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Beltias Kreun

Thanael's page

Goblin Squad Member. 1,235 posts. No reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist.


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Loved it. It's a great fit for the 3.5 rules. Love the noir and the high magic integrated into the rule sets assumptions. Loved the novels and worldbuilding too. Favorite novels: Legacy of Dhakaan.

Of course you need to research mundane equipment, potions and scrolls

Cheap items you really enjoy
Lesser known low level spells

If alchemical items fall under mundane you need to research those too.

Neither Filcher nor smuggler fit the concept for me. I'd rather go archaeologist or archivist or if you're set on rogue maybe underground chemist or go for the investigator hybrid class.

You also probably need knowledge skills to identify monsters, weaknesses etc and Spellcraft to know items. So bard levels look good but also maybe Lore Warden Ftr ?

Creation sub school gives you at level 1:

Create Gear (Su):
At 1st level, you can create any object that weighs no more than 1 pound per wizard level you possess. Creating an object in this way is a standard action. The Item remains for 1 minute before fading away, although it disappears after one round if it leaves your possession. Creating an Item to an exact specification might require a Craft skill check, subject to GM discretion. The object must be made of simple materials, such as wood, stone, glass, or metal, and cannot contain any moving parts. You could use this ability to create a dagger, but not a vial of alchemist’s fire. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Intelligence modifier.

The cleric subdomain Flotsam gives at level 6:

Sift (Su)::
At 6th level, once per day you can reach into water as a standard action and pull out an object with a maximum gp value of up to 50 gp × your cleric level.

This object always has the broken condition upon being withdrawn from the water. The water you reach into must be at least deep enough to fully immerse yourself in it. At 12th level, objects you retrieve are not broken. At 20th level, you can retrieve objects worth up to 5,000 gp. If retrieving an object that would not normally float, assume it rests on top of or is entwined with debris that does float. Objects retrieved in this manner disappear after 24 hours, if not already used up or otherwise destroyed before then.

We had a nice thread on social combat recently here .

noretoc wrote:
Hey all. Want to get your creative juices flowing in prep for RPG superstar. There used to be a program on the web, that you could enter a number and it would spit out that many tavern encounters. Short little description of people that are in a tavern.

Check out the top 5 items thread for ideas:
Robe of useful Items
Feather Tokens

Folding boat
Instant Fortress
Rod of Lordly Might

Archivist bard maybe might fit, or archaeologist bard which with halflings heritage also opens up luck shenanigans.

Check out the Improvisational Equipment trait, or Dealmaker trait combined with Black Market Connections Rogue Talent.

Let us know the final build...

Dominion is more HR Giger than HPL.

Noble Scion prC might help. Also Black Market connections rogue talent maybe?

To make full use of the scrolls you need a high UMD or better a few levels of a class with spellcasting. Preferably both arcane and divine...

Make him wear glasses and a trench coat and always call the charismatic leader/face of the party Sir.

Excellent post ElterAgo.


But instead the spokes person for the group just said “We go into town and roll diplomacy to get someone to hire us to take out the bandits. I got a 32.”

“So who do you talk to and what do you say to them?”
“Whoever seems best. I got a 32. That’s pretty good”
What can I do with that? Ok, I can either give you a big penalty for being an ash-hat and making my life more difficult or I’ll have to make something up.

This problem is solved nicely by applying the Alexandrian's Diplomacy fix, I.e. reducing the impact of one diplomacy roll to a better defined and smaller scale result: getting someone to a accept a specific deal/bargain.

Thanks for the review, Guenarr. I really have to get this book someday...

Note that the debate rules from this got updated/adapted to Pathfinder in Debatable Actions for PFRPG by LPJ Design .

Terquem wrote:
This makes me want to mention the one theatrical thing I can never seem to pull of in any D&D esque game

You might like the Alexandrians Death & Dying houserules then...

This post in the mini AP/self made AP thread might be helpful

Apply/adapt the diplomacy fix

Kickstarter cancelled.

Why not buy a Beginner Box then ? and or use the beginner SRD?

2E is a lot easier of course and you could get a used 2E PHBs cheap or use the OSRIC retro clone.

How about Ari 5/ Prophet of Kalistrade 5. Though he needs to be LN then. Additionally, they practice sexual and dietary prohibitions. Not sure if that fits.

I somehow like the devout initiate follower of a secret and weird or evil cult idea. Asmodeus cultist works too, though imho not cleric 10.

Classical: knife master rogue / weapon master fighter.

Or maybe Vivisectionist alchemist?

Does he have an anvil strapped on his back or what? Equipment trick anvil anyone?

Sniper goggles plus a rogue or investigator dip seem in order.

And he's wearing an armoured coat which is medium armor.

Wish I could code hero lab.... And have time for a 2nd job.

Why tank? He does not look too heavily armoured...

Ooh a sword saint build. You get Quick Draw for katana for free at samurai 3 iirc so it is sort of redundant.

I'm quite fond of the thug rogue1/sword saint x (order of the cockatrice) build for more intimidate debuffing. Or thug 3 maybe.

You should contact the PFS guy from Freiburg: PFS Germany stellt sich vor.

Also there are other German message boards where you could post a seeking game message.

Finally try other systems too...

So how much is in there for Nidalese Shades of Uskwood Druids?

I would not try to run APs, but rather run some shorter adventures

Here are some solo adventures which are designed to be run alone, but you could also adapt 1 on 1 adventures

Both links are from this thread about solo play i.e. no gm

The Mythic Game Master Emulator is a product that has received high praises. It is a system-neutral campaign/adventure generator and GMing assistant that facilitates 1 player no DM play.

Also check out Word Mill Publishing's other products (esp. Mythic Variations), that can help any DM very much. (Here's a review on RPGnet.)

For online use check out the Flash-Based-GM-Emulator, you'll need the GMulator pdf (and from what I've read the Variations pdf too) to get the hang of the system though.

There's also the skirmisher and trapper archetypes that get rid of spellcasting.

Both excellent suggestions. You might also like HHammerdog Games' Grand Temple of Jing...

Duke where are in Germany? Do you speak german? How old are you?

While other RPGs are quote prevalent in Germany you should be able to fin a PF game somewhere. There's loads of Germans on these boards here and I can imagine some at least playing in English even.

I can't imagine soloing a whole AP as DM and player. Too much spoilers. Now there are alternatives, let me dig up some links...

I think giving it out for free to everyone is the key, but the PCs still have to work to get a cohort.

An important question is who will build and play the cohort. Even if you cede this to the player, the DM should have veto rights and may take over playing the cohort at times.

And also if cohorts can leave or even betray their masters under certain circumstances. The feat seems to suggest so.

If you surround the PCs with more NPCs like hirelings and staff you could switch roles with or without the PC knowing and a hireling can become a cohort for example.

I always loved the 2e or 1e followers rules. You got a bit more high level and potentially interesting followers though. At name level (around level 9 or 10) a fighter got loads of followers, a ranger only few but many interesting ones (a chance for a treant , falcons, wolves, maybe a pixie) and a thief a small but skilled cadre (up to level 8). The Complete Priest handbook had a nice system for priests followers.

Have you seen Legendary Games Ultimate Relationships yet? Any ideas on how to integrate those rules with your leadership rules?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Check out Alexander Augunas brilliant blog post about leadership where he advises granting leadership as a bonus feat on lvl 7 automatically but enforcing the recruitment part for cohorts and only taking one cohort max with the party. I love that this makes CHA much more useful and creates dependables thus rooting PCs in the setting more.

He also published the Leadership Handbook making the leadership score into a new ability score and integrating it with some other rules.

Legendary Games Ultimate Relationships might also be of interest.

He probably has the rahadoumi disbeliever trait.

Now if he was a Pure Legion Enforcer is the big question. Maybe he was and retrained into inquisitor. He probably has the heretic archetype.

Check out this thread about hedge magic spells and make an item out of the spells found there...

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Monstrous realms sounds fun.

A monster variation of some of the extant books would be nice: monstrous cities ?

Nomads of Golarion, detailing a sczarni gypsy wagon train, a shoanti camp, a traveling circus, a mercenary band, ...

Tribes of Golarion

Mercenaries of Golarion

Slayer 2 can get trapfinding

Towns, but didnt they already do this?

Maybe Shops?

Checkout the goblin traits here.

He does not need HiPS if he uses terrain and movement appropriately.

Camouflage though is nice to have.

Triple dipping favored terrain/ terrain mastery is normally over specialization but for that encounter the terrain is set.

Add sniper slayer to the list of classes.

Or maybe use raging cannibal brb archetype just for the maximum shock effect on fellow PCs.

A chameleon rogue 1 dip gives you +1d6 sneak and a stealth pool scaling with your bluff skill. A 3 level dip grants effortless sneak.

ARMOR OF THE SHADOW LORD is an example intelligent item that gives a lot of stealth.

Terrain mastery rogue talent and/or ranger's favored terrain, maybe even the Horizon walker prc may be of interest.

While I like the fast movement to offset small size of a brb dip, the true primitive brb archetype grant terrain mastery at lvl 1. The fetish stuff it grants later makes for fun visuals too.

So maybe:

Chameleon rogue 3 or 4/guide trapper ranger 3+/true primitive barbarian x.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

If he's living alone in a ruin he needs some survival skills IMHO maybe he is a ex-commando bad guy who just wants to be left alone.

I love the idea of a little goblin Rambo slayer/ranger/barbarian kicking the PCs ass with lots of ranger traps, camouflage, hit and run tactics etc.

Give him a composite bow, javelins, a big knife or two , high stealth and mobility. Also don't forget to tell your friend to design the terrain around the ruin in detail.

Why is this not on d20pfsrd???

Roll a background build from there , don't plan ahead too much

3.5 Brachiation feat.

Zhangar wrote:
(I love that Nex has an invisible stalker on the government council. I don't think a drow would even get a second look in Nex.)

Where is this info from ?

I love that the dwarf lady is not all sexy or muscled up but looks a little fat in the neck. The feet/boots are off somehow though.

The paladin looks great but the forhead is a little too smooth somehow and the hairline there too. The helmet looks a bit too small/narrow to fit over her head.

Check out Food & Lodging (aka Monthly Cost of Living) here , also Goods and services and finally the downtime optional rules which include prices for buildings and much much more.

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