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One of the most unusual yet enjoyable experiences in many scenarios. I had a blast, and I laughed so hard that I think I cracked a rib at the antics the scenario's unique mechanics allowed us to get up to. I will never forget the Jade Ogre style and our irascible tengu Old Petey's unforgettable pile-driver from a second story window.

Today, we are all Old Petey.

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Nothing of interest, nothing new

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This booklet contains rules for a bland and uninteresting form of slotless magic item which lets you activate a specific spell once per day. Also, if you pour ale on them, it creates obscuring mist (for some reason... and only once per week). The "flavor" behind all this is extremely thin and uninteresting. All in all, there's really nothing in this book that a GM couldn't just add themselves - no innovative ideas or clever mechanics.