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TheChozyn's page

RPG Superstar 6 Season Star Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 747 posts (1,286 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 4 aliases.

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The ruins of pathfinder alternate world is getting crowded.

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Thanks Sara,

I will hold my doom and gloom message off for a little longer.

Take the warehouse staff for beers after this is all over.

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Dear FMG,

You have soured my opinion of Kickstarter and backing projects with the lack of communication and delays on when Throne of Night will be delivered.

Initially it was promised with delivery on May, then June, Then August...

You said "Book One of Throne of Night will be out in PDF by the end of August. Book Two should follow by the end of September."

It is now Mid-September and you've not updated us yet again.

I appreciate the work you did with WotW and am hopeful that one day you will deliver on your promises for the people who spent 40000 dollars to fund this project for you.

If you can't handle the demands you have set for yourself then how can you expect people to buy your product in the future?

Personally after this I will NEVER support your company regardless of how spectacular the product because you are unprofessional in your expectations and estimations.

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I'm not one for the modules, but I will be buying this just for the Alkenstar gazeteer.

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When I think back to my days in fantasy 101 there were always sages who could just look at you and delve all sorts of knowledge about quests, items, artifacts, etc.

So last year in my first attempt to be in RPG superstar (failed horribly btw) I prepped this as a possible archetype for round 2. It got lost in my computer after I didn't make it through the first round, and I was cleaning up files and thought why not post it.

Thanks for taking a look, and I welcome all constructive feedback.

Sage Archetype (Wizard)

Sage Knowledge (Ex): A sage adds half his class level (minimum 1) to all Knowledge and Spellcraft skill checks and may make all Knowledge skill checks untrained. Replaces Scribe Scroll.

Sage Bond (Su): At 1st level the sage gains Identify as a bonus spell in their spell book at 1st level. They may spontaneously cast the spell by sacrificing a prepared spell in a spell slot of at least 1st level. At 6th level the sage gains the ability to cast Identify as a Spell Like Ability a number of times per day equal to their intelligence modifier. At 11th level they add Legend Lore to their spell book as a bonus spell and may spontaneously cast it by sacrificing a prepared spell in a spell slot of at least 6th level. At 16th level the sage gains the ability to cast Legend Lore as a Spell Like Ability 1/day. Replaces Arcane Bond

Lore Master (Ex): At 5th level, the Sage becomes a master of lore and can take 10 on any Spellcraft or Knowledge skill check that he has ranks in. A sage can choose not to take 10 and can instead roll normally. In addition, once per day, the sage can take 20 on any Spellcraft or Knowledge skill check as a standard action. He can use this ability one additional time per day for every six levels he possesses beyond 5th, to a maximum of three times per day at 17th level. Replaces 5th Level Bonus Feat

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Here's the great thing about any rule in any RPG ever...

If you don't like it... don't use it.

Unless you're playing in a sanctioned game it's all just words on a page you can or cannot follow.

Personally I love the idea of story feats, but can see where others don't, but as a DM you can disallow things, and as a player you can choose not to use them for your character.

More options is never bad when you can choose what options to use in any game.

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Just finished the book and I thought it was great. I rank it on my top 3 Tales line books. I very much enjoyed the non-traditional heroine in Celeste and her interactions and evolution as a character felt very organic and not forced as I read it.

Hope to see more adventures with the crew of the Stargazer in the future be it another full novel or here on with the free fiction.

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You can get them at your FLCS, but the covers have been great and those are exclusive to

I blame this comic for me getting back into comics as a whole, which now includes 3 other books and the hardback AvX trade.

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Thanks Sara! Next year (which I will make it because I won't be low man on totem pole) I will buy you a festive adult beverage!

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Nope, it all works out in the long run and I let the loot falls where it may.

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I was bored looking at my game shelf and the Dragon Mountain box set from 2nd ed caught my eye.

So I'm gonna rework this for Pathfinder.

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My abduct peasants were used to feed several things that we made allies with thorughout the module. Had to dedicate at least 10 peasants per week to keep everything properly fed.

Hunt Beasts gave us a steady supply of scorpion poison and more food for the beasts, as well as giving us some Hydras and Owlbears for dungeon carnage.

Star Voter Season 6

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This is my first year trying out... and nerves are crazy.

Though I'm working on R2 in the hopes I pass because I saw the time tables and I figured it's good to get a head start.

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Goblins will always be Iconic in Paizo

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This whole wait a week thing is really hard to do when it's a Dave Gross story...

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Better a companion than a Cohort or Hireling


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Lisa, and the rest of the Paizo crew,

Thanks for not giving up in the lean times. It's very nice to hear the story of Paizo. I know where the story is now and hope to continue to follow it for many many more years to come.

I dabbled in Dungeon and Dragon during those years, but didn't get firmly entrenched in them until the year before the end.

Then RotRl hit and I've been chanting your praises ever since, though I'm sad my Burnt Offerings got lost. I went into a game store the other day and knew more about your current products/upcoming products then the owner of the store did. That is a testament to how open and involved you are with your customer base.

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I have an inkling
That the pen is mightier
It keeps rolling on

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The goal of this game is to use the last line of the previous haiku as the first line in your haiku.

For those who don't know Haiku are small, three-lined poems that are unique for the syllable count 5/7/5.

Exapmle of the game:

My job is the worst
Rat race without any cheese
Can I get a break

Can I get a break
A piece of that Kit Kat bar
One tasty morsel

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