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The Saltmarsh 6's page

330 posts. Alias of tony gent.


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So a small bird can go around being a death machine are we playing TOON

A million to one chance will come up 9 times out of 10

And so another nail is driven into the coffin of gaming
You can not and should not be able to control some aspects of gaming just like in life

On a crapper in Kent UK

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I love watching my kids together there just the best
I also love knowing that they will have another brother or sister to play with next year .
Kid number four on the way

Here's a crazy notion how about you roll hit points and take what you get !


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Oh no more cheese never make a choice based purely on math takes away from the soul of the game

me to guess it's ripe cheese by now

well sounds like a lot of cheese to me

No your DM was wrong all damage is totalled before DR is taken off

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I don't think they are subpar I've never had Any problems playing rogues

DM says The tower door is large and bound with iron
DM means You can't force it open with your oversized barbarian this time

Am I the only one who doesn't give a s@%$ about this thread ?

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More stand alone adventures

With those last four fights sounds like a TPK is on the cards

ZULU that's easy

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I intend to live forever
So for so good ;-)

The clues in the name throwing daggers so they are ment to be used at a distance of greater than an arms length therefore at range so are treated as ranged weapons

Warning cheese alert

Smells a bit cheesy to me

At least your honest respect for that

Who cares

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If it ain't broke don't fix it

Also guns don't belong in fantasy
Unless of course your playing shadowrun

I'm playing a rouge at the moment and not having any problems with the class does all that i expect or want and is good fun
Maybe that makes me the odd one out here i don't know and more importantly i don't care if other people have a problem with rogues as there fine by me

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Talk to him show him that what he's doing is spoiling the game for all
And if that don't work
B*&~@ slap the fool upside he's head

Not sure on that one sounds a bit cheesy to me

Depends on who you end up gaming with if there a bunch of it optimizers then you get shafted and moaned at
If you get a bunch who are so bothered about such things you'll do just fine sounds like a fun and interesting character go ahead fill your boots

There's a lot of math and % on this thread it all looks good to me but you have forgotten one thing that is a million to one chance will come up nine times out of ten
Also 86% of statistics are made up on the spot

Elemental and magic still bypass DR epic so its not such a big deal
The point image trying to make is this kind of DR should be very rare and it's not ment to stop damage completely just step it down some so that "macho the barbarian" isn't one shoting all the big bads

Here's a thought how about having DR epic need an EPIC weapon to bypass it that way it's a real problem

Biggest problem i find with a lot of players is everyone wants to be a frigging hero .
There is no real sense of a party or team I've hardly ever seem someone use aid another in combat but my regular party use it loads
System mastery power gaming call it what you like it all comes down to people want to be better than the rest of the group to be the one that everyone looks up to
But that's just my opinion

Hi all just started a new game with only three players a paliadin ,bard and fighter and was wonder what low powered magic items i could give them to boost them a little
Beyond potions and the like any thoughts

It looks cool

We lost the word games even when we where right on the ruling
So you didn't get it wrong except you did ok if you say so

Damiancrr your wrong bonus spells have only ever been allowed when you reach a high enough character lvl to cast spells of that lvl
Its been that way since advanced D&D 1st edition so sorry you are just wrong

Try games lore they are good on price i get most of my stuff from them and delivery is very good longest I've waited was just two days

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Ninjas are a rouge fighter hybrid in my opinion

Hi all with all the new books that have been releasd do you think piazo is running the risk of bogging down pathfinder with to many rules and options ?
I know as a DM i have trouble keeping up with all the different feats,skills,classes and races
Is it wll becoming to much when there seems to be a rule for everything.
And the DM is required to make fewer and fewer rulings on the game it self .
and just be able to quote the rules parrot like as the need arises

Hi all when your players search an area do you gibe them a bonus or just a stright perception roll

Long enough to see my grandkids finish school anything after that is a bonus

Two pints of bitter and a packet of pork scratching's please

I use a home brew but its main component is the old basic D&D know world with bits and bobs from different campaigns and even game systems

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So just because that's how the trap is in the book you can't use a little imagination and use it in a more ingenious way or just change it slightly so setting it of actually has some effect on players
Seems like your not being a lateral thinker about this i mean have you ever tweeked the stats of a monster so it fitted in better with your game ?
Then why not do the same for traps like a arrow trap that fires several volley's of arrows instead of just one
Or a spiked pit trap that has barbed spikes so you can't just pull them out without taking more damage

Well it seems to me that some players view traps as an inconvenses that just needs the quick use of a wand to sort out
I assume these same players view the rouge as a useless class as there sole function is to disarm traps which they are not worried about as there meat shield can just blunder into any trap sure in the fact that he can take the damage and the party healer will put him back together at the end
To quote Charlie Brown "good grief"

I never said the trap was linked to a summon monster spell i said it sets of an alarm that summons monsters from a nearby area like a close guard room
Also i don't believe you get xp for setting off a trap as you have done nothing to earn said xp

Looks like you have had some bad experiences with traps (no pun intended) also you just assume that every party has a wand of clw to hand .
Simple traps like your talking about on there own are pretty lame but if these same traps are linked to an alarm that summons some monsters then they are more of a problem .
Or a single large monster could have several of these traps set up to weaken characters and use up there healing or spells
A simple gas trap that leaves the party sickened for a few rounds is not much on it own but if one round later they are attacked by a hord of small monsters it becomes a problem
You have to be a bit more inventive with what a trap does they don't all have to be to kill if they slow or disrupt a party for a coming combat they can be a real game changes

Gustavo you seem to have a very two dimensional view of traps i just wonder if you view low level encounters as the same sort of thing

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