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Bee Doll

The Egg of Coot's page

153 posts. Alias of Kirth Gersen.

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EGG of Coot

About The Egg of Coot


These errata apply to the final (17 May 2014) mailing:

Chapter 6, Spell Effects, Command-Word Activated: Price for limited uses per day should read, "If limited (4 or fewer) uses per day, multiply cost by (1/5 * uses per day)."

6/7/14: Chapter 6, Spell Effects: Move "spell resistance" to the "Critical or Contingent Properties" section, as many spells don't allow SR, and because there are so many ways to overcome it. This cuts the cost for SR-granting items in half. New text:

  • Spell resistance is a 5th level spell x 1,000 for continuous effect x 1 (contingent because not all spells allow SR, and because there are so many ways to overcome SR). Assuming CL 1 grants SR 13 (5 x 1 x 1,000 = 5,000 numen), SR costs 5,000 numen per point over 12, or half the cost recommended in the Core rules.
  • 6/7/14: Chapter 5, Arcane Feats: Flickering Eye should scale with the ability to cast 4th and 7th level Illusions, respectively.

    6/7/14: Chapter 3, Monk: To make up for the scaling effects, sutras should be gained every 4 levels after the 2nd, not every two; in other words, at 3rd, 7th, etc. (odd levels when the scaling does not occur). I'd meant to change this and somehow missed it; consider it an official erratum. Likewise, as Timeless Body is an advanced sutra, it should not appear on the Monk table. The text for the sutra ability should be amended as follows:

    At 1st level, you receive knowledge of a sutra, a form of ascetic mastery. You gain an additional sutra at 3rd level, and every 4 class levels thereafter. Sutras are described in Appendix A. Most have effects that scale with your class level, representing steps along your path to self-perfection; improvements occur at levels 5th (Improved Sutra), 9th (Greater Sutra), 13th (Superior Sutra), and 17th (Sublime Sutra), as listed for each sutra. Class synergy effects that apply to the level at which your sutras operate apply towards these improvements.

    Chapter 3, Druid: To reconcile this with the Ascetic Druid initiation, use the following text:

    Martial Artist (Ex): Starting at 4th level, you gain Dodge as a bonus feat and Exotic proficiency in unarmed attacks, as a monk of your druid level. If you have levels in monk, your druid levels provide Weak synergy with your monk levels for purposes of determining your unarmed damage and weapon form bonus; if you also have the sacred fist monk sutra, this improves to Full synergy (this is a specific exception to the general rule prohibiting stacking of synergy features between the same two classes).
    Monk Sutras (Su): At 6th and 10th levels, you gain a monk sutra in place of a druidical initiate ability. Your monk levels and druid levels (if any) provide Full synergy for purposes of determining the effects and improvements of these sutras.
    Combat Style Feats (Ex): At 8th and again at 12th level, you gain a bonus feat chosen from the list of monk Combat Style feats. Also add the following to the list of options: Adaptability, Beginner's Luck, Chaotic Mind, Nameless. You must meet all prerequisites normally.
    Advanced Sutra (Su): At 14th level, you gain an advanced monk sutra in place of a druidical initiate ability.

    6/21/14: Chapter 3, Cleric: Second paragraph under "Domain Access" should read as follows: "In addition, you gain the 1st level granted power from both of your domains. You do not gain the archivist skill enhancements listed for the domains."

    6/28/14: Chapter 6, Numerical Bonuses: Add the following paragraph under "Enhancement Bonuses"

    Fortification: Each 5% chance to ignore precision damage and additional effects of confirmed crits is treated as a +1 enhancement bonus. Light fortification (25%) therefore costs 52 x 300 = 7,500 numen; 30,000 for moderate (50%) fortification, 67,500 for heavy (75%) fortification, and a maximum of 120,000 numen for 100% fortification (virtual immunity, except when specific feats or talents are applied).

    Delete the later paragraph on Fortification under "feats."

    7/13/14: Chapter 7, "Cascade Spell," add the following text to the "special" entry: "When cascading spells of different schools, neither can be a barred school for the caster, or else the entire spell fails." This is to prevent specialist wizards from using a 0-level cascade as an underhanded bypass for barred schools.

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