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Beltias Kreun

Thanael's page

Goblin Squad Member. 970 posts. No reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist.


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TritonOne wrote:

Nice website.

Check out the netbooks, and come join the messageboard forums there.

The FoS is the spiritual successor of the old "official Ravenloft fansite" from which the 3E Ravenloft authors emerged.

You don't really have to go low magic with Ravenloft and imho it never was a low magic setting. It just appears to be, i.e magic is less flashy/cartoony but it's still all there. Imho you Ravenloft is Gothic Horror plus D&D, i.e. embracing all the trappings of D&D just casting them a bit more darkly. See also John Mangrum's Ravenloft design manifesto here and/or Ryan Naylor's description of the concept called the Semblance of Reason.

Mistfinder is a great conversion of Ravenloft to Pathfinder. Ravenloft author Ryan Naylor has done another slightly different conversion in this thread, soon to be published as a free pdf.

For a conversion of the Carnival NPCs check out this excellent thread.

As for using Ustalav as a Ravenloft stand-in, one problem is of course the domains and darklords who are shackled to them. On the FoS there has been discussion about making a less artificial Ravenloft world by dropping the domain borders, i think it's called Ultimate Ravenloft.

You can of course port over stuff from either Ravenloft to Ustalav or vice versa quite easily, but I would still let each be it's own. For example it's easy to run the Ustalav AP in Ravenloft.

- Thanael aka the giamarga on the FoS boards...

TritonOne wrote:
Thanael wrote:
F. Wesley Schneider wrote:
There were really three places in Ustalav I targeted as potential Castle Ravenloft stand-ins and even though it wasn't the one I guessed, I'm glad this one [Bastardhall] took off (as it easily has my favorite name). :)
So what were the other two Wes ?
If the castle had been named Corvuschoir, the homage to Ravenloft would have been more recognizable. Corvus is the Latin name for Raven.

Good catch, it slipped by me. Wes probably just removed a few letters here or there to make it more obscure. Isn't he also the Paizonian fantasy naming expert?

Ah, the commoners seldom know about Strahd's beloved. You should definately check out the Ravenloft campaign setting, if Return to Castle Ravenloft has been your only exposure. There's a whole lot more to Ravenloft than RtCR, starting from the groundbreaking 1E adventure, the huge and glorious 2E campaign setting and last not least the great 3E campaign setting material.

Head over to the Fraternity of Shadows site for a nice forum, bibliography, wiki, and more all dedicated to the grand Ravenloft campaign setting.

F. Wesley Schneider wrote:
There were really three places in Ustalav I targeted as potential Castle Ravenloft stand-ins and even though it wasn't the one I guessed, I'm glad this one [Bastardhall] took off (as it easily has my favorite name). :)

So what were the other two Wes ?

+1 for a green psionic mite. Now do we call them greens or psites? As fey they should be quite long-lived.

You can either get the Beginner Box, which has great value for it's price. Though imho it is targeted more at young beginner players. But it eases the start into PFRPG and you can still use it with the full ruleset, and it is a great start for newbies to RPG gaming. Knowing some computer RPGs should definately qualify as having a head start vs real newbies.

Or you can get the Core Rules (pdf for $10, hardcopy is more expensive even used on ebay) and try reading it through. If after that you think you know roughly how this game should work get a low level adventure and play with some friends.

Or you can check out (beginner rules online) or (core rules online), and try if you can make sense of the game.

When playing I definately suggest getting one of the free intro adventures form paizo and/or definately starting low level i.e. at level 1.

BTW there is excellent material for PFRPG out there from other publishers (called 3PPs, third party publishers). When starting out I would suggest limiting rules to the PFBB or the Core rules only.

But have a look at some of the excellent introductory first level adventures by 3PPs:
The Horn of Geryon ("One of the best 1st level modules out there")
Retribution by Rite Publishing (dto.)

0One publishes PFBB compatible adventures in their Basic Path line

There are also the solo adventures from Kobold Press in which "The rules are explained as you play. Begin at paragraph 1 and proceed from there, taking notes as you go.".
Party of One: Kalgor Bloodhammer and the Ghouls Through the Breach (PFRPG) PDF
Party of One: Elgar Fletch and the Dark Army (PFRPG) PDF
These probably make great introductory adventures...

Wolfgang Baur wrote:

Yep. I sort of wrote it expecting some honest disagreement, and I have a lot of respect for people who want to deal with scry, buff, and teleport. I'm personally tired of dealing with it, and I'm thinking that its not a feature, it's a flaw of teleport.

It boils down to my enjoyment of adventure tales that require the journey (Sindbad's Golden Voyages, to name one). Teleport sometimes takes that away. You *can* work around it (and that essay makes the point that it's not hard to fix).

But you shouldn't feel required to work around it. Fantasy as a genre doesn't NEED teleport the same way it needs charm person or polymorph.

Scry Buff Teleport often hinges on a misapplication of Teleport and not enough secrecy or other defensive countermeasures for villains.
Personally, my ruling is that if you’re only ever viewing a location via scrying, your teleportation chance is never better than “viewed once” because the teleport spell specifically calls out that using scrying counts for this effect.

See Alex Augunas' blog entry.

It makes for an interesting high level spying and counter spying theme. Also Teleport mishaps.

Here's an olderKnife Master Build Advice thread.

And here another Knife Master Scout build with Two Weapon Feint.

Consider a two weapon feint build, like this one.

*thread necro*

What about if you get the same fixed bonus feat twice? I.e. Spellslinger 1 gets Gunsmithing as a bonus feat, now multiclass into cleric or inquisitor with the Blackpowder inquisition that also grants Gunsmithing as a bonus feat. Would you allow a substitute feat?

Of course you could use Diehard and don't continue the fight. Act as if disabled/dying, crawl away, quaff a potion.

Ring of Ferocious Action helps with the staggered condition btw.

The Heart of the Wilderness human alternate racial trait should be mentioned too.

Talisman of the Orc Mother's Fury is a neck slot item granting ferocity or enhancing ferocity or die hard.

Hobgoblin Battle Standard, though too expensive..

Never Stop Shooting trait, kindasorta

Flagelant cleric 2, by Kobold press

Bedlam seeker barbarian, an urban steampunk barb from Pure Steam (3pp product)

Shogun samurai 4, by Rite Publishing

Bill Webb wrote:
The IP of the 3.5 stuff is mixed--they cannot use it and we cannot use it. I cannot even give permission for that, nor can they. Lots of players involved.

I'm a little unfamiliar with the old JG Wilderlands stuff. What was used for the 3.5 box?

Also I find the kickstarter description frustrating. For me it's totally unclear what the PF products will be, i.e. what products will be converted and what kind of content the books will have.

Wowsa! A CR30 balor-wolf, and CR29 Fenris as a preview. Intriguing.

Check out the Big Game Hunter Feat and the Trophy Hunter ranger archetype. Also possbly interesting Musket Master(gunslinger), or Huntmaster(cavalier), Death or Glory feat, Circling offense teamwork feat.

BTW Kobold press recently release a line of books about crafting items from special monster materials...

Also do you know the one page dungeon contest?

brvheart wrote:
So all the work that was done can't ever be used again? Sad:( As I said, I wish them good luck and it appears they should not have an issue at least funding.

Well the 3.5 Wilderlands of High Fantasy boxed set is still very usable even with PF. Iirc they mainly used one line statblocks for NPCs...

I have one to sell btw...

It is the most powerful feat in the game,(unless one player may play more than one PC) because of action economy alone.

Quick Tolkien houserule: mandatory multiclassing: full casters must multiclass half and half.

See also this excellent PF/d20 Middle Earth conversion from this site

Way to go. Why don't you put them up for download for example on

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Alexander Auguna's Everyman Gaming blog entry talked about Leadership: The Function of Leadership. He uses the imho brilliant houserule to grant this feat to everyone at lvl7, but the PC has to actively go recruiting.

His current blog post has an NPC build using teamwork feats with his familiar. This could well be adapted to a cohort. Every wanted to use those teamwork feats but no other player wants to? Get a cohort. This only works with player built cohorts though.

... is there a nice preview as for 20 Variant Dragons ?

So, roger what's it gonna be?

Lore Warden or Weapon Master, Mobile Fighter or Free Hand Fighter? Or Swashbuckler? Ranger?

If you want to go Duelist or TWF check out the recent Main Gauche thread.

Fair enough. Though it makes a good second story man that can still contribute to combat via maneuvers. Cat burglar by night, swashbuckler by day. Also note that you can combine it with sound striker.

How about the Lionblade PrC?

What about the daredevil archetype?

graystone wrote:
Take Profession weapon trainer(1) then Rough and Ready trait. Now you can use practice swords as a real weapon and get a +1 to hit too.


3.5 Unearthed Arcana did something Quite similar with weapon group proficiencies. Take a look:weapon groups from UA.

I suggest the Longbow as an exotic weapon, the shortbow might stay martial.

What about guns and crossbows? Armor penetration rules for both?

Slightly tangential, 101 New Skill Uses by Rite Publishing has gotten a rave review by Endzeitgeist and has been cited to help make skills more interesting, useful and relevant. Together with Rogue Glory it is one of the oft suggested rogue fix products.

So at 150k they convert Wilderlands? Or do you get the 3.5 version PDF?

Question wrote:
I mean there are plenty of 3rd party publishers doing it. Not sure how hard it is to get permission to sell a PDF in the Paizo store exactly, but quite a few of the 3rd party stuff is, well, not very well written, so the requirements cant be very high...

A) If that's why you want to do it, I suggest you rather don't.

B) I got the impression that 3PP material for PF is quite high quality overall. This feeling seems a holdover from the 3.0/3.5 3pp glut...

In d20pfsrd only the tooth fairy and the pixie come up on a search for fairy dust. And I doubt that pixie dust is ground-up wings...

Or you could play Lion-O of Thundercats...

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Touc wrote:
4. Restore some Core concepts. Make those golems immune to all magic (not everything has a "trump"). Put some (not all) traps in that can only be uncovered by player action, not a generic "perception" check. Don't be afraid to ban something that the group has found to "bend or break" the game.

About the traps, see The Art of Ruling from the Alexandrian blog:

1. Passive observation of the world is automatically triggered.
2. Player expertise activates character expertise.
3. Player expertise can trump character expertise.

This is generally a concept I like and i think you can apply if across the board. Players need to initiate some game mechanics, and player ingenuity can trump or enhance simple skill roll results. But on the other hand you can play a charismatic bluffer or diplomat even if you as a player are not so outgoing and can't act it out so well.

Thanael wrote:
Erik Mona's free web fiction has an alchemist protagonist and lots of fantastic cuisine.

Linkification: Two Pieces of Tarnished Silver

Fantasy cuisine starts in the second part with an eleven course meal.

The alchemist's lips quivered in self-satisfaction as the translucent slug pulled a trail of brilliant amber across the serving tray. "We begin with a delicacy unique to the untamed jungles west of our homeland, brought to the table of Lady Iranez by the reach of almighty Nex's unparalleled merchant network and prepared by yours truly, Epostian Creeg."

"The creature's slime deadens the tongue's acidity, triggering a mild euphoria in the taster. When combined with the ink of the Blanchess urchin smuggled from the depths of Lake Ocota, this effect unlocks what the Mwangi mystics call the 'seventh flavor,' a sensation ordinarily reserved for their haughty, ancient spirit-gods."

...and it gets weirder from there.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Check out these old threads for interesting discussion on Hermea:
Hermea thread 1
Hermea thread 2

If Mengkare allows "the occasional elf" to immigrate, an aasimar should be ok. Though an planetouched influence manifesting in the bloodline of an adolescent is another thing entirely than letting a full grown one immigrate. Maybe the PC got banned but is not sure himself if he was banned due to his bloodline or some other perceived imperfection ?

In one the threads above I posted some notes on worldbuilding Hermea. Note that Megkare is not as powerful as some think, as an old or very old dragon only:


From the Ask Sutter thread: 6. What is Mengkare's age category? The circa 2008 Campaign Setting says he's an "Old" dragon.

Sutter: 6. I don't think we've updated that in print since the Pathfinder RPG update, so I won't say, but I believe he's *quite* old and powerful...

So no great wyrm. But may possibly have advanced to Very Old now, which is CR 19. Access to True Seeing and Geas/Quest. 6th level casting if very old, else only 5th-level. So by no means artifact-level awesomeness. He's a nice capstone for a high level adventure/AP, but can be overshadowed by mortal NPCs in a specialized area. Especially spellcasting.

I started worldbuilding Hermea's capitol and the island and there could (and imho should) easily be some NPC players on his level (I.e. CL 13-17+). So it's not so easy and clear cut as many think, even with this small a nation.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

NG did brand it as it's own setting/brand so why not. It's like Maztica (or Al Qadim) and Forgotten Realms, they share the world but are separate settings.

Here's an old Help me design an Air-Element "Dungeon"! thread on ENWorld...

Little Red Goblin Games wrote:
For those who like Ravenloft should check out the guys who are doing the "Mistfinder" fan conversion.

Ryan Naylor is also doing a pathfinder conversion of Ravenloft. Currently it's in this thread on the Fraternity of Shadows forum but it will be made into a couple of PDFs sooninsh.

Red Goblin, I hope Expedition to Castle Ravenloft has not been your only exposure to the Ravenloft setting...

Razor Coast will be included in the Lost Lands setting iirc.

Also dot.

Check out 20 Variant Foes: Red Dragons by Rite Publishing, (free preview available here). Top CR is 30 with a very unusual NPC Seer Hekkush whose complete statblock is in the free preview.

Check out Lorefinder, the Gumshoe Pathfinder adaption.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Erik Mona's free web fiction has an alchemist protagonist and lots of fantastic cuisine.

Conquest of the Universe was a kickstarter project for a Star Wars like Fantasy scifi.

Also paizos Distant Worlds and Nwah's thread on Akiton campaign should be mentioned here.

Looking nice. Good work. For a D&D precedent (to pillage fluff or inspiration from) google tortles.

+1 on Zhaynes suggestion. And variant assassins.

I don't know where i read it (probably the Alexandrian), but looting the internet should definately be added to winging it. For example the one page dungeon contest produces loads of handy one page instant dungeons.

Some links:
one page dungeon contest homepage
Hexcrawl part 10: Stocking the Hexes (at the Alexandrian)
Search the Alexandrian for hex crawl
... even more dungeon resources links

Astarathian the great wyrm gold dragon living undercover in Pangolais, Nidala.

D20pfsrd has an NPC section with an index by CR. Most will be generic NPCs from the NPC Codex but a few are from modules and APs. Unfortunately there's no index for alignment.

There's also the old Rival Guide, and the Inner Sea NPC codex.

From 3pps check out Rite publishings Faces of the Tarnished Soukh line for excellent premade highlevel NPCs...

Which "lore" do you seek ? Golarion setting overview, or specific land/region ?

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