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Count Haserton Lowis IV

The Poshment's page

68 posts. Alias of Balin.


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It all depends on what you want the character to be and how restrictive your imagination wants to make the character.

I have a friend who views barbarians as roid machines, who are illiterate, and smash things. I view them as people who have channeled their inner rage to accomplish incredible feats. I thoroughly enjoyed playing one that quoted Sung Tzu's Art of War, and exerts out of my philosophy books. Could he have been a successful King? Sure why not.

While some are easier to fill the role, I think all classes can fit, and if its not a smooth fit, it makes the role playing even more enjoyable.

In my opinion, only thing that is a must to be decent king is an Intelligence and Charisma over 7. :)

3rd level Oracle, Magus, Inquisitor, Alchemist.
Fought the Kobold Sorceror.
Since the sorceror was supposed to find to the death but had no combat spells, I changed the spells. He was a gnome prior to his reincarnation so I figured color spray and hypnotic pattern would be fluffy spells.

We won initiative and everyone failed their saves (no one rolled higher than a 4).

Played it that the sorceror took his time as he was glotting, and 2 of the 4 broke out of it. They failed the color spray save.

At this point we all decided the characters deserved to die and bourbon was passed to all in toast of the fallen heroes.

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I would lean towards an inquisitor.
They have the versatility, skills and spell progression of a bard, but are more the angry brooding loner compared to the bard.

Also if you want to have fun, take a musical instrument, some points in diplomacy, the trade sub-domain and you have what looks to be the stereotypical bard. That is until you declare a bane and unleash an inquisition on the poor fellow.

No one suspects the inquisition!

I was curious about this as it seems after Paladin-alignment questions, questions about how to play a magus is the second most frequent topic.

Are they really that difficult / finicky to play?

A small group of us were planning on playing Kingmaker and having Mythic characters.
But I have been reading the forum and it seems Mythic isn't as good as we hoped. From what I read, it starts fine and quickly de-evolves into 1shot = 1dead.
Does everyone who has experience with this agree?

Would Gestalt characters be a better option? I have never tried Gestalt, so I don't knw if I woul dbe replacing one broken OP way with another.

Any opinions?

I must be over tired, and missing the rule somewhere, but if you take sacred huntsmaster, adn animal domain, do you get 2 animal companions?

Usually there is a disclaimer stating you can't have two companions or familiars, but I do not see it on the animal domain. Is it somewhere else?

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In the weather, todays' forecast for Nadal is overcast with a high of suspicion and creepiness.
Due to the weather, the Gnomish Fun Festival has been postponned.

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I vote for Undines, Kitsune, Sulis and my absolute favourite: Svirfneblins.

Craps is easy to play/ learn.
2 6-sided dice
2,3,12 = lose
7 or 11 is a win
any other roll, means they have to roll again.

when you roll again, you inverse what is a winning roll and a losing roll. You keep flipping it back and forth until the player wins or loses.

Stereotypically they couldn't be more different.

A gnome is like a 5 year old child.
A dwarf is like a grumpy old man.

He can still carry and use a hammer for crafting. Not being proficient just means massive penalties to hit, which I certainly hope the sorceror isn't planning on running into melee combat. Note: the warhammer doesn't get any minuses to hit when its a coupe de grace situation.

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Question though.
Person A has a cohort (b) and that cohort is completely loyal.
Chort B has a cohort (C) who is loyal to Cohort B
But that doesn't mean Cohort C is loyal to person A. Correct?

The reason why I ask is this has come up in our gaming group a few times when a player wants to crew/gang/pose/or mob of completly loyal goons. I am of the opinion that other than the orginal cohort, the rest are free for the DM to go all Game of Thrones and have them plot the death of the player.

I just wish they came up with a class that makes the illusions work against true seeing, and mind affecting, like how the winter oracle can freeze cold immune people.

This thread has made me think of another question regarding this. There is a bloodline that fits every school of magic to make that school more effective.
There are even Oracle Mysteries that do that. I just read about the Winter Oracle that can blast people who are immune to cold and still do damage to them with cold spells.

But there is nothing for Illusions. So while illusions are great in the fact they can be applied in any way you can imagine, they are also very limited in regards to who you use them on.
High willpower can make the save.
Spellcraft could recognize it being an illusion when cast.
True Seeing negates it.
Anything that is immune to mind affecting spells negate all the offensive illuson spells.

Have I missed an optimized way to make Illusionists effective at high levels, is there a need for this, or is it a way to balance them (being powerful at lower levels)?

A: Dwarf
B: I like Archon Aasimar. Right bonues, live a long life, damage reduction and other perks.
c: I love the Svirfneblins. I have been playing one, but I never told anyone except the DM, so they all think I am the worlds first serious, and easily offended Gnome. Wisdom fits, plus non detection at will, but great stealth, bonus to hit. I think they are great. My Svirfneblin Inquisitor is by far the most fun I have ever had with any character.

If I remember right, the mistweaver is a area healer.So the best option in my opinion is a cleric of Iori and focus on channeling (specifically healing).

How about a staff magus?Its similar enough to a double sword, and short of fits the cane idea.

There was a 3rd Party disned Druid called a Shaman, and that had an archetype that was Elemental based. You even got an elemental as an animal companion.

This scene was also the perfect example of a player putting all his points into Dexterity, having a huge AC, weapon finese, dervish dance, spring attack, etc ...
And what happens when that player gets caught flat footed!

One of my players has asked me to post this and see what is the general consensus of this idea.
Right now:
On horse the cavalier gets +4 to hit (instead of +2) and no AC penalty.
But on foot he gets no bonuses, and he feels the cavalier is pretty useless on foot.

He proposes that he gets these bonus while on foot also, so he will be the master of the charge.

The advantage on horse will be the damage the lance does.

As I have not spent that much time looking at the cavalier, and try to keep the players somewhat happy, would this modification be a good idea?

I need opinions from other martial players if this modification is needed for the cavalier.

Your party doesn't have a skill monkey.
It doesn't have a great party face (the sorceror doesn't have a lot of skill points to spare).
All this would lead to a bard.
I also usually recommend a bard anytime anyone is debating what character to play because its one of the most versatile classes to play.
Also the bard can heal, and UMD quite well, so wands are easy to use for healing.
And the buffing will certainly help the monk.

While I am not one to usually stomp of creative fluffy-ness, but would this not lead to a -4/-8 to hit penalties because they aren't light weapons?

Have a higher initiative and squish 'em.
Most witches are quite squishy.
The scared witch isn't though. So always carry termites to eat their wooden mask.

But the best option is play a gnome with master tinkerer trait. Then you build a combine and mow the witch down, literally.

Its an exotic weapon in all the above mentionned books.

Last time I read Am Barbarian, it wasn't a dragon he rode.
He took Leadership, and got a synthesist summoner as a cohort who was designed to fly at "Ludicrous Speed", With unmatched perception. So he had a charge range measured in miles and a perception that could see a flea on a dogs butt from 50 miles out.

It was an awesome excercise in breaking ... no... obliterating the game.


One of my players wants to use a heavens Oracle but with Arcane magic.
He doesn't want to take a lvl in Oracle, and the rest in sorceror as he feels this is abusing the system , and isn't fitting the character's fluff. I reviewed the heaven's spell list, and saw they get arcane spells, so i don't see any large scale problems. But I admit, I have limited experience with Arcane spells, so I don't know if they are noticably more powerful than divine.

I was thinking about the conversion, and do not know if a straight swap of divine for arcane is equal. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

p.s. He wants Arcane so he can focus his spells on Illusion and Enchantment, which are seriously lacking in the divine list.

Lord_Malkov wrote:
lantzkev wrote:

just remember even if they have freedom of movement they still have to spend the action to escape....

If you can grapple and pin them, guess what? they are hosed.

Another option for grappling is to go through whips, you can pin them with just two grapple checks fairly easily.

Nope. FoM states that any grapple attempt automatically fails.

Tetori as of level 9 negate any freedom of movement by spending 1 Ki point.

excellent work

I used a Samsaran Synthesist. The Synthesist gives me the evolving armor, and the ability to turn an ordinary guy into a tank (both str and HP.
The Samsaran gives me the ability to add CHA+1 extra arcane spells which I take as either evocation spells, Or

take 1 level or Heavens Oracle and add awesome display so I can use illsuion spells like color spray.

This gives me the options of making a crowd control or direct damage style character.

Not to de-rail this thread but the best race is by far a goblin. +4 dex and +1 to hit due to size, and bonuses for perception with big ears they are great.

PLUS its Yoda!
Say more need I not.

It would be very difficult to make RAW. A bad touch is a de-buffer and the best debuffing abilities in my opinion are from the domains like madness and chaos.

If it is a house game, I can't see any negatives to swappring the prepared speel casting ability for spontanous casting. Just give te cleric the spell charts of the Oracle and call it a day.

The other options if you want to play RAW are 1)suggesting a witch. Its still a prepared list, but the list is much smaller and easier to use, and they have hexes.
the other option 2) is a hex magus. Its not as much as a pure debuffer as its more a dabbler in that field. But it has a bit more survivability than the witch when in close to the enemy.

A generic Alchemist has heal, has mutagens to buff in hand to hand, and has bombs. Is is above average in basically every aspect.
Oh, and is a skill monkey to boot.

I love the alchemist, inquisitor, and oracle. Frankly the first 2 chapters of the APG are fabulous and only the ARG rivals it for my favorite book.

As for the Summoner, I think its is wonderful class. BUT in my game its never used because of we do not allow anyone to use books in the game, as it slows down the game. So when someone summons a creature, they better have the stats in front of them. Also the only other problem I see is the overall enjoyment of the group. IF a person is looking at books to determine which creature to summon, plus they have to then roll for their 7 eagles and, and and, I feel the other players are getting bored. Sure I could get them to roll for the eagles, but they did not come to play an eagle, they wanted to play their character. If I trusted a player to alleviate these two concerns, then I am happy to have them run around with the other characters.

In the long run this character is ruined. If by breaking the system he means having a character that will not live past 3rd level, then he has succeeded.

I am more concerned about comments about him pouting over pathfinder and wanting to play 4E. You can live with a poor characters, but poor players is another thing.

If other members of the group are also interested in 4E, you might want to alternate between the two with the agreement that he plays PF with as much zeal as 4E.

Compromise sometimes works better than a big stick (less blood and screaming).

_Cobalt_ wrote:
wraithstrike wrote:
How does it get ridiculous?

Let's see... (These are another GM's game which I have no control over, but I do play in)

Attempting to seduce every female NPC.

Trying to steal from the party and complaining when his character is punished.

Stabbing someone we are trying to interrogate. This one I'll have to explain. The party (LG Paladin, LG Cleric, CG Ranger, and his CN Rogue) is interrogating a terrorist type character. We are all using fairly humane methods of interrogation, when he suddenly takes a dagger and delivers a coup-de-grace to him before we get any information out of him. Then complaining when we basically lock his character up in the most secure prison we can find.

Generally being a problem player.

This isn't a Kitsune /racial problem. Its a player problem that can /will occur regardless of which race he is.

We are getting ready to have a power gamer campaign where we start at lvl 15 and are making characters that are as tough as possible.

I usually play Oracles and Clerics normally as the idea of being to cosmic power always appealed to me.

But in this game I am thinking of breaking away from my norm. I need to know how Monks, and/or Magus can hang with Wizards,Sorcerers and an Oracle at 20+ lvl?

If they would be the weak link, what would you suggest?

How about 1 lvl monk to get WIS to AC
9 levels Rogue.
Lvl 10 take Deulist, so you add INT to AC
With Snake Style

combined with Bracers of defense, Ring of Protection, etc will give an effective AC and still be able to attack.

If you DM allows it, a blade on the boot, or using the Monk hand to hand damage (in kicking)will allow you to use 2 weapons and still have a hand free.

As written above he has -2 str for the race, and he would get another -2 for being small, so a -4 penalty is huge. He needs to have some strength to carry the alchemy set. If the -2 to strength is for the size, then its a bit unbalanced. In either case i would suggest reducing the INT bonus to +2 and have the strength capped at only a -2 and remove the CHA bonus.
e.g -2 Str, +2INT and thats it.

BUT if he really wants it this way, you and the group are fine with it, then (shrug)go for it. Your there to have fun.

I was thinking of creating an Oracle of the Mind. I was curious if others would agree that subbing awesome display illusionary spells with enchantment spells would be a fair trade?

Also I was thinking of basing it on the Lore Oracle, does anyone else have a different opinion?


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Intimidating Prowess. I would be imtimidated by a charging Rhino.

I used the synthesist with a Samsaran. The bonus spells were all blasting as the summoner lacks them.

The only problem I ran into was keeping it interesting. I had more hit points then anyone. The AC was incredible. Versatility was amazing. I could sit back, flying and shooting. I could stroll into hand to hand with confidence no one could damage me. And if there was an enemy age, I was on top of it with flight and evolution points in speed.
In my group the combat is secondary to the role playing, so it classes are never a problem. But for once, the arrogance the character had was actually backed up.

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The ZAM is better IMO than the any non Ranger or Fighter as those three can shoot while in base contact with an enemy and not provoke AoO.

The ZAM (assuming you don't mind struggling at 1st and 2nd level) really only need 1 stat to be effective. (wisdom)

As for feats, the thing that impressed me is that the feats are given as a part of the leel progression, or as bonus feats. This means the 10 feats you get from 1st to 20th can be spent on anything else you want. It can be combat feats (e.g Snake Combat Style) or something strictly for fluff. Only the fighter can get enough feats to be able to throw some away like this, and they suffer from poor saves, few class skills and no cool special abilities. Its this flexility to make a well rounded character that makes the ZAM the best archer "Character", In the game. IMO.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

It would really help to see the build.
I remember going through the um-teen pages of DPR Olympics, and a mad bomber was never that high. Their advantage is rarely missing, and always being able to contribute. so knowing what your definition of huge amounts of damage would also help. IMO assuming Cheapy's math is right (and I wouldn't question it) 58 points of damage isn't earth shattering for limited striking ability. And it gets surpassed quickly as the levels keep advancing. Our 17th level alchemist was extremely helpful, but hardly dominating.

As for comparing them to wizards and sorcerers, well frankly blasters have always been disappointing in Pathfinder. Their blasts don't scale well at all. So I for one am glad Alchemists are better at that than an inferior form Wizards.

Swordborn wrote:
Maya Deva wrote:

I'm rather happy with my Diviner.

For a boom wizard, few things are as powerfull as the ability to go FIRST, and always being able to act in the surprise rond is pretty darn good, especially coupled with a +9 or higher on Initiative (Dex 14, Improved Initiative, +2 init trait, +1 per 2 levels from Diviner).
Add in a starting Int of 20, and there will be a lot of monsters going down before they know what hit them, never mind being able to act.
If the monsters are still too far off, you can Haste or otherwise buff the party before they spread out too much, which is also a good thing.
Ugh. Yeah, you optimize that much and of course you're going to always go first. I don't think this has much bearing on the conversation here. It could just be me, but I don't envision a well RP'd Diviner as being a "boom wizard."

Sword born, I disagree on its bearing. the other schools maximize a theme of spells, but Divination huge advantage is the initiative. They are supposed to always go first. So spending a feat and a trait isn't OMHO going overboard. You could also sub out the feat and use the familiar for the bonus initiative. Either way, this allows their battle field control, enchantments, buffs/de-buffs or blasting spells to be maximized in their effectiveness.

In terms of RP'ing, yes you can play it like a "Big Brother is Watching You", Or you can see it as a paranoid blaster (or summoner, or ...) whose afraid that something will jump out of the shadows at him. It all depends how you look at it.

I don't know if I like Archaelogist for this character. The loss of inspire negates the flag bearer feat.
And if they play Kingmaker, the trap finding is only useful in 1 module (if memory serves me well).
I think a straight bard is the best option for this character, and I think he is quite good.
Suggestion for him would be to work towards the butterfly sting feat as you can pass a critcial hit to another character. Seems fluffy for a gnome to pass around strikes, and with flag bearer he will not be using a weapon that deal mass amounts of damage.

As for you Arizhel, the other parties members all took classes that suit gnomes, and Rangers and Rogues are not optimal (if you care about that).
Another Oracle would work well (a combat type e.g. battle, or caster e.g. heavens).
Summoner always works, sometimes too well. But it is very Gnomish.
Following the Gnomish theme would also be a Mysterious Stranger Gunsmith.
And if optimizing isn't your thing, then go nuts and take a Barbarian.

Either way you should have a blast.

p.s. if you want to break the mold, think about a goblin alchemist. LOL

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Umbranus wrote:

He can affect the party by hindering a positive energy channeling pc in hurting undead. Or by forcing said pc to take selective channeling.

It is the dhampir's drawback so why should another pc be forced to spend a feat because of it? Just one example.

Most Clerics take selective channel so its not that big of a deal.

or he can get out of range
or have the cleric apologize and unleash the channel any ways.

I don't see this being any different than a cleric that takes negative channel. I have played one, and my party just knew to not get too close at lower levels when channelling was viable, and at higher levels spells and domain powers were the best options, so it wasn't an issue anymore.
Give the players some credit, they will figure out the differences and adapt quickly.

Oracle. Has everything I would ever want in terms of flexibility. I can be one of the most effective blasters, or a combat machine. I can have a animal companion, or or be the ultimate band aid. With Samsaran, Elf, or Spell Surge, I also have wicked spell flexibility.
While most of the other 3/4 casters are good e.g. Bard, they don't have 9 levels of nasty. And that makes them awesome.


We are starting a new AP with a 25 point build. We currently have a wizard, Oracle (heavens), Fighter, and Rogue.

I am thinking of trying a Monk, either a Maneuver Master or a Tetori. Has anyone tried these, and are they effective at higher levels?

We are short front line fighters with staying power, so something else is always an option. I have always played Bards, so I rather try something new. The only criteria is that I prefer having some magic or supernatural ability.

I don't play PFS so i am out of the loop, but why is the Vivisectionist banned? It did not seem like a bad/OP archetype.

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