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Beltias Kreun

Thanael's page

Goblin Squad Member. 1,174 posts. No reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist.


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Alexander Augunas wrote:
Thanael wrote:
Romaq wrote:

A review would be helpful compared to this linkified article/blog about leadership


I'm not sure if you're talking about my blog article on or the blog article that Romaq linked. (Coincidentally, the linked article isn't working for me. I keep getting a 404 error message.)

If you're talking about my Guidance article on Leadership, the follower and cohort rules are a direct extension of what I talked about in that article.

I was talking about your blog. As for the artivle Romaq linked to try the link above, in my quote.

Thanks Sara Marie.

Romaq wrote:

A review would be helpful compared to this linkified article/blog about leadership

I printed out the above link and gave it to a player for consideration. I would be happy to get this PDF, but a review from someone who is comfortable with the leadership material "by the CRB" and able to compare it to this document would really make my day. :)

+1. Needs a review. Ever since your blogpost about leadership (the pure genius to grant it freely to everyone), I want to subscribe to your newsletter. As they say...

Charlatan rogue for a reversal/lampshading maybe?

The Nightmare Lands that i meant are the region of dreams in Ravenloft, published in a boxed set for 2nd Edition AD&D. Check out a review on the Fraternity of Shadows site if you want to know more...

Can you please add one print edition for $1 of Pathfinder Module LB1: Tower of the Last Baron (OGL) to the Order 546812 ?


It's Coliseum and it's a great recommendation for the dreamland rules alone, and also for a great adventure and mini setting.

The plane of dreams existed in 3.5 and before, it was mentioned in the 3.5 Manual of the Planes, the 2E Ravenloft boxed set The Nightmarelands were a spinoff, and there are some 3PP modules about dreams

Check out:
Plane of Dreams in the OGL wiki

Atlas Games' Crime & Punishment is an excellent 3PP resource.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Age of Electrotech complements it.

You might want to check out the Your Whispering Homunculus blog series and compiled book by Kobold Press.

I'll bite ;-)

Thanael wrote:

And an older thread about Good modules for a pirate campaign

Best post of that thread.

This was the pieces of eight deal:

Peril in Freeport von Adamant Entertainment
The Freebooter’s Guide to the Razor Coast von Frog God Games
Bosun’s Booty: Extras for Journeys to the West von Kobold Press
Islands of Plunder: Treasury of the Fleet von Legendary Games
Villainous Pirates von Raging Swan
101 Pirate and Privateer Traits von Rite Publishing
Advanced Options: Fight Like A Pirate von Rogue Genius Games
Grave Undertakings: Ship of Fools von Total Party Kill Games

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Four Dollar Dungeons excellent intro adventure Horn of Geryon. (Check out those reviews!)

Also linkification for Maiden Voyage

And an older thread about Good modules for a pirate campaign

Raging Swan:
So what's that pirate ship like anyways?
Villainous Pirates
Urban Dressing: Pirate Town
Sunken Pyramid

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Maiden Voyage from the penumbra line Currently on sale here on paizo
Rite Publishing, and Raging Swan Press both have excellent piratey stuff iirc.

Here are the bonus PDFs from the RC Kickstarter:
Pdfs of Northland Saga 1 - 3
3PP Treasure Trove Below
Advanced Options: Fight Like A Pirate by Super Genius Games
The Malefactor by Total Party Kill Games
Swords & Wizardry Q3 Death On Signal Island by Pacesetter Games
Pirate-Themed Blueprints by 0one Games'
Super Genius Presents: A Brace of Pistols from Super Genius Games
101 Pirate and Privateer Traits from Rite Publishing
Grave Undertakings: The Ship of Fools from Total Party Kill Games
Buccaneers of Freeport from Green Ronin
A12: When the Ship Goes Down from Adventureaweek com LLP
Book of Magic Pirate Spells from Jon Brazer Enterprises
A Pirate's Life by Zombie Sky Press


Other PFRPG horror modules great for Halloween:

Sins of the Fathers

NotWD is in the mail. If you like it check out Ravenloft and visit the Fraternityofshadows site and forums.

Another great and free PFRPG Halloween one shot is Frozen Wind by Michael Tumey.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

So umh ... do you mean complete Adventure Paths ? Otherwise it wouldn't make much sense as i don't know an 3pp that sell incomplete adventures.

As for 3PP APs, megadungeons, and mini-campaigns:

From Fire Mountain Games: The excellent evil AP Way of the Wicked. Or even the upcoming Throne of Night...

ENWorld Publishing's Zeitgeist AP, and War of the Burning Sky AP.

0One Games' Urban Road to Revolution AP, plus The Sinking Campaign Serial.

There's a psionic AP in the making by Dreamscarred Press...

LPJ Design currently has a Kickstarter going for an AP.

Adventure a Week's Rise of the Drow (Revisited) should count, also maybe their Snow White part 1 and 2. They have several small mini series of adventures too.

Necromancer Games: Slumbering Tsar, Rappan Athuk Revisited, Baracus, and more coming up.

Total Party Kill Games: The Reaping Stone + The Bleeding Hollow Deluxe Adventure

The Laughing Man wrote:

And yes Boring is right its going to be 1 level of NPC and then 4 levels of non-NPC class, and I can likely retrain that level much later (10 or 12 lvl)

Ah, that makes much more sense. Good for you.

Have you considered Slayer or maybe Barbarian?

Definitely check out Classis Horrors Revisited if you can get it.
For the psychology and for the angel like gargoyles. some info from it can be found in this review.

That said an angel like oracle or paladin gargoyle could be fun.

5 people marked this as a favorite.

Fun fact: SKR once wrote a blog post on why keen and impr. crit should stack.

How do you figure that the race or CR 5 then? IMHO you'd better use the monster entry then and build on top of that.

With just 1HD you're gonna be very squishy and underpowered.
I feel the ARG rules don't integrate well with the monster rules there.

The gargoyle monster entry has the ecology and some racial variants. Classic Horrors Revisited has even more nice fluff.

Do you get 5 monster HD with the ARG race? Where's the freeze ability? Why add only an NPC class?

Also check out Grummok, the gargoyle assassin over a lifetime

A sleuth investigator sounds fun, sneak attack should be great with all those natural attacks. Check out the Moonlight Stalker feats. Also consider a chameleon rogue dip.

Have you read Classic Monsters Revisited? I think most of it is on the monster entry page for the gargoyle on

Ha! Another German. I feel it's rather the Bavarian or Prussian stereotypes than any WW2 holdover feelings that we are met with, if at all.

I'll send you a PM about NotWD...

The world of Aruneus: Contagion Infected Zombies for PFRPG looks like exactly what you need monster rules wise. It even has a headshot mechanic apparently...

Umbranus where are you from, Europe?

The night of the walking dead is a classical Ravenloft module with a Zombie Horde in the Bayou. The 2e version was available for free on WotC site loong ago. And there's bound to be some conversions somewhere.

PS: I have a spare copy for sale btw ;-)

Are you thinking fast zombies or slow? Might want to merge ghoul with zombie perhaps...

TPK games have an excellent survival horror adventure iirc.

Check out the Elfstar the Dancing Queen build, for a kapenia dancer magus with bladed scarf.

BTW for all Southlands fans: check out Tales of the Caliphate Nights which is currently on sale for $1 on paizo.

"Average" goblin is probably a warrior 1.

AAW's Snow White starts during "lavishly-detailed festivities" for a wedding.

A review would be great, D_M!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Burnt Offerings
Carnival of Tears
Murders Mark
Feast of Ravenmoor
Feasting at Lanterngeist
Academy of Secrets
AAW's A5 Winter Flower
The Tolling of Tears

It wouldn't be part 1 would it? EN world has a marketplace, then there's bookfinder, nobleknightgames, eBay of course

Dot. So why no classes on many of the posts? And why no complete statblocks?

Has anyone mentioned A Dream of Mars by Little Red Goblin Games yet?

vecnalives wrote:
a 3pp came out many years that fixed the problem in an absolutely amazing way it's called skill focus talk

It's actually called Skill Focus Talking At only $2.95 I'll have to check out that one...

And on a tangent there's Alexander Augunas Psychological Combat which adds a social/psychological aspect to actual combat.

Isn't there a 3pp product?

You could adapt Burning Wheels Duel of Wits

Edit: check out Debatable Actions for PFRPG by LPJ Design which apparently adapts social combat from Atlas Games excellent d20 Dynasties & Demagogues.

Oh if we just would make 1001 backers... I'm curious.

Road to Revolution by 0one Games an urban AP shouldl be an awesome fit.

Or you know don't make strength based character. Be the outsider Orc. Bard? Rogue? Brb/Wizard?

Just leaving this here: Goblins webcomic.

There's also the pathfinder goblins comic series..

Hermean Blood

Noble Scion

And dot.

Try the link on or search google for the file name if you have it.

Care to share here?

Talk to the DM about auto granting Leadership at CL7 to everyone who actively recruits a cohort. This grants lots of support NPCs.

Then go traditional as in late entry MT. The others being low tier this should be a great opportunity. Maybe a non traditional MT like Arcanist/Oracle ?

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