interest. I would give the following a pass:

WotR has a bit too many hellscapes and generally unsavory villains.
Hell´s Rebels has an evil, oppressive autocrat,backed by literal devils. If he is played half right, it should be pretty nasty at times. Better go with Council of Thieves if you want a rebellion in Cheliax that is for under-teen kids, and even that is iffy.
Hell´s Vengeance you are bad guys. In Cheliax. Fighting to discredit, behead or dismantle good and well-meaning organizations with all the tools a diabolical empire has. No way, no how.
Strange Aeons is about horror and nastiness, and the PCs are amnesiacs with more than a few skeletons in the closet (when they find it). While you could scoobify it a bit, I would definitely not do it for kids. It is worse than Carrion Crown in that regard imo.

I am vaguely interested, the premise sounds great. I am generally not too keen on E7, but I might as well try it out first.

I would be keen on trying a lizardfolk, nagaji, ratfolk or vishkanya.

Well... I imagine it could, with the right group, but is there a reason why you go with Giantslayer in particular? Technically there aren't that many powerful shadowy organizations in the vicinity that could act as the PCs "patrons", and throw out geases like that. If you handwave that, well, it isn't bad - you are in a region where there are few friendlies, so you can destroy almost on a whim and not care about collateral damage. Mind you, it can get repetitive after a while, so the characters should imo have another reason to care about it. Overall, it can work, but you have to prep it up a bit and have the right party (ingame and out of the game).

Personally, I think the best choice for a Suicide Squad Mashup is Reign of Winter, with the Black Horseman freeing the character if they accept his task. He is definitely a powerful mystical creature who could have the ability to geas people, and you end up working for a suitably dark patron who would not flinch from using the scum of the earth for her pawns. So let us say your PCs are serving an undeserved (or, alternatively, much deserved) sentence. Even better - let's say they are awaiting execution. Then you have a spell of terrible weather and as they are being led to the gallows in a blizzard, Black Midnight appears, offering them a chance to live and freedom... of a sort. Their captors may try to stop him and be dispatched quickly, so the PCs get a whiff of just how big a deal he is. The PCs get a good reason to accept what they are being offered (which, let's be honest, is a pretty hard task), they are not likely to worry too much about who they are working for, and they also go to a lot of weird places so things can keep being interesting.

I don't think it is that good, yeah. Mind you, while pseudodragons are reptiles, they are not animals (or magical beasts with intelligence of 2 or lower) and I think handle animal will not work on them.

As a race, goblins do have some merit. Wayangs and fetchlings may not be necessarily evil, but they are quite disturbing. Some tieflings (Div-, Qliphoth- and Rakshasa-spawn) can work as well. Also, I imagine a drow follower of, say Andirifkhu (Demon Lord of knives, illusion and traps) can be extremely good at this killer clown business.

Hmm, checking the archives, I found that there is actually a daemonic harbinger associated with abduction, strangers, and sweets - Folca. They give access to, among other things, the Lust subdomain. Yikes.

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