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Sword of Heironeous

The_Paladin_of_Nevada's page

118 posts. Alias of BluePigeon.


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Turn off that light!

I smite special as well.

Lich! Where! I'll smite it!


Goes back to bread and water

Now I'm not hungry.

polishes his family's trusty sword

Did you bring some milk?

IHiYC is banned for mocking central Nevada and teh Nevada Test Site. A little radioactivity isn't so bad...

IHiYC is banned for criticizing the classics.

Only if you want your gaming license.

You are banned for improperly filling forms.

Mark Hoover is banned for not using punctuation, period.

Dons gas mask and haz-mat suit as a precaution

Swampwater and ground shamrocks, oh, and whiskey.

A voice comes from the chimney

Those are mine!

IS she gone? Whenever June shows up, I suddendly feel aligned towards law and good.

I like donuts. The sugar rush is great. Comes in handy when I need something extra to get me through those long inquistions

Antipaladin of Szuriel wrote:
The_Paladin_of_Nevada wrote:

June Cleaver has returned. SHould I pray or should I be scared?

What is that noise under the couch?

A pressure sensitive landmine.

Wow, you are mean. Ever consider joining us LG types in a witch burning or even a good old fashion crusade. I know a few non-believers that need to be put down with a sword.

June Cleaver has returned. SHould I pray or should I be scared?

What is that noise under the couch?

Neutrality just doesn't have that "fumpf" to it.

Hey, I'm here.

We shall hit the bottom no more!

Celestial Healer wrote:
The_Paladin_of_Nevada wrote:
Ahh. I see you have some experience with dysentery.

Me, never touched the stuff, but when Paladins need to "keep it in" we use Ceftriaxone (Rocephin).

And the M25 will make a significant difference in the next crusade against evil and chaos. Ye have been warned.

Sh-t, that's harsh.

Best good deed ever (Again).

Best good deeds ever!

Looks at CF, STUNNED!

No, sounds like he needs propane for the BBQ grill.

I touched one once and I got to keep my hand.

Ever stick aluminum is a microwave? The sparks are divine.

Again, Tacos? Badgers? Brain May hair growth formula? Electric Guitars? Power Amps?


..and noted.

Egg salad sandwiches sounds good but without the Slaads and Dretchlings. You know how they make a mess of thread every time they show up. I've still haven't finished painting over The Mane Chapel

Noooooo! And just found a fresh Jar of the High Pontiff of Canon's Special Jar of Blessed Mayo.

Throws temper-tantrum

I could slice it with my Holy Avenger and make sandwiches.

Leaps out the window while the horse sneaks out the back door

lucky7 wrote:
What am I doing here?

You're going to use the Porcelain Throne after My horse and I use it or course. Well,noit together...., you know what I mean...

Celestial Follower wrote:
I was hoping the answer would have been "a ride in my beautiful automobile."

No automobiles, but I have a favorite horse. ...And you know what they say about paladins and their horses...


:::hands you a pack of blessed gas-x:::

Peee-uuuuuu! I can smell it from here.

Well, I hope you didn't scratch the finish on my sword.

No, it's an "it." A shape-shifting killer clown with a fetish for all things Lovecraftian.

Now where is my holy avenger..?

Fasting via stapling your mouth shut helps too.

Jetted turnips? It couldn't be.

Oladon wrote:
The_Paladin_of_Nevada wrote:
I have yet to blame Cosmo for anything. Is that cool or what?


Flagging is illegal and unlawful in the state of Nevada.

I have yet to blame Cosmo for anything. Is that cool or what?

I thought it was Las Vegas.

Katie Couric's a kracken. Gentlemen, prepare your trusty mounts and weapons. We ride forth to slay the beast.

F-cking Krakens! How did they get out of the water and cross the border without their visa permit and green card?

I've told people a hundred times before car washes plus nereids equalsa big profits. Butnobodylistens...

No, no, no. I can't Mohrgs dishing out cupcakes and girl scout cookies. I wonder if they would like working at a car wash. I heard the tips are pretty good.

I'll hack up any zombies you want. My paladins are immune to disease, any disease.


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