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Beltias Kreun

Thanael's page

Goblin Squad Member. 1,144 posts. No reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist.

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Burnt Offerings
Carnival of Tears
Murders Mark
Feast of Ravenmoor
Feasting at Lanterngeist
Academy of Secrets
AAW's A5 Winter Flower
The Tolling of Tears

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I swear there was a dungeon mag adventure with this idea...

Edit: Chadrather’s Bane in Dungeon #18

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Its from a 3.5 supplement called Weapons of Legacy. Basically a magic item that grows in power with the character. The system was great in that it gave magic items a great history and feel but it had a flaw: The system had a cost (a small hp loss or other permanent penalty)y
for unlocking higher powers which should generally be ignored esp in a solo game.

Read the Legacy of Dhakaan trilogy for great implementation of Legacy items.

You can also let her discover magical abilities successively i.e. Find out a command word and boom +1 sword is a flaming sword too! An intelligent weapon might be a good dmpc/companion/foil. Let her discover it's powers slowly, can have provide some knowledge /pointers etc.

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Thanks for that link! I saved the link to the original WotC thread in my commoner links post but alas it doesn't work anymore...

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It's called hedge magic , right?

I found Two Dozen Discoveries: Spells by LPJ design.

Also a similar thread on rpgnet mentions The Practical Enchanter a free d20 supplement, which has a hedge magic feat, which is mentioned in this excellent Hedge Magic Heroes blog. This thread has a few more links with hedge magic spells from the same blog series

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Klatu verata ...necktie.

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*has fond memories of the Eberron goblinoids and the Legacy of Dhakaan trilogy*

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Tacticslion wrote:
Hermea (LG Mengkare for life!)


And Nex. And Geb.

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Thumbs up Dale!

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As i said in another thread, the folks from Wayfinder already did some support material for the BB and they also use Golarion specific stuff all the time. Maybe getting them on board would be good or you can at least ping them for advice. And you can cross promote if they do a Sandpoint and/or BB issue.

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As for keeping up with new 3PP products Endzeitgeists reviews and this forum are a great place for that.

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To quote myself [slightly edited and updated] from this old Recommendations for 3PP products thread:

What do you seek? Tell us about your campaign, your PCs, or where you want your campaign to go.

That said:

Necromancer Games/Frog God Games: old school adventures, dungeons, megadungeons, mini sandboxes. Slumbering Tsar, Rappan Athuk, Stoneheart Valley, The Lost Lands, City of Barakus, Tome of Horrors revised (which is also on PFSRD). Also Razor Coast! Just read the reviews. Tome of Adventure Design! Upcoming: The Blight by Richard Pett.

Kobold Press/Open Design: Midgard campaign setting (more eastern european myth/tropes incorporated vs traditional western fanatasy), excellent adventures. Excellent books on Game Design.

Legendary Games: stellar supplements to Paizo APs, mythic material.

Raging Swan Press: Generic, medieval fluff and cruch, great DM aids, great adventures. Check out the numerous free previews for any product on their website.

Rite Publishing: great crunch pieces, Coliseum Morpheon (high level advanture in the plane of dream) & Faces of the Tarnished Souk (great NPCs), Japanese Horror setting: Kaidan (check out the free adventure), Adventure Quarterly is Dungeon magazine's successor.

AdventureAWeek: lots of adventures, Rise of the Drow super adventure

Dreamscarred Press: PF Psionics

Fire Mountain Games: Way of the Wicked (the evil AP), Underdark Sandbox AP is in the works but i would recommend buying it only when finished

0One Games: The Great City material, City AP.

TPK Games: Bleeding Hollow & The Reaping Stone horror adventures, Laying Waste: A Guide to Critical Combat.

Alluria Publishing: awesome underwater stuff and some fey material

Super Genius Games/Rogue Genius Games: great crunch.

Drop Dead Studios: Rogue Glory (fixing the Rogue class, also check out 101 Skill Uses by Rite for this)

Four Dollar Dungeons (4DD): outstangid, cheap adventures. Just read the reviews.

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+1 for a community project. The guys doing Wayfinder magazine already did som BB stuff for it, maybe a special BB edition?

Level 6-10 rules could probably be done with the OGL. Build it from the PRD and add it to the PFBeginner srd too!

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Also Ptolus needs to be mentioned IMHO. Here's a PF conversion of the races, but it's of course the gorgeous HC that you should look into.

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Look more into 3PPs.

You know Necromancer Games/Frog God Games now, they have lots more stuff like Slumbering Tsar: Rappan Athuk,Sword of Air, Barakus, Stoneheart Valley all are in the same old school vein. All are set in their upcoming Lost Lands setting.

How about Razor Coast? It's a big piratey adventure sandbox with a groundbreaking presentation style.

Check out Raging Swan Press, they have great adventures and DM aids. Old school, simple presentation and great content. Still generic fantasy though. Check out their Town line where a small settlement is presented in detail with a few adventure hooks.

Check out Fire Moutain Games Way of the Wicked AP for something completely different.

Check out 0one press' city AP and material.

Rite Publishing has Kaidan (Japanese fantasy gothic horror), Coliseum Morpheuon (high level adventure in the Dream Plane with great NPCs), and Adventure Quarterly (think Dungeon magazine). Their other products are all worth looking at too.

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The web enhancement to the 3.5 DMG contains rules for building a city by district.

Together with the DMG rules for generating towns/demographics and the award winning free A Magical Medieval Society: City Guide, this is a great tool for citybuilding.

This dungeon article from Robin Laws goes into a bit more detail with conflicting power centers and prevailing alignments and degrees of authority.

This is what DMG says about NE power centers:

"Alignment of the Power Centers
The alignment of the ruler or rulers of a community need not conform to the alignment of all or even the majority of the residents, although this is usually the case. In any case, the alignment of the power center strongly shapes the residents' daily lives. Due to their generally organized and organizing nature, most power centers are lawful.


Neutral Evil: The residents of a community with a neutral evil power center are usually oppressed and subjugated, facing a dire future.

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Grant every PC the Leadership feat for free at level 7 but require them to work to actually gain a cohort or followers. (See this blog for why)

Also let players build and control some NPCs for you. Accept and encourage player input for worldbuilding.

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Theoretical boundaries aside, +1 for lesser boneshatter.

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So, Richard is the spell all you need? Describe it in more detail. Could be there's a similar spell already in the OGL, say by Rite Publishing in 1001 spells or Kobold Design's Deep Magic perhaps?

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Ah, the commoners seldom know about Strahd's beloved. You should definately check out the Ravenloft campaign setting, if Return to Castle Ravenloft has been your only exposure. There's a whole lot more to Ravenloft than RtCR, starting from the groundbreaking 1E adventure, the huge and glorious 2E campaign setting and last not least the great 3E campaign setting material.

Head over to the Fraternity of Shadows site for a nice forum, bibliography, wiki, and more all dedicated to the grand Ravenloft campaign setting.

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Alexander Auguna's Everyman Gaming blog entry talked about Leadership: The Function of Leadership. He uses the imho brilliant houserule to grant this feat to everyone at lvl7, but the PC has to actively go recruiting.

His current blog post has an NPC build using teamwork feats with his familiar. This could well be adapted to a cohort. Every wanted to use those teamwork feats but no other player wants to? Get a cohort. This only works with player built cohorts though.

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Touc wrote:
4. Restore some Core concepts. Make those golems immune to all magic (not everything has a "trump"). Put some (not all) traps in that can only be uncovered by player action, not a generic "perception" check. Don't be afraid to ban something that the group has found to "bend or break" the game.

About the traps, see The Art of Ruling from the Alexandrian blog:

1. Passive observation of the world is automatically triggered.
2. Player expertise activates character expertise.
3. Player expertise can trump character expertise.

This is generally a concept I like and i think you can apply if across the board. Players need to initiate some game mechanics, and player ingenuity can trump or enhance simple skill roll results. But on the other hand you can play a charismatic bluffer or diplomat even if you as a player are not so outgoing and can't act it out so well.

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Check out these old threads for interesting discussion on Hermea:
Hermea thread 1
Hermea thread 2

If Mengkare allows "the occasional elf" to immigrate, an aasimar should be ok. Though an planetouched influence manifesting in the bloodline of an adolescent is another thing entirely than letting a full grown one immigrate. Maybe the PC got banned but is not sure himself if he was banned due to his bloodline or some other perceived imperfection ?

In one the threads above I posted some notes on worldbuilding Hermea. Note that Megkare is not as powerful as some think, as an old or very old dragon only:


From the Ask Sutter thread: 6. What is Mengkare's age category? The circa 2008 Campaign Setting says he's an "Old" dragon.

Sutter: 6. I don't think we've updated that in print since the Pathfinder RPG update, so I won't say, but I believe he's *quite* old and powerful...

So no great wyrm. But may possibly have advanced to Very Old now, which is CR 19. Access to True Seeing and Geas/Quest. 6th level casting if very old, else only 5th-level. So by no means artifact-level awesomeness. He's a nice capstone for a high level adventure/AP, but can be overshadowed by mortal NPCs in a specialized area. Especially spellcasting.

I started worldbuilding Hermea's capitol and the island and there could (and imho should) easily be some NPC players on his level (I.e. CL 13-17+). So it's not so easy and clear cut as many think, even with this small a nation.

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NG did brand it as it's own setting/brand so why not. It's like Maztica (or Al Qadim) and Forgotten Realms, they share the world but are separate settings.

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Erik Mona's free web fiction has an alchemist protagonist and lots of fantastic cuisine.

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Mark Hoover wrote:

So I've taken this discussion to heart. I've got a campaign I started a little while ago - essentially just a megadungeon near a city. I didn't really have a lot of ideas other than "go to dungeon, hack, return to city; repeat" when I first designed it.

I've gotten inspired to expand the game's scope WM style. I have a hexmap of the land and am working on the known surface ruins of the castle beneath which are the dungeon outpost areas of the megadungeon. Essentially the scope of the campaign will be around exploration of the dungeon zones but also other side quests available into the land.

To this point, over 4 game sessions of this campaign, the story and plot (such that there has been) has been driven by me as the GM. The only major hurdle I can forsee is putting this agency in the hands of the players as per the WM model. I've briefed the PCs via email but I still think the next session will be kind of a splash of cold water.

As far as my interpretation of the WM style: yes, I still think the classic West Marches in the article linked above seems a little simplistic. This colors my understanding of how villains and plots would be treated, if at all in such a game. However the contributors of this thread have provided enough evidence that a WM game can still be successful while employing more detailed BBEGs.

So that's what I'm trying now. I'm going to present my players a sandbox which on the surface seems like a lot of hexes to explore, but in fact hides the plots, schemes and machinizations of several greater forces. Unlike the classic WM game my campaign will include a city full of NPCs and just as much potential for urban gaming as exploration. It will be up to the PCs to forge their own path and figure out what's worth fighting against, and what's worth fighting for.

Great Mark, keep us posted of the progress and/or problems.

As for player driven play, the Alexandrian has lots of blog posts about a hexcrawl campaign, designing different mechanics to implement hexcrawls. He also talks about how new mechanics will drive playstyle in another post, highlighting how after he introduced encumbrance rules, players quickly wanted to keep track of such things. Yes i like that blog...

So maybe introducing some hexcrawl and random encounter (essential to a sandbox imho) rules will result in your players adopting a hexcrawl/sandbox frame of mind all by itself.

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As for adventures check outBasic Paths by 0One Games.

Many low level PF adventures will also be usable. See some recommendations in this post, on this blog post or check out some of these threads.

BTW for easy reference of the PF Beginner rules check out website.

And make sure you get all the official free Beginner goodies and EdOWar's missing classes Beginner Conversions and this thread with additional material by the user Iker.

Also I recommend reading threads in the Beginner forum like this one or this one which contain some excellent advice. (...and a link to this excellent blog about the introducing kids to RPGS with the PF Beginner Box)

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Where Madness Dwells is a d20 adventure set in an asylum, and available for free at Drivethrurpg.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

If i didn't have an almost comple NG collection and the international shipping wasn't so horrible.... And the budget spent on kickstarters already.

Dragon why not spill what you lucked out on?

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Rite's Coliseum Morpheon is a sort of mini setting for high level play in the plane of Dreams.

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Get your pregens here...

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Not going as far as throwing out the CR system, but read Revisiting Encounter Design (on the Alexandrian blog) to understand how CR/EL/ECL should really be used.

In fact read the rest of the blog too...

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For Rogue help check out Rogue Glory.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

An excellent and long article on horror in gaming by Ernest Mueller.

Scaring Your Players article from Roleplayer #17

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Ravenloft had great advice for horror roleplaying. Get the d20 Ravenloft Core Rules for cheap and read the advice chapters. The netbooks and downloads on the Fraternity of Shadows site (and their forums) might provide more advice.

As for scaring a tough nut player, first you need to get them invested in something. Does he have a backstory? NPCs he cares about? Take something he cares about and twist it somehow. Shift perspective , make him responsible for a horror done.

This thread might help too

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+1 for Logue/Pett Ebon Shroud sourcebook.

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Try buying from Germany? Or Europe? Shipping will be cheaper...

They pop upon from time to time for around 25-30€.

Tellurian has it for 26€, but I'm not sure how good their english is. Postage to the UK via insured DHL parcel should not be higher than 15€. And you can pay by bank transfer without any fees.

This book shop has it listed for 13€, but its probably a typo. Apparently the shop mainly sells technical literature, but it does ship internationally. Might be worth a try...

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+1 on using Dreamscarreds rules. Also get some of their talent on board!

Are you guys aware of I'm not sure if those are the same guys as Dreamscarred Press but they did a lot to adapt Dark Sun to 3.5. Lots of quality stuff on their site... Maybe more talent to tap?

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DungeonmasterCal wrote:
Is there a Mythic Bestiary in the works, as well?

Check out Legendary Games' new Mythic Monsters line...

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Thanael wrote:
perception skill

I linked to the d20pfsrd there, which has the PFRPG Core Rules. So don't worry if it looks a bit too detailed. Though if you click Fast Play rules it should be quite legible.

For easy reference of the PF Beginner rules check out the website which lists the perception rules from the Beginner Box here.

Also i recommend reading threads in the Beginner forum like this one or this one which contain some excellent advice. (...and a link to this excellent blog about the introducing kids to RPGS with the PF Beginner Box)

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To quote from another thread:

FLite wrote:

I'm picturing a Dwarf drill sergeant. "If it flies, hit it! If it doesn't fly, throw it in the air and hit it!"

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$70 is about the retail price for the print box and IMHO more than fair. Set up an eBay search and maybe you get it for slightly less. I'd grab it up for 70 though ..

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See this old thread: Cheliax at war- a World War event in Golarion

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Heroes of the East III

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Oooh, shiny! And tiny font. I'd suggest using a 2 (or 3) column layout. The text is spread very wide across the page together with the small font that is quite hard to read.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Here's 2 more.

3 more by Jason Buhlman here (zip file in third post)

And check out the "We Be Goblins! - Your Alternate Pregenerated Characters Here" thread for more goblin pregens.

Also don't forget to get the sequel: We Be Goblins Too! (free pdf)

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Nope, they don't. That's why they have a flat cost.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Mmhh. Humm-boor-gare. It's actually german.

Also: Throatwobbler Mangrove!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Check out the free bonus material for it.

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Dargurd wrote:
OK just ordered that one. It seems to fit perfectly !

See? Tell us more details and we find good stuff for you. What level are the PCs now ? What's their home base? Race/class? Background? Tell us more of the Lich!

Raging Swan has a sort of generic setting - the Lonely Coast - in all their products that ties them together. So you might find more of their products useful. I'd definately check out their free products. The village backdrops line has a whole village fleshed out - maybe as a home base for PCs, and they have lot's of adventures. the Villains books feature pregenerated NPCs, Villains 2 has Parardar Levien: CE male human lich sorcerer (draconic [red]) 15. MAybe he fits for your lich character? Or you could get their 100 % Crunch Liches pdf, for more liches than you can shake a bone at... Also be aware that several of the older pdfs are compiled into bundles now and cheaper overall.

If you go to their website you get lots of little free previews for every last product.They also have a Money Back Guarantee for products purchased from their site. Of course ordering from paizo is also ok and it's the best place to check out reviews.

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