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Beltias Kreun

Thanael's page

Goblin Squad Member. 1,869 posts. No reviews. 1 list. 2 wishlists.


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Star Captain Killjoy wrote:
Gip wrote:

*raises hand*

Gip, Mighteist of Space Pirates™, asks that Goblins be a Core Race.

Motion seconded on behalf of the Imperial Goblin Space Navy (Someday We Might Even Get A Ship!)

Dare I say: We be Goblins ...IN SPAAAAAAACE!

How about starting on Hermea serving as agents of Mengkare. A good excuses visit different faraway locales ( Distant Shores maybe even?). Then more and more getting involved in draconic politics. Other good dragons are interested in what Mengkare is doing and if he has gotten "tarnished" or not. Agents become double agents investigating things in Hermea uncovering some corruption, joining the revolutionary forces on the island and then in a twist saving the dragon from... ??? Corrupt advisors? A hidden master? Something completely different?

Link to Kickstarter

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Check out the Hypercorps 2099 setting based on Pathfinder

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Every nat 1 is a potential Legendary HC winner...

Yay! Mine arrived safe and sound in Europe at the new address.

If you need to contact Danny try the hammerdog games websites contact form. I got through to him there about an address change in the nick of time...

Dip 3 levels of Knifefighter Rogue (for d8 sneak attack) then add Snakebite Brawler or Slayer.

Maybe add a little weapon Master Fighter or Flying Blade Swashbuckler.

Switch hitting between TWF and throwing.

Or use/add Far Strike Monk for flurry of throws.

Thilo, or Stephen how long will this play approximately?

Sanctuary is a 1st level cleric spell.

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Mike, many thanks. I shall try to read over the holidays and hope to post a short review.

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For Pathfinder there's also Hypercorps 2099 which takes at least some inspiration from Shadowrun...

Grand Magus wrote:

You should probably stay away from Shadowrun.

People who play it are combative and warlike -- > Shadowrun World <

Boo! (Huh? Excellent video)

Read up on that Shadowrun. It is glorious for fluff.

Maybe the PFS scenario Tower of the Ironwood Watch?

Or use JG3 The Dark Tower a 3.5 remake of a beloved old classic.

FGGs Dread Saecaroth might be a bit too low level.

For a free and shorter alternative google "one page dungeon tower" for excellent results of the one page dungeon contest.

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Check out these old threads for interesting discussion on Hermea:
Hermea thread 1
Hermea thread 2

From the settlement rules on average a large city will have 7th level spellcasting.

Pathfinderwiki's clerics by level page may help.

For fun send them to Razmiran.

I'd say go for it. But clearly define what you will do and think about a few benefits for higher tiers. Look at Endzeitgeists Patreon for an example. I guess you will get a few bucks with reviews alone as some publishers will happily put a little something in the tip jar for more publicity.

Seeing the relation between nymph and forlarren (just read the ecology of forlarren) you have to link those two some how...

MichaelCullen wrote:



Crassus, the Orc Circus Worker is responsible for procuring the exotic animals. And by exotic animals I mean the PCs.

He is then responsible for their "care" and "training".

52 is chauffeur.

I love this thread. Excellent work KC.

Now let's see: 1d100 ⇒ 63, 1d1000 ⇒ 235/4=59

Grindylow circus worker.

Interesting. Is there a preview of the pages available?

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I'm in.

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Four Dollar Dungeons is a 3rd party publisher offering very good modules for $4. They are very suited to beginner DMs and players.

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Legendary Games Gothic plugins might provide a little more in-between stuff. I recall at least one adventure in their Gothic Compendium which collects all plugins.


Iroran paladins meditate on self-perfection and train relentlessly, knowing that their example can inspire others to excel. Irori offers no universal paladin code— each paladin in his service creates his own code as part of his spiritual journey, seeing the adherence to such a self-formulated creed as one of the many tests one must face to reach perfection.

from the Iroran Paladin archetype.

There's also the eastern version with two blades hidden in a stick

Now with 100% more Boomer, I hear.

So what do you have worked out so far?

Online indexes ftw.

Top much bitterness, but I agree the peanuts are a p.i.t.a.

Ron Lundeen of Run Amok Games has several investigative adventures with excellent reviews...

Make sure to read the GMG section on investigative adventures

The old penumbra d20 investigative adventure might fit: Unhallowed Halls

Also the haunting of Soldragon academy might be adjusted to fit there.

Oh and this thread has some more ideas:Sharn: City of Murder and recommend a few adventures from dungeon magazine.

The Sharn inquisitive might be a handy prop and or mineable for plot hooks

This post on CSI Sharn has a few ideas:


- A man has been found dead, obviously he died by falling from a great height. The problem is that shouldn’t be possible because of the feather fall enchantments that are in effect.

- A serial killer is stalking the warforged of Sharn, causing them to stop working in the local foundries, which will lead to an economical crisis in the near future.

-A countess has been killed by an unknown aberration that obviously used the plumbings to escape.

- In a gang fight several gang members from both sides are killed. When the guard rounds up the surviving combatants they deny being responsible for the deaths of their fellow gang members.

There a CSI Sharn blog with useful information on the city and more...

And the Eberron P.I. blog has some advice...

QuidEst wrote:
Play a dual-cursed Oracle. Rerolls are what you're looking for! Grab the Irrepressible trait to boost saves vs. charm/compulsion. The new Ganzi race gets an additional reroll to use as well. Plus, the Con bonus helps those fort saves.

Good advice. Check out this reroll build

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How/where was the prince raised?

It has got to be ruse. The tasks are a PR setting him up to fail. A conspiracy by the people that may even have somehow been involved with the history of his father. Are the accounts told to him true? Or are they a fabrication hiding something darker. Do vampires lurk in the background of all this?

You must set this in Ustalav.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Check out this complete Spelljammer Collector's Guide

Maybe the Greyhawk accessory under Related material
WGR2: Treasures of Greyhawk ("The Neogi Nest", June 1992)

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Frog God Games is putting out more and more adventure series:
The Blight will provide a lvl 1-9 urban horror AP.

The Borderlands

Sword of Air

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Check out the 3pp APs available here and here. Whole several might be right out (Way of the Wicked obviously) many may be more viable than some of Paizo's APs.

0One's City AP might fit with an urban revolution theme.

ENworld Publishings APs may fit. I don't know too much about War of the Burning Sky other than it had excellent reviews and is really cheap now. Zeitgeist too got rave reviews and is investigation/spy themed iirc.

Frog God Games stuff may be more viable than one would think on first glance. While Demons are involved it's more classic kick the door in Sword & Sorcery adventure. The Northlands may fit well or the Borderlands maybe.

From Paizo I think King Maker is a solid choice.

Adventure a week seems rather kid friendly publisher in general to me. They have a Scooby Doo vibe going and several of their adventures can be combined into series. Check out their Snow White adaption for murderhobos... ermm adventurers. No really.

Also Four Dollar Dungeons adventures while not APs are very fit for kids. Check out Horn of Geryon and the rest too.

Kobold Press has a Slavic & Fae inspired setting that is a but less gritty than some of Paizo's stuff.

Finally there's a new 3PP doing kid friendly adventures explicitly. The name escapes me though... There was a 4 star review posted by Endzeitgeist for their first offering.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I bet its from Dungeon Magazine.

Here's a Spelljammer product index

From that I'd guess its Dungeon 45 An Artists Errand.

Du45 An Artist's Errand, Steve Kurtz, levels 6-8
"The reigar believe that Art is everything, and this reigar will do everything to retrieve her stolen property."

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That depends. What are you looking for?

But if you come from a d20/3e background: there are a lot of very good PF 3pps out there. Quality is overall much higher.

Check out these threads:
New to 3pp...
Pathfinder 3pp suggestions
Recommendations for 3PP

To quote myself [slightly edited and updated] from this old Recommendations for 3PP products thread:

What do you seek? Tell us about your campaign, your PCs, or where you want your campaign to go.

That said:

Necromancer Games/Frog God Games: old school adventures, dungeons, megadungeons, mini sandboxes. Slumbering Tsar, Rappan Athuk, Stoneheart Valley, The Lost Lands, City of Barakus, Tome of Horrors revised (which is also on PFSRD). Also Razor Coast! Just read the reviews. Tome of Adventure Design! Upcoming: The Blight by Richard Pett.

Kobold Press/Open Design: Midgard campaign setting (more eastern european myth/tropes incorporated vs traditional western fanatasy), excellent adventures. Excellent books on Game Design.

Legendary Games: stellar supplements to Paizo APs, mythic material.

Raging Swan Press: Generic, medieval fluff and cruch, great DM aids, great adventures. Check out the numerous free previews for any product on their website.

Rite Publishing: great crunch pieces, Coliseum Morpheon (high level advanture in the plane of dream) & Faces of the Tarnished Souk (great NPCs), Japanese Horror setting: Kaidan (check out the free adventure), Adventure Quarterly is Dungeon magazine's successor.

AdventureAWeek: lots of adventures, Rise of the Drow super adventure, modern web supported layout

Dreamscarred Press: PF Psionics

Fire Mountain Games: Way of the Wicked (the evil AP), Underdark Sandbox AP is in the works but i would recommend buying it only when finished

0One Games: The Great City material, City AP.

TPK Games: Bleeding Hollow & The Reaping Stone horror adventures, Laying Waste: A Guide to Critical Combat.

Alluria Publishing: awesome underwater stuff and some fey material

Super Genius Games/Rogue Genius Games: great crunch.

Drop Dead Studios: Rogue Glory (fixing the Rogue class, also check out 101 Skill Uses by Rite for this)

Four Dollar Dungeons (4DD): outstanding, cheap adventures. Just read the reviews.

For keeping up read this forum and check out

The bigger ones are Frog God Games (the heirs of Necromancer Games), Wolfgang Baur's Kobold Press, Legendary Games, Rite Publishing, ENWorld Publishing, Raging Swan Press. But there are a lot more with excellent quality and also among the smaller and very small ones.

About adventures specifically check out 3pp AP recommendations

And for completeness sake here's the 3pp campaign setting thread.

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Malwing wrote:

It came from the stars has adventures outside the main book?

I'm sorry no.

As for adventures that are specifically SciFi I'm not sure there exist many for the PF rule set. Did you see Hypercorps?

ENworld has the Santiago AP the the players guide and first part are free ...

Stealable adventures from other systems or adaptable-to-scifi adventures though is a broad definition. I'm sure there 3.5 or PF adventures out there that may covert easier than others.

It came from the Stars.

The Aethera CS Kickstarter did have adventure stretch goals that weren't realized but will probably still be made in time...

Also Conquest of the Universe is another kickstarted PF space opera setting

Other stuff from LPJ may also fit..

What about Andoran? Or Nidal?

Grab bags

There's an clever old dragon article about motivations/priorities by alignment . I think it was called "Get Your Priorities Straight ". Edit: it's in Dragon # 173

Here's an old thread on social combat which lists a few alternatives to the paizo deck rules.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Check out the Alexandrians design notes on diplomacy which build upon GitPG's Diplomacy rules update and finally deliver the Diplomacy fix. In short: each check is for a narrowly defined action/deal that brings it's own modifiers.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

..from Outer Spaaace!
..from pulp Mars/Venus/...
..from Underground /Dark Lands

Ellioti wrote:

I'd like to combine Roll with it with Death or Glory

1. Master of Many Styles Monk 1: Racial Heritage, Roll with it, Panther Style
2. Master of Many Styles Monk 2: Panther Claw
3. Fighter 1: Power Attack, Death or Glory
4. Fighter 2: Combat Reflexes
5. Fighter 3: Panther Parry
6. Fighter 4: ????
7. Fighter 5: Vital Strike

I'm not sure about the classes, I just wanted to get it online as quick as possible.
This is more of a STR build, but you need WIS, therefore Wisdom in the Flesh (Acrobatics) is an option for dropping dex.

Can't take Death of Glory before lvl 6 it has a BAB+6 prerequisite

Call of the Frog God is available at Nobleknightgames. Just a FYI.

While you can't use the crunch there's also fluff in Everymsn Gaming's Kitsune Compendium including
A detailed analysis of the kitsune race, including basic facts, ecology and psychology, culture, origin mythology, religion, and more.
(though it won't use Golarion IP)

You should start the thread title with: 3PPs:

Eric Hinkle wrote:
'Bout time we returned to the Darklands. I'm looking forward to this one just for the urdefhan. And the seugathi. And the troglodytes. And, well, I guess all of it.

Have you Raging Swan's Ancient Empires: Troglodytes? They also have a few more trog products

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