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Hellwasp Host

The 8th Dwarf's page

4,929 posts. Alias of Bradley Holland.


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As ugly as a hat full of a$$@&@+%s.

Hes got a head on him like a half sucked mango seed.

A few tinnies short of a slab.

About as useful as a one legged man in a arse kicking contest.

All froth and no beer.

All over the place like a drunken spider.

Bangs like a dunny door in a storm.

Bum nuts (eggs).

Champagne lifestyle on a Beer budget.

Couldn't organise a fart in a chilli eating contest.

Fit as a mallee bull.

Flat out like a lizard drinkin.

Given birth to a politician.

Goin to drain the one eyed trouser snake.

Got a head like a diseased rice bubble.

Hava optic at this.

I'm off - like a bucket of prawns in the hot sun.

Mad as a cut snake.

Sweating like a pregnant nun at confession.

Wouldn't shout if a shark bit him.

Full as a centipede's sock drawer

Go off like a frog in a sock

He needs that like a third armpit.

May your chooks turn into emus and kick your dunny door down.

Unknown earth fortifications discovered in the Subcarpathian province.

How to Recreate a Sloppy Ancient Greek Drinking Game.

Abandoned 1882 rifle sparks archaeological quest in Nevada.

In Australia there is an ice cream called a Golden Gaytime

Its so hard to have a Gaytime on your own.

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Jessica Price wrote:
You'll forgive me, I'm sure, if I'd prefer to hear directly from female Australian gamers about their experiences before declaring Australian game milieus a bastion of inclusivity.

Shifty is not claiming it's perfect... It is different with different problems to the U.S. Experience.

That is why we scratch our heads at some of the complaints we see coming from the U.S.

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Shifty wrote:
Joynt Jezebel wrote:

Well, I am an Australian male in my 50's who has been roleplaying and GMing for over 35 years.

And young women, they do most things if they want to and anyone who is fool enough to tell them "girls can't do that" is likely to be told to "go f### yourself" or somesuch.

I think this is where our confusion is coming from, Australian girls seem to be a bit of a different set of personalities - they are quite happy going where they please and that includes gaming, which is probably why we look at the thread and think "what problem?", as there are certainly a fair few girl gamers kicking about and the issues we read about don't really happen here.

I could just imagine some grognards trying to pull some of the anecdotes in this thread at a Sydney gaming event... it would be a speed challenge to see who could throttle the person first.

As for martial arts, we have a lot of girls (40% as a guess) rolling on the canvas where we train, so no shortfall there :)
Families who fight and play together stay together.

It's ingrained into the national character that all Australians should be tough, self sufficient, and have a healthy disrespect for Authority and those that set themselves above others.

Australian women fought and continue to fight hard for equality Utopia Girls is an excellent documentary on how Australian women were first in the world to achieve equal representation.

Doodlebug Anklebiter wrote:

One of my union brothers was telling another, Britishiznoid national, union brother about Danger 5 and I got to look very smart and cultured and awesome because I know about all the cool shiznit, but, in reality, I've never seen an episode and only know about it because I've read Comrade Dwarf's posts on it in the past.

Thank you, Comrade Dwarf, for helping me keep up my street cred.

No problem Comrade.

Danger 5 Season 1 Trailer

Danger 5 Season 2 Trailer

Tinkergoth wrote:
The 8th Dwarf wrote:
Tinkergoth wrote:
All good I knew it wasn't a gore fest. That's usually not what I'm looking for in a horror film. Unless it's horror comedy in which case roll on the buckets of blood
Not film but have you caught Danger 5 Season 2 - buckets of blood....
I've never even heard of Danger 5, but I'll check it out.

Oh my gosh.... SBS should still have season 1 on catch up TV.

Tell me you have seen Italian Spider-Man.... It's by the same guys and also free on YouTube.

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DM Under The Bridge wrote:
thegreenteagamer wrote:

According to my wife, and I have to agree heartily with her, it would go a long way to getting women gamers to show up if gamers regularly showered before and wore deodorant to games.

It's a stereotypical thing to address, yes, but I have found it to be annoyingly true, and honestly, it's almost gotten me to leave, too.

Smelly stereotypical jerks bringing the rest of us down via association.

For the past few years, I dm and my players are mostly female. I don't want to be the smelly guy, so I have an ironclad rule of showering before a game, or shower before a shift if the game is straight after (if not straight after, eat, then shower, then go). It really helps to take this away as an issue.

The all male games I have joined didn't have a problem with one or more of them stinking up the house. I suspect they were doing the same thing as I prior to the game. Maybe Australian roleplayers have learned hygiene.

I have played with guys with poor hygiene - one had a mental illness and we had to work hard to get him to take his medication and look after himself. The other his parents were abusive and neglectful - we (mostly his flatmate)had to teach him how to wash his clothes, cook a good meal and other social niceties. So I do my best not to be judgemental.

When I was young D&D was a refuge for a lot of young men - for a few hours you could escape from social isolation, your own social inability, bullying, your lack of physical prowess.

I guess it is a similar experience for some of those people today, although WoW (and the alike) has also offered an even more threat free environment.

A lot of them carry issues of low self worth and low self esteem and that leads to the neglect of themselves thier health and hygiene.

As the RPG industry becomes more socially acceptable, I can see a movement to cordon off and move on those who don't fit the fashionably geeky profile. It's sad but that's the way the world is.

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Message board troll wrote:

Points out only 1 ! is necessary, excessive use of the ! demonstrates MBT's lack of class and style.

Tinkergoth wrote:
All good I knew it wasn't a gore fest. That's usually not what I'm looking for in a horror film. Unless it's horror comedy in which case roll on the buckets of blood

Not film but have you caught Danger 5 Season 2 - buckets of blood....

Use the leadership feat and scale it based on level. Use negatives for characters under under 7th level so that the pet doesn't outstrip the PCs but can still survive.

In 1E there was a weapon speed and weapon vs armour table.

TarkXT wrote:

I'm just going to flat out say weapon evolution in D&D, really most rpgs in general, make absolutely no sense. It's like try to track the evolution of the banana in siberia.

No connection at all to anything. No correlation to anything.

Really I kind of despise how weapons are handled in in D&D. Different weapons perform different functions absed on the context and situation. A warhammer is picked due to its ability to bite into armor and damage an opponent.

But in pathfinder terms a warhammer is every bit as effective as a longsword against an armored opponent.

When I hear designers and optimizers talk about martial proficiency not meaning much since players tend to pick only one or two weapons anyway I want to throw up my hands and go "of course they do! They're all functionally the same!"

That is why I prefer Rolemaster... Rapier versus lightly armoured opponent = deadly not so much so against an armoured opponent.

Interesting article on the Middle Earth Economy..... Link

Chengar Qordath wrote:
Charon's Little Helper wrote:
LazarX wrote:
Also keep in mind that the Great War was the first total war which put such heavy emphasis on the mass destruction of civillians.
Not really. Arguably mass destruction was new since it was the first major war with large bombs. But many ancient wars didn't worry much about civilians. Heck - raping & pillaging was one of the major advantages of soldiering in some cultures. In the not so distant past - Napoleon's troops were infamous for it - though it backlashed on him in Spain (and somewhat in other places) with all of the guerrillas he had to deal with.

Not to mention World War I was one of the less terrible wars for civilians as far as military action goes, thanks to the nature of trench warfare. A relatively static front line gives all the civilians plenty of time to clear out of the war zone. By far most of the civilian deaths in World War I were from malnutrition and disease.

Granted, a war that's "less terrible for civilians" can still be pretty nasty. But compared to something like World War II or the Thirty Years War...

The Armenians and Belgians would like to differ with you in regards to less terrible for civilians.

Núrn was a semi-arid place due to its close proximity to Gorgoroth and consisted mostly of short grass landed plains, fertile enough to support farming to support the armies of Sauron, as opposed to the arid plateau of Gorgoroth, which is north-west of Núrn.

The Dwarves farmed the valleys and in the case of the Lonely Mountain traded extensively with Dale. That is why Dale was so rich.

Charon's Little Helper wrote:
The 8th Dwarf wrote:

If you asked JRR or GRR for the history of a type of weapon, I am sure they would be to give you a 10 page essay on where it came from. That is why they are the the masters of world buildin.

Meh - JRR was the master of histories in epic poetry, languages etc. His world's economy etc was mostly nonexistant. One reason he probably ripped on industrialization so much. :P (Plus he blamed industrialization for the horrors he saw in WW I.)

The thing is if you asked JRR why such and such used axes he would have a history and a background to the weapon. The industrialisation thing is a tangent - interesting but a tangent. The whole point is world building.

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KutuluKultist wrote:

Golarion is not the historical past of earth.

Golarion is not the historical past of earth.

Golarion is not the...

and fantasy RPGs own much more to Hollywood and pulp than to history books.

It annoys me to no end when people repeatedly flagellate this deceased equine.

No Golarion is not based on the historical past of Earth.

It like Hollywood and the pulps does draw its flavour from historical earth... That is why there are pyramids and Arabian and Viking analoges Golarion.

For some people the history of weapon development is important to the internal consistency of their campaign.

Looking to historical equivalents is the only route people have to provide the background they require.

If you asked JRR or GRR for the history of a type of weapon, I am sure they would be to give you a 10 page essay on where it came from. That is why they are the the masters of world buildin.

Remains of hand held guns from the Wars of the Roses.... Link to BBC article.

Sorry mate.

Christmas day in Brisbane- I have assembled toys and installed games. I have some free time to relax. It's about 86'F now and . The Duck, Turkey, ham and pork are cooking the mango trifle is being made.

My wife ordered some things from the U.S. for me but because of problems at the docks they won't arrive until next week:-(

I can't wait until lunch is over so I can go for a swim and take a nap.

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Raising children is hard work, and I applaud any parent that does their best to give their kids a good life.

I have 3 daughters, they can be sweet, loud, complex, mean, wonderful, enthusiastic, sulky, amazing, annoying, thoughtful, selfish, helpful, aggressive, peacemakers all in the space one hour.

From what I have seen of my nephews, boys are very similar. The differences tend to be they are far more likely to jump off or climb up stuff.

Orthos wrote:
Envy on the weather man.

My girls have never seen snow - I have been to the Snow fields once. At Uni it would snow one week in winter but never settle. Coldest natural temp I have been in was -8'C. Man made cold -35'C (I was doing some repair work on a blast freezer for an Ice Cream factory).

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Happy Dies Natalis Solis Invicti.

Merry Christmas or your flavour of festive holiday from sunny Brisbane Australia - it's 6:35 in the morning and 25'C or 77'F With a top of 30'C or 86'F I am assembling toys installing games and in need of sleep.

Then We will be helping cook Christmas lunch and after lunch we will swill swim and snooze

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I love the super crunch of Rolemaster. Surprisingly the consistency afforded to me by the heavy crunch allows considerable flexibility with the fluf. I suppose that is because I am confident with the system and know how to help players achive what they are looking for within the system.

Anybody that thinks that the rich and powerful have no hold or influence on politicians is naive.

Even if you kill the rich and redistribute the wealth, the guys with the guns doing the redistribution and killing hold the power.

There is no perfect way - equitable government is like absolute zero - impossible to achieve.

The best you can do is whack a mole reform - avoid voting for either of the big two and make sure the reform parties hold the balance of power that way reforms are enacted. Not perfect but better than a poke in the eye with a burnt stick.

Iron Crown's Space Master. The "Old school hardcore" RPG if there was one.

Are you talking about the Fermi Paradox? There are lots of variables that Drake did not include in his equation.

Do you know how insignificant a portion of our own galaxy we have searched is? Take a tea spoon to a sandpit dig out some sand... That's it on that spoon - we know the size and shape of the sand pit and that there are billions of others out there, but we haven't finished looking through ours.

Life is out there and beyond microbial I would say it's very very rare.

I admire and respect Paizo especially for thier inclusiveness - love them no.

They are not perfect and can be a tad self righteous.

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No more end of times than 476 CE or 1453 CE or 1066 or 790's or the early 1200's or 1914 or 1939.

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Has anybody tried Mordheim?

it's available as an early access game, the screenshots and clips look interesting.

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Its either Yellow Dingo and his sentient wind turbines in Texas or Cosmo's fault.

Chris Lambertz wrote:
Jiggy wrote:
Chris Lambertz wrote:
The titles actually have a rule to wrap on smaller screen sizes

Really? I haven't seen a single wrapped title, even when it's this guy:

RPG Superstar 2014 Top 16, RPG Superstar 2013 Top 16 , Marathon Voter 2013, Dedicated Voter 2014 aka RainyDayNinja
As an experiment, I tried shrinking my browser window really small, but it never wraps the title.
IE is notoriously cranky with CSS rules like this. I'd recommend checking to be sure whether compatibility mode is enabled or not. I can assure you that titles are designed to wrap though.

I hate IE so much - I test software for a Financial Institution and we have to make sure we are backwards compatible with IE8... Its insanity inducing.

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Just taking race out of this - 1000's of US citizens are being killed each year by their own police. 1000s

Then you distract yourselves from the issue by going around in circles focusing on race and not on the death toll.

It's shocking - each one of you is 100 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than an English person.

Instead of arguing about the minutiae you should be talking to your politicians abot the numbers.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

While you guys seem bogged down in race - The central core of the matter is why is it so acceptable for police in the US to kill so many Americans?

Why so many Americans?

You are at war with yourself...

From the Economist "British citizens are around 100 times less likely to be shot by a police officer than Americans. Between 2010 and 2014 the police force of one small American city, Albuquerque in New Mexico, shot and killed 23 civilians; seven times more than the number of Brits killed by all of England and Wales’s 43 forces during the same period."

All those lists don't answer the question of comparable western democracies.....

Why do US police kill 450-1000 a year (depending on who's stats you are looking at) and comparable western democracies significantly less - Australia with 6 being a stand out.

Kelsey - rabbits a non native invasive species in Austalia are dealt with by chemical and biological methods.

I suggest you read up on rabbit plagues in Australia. I have been in a mouse plague it is terrifying. In some places you can't walk without the crunch of writhing bodies under your feet, or you can't unsee what you thought was a blanket suddenly scatter and run up the walls, and you as you enter the room.

Rabbits are much much worse.

My point was a lot of people were saying that the death rate by police would be the same in most other western countries- clearly it's not. 6 in one year for Australia comes closest... The UK went a whole year without the police shooting somebody. In 3 years they discharged their weapons 18 times for 9 fatalities.

Statistics on police shootings Business Insider Link.


Cricket or vampire?

thejeff wrote:

Doesn't really matter. Pick one and run with it. Just make sure your players are on the same page, before you go throwing contrived moral dilemmas at them.

The only thing worse that arguing over contrived moral dilemmas is arguing over them because of assumption clash about what the actual facts are.


It's not often I agree 100% with thejeff. It's usually 50-60%

The GM has to communicate what the level of moral, grim, gritty or swashbuckle s/he is going to set for the game and the players need to negotiate what level is comfortable for them. If either fail to do so then they are crapy players/GMs.

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Eltacolibre wrote:


Greek heroes are not defined by good or evil tho. Greek Heroism is like God of War the game, it is all about epic deeds, Hercules was a horrible human being but was still considered a hero, not talking about the clean cut version of Disney. Kratos is definitely evil.

Just saying that Spartans were heroes in the ancient greece definition of heroes, but they were not good that's for sure.

Heracles was driven mad by the Goddess Hera forcing him to murder his own children and then he not Hera had to atone by doing the 12 Labours...

Hmmm all powerful being makes hero murder children.... Hera was a dick GM.

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thejeff wrote:

Edit: Or just make them actually inhuman monsters and ignore the moral issues. They're only there to be killed anyway.
But frankly, if your players are after a "fun filled game of murder and theft", then their character probably aren't very good anyway, so it might all be moot.

Isn't that what I said...

99% of people in this thread have played characters that killed and looted.

Every game table top to electronic we play or a majority of movies we watch we revel in the violence and looting.

From Space opera, sword and sandal, pirate, western or war. It's all about committing acts of violence and taking land, loot or status.

People enjoy make believe and they enjoy being the group of heroes fighting against the odds even if you are blasting storm troopers, killing the English or Nazis or Martians.

On the other hand in a story or a game murdering your way through a bunch of infants is a dick move and its a dick move by a GM to put players in those situations. If you cut your way through an Orc lair in Neverwinter Nights you aren't put in that situation, Jack Sparrow doesn't murder his way through a ship full of women and children and so on

That's not what players want... GMs on power trips want that s+@@ so they can torture players.

I ask at the beginning of a game is this going to be a fun romp or an angst filled emotionally exhausting grind. If it's the type of game where I am going to be depressed at the end then I walk.

I have done the woe is me crap back in my old WOD days... I am well and truly over being a "serious role player".

I am in a game to get the Robin Hood, James Bond, Han Solo, Luke, Spider-Man experience not the Hannibal Lecter, Dexter experience and any GM who puts that crap in my game will cop an ear full of uncensored discussion of what a dick he or she is.

Zardnaar wrote:

Fantasy works do not usually mix the genres although you can find it if you look hard enough. It is not very commen with the major fanatasy authoers anyway.

David Gemmel- Yes with the Jon Shannow books
David Eddings. Not so much.
Tolkein. Nope
Feist. Nope
GRR Martin- Nope
Robert Jordan- Not in the early books
Terry Brooks Not in the early books, yes in the later books (lost technology in a post apocalyptic world).


Pathfinder is more or less D&D as well and early D&D had a tech level replicating Dark Ages to the 14th century. Things like Expedition to the Barrier Peaks were isolated and contained for the most part and easily avoidable.

Fiest - I think there is a description of a fleet of star ships being destroyed in one of the books.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

It is simple... If you don't want to be a s$~*ty DM and torture your players with moral dilemmas don't have monster children.

Goblinoids hatch fully formed from something like frog spawn just a little smaller....

Orcs drop a clone from a cyst once or twice a year.

They are not human and monsters after all.

The core premise of the game is killing things and taking their stuff. If your players are after a fun filled game of murder and theft then don't be a dick DM and ruin the fun with moral dilemmas.

On the other hand if you want to wallow in a bitter soup of emo angst and guilt and that is what is fun for your players go for it moral dilemma the adventure as much as you want.

Guang wrote:
The 8th Dwarf wrote:

The problem I see with Sarusan is that it will be the Oceania of myth and dreaming... It's too far away to have a Colonial or post colonial history.

If you want something coffee table (with a U.S. Perspective & baggage attached) but still good I recommend the following episodes from Stuff you missed in history class . I do find they lack a little nuance and come with a how quaint filter - but they are reasonably well researched.

I'm hoping for some of both. Maybe also have an adventure in which you have to fight off hordes of invading rabbits.

Rabbits bah! You need to read about the Emu war.

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