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Beltias Kreun

Thanael's page

Goblin Squad Member. 1,144 posts. No reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist.


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Check out the Elfstar the Dancing Queen build, for a kapenia dancer magus with bladed scarf.

BTW for all Southlands fans: check out Tales of the Caliphate Nights which is currently on sale for $1 on paizo.

"Average" goblin is probably a warrior 1.

AAW's Snow White starts during "lavishly-detailed festivities" for a wedding.

A review would be great, D_M!

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Burnt Offerings
Carnival of Tears
Murders Mark
Feast of Ravenmoor
Feasting at Lanterngeist
Academy of Secrets
AAW's A5 Winter Flower
The Tolling of Tears

It wouldn't be part 1 would it? EN world has a marketplace, then there's bookfinder, nobleknightgames, eBay of course

Dot. So why no classes on many of the posts? And why no complete statblocks?

Has anyone mentioned A Dream of Mars by Little Red Goblin Games yet?

vecnalives wrote:
a 3pp came out many years that fixed the problem in an absolutely amazing way it's called skill focus talk

It's actually called Skill Focus Talking At only $2.95 I'll have to check out that one...

And on a tangent there's Alexander Augunas Psychological Combat which adds a social/psychological aspect to actual combat.

Isn't there a 3pp product?

You could adapt Burning Wheels Duel of Wits

Edit: check out Debatable Actions for PFRPG by LPJ Design which apparently adapts social combat from Atlas Games excellent d20 Dynasties & Demagogues.

Oh if we just would make 1001 backers... I'm curious.

Road to Revolution by 0one Games an urban AP shouldl be an awesome fit.

Or you know don't make strength based character. Be the outsider Orc. Bard? Rogue? Brb/Wizard?

Just leaving this here: Goblins webcomic.

There's also the pathfinder goblins comic series..

Hermean Blood

Noble Scion

And dot.

Try the link on or search google for the file name if you have it.

Care to share here?

Talk to the DM about auto granting Leadership at CL7 to everyone who actively recruits a cohort. This grants lots of support NPCs.

Then go traditional as in late entry MT. The others being low tier this should be a great opportunity. Maybe a non traditional MT like Arcanist/Oracle ?

Rakshaka wrote:

While not for Liches, there is precedence for this an AP.

** spoiler omitted **

But was he an old human before he became a ghost?

I really like the Ravenloft rules here. Or if you prefer use the dicefreaks adaption of them for vampires, liches, death knights and ghosts

Undead do not age normally anymore and not all undead of the same base race age the same. A ghoul has no real base race anymore he is a ghoul now.

Ravenloft gave age categories for vampires, liches, and ghosts, with them gaining different powers among them stat increases and SLAs. I think it was the Dicefreaks variant rules that posited that for example liches needed to complete special rituals before gaining a new age category. (And they did formulate how to ascend to lichdom in the first place with much more details iirc)

Also here.

Something with a version for each magical school I think...

Probably better to ask this at the Necromancer Games Barakus forum.

(Why is this product listed here under Troll Lord Games anyways?)

For feudal Japan i suggest Rite Publishings PFRPG Kaidan material. (also available ob paizo)

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I swear there was a dungeon mag adventure with this idea...

Edit: Chadrather’s Bane in Dungeon #18

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Its from a 3.5 supplement called Weapons of Legacy. Basically a magic item that grows in power with the character. The system was great in that it gave magic items a great history and feel but it had a flaw: The system had a cost (a small hp loss or other permanent penalty)y
for unlocking higher powers which should generally be ignored esp in a solo game.

Read the Legacy of Dhakaan trilogy for great implementation of Legacy items.

You can also let her discover magical abilities successively i.e. Find out a command word and boom +1 sword is a flaming sword too! An intelligent weapon might be a good dmpc/companion/foil. Let her discover it's powers slowly, can have provide some knowledge /pointers etc.

JoeJ wrote:

Green Ronin has setting books for Ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, Medieval Europe, the golden age of piracy, and the Old Testament.


For 3.5 there is also OGL Ancients by Mongoose.

The New Argonauts (d20) PDF by Sean K Reynols is free and contains "everything you need to run a campaign in mythic Greece."

There's also the old d20 (3.0/3.5?) Arcanis setting which which has a pseudo Roman Fantasy Setting. It has many many excellent books many of which are available here on paizo for cheap right now. Others you can get from ebay.

See this post for some links and a product list...

Note that Nyambe is for sale right now too.

(Reposted and updated with links from this threadIs the a Greco-Roman 3rd party setting?)

Hi, in light of this recent thread about Shipping Options to Australia.

Can you please check if the order in my shopping card can be shipped any cheaper ? I don't mind to wait a while...

Epic Meepos 100 archetypes thread (incl NPCclass archetypes )
And here's the google doc.

Red Eye of Azathoth is probably a great (series of) Call of Cthulhu one shot(s) for Halloween. Esp if you stretch it across several years with the same players and don't tell them that they are connected...

Also Snows of an Early Winter.

I find the checkout process extremely frustrating too because of the lacking transparency of the calculated shipping costs.

John Mangrum wrote:

Disclaimer One: My entry in this book is about a ship which, historically, was edged out of use by certain other sailing vessels... for reasons about as weighty as a kobold's eyelash in a world with arcane fireballs and adventuring barbarians. So I had the advantage of, rather than swatting away history, simply scratching it behind the ear before gently setting it aside.

Disclaimer Two: I'm typing this right now from my bunk in the great cabin of a replica 17th-century Dutch jaght. There's a cannon roughly seven feet directly below me, and I know how to use it. :)

Congrats John! (where's that Contributor tag?) Good to see you back in Game Design. So any nods to Ravenloft in your entry? Is it a vessel from Ustalav?

Thanael (aka the Giamarga on the FoS boards)

Indulgence: Art of the Duel has been mentioned several times. I'm not sure if it has been updated to PFRPG with Razor Coast. (And if it is OC then.)

Traps & Treachery

Raging Swan's adventures and Town supplements would probably fit into Ustalav well too .

I believe it was a stretch goal that they did not reach. It would be great to have this AP see the light of day, and even more so with commoner class options

Have you checked out my link collection on commoners? I particularly love the old ENWorld threads there...

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Thanks for that link! I saved the link to the original WotC thread in my commoner links post but alas it doesn't work anymore...

It's in the posture. Concealing the "weapon" means having a non combative posture and striking very suddenly. So... Bluff check to conceal combat readiness?

Congrats! Just wanted to say I would buy that commoner novel too!

Slugfest Games (the makers of the Red Dragon Inn board game) did mention doing an AP with an Inn as a central component during their Kickstarter. I would really like that to have an option for Commoner classed PCs.

Don't forget to check out Legendary Games Gothic AP plugins.

There is such a thing as overkill. The strike was so perfect and well placed even a master swordsman would have had trouble. The commoner had not a chance.

I loved Ari Marmell's Iron Kimgdom novel which features a dual magical pepper of wielding gun mage. He could rotate the barrels by magic but I he was not a full attack rapidshot build, it was more flavor for the gunmage (think spellslinger/sorc) abilities.

Well they can still flee then, like maybe into a nearby dungeon.

Thulsa i suggest you shoot an email at Wolfgang Baur. Maybe you could team up with his guys for a small stretch goal for their current Southlands Kickstarter (Conan meets Sinbad), you would fit right in there. Or make a cross promotion deal where you provide one of your adventures as a stretch goal.

As for cartographers what Dale said.

Good good. Looking forward to it ;-) How familiar are you with the Golarion setting? A commoner in/from Geb would be really interesting.

I've been a fan of NPC classes since a long time. (See my NPC classes linkorama post)

Just downloaded You're gonna die Screaming

Good City books, though the thread predates 0One Games Great City iirc.

Joshua Goudreau wrote:
What is the general consensus on Monte Cook's Ptolus?

I think the consensus is it's great. It is probably the most detailed and gorgeous citybook out there, with great adventures seeded thoughout and a few great supplemental products among the acclaimed adventures the Banewarrens and The Night of Dissolution. One quirk of it is that it is designed to highlight/incorporate the D&D system in the campaign world, i.e. no wizards allowed signs behind the half orc barkeep, inclusion of character abilities and magic in the worldbuilding.

There's Chaositech in it but it is a kind of magical chaos powered steampunk tech, and the Lion-headed people didn't do it for me, but the rest is gorgeous.

I loved the The Alexandrian's Ptolus annotated campaign log

Dungeon Magazine, Adventure Quarterly (PFRPG Dungeon successor), One Page Dungeon contest (free)

Also check out d20 Toolbox, or even Ultimate Toolbox, Adventure I , Adventure II all by AEG, the d20 converted Judges Guild adventures and perhaps the Wicked Fantasy adventures from the Goodman Games Apocalypse Sale. Maybe a City of Secrets or Ssethregore from Arcanis?

d20 En Route and more from Atlas Games sale on Paizo (check those prices on the print versions!).

Alexandrian blog GAMEMASTERY 101: hex crawl, game structures, node based design.

Using Random Encounters right

Also of course Kobold Press' Tales of the Old Margreve, plus the Margreve web compilation

Anything by Necromancer Games or Frog God Games.

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