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The Mapper's page

305 posts. Alias of Kruelaid.


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Dave Judd wrote:

Double move to stand one space away from Johnnie, one space behind Sarge. Peers through the smoke.













Lot's to read, Flash. The alarm is ringing; Mike is flicking a lighter to set off a pipe bomb; Johnnie ran off somewhere, is probably getting eaten; and you have a bunch of spoilers to read.

Z-Day OST: Zombie theme. Oh yeah, I'm still playing it. Again and again and again.

>>>>>Round 1 MAP<<<<<

Zombie theme

>>>>>"oh fnck"<<<<<

No metagaming... Let's just say you imagine Judd is looking at something really fncked up.

>>>>>The SCENE on the 5th<<<<<

>>>>>MAP of 5th<<<<<

Potential escape routes (waiting for Sarge and Mike to make tactics rolls)

(1) Go back down to 4th and cut up to the northeast fires stairs.
(2) Go upstairs and head for the same stairwell, or jump out a window.
(3) Jump out a window on this floor.
(4) Cut toward the squeaking and go out through the north fire exit.
(5) Go to the south fire exit from here (there were a lot of zombies at the basement level, you don't know if they came up--also Judd some a thing...).
(6) Go to the roof and jump off, or pop some smoke grenades and hope one of the choppers sees you.

>>>>>MAP 21<<<<<

>>>>>MAP 13<<<<<

>>>>>MAP 12<<<<<

>>>>>MAP 11<<<<<

>>>>>MAP 10<<<<<

>>>>>MAP 9<<<<<

>>>>>MAP 8<<<<<

Here's JOHNNIE... then Zs then Mike.


Johnnie, Sam, Cord (in any order), then zombies then Mike.


Johnnie, Sam, Sarge, Cord, Anna, then zombies then Mike.



The glass to Mike's left is broken. Anna moves back behind the line.

Dave Judd wrote:
Move action: Move back to N4 (note increased movement).

>>>>>MAP UPDATED<<<<<




It doesn't really look like this, it's much simpler on the wall, but you have Cord to explain everything.

In progress. Looking at this you might wonder is there's a big fight coming....


Just a little work to do here... then you can head up.

Will post a map shortly. Got some stuff to do.


I had to make two small adjustments. Dm called attacks on Wod as if he was in G4, not H4, so I moved Wod over one. DM moved n1 to K4 and attacked with longsword, unless he has reach he should be in K5. Correct me if I am wrong.



I can turn the compass if you want, DM.

Myron Swackhammer wrote:

Let's put Nigel in I14 and his bodyguard next to him in H13. Initiative 9+3=12; does the eidolon share that, or does it roll its own?

Who is Nigel? And what does the Eidelon look like?

So I can make counters.

Edwin Drood wrote:

Edwin tries to stay towards the center of the group...

ou want him K15ish?

dungeonmaster heathy wrote:
I got's map

Hmmm. Saved in CMYK probably. Should be RGB. Someone out there using an old browser?

Try this: >>>>>MAP<<<<<

IE9: see it
Opera 11.01: see it
Firefox 4.0: see it
Firefox 3.6: see it
Chrome 10.0.648.205: see it
Safari 5.0.5: see it


Castiel of Fangwood wrote:
Hmmm, not showing for me.

It's showing from Miami, Seattle, UK, and Singapore... running through some VPN connections. The map itself is on an LA server with no bandwidth limitation, so something must be happening on the Aussie end. Now and then I have trouble connecting with random sites from Manila, so it could just be an other-side-of-the-world thing.


Tentative positions for those who have not posted yet.

dungeonmaster heathy wrote:

Aaah! Map time!!!

Coming up.

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