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TheAntiElite's page

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A glimpse into the Abyss, and not just Noticula's!


While many individuals have expectations of finding their favorite demons from earlier editions of the World's Most Popular Role-Playing Game, the realists among us know for fact that the unyielding forces of Litigation and Intellectual Property Rights forbid certain known names from making their appearance. Certainly, to some, this is a disappointment and a detraction from what they might think is otherwise a pretty enjoyable product.

What those individuals forget is that, for one thing, this book does not render prior tomes about such beings obsolete - they can keep those named individuals in their own games. This tome focuses, as it should, on numerous fiends and entities from the Abyss that impact and influence Golarion, as well as how they might interact on the countless worlds across the Multiverse. On this premise, the book exceeds all expectations; details and insights into the workings of the demons, how to best summon them, items that have Abyssal origins, what was lurking in the far corners of the Abyss before there were even such a thing as demons - all this, and delicious details about everyone's favorite Mother of Monsters, within a easy on the eyes package filled with goodies for your villains...and maybe a villain protagonist or three.

Oh, and of course, the cover-girl (and her sinful relations with her brother, among others). Can't forget that, now, can we?

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