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The Mad Comrade's page

176 posts. Alias of Turin the Mad.


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Specifically, explosion kills 19+ and wounds 50+ at Ariana Grande concert @ Manchester Arena, Manchester, England (Yahoo link).

Currently considered likely to have been a terrorist attack. Emergency phone # for those checking on loved ones and friends in the area 0161 856 9400.

Scottish and UK governments are acting swiftly. Not known (yet) if a group has claimed responsibility. Campaigning has been suspended.

Further updates as they become available.

Comrade Anklebiter wrote:

File under "Idiot Identity Politics Run Amok":

Student Group Apologizes for Playing ‘Transphobic’ and ‘Problematic’ Lou Reed Song

Duly filed.

Frosty Ace wrote:
As a random, nebulous concept, how does a viking half orc Fighter with Orc Fury Style sound? That's a lot of bang for your intimidating buck.

Depends heavily on the campaign/adventure path. In many, an Intimidation Deity character will wreak havoc. In a few ... not so much.

A hand of tickling eh? ;)

Start the Dreamlands sequence the night/rest period before they head off to wherever. As a reward for taking the "three hour tour" in the Dreamlands, perhaps they incidentally undertake a dreaming version of a shadow walk, waking [wherever suitable] on completion.

One wonders if there's a structure for door prizes for White House staff in this term in 30-day increments with bonuses accruing every 6th month...

Scythia wrote:
thejeff wrote:
Scythia wrote:
Pan wrote:
I was going to make a joke about Kushner sharing a cell with his old man but then realized I have no idea if hes worthy of jail or not. I mean does anybody know anything about him?
Well, he did outmanoeuvre Bannon, so he could actually be a person to watch out for.

He's family, which gave him a big advantage in the court politics.

That also means Trump will have more trouble throwing him under the bus to save he own skin.
I don't know if Trump considers in-laws to be family. He doesn't seem to hold to any other traditional standards of loyalty, so I wouldn't assume.

Trump's Son-in-Law seems to have become well entrenched and well insulated compared to the rest of the WH staffers. Given how very fond he is of his daughter, Jared is probably in as safe a position as possible save for Ivanka and Trump himself.

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Bara loves Malek.
Froghemoth eats all faces.
Malek knows chagrin.

CBDunkerson wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:
How about we let them skim if they get the job done?
Like that would ever happen?

[raspy respirator] The sarcasm is strong in this post. [/raspy respirator]

MMCJawa wrote:
The Mad Comrade wrote:
Is it really too much to ask for separate threads to be made re: US health care, socializing/privatizing US education etc.?
Sorry...had to reply with my post when I saw that comment, but will transfer it over

No need to apologize, MMCJawa. Figured the two topics were "currently active" enough to warrant separate threads. Then I hid them. ;)

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Discuss US Healthcare here please.

Discuss US Education here please.

Thanks in advance.

Please discuss the current state of the U.S. education system here. Thanks in advance.

Thread title says it all. Thanks in advance.

Is it really too much to ask for separate threads to be made re: US health care, socializing/privatizing US education etc.?

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captain yesterday wrote:

If you don't mind, can we stop deflecting from the real issue at hand.

Bobby, Dick, and The Donald.

Agreed. Keep the bickering about health care et al in their own threads, please.

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NobodysHome wrote:

I apologize for being strangely attracted to Captain Yesterday in his s**rfette guise...

The rank of Captain is gender-neutral. ;)

The only downside to an unprepared spell slot is that the cleric is presuming they will have 15 minutes of quiet time somewhere to meditate in a presumably hostile environment. The upside is that if the group winds up needing a remove disease, you won't have to wait until the next day. :)

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Prepare a second prayer if all else fails, due to its short duration prayer is generally one-per-fight.

Hungry monster's INT score comes into play here, barring a line in its tactics stating that it will go for a kill regardless of other threats. It could attempt to snatch up the character and drag 'em off to its lair for comfy eating...

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Which begs answer to the question: why are people so afraid of him? I don't get it.

I'd be surprised if Infinity Wars 1 doesn't end with Vision getting the mind stone ripped out of his head.

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Question is, just how is this terror being instilled ...

**moar hugs for everyone**

May fortune favor your boldness, Scythia. o7

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Rysky wrote:

*more hugs*

*all the hugs*

*layers of the hugs*

half trickster deity of course. 'nuff said.

wikipedia article to get started.

Link2000, have you seen a doctor about your asthma? It might help.

Watching my oldest sister drown while unable to help at age 4 1/2. Since then everyone in the family has learned at least basic swimming.

atheral wrote:
The Mad Comrade wrote:
Aberzombie wrote:
'Nightmare house' Zillow listing tells buyers: Don't ask about mysterious occupant upstairs
Had a friend ask me if this was a real listing. It is. Anyone that buys that property is probably going to get bit hard.
The Zillow link in the article is listed as off market as of today, either this was an elaborate prank, or someone got cold feet after the press (1.3 Million views) . I'd put money on the former.

If it is a prank, then it's a particularly unpleasant one.

Aberzombie wrote:
'Nightmare house' Zillow listing tells buyers: Don't ask about mysterious occupant upstairs

Had a friend ask me if this was a real listing. It is. Anyone that buys that property is probably going to get bit hard.

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Maybe ... but then, the whistle dart has been shown to one-shot a fighter craft in GotG Vol. 1 ...

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Democratic Party's two obstacles before the 2018 elections: time, and themselves.

... "Democrats are focusing on creating a unified front in the coming months around an economic agenda, because they are going to need votes from across the ideological spectrum to win the 24 seats needed to win back the House majority."

2 people marked this as a favorite.

May your collective recovery proceed swiftly and without complications. Free entertainment can wait. :)

Only if they refuse his party registration.

CrystalSeas wrote:

The Congresscritters and Senators.

Zuckerberg could easily finance his entire campaign. Question is whom among the legislature can he get along with ...

Knight who says Meh wrote:
The Mad Comrade wrote:
Might want to have a podiatrist look at your fubar toe, Coriat.
Meh. I saw a doctor about a broken toe (admittedly a general practitioner, not a podiatrist) and was told that there was really nothing to do about it. His suggestion was to just tape it to another toe.

The 24 years and still squirting blood part methinks warrants a visit to a podiatrist...

Might want to have a podiatrist look at your fubar toe, Coriat.

The NPC wrote:
The Mad Comrade wrote:
For what?




Pan wrote:

So the new Trump/GOP tax plan is out and surprise surprise it kicks ass for Trump and sucks for the average Joe. What moves do the democrats have to compromise/block the latest trickle down travesty?

** spoiler omitted **

The contents of your spoiler seem to be missing out on how brick-n-mortar has been getting pummeled for the past wee while.

Lower price point and size retailers are expanding while many traditional retailers are closing up shop.

Of particular interest is an article about how retail space continues to transform and evolve into an "all types of retail". Malls as we knew them are closing to be replaced by a MUD-town center environment.

Entirety of the U.S. Senate to be briefed on North Korea 3 p.m. Eastern on Wed 26 Apr.

A similar briefing is said to be in the pipe for the entirety of the House.

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Irontruth wrote:
Bernie Sanders isn't a member of the Democratic party.

Bernie's running on the (D) ticket last year for many will 'wed' him accordingly regardless of facts that state otherwise. ;)

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Holy cannoli, the warwoof returns! N-MCU (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist with forthcoming Defenders and Punisher series), Dexter, 13 Reasons Why all immediately stand out as fun binge watching on the Flix of Net.

Even Fox has its limits on how much they'll stick up for their kitteh grabber revenue generating pukes.

Similar vibes coming from France and Italy. Should matters in the UK, France and Italy go sideways as they might, the EU will be, what, primarily sustained by Germany?

If the U.S. completes this calendar year without a new war or three, it'll be a minor miracle.

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WaPo article on the meteoric rise of the Communist candidate in the upcoming election in France. Melanchon - according to this article - has pledged to found a "Sixth Republic". Interestingly, this fellow appears to have more followers on YouTube than the rest of the candidates combined and has gone so far as to field a browser game called "Fiscal Kombat" in which players whack bankers with a boss appearing in the guise of the French director of the IMF.

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get a mic and speaker, stash it, hold mic to stomach when hunger growls start. "You hear this from the immense hole before you." ;)

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