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Hellwasp Host

The 8th Dwarf's page

4,788 posts. Alias of Bradley Holland.


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Megalithic structures, menhirs, dolmen, henges, massive hill fort earth works.

I had a room with two very easy to find traps, one was armed and the other was disarmed, disarming one armed the other... That was the hard thing to detect.

It was a 20' by 10 corridor with a door at the end. Opening the door triggered the very obvious horizontal guillotine. Disarming the horizontal guillotine armed the vertical guillotine over the door and visa-versa.

Didn't kill the party but made them very wary

GeraintElberion wrote:

I don't think there is much of an appetite for regional government in England. Beyond an excitable minority in Cornwall.

Lots of people just see it as an extra layer of government.

Rydhsys rag Kernow lemmyn!

You friend of the Saeson.....

I wouldn't say hiding - more like being a patronising racist git.

This is a distraction by a s*@& government, trying to seem tough, anything to divert attention from the fact that they are inept, racist, sexist, homophobic pigs doing thier best to bring the worst aspects of the US to Australia.

Fair enough.

ZNs not a bad bloke for a Pom ;-)

Aubrey the Malformed wrote:
The 8th Dwarf wrote:
Sending Scotland broke is how the English forced the union in the first place. See the Darien disaster.
Um, I think they sent themselves broke with Darien. The Act of Union was England bailing Scotland out. The Scots were quite grateful at the time - well, the Scottish ruling classes, anyway.

I am an openly biased lefty Australian republican (Down with the monarchy type not the US keep the rich rich type) of Irish, Scottish, Dutch, French and Aboriginal descent.

Kind of colours my politics.


Ohh and the right don't dismiss people as stupid if don't share the same ideology...

Pot let me introduce you to kettle.

BigNorseWolf wrote:
Aubrey the Malformed wrote:
Zombieneighbours wrote:
'white van man' is a moron
Spoken like a true liberal.
An examination of why this person is/isn't an idiot would be more enlightening.

From Wiki

"White van man" is a stereotype found in the United Kingdom of the driving of smaller-sized commercial vans,[1] perceived as selfish, inconsiderate, mostly working class and aggressive.[2] According to this stereotype, the "white van man" is an independent tradesperson, such as a plumber or locksmith, self-employed, or running a small enterprise,[2] for whom driving a commercial vehicle is not the main line of business, as it is for a professional freight-driver.

Sending Scotland broke is how the English forced the union in the first place. See the Darien disaster.

Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
Chemlak wrote:
The 8th Dwarf wrote:
Ha ha ha Nutella is for the soft Vegemite is for the hardcore... It puts hair on your chest and it's made from beer.
I will see your Vegemite and raise you one Marmite. Generally known to many who taste it as "Good God, HOW CAN YOU EAT THIS STUFF?!" and known to the rest of us as Ambrosia.


Despite what it might have said in the first printing of Uncle Xanxost's Advanced Slaadi Guide, I am not made of marmite.

And anyone who says I spent a month baleful polymorphed into a Bovril paraelemental is a dirty liar.

Marmite is for poseurs.


You can be a republic and part of the Commonwealth.

As India and the Republic of South Africa both are.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I hope they leave.

The British Empire is over and Scottish independence my give us the nudge we need to become a republic and take the union flag off ours.

Danes not Dutch

Ninja'ed by CA

c873788 wrote:
The 8th Dwarf wrote:

Ha ha ha Nutella is for the soft Vegemite is for the hardcore... It puts hair on your chest and it's made from beer.

That and I can get peanut butter Tim Tams now.

The problem with Vegemite is that those who don't understand it slather it on like peanut butter. Vegemite should be used sparingly on toast with melted butter.

Sorry, but peanut butter is bleugh. 8P It's only useful for making satay sauce.

Heresy... Peanut & chocolate is a Mythically Epic combination.... It is the killer move, maybe only topped by prawns, cold beer and Hendrix blaring on the stereo on a hot summer afternoon while sitting in the shade at the beach.

Top keep it relevant - In our home games ambiguous rules are settled on by player GM consensus and change only if they change in the FAQ. I can see how it may cause frustration with PFS games.

chbgraphicarts wrote:
Sebastian Hirsch wrote:
Liz Courts wrote:
Sebastian Hirsch wrote:
Might I suggest rolled up Pfannkuchen filled with jam or Nutela?
Just give me a spoon. That Nutella will get taken care of.

Can't we have to conserve resources this years nut harvest might be pretty bad (about 70% of the nuts in Nutella come from Turkey and their harvest is projected to be terrible this year.

He have to make it last.... also you can put Nutella and Bananas on top ^^ Maybe even some (white) chocolate shavings^^

What madness is this!? Are you telling me I can't have my weekly Nutella bath!? LIVE IS NO LONGER WORTH LIVING!!!

Ha ha ha Nutella is for the soft Vegemite is for the hardcore... It puts hair on your chest and it's made from beer.

That and I can get peanut butter Tim Tams now.

Tinkergoth wrote:
I can't speak from experience, but everything I've heard from friends in the military is that games like that are often encouraged, because they encourage teamwork and tactical thinking, and allow for a bit of relaxation during a stressful time without requiring a lot of equipment (books aside, and from what I've been told mostly they tend to play core only so they don't have to carry much).

I have one current and several former players both in the Australian Army and Navy... Before laptops, tablets and kindles Traveler was popular because it fit into a small box. Now most have the rules in PDF on their devices.

ANU is a s!~& Uni any way ;-) UNE is better we have more beer.

I just find it odd that a company has that level of control over your Australia if you earn a lot you get private insurance and if you are an average person you mix both private and Medicare.

I am very lucky though while my employer is an Evil Bank - us minions and henchpersons get "unlimited" sick leave (I have never had to use it - 2 weeks is the longest I have had off sick at pay) paternity leave 2 weeks, maternity leave 12 weeks.

We also have

Defined diversity policies that are very actively pursued insuring everybody is treated with respect in the workplace.

- we still haven't had a female CEO, yet.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Angel: Is this your big strategy for gettin' the ring back?
Spike: I had a plan.
[Hurls Spike onto a car and pins him face first to the bonnet]
Angel: You, a plan?
Spike: A good plan, smart plan, carefully laid out. But, I got bored.
[Spike pushes Angel against a wall]
Spike: All that watching, waiting. My legs started to cramp.

Spike = our game style, we plan and then we kick the front door in.

Once we surprised ourselves by sticking to the plan and things were going so well we stopped and sabotaged ourselves by taking insane risks resulting in character deaths.

5 people marked this as a favorite.

I think there needs to be more of a focus on cultural interpretations of deities in the write ups. In the real world you can't walk two blocks without running into 2 or 3 different ways of worshiping one of the monotheistic goods and umpteen different interpretations of that gods message.

Extrapolating that to Golarion and looking at Erastil for example, what would he be like if he was worshiped in a matriarchal society - if that community was happy successful and safe would he reinforce gender roles in that society because it's working... I would certainly run it that way.

A nomadic Kelid wandering the frozen north is going to have a completely different view of who is most important and what the gods roles are to a person from Nex.

In an average persons shrine in the home would you have many or all gods represented... To give thanks to the good and beneficial gods and to placate and avoid the wrath of the evil ones.

What would a contract dispute between an Abadarian and an Asmodian look like.

What are the names of the gods in Halit or Garundish.

There is so much more to be done to flesh out the gods.

Wrath wrote:

We used to be serious, back in our teens and early 20 s. Now my mates and I use this as a way to release stress in our weeks. For us, it's as much about catching up and having a laugh as it is about having fun.

We get a fair bit of gaming time in during those sessions, the characters are all memorable to us, as much for their humorous behaviours as their awesome power. And we laugh ourselves stupid too. It's great fun.

However, when I was DM ing, it was frustrating a little, given you'd prepped a game and players weren't focusing. Our current DM felt similar. We both sat down together one night to discuss that and worked out the mateship and pressure release was more important the group as a whole.

Ever since then, it's been far better for us all.


Sounds exactly like my group in Sydney..... Currently adventuring through Carrion Crown, lots of jokes but there have been some memorable moments.

zylphryx wrote:
The 8th Dwarf wrote:

The Cat Empire is an Australian ska and jazz band formed in 1999. Their sound is a fusion of jazz, ska, funk and rock with heavy Latin influences.

The Cat Empire - Days like these

They are one of my favourite bands and awesome live. It's summer music..bbq, beers on the patio or porch... Afternoons at the beach.

Yep that was the first thing I thought of with the thread title. Hello was the track that got me hooked several years ago. Wish they would make it to somewhere close to me, but the closest locations I have seen on the US tours are still about 500 miles away minimum.

They spent a lot of time in Cuba, just to get a better Latin sound... Doesn't help you though, with getting gigs close enough.

The best gig I saw them play was the HomeBake festival in Sydney.... I saw them, the Beasts of Bourbon, and Machine Gun Fellatio.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The Cat Empire is an Australian ska and jazz band formed in 1999. Their sound is a fusion of jazz, ska, funk and rock with heavy Latin influences.

The Cat Empire - Days like these

They are one of my favourite bands and awesome live. It's summer music..bbq, beers on the patio or porch... Afternoons at the beach.

Tinkergoth wrote:
Deadmanwalking wrote:
Irontruth wrote:
Deadmanwalking wrote:

And I'd really like you to stop harping on the 'fetish porn' bit. It's deeply irrelevant. The important part is the 'Nazi' bit.

No, it's fully relevant. Because as you say, they could just be peddling war movies. Triumph of the Will, despicable as it's intention could be, is still a piece of history both as a record and point of perspective.

Pornography made in the 2000's, with people wearing Nazi uniforms has no historical relevance.

If the vendor's only purpose is to be a source of war movies and historical documents, why would they have Nazi fetish porn?

Because porn sells? Seriously, branching out from war movies to porn isn't exactly the greatest leap ever. It's the Nazi bit that makes the whole thing problematic.
Also, this. My god does it ever sell. I can't imagine wanting to watch Nazi themed porn, but I guess taboo things like that tend to have a fan base, even if the rest of us find it distasteful.

Reminds me of an Alexi Sayle bit in the Young Ones

"I mean, they told me while at school, if I got two CSEs, when I left school I’d be head of British Steel. That’s a lot of nonsense, innit? I mean, you look at statistics, right. 83% of top British management have been to a public school and Oxbridge, right? 93% of the BBC have been to a public school and Oxbridge, right? 98% of the KGB have been to a public school and Oxbridge.

All you get from a public school, right — one, you get a top job, right, and two, you get an interest in perverse sexual practises. I mean, that’s why British management’s so inefficient. As soon as they get in the boardroom, they’re all shutting each others’ dicks in the door! “Go on, give it another slam, Sir Michael!” BAM! OW OW OW! “Come on, Sir Geoffrey, let’s play the Panzer commander and the millkmaid, EW EW EW EW! YOO HOO!”

1 person marked this as a favorite.

My conspiracy theory is that Michelle Gomez's character Missy is the same character she played in the Green Wing, Sue White the HR consultant from hell. (lots of NSFW language)

In visual style they are pointing to Pertwee. He was one of the most fun of the Doctors, and he had a large regular supporting cast that you grew to care about.

Genetics - it depends if the gene that determines skin colour is recessive or not. For aboriginal Australians it is, that is why you have white blond blue eyed Aboriginals in Australia.

That is why you can't tell a person what race they are based on skin colour.

So a predominantly white institution gets to determine who is what ethnicity, you do know you are using institutionalised racism to say somebody doesn't qualify as a race because of their skin colour....

What gives you the right to determine who is what, if somebody says they are Aboriginal and their skin tone whiter than mine....

Then that is good enough for me, in fact legally that is good enough for Australia, other people don't get to determine your ethnicity.

Telling people they are too white or too dark is racist.

You don't get to sit on the board of who is and who isn't.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Is it because it's bright, shiny, bouncy, has no sharp dangerous bits, plastic, gets swatted around by hot people in swim suits, pops under pressure and blown away in strong gusts of wind.

Your are especially not allowed to take them to the cricket... Security will come and pop the ball and kick you out of the grounds.

Telling somebody your skin is not dark or light enough to be X race is racial vilification - it doesn't matter about the persons politics.

I will say it once more denying somebody's cultural heritage based on skin tone is Racial Vilification.

Mecha poet, thejeff, GWL, and EnterisShadow, maybe you should have think about your approach to this as Scott has pointed out where you engaged in questionable arguments to prove your point. Tainting your arguments for everybody else.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

It's Wear it Purple Day.

The site For Wear it Purple.

"Wear It Purple is a youth-led organisation that exists to support and empower rainbow (i.e. sexuality and gender diverse) young people. We are young people, working for young people.

Wear it Purple believes that every young person is unique, important and worthy of love. We believe no one should be subject to bullying, belittlement or invalidation: whoever you are."

My company has been very proactive in promoting the day, I am borrowing my wife's purple scarf as I don't own any purple clothes.

zylphryx wrote:
The 8th Dwarf wrote:
zylphryx wrote:

Man I hope they redo SSI's WWII war games as well. Battle for Normandy was a classic.

Did they also do Redstorm Rising, Midway and Tobruk?


Redstorm Rising was by Microprose.

Battlestations: Midway was by Eidos.

Tobruk: Clash of Armor was by Datasoft.

Thanks :-)

I found a list of SSI games on wiki - I played a lot of those games.

Are there any modern equivalents of the counter based wargames?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I liked one of Scott's comments. it's like the 3rd time - do I have to start playing 4E now ;-)

3 people marked this as a favorite.

In Australia we had a radio shock jock tell some people weren't dark enough to be Aboriginal - he was convicted of racial vilification.

Dismissing the authors Latino heritage is not on, especially when you are highlighting racism. Maybe you need to step back and take a look at yours.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

It's a Dramaticlicenceasaur....

Drejk wrote:
The 8th Dwarf wrote:
Apparently her best friends find them frightening, ugly and boy things.

I think the ugly was aimed at the Gronkle

thejeff wrote:
The 8th Dwarf wrote:

My comment relates only to Adams assumption that Hama is white so that auto = privilege.

Ask the Japanese about their privilege over the Anu or resident Koreans, or any non Han Chinese or the Hutu and Tutsi, or Fijians and Indians, or Brahmin and Dalit.

Yeah, I get that, though it was actually EntrerisShadow, I think.

Race and privilege plays out differently in different cultures. And Americans do tend to be blind to that and to assume that it is all about them.

OTOH, the original articles are both talking about race in a specifically US context. And some of Hama's comments echo US white racist rhetoric. I guess the lesson might be that commenting on another countries racial issues is a mine field?

Yes a mine field on a hair trigger. Hama was not sensitive to that. He tends to use the same set of my world should apply everywhere else values as some Americans (everybody actually) do.

My apologies to Adam if I got the wrong person.

6 people marked this as a favorite.
Rysky wrote:
Wow... Just... *pinches nose due to stupid overload*

My middle daughter loves dragons and dinosaurs and she is having a dragon party for her birthday.

She went as Astrid* from HtTyD for her book week parade (don't know if you have book week in the US - but it's like Halloween without the candy and it's your favourite literary character and it's at school).

* Astrid has a different name in the books.

I spent hours making metal studs out of paper clay and painting them silver with my citadel paint. :-)
She came third and won a book...

Friends of ours are both art teachers and their son wins all the time.... He came as a dragon with a papier-mâché head... There is a friendly rivalry, we will never win but it is fun.

She came home very sad a few weeks ago and asked if she could change her party to a little pet shop party...
I asked why and she said are dragons for girls?.
I said yes they are who told you they weren't... ?
Apparently her best friends find them frightening, ugly and boy things.
I said you wouldn't stop your friends from having a party with things they loved, they shouldn't do the same to you. If they don't like it they don't have to come and you can invite other people.

We are having a dragon party again and her friends are invited.

My comment relates only to Adams assumption that Hama is white so that auto = privilege.

Ask the Japanese about their privilege over the Anu or resident Koreans, or any non Han Chinese or the Hutu and Tutsi, or Fijians and Indians, or Brahmin and Dalit.

1 person marked this as a favorite.


There is also Victorian age Vampire The Masquerade... One of the best VTM books, combine that with Mage, changeling, and Hunter and you have a cool game.

8 people marked this as a favorite.

This is a problem Americans tend to assign their cultural and racial baggage, to the rest of the world. There is an attitude what happens in the US applys everywhere else.

When you accuse a Serb or a Hungarian, or a Croat or a Greek of being privileged because of their skin colour you are being very ignorant of thousands of years of occupation and oppression and slavery. But hey they are white and everything must be easy and good for them because that's how it is in the US.

Brandon Hodge wrote:
Ravingdork wrote:
So they are giving it a fantasy vibe rather than a sci-fi vibe? A car made to look like a banana is still a car.
If historic heroics of the Second World War are directly synonymous with Superman saving Metropolis from superpowered alien threats, then sure.

I am seeing a Sherlock Holmes, hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Mesmerists, Landships, zeppelins, kind of book.

So if you wanted to have have the psychic side of a Victorian/Edwardian steam/ diesel punk game... Pathfinder meets Downton Abbey, this would be the kind of book you look at.

I'm in...

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Oh Vod you do make me laugh....

Not with you though.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Sanitised... Squeaky clean... Disneyfied and about as edgy as a beach ball.

He had a good innings and an amazing life.

LazarX wrote:
JonGarrett wrote:

Acting was good, writing was...meh. Moffat's long past due for being put out to pasture, or we're just going to get more badly mangled recycled plots.

I'd probably have enjoyed the 50th Special more if Moffat hadn't been such an ass to several of the older Doctors, including getting a couple of shots in on Eccleston.

I don't see any real digs being made on Eccleston, If you're taking the War Doctor's closing quip about his ears.... that's par for the course. As to the older Doctors, I saw nothing but homages all around.

If you watch any of the original multi Doctor stories they call each other far worse and spend a lot of time bickering.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I loved Capaldi - reminds me of a cranky Pertwee.

NuWho fans - need to get used to retcons, continuity faults and lies because that is the way it is and what I love about the show.

I would be very happy if a lot of "fans" rage quit show - then it would be my show again and I wouldn't have to listen to the butt hurt whiny fans cry about it all the time.

It's a very selfish attitude I know, but I loved it as it was and I like it as it is.

Brandon Hodge wrote:
Set wrote:
This has been weirdly understated. I've seen a few references to it, but this is the first link to / direct statement I've seen. Thanks for finding it RD!
There are at least four threads that have been talking about this over the last week.

Are you on this project Mr Hodge?

If so I will be purchasing it, you write stuff I like.

I love the Dream Scared press version and hope both will work together.

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