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Beltias Kreun

Thanael's page

Goblin Squad Member. 1,632 posts. No reviews. 1 list. 2 wishlists.


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Maybe the paladins player wants to adher to the paladin code? Maybe that's why he chose a paladin? It would be a bad move to kill him , or expect him to knowingly ally with a lich.

How come the lich expects him to? He should either deceive him or brute force (geas?) him (though this is again an almost unacceptable GM move) or better yet manipulate him more subtly to do it.

Why can you not use a minion or maybe the hound archon itself as agent for the exposition? Then finding later out that there's a lich behind it all and freeing/rescuing the archon, opposing the lich and in the end maybe confronting and defeating him are much better plot options IMHO.

+1 for checking out Eberron (which is originally a 3e setting) It is a great setting.

Though I can't imagine a da Vinci like magical engineering prodigy fitting into the Lands of the Linnorm Kings.

Not that some engineering wouldn't fit but most of these ideas will probably be met with some (quite possibly violent) resistance by the culture.

If you want to ground your concept a bit more in Viking culture I suggest you check out the Northlands supplement by Kobold Press. Gift it to your GM and he'll be grateful...

Erik Mona's Ostog the Unslain used the Barbarisn archetype that grants nat armor I think. Savage Warrior? Invulnerable fits better though.

The alignment of the nation Hermea is listed in 3.5 campaign setting. PF is silent on the alignment.

That books also references psionics I think.

Some options from Nidal:
NE Druid of Uskwood
NE shadowcaller (summoner or illusionist?)

Re: sucks to be Asmodeus: there's an 3pp archetype for antipaladins in ...Way of the Wicked I believe which allows LE ones iirc.

Check thatboomerkid's tumbler for lots of anti paladin goodies.

If it wasn't book one I'd have said how about the PC returns undead? Is thee a fitting low level undead that he could return as? I know the later WotW books have options for Vampire PCs.

Or maybe his masters kept a finger to clone him?

Tell us some more details about the PC and his companions! What level are they now? What classes and backgrounds?

Also would the player want to have his PC somehow revived/returned or would he rather build a new one?

Legendary Games Dark Druids adds a bit of mechanical stuff (with some fluff implications) to the clergy of Zon Kuth... ermm I mean the Chained God and the Umbral Forest.

Liane Merciel's Pathfinder Tales novel Nightglass likewise adds a deeper look at the religion and Nidal.

Neither adds anything concrete to the mythology though.

Question: what about the Faiths of Purity/Balance/watsitcalledtheevilone? Do they add any lore or only crunch?

Question 2: the deity articles from the APs? Have they been reworked into Inner Sea Gods? Any that are not in there?

The Book of the Damned series probably has some lore of the respective fiends interacting with/relating to some deities.

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The d20pfsrd sometimes adds additional pictures for some weapons and equipment items...

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Arcadia resources and brainstorming thread

NPCs get XP too. A commoner 1 is an inexperienced kid or youth or adolescent, an average adult is level 2-4.

See this post for more on A Theory about Peasants by SKR and NPC levelling.

What? Evil AP? Link?

Yeah well: ask the DM to houserule it? There's a dearth of divine trickster options available though it is a common gnomish trope.

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Dont fetishize balance in encounters too much. Read the rest of the Alexandrian blog on encounter design and more...

As for interesting adventures you might want to use/adapt some pre written adventures. Check out Raging Swan Press or Four Dollar Dungeons for some excellent low level adventures.

As for NPCs check out NPC section. Don't over prepare and sometimes fudge or simply wing it. Reuse and reskin unused NPCs later. There are lots of good NPC books out there: Raging Swan Press has a Villains series as well as the pure crunch series. Legendary Games also does good Villain products.

Consider using a random encounter table or several. There are great ones available from Purple Duck Games, Rite Publishing or Raging Swan Press. Also check out Raging Swan Press GM Miscellany series.

Check out these threads:
What are you're favorite DM assistance tools
Sandbox adventure fodder needed (even if you don't want to run a sandbox)
Sandbox and scheming villains (If you do want to run a sandbox(y) campaign)

Check out the gnome racial feats, esp Gnome Trickster. This grants you mage hand. Speak With Animals is a 3rd level arcane (bard) spell and so you then qualify for arcane trickster. (Which would then advance your cleric casting..)

As for channelling look into variant channeling rules.

Which traits/archetypes/feats/domains did you choose?

I'm sure no one will mind.

This excellent campaign journal placed it near the Worldwound.

The first and most significant change is that I've set the dungeon in Golarion. Rappan Athuk is located in Mendev, between the Lake of Mists and Veils and the outskirts of the Estrovian Forest, far from the Worldwound. Some of the names have changed, for example the Forest of Hope is now the Estrovian Forest Outskirts and the Sea Coast Road is now the Lackthroat Road (which runs all the way down to the village of Lackthroat, in Numeria - and, more importantly - on to the Mendevian metropolis of Nerosyan).

See also this old thread on whet to place Rappan Athuk and this one about foreshadowing Slumbering Tsar.

If you are looking for critique/tips post a thread with links somewhere to get more exposure.

I'm sure the community can also the point you to companies/products that use a similar style.

I fondly remember those kind of threads on ENworld by Storn and others...

Only three 18s huh? And a LN paladin...

From the (non confidential) newsletter:

Coming down the pipeline...

Tomb Raiders by Jim Groves, Mike Shel, Jonathan H. Keith, and Benjamin Bruck
Mythic Monsters: Colossal by Jason Nelson and Mike Welham
Legendary Classes: Paladins by Amber Scott and Jason Nelson
The Assimilation Strain by Tom Phillips and Neil Spicer
Legendary Classes: The General by Linda Zayas-Palmer and Will McCardell
Royal Tournaments by Jason Nelson

Starfall by Tom Phillips and Mike Welham
Cyborgs by Tim Hitchcock and Russ Taylor
Legendary Classes: Rogues by Matt Goodall, Jason Nelson, and Clinton J. Boomer
Ultimate Prestige: Villains by Jason Nelson
Mythic Monsters: Animals by Mike Welham, Jason Nelson, and Jonathan H. Keith
Scorpions of Perdition by Nicolas Logue

Ravingdork wrote:

Talk to THEM out of game about your concerns. If they don't seem to care, tell them you aren't having fun and pass the GM hat to someone else. You don't deserve to go through all that hard work just to have them crumple it up and throw it back in your face.

Try enjoying their style of play under a different GM, or create/join a different group that better fits your play style.


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Well update your deviantart with a few newer samples and post a link in the links Liz linked to...

And the [url=] witchhunter base class by Super Genius Games.

Jordain Vizier prestige class was in Shining South. There's a novel called The Magehound with such a character.

As for PF 3pp there is Dreamscarred's mage hunter prc

Check out this old thread on anti magic army design which contains lots of neat ideas for mundane anti spellcaster tactics.

If you're allowing divine magic for anti-arcane that opens up a lot of additional options like spell breaker inquisitors with the spell killer inquisition.

See also this thread

You had to mention Planescape, huh? That will cause some nerdrage discussions.

I for one liked Planescape and also would very much like to see Golarion-like planets included in the AP.

So the planets visited in the AP, who are they?

Per 3e small sized PCs just used medium weapons. Fluff wise I like this better: Bilbo's Sting was crafted by Elves and should also be usable by them IMO. Otoh a halflings using a medium two hander is nonsense of course.

There used to be steel dragons aka Greyhawk dragons too.

Liz, thanks for changing the title, good call. has a fast play rules format for skills.

LGG did AP addons and other products for use with Paizo material with the Golarion IP filed off/hidden/alluded to, so it might be set in a solar system that's very familiar.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

In their newsletter LGG announced it's going to publish a planet hopping AP.

Get the news here.


Interplanetary, New Worlds, Ancient Species, Aliens, Technology, Psionics, and more!

Legendary Games brings you an eight-part, sword-and-planet Pathfinder Adventure Path; authored by some of the biggest names in Pathfinder, Legendary Planet will take your characters across the multiverse and back again in an incredible campaign like none other!

Are you ready to explore the galaxies? Coming to Kickstarter June 15th we plan to run until mid to late July, just in time to get ready for Gen Con.

The Assimilation Strain - To Worlds Unknown - The Scavenged Codex - Dead Vault Descent - Confederates of the Shattered Zone - The Depths of Desperation - Mind Tyrants of the Merciless Moons - To Kill A Star

TL;DR Legendary Planet AP!!!



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From the newsletter:

Interplanetary, New Worlds, Ancient Species, Aliens, Technology, Psionics, and more!

Legendary Games brings you an eight-part, sword-and-planet Pathfinder Adventure Path; authored by some of the biggest names in Pathfinder, Legendary Planet will take your characters across the multiverse and back again in an incredible campaign like none other!

Are you ready to explore the galaxies? Coming to Kickstarter June 15th we plan to run until mid to late July, just in time to get ready for Gen Con.

The Assimilation Strain - To Worlds Unknown - The Scavenged Codex - Dead Vault Descent - Confederates of the Shattered Zone - The Depths of Desperation - Mind Tyrants of the Merciless Moons - To Kill A Star

TL;DR Legendary Planet AP!!!


Thank you! (and sorry for pestering)

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Check out the original Appendix N

The pathfinder Gamemastery Guide has a similar appendix.

+1 . Grant every PC the Leadership feat for free at level 7 but require them to work to actually gain a cohort or followers. (See this blog for how and why).

Or get the Leadership Handbook for more intricate Leadership rules applying to everyone.

Also introduce psychological combat 3pp rules which give CHA based combat options.

Alex Augunas ftw.

PS: Social combat rules are a good idea too.

While linking to this excellent thread multiple times I feel the need to add some points to the plotting villain problem.

The Alexandrian (surprise!) has excellent articles on node based design which is a technique I think one could leverage for the plotting villains in a sandbox. Design and interconnect the nodes that villains drive and see where the players intersect and influence them.

I believe Razor Coast does this offering 3 major driving villainous plots for the players to interact with if they choose.

You could argue that this only creates more and different rails but it is definitely better than the monorail. And having a sufficient number if rails would make a campaign still a sandbox IMHO.

For lots of good Dungeons to hook players with/sprinkle across the map use/adapt onepagedungeon entries.

Some interesting threads:
Handling player problems in a sandbox
how to do scheming villains in a sandbox campaign

Requiring players to create interwoven back stories and plot hooks in their backgrounds helps. Investment in backstory and the campaign world is crucial for players developing initiative.

Sharing the worldbuilding is also great. Let players develop a town/organization whatever.

Adding random twists (like from random encounter tables) and the connecting the dots to create connections and some plot is a great technique.

Jason Nelson wrote:
Thanael wrote:
Where's the thread for the legendary Sword & Planet AP? That will be the talk of the town...
We will be revealing more about that at our "What's New with Legendary Games?" panel at PaizoCon, 3:00 PM on Friday 5/22, and we will probably be posting up more information about that after the seminar.

There's plenty of detail in the newsletter about this, why not post it in a thread too?

As for interconnected plotlines: read node based design on the alexandrian.

Kalindlara wrote:

I don't know if this would be useful to you, since you're concentrating on the above-ground. Great work, by the way! ^_^

I worked up a bunch of additional stuff for the Vampire Underground - mostly additional vampire personalities. I can dredge it up if you'd like to see it.

I for one would be interested in that material.

CNichols wrote:

I'm not familiar with the Gothic Grimoires series. I'll have to give it a look

Do that. Legendary games produces Adventure Path plugins , so supplementary material for PF APs with the Golarion IP filed off often written by the same freelancers who work on the actual APs. Good stuff...

A hexcrawl campaign can help sand boxy play. In this you build a map sprinkle it with short NPC notes or Dungeons or villages . Add a few random encounter tables with varying encounter levels. Don't fetishize balance in encounters. And let the players explore.

The Wilderlands of High fantasy campaign setting could be very useful for this.
Here are some threads on Toolboxy stuff , worldbuilding and sandboxes .

Read the Alexandrian blog on hexcrawl, the importance of wandering monster/random encounter tables, encounter design, and the open game table.

Also read the West Marches campaign blog.

The question boils down to how can you measure ingame a class or even *gasp* a level? Certain class features are observable ingame. Only a paladin is immune to disease and can lay on hands. Spell slots come in distinct quantums and spells are grouped into levels.

Read the excellent Sepulchrave's Story Hour for what I consider an excellent tale in I game representation of class mechanics like spell levels and vancian casting.

Thanael wrote:

Many old threads on ENworld posited a sort of quantum theory of magic to explain Vancian casting. Spells are learned in valences similar to an electron's energy levels.

This most prominently features in Sepulchrave's famous Story Hour.

Thanael wrote:

Valences. Also use generic and funky spell names.

Check out Sepulchraves Excellent Story Hour here for excellent and very vancian wizards and their nerdy arcano-scientific lingo:


She must locate her books and items, but how? Now that her highest valences were denied to her, the ‘Discern Location’ dweomer was beyond her abilities – and she would have to acquire the spell in any case..


She loathed the prospect of moving, especially as her higher spell valences were within sight again.

In the end, she decided to take a risk. Feezuu summoned one of her Quasits.

"You will ‘Commune’ for me," she said.

"‘Communing,’ is not covered in our compact," the tiny Demon said slyly. "Do you wish to renegotiate?"

This ENWorld thread on How do you make a Mage magical? discussed this among other things..

Also this thread Do characters know what spell levels and HP are?

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There was this awesome PFS play report of a paladin/shadowdancer which went to adventure on the Shadowplane and somehow got pregnant there and birthed her shadow companion. Good stuff.

Great work Dr. Nicolsi. Have you seen Wes' novel btw?

Also are you a fan of Legendary Games Gothic Grimoires?

Where's the thread for the legendary Sword & Planet AP? That will be the talk of the town...

For building thieves guilds adapt the yakuza gang rules by Rite Publishing.

Flaming Crab Games rogue archetypes are not bad either

Someone get the linkbot.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Maybe organizing sessions to stop at different points might be helpful?

Stopping with a cliff hanger instead if a resolution is normally used to get players more invested, but in your case maybe it helps offset ruminations of "what if I did something different ?" to a more proactive "what should I/we do next?".

Also realize that some losses are needed for a good narrative. This ties into GNS model but i don't get the feeling that your view is strictly gamist.

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