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The Forgotten's page

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Just have to say, I hope the final boss fight involves the players literally kicking down the demon lords throneroom door.

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I'd be worried that PCs in 1918 would sidetrack into an attempt to kill Hitler.

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I be a Str 5 and a wand of scorching rays.

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Some of these look ok, but I have some serious concerns about the quality and price of minis coming right after the Reaper KS. For a lot of these either the sculpt quality looks a bit off or the price ends up at the $8-$10/mini levels (or are like the random weird critters that I'm not sure what I'd ever use them for).

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Stone Familiar. Lets your witch backup spells in a statue.

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Why are we talking about Michael Moore movies and not about a state party openly calling for he repeal of the voting rights act? One is a filmmaker who represents oly himself, the other is a political party running the state that, historically, was second only to Mississipi in total number of lynchings. There is no equivelency between these two things.

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Hey Paizo, how about a press release after major announcements so that we do not have to go searching for details on the forums?

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Half succubus. Maybe not my thing but I can think of a number of female players over the years who were basically looking to play a half succubus cleric of lust.

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So you want to go adventuring do you? Well here are a couple things you might want to consider.


Look at what you're wearing. What are your clothes going to do when set on fire? Splashed with acid? Subjected to extreme cold or hit by lightning? If you've ever seen a sorceress who's clothing looks like it's been designed to fall off her, it most probably has, just not for the reason you think. If you aren't encased in heavy armor you're going to want something lightweight, strong and without trailing edges that can get snagged and which you can shed quickly with minimal touching if splattered with acid, burning oil or caught in a creatures claw.

Speaking of the dressing habits of spellcasters there's something else you should keep in mind. Armor and deflection magic keep damage away from your body. The thick hide from a natural armor spell only works once a weapon has made contact with your body. The key here is contact with your body. Natural armor does nothing to keep your clothes from being sliced, diced, burned and otherwise mangled. If natural armor is your primary defense expect to spend much of your adventuring career wearing very little.

Wands & Staves

Have you ever realized how ridiculous most spellcasters look jumping around in a way that just says “I'm wide open, please hit me with a giant great axe.” This does not happen with a wand of staff [spell activation items don't provoke attacks of opportunity]. Better yet even a wizard wearing full plate and carrying a tower shield can get off a spell from a staff or wand. The user doesn't have to be a spellcaster though. Wands, Staves and Rods are among the easiest magic items to use [DC 20]. Every adventurer should study how to use these items. [Though it helps if you have either skill focus or magical aptitude and a good Charisma score. Use Magic Device is a class skill for, Rogue, Sorcerers, Alchemists, Summoners and Witches] Wands have 50 charges but cannot be recharged. Staves have 10 charges but can be recharged

The three most useful staffs are, generally, the Staff of Evocation (82,000gp), Staff of Healing (29,600gp) and Staff of Many Rays (52,800gp). The Staff of Healing is obvious. A wand of cure critical wounds costs 21,000gp (wholesale). The Staff can do everything the wand can and more. This is particularly important if the Staff of Life is in the hands of a Druid, Oracle or some other magic user without the healing abilities of a cleric.

The Staff of Many Rays can be recharged with a simple Ray of Enfeeblement [first level spell]. With this staff a Rogue can unleash multiple precision scorching rays [three rays as a ranged touch attack] or hit one target with a smashing disintegrate spell. [Needless to say this is an excellent staff for a Rogue/Wizard or Sorcerer.]

All of the magic school staves are great, though expensive. A sorcerer gains access to spells they might otherwise have. A specialist wizards gains the ability to use a staff to cast some of the main spells from his opposing school or gain the benefits of some of his most common spells without having to memorize them. [Staves use the higher of either the CL or the users CL, ability scores and relevant feats.]

Basic Kit:

Get a Handy Haversack. You're about to spend the next couple of years of your life living out of a pack, get a good one. There are two schools of thought on packing a Haversack. One is that if you put a bag of holding in it, it will block it's enchantment and weight. The other school of thought holds that once you start doing this, some way or another, a portable hole is going to end up in their killing the haversack. No matter which philosophy of packing you subscribe to here are a couple of things you're going to want in it:

Potion of Cure Wounds (the more powerful the better). Even if you can cast healing magic, especially if you can cast healing magic, you're going to want one of these. Make sure everyone you're with knows where to find your potion! If you're bleeding to death this is the difference between living to fight another day and spending the next three days as a zombie walking back to the local temple with a “please raise this person” note attached.

Rope (Silk if possible): don't question it just get it.

Grappling Hook.

Small Barrel of Water: Why are you still carrying a waterskin? Get a small five gallon cask of water and store it in the sacks main pocket.

Blankets (note the plural) and a canvas tarp.

COMPASS!!!!!!! (Worth every gold you spent on it when you're underground)

Flotation Device: ever notice how many adventurers really can't swim very well...

Signal Whistle, Flint & Steal, Shovel, Hatchet, Knife, Fishhooks, Fishing Line, Fishing Net, Crowbar, Chalk, Chalkboard, Soap, Rice Paper (at least 100 sheets), Crowbar, Ink and Quills, 10 foot pole, ear plugs, part of a multiperson tent., Hourglass set (minute and hour), twine (5 rolls at least), block and tackle set, snowshoes, mask, waterproof bag, folding chair.

Sewing Kit, Carpentry Kit, Cooking Kit.

Traveling spellbook: Even if you're not a spellcaster, this is probably the best made and most durable blank book you can get.

A rock with continual flame on it in a hooded lantern.

Advanced Kit:

Smelling Salts: The importance of reviving unconscious companions can not be overstated.

Antitoxin (2,) Antiplague (2), Bladegaurd (2), Tanglefoot Bags (3),Tindertwig (5), Weapon Blanche (one of each, expensive but better than not having it).

Bandages of Rapid Recovery (200GP), Soul Soap (200GP), Dust of Tracelessness (250gp) and Universal Solvent (3 @ 50gp each).

Party Items
There are also a couple items the entire party can use:

Portable hole: Somewhat dangerous near bags of holding. Another option for this is put a 60 pound bag of holding into a haversack to negate it's weight [portable hole 280 cft, Bag of Holding IV 250 cft.] Unlike a bag of holding though a portage hole can contain any weight and, with a little carpentry, be modified into a portable basement. [One room with a six foot ceiling plus four foot high storage area on the roof). It's not bit but it makes a descent closet to store non magical supplies.

Feather Token, Swan Boat: You're probably only going to need a boat once in your adventuring career, but you're going to need it right now.

Immovable Rod: So many uses, especially when paired with a block and tackle. Every band of adventurer's should try to get at least one.

Crystal Ball: Far to expensive for any one person but a great value for a group.

Decanter of Endless Water / Rod of Flame Extinguishing: Starting fires is easy, putting them out takes foresight and planning.

Other Gear Observations

Just a couple last thoughts.

Ring of the Ram: Close combat is the bane of many spellcasters (though getting hit by arrows is no fun either). A Ring of the Ram is a great way to send an unwanted assailant flying.

Enlarge person: Or specifically potions of enlarge person. Like most potions these are basically drinking gold, 50gp per use. On the other hand extra reach, extra strength, extra damage. An enlarged person is easier to hit, but often the best defense is killing the other guy first.

Bag of Tricks: A great way for a rogue to suddenly end up flanking an opponent [though it's not clear if drawing and throwing an animal is a move or standard action.]

Elven Curved Blade + Scabbard of Keen Edges: A self evident combination but worth pointing out.

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