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The Emortal's page

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My PCs said it as soon as they met the porter at the gatehouse, So I'm sure they will bluntly bring it up with Estovion whenever they find out he is in charge. Let alone the porter relaying the information to him while they are out on the 'hunt' with Duristan.

Which obviously gives reason for Estovion to allow the PCs into the lodge and meet with them, under some fake reason such as an interest in Caromarc or something. I don't think he'd beat around the bush leaving nebulous notes in their rooms, but would he go as far as immediately summoning the vilkacis that night? thoughts?

What would be a good way to handle Estovion's actions after the PCs pretty much immediately bring up the Whispering Way when meeting him?

I have been reading through this adventure path, and I just got to the resolution of the trial where the beast immediately tells them about Caromarc. Before it was said that the beast discloses the name of his creator under no circumstances.

So what is the in-game reason that he suddenly is fine with disclosing that information?

Hello all,

I am beginning to play a 6th level Oracle of bones with the wasting curse. For a bit of flavor, I have decided to make him a craftsman of magical masks as a means of boosting his abilities and hiding his grim face.

Designing, for example, an Intimidating Mask that grants +6 to intimidation checks would be calculated like this:

6 squared x 100 = 3600 g base price

So to craft it, I would need 1800 gold, craft wondrous item, and an appropriate spell- Cause Fear

Do I have that correct?

What if I wanted to craft something a little more strange, such as a Mask of Inflict Moderate Wounds, having the spell effect whenever a character puts it on?

Or a mask that animates a corpse that wears it?

I recently gave a friend who is interested in GMing the Rise of the Rune Lords adventure path collection book, so that he could easily jump into GMing a good campaign with little assembly required, haha.

But I am very interested in getting this Card Game, and would just like to know if this card game shares the story of the RotRL adventure paths and if us playing this card game would spoil any big parts of the RotRL story.

Am I missing something, or is Detect Magic just spellcraft that always succeeds?

I want one of the player characters to sneak up to a building and unlock a watched door so all the non-stealthy characters can just quickly run up to the building and through the door before they can be stopped.

Say I have a person in a watchtower on the building. How often do I role the stealth vs perception check? Is it every time the stealth character moves? (either half speed for no penalty or full speed for -5 penalty)

ex. The rogue, with a speed of 30 feet, is trying to cross a 60 ft field to get to the small building. If the player decided to move at half-speed, and avoid the penalty, the character would need to make 4 stealth checks to make his way across the field?

I don't like the APL system they use to make an adventure, Obviously a party of 5 people with an APL of 3 will be more powerful than a 2 player party with an APL of 3. Despite sharing the same APL.

The last boss of a 4-player, up-to-level-5, BB campaign I am working on is going to be a single NPC. I want it to be a true boss battle so I want it to be difficult on the four level-5 PC's. How many levels should I give the NPC to make it challenging? I was thinking that he would be a battlemage, being a total lvl 10 character (5-Fighter 5-Wizard) But if he needs to be beefed up a little, I would throw in some levels of Rogue. Since the bestiary doesn't go by level, I can't correlate that information.

What is a good thing to go by in these situations.

I am putting together my first RPG campaign from the ground up with the BB . As part of the story I am going to have an honorable Captain of the watch NPC sending the players out on various tasks fending off the members of a small time bandit gang. Soon the masked crime lord who oversees the gang will start interfering with the characters and will eventually have a final showdown with the players. Here the bandit lord will reveal that he is the Captain of the Watch and has actually just been using them to further the interests of the bandit gang under the guise that they had actually been helping the town.

ANYWAY, How should I handle it if the player characters get suspicious of him early and end up casting an effective detect evil spell on him or near him looking for something else, or a random sense motive check. I don't want them to find out too early that his alignment is actually Lawful Evil, but I don't want them to feel like I wasn't playing by the rules.

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