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The Elusive Trout's page

3,221 posts. Alias of Halflingtime.

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Your last moments of mortal life, as far as you can tell, were hellish and specifically tailored to your circumstances. Indeed, they were a tale only you could tell (and probably should, in spoiler form), but nothing in those last, screaming seconds could prepare you for the overbearing silence that now greets your ears.

There isn't even a whisper when you open your eyes again, and though you are free from pain, you lie on something stiff, uncomfortable, and cold. Whatever you were expecting next, it wasn't this.

Opening your eyes, there is an overwhelming mass of gray and dull brown. You are staring into the rafters of a dusty chapel, and while there are broken windows that should allow natural light in, there is only the dusty white of an overcast sky... and possibly snow...?

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Female :D Check out my fetching opercles!


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Nestled in the bustling Merchant Quarter of Absalom, the Hookscratch Inn is a large establishment that caters to the adventuring crowd. Boasting a large cellar full of exotic ales and live entertainment, most non-council members of the Grand Lodge have attended at least one night of merriment here.

It is a primarily oaken building that boasts a sturdy construction and pleasant aroma. There are enough tables present to comfortably accommodate up to 70 patrons at any given time. Most nights, however, it isn't that busy.

A sizeable stage takes up the corner of the dining area, and two log staircases are located on either side of the wide bar.
Steins hang on hooks above the serving area, and the kitchen is isolated behind sturdy metal doors, connected to the main room mainly by a large window created for delivering orders.

There are 14 rooms on the second floor, and one large sleeping area on the third.

The live-in staff have their own quarters off of the common area.

The cellar has a sub-basement, but only the inn's jovial owner and bartender, Miss Crimson, has the key.

This is an announcement for those of you who are hankering to get a little rp in without too much conflict. I will be creating a campaign thread which runs on the pathfinder ruleset based in Absolom.

The Hookscratch Inn.

I merely will create the setting, run the bartender from time to time and create events, but you will for the most part be expected to police yourselves. Almost any PC can enter here, but there are a couple of rules:
1.Don't burn down the inn.
2.Obey the forum rules.
3.If you decide to go on an adventure outside the inn with friends, exit the inn in character and put the rest in a link to a different page or do it in spoilers.

Anyone who wishes to "apply" to have a character who wishes to work in the tavern may post here.

I need:
A bouncer
A bard
2 Barmaids/waiters
A maid
A chef.

To apply, you just have to ask.

If I don't have any takers, that's okay.

I know I've done this before, but I am a relatively experienced dm and have recently come into a lot of free time. Most non-weekends I am available, and I have a hankering to terrify a select few characters with a surprise.

A short horror campaign made in the vein of Silent Hill or Fatal frame.
There will be no other spoilers. Only crunch.

The crunch:

Characters will be made from a 20 pt buy.
Level 1 in any non-advanced class.
No races with darkvison will be allowed, though low-light is acceptable.
2 traits.
Players may have mundane gear worth up to 500 gp.

Players must be able to post at least twice a day.
I will accept only three or four characters,

Would anyone be interested? It's a first come, first serve.

Hello. I'm a longtime player and sometimes Gm looking for any party that needs a healer character on pbp, interim or otherwise. I have access to pfrpg materials, and excel at playing clerics and oracles. I can post at least 2 times a day most of the time.

I have this love of strong, One Piece-esque bonds formed between characters. I also prefer that my adventuring party has a couple with one another even before they go adventuring.

When possible, I like characters, then, to have met already when I start a campaign. A lot of people don't like doing this, and I think it has to do with character development, but there are some characters that don't mesh well if they don't have an established relationship.

My discussion questions are thus:
Do you prefer for characters (yours or those which your players possess)to have prior relations with one another?

How close do your parties typically get? Does this closeness or lack thereof alter your gaming experience?

Have any of you actually had a game that functioned when the characters all hated one another's guts? (Mine only ended in bad blood between players irl, but I didn't tell them to hate eachother.)

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Seriously, I want to know. What is the point in all of our collective experiences if we don't get to share? PF is such a great place to have our creative vulcan mind-melds, yes?

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Uhuh. We has one now.

Female :D Check out my fetching opercles!

The last thing you can remember might vary, but you know that things have gone horribly awry when you can feel yourself falling through space and time.

The feeling is almost nauseating, provided your physiology allows for such a condition.

And it's a 20 foot drop. 1d6 lethal and 1d6 non.

When it stops, you realize you've fallen out of the sky onto wild, fragrant grass. There are stars overhead, but if you've any knowledge of astronomy at all you know that they are in the wrong places.

Crickets chirp in the distance, but you can imagine you've chased yours away.

A pile of bones lies not too far away.

Conditions are dim light. You might need a light source to get much farther.

Less than ten meters to your right, you see an old building the right size to be an inn. It's overgrown in places, but intact, and a single door remains open, hanging slightly off its hinges. A single water pump covered in cobwebs stands next to ancient stairs.

In the distance to the left, a mountain looms, the snowy tips glowing with starlight and moonlight. Forests surround beyond the clearing in every direction.

The moon is odd, though. It's enormous and violet and covered in what looks to be swirling vapors.

I'm going to start a walk-in style rp that can take as many adventurers as possible as long as they're approved, and any Gms who wish to practice following the same guidelines.

It will take place in an enormous demiplane off of Golarion that your character will have gotten to by mistake. It was created by a cabal of powerful wizards before earthfall and is rather close to the size of a planet itself.

Meaning that you're in an abandoned inn in the middle of pretty much untouched wilderness with no one but your fellow adventurers who also ended up their by mistake.

There will be wondrous creatures, exploration, and survival.

I will take a variety of characters and gms and will set this up right away. Just run what you'd want to be past me and I'll drop you in at point alpha.

Female :D Check out my fetching opercles!


Female :D Check out my fetching opercles!

Note: Product may not contain trout.

Hello, my name is The Elusive Trout. I am a hobbyist gm who would like to create a walk-in sort of rp using the pf system. The rules would be simple. You create a character or scavenge an old, rejected, or unused one, and if you post it here, I will check to see if it, at least cosmetically, will function in a completely random campaign where you will be flying by the seat of your pants.

It will take place in Golarion, so you don't have to worry about that. I will be starting you out in a rural village in

I can only take five of you at a time.
Also, I won't be able to post as much come mid-September, but I'll still try to keep up.

Your level would start at one.

I'm toying with two locations to start with: Bag Island, or Maheto, in Taldor.

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As a gm, what was the best villain you've ever thrown up against your players? Did they enjoy him/her/it as much as you did?

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So your best friend just got eviscerated in front of you. Your party blew up. Your captain/lord/leader exiled you for reasons that weren't your fault.
So your character just stands there and....?
From what I've seen, even in pbps, there are lots of situations like this where characters just don't... cry? Emote? Do anything more than sigh, let a single tear fall, or say nothing. Okay, I get this, sometimes. What I don't get is a the fact that a majority of characters I've seen both in live action and pbp games... they just don't let tears fall? Ever?
Why do you think this is? And do you find it as much as a disconnect with the suspension of disbelief that there are so many characters who barely seem to care about the world around them like this? I mean, I know they're fictional, but even fiction has to parallel reality if it's to be believed.
I'm not just talking about hardened soldier characters, either. I'm talking about the first level just-above-commoners and farmhands, too. Sometimes there doesn't seem to be anything in the backstory to justify this detachment.

And for those of you who prompted this post, don't take it personally, I've just always found the 'single tear' concept has been taken too far.

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My gm declared that a featherfall spell for a drop under 60 ft requires a DC 15 wisdom check to function.
For bards, who often use wisdom as a dump stat, I think this makes the spell untenable.

He claimed this was an Eberron rule; but is it really?

Can a character use an action on their own turn to help someone else to get up from being prone (so they have their turn free)? I'm not concerned with AoE semantics, but can it be done?

I have several questions as a player, and please bear with me... what traits do you consider before you call someone an attention hog? Are they generally disagreeable?
Is there a wasted time requisite?
Is it just a tendency to be a narcissist?
It it possible to be one in a pBp or PbEm?
Can someone be an attention hog and still be nice (both as a character and a player)?

Female :D Check out my fetching opercles!

This is a dotted post.

Female :D Check out my fetching opercles!

Well, here it is. Discussion thread now open.

I'm checking interest in a pBp set in the desolate plane of Abaddon, as per the Third Book of The Damned in the Pathfinder library.
It would require heroic characters, as the plot is based around a rescue mission.

-Characters should start out at level 5, and I'd want to have a party of at least four, and at most seven.

-This will utilize the 20 point buy system, and there are no limits on dumped stats, but please limit your max in any stat to 20.

-All Pathfinder player races are a-okay.

I've played Pathfinder for over a year, and know the ins and outs of the rules and character creation. I've just never played on this website. I'd love to be a part of a larger adventuring group, but I want to play for once. I'm usually gangpressed into being a gm.

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