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ThatEvilGuy's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 717 posts (1,078 including aliases). No reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist. 12 aliases.


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So I'm interested in playing an NPC I created for my party when I was GMing as a PC for an upcoming campaign. Now, the issue is that he's a Winter Wolf and that's a whole slew of problems waiting to happen so I came up with a good ol' fantasy reason why he's now a PC race: the always useful "I've been cursed" shtick. The thing is I want to simulate some of his winter wolfishness outside of RP with class abilities/powers and I'm not sure what kind of options there are to do that effectively within the rules/outside of homebrewing. Any suggestions would be awesome though I'd like to avoid primary spellcasting classes and I'm open to options that can only be used a limited amount of time. In fact, I'd prefer that.

Did the Osiriontologist feat get a PF update in this book? My antiquities dealer turned white necromancer is quite interested. :3

55 minutes and counting. The last stretch goal is still a bit off but it is absolutely awesome! Spread the word!


This is the kind of flavor I've been looking for. I can't wait to see the revised class and may finally actually pull out a primary spellcaster for a game with this just from the flavor alone.

20 hours now~

I can't wait until I can actually download the thing. -_-


The page was open... with words... and a link to the download... and I clicked the download and... and...


Now it's blank and gone. GONE!

Pathfinder Design Team wrote:


Mythic Vampire, Overcome Weakness: How is this ability better than a standard vampire's weaknesses?

The mythic vampire should only be sickened in direct sunlight, not nauseated.
Also, unlike a standard vampire, a mythic vampire should not be utterly destroyed on the second round of exposure to direct sunlight (it will take 10 points of damage each round, lose its fast healing, and be sickened, but can otherwise take actions and survive as long as it still has hit points).
This will be corrected in the next printing of Mythic Adventures.


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Don't jerk a bee.

Wait, what?

DeathQuaker wrote:
Dammit, where were all the Paizo internships in 1998 when I needed them? ;)

In the future, of course.

"Balanced" is a subjective term that means very different things to different players.

Unless you define your idea of what balanced is, nobody is going to be able to make an informed recommendation to you that falls in line with it.

It's one thing to be able to one shot an enemy whenever the rogue sets up a situation where they are sneak attacking.

It's a whole different thing when the rogue one shots an enemy during the surprise round.

I agree, once combat has really started, it shouldn't be possible without some really lucky rolls mixed in with a very solid character to just off creatures and NPCs all over the place, but during a surprise round when the rogue has every conceivable advantage on his side? There really should be some extra bonus damage there to increase the chance of "slitting a guard's throat", especially when you're starting to deal with things significantly lower than your CR.

Nothing says Bad Ass(TM) like having a 5% chance of possibly having the opportunity of making a mook pass out (Protip: Hyperbole).

I do things like that all the time to keep things fun for the players, especially when fighting the cannon fodder.

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El Ronza wrote:
Patrick Renie wrote:
... how to play with lycanthropes on worlds with multiple moons
... holy crap. That's something I've never thought about before, but hot damn, I'm looking forward to it now!

Eberron had that problem. Essentially, it was full moon time, all the time.

I really don't know why the Da Vinci Code was so successful. It was an okay read. Far fetched in a sort of fun way but the "twist" wasn't all that twisty and only controversial if you're religious in a Christian sort of way. It wasn't exactly the first time I read or heard the theory central to the mystery.

ciretose wrote:
Epic Meepo wrote:
mdt wrote:
That is, honestly, the simplest way to implement it.

Actually, the simplest way to implement spell combat would be:

"As part of making a full attack, you can cast a single magus spell with a casting time of 1 standard action in addition to your normal attacks. Resolve the casting of this spell either before or after resolving your normal attacks."

That may sound game-breaking, but it's no worse than a summoner casting a spell while his eidolon makes a full attack.

Which is a whole other issue :)

I would love to see them work out the kinks of an "The Player is functionally a morphable eidelon" class, since the Archetype fell a bit short.

It was an excellent idea, perhaps a bit to complex for just an archetype.

It was far too complex for an archetype and needed to be either an alternate class based on the summoner or a whole new base class. The concept is pretty boss, but the execution is an absolute mess. It'd be nice to see them, or a 3PP for that matter, take a stab at "Synthesist 2.0"

I'll add my name to the Nex/Geb/Mana Wastes triumverate. Archmagi, necromancers and gunslingers aplenty!

What sort of goodies do Champions get besides the super jump of awesome?

Actually... fourth degree burns damage not only all of the skin in the burned area but also the underlying muscle, tendon and ligament. Very often fourth degree burns are fatal. If a patient survives a fourth degree burn then skin grafting is essential.

Skylancer4 wrote:
ThatEvilGuy wrote:

You take the -2 penalty to your AC when you charge.

Charging isn't two separate move-and-then-attack-actions, it's a full-round action. Think of it as its own action. You're either charging or you're not. Pretty simple.

It is pretty simple, the problem being the RAW (Rules As Written) say you are incorrect.

The words on the [insert medium here] say you need to move before a charge attack, then when you make the attack you gain a bonus and a penalty. WHEN YOU MAKE THE ATTACK is the trigger for the adjustments, pure and simple, in writing on the 'page' (whether that is the supposed intent, which you and I cannot know as we aren't the devs).

If it said 'when you start a charge' or 'when you perform a charge' or 'during a charge' it would be as you say. It doesn't say that... It says the condition is making an attack.

Well look at that. It's a full round action that's actually a move-action-then-attack-like-action-not-to-be-confused-with-an-"attack"-act ion action. It looks like, according to the wording, the bonus and penalty are triggered when you make the attack.

Someday we'll have a streamlined-cut-the-fat built-from-the-ground-up ruleset in PF that doesn't spawn quite as many RAW/RAI/RWTF FAQ threads.

I'll just continue to pretend that a full-round action is a full-round action so as to not have 200 pages of IF/AND/BUT.

You take the -2 penalty to your AC when you charge.

Charging isn't two separate move-and-then-attack-actions, it's a full-round action. Think of it as its own action. You're either charging or you're not. Pretty simple.


I can't believe I missed this one! I have to pop on and stalk Kickstarter more often!

I'll have to pick Crooked up when it becomes available to we, the non-backers.

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Adam Daigle wrote:

From the Offices of Expectation Management:

There is no time travel in Mummy's Mask.

What about now?

Hmm. I figured that more FAQ clicks bumped it up the queue or made it more visible than, say, a FAQ request that has 1 or 2 clicks.

It seems about time to...


I'm glad the sword can is now finessable as per Ultimate Equipment. All we have to do now is come up with its stats.

It sounds intriguing. A weapon inspired by the Chronicles of Riddick perhaps?


I received my book today and I live in London, Ontario so never fear, if the thing managed to make its way to my home in less than a week from shipping, it'll arrive in no time.

Check your e-mail associated with the Kickstarter, I got a UPS notice to let me know that it was on its way.

The setting and mechanics are awesome. I love, love, LOVE the flavor of the nano and it's the first time in a pen and paper RPG that I *want* to play a primary caster, more than the others by far.

I just received my physical copy today, along with the player's guide, and it is absolutely awesome.

The system, the fluff, the lore, even the class makeup and how it handles level up/advancement: priceless. I'm really looking forward to putting it into action and I highly recommend the product to anyone that loved science-fantasy, if only for the awesome setting flavor and character ideas.

I'm a bump this thing 'till it gets addressed by the Team!

137ben wrote:
Where did the idea of vampires being destroyed in sunlight come from anyways? The earliest reference I know of is the 1922 movie Nosferatu, but I don't know if that is actually where it comes from...

According to this page you've pretty much hit the nail on the head.

Essentially, "Movie makers needed a dramatic way to kill the vamp at the end and mere exposure to sunlight became the conventional way to do it."

And that's pretty much it according to my hasty, unsourced Google search!

I'd love to just have the mythic vampire lose access to his bonus feats, fast healing and spell-like/supernatural abilities suppressed in direct sunlight. They return if he spends one, full round not exposed to sunlight. Boom. Done.

Go Count Dracula!



It's pretty straightforward unless you're playing in PFS.

Take Jason's advice and run with what his intent was. Really, outside of PFS, and RAW-obsessed GMs, that's all you have to do. Make the game work for your group. It's what GMs have been doing since 1E. Absolutely nothing new here.

Only 15 FAQs? I think we can do better than that!

I figured as much from the section on cantrips/orisons. I have to say, very cool. There's something about having the flexibility to "hang" spells, cast right out of a spellbook or channel raw magic power that makes magic feel like it has more of a place in the world than just a game mechanic.

Have you tweaked the system any since Pathfinder came about?

Threadcromancy is a potent power in the Interwebs.

That being said, is your Zelazny Spellcasting set to work with Pathfinder or 3.5? :D

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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
-Arthur C. Clarke

This should be the design mantra of the strange technology discovered in Numeria and even of the makeup of the "Iron Gods" themselves. Going beyond basic laser rifles and antigravity boots to truly hyperadvanced pieces far beyond today's capabilities that are limited only by the designer's imagination but that would have served a function aboard the ship(s?) and thus giving the PCs a glimpse into what their civilization, or at least the civilizations aboard the ship, was like. Remember, these items were scattered about Numeria due to the crash landing of a ship created by a civilization that is capable of intergalactic transportation using machines instead of magic.

James Sutter wrote:
Patrick Renie wrote:
ThatEvilGuy wrote:
Whoever wrote the Iomedaen religious propaganda pamphlet is my hero.
I believe you have the ever-talented and hilarious James Sutter to thank for that gem. :]
That was one of the most fun things I've written recently! Wes, Patrick, and I all got excited about doing what's essentially a Golarion version of a Chick Tract, and I'm really glad they let me write it. :D

I should have known that my hero was going to be a Frog.

Ravingdork wrote:

I agree that immortality should always be exceptional in nature unless it is made absolutely, abundantly clear that ongoing magic is what is sustaining the creature's life force.

Ross Byers wrote:
There should be a mythic ability where you count as a 'deity or artifact' and are no longer affected by antimagic field.
That would be absolutely incredible/awesome for the one or two times it actually came up in the entirety of the character's career.

Unless, of course, the mythic character adds running around with an antimagic field to his list of tactics.

LazarX wrote:

Actually I think most people here have gotten Zelazny and Amber spellcasting totally wrong. I see it as pure Vancian Casting, as done by Vance rather than the Vancian "Light" of D20/Pathfinder.

What would "pure" Vancian casting look like in D20/Pathfinder? Keep in mind that I haven't read the books (yes, shame on me) and am more-or-less curious to know what the real difference would be like.

At the moment my current changes are as follows:

  • Add Diplomacy, Knowledge (nobility), and Perception to class skills.
  • Added Martial Training class ability, which allows the fighter to treat his base attack bonus as higher for the purpose of qualifying for Combat feats.
  • Bravery is changed to Mettle, which applies the bonus to saving throws on spells, spell-like and supernatural abilities instead of fear.
  • Added the Tactical Feats class ability which replaces basic fighter bonus feats at levels 4, 8, 12, 16, and 20.
  • Armor Mastery now stacks with adamantine armor.
  • Weapon Master applies to one of the weapon groups that the fighter has previously chosen.

Anything that relies on Intelligence is more or less just ideas being thrown around. I'm still not sure if I should, just so that there isn't a default "this is the way to do it" fighter.

I do agree there should be more incentive for the fighter to go different routes than the Weapon Focus/Weapon Specialization chains along with Power Attack, though I do feel that being able to swap out feats gives them that edge, where they can choose more situational tactical feat chains on a given day and not be penalized for not taking the optimal path.

It's moreso to represent that smarter fighters are more capable when it comes to having a variety of tactics in their martial repertoire and to give a bonus to all those fighters who have to snag Combat Expertise to be able to use maneuvers. Gives them more of a reason to have an Int higher than 10. That's kind of weak, I know.

If anything, a mechanic like that wouldn't make much sense tied into another stat. I could see Wisdom (the cunning of a warrior and being able to switch tactics on the fly) maybe but Intelligence works from that angle.

Trogdar wrote:
ThatEvilGuy wrote:
rainzax wrote:

maybe add?:

Finally, a number of times per day equal to 3 plus the fighter's Intelligence modifier (minimum once/day), a fighter may instead swap a feat as standard action.

I'd rather do something that was based on fighter level with a maximum number of times per day equal to the fighter's Intelligence mod than 3+. With the tactical feat option and a 14 Int with your suggestion, a fighter could swap out all his tactical feats in less than a minute giving him huge advantages for fights.
Isn't that the point?

Yes and no.

There's a difference between the advantage that, say, 25 minutes of prep time gives you and the advantage that a minute does. Also, it begs the question does it circumvent the restriction on the 8 hours between retraining a tactical feat slot? If it doesn't, what is the point of the main ability if the fighter can just swap out as a standard action anyways?

I played around with a similar mechanic with my first idea but feel that, ultimately, it just gives the character way too much freedom unless there's some sort of limit on what feats can be chosen and that starts to add extra paperwork. It already does in the sense that it gives the fighter the same advantage that the wizard has, without a need to pay for it in any way: every splatbook that comes out and new Combat feat that's released, there are more free options.

I'm wondering if a limit should be placed on the tactical feats ability, and how to implement it without going too meta.

Won't people please think of the mythic vampires?

rainzax wrote:

maybe add?:

Finally, a number of times per day equal to 3 plus the fighter's Intelligence modifier (minimum once/day), a fighter may instead swap a feat as standard action.

I'd rather do something that was based on fighter level with a maximum number of times per day equal to the fighter's Intelligence mod than 3+. With the tactical feat option and a 14 Int with your suggestion, a fighter could swap out all his tactical feats in less than a minute giving him huge advantages for fights.

Zenogu wrote:

I would pay money for something like this fully fleshed out and balanced.

I miss Tome of Battle so much.. at least the ideas behind it

Speaking of "money", "paying" and "Tome of Battle", check this out.

Shameless bump!

Just throwing my support into wanting to see this setting go into public beta test sometime in the next eon or so! I'm very interested.

Don't forget to FAQ the first post to get this (hopefully) addressed if you want to see love for the mythic vampire!

ryric wrote:

I saw this too on my first glance through the book. The only thing I can think of is that the ability is poorly named - that mythic vampires, being even more "vampiric" than normal vampires, are moresusceptible to sunlight than their non-mythic bretheren. Either that or somewhere in the writing/editing process someone confused staggered with stunned.

Though I was kinda hoping for a more Bram Stoker-esque "loses all powers but otherwise ok" in sunlight effect.

That'd have been pretty flavorful and cool. Making the sun still a source of weakness but, at the same time, being able to overcome it to an extent as a one of the first vampires or whatever flavor you're using.

That or being able to frolic out in the sun for a number of extra rounds/minutes equal to your mythic rank before being staggered then destroyed.

43 people marked this as FAQ candidate. Answered in the FAQ.
Mythic Adventures wrote:

Overcome Weakness: If a mythic vampire begins its turn
in an area of direct sunlight, it is nauseated (rather than
staggered), takes 10 points of damage, and loses its fast
healing ability for that round
. The vampire is still destroyed
on the second round.

Now, a regular vampire, when in direct sunlight, takes no damage and is staggered for one round. When you're staggered, you're only able to take a single move action or a standard action but you can still take swift, immediate and free actions.

A mythic vampire, who can now "overcome" his weaknesses, becomes nauseated. Being nauseated is far worse than being staggered as you can only take a move action. In addition, they now take 10 points of damage, as opposed to no damage, and lose their fast healing for the round on top of it.

Both are destroyed on round two.

How, exactly, are they "overcoming" their weakness against the sun when it makes exposure to the sun even more dangerous?

Shouldn't a mythic vampire become MORE resistant to the effects of the sun considering it's under a set of abilities that is specifically called overcome weakness?

I suggest keep the staggered on the first round, then 10 damage per round after instead of full destruction.

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