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The Golux's page

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Here's an interesting example of a weird stacking interaction:

When a Raging Barbarian is affected by a Bard's Inspire Courage, the bonus on attack rolls stacks, because the bonus from Rage is a Morale bonus, while the bonus from Inspire Courage is a Competence bonus. However, the bonus on will saves versus fear and charm from Inspire Courage doesn't stack with the bonus on will saves from Rage because they're both Morale bonuses.

(Unless I have been reading it wrong and it stacks because the inspire courage bonus is more specific?)

Yeah. If, however, there was a robe that somehow gave you a sacred or luck bonus to charisma, it would stack with the enhancement bonus from the headband, or an amulet that gave you a size bonus to strength would stack with a belt that gave an enhancement bonus to strength. However, non-enhancement bonuses to ability scores directly are extremely rare; you're far more likely to get an insight bonus to bluff and intimidate checks or something rather than straight to an ability score, and then that would stack with things that increase the ability score itself.

(The really weird but surprisingly common things is magic enchantments, spells, or items that give enhancement bonuses to armor, shield, or natural armor bonuses to AC, so that the magical enhancement from your +3 breastplate stacks with the magical enhancement from your +2 light steel shield, and your animal companion's amulet of natural armor +2 stacks with the natural armor it has from being an animal companion.)

The pages stack because they're not providing a numerical bonus or anything.

Rings of spell knowledge work differently than pages of spell knowledge. A page of spell knowledge is created with one spell on it, and always contains only that one spell, granting the bearer the ability to cast that spell. It can be for divine or arcane casters.

Rings of spell knowledge only work for arcane casters (This is probably not great design, but they are a much older item in the history of roleplaying than the page is, and spontaneous divine casters are relatively new), and are a storage space for knowledge of a spell. If you find a scroll of a spell you want to know, you can apply that scroll to the ring with a Spellcraft check and it will replace the spell knowledge currently held in the ring (You can also use it on active instances of the spell, so you can potentially copy a spell someone is using against you, or one that a friend knows). This additional versatility probably covers the difference in price and need for a slot - each time you would change the spell held in the ring is a time you would have had to buy a new page of spell knowledge.

That said, it might not be great design for the pages of spell knowledge to be able to be made even for 9th level spells.

As for the Runestones of Power, they don't provide a bonus either, they have an effect that can be used once per day for each stone. You can have as many as you want and they will each work when you use each one.

EDIT: Actually, it occurs to me that since you can use the ring of spell knowledge to copy a spell that an enemy has cast/is casting, you can potentially learn one of an opponent's favored spells (of level 1-4) explicitly for the purpose of counterspelling it later, even if it's not a spell you could find a page of spell knowledge for ahead of time. That is probably an intended utility that also factors into the price and slot requirement.

EDIT EDIT EDIT: Also, I missed that the Ring allows you to treat the spell as if it is on your class list even if it isn't (though they then require a higher level); The page of spell knowledge only works with spells that are already on the bearer's class list.

Like if angels represented virtues, or something?

I like Lashunta, Changelings, and Skinwalkers a lot.

...Kostchtchie's INT should probably not be higher than 20, that's part of the problem.

zauriel56 wrote:
The Golux wrote:
I though Heaven had nine layers, for some reason...
its been awhile but i think Paradiso is 7 as well, but I could be (probably am) wrong.

Having since checked, in the Divine Comedy there are nine layers, matching up with astronomical figures (one layer is the fixed stars, and the undiscovered-at-the-time planets aren't counted) as well as the nine orders of angels (Angels, Archangels, Principalities, Dominions, Powers, Virtues, Thrones, Cherubim, and Seraphim), though diverging from Dante certainly isn't wrong per se. And the number of celestial figures and types of angels/archons is different anyway, not to mention the two other good-aligned planes!

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The thing that annoys me about commoner is that it's literally worse than just having hit dice of humanoid. They should probably be the same, both representing creatures with no real training beyond their natural abilities.

I though Heaven had nine layers, for some reason...

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lemeres wrote:
wraithstrike wrote:
lemeres wrote:

So disregarding the spell descriptor staining your soul and such, I think binding demons is probably evil anyway.

What about binding good outsiders? Is it good to force an angel(just an example) to work for you?

I am not that experienced with binding, but don't you have to pay them? That makes this more like forcing him to listen to an offer for independant contractor work.

I would say that one wizard discovery where you continually blackmail an outsider with their true name is far worse.

Planar Ally requires fair payment, Planar Binding does not (though it can help).

The only major flaw I find with this book is that it came out too late to be able to feature the Caligni. The Drow content is good, but it's probably what I would swap out (They can have their own book with Duergar and Svirfneblin).

Raven Gravehart wrote:

I was using the standard roll system which is why the stats are so high. Every group I have ever played with has always used roll 4 drop the lowest so we get a player or two who are godlike and a player or two who have to be healed and resurrected a lot (my rogue from AD&D 1), with one or two that are just about right (my current Hunter in RotR).

Aside from the extra +2, those stats are reasonable for an Azlant PC, but NPCs unless specially noted use standard ability scores or arrays rather than rolled stats or point buy, partly to make it easier and partly to represent them as average, less-optimized people.

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It's the alignment of your vigilante identity that matters, but yes beheaded are usually for evil casters.

I think the "Expectation" for the level 3 change is that your familiar becomes a celestial/fiendish/axiomatic/anarchic/counterpoised version of itself, but you don't have to do that.

Johnnycat93 wrote:
Any barbarian worth their salt should be taking Raging Vitality.

That delays the onset of Sudden Max HP Loss Death, but it actually makes you go even further into the negatives when the rage finally wears off, so I don't call that a full fix.

That seems like it might help with the problem with barbarian rage HP - that beyond a certain level, if they get knocked out or brought to 0 HP in battle, they go instantly to being totally dead without any period of bleeding out. I agree that having them pass out half-dead is appropriate and probably intended, I just don't like the risk of going to all dead so fast.

So you have ten rounds worth of named bullets that last a little more than an hour, here, right? For that 10,500 gold? This seems like something that could be overcome pretty easily by an obstacle that takes a significant amount of TIME to overcome, so that the named bullet can't be precast on the entire ammo supply. The technique is a lot less useful when you're trying to get it done with a monster bearing down on you and you can only enchant one bullet per round.

Ah, I suppose that's something at least. If nothing else, it's not the only ability it gets at 20, so the other stuff is good.

Quick minor question: Is there any point at all, mechanically, to the Shadow Eidolon getting its Darkvision increased to 120 feet several levels AFTER getting See In Darkness? My impression was that See In Darkness is Darkvision Without Range Limitations And Possibly Even Somehow Being Able To Tell What Color Things Are.

Xethik wrote:
Mark Seifter wrote:
Arachnofiend wrote:
Deadmanwalking wrote:
Feros wrote:

Yep that is the progression exactly. In addition:

** spoiler omitted **

Awesome. That puts it only one point below Good Will Save progression, and generally makes the Swashbuckler [i]much[i] more viable in a lot of games.

Plus actually being good at social skills in a pinch. Though they'll need to alternate them with combat to recover Panache properly.

And also, I'm a huge fan of the flavor. I'm in on playing this Archetype. Whenever I get the chance, anyway.

I fully agree. The only thing I would want different about it is having some way to restore panache when you "win" at social combat (in addition to the regular ways of course), though since I haven't seen the specifics of that rule set yet I wouldn't know how that would be done.
Just have them gain a point whenever they win a verbal duel, and you're set. I wrote that archetype after playing a swashbuckler in Skull and Shackles for a while, and I'm glad people like it. I didn't put that bit about verbal duels and panache in there in part because I didn't feel it was worth it to have it alter panache, and that would alter panache.

More of a rhetorical question than a real one: If you added a separate ability that was something like:

Inspiring Debate: At 3rd level, each time a Noble Fencer wins a verbal duel, she regains 1 panache point.

Would that be considered to altered the panache class feature? I guess based on this faq it would.

Which is too bad. Ah well; seems like in a home game it would be an easy sell.

I might have actually built into social combat ways to regain Panache/Grit/Sleuth Investigators' Luck; that wouldn't change panache because it's part of the combat system.

If you wanted to sub it there are definitely smaller kinds of penguin (Say, Adelie) that you could use the puffin with the fly speed swapped out for swim, hold breath, and a toboggan speed with no issues.

If it's a familiar, you can use Share Spells to cast reduce person on it, unless the Valet archetype trades out Share Spells.

Saying "Darkvision" pretty much implies darkvision's limitations, though, and Darkvision does have ONE advantage over blindsight - you can't read printing/writing with blindsight.

Really though, given what the Astomoi physically are, Blindsight makes a lot more sense, though it really WOULD make them unplayable, since plot threads often revolve around writing, even ASIDE from the need for braille scrolls.

My personal inclination is to make a more player-friendly version more like the classical astomi (hairy, having eyes), and make this version have blindsight but be specifically a little more powerful than is normally player-appropriate, since it is a psychic/ki-based alteration.

Since a lot of people here seem to be really good at this, how do you think the balance would be for giving sorcerers bloodline spells 1/day the level before they get access to the equivalent spell (bumping it back two levels from where it is, to where wizards get access to that level of spell)?

Also, for all you wizards and especially Thassilonian Specialists, what schools do you eschew? I have a hard time picking, though Necromancy is usually one of them (though it has some really useful spells, like spectral hand and false life)

Looks like Boon Companion has some weird cases anyway, so here's another one to add to the pile:

Can a Druid with Racial Hit Dice take Boon Companion to make their animal companion more effective than the companion of a Druid of that level would normally have (but closer in effectiveness to a druid of that CR would normally have)?

If a Ranger with Racial Hit Dice takes Boon Companion, does it only provide the normal +3 Levels the Ranger's companion is delayed by? Or do the racial HD allow it to provide the full +4?

This is mostly relevant for monster NPCs or unusual games, but it can be a significant deal - if a wood giant hunter, or a nymph druid, or a janni ranger, or a yamabushi tengu samurai has an animal companion according only to their class level, it could be on the weak side or even basically irrelevant, but boon companion could make the companion much more commensurate with its master's threat level.

Not surprised to see this one redone, seeing how it keeps coming up in other Adventure Paths.

I hold out hope for some of the others eventually being updated as well, but this is a cool one!

I do overall like the website but I think the left menubar and the top menubar have some weird overlap/redundancy and are organized differently, and the center tiles on the main homepage could be organized a little better and the things they lead to could maybe be simplified a bit.

Can't Grippli get a prehensile tongue? And if you apply the poison later instead of on creation, you could use toxic skin without worrying about it expiring.

This looks interesting!

Actually, while I agree he doesn't sound necessarily heroic (though we are not getting solid information on his personal motivations and the distinctions he makes, everything being formatted as hearsay), he does definitely sound like a vigilante, in the traditional sense of the word.

That looks pretty solid. The spell list probably needs some tweaking too, or else there need to be masterpieces for things like invisible walls. Also, possibly, a masterpiece or feature for being able to mime the existence of focuses or material components for spells, and/or for certain mundane items?

Darigaaz the Igniter wrote:
Mime. A bard archetype whose performances create force constructs and who has all spells silenced (even though bard spells can't be silenced usually).

What would they trade out for that? A code of conduct? The ability to do auditory performances? reduced spellcasting so that silent spell is basically built in? Having to use Thought components?

Berselius wrote:
Hellknights care nothing for good or evil? Funny, I think the Signifiers pretty much qualify as border line Diabolists.

I wouldn't read that as "They avoid good and evil" but rather "They don't care whether they do good or evil, either is fine, as long as it is in service of law." Any diabolists they have, borderline or even literal, are acceptablly evil in promoting and enforcing law.

Still curious if the Fetchling-as-union-of-Shae-and-Human deal has any place in Golarion's universe. With the Shae being kind of enigmatic themselves, that seemed line an interesting origin, whereas while this has an enigmatic twist it's still like the third or fourth group of mutated azlanti survivors.

I wonder what Jirelle (or possibly other) has done to fall afoul of the Munavri? They're mostly good people, as I understand, though understandably leery of outsiders.

Curious if there's anything else interesting about the Dusk Knight besides See In Darkness at 15.

You know, Waterbenders don't actually have the ability to breathe water. They just bend the water away from their heads as they enter to bring some air with them, and then use their bending to swim fast enough that they don't stay under for that long.

Where did the Slohr originally appear?

Question: Lin-Sha or Links-ia?

Also: While, like all Hellknights, she seems to be Lawful first, the difference between neutral and evil is largely about how you pursue your principles and what means you find appropriate. She seems entirely willing to accept cruelty and enforcement by any means necessary regardless of degree of infraction, which definitely suggests evil to me, even if it is secondary to the lawfulness.

I'm curious how they went from hairy mouthless people to faceless people looking like they're made of darkness. It's a cool idea, but it's a change. The psychic predisposition makes sense though, since they're supposed to be from near india (and overlap with Ghandharvas).

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Or the dragon is doing it voluntarily but it still hurts.

I like the Astomoi in this book, but I feel like it differs too much from the hairy humanoids that still have eyes and noses... I may use it as a mutated/enlightened version of the original race, which would still have mouthless but lack most of psychic senses probably... Was there any particular inspiration on making them so spiritual and voidy?

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Thurston Hillman wrote:
Dragon78 wrote:
So let me get this strait there is another evil outsider group and this one is the counter part to the Manasaputra. Sigh, if every good outsider group has to get a evil counter part then were are the good counter parts to the remaining evil outsider groups.
Most evil outsiders have a good-aligned counter in the current roster of outsider species. The problem (IMHO) is that good-aligned outsiders don't get as much stage time in products. That's probably because there's more use for 'bad guys' than an over abundance of 'good guys'. :)

There aren't good counterparts for bunches of evil outsider groups though; there's just evil counterparts for every good one except Angels (or Agathions, depending on how you count them; Didn't some angels use to be LG? Agathions are all NG but I thought Angel Alignment varied, though I can't find any now). The counterpart of the Oni (kami) aren't all good, though they're all non-evil, and Kytons, Demodands, Divs, Asuras, and Rakshasas don't have good counterparts at all that I know of.

Azten wrote:
While I don't have anything in particular to add to the thread, I will say I agree we need new counterspell rules. It's sad when readying an action to cast magic missle on a caster when they start casting is better.

Only when the first caster hasn't cast shield...

Are dragonkin supposed to be able to have different breath weapons depending on color and stuff? I think there was a white one in Reign of Winter.

There are lots of things to make it easier than it is, but geez, they wouldn't be as necessary if it wasn't so basically impossible to start with.

ErisAcolyte-Chaos jester wrote:
Some gods have more preferred forms while others, like besmara, cayden, and idomedae, have still got mortal bodies they can sort of return with(though some are a bit glowier than others).

One of these things is not like the others; Besmara is actually a primeval water/storm spirit who is just dressing like a pirate currently, last time I checked.

How are Polar Bears different than the Advanced Bear that was previously recommended for use as such?

Lord Gadigan wrote:
Orang-Pendak is ** spoiler omitted **

...nice dodge on making them optimal cavaliers.

Can anyone share the size, CR, type, and alignment of the Gegenees, and if they have any especially interesting abilities?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I am curious about the CR/Hit Dice/Size on the Gegenees, and how the Orang-Pendak is handled.

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