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Varisian Statue

The Bald Man's page

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Both have valid points. next campaign with my group I plan to play a blockbuster evoker with inscribe tattoo.

Craft wondrous items is better in virtually every way.

You need an INT of 14 to have a 4th level spell slot.
Save DC = 10 + 3 (3rd level spell) + 2 (INT 14) = 15
Number Excluded = INT Modifier = 2.

I believe that if you comb through the staves listed in the book you will find some that also function as a magic quarterstaff or spear. Very little stretch to make it another weapon - especially a hafted weapon.

I have thought about a sneaky wizard before. So an arcanist isn't far off. One thing the wizard has going for it is the shared skill with the familiar. Until the ACG comes out we won't know if there is a way to get a familiar, but I see that as a key class feature.

Personally I would drop acrobatics (between dimensional slide and other spells you shouldn't need it). I like to pick up UMD with an int item (won't be UMD'ing in an anti-magic field anyway).

I am coming across this late...have you already made the character? How is it working?

This is not for PFS.

I agree and am concerned about losing caster level. Traits may be the way to go to get the class skills I want.

Looking for Trapfinding, expanded class skill list, Maybe a rogue talent and evasion from Rogue dip .
Trapfinding as a trait? What trait is that?

Supervillan: I'm looking for a creative alternative to a Rogue PC...which sets the bar pretty low for combat effectiveness. ;-) Boon companion wouldn't do much since the Monkey domain grants a familiar instead of an animal companion.
I was leaning toward a "Caster Druid" that can cover some rogue ground. Your comment though makes me think about a "Combat druid" that multi-classes to Rogue. This could bolster the Combat Druid effectiveness into the higher levels where they struggle to keep up. Thanks.

I think at least 1 level of rogue is needed to expand the class skill list and trapfinding. Once you get the first rogue level, a second level get you evasion, BAB, and rogue talent.

But on the other side straight class druid keeps caster level up...which is pretty much a necessity if you are going the summoning route.


The monkey domain caught my eye and I started to think about the viability of a Druid-Rogue. The monkey domain gives you a monkey familiar for aid another, bonus to several rogue skills, and ranged legerdemain.

Anyone try this? Thoughts on how to make a feasible build?

Combat Reflexes (eventually get pin down - a great feat - better than step-up)

Cleave As a straight-class fighter (lots of static damage bonuses) you don't get much out of vital strike. Cleave would be a better use of a standard action (and feat) than vital strike.

We just finished a mythic campaign. Mythic really lives up to the name.

The power jump granted by the first mythic tier is HUGE. Bigger than any single level in any class.

The first mythic tier is so significant that you will overshadow the non-mythic PC's even considering a 1 level deficit. Especially if you choose your feat and path abilities carefully. For a class like the Magus that can take advantage of the best of both the martial and caster paths it can get crazy.

I know this isn't what you wanted to hear, but if balance is critical at your table you shouldn't do this.

Mythic vital strike is all you need. Don't waste feats on rapid/many shot or cluster shot. If you go with vital strike then go musket
I don't know what the machine Smith class is.
If everyone is that powerful then expect a lot of saves. Might want a few more of the save feats. If human then look at the human specific feats.

Back on topic.

I have been thinking a lot about the Preferred Spell (Heighten Spell prerequisite) vs. Greater Spell Specialization (Spell Focus and Spell Specialization prerequisite).

While we largely agree that Heighten Spell isn't the best there are some advantages:

-After Spell Perfection one could heighten for free up to 9th level spell/save.
--Then you can add Dazing Spell (to Fireball) making it a 5th level slot. That's pretty cool. Add in Persistent to kick it all the way up to 11.

-Persistent Spell is available at level 5. versus 9.

-Persistent Spells are still only a standard action to cast. Leaving you with a move action. Tactical movement is important in combat. Stay close to the Cleric, stay close to the other PC's you are buffing. Stay close to the martial's who will keep you from getting grappled and eaten.

-Finally, Spell specialization loses a lot of its value at high level - so ultimately becomes a feat tax much like heighten.

There are 2 sides to the story and there are plenty of reasons to go with the Gr. Spell Specialization.

Happy Blasting

Deliverance wrote:

Wouldn't be too far fetched to just allow Quick Draw to allow quick sheathing as well. Its not exactly the most exciting feat as it is.

We play the same way. Quick draw allows quick sheath. It is a house rule, not RAW.

This has come up before.
Very frustrating because you either:
-Ready an attack for when opponent comes within reach in which case the enemy charges you.
-Brace against a charge in which case the enemy moves then attacks.

Breath of Life
Limited Wish

As mentioned above Wish, Time Stop, and Disjunction are all SOLID choices that none will question..

But...for a little twist: Shades. It says: This spell functions like shadow conjuration, except that it mimics conjuration spells of 8th level or lower." you can cast heal. If you have a solid divine caster then maybe this isn't a bid deal. Conjuration has a lot going for it.

I tried to find a good way to take advantage of the Mountain Druid's ability to shapechange into a giant...But didn't' come up with anything compelling. I felt like the high performing feats that would get me to 12th level with wild shaping would lose a lot of punch once I was a humanoid again.
Maybe someone else can make it work.

Generally speaking casting focused builds don't multiclass well.
After you hit level 17, and consequently have access to 9th level spells you don't lose much. But before then you delay access to higher level spells.

Know the limitations of them. 20 pounds of force. 15' movement rate and close range.

2-handing a weapon on your turn then quick-drawing a shield a shield for the enemy initiative is cheesy. I know there are people who will argue tooth and nail that it is RAW.

I like the buckler and the 1-handed weapon option. You get the AC from the buckler as long as you don't 2-hand the weapon. So you have it when you are casting - which you can do while still wielding the buckler and weapon.

Archer cleric with the Reaching metamagic is fun. I am playing one now. It is feat intensive.

Just beware. As much as you plan to wade into combat I have found there is always someone in the party falling unconscious that needs healing. You will probably spend a lot more time casting spells than making attack rolls - especially as you go up in level. By end game all those combat feats will be wasted.

I have found in high level play that you want a magic item over a permanent spell because Disjunction washes the spell away without the courtesy of a dispel check. Permanency gets expensive when you have to refresh it every 5 combats.

Arcane strike only applies to 1 you would only get it once per round (because you throw the weapon and can't use it again until next round). Probably not a sound feat investment.

I played an optimized dagger fighter, with the idea that I could use it at range or in melee. Honestly, I didn't throw much, but the option was there. A suitably optimized fighter is just devastating - doesn't matter what weapon. Before long the weapon damage dice become practically meaningless as the static bonuses stack.

Since you are planning on ranged attacks you will have a pretty good dexterity - and will be able to fully take advantage of armor training.

The reason you don't see a lot of support for the thrown weapon specialist is that it is so hard to keep up with weapon enchantments. When the rest of the party is 11th level with their +5 weapon you need to have 3 or 4 magic weapons.

Don't forget it you want to put a lot of metal into your foes you can go the 2 weapon fighting route to launch a few extra each round.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Center around ENERVATE which makes the "Save or Lose" spells that much more viable.

Cleric of Erastil - favored weapon Longbow.
Archery does suck up a lot of feats, but I have one right now.
I did pick-up Reach Spell metamagic for emergency healing.
Cleric is easy to self-buff and spells like Spiritual Weapon and Spiritual Ally can compound nicely with full attack in later rounds for DPR.
I will admit that I don't get as many opportunities to shoot as I would like. End up casting/channeling more than I would like (just hit level 9)

If you are eventually getting to the upper tiers of power something I have been looking forward to is the Staff-like Wand 'feat'. You can lay down a lot of effect for low cost.

Wand of Dispel Magic
Wand of Fireball (or even intensified fireball)
Wand of Magic Missie (bonus points for empowered)
Wand of Acid Arrow

There are a host of level 1-4 spells where caster-level, Save DC, or both matter. Obviously, only worth it for high use spells.

my 2cp.

Making your primary attack mode a raged attack with a 10' limit seems like a recipe for disaster. My advise is to abandon the dart idea. There are plenty of situations where you will fight someone/something with 10' of reach.

I'll leave it to someone more familiar with PFS and Meteor Hammer to comment on the hammer.

Jokem wrote:
The Bald Man wrote:
Consider an Extended Produce Flame at Theologian level 5 (spell endurance) and pick up Intensified Fireball at Theologian level 10.
You might consider using an intensified burning hands, though.

That wold be good too.

Belafon wrote:
To summarize: A pure sorcerer would be better.

For fireball damage sorcerer wins.

Cleric has the advantage of medium BAB/HP, good fort save, and cast in armor. That is worth a lot!

ShadowcatX wrote:

The Bald Man wrote:
ShadowcatX wrote:

I would stay far, far away from furyborn though. Not because it is a bad power, but because each individual weapon is, well, an individual weapon. Imagine hitting twice with one claw, once with another claw, and missing twice with your bite. Your next round of attacks is going to have 3 different attack bonuses and 3 different damage bonuses. That's a pita. (I see nothing in the RAW to indicate that they'd all be effected the same way.)

Personal interpretation is that part of the premium cost of the amulet is that it lumps all those attacks together. Also, so much more convenient. Also, a single item giving the bonus (unlike 2 dual-wielded weapons).

my 2 cp.

Do you have a rules quote for that? I know that is how amulet works for speed, but I'm not sure that is how it works in this instance.

Nope. As I said, personal interpretation.

ShadowcatX wrote:

I would stay far, far away from furyborn though. Not because it is a bad power, but because each individual weapon is, well, an individual weapon. Imagine hitting twice with one claw, once with another claw, and missing twice with your bite. Your next round of attacks is going to have 3 different attack bonuses and 3 different damage bonuses. That's a pita. (I see nothing in the RAW to indicate that they'd all be effected the same way.)

Personal interpretation is that part of the premium cost of the amulet is that it lumps all those attacks together. Also, so much more convenient. Also, a single item giving the bonus (unlike 2 dual-wielded weapons).

my 2 cp.

Consider an Extended Produce Flame at Theologian level 5 (spell endurance) and pick up Intensified Fireball at Theologian level 10.

I don't understand what you are asking here.

Let's say right hand is primary and is wielding a longsword. left hand is off-hand/non-dominant and is wielding a short sword. If you attack with both right and left hands you lose the buckler AC bonus regardless of which arm it is on.

Please explain what I am missing here since I have seen BBT on the boards enough to know you aren't a newbie.

hobbes1020 wrote:

First off, thanks for the great guide!

For various RP reasons I've decided to build a wizard necromaner.
For feats I was thinking of taking Combat Casting (given that so many Necro spells are touch it seems like this might be worth taking?)
Do you have any recommendations on how I can improve this build or perhaps I'm going in the wrong direction entirely?

Feat to consider given the number of touch spells is Reach spell. +1 level takes touch to close. I doubt you would have much need to extend much beyond close range.

Rynjin wrote:

Even running away successfully doesn't work unless the Pally uses his Smite on someone else, since it lasts until the target is dead.

And even then he get s a few per day and can do it as a Swift. If a Pally wants you dead, he's gonna get ya.

Selecting a new smite target doesn't cancel the old one. only death of the target or when the paladin rests (death would probably do it too).

Wizard makes the easier build because of the bonus feats.

Don't discount cleric. One of the mods available is Construct Armor which I think is really cool. Unfortunately it isn't clear to me what you get and what you don't with it. If you wanted to do that you would need to go the cleric route to be able to cast in armor.

A Dwarven Cleric of Toreg (sp?) with craft construct would be very believable. I think there are a couple of ways to make channel energy work on constructs (one feat and 1 item).

I want to echo something said above. There is more to constructs than golems. I remember gridning through some math and found that Terracotta Warriors were very cost effective. Unsurprisingly you pay a premium for infinite spell resistance.

1 -
3 - Wonderous Item
5 - Magic Arms and Armor
7 - Craft Construct
9 -

Variant Channeling:
Forge: Heal—Creatures in metal armor gain a channel bonus to Armor Class until the end of your next turn. Alternatively, you may repair damage to metal objects and metal constructs as if they were creatures, and this healing is enhanced (see Variant Channeling above). Harm—The damage effect is enhanced (see Variant Channeling above) against metal constructs and unattended metal objects.

You can pile on by taking SF-Conjuration at level 1 and Augment Summons at level 9 to bring a lot of bodies to each conflict.

If you go the wizard route, don't go universal. What do you get out of that? You are going to want the extra spells.

I am surprised that Vorpal was left in Pathfinder. Most of the instant kill effects were replaced with massive damage.

Speaking as a player I think it takes more away from the game than it adds. You finally confront the BBEG and his head pops off on the second hit. Sure you won, and that is cool, but anti-climatic. I'm sure it messes with the DM's plans too. I picked one up last campaign (hadn't had one in 15 years of D&D) mostly because if the monsters (balor or pit fiend comes with a vorpal weapon) have it we can too and had the gold to buy it.

I don't think it should be discounted. +5 cost is fine and only on a confirmed natural 20.

The worst thing you could do is make it work over a wider range (not just natural 20) then monster HP won't matter. HP are replaced by the probability field of the vorpal proc.

@Torger - Great observation. Sword and Board is the best application for a vorpal weapon.

Conjuration Rules

"A creature or object brought into being or transported to your location by a conjuration spell cannot appear inside another creature or object, nor can it appear floating in an empty space. It must arrive in an open location on a surface capable of supporting it."

this is in the header section - not specific to any sub-school.

Underwater? I would rule no change.

Strict reading would indicate that the character inside the monster wouldn't have line of effect to the channel energy.

I don't think it is much of a stretch to house-rule that the channel energy penetrates and any creature inside would benefit.

I am curious as to what other people think.

Doomed Hero wrote:
Being Ethereal would probably work too.

Reiterating ethereal. Has the advantage of being a core game mechanic. Not all GM's allow the material from the peripheral sources.

Editorial: the feat doesn't strike me as 'fair'. Kind of like the meta-magic that allows mind-affecting to work on creatures immune to mind-affecting spells (also one that works on negative energy).

Marc Radle wrote:
Atarlost wrote:

No, Flyby is move-attack-move. You make the standard action at any point during your move so if you have an 80' fly speed you can move 20', attack, and move the remaining 60'.

See, that's what we thought too, but read the feat again ... it doesn't actually say that! The feat says the creature can take another standard action ... to make an attack before and after it moves

Flyby Attack
This creature can make an attack before and after it moves while flying.
Prerequisite: Fly speed.
Benefit: When flying, the creature can take a move action and another standard action at any point during the move. The creature cannot take a second move action during a round when it makes a flyby attack.
Normal: Without this feat, the creature takes a standard action either before or after its move.

Ignore the flavor text and focus on the benefit.

As an aside the flavor text is deceptively true. If you Move (A), attack (B), and move (C) then the creature is making an attack(B) before it moves (C) and after it moves (A).

the Queen's Raven wrote:
Is anyone out there just happy with Pathfinder?


No formal rules answer, but in my game we treat it as a mount.

You are in the advise section, not rules, so I will post my opinion: you don't get the bonus per die damage. My basis is that it only applies to the spell damage, not to the precision damage.

I can see the basis for adding the extra damage dice to the sneak attack, but I don't think that was the intent.

Unklbuck wrote:

The Weapon Focus - Spec - Grt Focus - Grt Spec are very very good to have for two reasons.

1. Your Weapon capstone ability at 20th have to have picjed a weapon to get it.
2. Most importantly...using it in conjuction with Weapon training, power attack and Combat expertise...tou can get an ungodly Attack bonus that you can easlily bleed of using power attack and/or combat expertise depending on the circumstance and still have a great chance for you 2nd, 3rd, and maybe even 4th iterative attacks to hit. Combine that with improved crit is why Fighters can outpace Barbarians and Paladins in damage dealt...all day long

Spot On

blackbloodtroll - What did you decide?

Silence has been mentioned before in the same sentence with a few other spells.

Can be a game changer if you rely on caster BBEG. Silence will shut them down.

The question is posted in the rules section. I think the relevant rules have been stated above. The rules don't explicitly cover it, so bit of a grey area. Ask your GM.

Personal opinion - go for it. Once you surmount the hurdle of threatening adjacent while using a reach weapon you have all the ingredients to utilize cleave.

redward wrote:
Unseelie wrote:
redward wrote:
Unseelie wrote:
Which I'm not actually sure I agree with, since an arrow can be used as an improvised melee weapon. Not a terribly good one, but if my bow had just been sundered, I'd sure as hell try it (assuming they don't have Improved Sunder of course).
You don't threaten with an improvised weapon.
Please cite for that. I just did a quick search and there's nothing I can find that supports that.
I stand corrected. I had conflated the -4 penalty for fighting unarmed as a non-proficiency, and non-proficiency as the reason someone doesn't threaten when unarmed.

Weapons (improvised or otherwise) need to be wielded - so that you are threatening - to make AOO. The Bow is being wielded, not the arrow. Wielding an arrow is not the same as drawing it as part if firing it. QuickDraw might make that distinction moot.

Shield Mage (Magus Archetype)
1. Shield Proficiency
2. Shielded Casting (no acrane spell failure for shields)
3. Canny Defense
4. Sorcerous Shield

1. Light Armor Proficiency
2. Light Armor Casting

This isn't balanced. 1 & 2 from both lists are a fair trade. Getting the other two 'for free' is unbalancing.

BBT - I too think it is cool. But, I think it is very ineffective. I get that as a touch attack your hit percentage is going to be very high. I assume you have the appropriate traits and feats to avoid energy resistance. What are you doing to boost damage? 1d8+ cl/2 is great for a typical full caster, but not for combat character.

PS much faster than OF.
OF is self only. PS even has a 'communal' version.

I don't understand the 10 minute casting time for Phantom Steed. Just...why?

I agree with mplindustries.

The charge is released upon a successful attack roll. So the shocking grasp gets first hit target.

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