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The Shaman's page

1,518 posts. Alias of Boyan Penev.


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Starbuck_II wrote:
How much of an upgrade would giving it Chained Summoner Spell list be?

A significant one due to the early access spells, though I might be more interested in giving them the standard action summon monster and the current list so they can actually function well as monster summoners.

Personally, if they are going to be about spreading hope and inspiration, I would give them the bard list and possibly access to some of the lower-level performances as vigilante talents. The familiar is cool, but I don´t see why it should be the main selling point of the class.

Overall, I´d say it is probably my least favourite - and likely least powerful - vigilante caster archetype. Definitely less of a pain than the brute, though.

I would have been a lot happier if the buffer started full each day and overflow stacked a bit higher with high burn. Some more feats and items that let you play with burn/overflow (i.e. increases buffer, drops x points of burn per day, bonuses to overflow etc) would not be amiss.

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Quentin Coldwater wrote:
I've never really looked into Paladin codes, but is it written anywhere you cannot lie, ever?

I think it was mentioned that on Golarion, deity-specific codes take precedence, the one in the core book was meant to be generic and setting-neutral. Here is the code for Sarenite paladins:

• I will protect my allies with my life. They are my light
and my strength, as I am their light and their strength.
We rise together.

• I will seek out and destroy the spawn of the Rough
Beast. If I cannot defeat them, I will give my life trying.
If my life would be wasted in the attempt, I will find
allies. If any fall because of my inaction, their deaths
lie upon my soul, and I will atone for each.

• I am fair to others. I expect nothing for myself but that
which I need to survive.

• The best battle is a battle I win. If I die, I can no longer
fight. I will fight fairly when the fight is fair, and I will
strike quickly and without mercy when it is not.

• I will redeem the ignorant with my words and my
actions. If they will not turn toward the light, I will
redeem them by the sword.

• I will not abide evil, and will combat it with steel when
words are not enough. I do not flinch from my faith,
and do not fear embarrassment. My soul cannot be
bought for all the stars in the sky.

• I will show the less fortunate the light of the
Dawnflower. I will live my life as her mortal blade,
shining with the light of truth.

• Each day is another step toward perfection. I
will not turn back into the dark.

That said, I would have asked what the local laws say on torture, kidnapping and poisoning, and if the paladin has any social standing to dispense justice.

Paladins don´t murder, but they sometimes do carry out executions.

If there is a wizard or sorcerer on your team, you can ask for a mage armor. Buy them a pearl of power if you have to,it would be worth it. Fighting defensively is always an option when necessary, too, and with acrobatics and possibly the cautious warrior trait, you are at +4 AC for -4 to attacks. Later on, you can get the quinggong power for barkskin,and if you stick with fighting defensively, osyluth guile can be huge.

Still, early on with those stats you may have to accept that your AC won't be great unless you give a lot for it.

Dunmuir wrote:
Ciaran Barnes wrote:
Bard with the Druid spell list?
The problem is getting 9th level casting...wait...I never specified that one. My bad.

I do not think this is a realistic expectation, though, considering all the multiclassing that a 1E Bard would have to go through. 6-level casting would make perfect sense for a class that would normally require extensive multiclassing.

So a nature fang druid (or shaman, or an oracle with the right mystery) with VMC bard is definitely a powerful option, but a hunter with VMC bard might be a closer fit. My preferred option would be a bard archetype that trades a few features for the hunter spell list and companion and a rogue VMC.

Hi, I am interested in getting a relatively early draconic shapeshifting on a medium BAB class,ideally a druid. Apart from the draconic druid - which I am not a huge fan of - I see that Form of the Dragon is a level 6 dragon subdomain spell. Is there any way that a druid can take this domain, perhaps through its parent serpentkind domain? The Dragon Shaman sadly does not get it, maybe because it is an older archetype.

Melkiador wrote:
I would like a hybrid that replaces the mystic theurge.

I am seeing the witch as something akin to that in practice. Their spell list has both traditionally arcane and divine spells, their patron gives them more, and they have a connection to "something".

The fourth adventure of the Carrion Crown AP is set in a small town in the marshlands on the coast of a large lake. The atmosphere is reminiscent of Lovecraft's Innsmouth.

I would go with a regular slayer or a stalker vigilante unless they are actually blessed with spells from their deity, zealot vigilante or (sanctified slayer) inquisitor if they are.

Hmm,I think the base paladin can function decently as a tank and as an "off-healer" if there is another caster in the group with access to healing magic like a witch or a divine caster.The hospitaler is a somewhat better healer, but at the cost of damage via less smites. A Hospitaler of Shelyn with a glaive for zone control could be a pretty decent thematic pick. The fewer smites will hurt, but having a full mercy pool and channel energy can give you a surprising amoung of healing. I would still recommend having a secondary healer, though.

What do you think about prestige class? Would the Holy Vindicator work for you?

Bigdaddyjug wrote:
My son is getting into playing PFS with me. He played his first scenario last weekend with a character we rolled up together. We initially made a ranger, but when I thought about it more, between the pet and casting spells, ranger can get a bit complicated.

Eh, if you are starting at level 1 he will have neither the animal companion nor spells in the immediate future. By the time his character gets to level 4 he will have a basic idea of what his class does and how to play the game.

For a starter class, the ranger is pretty great, probably my top choice. You get to both learn combat and basic skills, and a few levels later, when you already have a grip on the basics (presumably) you get to manage a few spells and a pet or a party buff. Fighters can work, although to me the barbarian is probably the most newbie-friendly class. It is not the best archer,generally, but a barbarian can still pick up a bow and put an arrow in someone.

Llyr the Scoundrel wrote:
Mutagen as more of a band aid feature than starring, the alchemical bomb being their prime aspect and every last element of the character building to improve that. Gotcha loud and clear.

It is sort of a bandaid, but imo so are the bombs. As I see it, at heart the alchemist is a 6-level "caster" with various self-buffs and a special damage mechanic (bombs, or sneak attack if you go vivisectionist). Everything comes together for the full package. It´s like the judgement and the solo teamwork for the inquisitor - they are some of their iconic tools and it helps them do their job when it comes to fighting, but there´s a lot more to the class than either of them.

Personally, I think an alchemist who is built for melee combat in mind can do well enough even after the bombs are done, but in that case you should have the physical stats and feats to match.

Well, certainly. The distinction between old money and new money does not matter to those who don´t have (enough) money.

Philo Pharynx wrote:
Spiritualist would probably represent that better, plus the psychic classes just feel so Victorian.

To a point, but I wanted a high-charisma class and the one charisma-based spiritualist was a bit of an odd fit conceptually. Still, a spiritualist IS an option.

Baval wrote:

The best way to play a non evil drow is dont.

Your character doesnt have a reason to be good, it sounds like hes just as selfish as ever. Play an evil drow, and then through roleplaying learn the value of good and become good.

We have had many selfish NPCs such as bandits, killers and cannibals be CN, though. Sometimes the border between the two is quite iffy - I'd say some of it is probably malice. A drow who is selfish only inasmuch as s/he wants to protect their life need not be evil.

I would actually advise a liberator barbarian, they seem to be tailor-made for punching robots. The gearbreaker power makes it even better, if subtracting half your level form any hardness was too little for you. The bonus versus mages isn´t too bad either, as Numeria is the home of the Technic League, among others.

Fighters aren´t that bad imo, but it´s freaking Numeria, people. It and the Mammoth Lords region are basically Barbarian Central.

I want to try the noble fencer swashbuckler for that kind of a character - social panache looks great - but I never had the time. Still, it would not be quite the sort of investigator the OP had in mind.

What about a summoner with an ancestor-like eidolon? Summoners tend to be heavy on charisma, and nothing says lineage like being able to have your great-great-great-grandmother deliver a carriageful of whupass. The steel hound investigator is also a good idea for an anthropologist imo - investigators tend to be resourceful know-it-alls, and the archetype replaces the ignominous poison lore with the much more appropriate knowledge of firearms, these most civilized weapons.

There are a few other archetypes that could make sense in that case, like the archivist bard, the dandy or trophy hunter ranger, the courtly hunter etc, but it depends on just how much you want to focus on science and how much on being able to maneuver in either noble or frontier environments.

Well, it could be well hidden or simply misinterpreted. After all, a drow noble would hardly expect another drow noble (especially one she herself raised) to be so... morally deficient.

To be honest, I would expect a bit more story about what the character accepted rather than just what she rejects (and rejection of the family need not mean not agreeing with their values). Mind you, chaotic neutral can work as a sort of "I don´t care for your rules, leave me alone" character. The problem is making it possible that the character can bond with the other party members and getting to terms with the fact that most subterranean intelligent life wants her dead, dismembered and possibly eaten.

Then again, I think there were one or two CN drow detailed in the writeup of Zirnakaynin, and they weren´t particular hermits. Someone smart and humble enough not to draw too much attention could survive for a time despite their moral failings.

Well, it could be well hidden or simply misinterpreted. After all, a drow noble would hardly expect another drow noble (especially one she herself raised) to be so... morally deficient.

To be honest, I would expect a bit more story about what the character accepted rather than just what she rejects (and rejection of the family need not mean not agreeing with their values). Mind you, chaotic neutral can work as a sort of "I don´t care for your rules, leave me alone" character. The problem is making it possible that the character can bond with the other party members.

Either is fine, whichever is easier or more fun for you :) .

I see the guide also references the aether architect talent, is it supposed to be from the upcoming anthology book as well?

No problem, the warlock is a pretty fun class. I´d say the bolts are just a minor feature - you are a 6-level caster with all the vigilante social talents and half the vigilante ones. Personally, I would say for a vigilante rogue-like character check the teisatsu stalker (you get a lot of ninja goodies), but casting is definitely handy.

Mind you, an aether kineticist can be a decent rogue replacement as well ;).

Perhaps, but when the game just happens to give you a masterwork violoncello (without a bow) in the second or third room, I would expect someone to keep it.

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Veldan - what I was thinking about was making bravery give you +1 per 2 levels to saves vs fear and your stamina pool, with an option to spend up to that number of stamina points as an immediate action to get the same bonus to any save, basically either a last-minute frantic action or soldiering on through the pain.

The second bonus is powerful, but even at higher levels it consumes a fair bit of stamina and an immediate action. Plus, I fighters as the combat stamina specialist class, so I am hoping they could get some tricks with it.

I hope you get fine soon, Elver! Thanks once again for offering to do this.

Oh, this is going to be good. Are the links going to be posted here or sent as PMs to the winners? I love seeing how text descriptions of a character come off in artwork

If you are still taking offers, I am currently playing a character (half-elf oracle with the wood mystery) in a tabletop game which I hope lasts a bit longer. It would be

Young half-elf in what passes for his late teens.
Fairly high, just short of 6 feet, and athletic.
Beardless with dark-brown hair (ragged, just over shoulder length), tanned skin and deep green eyes.
Usually dresses in old travelling clothes with many pockets, usually brown with accents in different colors.
Will carry some wooden statuettes and talismans on him or hanging on his backpack.
If it is not too much of a pain, he should have a wooden holy symbol - a wooden carving of a mask made from leaves (looks like this).
If you like drawing arms and armor, he has a wooden breastplate and a spear. Both appear organic, as if grown (it's an oracle mystery).

I´m just curious... would it matter if the PCs just happen to have brought one particular musical instrument all the way from part 1 when they meet this mute musician?

Hmm, what 3.5 did better... You know, I was a big fan of the binder and the totemist (and incarnum in general). The Medium sort of works like a binder in theory, but in practice they have only 6 "vestiges", and I haven´t seen anything close to incarnum. I guess the system kind of works like an occultist´s focus and the synthesist summoner can approximate a totemist, but I don´t really think it is a good equivalent.

Speaking of nonmagical healing, has anyone used the technology items and hemochem in particular? It is non-magical, but requires a medical lab to create and those are kinda hard to find.

The thing is, right now healing magic is just cheaper and accessible enough to most people so they do not need nonmagical healing. The pressure to innovate isn't there.

Not really. As I see it, Molthune has a slightly Prussian and/or classical Roman vibe, that is as close as I could get. From what little I know of a "typical" Austrian accent, I think it could work quite well for a gnome, but a dwarf is also an option.

The beast rider archetype is sadly not an option for samurai. However, the monstrous companion feat that gives you access to various alternative mounts is available for them, however, so maybe you could work with your DM to give you a tiger-like creature as a mount through it?

Sorry for sort of throwing that here, but I was considering shaving 1 spell slot per level off the maximum for every caster - so wizards top at 3 spell slots per level (before bonuses), sorcerers at 5, etc. Do you think this would be a meaningful limitation on casters at mid-levels by making them be more conservative with spells without making them too weak, and what do you think about the ideas in Unchained?

ekibus wrote:
Forgot about the fact that the twf kinda kills your offhand for grabbing things or if you have the ability to cast a spell...not to mention the added cost of having to purchase another weapon.

There are several types of TWF that keep your off-hand free enough to cast. My favourite is using a light (spiked) shield. Sure, it isn't the greatest possible weapon (although if you take the feats for it, it becomes pretty scary) but you can cast spells, and your defense is surprisingly good. Plus, sword and shield is to me one of the iconic ranger styles - I know most people think of Drizzt, but who taught HIM how to be a ranger, and how did he fight, eh?

As for the headman's blade, the assassination attack is a gimmick, but for a slayer (or a sanctified slayer inquisitor) looking for a two-hander the weapon is just great. Do note that the enhancement bonus increases against any studied target, to me this is the main draw.

Sorry, which trait do you mean - Lantern Lodge is there another one that is still legal?

I am not sure what artistic flourish does.Miss chance is interesting, though, and if it denies their dexterity as a normal feint, this could be good.

Why the focus on ninja and not unchained rogue, btw - just for the vanishing trick?

Normally, I would say either many extra attacks with ki expenditure, medusa's wrath, etc, or being able to use a two-handed weapon with power attack and flurry. The ascetic style line does eventually let them treat a monk weapon's damage as that of their unarmed strike (with a few levels less), but some of their damage-adding abilities don't work with weapons imo.

Velvet blade is good overall, but the removal of the extra damage and attack on the studied strike turn me off. Without them, I'm not sure I will have enough reliable damage as a slayer with such small weapons.

Outslug weave... well, I was mistaking it for outweave sprint. So yeah, in that case it might be an issue, and I missed it requiring sprint. Wait, didn't Outslug Style use to give bonuses to attack and AC?

I had not seriously considered unchained monk, but it might be workable. Still, I would have to go a few feats into ascetic style to use fans with significant damage. I will be more mobile, sure enough, but I still worry about not being about my offense being a bit on the weak side. I would probably have to forget about sneak attack.

@ Chromantic Durgon <3

Outslug weave helps with that, I guess. I definitely hope to get full attacks often, and eventually get agile weapons. I consider instead getting either hammer the gap or weapon specialization, likely the latter.

Am I reading it right that greater faint works with feinting flurry and makes the enemy lose their dexterity bonus to the AC until my next turn?

Slashing grace does not work if I use brawler's flurry, otherwise I would be taking it asap. As I was mostly focusing on feints,dirty fighting was not such a priority (especially if I use a snakebite striker and don't get training with other maneuvers), but yeah, it could come in handy.

I could see slashing grace working if I make the build with, say, a swashbuckler or a daring champion.

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Okay, for a brawler, how does that sound?

traits: monk weapon training (war fan), extremely fashionable (diplomacy as a class skill/princess

class: Brawler/Snakebite Striker
Skills taken: acrobatics, bluff, sense motive, diplomacy, perception, a bit of knowledges,stealth,etc.
1. Weapon finesse
(Bonus from human): weapon focus (War fan)
2. combat expertise
3. Piranha strike
5. Improved feint
7. outslug style
8. feinting flurry
9. greater feint
11. Outslug weave

How does that sound? Do I focus too much on feinting and is there a point taking a feat or trait for a bonus to bluff checks?

With a vigilante, I would probably use vigilante talents instead of some of the feats, such as lethal grace (free weapon finesse and damage),cunning feint (feinting as 1st attack in a full attack), shield of blades, etc. The final result should not be much different.

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Thanks, in case I do go with rogue, stalker vigilante, snakebite strangler or the like, how effective has feinting been in your games?

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Yeah, if I decide to have more casting,I have several options.A lotus geisha bard isn't bad either, but I was thinking something more wuxia-ish with less magic.Do you think the brawler fighter is better than the ACG brawler for this?

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Hi, I am pondering a character concept - a surprisingly dangerous courtier using fighting fans as weapons (possibly somehow disguised as regular fans). I am not sure how best to make it happen, though, so I am looking for ideas. My overall idea is to make him/her a dex-heavy mobile fighter who does not need heavy armor and has little to no magic.

My first idea was making a brawler, using traits and a bit of intelligence to make him/her a capable courtier, and making the most out of maneuver training and the extra damage for close weapons (alternatively, using snakebite striker for the sneak attack and feint).The idea of making a noble brawler and making use of the fighting fan proficiency just appealed to me. The monk is also proficient, but the base weapon damage is a bit low. However, other classes like the vigilante (lethal grace), slayer (studied strike + sneak attack) or unchained rogue (sneak attack + finesse training + debilitating injury) also sound like a good base, though I may have to get fan proficiency in other methods. What do you think? How would you make a fan fighter?

Nice, thanks :) .

Hi, I remember seeing a mythos-related feat that let a divine caster cast an arcane spell, iirc at the cost of some wisdom damage, but I cannot remember how it was called. I wanted to pick for an oracle or inquisitor of Yig.

I can see putting either 2 levels of paladin in a bard or oracle build or 1-2 levels of something else in a paladin build. 2 levels of bard, for example, would help a paladin a lot in social situations due to versatile performance and would make total sense for, say, a paladin of Shelyn.

I always found it a cool idea that a character faced by mirror image could just close his eyes and go with his gut.

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I generally don't care much for them. Their fae-related nature (in Pathfinder) steps a bit on the toes of the elves, who tend to be the nature race by default. As a small race with a charisma bonus, they are also a bit overshadowed by the much more popular halfling. They aren't horrible, but I tend to ignore them for most roles. I tend to prefer martial races, where halflings or ratlings work better. I have never really bothered making a gnome as far as I remember.

I guess they would have a much more solid niche if they had an intelligence bonus and the usual tinkerer/mad scientist theme.Granted, it would be cliche, but it would give them a much more solid "niche" so to speak.

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