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The Lady of Pain's page

301 posts. Alias of Johnny_Panic.

About The Lady of Pain

Game notes:



There are a couple of abilities that all Champions have in common. One is the ability to travel to anywhere regardless of wards or anything. So anywhere within Agartha or outside of Agartha or on another plane (though prime material planes are the easiest). Basically they can go anywhere that their concept exists, but they can't take passengers.

:Displacement Self only [All ready in PC]

The second is that the special powers of other Champions can only effect them if they choose to allow it. So they aren't affected by Madness's insanity attacks unless they want to be. Another example would be Ephebe's ability to turn back one minute of time. The other champions could choose whether to allow this to effect them or not and if not much like Ephebe would remember what happened during that minute and any conditions, spell effects, injuries gained during that minute would still be in effect. This only applies to the one or two special concept related abilities, not class features. In other words it does apply to turning back time but not to a cure spell because the latter is a class feature not a Champion's special ability.

:Counter power self only [All ready in PC]

Each Champion has one or two special powers that are specific to their concept. This is often (but not always) related to the special object that is the symbol of their station. (Examples include Ephebe's holy symbol, Krays's scythe, Asch's coat, Amada's amulet...each Champion should have something like that).

Symbol - [An ever changing Key] location Animated Tattoo
:Enable Freedom
:Find imprisoned

Each Champion should have the following powers that are unique to their patron's concept:

One ability that's stronger than you could normally achieve (equivalent to a 9th lvl spell - excluding wish) usable once a day;

:Reality Revision (limited) - [USED only to make free/Remove Mind affect/Gese/curse/Compulsion/help someone/thing gain Freedom etc]

One or two medium abilities usable a few times a day;
:Detect imprisoned [mental/physical]
:Dispel imprisoning Power/magic/Su/Ex

A couple of minor abilities usable at will.
:Freedom of movement (Self & Other)

but if you're with in 200' of Johnny your feel freer more at ease about to let go of constraints.

All his powers and Su are Ex, But this dos not mean they pay-pass SR or other things that stop the same powers, As the game uses, Power/Spell/tech Transparency RULE. SR stops power/spells and TECH like Johnnys.

{*Johnny is a Technomancer and uses tech to mimic power and spells.}

Storm has gone he will be back at the end of the school year.

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