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Hellwasp Host

The 8th Dwarf's page

5,033 posts. Alias of Bradley Holland.


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I have to take my girls to see Shaun. Love Aardman as well.

Puna can give us a table or list of your changes?

In another thread they are say you can cast 3 spells every 2 rounds as you roll your leftover actions into the next round.

K: I will have to look it up I have never heard of it.

I just watched It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad's good but dated and I found it a little annoying, just some of the dated attitudes to women and African Americans got pushed a little too much.

Young Frankenstein on the other hand still funny....Blazing Saddles and YF compete in my head as the American Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Holy grail is still the better movie but Blazing Saddles is close....

I am getting the urge to watch 24 Hour Party People again.... Love the music.

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Kobold do you agree that the Duckworth–Lewis method is the best mathematical formulation to use to calculate the target score for the team batting second in a limited overs cricket match that has been interrupted by weather or other circumstances?

Would making swift action feats and class abilities last an encounter or until the end of the next round fix the arcane strike and smite abilities.....?

Had a good Chai Masala today, they give me a little pot of honey so I could line the inside of the cup before i poured in the chai.

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This tool lets you generate figures for populating low-fantasy kingdoms and settlements. ..

The article is interesting as well.

But for high fantasy - I expect populations, architecture, and services to be on par with the 19th Century. Low tech + High magic should skew the world in freakish ways.

High monster populations, Active gods, frequent destructive events, magic plagues, undead, outsiders, magic accidents, magic attacks, should keep the populations down.

It would be like living on an active fault line in a bushfire prone invasion route with the occasional tsunami and reactor meltdown. Next door to an academy for homicidal axe wielding maniacs.

This website looks helpful Medieval Demographics Made Easy. Numbers for Fantasy Worlds.

Some Historical Comparisons: Medieval France tops the list, with a 14th-century density upwards of 100 people/sq. mile. The French were blessed with an abundance of arable countryside, waiting to be farmed. Modern France has more than twice this many people. Germany, with a slightly less perfect climate and a lower percentage of arable land, averaged more like 90 people/sq. mile. Italy was similar (lots of hills and rocky areas). The British Isles were the least populous, with a little more than 40 people per square mile, most of them clustered in the southern half of the isles.

Milo v3 wrote:
The 8th Dwarf wrote:
What state are you from?

Probably from north of the bridge with your fancy edumaction and every fing, talking all posh ;-)

Milo v3 wrote:

I'd be very surprised if they made a second edition of pathfinder under it's current management. It could very well happen if someone else got ownership of it, but that doesn't sound like it'll happen any time soon.

The 8th Dwarf wrote:
To use an Australianism "Nah yeh nah"
As an australian, I have no idea what "nah yeh nah" would mean. "Nah, yeah" and "Yeah, nah", that's fair 'nough, but nah, yeh, nah is just confusing.

I use it all the time.... I must confuse the s+!$ out of people.... Nah = you're wrong Yeh=I understand you nah = you are still wrong....

What state are you from?

Fun movie...

thejeff wrote:

Isn't the same true for a new edition? You can keep using the old rules. You can adapt new adventures for the old rules or old adventures for the new ones.

The more significant rules changes appear in optional material, the more they'll split the user base. Classes, races and abilities are probably the least significant, since they can be dropped in or out individually.

And sure, they can reference the new rules and material in the adventure. That lets you not buy the book. Which is easy anyway since it'll be online. You still have to rewrite it if you don't want to use the rules.

To use an Australianism "Nah yeh nah" (I see where you are going, but I disagree) sudden change shakes things up it causes friction and grumpiness.

Giving people time to get used to an idea, see it in action and use it or discard it as they see fit without stopping support for what they already have is the user friendly way to go.

Paizo had put a few backup eggs in some very different baskets I don't see them going away.

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Water Boy wrote:

You know, I want to like what you wrote, but I'm not sure if half of that is in English*...

* Yes, I'm aware of the irony. That's the joooooke.

It's a good day when I can reference cricket....

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Can you see the stat blocks for the unchained classes being unusable for GMs not using unchained. Or the new rule not referenced.

Society is governed by its own reference document. What's in and out is decided book by book season by season. Just like any sport, game or competition, Cricket for example the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) frames the Laws of the game worldwide, to ensure uniformity and fairness, Paizo does the same.

The MCC & Paizo is not going to stomp in and shut down your backyard variant (over the fence is 6 and out, tip and run, electric wickets, one hand one bounce, off the wall on the full one handed, no golden ducks) game. They are going to make sure the "official/public" game is clear and as governed as well as possible.

When Unearthed Arcana came out it didn't fracture the player base, people used what they wanted, tossed the rest. The earth spins the world changes people evolve and adapt.

Oceanshieldwolf wrote:
I had no idea there was a d20 treatment of the 2000AD version. Thanks for the headsup 8th...

They also did Judge Dread D20.

I think Unchained is how to do new editions. You don't release a new edition - you evolve a new edition.

That way people who like the original don't have a bookshelf full of dust gatherers and the new stuff is not so different you can still work with it, allow it or disallow it.

For people who like all the new options then it's "happy, happy, Joy, Joy".

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beej67 wrote:

Palladium Rifts = too much.

No it doesn't, neither does Rolemaster, neither does GURPs. It's about the individuals taste and experience. I have allways found AD&D-D20 too restrictive when I am creating a character.

That's why I love every new option Paizo brings out. It may not be my game of choice but Paizo lets me play my style of game.

I love options the more the better - I also like to form a consensus with the other participants as to themes and rules that are allowed or disallowed well before the game starts. If you don't like bloat decide what is available before you start.

Character creation for us can take 2 -3 sessions.

The Slaine setting is worth it. It has the Gaelic/Celtic culture down pat. You can take the setting and work the classes in.

I would recommend the old D20 Sláine: The Roleplaying Game of Celtic Heroes. Based on the 2000AD comic Slaine.

I played a Druid that threatened to build a Wicker-man, every time somebody annoyed him.

Lots of fun, my Druid died horribly.

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Sacrilege!!!! BRIAN BLESSED's name must all ways spelled in capitals... One must show proper deference.

I am very interested in how they will go from old Late 80's complex to a sleeker less stat heavy game.

I thought Mutants and Masterminds would work as a good replacement for the system. Especially the ability to vary the power level.

Sad to hear - I am with Fergie on this one.

Be honest, take what she has to dishout - on the chin and try build a friendship from what's left.

Good luck my friend.

Link to announcement.

AngryNerdRageDemon wrote:

Well it is an homage to the Neo Krypto-fascist bourgeoisie and 80's prog-rock fans. It deserves all the insults it gets....

Kobold Cleaver wrote:
Okay, fair enough, I was being a little bit rude to Australians there. But what if I


I might get my mates to give it a try, my wife has been to a few (mostly as the start of hens nights), I have always been jealous of her descriptions of the goodies on offer.

Sadly due to an illness and a very long hospital stay alcohol and fizzy drinks are strongly not recommended, so brewery and wine tours are out. I have lost my taste for coffee and chocolate (I tried so hard over Easter to regain my taste for chocolates but nada)... Tea has been my saviour.

Do you have iced tea shops like:
Gong Cha,
Easy Way in the U.S.

I haven't done a high tea sadly.... It's considered slightly "unmanly" or a female bonding activity, from male friends who have gone to high tea they said they felt under dressed out of place and unwelcome. That combined with high tea being a fashionable place to kick off a hens night then I haven't felt the urge.

It's usually brewery tours for me.

Homemade recipe link.....

I buy it by the kilo from T2 here in Australia.

Australian afternoon as a blend of Irish breakfast and Russian Caravan, it's a Twinings product.

Plug for my favourite tea shop T2.

The History of China podcast did a series on Tea.

I prefer an Irish Breakfast over an English Breakfast tea in the morning, Orange Pekoe during the day and an Australian Afternoon tea in the late afternoon.

I love Masala Chai done properly, I work with a lot of People from all over India an I have had some interesting variations.

On a hot summers day ice cold Turkish Apple tea is wonderful.

Ceaser Slaad wrote:
Well, you can't expect the Kiwis to perform that well when they've been separated from their sheep for an extended period of time. ;-)

Gives your name and address to Jake the Muss and the All Blacks.

Nobody teases the Kiwis this close to ANZAC day - respect for our blood brothers and sisters.

Starts sentence "I'm not racist but,"... Goes on rant about Trollish hygiene practices.

Malwing wrote:
Spiral_Ninja wrote:
Malwing wrote:
bookrat wrote:
TOZ wrote:
Nathanael Love wrote:
I didn't buy 4th edition D&D because I didn't want a new edition. I didn't buy 5e because I didn't want a new edition. Why would I buy PF 2.0?
Because you can't play PF if everyone else is playing PF 2.0.
Bah. It'll never happen. People still play 1e and 2e, even thoug ugh were aready at 5e D&D. The same will be true if Paizo goes PF 2.0; there will still be PF 1.0 games.
Bah! This is why I think Beginner Box should morph into Pathfinder Lite so that you have a easier to grasp sister product that is compatible with the main more complicated and modular product. I've taken my hand at stringing modules I got from the last Golem sale together to make Beginner Box "APs" and that's worked out fairly well. I can see fat modules like The Dragons Demand functioning with both PF-Lite and Pathfinder as I've already GMed that module with the Beginner Box (Turned the dragon black and connected it to Black Fang's Dungeon) and that worked out well enough. There are even pdfs flying around with the rest of the base classes in Beginner Box form, including feats, spells and creatures. I don't think it would split the fan base that much if we got two lines of RPGs that function with the same adventures. It can even be taken further but using the consolidated skill list and abstracting a few more rules.


Whats that?

The Best RPGS ever..... Get off my lawn you whippersnapper....

My preference is for RM2 but since Paizo is the best at the moment and my players and I like quality product Paizo put out we are playing Pathfinder.

Good luck mate.

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Soak pineapple slices in dark rum preferably Bundaberg Rum, coat slices excessively in brown sugar throw on bbq grill, consume with ice cream and Dark & Stormys.

A Dark 'N Stormy is a highball cocktail made with Bundaburg rum and Bundaberg ginger beer served over ice and garnished with a slice of lime.
Main alcohol: Rum
Ingredients: 3 1/3 oz Ginger Beer, Couple dashes of bitters, 2 oz Dark Rum
Preparation: In a highball glass filled with ice, add dark rum and top with ginger beer. Garnish with lime wedge.
Served: On the rocks; poured over ice
Standard garnish: Lime wedge
Drinkware: Highball glass

Alternatively make lime sugar, coat or sprinkle pineapple chunks in lime sugar cook or eat cold... Serve with G&T.


6 limes
2 1/4 cups sugar

Remove zest from limes in strips with a vegetable peeler and cut away any white pith from zest (pith imparts a bitter flavor). Chop zest (about 1/2 cup), then grind in a food processor with sugar until mixture is pale green with bits of zest still visible.

cooks' notes:
·Lime sugar may be made 3 days ahead and kept, chilled, in an airtight container.

·The sugar becomes aerated in the food processor; do not pack when measuring.

calls trolls small slimy people with a bridge fetish!

Aquaman is the best!

Batman is better than Superman!

Vale Ritchie Benaud you were Marvelous.

Superman is lawful neutral.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Batman is chaotic good.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

They are very good at what they do. Time Team generally explores sites that are to be developed and thus ruined any way or sites that have been plough damaged. If neither then it's exploratory test trenches leaving majority of the site for later excavation.

All of the archaeologists are the top of their field and it's very professionally done. It got to the point where they were being used by the various government heritage departments to assess sites for thier significance.

But any digging professional or otherwise does damage...

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It's sad that a lot of North Americans don't know a lot about the The Mississippian culture and the settlements that flourished.
From wiki

"Middle Mississippian cultures, especially the Cahokia polity located near East St. Louis, Illinois, was very influential on neighboring societies. High status artifacts, including stone statuary and elite pottery associated with Cahokia, have been found far outside of the Middle Mississippian area. These items, especially the pottery, were also copied by local artists.

Cahokia: The largest and most complex Mississippian site and the largest Pre-Columbian settlement north of Mexico, Cahokia is considered to have been the most influential of the Mississippian culture centers.

Angel Mounds: A chiefdom in southern Indiana near Evansville. It is thought by some archaeologists that the Late Mississippian Caborn-Welborn culture developed from the Angel Phase people around 1400 CE and lasted to around 1700 CE.[8]

Kincaid Site: A major Mississippian mound center in southern Illinois across the Ohio River from Paducah, Kentucky.

Moundville: Ranked with Cahokia as one of the two most important sites at the core of the Mississippian culture,[9] located near Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

The Parkin Site: The type site for the "Parkin phase", an expression of Late Mississippian culture, believed by many archaeologists to be the province of Casqui visited by Hernando de Soto in 1542.[10]

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If you love archaeology, I recommend a TV show called Time Team. It ran for 20 seasons and is hosted by Tony Robinson (Baldric from Blackadder).

Wiki link....

You can find all the episodes on YouTube... I suggest starting about season 15-16 and going backwards and forwards from there.

It's very interesting to see the changes in tech over 20 years. Plus the experimental arch is cool, one episode they hand made Flint and bronze axes and chopped down some trees. It was interesting in to see the changes in technique and speed.

It's not a dry show and can be both funny and exciting. For a British show the cast is diverse with both male and female specialists.

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I have minor in Paleoanthropology and Archaeology and a major in Classics and Ancient History. The start point is fluid if you are looking at battlefield or forensic archeology, then the sooner the better.

The difference between Archaeology and thievery is:

An Achaeologist should not break laws and should respect the customs of and consult with locals. Any information gathered from the dig should be published and artefacts should go to a museam. The context of the artefacts must be respected.

Thieves do respect context they don't record in meticulous detail where each change in colour of the soil is, at what level the artefacts are found and they smash and grab and sell to the highest bidder.

One is learning the other is profit.

The Iron Crown guys are having a playtest for a new edition of RoleMaster. I liked it a lot a good mix of old RM and some new ideas.

If RM is too simulationist for you then HARP is cool.

Vincent you have been living my RPG History.... Except RoleMaster 2 is my favourite.

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