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Beltias Kreun

The Mysterious Stranger's page

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A must-have for aasimar-players.


The second book in the "Blood of" series. Blood of Angels does for Aasimars what Blood of Fiends did for Tieflings, and it does it with just as much detail and excellence.

Like Fiends, Blood of Angels starts out with a sizable portion of fluff regarding all the details you could ever need to know about aasimar lifespans: Conception, birth, childhood, adolescence, physiology, society, combat, work, religion, geography, old age, friendship, love, class roles, and death are all covered in intricate detail here. In fact, the fluff section is two pages longer that that of Fiends, and like its predecessor, ends with a chart of 100 variant abilities for its respective race. Role-players and story-buffs will love this section, but others will likely flip past the first 18 pages.

Next comes the aasimar heritages for the specific types of ancestors aasimars can have. There are six (compared to the 10 in Fiends for Tieflngs), each with different ability modifiers, skill modifiers, spell-like abilities, and traits. The six are: Agathion-blooded, Angel-blooded, Archon-blooded, Azata-blooded, Garuda-blooded, and Peri-blooded.

Follow that up with aasimar-specific combat feats, two new oracle curses, three new inquisitions for (you-guessed it) inquisitors, three subdomains, three bard masterpieces, a new sorcerer bloodline, and a selection of aasimar race traits and random features, and you have at your disposal quite a few options for aasimar characters (and a few that will work for non-aasimars as well).

When all is said and done, Blood of Angels is as worthy a book for aasimars as Blood of Fiends was for tieflings.

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