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Beltias Kreun

Thanael's page

Goblin Squad Member. 1,344 posts. No reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist.


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Read Tanith Lee's Ghosthunter novel Kill the Dead for some great ideas...

I have no specific idea, maybe the d20 Penumbra module Maiden Voyage or the newer Key to Marina by 4DD.

Check out this thread for lots of pirate modules though and this one for lots of people comparing notes on their Razor Coast campaigns.

Murlynd anyone?

Shifters headband item helps.

If you're still going EK consider Barbarian, Shapeshifter Ranger or Feral Hunter.

Urban Druid gets a thousand faces at lvl 6.

bookrat wrote:

Read this: revisiting encounter designs

I found it a few weeks ago and it really helped me with making the game a bit more realistic in terms of relative power level. I've been recommending it a lot recently. Bit of an older article, but it still applies.

+1. The Alexandrian blog is an excellent source overall. Read as much of it as you can...

Get them invested in the setting. Show the consequences of recklessness, let them loose someone/something or make them regret a rash approach.

A little smoke and mirrors obfuscation can help here (disguised opponents, situations that look different on first site).

Let a clever villain set them up. Present challenges that can't be solved by brute force... (Diplomacy or investigation needed)

Let a good guy charge them with a perceived crime.

Maybe Razmir? I like the idea of an oracle steeped in a Razmirite heresy.

Heretical inquisitor with Blackpowder inquisition, separatist cleric of ...Gorum or Saranrae or Angradd? Or maybe a warpriest ?

Also check out Alexander Augunas Holy Gun build

What race?

So int based and heavy armour? Hmmm...

Some of the LG ones used to be called arch-angels iirc.

Weirdo wrote:
Check out this article for a bit of advice on running more lower encounters

+1. The Alexandrian has great articles and that one is no exception.

Also maybe look into Chase rules and skill challenges ?

Also snakebite brawler the first +1bab +1d6 sneak attack dip.

Here's Alluria Publishings take for Levitation and Fly from an older thread
...which iirc is consistent with official 2E in this matter FWIW.

Non-magical flight is another matter of course, a fly speed and swim speed are separate and thus different things .

Depends if the flight is magical and/or if it is predicated on physical wings IMO. There's several 3pp underwater rules available (sunken empires, Alluria publishings work, FGGs Razor Coast, FGGs dead mans chest, maybe Freeport, plus probably the pyramid adventure by RSP).

For interesting dips in full BAB classes consider slayer, gunslinger, urban barbarian, guide ranger, swashbuckler, or gendarme/honor bound cavalier or even samurai.

What do you want your PC to do? Please describe the role you envision...

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Make it intelligent?

Any relation to the old D20 Lords of the Night: X books by Bottled Imp Games? ( Vampires, Liches, Zombies iirc)

May I suggest the Alexandrians encumbrance by stone

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For forest encounters Kobold Press Tales of the Margreve is often recommended.

Will the other planar hill giants be fey like? The old expansions by Jon Brazer Enterprises for Kingmaker might fit then.

As might Raging Swan's Wilderness Dressing: Forest (or maybe Wilderness Dressing: Primal Forest) RSPs Bandits bundle might be a good fit too

Redcelt's Game of Thrones in Brevoy offers great ideas...

Might want to steal from the Mythic Kingmaker thread

In this thread about PCs from a noble house Michael Tumey suggests using/adapting the Samurai Clan rules by Rite publishing to build/develop noble houses.

Complete leadership fixes/expands the leadership feat making it into a subsystem everyone taps into.

Legendary Games has lots of mythic products btw. Premade mythic monsters but also expansions to the mythic system.

For the political part read Dynasties & Demagogues for some advice and consider adding a social combat mechanic. Applying the Alexandrians Diplomacy skill fix might also be in order.

Frankly I have a disconnect between a mythic and political campaign.

Also maybe Complete Leadership by Everyman Gaming.

Probably needs a social combat mechanic..

Ultimate Rulership by Legendary Games expands the kingdom building rules.

What sort of campaign theme/vibe do you envision? I liked the idea of all PCs belonging to 1 noble house(hold) from another thread and going for the political social game.

And Cayden too. Nice. I see Cayden as a rapier wielding urban drunken brute barbarian / chevalier. Maybe with a dash of swashbuckler.

Thats more Jackie Chan than WWF though...

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Google Tippyverse?

Buy a cart and a closet?

Have him wear a robe a carry a big scythe?

Sauce987654321 wrote:
Thanael wrote:
Google dicefreaks. They have a 3.5 netbook Named Gates of Hell. In their Forums there is probably a PF conversion for Asmodeus.

I remember their old site being deleted and replaced with a new one, but it had no where near the old content it did.

I never really liked their conversions, to be honest. The bloated stat blocks were beyond ridiculous.

Yes unfortunately they moved several time. The netbook should still be findable at least though.

You'll have to see their high CRs in context though. They started from DDG builds and integrated ELH rules. Unlike PF, 3.5 had no ceiling. Dicefreaks ceiling i.e. highest level attainable for a mortal was 50 iirc.

I too prefer a lower ceiling (20 or 30) but I applaud Dicefreaks for integrating and fixing up deity rules with epic rules, their god stats, the statting the unstattable manifesto and a great flavorful netbook and setting.

Read the newest Parhfinder Tales novel Pirates Promise by Chris A.Jackson for a great Master Spy / Twilight Talon protagonist

Needs some urban drunken brute barbarian. Add some duelist and chevalier prestige class levels maybe...

Some free assassin stuff incl plot hooks: here.

Buy Razor Coast and start her as an apprentice to

Old Fish

Old thread on assassination modules

Thread about Burglary and other fine hobbies with lots of advice and a few rogue solo starter modules...

Google dicefreaks. They have a 3.5 netbook Named Gates of Hell. In their Forums there is probably a PF conversion for Asmodeus.

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It has already been mentioned upthread but I wanted to link to the Alexandrian article on Death & Dying optional rules here.

Gelatinous Cube Swashbuckler

All the usual suspects have been named.

0one Gaming has an urban AP: Road to Revolution. Not sure if it's available in print though.

There's the old 3.5/3.0? D20 Iron Kingdoms Witchfire Trilogy (steampunk), and for Warhammer FRP: The Enemy Within campaign. (Edit: the WFRP campaign is not third party though...)

Panguinslayer7 wrote:
Thanael wrote:
Panguinslayer7 wrote:

It's a damn shame that Paizo did not get the Ravenloft rights after White Wolf. Though I would take a WW Ravenloft for Pathfinder rules, the Gazateer's and a lot of other books they did were amazing.
Well there's the fan created Mistfinder and Ryan Naylor's Ravenloft Pathfinder conversion.
Way to bring the hook up. Well played sir.

If you want to talk about/play Ravenloft with PF, join us on the Fraternity forums (I'm the Giamarga over there). The community there has lots of PbPs, nice forums, an active netbook line and lots of people that converted to PF from 3.5.

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Check out the excellent Arcadia Resources Brainstoming thread.

Panguinslayer7 wrote:

It's a damn shame that Paizo did not get the Ravenloft rights after White Wolf. Though I would take a WW Ravenloft for Pathfinder rules, the Gazateer's and a lot of other books they did were amazing.

Well there's the fan created Mistfinder and Ryan Naylor's Ravenloft Pathfinder conversion.

Old thread about published warm settings...

Check out the great Witchmarket thread and this thread on the Fraternity of Shadows forums about the Midnight Market.

Also definitely read the Ravenloft Carnival supplement for its style alone. It's a gem. Mortavius converted the Carnival NPCs to PF here. And there's a thread about more Carnies here

Check out this making the tribe of crazy goblins thread for links to loads of alternate pregens for We Be Goblins 1 & 2.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Iirc Camazotz predates Pathfinder, appearing in 1e/2e Greyhawk as an Olman deity and is based on a real world Mayan deity/demon . He's the vampire Death Bat!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Just released: Deadly Delves: Quests of the Sands by Jon Brazer Enterprises

1 person marked this as a favorite.

It's already been done. Take a look at Kobold Press' Party of One solo adventures modules.

Mythic GM Emulator helps with enemy tactics, or plot points.

The big question is: do you want to go underwater for adventures?

Two ideas:
1.Azlant/Sunken Empires:

Check out these two threads:
Absalom and Azlant (with lots of links to bonus material for Kobold Press Sunken Empire)
Aquatic Elves and Azlant (lots of Azlanti adventures)

Also check out Alluria Publishing's products for loads of underwater goodness.

2. Pirates! How do they figure in? How can the city defend against them? Or is the floating city (becoming) a pirate haven itself? Even if neither is true you can probably pillage from many pirate adventures, so here's links with pirate material:
good modules for a pirate campaign

371. Camprats! (3e conversion available here) At night a swarm of camprats attack the party's campsite. They burrow into bags and backpacks, damage equipment and may even trigger a magical item (potions for example). Tthey are hard to battle as they are inside the PCs own equipment.

What about snakebite brawler 1 instead of rogue or assassin perhaps ?

Oh and let's find useful thematic spells:
Icicle dagger
Shadow weapon
Twilight knife (sorc 3): flank partner yay!

Re Bookish Rogue: Ahhhh. So you can change them by using the feat again, not by taking the feat again. Great feat. I love it. Thanks for pointing it out.

So there you go: bookish rogue, plus use UMD a lot.

Other thoughts:
- be a fetchling and use some shadow enhancing race feats.
- be a wayang with Dissolution's Child alternate racial trait for an invis like power and ties to shadow
- be another race with spell likes
- get Eldritch Heritage
- get some items with spells, such as cloak of the hedge wizard
- multiclass with/dip sorcerer or wizard
- get arcane bond (arcance bloodline sorc or wizard) and use a weapon, enchant it yourself.
- Snakebite Brawler is a +1 BAB +1d6 sneak attack dip.
- Arcane Duelist Bard gets spells and can eventually enchant his weapon and gets an arcane weapon bond.

A Knife Master is an attractive trope but the rogue and the knife master archetype are both rather weak fighters. Some Knife Master builds multiclass with the Weapon Master Fighter or Brawler Fighter to get more BAB and more bonus to the knives.

But then you want some magic too.

How martial do you want to be ? How magical ? Interested in Arcane trickster or Eldritch Knight in the long run? Or neither?
TWF or Vital Strike ?

Be an elf with the Envoy alterntate racial trait:

Envoy: Elves often have trouble relating to neighbors of other races, especially those with much shorter lifespans. As a result, some are trained in minor magics that are particularly useful when dealing with non-elves. Elves with this racial trait and an Intelligence score of 11 or higher gain the following spell-like abilities once per day: comprehend languages, detect magic, detect poison, and read magic. The caster level for these effects is equal to the elf's level. This racial trait replaces elven magic.

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