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Beltias Kreun

Thanael's page

Goblin Squad Member. 1,063 posts. No reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist.


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Check out Adventure Quarterly. It's Dungeon Magazine's spiritual successor and features one high level module per issue.

Thanael wrote:
Four Dollar Dungeons Horn of Geryon is a great 1st level wilderness adventure with lots of GM guidance in the module. Read Endzeitgeists review of it.

All of 4DD modules seem to be gathering awesome reviews emphasizing the user-friendliness for GMs and also the great value of the adventures.

Exzellent thread. Dotted.

Four Dollar Dungeons Horn of Geryon is a great 1st level wilderness adventure with lots of GM guidance in the module. Read Endzeitgeists review of it.

Cavalier: Look at gendarme, honor guard archetypes.(Both also applicable to Samurai iirc)
Samurai: Sword Saint gets rid of Mount iirc.

Are there any rules for handedness?

"I'm not left handed either!"

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Tacticslion wrote:
Hermea (LG Mengkare for life!)


And Nex. And Geb.

For a nice investigative adventure set in a neighboring fighter academy check out the haunting of Soldragon Academy

Or how about the 2e Wand of Archeal for an all wizard party?

Pathfinder module Academy of Secrets takes place in a Mage school.

d20 Penumbra Unhallowed Halls is another mystery adventure taking place at wizard school. (Review available here)

Check out this old thread for adventures involving a wizards tower and this younger thread for interesting wizard builds for an all wizard party

Setting wise Headless Hydra Games Mor Aldenn City of Mages should be mentioned. HHG has a nice Mor Aldenn: City of Mages [BUNDLE] available on rpgnow (sadly not on paizo). The idea of their Mor Aldenn mini setting (complete with a tower for each school of magic!) is axplained on their site here.

More free Redhurst bits...

For a d20/3E Harry Potter type game check out Matt Forbecks Redhurst Academy of Magic. It is usually available on ebay for around $ 10 and the book is really quite gorgeous. The Player's Guide is available for free as a 155-page PDF download that presents the full school information, maps, and background but does not include the GM's secrets and the rules.

Reviews were good too.

See Sutters post in this thread

Those archmage's names sure sound familiar...

Whoa that's some thread necromancy...

Thanael wrote:

For high-level adventures check out Adventure Quarterly (#2 has an 18th level adventure, and they do each have a low, medium and high level adventure, and of course check out their [not so] current [anymore] kickstarter for more info and a great deal on issues 5-8), and of course Coliseum Morpheon, both by Rite Publishing.

Also check out the Level 16+ thread for some more excellent suggestions...

Got a link for -Light of a Distant Star by Bill Ward ?

So community you have to help me out. I got a package waiting at customs and they say I have to bring an invoice/bill. But the thing is I have no idea which of the many kickstarters i have backed this could be.

The sender is John Morris, 5105 Leary Ave, Seattle, which after some googling is the Card Kingdom shop.

My guess: Is this perhaps Emerald Spire Superdungeon by Paizo ?

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Thumbs up Dale!

Kingmaker was my first thought too. Or maybe the gothic AP Carrion Crown?

Kobold Quarterly 14 has a feat for this I think.

Also Riffle scrolls rules from Inner Sea Magic.

Ill just leave this here: 30 mercenary companies by Rite publishing.

Aside from the excellent recommendation above check out the rest of the Wilderness Dressings line by Raging Swan press (and maybe their free setting and other products too), and also
Random Encounters: Wilderness by Rite Publishing and the Random Encounters Remastered series by Purple Duck Games

You might want to check out the 2E planescape monster manual entry for the nightmare for some more details.

At level 7 offer everyone Leadership for free but only if the character recruits the cohort/followers. No seriously.. It un-breaks the feat and rewards high CHA more than dump stat CHA, encourages roleplaying and investment in NPCs and the campaign world.

Thanael wrote:
Little Red Goblin Games wrote:
For those who like Ravenloft should check out the guys who are doing the "Mistfinder" fan conversion.

Ryan Naylor is also doing a pathfinder conversion of Ravenloft. Currently it's in this thread on the Fraternity of Shadows forum but it will be made into a couple of PDFs sooninsh.

Red Goblin, I hope Expedition to Castle Ravenloft has not been your only exposure to the Ravenloft setting...

Little Red Goblin Games wrote:

Oh this is Scott Gladstein, head goblin over here at LRGG. Yeah, I've done games in and out of Expedition, but that was my first exposure and still one of my favorite modules.

As soon as Ryan finishes up that- I'd be psyched to read it and add it to the list! Sounds like my kind of game!

The PDFs are out. Check out Ryan Naylor's Pathfinder version of Ravenloft here.

For those who only know Ravenloft from the Expedition book, I heartily recomend looking into the 3E and yes even 2E versions of the Ravenloft Campaign Setting proper. It's a glorious product line...

Sgt Spectre wrote:

Awesome Dragonstar!!

It would be great to have this!

does anyone know if there is a Ravenloft Pathfinder Conversion already out?

Google Mistfinder or check out Ryan Naylor's Pathfinder Ravenloft netbook on the FoS forums

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As i said in another thread, the folks from Wayfinder already did some support material for the BB and they also use Golarion specific stuff all the time. Maybe getting them on board would be good or you can at least ping them for advice. And you can cross promote if they do a Sandpoint and/or BB issue.

Check out a boy and his dog on Alexander Augunas blog for a nice mad dog barbarian with a wolf companion build. Read why it's not too bad going halfling with it in his previous blog post: where have all the halfling fighers gone.

Check out A Wizard's Fate from Dungeon #37.

It's a ruined tower where the an imp guards the treasure trove of it's deceased master and the secrets of his tragic tale...

Buy more 3pp adventures and not crunch. ;-)

Highlight the 3pp options with NPCs (adversaries or not) when you DM, strange spells and class abilities to either keep the players guessing or wow them or both.

If you need pointers on where to print try mailng some of the other 3pps. Frog god games Bill Webb recently recommended

Bill Webb wrote:

Walsworth. Best printer in the US

Email me if you want an introduction.

in this thread.

Dragon Knight wrote:

I'm something of a horror buff. I like my horror games and movies to instill a sense of dread and paranoia that lingers for days. Amnesia comes to mind.

Back in the day, Ravenloft was the closest D&D came to true horror. From cult classics like ghosts, vampires and werewolves to more disturbing concepts, like a demented woman who guts her guests and turns them into clockwork dolls, it was a campaign setting that had something for everyone.

Ravenloft is not dead yet, its alive! ...or maybe undead? And kicking. Were you aware Of the 3e Ravenloft books by White Wolf/Sword & Sorcery? Check out the Fraternity of Shadows website & forums. Ryan Naylor posted his excellent PF conversion of Ravenloft recently. It's a great community and resource (the netbooks are excellent!) for a horror fan.

There's also the fan created Mistfinder PDF.

As for other good horror products, check out Raging Swan Press' Against the Cult if the Bat God. It got a rave review by horror and Ravenloft fan Thilo Graf. RSP's Lonely Coast setting is pretty dark in general and they offer great products from adventures to GZm aids to 100% crunch NPC books. Check out the Retribution, the Town/Settlement line, and more... Free previews available for many products on the publishers site, also a money back guarantee. I kid not.

Kaidan has already been mentioned and I heartily suggest you check out at least the free module...

There's also TPK Games Reaping Stone and Bleeding Hollow adventures.

Paizo has the Ustalav products and Carrion Crown AP, Classic Monters Revisited, Undead Revisited

+1 for the lucky sword that his granduncle found in a giants lair. No way could this be magic, anyone who tells you so is clearly trying to hex you!

In core rules a broken finger is just fluff. There's no defined rules for breaking one. New subsystems introducing broken bones have to provide guidance how to heal them. Such systems might be critical hit systems like TPK Games Laying Waste: Critical Hits or maybe the optional called shot/debilitating blow rules from Paizo.

That said many of those will still not go into such fine granularity detail. For me Dex damage sounds about right. For casters maybe treat it like being bound with rope (see escape artist skill) or imposing condition like entangled or even grappled or pinned depending on the damage. And/or use the above link for a called shot/debilitating blow to the hand.

Yup that's what I meant . How about a consolidated list?

Sunken Pyramid is not completely free but they have the first act as a free preview. Also check out their free mini setting The Lonwly Coast.

Actually that is just mostly dead.

Rob Rose wrote:
Slumbering Tsar was the main catalyst which turned me into a 3pp seeker. That adventure, it's depth, atmosphere, complexity, and old-school feel just blew my mind. I can't wait to run it as my next campaign. I haven't read Rappan Athuk yet. Has anyone here attempted that? How does it compare to Slumbering Tsar?

Check out this unfortunately unfinished play report of RA. I would say that almost all of Necromancer Games /Frog God Games products will have this feel.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

As for keeping up with new 3PP products Endzeitgeists reviews and this forum are a great place for that.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

To quote myself [slightly edited and updated] from this old Recommendations for 3PP products thread:

What do you seek? Tell us about your campaign, your PCs, or where you want your campaign to go.

That said:

Necromancer Games/Frog God Games: old school adventures, dungeons, megadungeons, mini sandboxes. Slumbering Tsar, Rappan Athuk, Stoneheart Valley, The Lost Lands, City of Barakus, Tome of Horrors revised (which is also on PFSRD). Also Razor Coast! Just read the reviews. Tome of Adventure Design! Upcoming: The Blight by Richard Pett.

Kobold Press/Open Design: Midgard campaign setting (more eastern european myth/tropes incorporated vs traditional western fanatasy), excellent adventures. Excellent books on Game Design.

Legendary Games: stellar supplements to Paizo APs, mythic material.

Raging Swan Press: Generic, medieval fluff and cruch, great DM aids, great adventures. Check out the numerous free previews for any product on their website.

Rite Publishing: great crunch pieces, Coliseum Morpheon (high level advanture in the plane of dream) & Faces of the Tarnished Souk (great NPCs), Japanese Horror setting: Kaidan (check out the free adventure), Adventure Quarterly is Dungeon magazine's successor.

AdventureAWeek: lots of adventures, Rise of the Drow super adventure

Dreamscarred Press: PF Psionics

Fire Mountain Games: Way of the Wicked (the evil AP), Underdark Sandbox AP is in the works but i would recommend buying it only when finished

0One Games: The Great City material, City AP.

TPK Games: Bleeding Hollow & The Reaping Stone horror adventures, Laying Waste: A Guide to Critical Combat.

Alluria Publishing: awesome underwater stuff and some fey material

Super Genius Games/Rogue Genius Games: great crunch.

Drop Dead Studios: Rogue Glory (fixing the Rogue class, also check out 101 Skill Uses by Rite for this)

Four Dollar Dungeons (4DD): outstangid, cheap adventures. Just read the reviews.

Tower of the Last Baron ?

A list of whats in there would be great...

Rob Rose wrote:
Thanael wrote:

Conquest of the Universe is an upcoming Pathfinder in Space sourcebook.

Dark Sun recently got kickstartered as Dragon Kings.

TPK Publishing has good horror modules.

Dragon Kings for Dark Sun... is that Paizo? I did a quick search on this site but didn't see anything.

Not paizo. 3pp= third party publishers.

Dragon Kings is Dark Sun with the serial numbers filed off by one of the original authors I think. Just google it...

Intriguing. Thilo, can you tell us more about Vathak and how the author is and/or has been involved there ?

Finally to break a lance (do you say that in English?) for paizo doing new stuff:

There's an Alkenstar module upcoming in the expanded module line

Technic League/Numeria AP

Baba Yaga AP

with WW1 crossover

Eastern AP

Distant Worlds

I think they're doing fine...

Or you know multiclass slightly. Rog2/ClericX perhaps?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

+1 for a community project. The guys doing Wayfinder magazine already did som BB stuff for it, maybe a special BB edition?

Level 6-10 rules could probably be done with the OGL. Build it from the PRD and add it to the PFBeginner srd too!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Also Ptolus needs to be mentioned IMHO. Here's a PF conversion of the races, but it's of course the gorgeous HC that you should look into.

Arnwolf: check out the d20 Dragonstar products. There are a few PF conversion threads out there plus the Dragonstar Reboot website.

Also the Numeria AP should be right up your alley too.

Conquest of the Universe is an upcoming Pathfinder in Space sourcebook.

Dark Sun recently got kickstartered as Dragon Kings.

TPK Publishing has good horror modules.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Look more into 3PPs.

You know Necromancer Games/Frog God Games now, they have lots more stuff like Slumbering Tsar: Rappan Athuk,Sword of Air, Barakus, Stoneheart Valley all are in the same old school vein. All are set in their upcoming Lost Lands setting.

How about Razor Coast? It's a big piratey adventure sandbox with a groundbreaking presentation style.

Check out Raging Swan Press, they have great adventures and DM aids. Old school, simple presentation and great content. Still generic fantasy though. Check out their Town line where a small settlement is presented in detail with a few adventure hooks.

Check out Fire Moutain Games Way of the Wicked AP for something completely different.

Check out 0one press' city AP and material.

Rite Publishing has Kaidan (Japanese fantasy gothic horror), Coliseum Morpheuon (high level adventure in the Dream Plane with great NPCs), and Adventure Quarterly (think Dungeon magazine). Their other products are all worth looking at too.

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