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Bee Doll

The Egg of Coot's page

135 posts. Alias of Kirth Gersen.

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EGG of Coot

About The Egg of Coot


These errata apply to the 03 October 2013 mailing (so many of them! And so soon! I need to FOCUS!)

10/5/13: Druid - Mark of the Wild should contain the statement, "If you have fewer than 5 ranks in Handle Animal, the maximum CR of your animal cohort is as follows:


Ranks ... Max CR
1 ... 1/2
2 ... 1
3 ... 1
4 ... 2
5+ ... Number of Ranks -3.

10/5/13: Fighter - The Armor Training talent should contain a sentence that reads, "If you have this talent and reduce your armor check penalty to 0, you are treated as being “unarmored” for purposes of feats such as Canny Defense and Giant-Slayer."

10/5/13: Wizard - Prestige Specialist - 1st prerequisite should read, "Spellcasting: Minimum ranks Concentration equal to 4 per level in Prestige Specialist to be gained –1 (i.e., in order to gain a 4th specialist level, you must also have at least 15 ranks in Concentration)."

10/5/13: Equipment - Gauntlet exotic proficiency should read "Light melee, 1d4/19-20, feats/class features applying to unarmed attacks also apply to your gauntlets (q.v.)."

Also, delete the "Weapon Aptitude" talent (it's been moved into class features).

10/5/13: Races (Ch 2) - Unless otherwise noted, one racial feat can be traded for 2 racial traits.

10/5/13: Feats (Ch 5) - Add the following to the list of General feats:

The racial heritage of your people manifests itself especially strongly in you.
Benefit: You gain one additional racial feat from the list of racial feats for your race (Chapter 2). Alternatively, you can select two additional racial traits appropriate to your race.

10/9/13: Feats (Ch 5) - Combat Feats - Giant-Slayer: All the fiddly different bonuses are needlessly confusing. Simplification recommended as follows:

Benefit: You gain a +4 dodge bonus to your Armor Class against giants, or a +1 dodge bonus against any non-giant creature two or more size categories larger than yourself. This benefit does not apply if you lose your Dex bonus to AC, or if you are wearing heavy armor. You also gain a +1 racial bonus to attacks and damage against creatures at least one size category larger than you are.
For every 4 points of your base attack bonus, these racial modifiers increase by +1, to a maximum AC bonus of +9 vs. giants (+6 vs. others), and maximum attack and damage bonuses of +6.

10/9/13: Classes - Fighter - Weapon Aptitude (Ex) should read as follows:

Weapon Aptitude (Ex): Starting at 2nd level, each morning, you can choose to spend 1 hour in weapon practice to change the designated weapon for any feat you have that applies to a specific weapon or weapons group (such as the Weapon Focus feat). You must have the newly-designated weapon available during your practice session in order to make this change. You can adjust any number of your feats or talents in this way, and you need not adjust them all in the same way. This ability is similar to the Warblade’s class feature of the same name, from the Tome of Battle.

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