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Hellwasp Host

The 8th Dwarf's page

5,121 posts. Alias of Bradley Holland.


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Dragoncat wrote:
I should really play its expansion one of these days--I've already completed the base game.

The long war mod is good as well.

Interjection Games wrote:
The 8th Dwarf wrote:
And he is Welsh not Scottish... Especially with that name.

Who here can tell the difference?

Frankly, I can't make heads or tails of Welsh v. Scottish v. Irish.

I can and I am Australian.

It's saying I can't tell the difference between a Canadian, a Yank, and a Mexican... Highly insulting and a good way to get a very hostile reaction from all 3 of those nationalities.

And he is Welsh not Scottish... Especially with that name.

thejeff wrote:
BOHICA, dog and pony show and coffin nail I've heard before. Probably not original to Australian army slang. The others are new to me.

A lot of it is shared with the British and U.S military there is more than 100 years of shared history.... Australian military have been fighting beside the British since the Crimean war and beside the U.S since the 4th of July 1918 at the battle of Hamel The battle was the first time in the war that American troops participated in an offensive action under non-American command. Ten American companies joined with Australian troops under Australian command, although six were recalled before the battle. They were lucky because they got the best General of WWI, Sir John Monash.

Cool bananas :-)

Icyshadow wrote:

You raise a fair point.

And a Sargon of Akkad style Dwarf sounds awesome.

Not exactly Assyrian, but still a very badass Mesopotamian.

There were a few Assyrian Kings named after Sargon, Ashurbanipal and Shalmaneser kicked arse... Though!

Icyshadow wrote:

Vikings without ships and raiding are like dwarves without beards. Something of a paradox.

Scottish? Yes. Angry? Yes. Short? Depends on who you ask from. Boring? Not if they are played right.

I love dwarves I used to play them exclusively. I just got tired of the same themes. The descriptions don't help GMs or players with diversity, when I wanted to play a Dwarf with an Assyrian style background who drove a chariot in a home brew design your own races culture game, I got dwarves aren't like that... More the once.

Art work = Helmets with horns or occasionally a proper Viking helm.

Tolkien's dwarves were a mix of Jewish and Saxon cultures.

The Vikings have stories about dwarves, but so do every other culture including the Japanese, Egyptians, and Greeks.

Aranna wrote:
Tacticslion wrote:
** spoiler omitted **...
** spoiler omitted **...

Aranna Psionics are fun, trust me people keep wanting to play psionic classes not because they are power gamers but because the mechanics are more enjoyable than the Vancian system.

The Vancian system is boring and illogical.... I study and study and yet I can never remember how to cast magic missile after I say the magic words and if I want to cast it twice I have to remember it twice... Yeh sorcerers do away with that but not satisfactorily.

Give them a chance have a read and play one, they are fun.

But I am that crazy guy that thinks Rolemaster is a better game than any form of D&D.

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Icyshadow wrote:
p-sto wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
If the drow were extinct, then the game would lose one of its most interesting and iconic villains. Therefore, they are not extinct.
I'll grant you that they're iconic but if you don't mind me asking from a designer's perspective what makes them interesting. Granted that I haven't read all the way through Second Darkness but from what I've seen in Pathfinder scenarios the Drow are a more or less homogeneous violent society that as villains are nearly interchangeable with Derro or Duergar.
I actually wish people did more with the Duergar. All I get from most campaign setting books comes down to just a quick glance at them that boils down to "Dwarves but angrier and with more magic" before moving on to the Drow. There's so much one could build on with them, it's annoying how they are just thrown away like that. Even the Deep Gnomes got more love! But hey, at least one can build them up in an interesting way in homebrew settings. Better than nothing, I guess.

You could go the whole 1984/Brave New World with the Duergar. It's a perfect fascist state to go to war with.

Dwarves in pathfinder are boring and clichéd and the same short angry beer swilling Scottish Vikings ported over from D&D.

Love Psionics metric tons of fun. I love GMing with Psionics love playing psionic characters.

Go for it, step outside your comfort zone, have fun.

I was going to say the "Rule of Cool" is the reason they are not extinct but R.A Salvatore and every angst ridden munchkin cheese lord playing a "Good" drow ruined the cool for me.

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Some Australian army slang. Shifty can confirm if correct.

BOHICA - Bend Over, Here It Comes Again. Often heard prior to the delivery of a pineapple (q.v.); i.e., one is about to be lumbered with an unpleasant task.

Boots - A suck up. Refers to somebody who is so far up somebody else's backside that all that you can see is his/her boots.

Coffin nail - A cigarette. Also known as 'lung lollie'.

Dart thrower - A member of the Australian Intelligence Corps. Refers to the perceived method of identifying compounds/areas of interest for future operations, usually conducted eyes-shut with non-master hand to ensure statistically random results.

Digger – A soldier of the rank of private or equivalent in the Australian Army, for example Look after your diggers, Lieutenant. Term comes from the Anzacs.

Dog and pony show - A painstakingly prepared briefing, usually of little real substance or value, pandering to the whims of a senior officer. Also used to describe having to participate in some sort of display for civilians as a recruiting drive. E.g. 'The boys got stabbed to do a dog and pony at the footy on Friday night.'

Fitter and turner - An Army cook. It means "to fit good food into a pot and turn it into sh-t".

F.R.E.D - A small device which is a combination of a can opener, a bottle opener and a spoon. Officially named a "Field Ration Eating Device", but more popularly known as a "F--king Ridiculous/Retarded Eating Device". In the Air Force this acronym can also denote a 'F--king Ridiculous Electronic Device'.

(To get) Holes In Your T Shirt - To get shot, usually on a "Two Way Rifle Range".

Koala Bear - Refers to somebody who is generally considered a protected species and useless in the greater scheme of things. Usually accompanied by the phrase "Not to be exported or shot at" was used to refer to 1st Armoured Regt.

Mango - Term for Army Reservist. Green on the outside, yellow on the inside and too many of them give you the s&#%s.

Mordor - Canberra, the Australian National Capital and location of Army Headquarters.

Motion thickness - Involuntary erection experienced by male personnel when sitting over the wildly vibrating wheel arch of a Unimog truck. A traveller (q.v.) or travel fat . The sort of pun you find really funny when you're 18 years old.

Motorbike licence - A ruse to get diggers to volunteer for something. Sgt: Has anybody here got a motorbike licence? "I have Sergeant!" Sgt: Good. Grab these shovels and go dig a latrine.

Two-way rifle range - The battlefield.

Wanking spanner - Your prominent hand

Joynt Jezebel wrote:
The 8th Dwarf wrote:
Joynt Jezebel wrote:

Where are you from 8th Dwarf?

We in Australia have an aggressive conservative Christian as PM. But he feels the need to disguise what he is to make himself more acceptable to the public and his own party.

The PM is opposed to marriage equality, but we may get it as the government has other problems, and they may not fight on that. One can hope.

Sydney.... I'm your typical lefty inner west Chardonnay socialist.
Ah, I am from Perth, and more or less answer the same description. Except I don't drink and am left leaning as opposed to socialist. And I love Sydney where I used to live some 32 years ago. [Lapses into senile reverie.]

I from the far north coast of NSW originally all hippies, sea changers, and alternate lifestylers.

Happy Canada Day to my frosty Commonwealth cousins in the far north... All the way from sunny Australia.

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I had 2 great managers at the cinema and one annoying one. It was a fun place to work, I got to watch movies for free, got a free meal from the caffe, got to sit in booth with the projectionists and learn how to make up and breakdown the film and operate the projector. I considered becoming a projectionist but they talked me out of it... They could see digital coming and thier jobs fading away.

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Meh I worked in a cinema in a university town "adults" are the worst. Cleaning up vomit was the bane of my existence. Blood spattered bathroom was the worst thing I had to clean after two guys had a fight.

I had a mother come and complain to me because she took her under 15 daughter into a M rated movie.... She screamed at me and I was just an usher, my manager walked over told her to calm down, she went ballistic and was going to call the police. The manger said fine go ahead.... Then he grabbed the ratings pamphlet highlighted text and read it to her.

"Children under 15 may legally access this material because it is an advisory category. However, M classified films may include classifiable elements such as violence and nudity of moderate impact that are not recommended for children under 15 years.

Parents and guardians may need to find out more about the fiilm specific content, before deciding whether the material is suitable for their child."

He then asked her name and said you're banned for a year because you are rude and a s*@+ parent.

The nearest other cinema was two hours away in the next town.

I watched the original Robocop last night. I thought it would be dated but I liked it, it was rated R for the violence. I still think it's hilarious that the bad guy is the dad from That 70's Show.

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We need the ultra left to stop us veering to the right.... The right has infested Australian Labor and killed the party. I can't vote for them anymore, the greens and the socialist alliance get my vote.

3 years from now the equity laws will have settled in and become part of everyday life. There will be your wacko fringe loons who will bleat about it but the bleating will be drowned out by time - the great killer of everything.

In that three years the media will run stories that are mostly novelty, scandal, what ever sells advertising and as marriage equality becomes an everyday thing, it will get the same Coverage as marriage does now.... Boring celeb stories, and so on.

So my advice to homophobes is in time nobody will care about the crap you dribble from your mouth, so don't waste your time moaning and go and do constructive.

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Joynt Jezebel wrote:

Where are you from 8th Dwarf?

We in Australia have an aggressive conservative Christian as PM. But he feels the need to disguise what he is to make himself more acceptable to the public and his own party.

The PM is opposed to marriage equality, but we may get it as the government has other problems, and they may not fight on that. One can hope.

Sydney.... I'm your typical lefty inner west Chardonnay socialist.

60. Attempting to spread or engaging in Bieber Fever .

Joynt Jezebel wrote:
Jaelithe wrote:
Joynt Jezebel wrote:
Well, I am an atheist and you don't sound at all like a screwball to me. You do sound like a theist though.

And you are an atheist that doesn't think "screwball" and "theist" are functional synonyms. Thank you for that.

I have been rather astonished by the new pope. In a good way, he sounds great. I am not surprised that there's a Catholic who thinks like that. But such a person being elected pope soon after the long reign of John Paul, an arch conservative who promoted other arch conservatives, seemed impossible.
His Boss tends to specialize in the impossible.

Touche. :)

There are a lot of very reasonable intelligent people who are theists. I am an Australian and we have our share of aggressive, conservative Christians, but there are not that many and they don't have that much influence. In the US, they are far more numerous, extreme and influential. And they have the opposite view to you about forcing others to conform to their morals. "Screwball" is one of the more polite terms that fit. That is maybe why you encounter the attitudes you do.

Our PM is an aggressive conservative Christian - he was training to be a Jesuit priest before he decided on politics. That's why he is blocking marriage equality.

Yay for the U.S good to hear good news. You guys need a break from all the bad stuff.

The Sid Iffrican accent is about as sexy as being interrogated by the gestapo. As a Stryne (Australian) our accent is terrible as well, if you want a good laugh ask a kiwi to say I saw six sheep sailing ships in the paddock eating fish and chips wearing jandles eating from a chilli bin.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Distant Worlds is so good I bought it as book rather than PDF. Mr Sutter should be unleashed more often.

I would like to see a Hodge, Pratt, Logue, Sutter collaboration.

Well duh... People move in build houses or strip mine a place. Pump all thier effluent and rubbish out to sea.

I only see environments and habitats being destroyed, I don't see any new ones being created.

We are f@~*ed. Unless our children are smarter than we are. Capitalism, consumerism is killing this planet.

Krensky wrote:
Limeylongears wrote:
I managed to f*** off to the pub before the speeches!

The people’s flag is palest pink...


Hah the only protest I turned up to at uni was one that the student union put on kegs.

I have been to a lot more since I became a "Chardonnay Socialist" as my conservative friend has labeled me. I prefer "Chai Latte Fabian"....

Don't spend your time reworking an entire system when what you want exists elsewhere. It's totally cool to like and play other systems as well as Pathfinder. I have played lots of systems and PF is my favourite of the D&D/D20 style games.

Branching out will improve your game. All of the Paizo devs play other games.

I like complex systems but you can find what you want in more streamlined games like Savage Worlds, or HARP.

I will use Rolemaster Classic as an example it's close to D&D. It is skill and spell based system with classes (professions). Fighters can learn spells, spell users can use 2 handed swords. It's just harder to learn skills that aren't traditionally part of your profession... If you want you can take a no profession class - jack of all trades type.

What your player does is based on the players skill roll against your (or the monsters) difficulty setting. Skill + bonuses + roll - GM assigned difficulty (or monsters defence). The roll is graded catastrophic failure, failure, partial success, success, amazing success.

It's then up to GM and player to fill in the detail or use what is provided.

Fear the Boots - Monostat system... Just 1 stat ;-)

Try a different system. 3.5 is not for you if you don't like feats. There are some very good systems out there.

Gaming podcasts like "Fear the Boot" are a good place to find inspiration for discussion. The hosts have a range of styles from wing everything to write 100 pages of background.

I have often thought about starting a topic thread after listening to a podcast. I get lazy though.

Last playtest there was "Groin Destruction", the whole table was in hysterics. The new rules are very good. I think the high numbers scare people even though it's easier.

Thier monster rules look very interesting - you create monsters as classes so you can add skills talents and other abilities.

New Beta rules are out for play testing.

Freehold DM wrote:
MMCJawa wrote:
Kirth Gersen wrote:
LazarX wrote:
the way Patrick Stewart did in Dune.
I'm still trying to forget the awful David Lynch rendition. The SyFi channel miniseries was everything the 80s movie should have been and then some.
Wow...I thought I was the only person who actually had that opinion.
a lot of people liked syfys Dune.

Loved the David Lynch version - will have to find the syfy version.

I have start forming my list of British heist movies.

BBQ Chicken, chips, potatobake, and pasta salad in a park with all my wonderful in-laws.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I love heist movies can I suggest

Two Hands
Idiot Box
Chopper Based on a real criminal.
The Hard Word

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
The obligatory question, then: What's "roo" like?

Depends on how you cook it, it has a strong taste, it's lean, and tends to get tough if over cooked. I like it in stir fry, I have had it as a roast and it makes excellent sausages and burgers. If you do a fillet or stake you need to cook it rare. It's expensive at the moment :-(.

Emu isn't anything special. Croc is nice somebody said croc tastes like chicken/fish I disagree, I do like what I have had just need to have more to pin down the taste. Both are expensive as well.

Ceaser Slaad wrote:
The floating meat pie sounds good. Alas, roo is kind of hard to get in America so I'm going to have to try the beef.

You can use anything for the filling I have had Tandori and chilli con carne as fillings.

Recipe for the traditional pie

Limeylongears wrote:

I have lived near (or in) cities with large Afro-Caribbean populations but never had curried goat I need to do something about that

And I've never heard of a floating meat pie. Is it anything like a pirk pie?

Edit: pork pie. I have no idea what pirk is , and frankly I don't want to.

Traditional Australian meat pie (filling of your choice Beef or Roo or steak & kidney are mine) sit pie in middle of the plate surround with mushy peas and mash pour so much gravy on the pie floats.

I love pork pies, I will add them to a ploughman's lunch if they are available.

"A ploughman's lunch (abbrev. to ploughman's) is an English cold meal which consists of cheese, pickle, and bread.[1] Additional items such as boiled eggs, ham, and pickled onions may be added. As its name suggests, it is more commonly consumed at midday". -wiki.

One of the best things I have ever had is a Vietnamese pasty.... They minced the filling of a banh mi and put in place of a traditional Cornish filling. I ate 3 of them they were so tast.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Sarusan is a difficult prospect how do you balance a pre and post colonial Oceania/Australasia. Most Australian/NewZealand players want a colonial/post colonial with major threads of the indigenous past woven through, it's what most of us understand and relate to... Americans all ready have thier own story's of genocide, land theft and indigenous exploitation as part of thier history and if they tackle that in a Sarusan product they will have to be very careful on that edge.

On the other hand if it's pre colonial, than interest is limited, not because Oceanic/Australasian cultures aren't fascinating it's because are hard to shoehorn a faraway often misunderstood region into the U.S./Europe/Med/Near East analog focused campaign.

So far I have yet to find and RPG setting that does the region justice..... White Wolf came close, Shadowrun was a joke, TMNT down under was good for the animals.

I use Alkenstar as my post colonial Australia analog... Settled by the poor, the radical, the unwanted, survivors with that hard edge. It's harsh, dry and full of mutant things that want to kill you.

I think that would be the best you get.

If you have the Alkenstar Light Horse (mounted musket/riflemen) fighting Gnoll Raiders, while, version of Ned Kelly is holding up a whole town, as a 50' horned death spitter lizard has decided that the main road is the best place to sun it's self so traffic is backed up as nobody wants to go walkabout through the wastes to find a quick way around. Then you have Australia.

This year was a bit meh....

Before you go radically changing your play/game style.... Communicate with your players first, ask them for they want to see in a game, warn them if you do use what they have asked you will use it with your own twist. Then let them know they may see changes in the game style and they are welcome to provide feedback. Then try stuff out, have fun, and explore new stuff.

Nothing more off putting as a player than a GM going 180' in style without warning.

Floaters were invented by the British, but as they claim every time we won thier wars for them as a British or Empire or occasionally Commonwealth victory. Everything the British do is owned or owed to the members of the Commonwealth.

Vegiemite eating for the newb.... Take some Turkish bread toast till light brown, smother in butter so you have pools of melted buttery goodness. Take a knife and a small/tiny scrape of Vegiemite and dab it all over the toast, consume toast.

More advanced steps involve adding tomato and so on.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

English food can be very good. Home made Baked Beans on sourdough with bacon, poached eggs, corriander, and sausages is one of my favourites.

Then again you can have your Supersized Mac & cheese with cheese whiz and velveeta and grits in a big gulp bucket and think to yourselves you are the kings of cuisine....

Orfamay Quest wrote:
thejeff wrote:

Death spiral mechanics, where characters get less effective with every injury, might be realistic, but they're very much counter to a genre where heroes commonly rally and win fights after even serious injuries.

And, more to the point, they're generally considered not fun, since once you start losing, you keep losing (even more badly), but you need to play the fight out to the end.

Remember as a kid when you were playing Monopoly and it was obvious about an hour into the game who was going to win, but it still took three more hours to finish the game unless Mom sent everyone off to bed before that? That wasn't fun then, and it's no more fun now. From a dramatic standpoint, you need a chance of heroic reversals. From a ludic perspective, you want to minimize the tedium.

The death spiral not only doesn't solve any problems, it makes problems worse.

Maybe it's the other way around. No penalties for the fatigue and hits you take means you dig in and grind the combat out for another hour or so of game time... Fun fun fun.

Rather than learning to withdraw and comeback, and make use of tactics and environment.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

HP is also a reflection of stamina and fatigue... Still it's too vague... That's why I like Rolemaster broken arms and legs, bleed stacks, guts spilling out. Combatants flee and surrender a few rounds into combat.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
Feros wrote:

Her first PM? Winston Churchill.


Yes, that's occurred to me too - the monarch is now the vizier!

My fellow Americans, I think we are actually reaching a consensus here - let's rejoin the British Commonwealth!

You will need to understand Rugby and Cricket... You are getting better at beer. You must always do your best to annoy the English and you have to know the difference between England, Britain, Great Britain, the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth of Nations.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

This lists some of the free stuff out there Linky

6 people marked this as a favorite.

We love the queen because we get a day off work.

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