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Beltias Kreun

Thanael's page

Goblin Squad Member. 1,828 posts. No reviews. 1 list. 2 wishlists.


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There's an clever old dragon article about motivations/priorities by alignment . I think it was called "Get Your Priorities Straight ". Edit: it's in Dragon # 173

Here's an old thread on social combat which lists a few alternatives to the paizo deck rules.

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Check out the Alexandrians design notes on diplomacy which build upon GitPG's Diplomacy rules update and finally deliver the Diplomacy fix. In short: each check is for a narrowly defined action/deal that brings it's own modifiers.

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..from Outer Spaaace!
..from pulp Mars/Venus/...
..from Underground /Dark Lands

Ellioti wrote:

I'd like to combine Roll with it with Death or Glory

1. Master of Many Styles Monk 1: Racial Heritage, Roll with it, Panther Style
2. Master of Many Styles Monk 2: Panther Claw
3. Fighter 1: Power Attack, Death or Glory
4. Fighter 2: Combat Reflexes
5. Fighter 3: Panther Parry
6. Fighter 4: ????
7. Fighter 5: Vital Strike

I'm not sure about the classes, I just wanted to get it online as quick as possible.
This is more of a STR build, but you need WIS, therefore Wisdom in the Flesh (Acrobatics) is an option for dropping dex.

Can't take Death of Glory before lvl 6 it has a BAB+6 prerequisite

Call of the Frog God is available at Nobleknightgames. Just a FYI.

While you can't use the crunch there's also fluff in Everymsn Gaming's Kitsune Compendium including
A detailed analysis of the kitsune race, including basic facts, ecology and psychology, culture, origin mythology, religion, and more.
(though it won't use Golarion IP)

You should start the thread title with: 3PPs:

Eric Hinkle wrote:
'Bout time we returned to the Darklands. I'm looking forward to this one just for the urdefhan. And the seugathi. And the troglodytes. And, well, I guess all of it.

Have you Raging Swan's Ancient Empires: Troglodytes? They also have a few more trog products

And backed. Hopefully this will fund. And hopefully the stretch goals will somehow be produced later...

Endzeitgeist wrote:

Hmm, to mind come:

-All Cerulean Seas books by Alluria Publishing
-Razor Coast by FGG
-Fire as She Bears (imho best naval combat system)
-Kobold Press' Journeys to the West and its Bosun's book and expansions
-Rogue Genius Games's A Brace of Pistols
-Rite Publishing's 101 Pirate Traits
-Raging Swan Press' So what's the Ship like, anyways? + Villainous Pirates, The Sunken Pyramid
-AAW Games' A12: When the Ship Goes Down
TPK Games' Ship of Fools
-Legendary Games' Skull & Shackles plug-in-series

more pirate stuff

and here too

You don't need to use a (mega) dungeon. But it helps with a lot if problems of player fluctuation. Sandboxy and/or urban stuff will do too. You can do it with other APs but only if you can plausibly introduce new players constantly or have others drop out and maybe later rejoin.

Golem city? Sounds a bit like the new RGG product by the 4 Horsemen....

Run a mega dungeon (Emerald Spire or Rappan Athuk or The Grande Temple of Jing) and read The Alexandrian on Opening your Game Table..

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I'm a henchman. ...for now.

Hes probably not a native speaker. Trajection ? ;-)

Iiinteresting. What's the format? How many pages?

Check out the luck manipulator and the legendary gambler builds/threads.

Halflings have a luck themed prestige class: the Halfling Opportunist.

Stilgar2300 wrote:
I've tried using the CR system however i feel it either creates extremely easy encounters or nearly impossible encounters. If I just tailor each encounter ignoring CR i can usually gauge it correctly. I'm just curious how other DM's make balanced encounters.

Just don't balance them. Read these Alexandrian blog post for why fetishizing balance is not needed:

Revisiting Encounter Design
Fetishizing Balance

How about cavalier then the bard/cav prc? Whatsits name...?

There are a lot of feats with luck in the name. Some offer rerolls. Some are tied to hero points. Search the SRD. Also there is bound to be some halflings racial stuff which you can maybe pickup through the racial heritage feat

What about the good old Intimidate build: thug rogue 1/samurai x? Consider the order of the cockatrice.

Elegos wrote:
A Rovagug AP that ends with a fight against the latest spawn of Rovagug as it rips out of the Pit of Gormuz.

Have you seen this?

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Is there any way to get the preview for latecomers?

When is the Kickstarter due?

I suggest some cross marketing from the Kickstarter which paid Pett's novel Crooked (published via Broken Eye Games) and the other way round maybe include the novel as an add-on for the RPG Kickstarter.

The novel wasn't for me btw, it seemed too far removed from the game rules/roots for me. I.e. I did not get the feeling that the world described used PFRPG rules or even d20. But I passed it on to a big fan ;-)

Why/how is the Orb of Dragonkind linked to Hermea?

So... whats in it about Hermea? Edit: Read the blog post. Nice. Any additional juicy bits? NPCs ? Lore? Worldbuilding for Hermea?

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Slightly OT but check out Four Dollar Dungeon's latest adventure: Reign of Terror. Richard Develyn knows horror too...

Also check out Ravenloft d20 (3.0,3.5 edition) and Ryan Naylor's PFRPG conversion.

Be male.

Maybe multiclass and try a male gypsy hexblade-like concept.

Does a witchguard ranger / witch multiclass work? Can he choose himself to protect? Is he adjacent to himself?

Bump. So how is are the Tales ? And how are they selling? There are more in the recent KSs, so I guess not too bad..

Google Robilar/Billarro

Zombie Horde.

Or use the 3.5 mob template on zombies

Check out the grand OGL wiki's entry for quintessential Rogue: Profession(gambler) or profession(thief) let you use basic profession rules for low risk gambling or thievery. The book did include a more complicated system for higher risk stuff too iirc.

The Game Mastery Guide has a section on adjudicating gambling and games of chance

Check out this excellent thread on burglary and other fine hobbies. Let them plan the bust - like a heist - then use Telecanters rule from the thread above to introduce complications.

So is the degeneration of the race explained somehow? Are living troglodytes featured therein? Does the book provide a gazetteer? A lair type adventure? A bit more info on the general format/usability would be great.

Joshua, simple solution: convince them to back the KS. There are retailer only pledge levels available most of the time...

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See the Bellcurve roll variant rule.

Read about Nidal.

Austrianoak wrote:

Hi folks, first post here. I've been playing 3.5 since its release but pathfinder for just the past 6 months.

I'd like to make a dwarven "tunnel rat." Should I go with a rogue ranger mix or straight slayer? I'd like to TWF as well. In addition to tracking I'm going to pick up trap finding.

Any suggestions on which build (or another) and feats outside of TWF chain would be greatly appreciated!

There is a prestige class for underground delver experts:(Pathfinder) Delver

See also this thread for discussion of fightery Delver concepts

Also checkout Trapper ranger archetype.

The optional called shot rules have debilitating injury.

Also check out 3pp crit rules from TPK games.

Games Treasury of the Orient

You can also search on PFSRD like for example for Katana or o yoroi or samurai or tian and then filter for magic item.

An old thread on FoS about Haunted House adventures.

Samy wrote:
Will Thieves' Cant be covered in any way?

Get yourself The Canting Crew by Gygax/Troll Lord Games

Miracle pill?

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Four Dollar Dungeons wrote:

I'm actually in the DeathQuaker camp - I don't believe in read-aloud text at all.

I would write something like this:

"Four giant spiders live in the room. The ceiling is covered in webs. At any one time one of the spiders is likely to be concealed by the webbing as they scutter about, requiring a Perception check DC 12 to spot, otherwise their presence is pretty obvious as they weave and re-weave their webbing in an attempt to construct the perfect fly-trap.

Not that it's done them much good - they haven't had a decent meal in a fortnight and are now more than likely to attack anything that comes in here even if it's wrapped in plate armour."

And so on.

The key thing about this approach is that it makes no assumptions about the circumstances under which the PCs will encounter this situation. PC action could result in them all clattering in here at the same time, or one of them creeping by himself, or perhaps they chase a goblin into this room, may be one that's carrying a torch. Alternatively the GM might decide that some of the spiders are going to go out hunting, or perhaps something else in the dungeon will come and hunt them.

With this sort of approach to writing, you're providing the GM with the information that she needs in order for her to run it in her own way. You're explaining why things are the way they are, rather than presenting a karaoke-style set of instructions. Clearly some people prefer the latter, perhaps most people, but this alternative does exist, and it's in fact how things used to be back in the very early days of D&D (I remember how shocked I was when read-aloud text first appeared in module A1).


+1. I like the telling a story, with some fun background facts, but not assuming any particular action on the side of the PC's. This makes the adventure fun to read, can easily serve/be adapted as read aloud text in an emergency and does not prep plot but sets a up a situation. (See Alexandrian blog post: don't prep plot)


Check out the Dicefreaks Lich template(3.5) for some additional crunch on the phylactery.

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The Alexandrian blog does a lot of R&D/analysis on encounter design and adventure design and while not always (but sometimes) explicitly about presentation, you can still glean insight from them I think. Read the series on node based scenarios design starting here ( and going through several follow up posts, and also Don't prep plot prep situations.

Lou Agresta used some similar techniques in presenting a roadmap to the massive Razor Coast.

Also Monte Cook's Ptolus has several useful ideas to mine from presentation wise.

I think keeping the narrative flow intact for readability makes much sense. Presenting an adventure overview first. Maybe even a node map/flow chart. But making actual encounters and/or statblocks easier to read/access can be done in addition to readable text.

Zahir ibn Mahmoud ibn Jothan wrote:
Libertad wrote:
Thank you for the information. Are you one of the backers? If not, do you have any links of backer discussion, KickStarter or otherwise, confirming this?
I'm a backer. Have books 1 and 2 and all 7 for WotW.

You mean actual printed physical copies? Hmm...

Nope venerable is -6/+3 in total, as it cumulates with middle aged and old.

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Ron Lundeen wrote:
... like Wayfinder (and Pathfinder Chronicler)

Added some linkification.

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