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Beltias Kreun

Thanael's page

Goblin Squad Member. 1,423 posts. No reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist.


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Aside from the called shots there's also the Laying Waste: critical hit system which you might enjoy.

Check out Terrain Toolbox.

See and I'd like to know that. "Advanced <template> dire wol"f would have been nice I. The statblock.

Matt, is there any PFRPG stuff on the gremlord available?

There are such online courses by Johnn Four at I never took any though i did subscribe to his free GMing Tips newsletter.

I love this thread. Go on...

Bob Bob Bob wrote:
This comic is exactly that and still amuses me.

This one is slightly related and might show why too many details during shopping can annoy players...

Though I rather enjoy well built shop encounters and recurring well developed shop keeper NPCs.

Needs a review. I suggest sending EZG a copy.

Or perhaps at least post a few tidbits as preview. The blurb is a bit unspecific...

Copying from the ToN thread:

kevin_video wrote:
Truth be told, the 1st book looks to have a better description. Mine's got 15 side-trek scenarios instead of 17 though. It's got thugs, a minotaur, undead, constructs, a succubus, doppelgangers, fey, a dragon, etc, but not all at once.

That helps a bit.

The Coliseum PDF is on sale now for only $2.99 !!!

Whoa, what a sale. Browsing now... Coliseum for $2 is just awesome!

Ask the guys at the acaeum, there are a few d20 collectors there, and a few threads on DCC on their forums.

Apparently dcc3.5 is a rarity and worth quite a lot (>500$)! Do congrats, you lucked out.

Also there's a dcc51 up on eBay right now. I'm watching it to see what it's worth too... I'm guessing $50-75.

If you sell them make sure to post a link to the auction on the acaeum marketplace forum. Or you could advertise there and make a deal without the horrendous eBay fees...

3 people marked this as a favorite.

I would also like the series to be continued, but I would like there to be a little bit more content to the encounters. At present it is only 2 statblocks , one item and a bit of history text and 2 small encounter ideas.

I would really have liked a description and map of granny's house for example. And a bit more guidance on how the encounters would play out. Also a bit more ecology/history on the wolf would have been nice. Is he a custom built monster ? I'd really have liked his mechanical build to be more clearly derived from a standard monster.

Unless you already sent EZG a copy I think I'll send him one for a more indepth review and constructive criticism, as I'd really like this line to go on.

So what about the Wayang racial features? Any good alternate ones, racial traits/feats/archetypes? Synergy with other shadowy stuff?

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Fun Paladin play rule number one: don't tell them you're a paladin.

Don't call yourself a paladin.

Maybe play one who isn't even aware he's a paladin.

Be humble. Do good. Lead by example but don't preach.

Ooh. Ooh me. Free copy. Please;-)

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Read the Alexandrian Blog.

Keep them and play them!

Check ebay sold items search for real value or ebay auction prices for perceived one. Nobleknight Games also probably has them listed

The minis can be worth quite a lot, too, but are hard to identify

Destined or even better Imperious Bloodlines seem to fit from a fluff perspective.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Berselius wrote:
Jason Nelson wrote:
This was a fun book to work on. All I can say is that there's lots of cool stuff for all kinds of characters and all kinds of special buddies. I think you'll really enjoy it.
I hope it makes the Leadership feat a little less messy rules / games wise and gives us the ability to gain a heroic-level cohort (possibly 3/4th the current level of the PC). Though I'd imagine there is some specific wording stating you can't have more than one cohort on any one game session or such.

Berselius, are you aware of Everyman Gamings Leadership Handbook? Might be worth a look...

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Well there are several 3pp offerings:

There's The Red Dragon Inn: Guide to Inns and Taverns (Pathfinder RPG) by SlugFest Games the makers ot the Red Dragon Inn. The free preview Appetizer for it has drinking rules.

And there's Tournaments, Fairs, and Taverns (PFRPG) PDF by EN Publishing.

Also NNW's Scourge: The Deluxe Guide to Disease and Poison (PFRPG) PDF (sadly lacking reviews)

There be threads for piratey goodness matey! Arrr!

There's the samurai class with the sword saint archetype which has an iaijitsu class feature.

Also weapon adept monk archetype maybe fits.

What do you mean by "add the iaijitsu features"?

Also the AQ adventure in the kitchen...

Will they play commoners ?

Be careful to not tread into deus ex machina/DMPC/PCs as only bystanders territory and you're fine. Read the Alexandrian's why random encounters are important and the article on why only CR appropriate encounters are bad.

A Vanguard's bond or a (maybe freebooter?) rangers bond to his team mates seems a very fitting ability too.

I like the concept. Aasimar is not fitting IMO.

I love the grim tactician paladin idea. It fits the concept from the beginning though you could start with a rage class and then develop tactician powers during his service. He'd never call himself a paladin though.

To the lucky winners : please post reviews!

4 people marked this as a favorite.

The Ebon Shroud
by Richard Pett & Nicolas Logue

North of Tarkshorn Vale, beyond the giant infested Britlebone Mountains, night reigns eternal. Deep in the icy holocaust of the Ebon Shroud the cold kills all but the most stubborn of beasts, and true immortals rule a landscape of frozen nightmares from castles of blood and ice. These elder vampires have held the Ebon Shroud in their jaundiced fist since time immemorial, quelling the last of the wolf lords in a Silver Eclipse long ago. The living are little more than cattle to feed their hunger and toys to satisfy their dark whims.

The only threat to their power is the smoking citadel of Bhaarel, whose smoke-spewing basalt spire rose from the glacial expanse fifty years ago. Just as the rivers of hot fiendish blood that pour through the Black City's stony veins defy the hoarfrost and howling wind, so too does this hell-spat stronghold defy the vampires of the Ebon Shroud.

Long have the civilized races south of the Brittlebone Mountains avoided the scrutiny of both these dread powers, and most who dwell in Tarkshorn Vale know nothing of the ominous powers roiling in the sun-scorned reaches to the north. But now the darkness is on the move. The Ebon Shroud rolls southward swallowing everything in its path, as implacable as the deathless masters who ride with it.

The Ebon Shroud is a 130+ page mega-adventure for 12th to 20th level characters, brought to you by the twisted fever dreams of Richard Pett and Nicolas Logue. Using an exciting and entirely non-linear plot web format The Ebon Shroud allows you and your players to venture into a realm of darkness and adventure in any way you see fit. You are humanity's last hope for survival. How will you face the darkness?

Interesting. I need to get me that familiar folio book.

So if you take that Chose One paladin archetype and if the familiar from it stacks with the wizard familiar, does it get the outsider form at wiz2/pal5 ?

A Cassissian angel seems to fit...

Look to eBay or the resellers (nobleknight) who sometimes back kickstarters for the HC.

The "big knife" is a short sword it a dagger. So no knife master IMHO. Thug rogue.

As for using true strike for hitting reliably:

The cloak of the hedge wizard (divination) grants true strike 1/day.

Flaming Crab Games excellent hitman archetype grants studied target.

What was the url ? Anybody try the wayback machine / internet archive ?

Rite Publishing wrote:
The hardcover was exclusive to the Kickstarter Thanael.

Yay! *happydance*

If you want a PFRPG update of Sinister Adventures material check out Frog God Games Razor Coast.

Greg Vaughn posted in the 2015 FGG products thread that he'll be pushing for Ebon Shroud. If you enjoy Logue & Pett check out Frog God Games past and upcoming products. Petts upcoming The Blight should be great, also I think Logue did some stuff for Legendary Games too.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

It would certainly be interestingto see how she would cope with her belief, feelings and the things she did.

+1 for not dead yet.

They did it in 2E: Forgotten Realms: FR7 Hall of Heroes, Villains Lorebook, and for Ravenloft Champions of the Mists. And i liked it. Though of course those stats could often be imporved a lot and not necesarrily only from an optimization standpoint.

Paul Kemp had an article in Dragon mag showing stats for Erevis Cale, though I like the improved stats by Tom Costa posted in this thread way better, and Paul Kemp who chimed in in the thread did like them too.

But then the protagonists of the novels were written into the history of the campaign setting. Paizo rarely mentions them in the settting products if at all, keeping the fiction separate from the RPG history canon.

Maybe you should all run a Stat up my characters contest like Dave Gross did . Maybe compile the best 3 entries into a netbook or special edition of Wayfinder ?

Alternate Dungeons: Mystic Ruins by Rite Publishing seems apropos.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Also there are loads of Dungeon Generators out there on the web, most of them probably inspired by the one in the 1E AD&D DMG Appendix A. Apparently 5e has one as well. being a great example.

Also maybe play Dwarf Fortress. And/or read the awesome Dwarf Fortress - Boatmurdered play report.

Check out Jaquaying the Dungeon and Part 2 in the Alexandrian Blog.

Maybe Central Casting: Dungeons might be interesting, read an example of using it here.

Also there's How to Host a Dungeon "a solo game of dungeon creation where you build a dungeon through its history from the dawn of time. [...] When you complete your game, you have a dungeon history and map suitable for a dungeon crawling role-playing game or just your own enjoyment."

A google image search for dwarven dungeon turns up lots of nice maps.

So, are you interested in 3PP sources or only Paizo ?

Am I wrong or did the at-cost print copy link from Rite's Kickstarter say "Hardcover B&W Book" during check out?

We had a ninja 3pp resources thread long time ago.

Sword saint samurai gets iajitsu strike at lvl 1 which is similar to (and stacks with) sneak attack iirc.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

His amazon author profile is interesting:

Michael LaBossiere is a guy from Maine who went to school in Ohio and ended up a philosophy professor in Florida.

While acquiring his doctorate in philosophy at Ohio State University, he earned his ramen noodle money by writing for GDW, TSR, R. Talsorian Games, and Chaosium. After graduate school, he became a philosophy professor at Florida A&M University. His first philosophy book, What Don't You Know?, was published in 2008. He continues to write philosophy and gaming material. He is also a blogger, but these days who isn't?

When not writing, he enjoys running, gaming and the martial arts. Thanks to a quadriceps tendon tear in 2009, he was out of running for a while, but returned to the trails and wrote a book about it, Of Tendon & Trail.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I asked about #3 in the product discussion of #2. Maybe the author will answer there...

His products need some reviews. Did you see his blog? He has some free web enhancements available, maps and hero lab files mostly.

Why is #3 not available at Paizo?

On the other hand making him a commoner 20/adamantine chef 5/synergistic chef 3 before ascending would be awesome.

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