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Allevrah Azrinae

Thanatos Eternal's page

74 posts. Alias of Shinami Genbu.


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To Stabilize 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (14) + 3 = 17 Thanatos goes to live with his queen.

At -15 now

1d20 + 3 ⇒ (8) + 3 = 11

Thanatos groans. "What did I say Dagoth? Treat them the way you do and everyone WILL turn on us." Thanatos ducks under an attack only to take two blows which knock him flat on his ass.

At -14

AOO 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (1) + 4 = 52d4 + 6 ⇒ (4, 3) + 6 = 13 To stabilize 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (10) + 3 = 13

YES to raiding. That's an awesome idea. Where can we procure long boats though? Oleg's doesn't seem to have the equipment for that.

"And what? The three of us are trying to run a kingdom. How are we to do that with no subjects or followers since we're killing them all? I vote you stay your hand less we run out of people in our kingdom. Just kill the next ONE that leaves a trail."

Thanatos shakes his head. He whispers to Dagoth and Nor. "Hey, they've been leaving a trail and now you are screaming. Don't you think that you're giving away our positions? Or are you doing this on purpose?"

Perception check to see if anyone is following. 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (16) + 2 = 18

Thanatos orders his skeleton to keep an eye on the bandits and shuffles over to the others. "Why put strain on an already fragile alliance? There's nothing stopping them from leaving. Why, Nor even caught them trying to leave a trail for someone to follow. How's that for 'swearing' allegiance to you, Dagoth?"

Perception 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (13) + 2 = 15

Let's not be fatigued and such, so we should stop and rest for a bit.

Cursing his mystery given powers, Thanatos tries again. Inflict Light Wounds 1d8 + 1 ⇒ (4) + 1 = 5

Before the group preps to leave, Thanatos walks over to Nor to heal. Inflict Light Wounds 1d8 + 1 ⇒ (1) + 1 = 2 The angry red flare, instead of destroying Nor's flesh instead mended his torn shoulder.

What's everyone's health at? Do I need to heal again?
Perception 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (12) + 2 = 14

Thanatos waves Nor over. "Come over here." Thanatos holds his hand over the Amulet. Detect Magic 1d20 ⇒ 11 Do I roll something for this?

He then places his hands over the wounded shoulder and mutters a quick prayer. 1d8 + 1 ⇒ (2) + 1 = 3

Thanatos collects the supplies and slinks over to the rest of the group, and channels to heal the team. 1d6 ⇒ 4 A wave of energy spirals out from Thanatos and envelops everyone in the area, but only affects his friends.

"Who else wants to be an eternal servant of my mistress...?" he whispers.

Thanatos looks down at Kressle, bows his head in quick remembrance, and searches her for anything. He kneels next to her and mutters a quick prayer to his goddess.

Under Configure Your Hero, are we not using Prior SRD Content anymore? Should I uncheck d20 SRD animals, d20 SRD magic items, d20 SRD spells, and Open content from Unearthed Arcana?

I'm just pulling it off of HeroLab under spells available for Cleric. They listed Cure Minor Wounds as "appears in d20 SRD spells" I can take it off if you want though.

Are you thinking of the orison "virtue"?

Thanatos follows Nor closely, continually casting Heal Minor Wounds as they walk along. Nyx is flanking Thanatos just in case anything happens.

Cursing, Thanatos hunkers down behind a boulder and tosses one of his flasks of water to Nyx. "Nyx, go pour this onto the closest fire, go put it out." He then lays hands on himself and attempts to close the wounds.

Inflict light wounds 1d8 + 1 ⇒ (2) + 1 = 3

That's like the third 1 I've rolled so far. Ye Gods.

Reflex 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (1) + 2 = 3 Only thing I have is the conjure water.

Like could I "sneeze" to channel to heal Nor?

Quick question. Can enemies see Cleric channeling spells?

Thanatos grins back. "Sure, as long as you deliver her the skeleton. She can always use more servants."

"Over reaction seems to be the thing these days. Compensating for something there, Hume?" Thanatos whispers quietly.

Thanatos Eternal wrote:

LOL nope.

1d20 ⇒ 3

Thanatos chuckles as he flips open his Scythe. "Please say that you intend to turn down our offer... My queen can always use more... friends."" There's a twinkle in his eyes.

Can I add something to Nor's intimidate?

Thanatos breaks every twig in the path as he attempts to sneak. Screaming out to Nyx "Hey! QUIET DOWN AND BE SNEAKY LIKE ME."

Dagoth Stealth and Perception 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (4) - 1 = 3 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (2) + 5 = 7

Survival 1d20 ⇒ 14

Thanatos grumbles awake in the morning after hearing Dagoth grumble at his feathered friend. He sits up and glances around, blinking the sleep out of his eyes. Getting up, he walks over to a quiet area of camp and kneels down to have his morning commune with his goddess.

That being done, he gets up and looks at the ground around, trying to see the horse tracks that lead to their destination.

"Morning everyone. What's our plan of attack?"

Thanatos creates some water and fills his flasks and offers it out to the others.

Thanatos runs around and heals everyone and orders Nyx to stand guard better before going back to sleep.

"Wha?? Nor! Are you alright?" Thanatos shakes his head to clear the sleep stupor and rushes over to Nor for healing goodness as he draws his scythe.

Spontaneous Casting Inflict Wounds dropping Ray of Sickening. 1d8 + 1 ⇒ (6) + 1 = 7*1.5= 10 healing

"I suggest we make camp. I'd rather get into a battle at full strength, then fatigued and spell-less." Thanatos suggested as he peered out into the enveloping darkness of the trees.

Thanatos runs around and cures everyone with Cure Minor wounds for a bit. Finally finished, Thanatos turns, ready to go. "Alright, everyone's back to full health. Let's head off."

"Then quickly send your bird to follow them."

"Curses. I was hoping we could take them all down and no word escaped. We'll have to prepare for when he brings back the others. They'll be ready this time."

Heals for everyone! Channeling again! 1d6 ⇒ 4 *1.5 = 6 healing for everyone!

Thanatos looks down at his skeleton companion and sighs. "Come now Nyx, why are you fumbling over yourself here?" He reaches down and helps him up.

Inflict Minor Wound Orison. 1 pt healed.

Bow's broken.

Thanatos, seeing Dagoth about to go down, channels more negative energy to heal the gashing wounds.

1d6 ⇒ 3 * 1.5 = 4 healed to everyone!

Thanatos, seeing the attacks sinking into his companions, focuses for a moment, and unleashes healing dark energy.

Channel with Undeath Variant 1d6 ⇒ 3*1.5 for Undeath Variant = 4.5 healed for everyone

That guys can tell that was casted by a Cleric? Really? And stupid natural 20s.

Whoops. Changing action to not casting that spell and casting Murderous Command instead DC 16. Do I roll something to cast it?

Murderous Command:
Murderous Command
School enchantment (compulsion) [mind-affecting]; Level antipaladin 1, cleric 1
Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V
Range close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Target one living creature
Duration 1 round
Saving Throw Will negates; Spell Resistance yes
You give the target a mental urge to kill its nearest ally, which it obeys to the best of its ability. The target attacks its nearest ally on its next turn with a melee weapon or natural weapon. If necessary, it moves to or charges to the nearest ally in order to make this attack. If it is unable to reach its closest ally on its next turn, the target uses its turn to get as close as possible to the ally.

Thanatos and Nyx are at T11 and T12 respectively.

Thanatos grunts, pulls out the arrow and heals himself.

Spontaneous Casting, using up Protection from Good, for 1d8 + 1 ⇒ (5) + 1 = 6

GM DSP wrote:

Dagoth Stealth 1d20+4

Nor Stealth 1d20+10

Thanatos Stealth 1d20-1

Nyx Stealth 1d20-3

The bandits jeer as the gate opens. However, when they see Thanatos and Nyx in place of Oleg, they whip themselves into a frenzy!

** spoiler omitted **

You gain a surprise round. Each of you can take a move OR a standard action. Then the Bandits have initiative. They have not yet ridden into the trading post. They have only spotted Thanatos and Nyx. Nyx acts on Thanatos' initiative.

Three things. One, how does the bandits spot us through solid wall since they're outside. We're not standing right in front of the gate when it opens, but lining the walls next to the gate. Two, how do we got attacked on our surprise round. Three, how do they shoot through solid walls?

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