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Zon-Kuthon Priestess

The_Hex's page

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That's great, thanks all. Scrolls it is...

Hi all,

Reading several previous posts regarding witches "feeding" scroll soups to their familiars to add new (Wizard) spells, I was wondering if a similar mechanic existed for Half-Elf Bonded Witches, allow me to illustrate:

My level 12 Half-Elf Bonded Winter Witch has acquired a high-powered Wizard's spellbook containing all Arcane spells in the Core rules up to Level 6 (RoTRL Part 4).

Given she has no familiar and relies on her bonded item (ring), what is the clear mechanic for the Bonded Witch to "add" spells from the acquired spellbook into her bonded item ? Would she be able to commune scrolls scribed from the spellbook into her bonded item (ie. akin to a familiar's scroll "soup") or is there another method of achieving this ?

Many thanks for all your pointers.

Katydid wrote:

Although it's clearly not -1 for every metamagic feat used (not sure where that was pulled out of, though I have a pretty good idea) stacking is not ruled out.

"Treat its actual level as 1 lower for determining the spell's final adjusted level" implies that other adjustments can be made before changes to the final adjusted level happen. Next, see the text for Wayang Spellhunter:

Wayang Spellhunter wrote:
When you use the chosen spell with a metamagic feat, it uses up a spell slot one level lower than it normally would.

The text reads "a spell slot lower;" not "a spell slot lower per feat used." It also does not modify the final adjusted level.

Wayang Spellhunter grants -1 to the spell level, then Magical Lineage makes the final adjusted level 1 level lower. In this case it's 7-2 to a final level of 5.

Hi Katydid, completely concur. That's my understanding too.

On an added note, here's a curveball for you all: the DM in the Campaign in question, has allowed another player to use the old 3.5 feat; Arcane Thesis which essentially allowed you to cast spells as though they were were at Caster Level +2 AND apply a -1 spell level reduction PER Metamagic Feat applied.

IMHO the original ruling of this feat is broken else you could apply 4 Metamagic feats to a Scorching Ray and cast it as something insane like a Level 5 spell.

Although I heard there was a revised errata for the Player's Handbook II (between 2007 and 2009) which effectively nerfed Arcane Thesis down to "-1 *total* spell level reduction, regardless of the number of Metamagic feats applied" bringing it more in line with the effects of Magical Lineage.

Any thoughts on how that would work with either a Max'ed and Emp'ed Scorching Ray or Fireball (at say, a given Caster Level) ?

Awesome guys ! You've answered a lot of the 'headaches'...thanks so much.

A player with a Level 7 Sorcerer with Metamagic Master and Magical Lineage wants to cast a Maximised and Empowered Scorching Ray.

His argument is that the Base Level is 2, plus 3 for maximised, plus 2 for empowered. Total modifier equivalent to a Level 7 spell. But, Metamagic Master allows him to reduce the total spell level by 1 for EACH Metamagic feat used, plus the SAME again for Magical Lineage resulting in a total spell level of 3 (thus castable at Level 7).

I know he's wrong but I'm trying to decipher the rules so that I can explain how he is wrong.

Also, his math regarding the damage dealt seems odd. He is claiming each Scorching Ray (he can cast 2 at Level 7) can deal 49 pts of damage, which again to me sounds wrong. I think it should be 4d6, empowered to 4d9 and then maximized to result in 36 damage per each Ray, maximum. I am not aware of any other Sorceror Class abilities nor Feats that could increase this damage, unless he has some fire-affecting abilities that I'm not aware of.

Any tips on how to calculate getting out of this 'tangle', would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all !

Nice shout Deux, I've seen it. I think my DM could allow those ! Great call.

Good suggestion Stray. I did a quick scan of luck, sacred and competence Will save bonus magic items but nothing sprung out of any great interest unless anyone can think of something specific under 10,000 GP ?

Great, many thanks Ckorik.

Just one question guys; I am very interested in the Cape of Free Will (the 1,500 GP version). Given this is a Mythic Item which normally requires the creator to possess the Mythic Crafter feat, in my DM's homebrew campaign, how would I go about suggesting to him that my Level 6 Sword Saint wishes to purchase this item in his setting ?

For example, could I suggest to him that the creator of said item has simply imbued a greater degree of Will protection into the item creation, thereby increasing the material cost of creation and forgoe the Mythic Crafter feat requirement, such that it could be purchased over the counter in "Ye Olde Magick Shoppe" ?

OK thanks all, some good pointers there.


Hi all,

Does anyone know if there is a single magic item (eg. from Ultimate Equipment) which grants the user just a +2 Will save only (excluding bonuses available from Ioun Stones and Cloaks of Resistance ?

Thanks for any pointers.

Regards, Hex.

ZanThrax wrote:
Yeah, masterwork makes your original numbers correct.

Cheers mate, thanks for you help Zan.

ZanThrax wrote:

Here's all the relevant from your post that affects the attack bonus:

Level 6 = BAB 6
20 Str = +5
WFocus = +1
TWF (light weapon offhand) = -2/-2


Unless you're counting something that you didn't mention in your post, your numbers are off by one.

Yeah, sorry Zan. The Wakis are Masterwork...oops, forgot to mention. Trust that returns the iteratives to those I had in my post originally (ie. +11/+11/+6/+6).

Speak again soon.

Hello all,

Apologies for re-hashing the same old 2WF question again but just wanted to check with you my logic is sound:

Level 6 Samurai (Sword Saint). 20 Str with Wakizashis both hands and Weapon Focus (Waki). Has 2WF and I2WF. Is this correct:

Attack 1: primary hand (first base attack up to lvl 5)

Attack 2: off hand (2WF)

Attack 3: primary hand (extra base attack at level 6)

Attack 4: off hand (I2WF)

Looking forward to hearing your agreements or clarifications.

All the best. Hex

Macaroni Slaad wrote:
Go on I dare ya.

Here's one for ya macaroni slaad: Do Slaads still exist in Pathfinder and, if so, in which Splatbook/Bestiary can I find their stat block in ? Many thanks your great Slaadness.

GeraintElberion wrote:
If this was a UK forum then 'bastard' would be censored in the same way that 't*+%', 's@!&' and 'wanker' would be.

Er, no. Not necessarily. It all depends on context. Automatic censoring page scanning apps may delete the word/post from some types of public/commercial channels, such as a banking forum etc.

If it's a manually moderated channel, then it depends on context. For example, if someone said "You're a f****g bastard" then this would most surely be censored/deleted. However, if someone said "the son of George the Second was considered a bastard" than this probably wouldn't be.

It all depends on context.

Abraham spalding wrote:
KenderKin wrote:

Some spell choices can be eliminated by hex selection....

First level
obscuring mist

Now at higher level I would trade it out for something else (possibly phantom steed).

Phantom Steed (bard 3, magus 3, sorcerer/wizard 3, summoner 2) is not on the Witch's spell list...

Draconomicon Mk. 2...

Does anyone know if there is a feat (Paizo, Paizo-approved or 3rd party non-approved) which allows a Cleric to use their Channel Energy on a ranged attack ? Consider that like the Channel Smite feat but ranged, eg. "Ranged Channel" feat. Thanks for any advice...

1 person marked this as a favorite.
F. Wesley Schneider wrote:
Azure_Zero wrote:

So who is working on this book?

I loved Frostburn and I am hoping this is as good or better.

Did someone make that "Top Men" joke already? Dang.

Just for a bit of perspective, Frostburn was a how many hundred page book with tons of prestige classes, monsters, and other crazy environmental stuff? This is a 32-page guy with a lot of cultures and ground to cover. There's going to be tons of cool stuff in here, but just remember a larger container can hold more than a smaller container. In other words, Zoobooks not Encyclopedia Britannica, surgical not comprehensive.

Perhaps, but Frostburn was an *excellent* 3.5e splattbook, possibly one of THE best accessories WoTC published. IMHO, if anyone is intending to release a "cold"-themed accessory, it really should be taking a leaf out of Frostburn (no pun intended) and besides, I'm sure players *want* more cold-themed class options, PrCs, spells, equipment, monsters, locations etc, so why curtail all that possibility on the grounds that "In other words, Zoobooks not Encyclopedia Britannica, surgical not comprehensive". Weight, cost and production time are not an issue. If there is sufficient comprehensive material, the fans will wait for the production time and happily accept the cost and weight of the product...Am I missing something ?

Thanks everyone, good advice there all round.


I can't find the answer in the ARG unfortunately. My DM wants to know how powerful they are compared with other races...

All assistance gratefully appreciated.

James Jacobs wrote:
This book, like ALL of our "Revisited" books, will focus on the monster, NOT on player options. No giant bloodlines or anything like that, in other words.

Hi James,

That's an interesting point and it begs the question; will Paizo be considering the re-introduction of the concept of "Level Adjustment" for players wishing to play races which are already over-powered at Character Level 1 ? If so, I assume that would open the door to a host of tasty racial options (eg. Giants etc.).

Alex (The Hex)

Hi blahpers, I missed it in that page (failed perception check and all that !). thanks for your eagle eyes...hehe.

In Seekers of Secrets (page 51) there are rules for generating resonance powers when placing an Ioun stone in a Wayfinder.

Can anyone explain where does the rules text from this source explicitly state that you CANNOT use cracked (or flawed) Ioun stones using Method 1 resonance detection.

As I understand it, I cannot read where it explicitly states this is NOT possible but I would like someone to show me if I am wrong (or not).

PS: I know the rules on this are explicit for PFS play but I want to know for a "normal" campaign. Someone on another thread has suggested that there is a 25% chance of detecting resonance powers in a cracked Ioun Stone but I cannot find this rule in any PFRPG source.

Many thanks for any clarifications.

Great flavour Dan with the Choir, very original and liking how it could fit into a regional setting within Golarion (most likely Taldor). all the very best and would be great to see you in the next round ! Keep up the creativity...

Wow ! Go Dan...Loving the flavour and mechanics behind the Elixir creation. I can only assume your baby's nocturnal stirrings is providing you with much needed Pathfinder creation time, hehe...We'll be supporting you in the next round, fo' sure. "North London in da Pathfinder house" !

As with most third-party Pathfinder publishers (Super Genius being one of them), you're better off saving your cash until the complete collected works is released, after each individual section has come out. That way you get the entire published contents, in one document, for one price. Makes sense really...(unless of course you can't wait!).

Thanks for all your replies guys, they all make sense to me. Cheers, from London !

On the same note, the rulebook is quite clear, it specifically states; "domain powers AND abilities". Correct me if i'm wrong but a Cleric's Channel Energy class feature is an *ability* and should therefore stack with levels of Inquisitor.

Furthermore, do levels of Cleric and Inquisitor stack for the purposes of determining Judgement bonuses ? Again, if this is considered an *ability* then why not...?

ZangRavnos wrote:

So I have this character in a game that acts as a kind of Justicar. He acts as a sort of striker role in combat and thus I wanted to take advantage of negative channeling (Neutral Alignment) and channel smiting. Conceptually, Inquisitor works well and has some good bonuses and attributes that definitely add to the characterization. Moreso, I'm more interested in attaining Holy Vindicator. My dillemma is that I tend to back myself into corners with concepts that limit my capabilities in combat. I was wondering if there was an effective way I could achieve this and still keep to concept. I can provide more info if you'd like on his characterization and such, but figured I'd consult the boards as I'm not good at numerical calculation and planning of builds.

Thanks in advance ^_^ d

Funnily enough, I'm playing this (currently 4th ECL) build as we speak. I've got a male human, Cleric 3 (for the 2d6 Channel Smite), now Justicar (Inquis archetype) 1 rising to Justicar 5 (to get Bane) and then Holy Vind all the way. Works very nicely indeed. Take the 3rd party feats "Lasting Judgement (Healing)" (150 HP inside 15 mins) and "Judgement Focus (Destruction)" for some fun (if your DM will allow them) !

This game is gonna be TIGHT...can't wait for the UK launch !

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