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Hezzilreen the Cunning

The Drunken Dragon's page

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A Good Buy

****( )

After reading through this book, I think it would be fair to say it was definitely worth the wait and the 40+ dollars to buy it. The art is good, although some is recycled from old books, though this is a rare circumstance and the art is still good, and the new art is amazing too. Much of the information the book provides is incredibly helpful and really expands the options players have for playing unique races. They seem to have really put a lot of thought in this.

If i have one complaint, its this. While a lot of the feats and spells do help make the races feel true to the material, I can't possibly see a use for many of them, even for NPCs. Many and more of them either duplicate the effects of other abilities or aren't very balanced. Still, this is a minor compliant at best, since while, I'd say, 10% of the books new rules might be considered to be of limited use, that still leaves 90% useful and interesting material. If you're are a GM and into Pathfinder, I definitely recommend this. If you're a player who wants to experiment with playing a race other than the main 7, or even play one of the 7 in a more interesting way, I also definitely recommend this.

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