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The Golux's page

RPG Superstar 7 Season Star Voter, 8 Season Marathon Voter. 967 posts. No reviews. 1 list. 2 wishlists.


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Curious if there's anything else interesting about the Dusk Knight besides See In Darkness at 15.

You know, Waterbenders don't actually have the ability to breathe water. They just bend the water away from their heads as they enter to bring some air with them, and then use their bending to swim fast enough that they don't stay under for that long.

Where did the Slohr originally appear?

Question: Lin-Sha or Links-ia?

Also: While, like all Hellknights, she seems to be Lawful first, the difference between neutral and evil is largely about how you pursue your principles and what means you find appropriate. She seems entirely willing to accept cruelty and enforcement by any means necessary regardless of degree of infraction, which definitely suggests evil to me, even if it is secondary to the lawfulness.

I'm curious how they went from hairy mouthless people to faceless people looking like they're made of darkness. It's a cool idea, but it's a change. The psychic predisposition makes sense though, since they're supposed to be from near india (and overlap with Ghandharvas).

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Or the dragon is doing it voluntarily but it still hurts.

I like the Astomoi in this book, but I feel like it differs too much from the hairy humanoids that still have eyes and noses... I may use it as a mutated/enlightened version of the original race, which would still have mouthless but lack most of psychic senses probably... Was there any particular inspiration on making them so spiritual and voidy?

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Thurston Hillman wrote:
Dragon78 wrote:
So let me get this strait there is another evil outsider group and this one is the counter part to the Manasaputra. Sigh, if every good outsider group has to get a evil counter part then were are the good counter parts to the remaining evil outsider groups.
Most evil outsiders have a good-aligned counter in the current roster of outsider species. The problem (IMHO) is that good-aligned outsiders don't get as much stage time in products. That's probably because there's more use for 'bad guys' than an over abundance of 'good guys'. :)

There aren't good counterparts for bunches of evil outsider groups though; there's just evil counterparts for every good one except Angels (or Agathions, depending on how you count them; Didn't some angels use to be LG? Agathions are all NG but I thought Angel Alignment varied, though I can't find any now). The counterpart of the Oni (kami) aren't all good, though they're all non-evil, and Kytons, Demodands, Divs, Asuras, and Rakshasas don't have good counterparts at all that I know of.

Azten wrote:
While I don't have anything in particular to add to the thread, I will say I agree we need new counterspell rules. It's sad when readying an action to cast magic missle on a caster when they start casting is better.

Only when the first caster hasn't cast shield...

Are dragonkin supposed to be able to have different breath weapons depending on color and stuff? I think there was a white one in Reign of Winter.

There are lots of things to make it easier than it is, but geez, they wouldn't be as necessary if it wasn't so basically impossible to start with.

ErisAcolyte-Chaos jester wrote:
Some gods have more preferred forms while others, like besmara, cayden, and idomedae, have still got mortal bodies they can sort of return with(though some are a bit glowier than others).

One of these things is not like the others; Besmara is actually a primeval water/storm spirit who is just dressing like a pirate currently, last time I checked.

How are Polar Bears different than the Advanced Bear that was previously recommended for use as such?

Lord Gadigan wrote:
Orang-Pendak is ** spoiler omitted **

...nice dodge on making them optimal cavaliers.

Can anyone share the size, CR, type, and alignment of the Gegenees, and if they have any especially interesting abilities?

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I am curious about the CR/Hit Dice/Size on the Gegenees, and how the Orang-Pendak is handled.

That might even be a good thing to swap in for the actual arcane trickster...

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You could have a crab or octopus familiar (or a mantis shrimp) and just carry it around in a fishbowl.

the clurichaun and brain mole sound like solid guesses.

Early names for when it hadn't been well-filled-in, too.

Anyway, I think I can picture it clearly now. It's still pretty small, but at least they have more land and aren't almost completely forest.

How does the +1 CR from planar travel factor into the stats?

MMCJawa wrote:
Squawks have an empire in the southern polar ocean.

What're Squawks?

Ah, I could be mistaken. I didn't find (in a quick search) exactly where Citadel Enferac is, so I assumed it was near the bay called the Hellmouth.

Ah, I was just looking at the ISWG map, and since the only place with the name Ravounel was the forest, I was concerned that it was just the small area around the forest, with Kintargo as its northeasternmost point. If it includes down to the mountains and Pezzack and whatever Terapasillion turns out to be, that's a much more solid foundation for a potential independent region.

Just a question that came to my mind from reading the campaign summary. The question is two parts: Is the original Archduchy of Ravounel indeed just the small area northeast of the Yolubilis with the forest and plains up to Kintargo, and an island or two? Does it continue along that strip of coast up towards Nisroch, or down toward Pezzack? Or does it go inland and include some of the north plains or the mountain ranges? And secondly, how big of an actual area is that? It seems small compared to the region, but I believe Cheliax is fairly large. What sizes of settlements are dotting that plain and forest without getting noted on the map?

Sure, why not.

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I suspect part of my problem is my never having been able too go to PaizoCon, so I don't know what "Green Blood on a Black Rock" is.

How are winners (For the signed books) determined? I assume the winners of the vote between each pair will either be revealed early or be in the running to be revealed early after another round or two.

Robin Williams Genie is absolutely a Djinni Vizier in Pathfinder terms (which are not entirely the same as the Islamic canon regarding genies). It's particularly apt since the Disney movie Genie is absolutely Chaotic Good (albeit bound by the power of the lamp).

The claws are just from being a changeling, hag-daughters have sharp fingernails. Prehensile Hair might be nice to pick up eventually, though I only get so many hexes and I have a few I already want to take (some of the card ones, flight).

I prefer not to dip, though I suppose I could. There aren't that many traits that make sense to get diplomacy or perception (The campaign is starting in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings, though it's going somewhere uncharted by level 3 or so, so a lot of regional traits make little sense).

I don't plan on using the claws all the time, just that, having them, I don't really plan on investing much in other weapons in the near future.

The party is looking like a Fighter, a Rogue or Slayer, a Flame Shaman, and my witch (plus probably some guest characters). Me and the Shaman are probably going to be splitting healing duty, and as a witch doing buffs and debuffs to make the fighter and rogue work better will probably be part of my role, don't know if I will also need to do any support blasting or what.

I might take Extremely Fashionable for either Diplomacy or Bluff for faceness... Is that a good trait or would something else be better? And what would a good second one be?

I was debating Shadow, Trickery, Deception, Storm, or Healing patrons, but Time or Elements MIGHT work (not sure how redundant Elements would be with a flame shaman though).

Extra hex might be good as a feat, is Misfortune worth it without Cackle though? I probably will want Point Blank and Precise shot eventually if not immediately, though.

I actually have tried giving bloodline spells two levels earlier for sorcerers, since they're supposed to be part of the sorcerer's innate nature. So they get their bloodline spells, once a day, at the level where wizards get spells of that level, and then gain another spell of that level and spell slots increase to the normal chart entry the level after that (First level bloodline spell is just an extra spell known at first level, with the normal number of slots). It just seems really weird that a sorcerer whose very body is imbued with elemental fire learns scorching ray at level 5, while a fey sorcerer can learn it at level 4, but has to wait until 5 to learn Hideous Laughter.

I haven't decided whether to give them something else at level 19 to replace the bloodline spell at that level (since they already have it), but I don't know if they NEED something besides the bloodline feat at that level, either.

(Would 1st level bloodline ability at will if normally 3+CHA/day be too much, or too little?)

For an upcoming campaign, I'm building a Cartomancer Witch. Pertinent Details:

Chaotic Good, worshipping Desna or Black Butterfly; Changeling (Witchborn) (+Int +Cha -Con instead of +Wis +Chan -Con); Hag trait: Into the Wind (Storm Hag) (+1 damage on ranged attacks)
25 Pt. Buy, Ability Score totals: Str 10, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 19, Wis 10, Cha 14

The DM has ruled that I do not need quick draw to draw cards for Deadly Dealer, and I can enhance the Spell Deck as a weapon without needing feats as it's similar to a Wizard's Bonded Item.

Also, because our characters for this game are the children of characters from a previous game, we're starting with 1000 gp, but can't spend that on magic items (except maybe potions). The campaign will have some kingdom-building and exploration-of-new-territory traits.

I plan to mostly go with claws and cards for weapons, and Evil Eye for my level 1 hex, but that and the use of the point buy are somewhat changeable. The charisma is highish both for character reasons and because I don't know if we'll have a reliable face in the party, and for UMD probably.

I am trying to decide specifically about Patron, Traits, and First-Level feat. I've also never played a prepared caster before (though I've played spontaneous casters), so I would appreciate any advice on spells to have in my deck, and to prepare, or better yet to know how to decide what to prepare from day to day. The party has no dedicated healer, but has a Shaman who can do some healing in addition to some healing spells being on the witch list.

Sorry for that being kind of a mouthful, but do any caster veterans have any advice? I can't guarantee I'll take all the advice as is, since there are some character ideas I already have, but from looking at guides, I'm having a hard time narrowing choices down.

Even if you do make a Paladin of Asmodeus, it would probably really hard to stay as one, either because of falling or because of the god revoking his favor.

xorial wrote:

Previously posted over on Facebook.

Gun Mage: Gunslinger/Magus.

I have already made an archetype out of this. Took the Spellslinger's (Wizard archetype) arcane gun feature. That was about it. I really decided that there was no reason, flavor wise, to actually include access to the grit. I thought they would actually be distinct entity with just the arcana options being applied to a gun.

Could be a good idea. I don't think they would need grit as long as they could use arcana pool to emulate some of the important grit functions (such as unjamming guns or preventing them from jamming, possibly lightning reload, targeting, and/or deadeye)

would possibly need a slight spell list tweak to be more ranged-inclined?

Both of the official methods above are optimized for people who are already mounted (the feat requires it, the weapon is a lance, which is a weapon that is really only meant for mounted use). What is wanted I think is a way for someone on foot with a hook or halberd or something to be able to unseat mounted opponents to level the playing field?

Edit: I think a Trip Combat Maneuver against the rider is a good way to handle it.

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I'll second that you can't save up skill points but you could ask to retrain a skill you're not using and/or pick up a glider at level 2 or 3 and start putting ranks in then.

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MichaelCullen wrote:
Why are people from Michigan Michiganders?

Because "Michigeese" was overruled.

Are you being vague about the information you include, or are the skill bonuses and elemental resistances selectable/random?

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Kalindlara wrote:
Ambrosia Slaad wrote:

I had a friend email me the plain text of the skinwalkers "crunchy" info from the Racial Heritages section. Can someone confirm:

1) Skinwalkers no longer have a per day limit on their change shape usage?
b) Skinwalkers no longer take an additional penalty to Charisma-based checks and Charisma-based skill checks in bestial forms?
Π) Skinwalkers are now proficient with all simple weapons due to possessing the shapechanger subtype? Are kitsune also now proficient with all simple weapons?

Thanks :)

A) That appears to be correct.

7) That language is no longer present, so... apparently correct.

$) That language isn't present in the kitsune section... but the language here suggests a universal aspect of the subtype. Ask the writers, I guess. ^_^

I suspect the simple weapon proficiency from the shapechanger subtype applies to the Kitsune and Skinwalker exactly as much as the martial weapon proficiency from the outsider type applies to Aasimar, Tieflings, Fetchlings, and Genieborn (i.e. not). They should still be proficient with their natural weapons I think, pretty much everything is proficient with all the natural weapons they have...

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I would allow it certainly but I dunno if it's officially how it works.

Ghorans still have a limited lifetime I think, after which they die and their seeds are refertilized and grow into new ghorans. Kind of like how androids work, only plants? Like their normal ghorus seed reincarnation lets them retain memories mostly, but after a hundred years/few hundred years that wears out and they have to start fresh?

Either that or they just start losing most of their memories beyond a certain amount of years ago.

I may get a new copy of the book, or I may just get the PDF, I dunno...

The selections may not be perfect but just describing them by ratings like that is more useful than trying to use race points for balance.

I'd just like to throw in that any class like this that has reduced weapon proficiencies like the wizard should allow the Battle Aspergillum.

A spell-like ability has the same effects as a spell, but the way it is performed is significantly different, such as their lack of verbal, somatic, or material components.

This looks pretty cool!

Mykull wrote:

Grant the spirit and intent of his Wish. Yes, literally give him exactly what he wants in the way that he wants it. Allow him to enjoy it . . . for a little while.

When he starts overusing it or abusing it, have an inevitable start to track down some of the left behind permanent items or effects and destroy them. The player should discover that they've been destroyed after the fact; he should not be present when it happens.

If he doesn't get the subtle hint, have the inevitable show up and say, "Primus, The One of Mechanus, has noticed an imbalance in the multiverse. YOU are the source of this imbalance. As a mortal, you are offered this admonition: Producing so many permanent effects so close together physically and temporally has a 'calcifying' effect in upper planes and higher dimensions that you cannot yet perceive. You are instructed to seriously curtail your use of your ability."

Do an image search for "Cease and Desist Form" and modify it to look appropriate for your campaign. Have the inevitable hand it to your player.

If the player still doesn't get the hint, have the inevitable return with a +6 Tome of Understanding. This one is a treatise on the space/time continuum in higher dimensions and across outer, inner, and material planes. Have the inevitable say, "You obviously do not understand the damage you are causing to the very fabric of existence. Primus, The One of Mechanus, orders you to READ THIS BOOK and apply its wisdom to your life and use of this ability. If you fail to comply, more permanent measures will be taken. This is your final warning."

If the player still doesn't take the obvious klaxon and rein himself in, send the inevitable to kill the character.

Man, I wish I could make this happen now...

They do note advanced races by saying their CR is higher than normal.

ErisAcolyte-Chaos jester wrote:

Phantoms and spirits will undoubtably be in this.

What is funny to me is no body seems to have noticed that the spiritualist class has a pet that can walk through walls, become immune to anything except magical attacks and other things that actually can affect intangible enemies. Drop a phantom against a room of mundane, non magical enemies, and watch as they either flee the room to get help, allowing you time to open the door from the inside, all die trying to kill the intangible phantom that is probably strangling the life out of each one in turn, or unlock the door you are behind and open up the way to your party to continue into the dungeon.

People did notice this, it's why the final version has more limitations on its movement than the playtest version.

VM mercenario wrote:
Dragon78 wrote:
So your saying you want holy, unholy, axiomatic, anarchic related blasts?

I think he means more the planes of Positive and Negative energy.

A kineticist linked to the plane of Positive Energy would be a biokineticist (vita is a latin root) and have a positive energy blast that heals people and harms undead. If chosen as both primary and secondary element gains a Holy blast that deals blunt damage and does extra damage against evil targets. Other powers would include controlling plants and animals, some degree of shapeshifting, healing, and some other holy powers.

A kineticist linked to the plane of Negative Energy would be a necrokineticist and have a negative energy blast. Other powers could include causing disease, generating pure entropy, and general necromancy abilities.

A kineticist linked with the Shadow Plane would be an umbrokinetic (the greek version is skiakinetic and it just doesn't work) and have a shadow blast that is touch and can deal blunt, piercing or cutting damage but can be disbelieved and only deal half damage. Powers would revolve around controlling shadows, stealth and illusions. Fire Kineticists got would get some light using powers to balance.

Finnaly a kineticist linked to the Astral plane would be a psychokinetic and have a mind blast or the ability to make and throw psychic weapons. He would have some telekinesis but more focused on fine motion and without access to lift large weights or flying. Other powers would include telepathy and teleport, some mental attacks, and some time related powers.

That should cover the whole D&D type cosmology, unless you start making kineticists based on Heaven, Hell and other Outer Planes, but that would be too much work. Maybe a single theokineticist with varying blasts and powers depending on which outer planes he connects...

Sciakinetic/Sciakinesis looks and sounds fine to me...

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