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Beltias Kreun

Thanael's page

Goblin Squad Member. 1,757 posts. No reviews. 1 list. 2 wishlists.


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Or set up a complicated con and swindle him out of it

+1 for Gamma World. Doesn't get much weirder IMO. I hear the 4e variant wasn't too bad. And there's a free PC generator at WoTC. One of the big charms of the old GW was rolling your mutant character. Not sure how the Sword & Sorcery version handles it.

Ghufufin wrote:

I would find out who made the permanent anti magic field on the shop and deal with them instead.

And ready for a terrible suggestion? Your character is evil and the shopkeeper is being a real obstactle. Just remove them. When you do just make sure its fully stocked. Fair warning since this is the bad option be prepared to: deal with some even greater BS, make a new character, or stop playing in the game entirely.

This. If the prices get too high threaten to let the other PCs handle the haggling ;-)

And then (let them) get creative and work around or through the obstacle. Have some one steal the item. Or worse.

Hermea huh? Now now... I could see Razmiran but Hermea? Occult? Interesting.

Whatever happened to this product? Articles are still available but I can find neither the product nor the freebie anymore...

This post might be useful.

Kobold Press' High Ghouls the Darakhul have this:

Hunger for Flesh:
Hunger for Flesh: : You must consume a meal of raw meat each day or suffer the effects of starvation. You use your Charisma when making checks regarding starvation and always suffer lethal damage from its effects. If you suffer damage from starvation, you become “fatigued” until the damage is healed. (Undead are not typically susceptible to fatigue; hunger, however, will make a darakhul feel effects identical to fatigue.) Damage from starvation cannot be healed by magic or anything else but spending 1 hour consuming an amount of raw meat equal to a Small creature. Separate from the starvation hazard, if you’re a darakhul spellcaster, you only recover your spells after enjoying a leisurely, 1-hour-long meal of raw meat. If you need to heal starvation damage and recover spells, you must eat two Small creatures over a 2-hour period. While you will gladly devour any meat any time you can, you can regain spells only once every 24 hours.

For after the honeymoonread all about goblin pregnancy and child care here (in a great in character fan article)

terraleon wrote:

Domains Chaos, Evil, Travel and I would add Death and the Speed domain from Southlands.
Favored Weapon maquahuitl (a heavy wooden club edged down two sides with razor-like obsidian blades)

Macuahuitl = terbutje which is in the PRD.

Zeitgeist AP by ENworld Publishing, or Road to Revolution AP by 0one Games.

(See the 3PP AP thread)

Some Reaper frogmen , more Frogmen by Reaper I think and ye oldeRal Partha 11-531 Bullywugs. (more bullywug minis)

More Stonehaven Grippli. I like the bowyer...

Dark Sword Miniature has some nice & hilarious frog people including a frog bishop, bard & more... (Check picture search.)

(Sorry for lmgtfy linkage, apparently I can't get urls from google searches on my iPhone)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Check out the free Magical Medieval Society: City Guide for lots of detail, and the more abstract settlement rules by Paizo

For even more links check out this post, which links to several generators some inspired by rules from the 3.5 DMG (which work great in conjusnction with the settlement rules), and some by the Medieval Society Guides i believe.

For newer stuff FGG's Lost Lore: Town of Glory which presents a new rules mini-system for building and growing frontier communities, giving players and GMs multiple options to add onto their existing game play.

Also check out Raging Swan Press Town Backdrop and Village Backdrop series pdfs if you need a smaller settlement in the vicinity or their GMs'Miscellany products like Urban Dressing.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

You has me at "catfolk thief and gnoll merchant". Also Pett. (Mroooar?)

GM Arkwright, you do know about Fire as She Bears do you ? It's FGG's take on a PFRPG nautical combat system, spawned during the Razor Coast kickstarter.

Münchhausen! There you go. Umlaut ftw.

So as an old Shadowrun fan, and having taken a brief look at the website: Will there be a shadow lingo thing - Chummer? Chumski ? - and will the presentation be similarly immersive to the great SR supplementals?

Great picture btw. Do you publish/sell your work ? With that style i'd try Adventure A Week games...

Lilith wrote:
Tome of Adventure Design, everything from Engine Publishing, and Roleplaying Tips.

I'm still missing ToAD. It's on the shortlist though.

Will check out engine publishing.

Roleplaying Tips has a free newsletter that's quite handy.

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terraleon wrote:

You can get the Midgard setting and a few additional supplements in the current Bundle of Holding. The setting, 8 adventures, a gazetteer of the Margreve Forest, and the players' guide to the Crossroads, all for $9. That's a great deal if you find the Midgard pdfs too expensive usually.

While you pay at Bundle of Holding, you fulfill through drivethruRPG.


That's a great deal!

Google Tippyverse! (?)

Wild Stalker archetype gives lowlight vision and perception stuff. Maybe look into nature oracle dip? Or a feral shifter or nature fang druid? Hunter maybe? And then into the nature warden prestige class!

Aragorn is a multiclass character probably. And he does have some healing and poison detection/slow poison ability, so low level spells might still fit.

So... Skirmisher Wild Stalker Urban Ranger. I need to build one of those...

Christina Stiles wrote:
Hmm,interesting,but it does not sound like something I could input into my gaming easily--meaning, it would not get played.

Christina/LPJ: how about a Spiros Blaak side trek for this AP?

Zhangar wrote:

I'd actually suggest a mix of Urban Ranger (with an extra archetype that ditches spellcasting) and Urban Barbarian for Sam Vimes, and handwave a trait for him to be able to still rage while being LG.

You know surprisingly urban ranger archetype seems to be stackable with Wild Stalker which gives rage at lvl 4. And/or take a bloodrager (destined bloodline?) dip (no alignment restriction for bloodrage)

I want someone to build Lu Tze the history monk and of course the Patrician.

This needs a review... You know that Endzeitgeist fellow?

Town of Glory sounds interesting. Any reviews available? Is this also sold through paizo?

So when did the dragon come back and why/how did he not hunt and kill your party gruesomely in their sleep?

josh hill 935 wrote:

Hey guys, I was wondering what tactics will allow people to take down an adult or older green dragon that plays smart.

This isn't an adventure, its a backstory myth, so, how would you face a green dragon with an entire ancient (bronze age) elven kingdom to kill it?

If it's a myth you're all going from the wrong angle. It's not a PvP arena, it's a myth/story.

Also an adult green is only CR 12. So solution is simple. High level elven heroes.

Archetypal protagonists brainstorming:
elven archer/ranger for woodcraft
elven cavalier (or paladin?) griffon rider or eagle rider with longspear/lance ?
elven mage
elven trickster (bard?)
elven druid
must include a unicorn

Trope brainstorming:
- dragon is a trickster (shapechanger?)
- dragon demands tribute
- dragon kidnaps maiden
- hero party forms
- must track dragon
- there's a traitor in the party
- someone must sacrifice themself
- love prevails
- dragon is vain and greedy
- dragon is tricked somehow

For the true story I would cast the dragon as one of the part members in disguise. But this would not be in the publicly available version of the myth. Only hints of it. Also myths can be contradicting and muddled. Have several versions.

Also read up on Hero's Journey a.k.a. monomyth.

Though I kind of struggle imagining a bronze age elven society. Elves always had this advanced ,etallurgy and society/culture though in harmony with nature vibe, even for ancient times.

See also this thread for ideas about clever green dragon encounters

Add Legendary Games for their Mythic-Fu and experience with AP support and filing of the serial numbers so to speak. They would be the go-to guys for those parts which pertain to Golarion.

+1 for Cerulean Seas. Good idea.

They published 3 system neutral almost statless OGL/OSR modules via small Kickstarters. Pdfs available at DTRPG, print at their site where they also provide PFRPG stats as a free web enhancement.

I'd be very keen for a review of any if their products...

Heard of them in this article

Iiinteresting. How many pages is it? Can't wait for a review..,

Will this be a new line? What is planned for the others?

For Darklands like products for PFRPG check out Cyclopean Deeps from Frog God Games. They also have lots of dungeons and super dungeons and adventures though I'm not sure which of the are particularly for an underdark aside from CD. Might be one in their One Night Stands series...

Kobold Games has described their awesome Underdark Kingdom of the Ghouls in several products: Advanced Races Darakhul (High Ghouls), the hard to get Empire of Ghouls, Imperial Gazetteer of Morgau & Dorgesh. They also have a race book on Derro iirc

I believe there's a few books on Duergar by 3pps including RSP's Duergar of the Obsidian Citadel. RSP also just introduced a new line with underground settlement called Subterranean Enclave and has excellent GM help books on underdark encounters iirc. edit: check out Caves & Caverns and their Dungeon Dressing and Dungeon Denizens lines. Also maybe check out their Ancient Empires of the Troglodytes or the classic module Shadowed Keep of the Borderlands.

See also this old thread on an under dark/dungeon crawl sandbox, which also mentions a few 3.5 gems from Goodman Games.

AAW has the highly lauded Rise of the Drow super module which has spider demon worshipping drow.

2e has the famous Night Below boxed set, and a Dungeon adventure & Dragon article by Wolfgang Baur first detailing the Empire of Ghouls.

Wolfgang Baur went for exclusive products with the early Open Design patronage projects (way before Kickstarter), but they phased this out more and more. There is probably a good reason for that. Drop him a mail to hear his thoughts about it.

Recent kickstarters such as Southlands or Razor Coast did include some Kickstarter exclusive rewards, but these were mostly super expensive far out products like the letterpress book from Southlands or super deluxe versions like the metal forged version of one of the FGG Kickstarter books, maybe Sword of Air? Or the extra special Rise of the Runelords edition by Paizo. Or extra material/props like the chest and coins and vellum map from a Razor Coast.

Sometimes an exclusive bonus module is KS exclusive (FGG and Kobold did it). Rite Publishing made the Tarnished Soukh HC a Kickstarter exclusive recently, but the softcover is available in color in retail.

I would not restrict a HC and especially not a color version of your core product to Kickstarter if I were you. Exclusivity will generate some hype but in the long run it's detrimental. Maybe make a special KS exclusive bonus module but don't restrict the central book...

Make at least the color version available to all.

I think Steve's attitude is probably more widespread in Kickstarter backers than you might think. I certainly tend towards that too.

Check out the pledge levels of FGG and Kobold kickstarters for examples.

Also more input about the content, concept and crew is IMO needed. Personally I'm not that excited yet. I need more details. If Boomers stuff from the Tumbler makes it in I'm hyped. He spent a lot of thought on the concept and made some gorgeous high level NPCs. Including the tarrasque or even several tarrasques (dare I say mythic tarrasque) tying this to Rovagug being freed would certainly up the interest IMO.

If you enjoy that kind of stuff you would probably enjoy Bill Webb's Book of Dirty Tricks, too.

So for Ultimate Charisma, how about including/adapting the Diplomacy fix(by the Alexandrian) , and/or a social combat mechanic? this would make it pretty complete IMO.

Thanael wrote:
So the World Eater was it imprisoned in a certain prime world by the combined pantheon? Is one of its heralds the Tarrasque? Is Clinton Boomer in on the project? Did you guys read his tumbler?

I notice that this got ignored. Simple question: is Boomer in?

Woodoodoo wrote:
Most of my party(actually all of them) are going to be str based melee fighters(monk type, paladin/DD and a cavalier) so the most reasonable option was a ranged character.

So all other PCs are martials? And you want to play another one?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

That depends. What do you want/need?

Raging Swan comes to mind first though for GM stuff. Did you know about their Patreon?

Rite also does Adventure Quarterly the spiritual successor to Dungeon magazine.(several excellent short to medium long adventures per issue).

Four Dollar Dungeons does excellent adventures for $4. Run Amok Games does great adventures too.

Check out this thread on 3pp campaign settings for what is out there ...

She's a Landsknecht doppelsöldner mercenary. Don't let the fancy clothing deceive you. the weapon is a flamberge which iirc is not yet present as a separate weapon in PF. So use a greatsword.

She's a straight weaponmaster fighter imo, like this gal.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Dustin Ashe wrote:
Thanael wrote:
Paizo only ? Or would you consider 3pp material too?
I'm open to 3pp, as long as it's in the vein of generic fantasy.

Raging Swan Press has two great 1st level adventures but they actually do not start in a town iirc: Shadowed Keep on the Borderlands, and Retribution.


They also have a whole product line detailing towns and villages. And excellent accessory material like their GMs Miscellany: Urban Dressing or their Random Encounter series

Four Dollar Dungeons has 3 very excellent 1st level adventures (The Horn of Geryon , Key to Marina and Firemaker) all starting in towns iirc, though I'm not sure how much of the towns are detailed. The modules are super awesome judging from the reviews though. They also have more low level adventures.

Frog God Games has several 1st level modules starting in a town:
The Lost City of Barakus is a lvl 1-5 dungeon crawl based in a small town/city. It was updated to PFRPG but as there are few reviews I want to link tothis review of the d20 version

Stoneheart Valley compiles and updates three classic 3.5 old school flavored modules starting at lvl1 in a small town.

Rite Publishing's
Not So Random Urban Encounters could add a lot as could their Evocative City Site product line.

For 3.5 there's the lavish lvl 1-15 Goodman Games' Castle Whiterock which details a campaign in and around (under) a town.

Ooh worldbuilding in Tian Xia. Nice. Go on...


Bronze turned neutral or evil.

No I was thinking of nothing specific.

Good one. Let's gather new ideas...

A mythic-lite eastern AP with Indian & Asian inspired stuff that could be set by GMs in Tian Xia. Done by Legendary games for mythic monster, battle rules and general experience with pluggable Golarion support using Alex Augunas Asian race books, leadership rules and ultimate charisma rules. Fiction & story consulting by Dave Gross.

Paizo only ? Or would you consider 3pp material too?

So the World Eater was it imprisoned in a certain prime world by the combined pantheon? Is one of its heralds the Tarrasque? Is Clinton Boomer in on the project? Did you guys read his tumbler?

Skylancer4 wrote:
Brother Fen wrote:

What exactly does it mean to be "easily" adapted?

Not use 3PP classes regularly?

Not use 3PP locations for the AP?

Not use religion as a basis, or even part of the plot, for the campaign?

To me that limits what the AP can be about way too much and guts the AP of any real identify it could have. Having one of a 3PP class the whole AP makes it seem like they are unique or one off. And pretty much makes it clone of any other adventure you can buy that uses the OGL. Having the 3PP making the AP, creating organizations that allow you to get a feel for what the class(es) are supposed to be like, is pretty much what you would want from them no?

I'm not asking this to be a jerk, and I'm sure the OP would probably like to know the answer too. It just seems to me, that trying it to make the AP capable of fitting Golorian, defeats the purpose of having 3PP collaboration in making it and imposes undue constraints on the creativity that the 3PP has to make the product unique.

Well maybe not easily adaptable, because yes I want to see 3pp classes and locations. Religions not so much.

It's about the fluff and about being able to -if you want to - add it to Golarion somehow/somewhere/somewhen.

Way of the Wicked was named as an example by me, which featured a new religion but could with some creativity be fit into Golarion as a sort of prequel to cheliax as it is now.

For me the best would be if it does add to one of the interesting very niche Golarion parts that will most likely not see much official development.

I can get behind that. Some of the pledge levels where not very thought out esp. The international postage.

I would have paid a bit more if he'd have but asked.

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