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The Minis Maniac's page

678 posts. Alias of Jeremy Mcgillan.

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I feel no better for the death of this vile man. Though he has passed away his legacy of disgusting behavior continues. This man who protested the funerals murdered LGBT victims. This man who had no regard for the grief mothers who lost sons to war. This man who he and his vile church held signs thanking God for IEDs and with a megaphone proclaimed that God sent your children back dead for not executing all the f!&~*$s. This man who lead a church of hate and his legacy will only be pain, hatred, and bigotry. I will not celebrate your death Fred Phelps, because there is nothing to celebrate. I can only hope you died alone shunned by those you love as the news seems to portend.


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Just wanted to give a shout out to you guys and gals. August was a hard month for you, Gencon was hectic as usual and the August orders were really long and hard work to get out. I know you Customer Service crew took a beating from undeserved tongue lashings, and tireless work, and you warehouse crew worked extra hours to get stuff out the door. So I will try and be at Paizocon 2014 and I owe all of you a round of drinks. And I hope you all know despite the inordinate amount of complaining you had to deal with this month you are appreciated.

I plan to start a list like I have in previous threads to show what has and has not been produced. I will start with all 3 Bestiaries, and work my way through every Paizo product. I will set links beside every single entry with a link to the paizo singles store with a picture of the miniature in question whether produced by DDM or Wizkids or another company. I will only include Pre-painted plastic minis. I will even include close facsimile creatures. I will do all this mostly for selfish reasons, if Erik knows what is out there then the stuff that isn't will get produced and as an avid collector I will get what I want eventually.

Bulette- DDM Huge size mini Giants of Legend DDM Mini Large size Dungeons of Dead

If you guys want to see a new cool take on the zombie genre check out this new british series.
Brief synopsis. 4 years after the rising, everything is under control. The zombies are referred as PDS sufferers (Previously Deceased Syndrome). And they can now be treated to remember their past lives. They are processed through treatment facilities and when ready they are sent back to society for "Reintigration" along with a makeup kit and contact lenses to better fit in and daily medication. The series follows Kieran Walker who died in 2009. Kieran killed himself after his best friend Rick dies in Afghanistan via IED. He is sent back to his family after treatment and struggles to live in a town very much set against the undead and unwilling for reintigration to happen. Really cool and definitely worth a look.

With Shattered Star releasing in January we should be hearing what the next Pathfinder Battles set will be.
I'm not expecting to get an announcement here, just an idea when and if said announcement will happen. Come on guys throw us a bone :P

Sorry for the inconvenience guys. All should be good to process and ship order # 2307870

Woot finally a cool demilich mini!!!!!!

And this is why they call me The Minis Maniac.
If you look at the merged room photo, that blue shelf case is completely full of DDMs as well as the large tupperwares beside it, as well as the container on top of the tupperware. And as well as a couple office bos beside the case. I know I have a problem but I just can't stop myself :P

Woot hill giant!! DDM did a few Hill giants in their run but when it came to giants it just never seemed like enough. And Amiri looks great.

I was wondering if you could this one time send my $1800 minis order via UPS. I will pay the shipping I just want the minis to arrive for my birthday on the 31st. Since I am going to be alone on my birthday with my spouse away at a conference this would make almost all better.
I know it would complicate things a bit that I'm in Canada, but not really that far away in Canada. So let me know.

I was looking forward to the first preview of Shattered Star Minis for today. Is that still happening?

Let's face it, gnomes are the least popular PC race and for good reason. Let's choose to just drop them come Pathfinder 2.0 and use a new innovative PC race that is Pathfinder exclusive. I think that would be the best solution.

They are super helpful minis line for roleplaying. So far I think they just have one set but it I love it already.


1) Campaign threats detail a group of BBEG lvl 15-20 as campaign ending threats, 1 chapter per threat. You could even have some paizo staff personal campaign BBEGs maybe one of the runelords not yet detailed, any villain you could base a whole campaign around and a chapter about how to do it.
2) A gazetteer on Castrovel, even though I know this is a far shot I would love to see it.
3) A whole 64 page book on the planet of Casmaron as it interests me greatly. As well as a book on Aucturn.

To be continued as I think of them....

Okay I will try and make this as respectful as possible, I doubt this will reach the eyes of the right folks. I will start with praise to the portrayal of strong independent female characters in the books, they are inspirational and media in general needs more of these portrayals. But I am a gay male and I would love to have a fantasy hero who is also a gay male, I'm talking the central hero who isn't effeminate and stereotypical but a gay male. I realize you guys may have to play it safe with your characters with a relatively new fiction line, but I hope someday to see such a central hero figure in fantasy fiction. I remain hopeful this may happen one day.
P.S. Please don't use this thread as a political platform or a place to comment on homosexuality, it just isn't the place. Disagreement with my request is fine but please no more than that.

I just hate gnomes and anytime my players attempt to play the little bastards I make sure they die horribly. Don't get me wrong they may last a few sessions out of pure luck but eventually the reaper gets his due. Luckily my players don't yet realize I am doing it on purpose. So if the players don't realize it isn't that the mark of a good GM?

Just heard of your promotion, and I just wanted to say congrats you deserve it!!

Also I would like to know what happened to Erik Mona.

Awesome Kobold and redcap!!!!!

It's the highlight of the week. Where is the Pathfinder Battles blog entry? I understand yesterdays blog entry was important and all but the project is already funded so lets bring on the minis!!!

Soooooo awesome!!!
Woot first!!!

Looking for a glue that I can use on my terrain to add fake grass and my local gaming store. Is there any details you can give me on this item?

That's right you heard me!!!
Luke was a whiner.
Anakin was an idiot. So by extension so was vader
Yoda quotes are annoying.
Wookies look silly.
Han solo wasn't a badass really just a criminal.
The saga had borderline incest.
The villain was a barely mobile old man.
The ewoks were okay only because they were cute.
And Bobba Fett looks like he stepped off the set of The Rocketteer (which was an awful movie therefore Bobba Fett was also awful)
The only redeeming character was Jar Jar and he was only shown in one movie.

So GAMA Tradeshow pictures on facebook showed us 2 unseen miniatures from the new Rise of the Runelords set. Including a COLOSSAL RUNE GIANT case incentive. As well as an awesome mini of Good ole Karzoug. On that picture slide show we saw:
-4 figs in a regular booster
-Regular boosters will be 14.99
-Huge boosters will have 4 figs
-Huge boosters will be 24.99
- Set will be released August 2012.

Ain't I a stinker for breaking that news :P

But in order to be a real maniac I'll go even a step further you can see both Karzoug and the Runegiant here at Spoilers by Greyhaze

Your friendly neighborhood minis maniac signing out. See you all later when I find more forbidden knowledge mwahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

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Just saying, when my copy of Advanced Race Guide hits my door, I am taking a permanent black marker to my Core rulebook and blacking out a ll mentions of Gnomes. Then I will do the same to the gnome pictures. Then I will recreate kobolds as a player race, and tape them in the gnome slot. And to end it all I will black out all mentioning of gnomes in the Inner Sea World Guide, and add the story of how there were once gnomes who came from the first world, but the separation drove them mad and transformed them all eventually into spriggans.


Ok guys I've seen more than a few threads asking the staff questions, and then getting a bit miffed when they aren't answered. I think it's great that the staff maintain a messageboard presence and many times go out of their way to answer a few questions, but they have a lot of work to do. I mean look at how much material gets released on a monthly basis, they have to be busy. Sobefore you get huffy for not getting a personal response from the developer/ author/ publisher of your choice remember they are doing other things than constantly searching the messageboards for questions, and you are not owed a response.


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** Means a close facsimile has already been produced but not the exact mini.
Bestiary 1:

Aboleth- While a large size one was produced many still wnat a proper huge size version
Astral Deva-**
Animated objects- Some objects have been made but more would always be handy, and they can also dual function as dungeon decor.
Ant, Giant
Archon, Lantern
Assassin Vine
Azata, Ghaele-**
Bat swarm
Beetle, fire-**
Black Pudding-**
Cat, Cheetah-**
Cat, Leopard-**
Cave fisher
Centipede swarm
Crab, Giant
Crab Swarm
Demon Nabasu-** (gargoyles can almost be replacements)
Derro- Has been made once before, but only once and never a pathfinder version
Dinosaur, Brachiosaurus
Dinosaur, Deinonychus
Dinosaur, Elasmosaurus
Dinosaur, Pteranodon
Dinosaur, Stegosaurus
Dinosaur, Tyrannosaurus- It was made as a mini in "Giants of legend" however it was fiendish and I personally would like to see a natural version and I Bet James Jacobs would too :P
Dog riding-**
Dolphin, Orca
Dragon, Black- All sizes have been produced
Dragon, Blue- Medium is the only size not yet produced
Dragon, Green- Small and GARGANTUAN haven't been produced (seriously the gargantuan green dragon has been requested for years now)
Dragon, Red- Medium and gargantuan are the only sizes not produced
Dragon, White- Medium is the only size not produced
Dragon, Brass- small, huge, and gargantuan have never been produced
Dragon, bronze- medium, huge, and gargantuan have never been produced
Dragon, Copper- Gargantuan is the only size not produced
Dragon, Gold- small, gargantuan, and colossal are the only sizes not produced (And if you did produce a colossal or garagantuan gold I buy it in a heartbeat)
Dragon, Silver- small, medium, huge, and gargantuan have never been produced
Dragon Turtle
Eel, Electric
Eel, Giant Moray
Elemental, Air- small**, and huge** have never been produced
Elemental, Earth- small**, and huge** have never been produced
Elemental, Fire- small** has never been produced
Elemental, Water- small, and huge have never been produced
Elephant, Mastodon- ** (One with a frost giant rider was produced)
Familiars- All except the bat have never been produced
Frog, poison
Froghemoth- (often requested)
Genie, Janni
Genie, Shaitan
Golem, Wood
Gray ooze
Green Hag
**Skipped the templates**
Herd Animal, Aurochs
Herd Animal, Bison
Hyena, Dire
Invisible Stalker
Kraken- (Awesome idea for a mini though)
Leech, Giant
Leech Swarm
Linnorm, Crag
Linnorm, Ice
Linnorm, Tarn
Lizard, Giant Frilled
Mephit- Dust, Magma**, ooze, salt, steam, and water haven't been produced
Naga, Guardian-**
Nightmare, Cauchemar
Octopus, Giant
Phase spider-**
Purple Worm- (While one was produced as a miniature by DDM it was huge size and not the proper gargantuan size)
Rhinoceros- (One was produced with an orc rider but not solo)
Rhinoceros, Woolly
Roc- (one was produced by DDM but again it was huge size and not the proper gargantuan size)
Sea Hag
Sea Serpent
Shadow, Greater
Shark, Dire
Shocker Lizard
Skeletal Champion-**
Slug, Giant
Squid, Giant
Tarrasque- (OMG yes someday please!!!!)
Tengu- But DDM did produce Kenku minis that look nearly the same
Violet Fungus
Wasp swarm
Wolverine' Dire
Yellow Musk Creeper
Yeth Hound


I have noticed in recent months we have had 2 delays in subscription. While slightly disappointed I'm not upset. I was just wondering what may be the cause of the delays and if there will be months coming with 2 Subscription shipments to catch up that I should be aware of?

P.S This is also coming out of concern and the hopes that all is still going well.


Not really but made you look

But maybe if my parents were siblings I might you never know

Overly curious bugger aren't you?

You know what they say curiosity killed the....

Explosive Runes


I have it set to give me 2 premium minis per release along with my 2 cases, yet for some reason when I look at "My Subscriptions" it says only 1 is scheduled to ship even though it is set to 2. I subscribed well before the October 1st deadline so can someone please tell me what's going on?


19 people marked this as a favorite.

Ok this has been building up for awhile so I'm going to try and get it out in the politest and most respective way possible. I'm really tired of the rampant complaining, outright and borderline trolling going on. Just because paizo produces a product or idea you personally may not like doesn't mean you have to through a drama fit and yell how horrible it is. Yes I can understand how voicing your opinion in a respectable manner can be constructive feedback to the company. But this is not what I'm seeing for the most part, I see whining complaining, outright fallacies written in long form post to try and prove how one person on the internet is right and the whole company whose job it is to produce high quality gaming products, (who is itself made up of mostly gamers I might add) is wrong. I see people being either deliberately rude, or just not having the social maturity to able to reign in ones emotions enough to bring your point across in a constructive way. Yes I realize gaming is something we are all passionate about but you don't have to scream in panic at something you disagree with. Part of being an adult is controlling your emotions and how you portray yourself. Specifically I see this with the 4e/pathfinder edition wars (play what you like and leave the other alone). The rollplay vs roleplay debate (Play the way you like and leave others alone), and now the new pathfinder MMO ( Play what you like and leave others alone ). Frankly I think we could all benefit from a little emotional maturity when it comes to posting on these forums, there's no need to drive poor Ross/ Gary/ Liz/ whoever else crazy over having to delete so many inappropriate posts, a good rule of thumb is if you think your post could be inappropriate read it twice, take a breather then rewrite before posting. This community has so many great people and great ideas, we just need to be more socially responsible for our actions and words. Thanks I've said my piece.


I wonder if you guys will be getting this back in?




I have finished reading all of this months products already, please send all the new material for June right away :P





RIP Sarah Jane Smith :( The Dr. Who universe will never be the same.

If you don't share my political, ideological, religious, non-religious viewpoints then your obviously stupid and you're opinion is wrong!!!


Magical Beast Affinity
Requirements: 6th level druid or 10th level Ranger, Handle animal Rank 9

Allows you to select certain magical beasts as an animal Companion above and beyond the normal list.

So far I have Hippogryph, Griffon, and Owlbear for this feat. Any advice on how these beasts may be too powerful and or any others that could be added to the list safely and balanced.


It shipped without my Plague of Shadows. It was on the first email that 3 items would be shipped, but when the shipping email came through only 2 items shipped.


Can you remove the Storm Giant mini please and thank you.


An issue has been brought to my attention, that while I am not the ideal candidate to bring it forth, I am nonetheless the one writing it now. Some friends have commented many of times of what they feel is a slight unfairness toward their beliefs. So I write this for your consideration

During the course of a few religious discussions, some posters have really crossed a line (maybe not knowingly). Please first consider some posters of this forum are christian. And with that belief the "God" or Christ is more than just a belief to them. Many believe "God" or Christ is their heavenly father, takes a personal interest in their life, watches out for them, they pray to him daily. They love him more than they love anything. "God" or Christ is more than just a belief he is a living breathing part of their lives a family member who is genuinely loved. And to challenge "God" on many issues without proper sensitivity can come across as insensitive or even offensive. To these posters "God" is something very personal. And as such they see moderation on the subject to be a bit lacking.

I really do wish I could convey how important this belief is to them, and how much they love this community. They don't wish to discuss "healthy" debate. They just wish that others would take a bit more consideration when posting disparaging comments about "God". Also remember attacking ones religious institution or leader can be equally as offensive, posting disparaging words about the Pope for example the Holy Father of the Catholic church, can be very offensive for Catholics. Please I only hope to open some minds. To those moderators of the boards please take a second look at some anti-religious posts, and to those posters out there, please use a bit of empathy and understanding when posting about an others religious belief, it is something very precious to them and not something to be trampled on.

Please take this letter for what it is. I myself am an atheist but I do see some inconsiderate posts toward believers.I only hope my letter has been enlightening.

Yours Sincerely, Jeremy M


Please don't let this devolve into snipping or a flamewar. I really just want a nice calm intellectual discussion. I will not hesitate to ask Ross to lock the thread if it does devolve into insults.

Open question. How come every time you see homosexuals portrayed in media, it's always either the gossipy effeminate queen, or the effeminate sassy fashion wise best friend of a female role? Not all gays are effeminate, nor are we always sassy and fashion wise. Is it just more palatable to the public, to see us in not so serious portrayals and stereotypes? Why can't we have an action hero for example who just happens to be gay, without it being a main focus?


Lets set some ground rules first. Religious beliefs and thoughts are allowed, but bashing and railing against them are not.

I guess it goes through my head a lot lately, the inescapable realization of death. Some days it scares me, some days it doesn't. I guess it just got me thinking about how others handle this inescapable thought process. Again all viewpoints are welcome


Okay, the class is a really neat idea, but the cost and reload time make it hard to use. Personally in my game I would make it work more like a musketeer. Scrap the limited revolver give them a musket which does increasing damage over levels, give them a sword with a good base attack and training. It would explain the reload time, the cost and such. I would basically give the gunslinger the Alexandre Dumas makeover, because lets face it from the invention of guns until the actual making of revolvers was like a 300 year gap. Plus the purpose of revolvers was being able to shoot multiple times before reloading. So take it for what it is have muskets instead with incremental damage increase per level, keep the guns and ammo expensive and give them some good sword fighting skills. Basically ditch the revolvers for now.


Order #1560666 is still MIA. I'm getting nervous only because an order that was placed a week after this one was shipped arrived and this one is still missing. Just wondering if you guys had heard anything.


Bill Slavicsek Ampersand ...
We have made the decision to depart from prepainted plastic miniatures sets. Lords of Madness stands as the final release under that model. We will continue to release special collector’s sets (such as the Beholder Collector’s Set we released last fall), as well as make use of plastic figures in other product offerings. Check out the Wrath of Ashardalon board game next month for the latest example of this. Moving forward, we will continue to explore more options for players to represent characters and monsters on the tabletop, including Monster Vault and other D&D products that feature monster and character tokens.

It was fun while it lasted *sigh*. I guess this just means I will have to spend my $800 dollars bi annually on paizo minis instead. So :P to you WOTC.


I'm not talking rule mechanics. I just hate gnomes. The old school gnomes looked ugly, the WoW gnomes look ridiculous, and the Golarion gnomes look like those old "Troll" dolls from when I was a kid. Not to mention lawn gnomes deserve smashing. All gnomes deserve my undying hatred. Why do you people put up with them?


I'm sure he'll love this!


News has been given that the new Series will start likely in March. And in a recent interview Steven Moffat announced that the new series will be split in two. Basically 7 episodes in the spring followed by 6 in the fall seasons. He also plans to do a big cliffhanger episode in between. Moffat explained he favors this new format so there isn't always such a huge wait in between series of Doctor Who.


Any idea when this will ship? I ask only because I was down to my FLGS and they had it on display for sale.

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