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Beltias Kreun

Thanael's page

Goblin Squad Member. 1,786 posts. No reviews. 1 list. 2 wishlists.


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Samy wrote:
Will Thieves' Cant be covered in any way?

Get yourself The Canting Crew by Gygax/Troll Lord Games

Miracle pill?

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Four Dollar Dungeons wrote:

I'm actually in the DeathQuaker camp - I don't believe in read-aloud text at all.

I would write something like this:

"Four giant spiders live in the room. The ceiling is covered in webs. At any one time one of the spiders is likely to be concealed by the webbing as they scutter about, requiring a Perception check DC 12 to spot, otherwise their presence is pretty obvious as they weave and re-weave their webbing in an attempt to construct the perfect fly-trap.

Not that it's done them much good - they haven't had a decent meal in a fortnight and are now more than likely to attack anything that comes in here even if it's wrapped in plate armour."

And so on.

The key thing about this approach is that it makes no assumptions about the circumstances under which the PCs will encounter this situation. PC action could result in them all clattering in here at the same time, or one of them creeping by himself, or perhaps they chase a goblin into this room, may be one that's carrying a torch. Alternatively the GM might decide that some of the spiders are going to go out hunting, or perhaps something else in the dungeon will come and hunt them.

With this sort of approach to writing, you're providing the GM with the information that she needs in order for her to run it in her own way. You're explaining why things are the way they are, rather than presenting a karaoke-style set of instructions. Clearly some people prefer the latter, perhaps most people, but this alternative does exist, and it's in fact how things used to be back in the very early days of D&D (I remember how shocked I was when read-aloud text first appeared in module A1).


+1. I like the telling a story, with some fun background facts, but not assuming any particular action on the side of the PC's. This makes the adventure fun to read, can easily serve/be adapted as read aloud text in an emergency and does not prep plot but sets a up a situation. (See Alexandrian blog post: don't prep plot)


Check out the Dicefreaks Lich template(3.5) for some additional crunch on the phylactery.

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The Alexandrian blog does a lot of R&D/analysis on encounter design and adventure design and while not always (but sometimes) explicitly about presentation, you can still glean insight from them I think. Read the series on node based scenarios design starting here ( and going through several follow up posts, and also Don't prep plot prep situations.

Lou Agresta used some similar techniques in presenting a roadmap to the massive Razor Coast.

Also Monte Cook's Ptolus has several useful ideas to mine from presentation wise.

I think keeping the narrative flow intact for readability makes much sense. Presenting an adventure overview first. Maybe even a node map/flow chart. But making actual encounters and/or statblocks easier to read/access can be done in addition to readable text.

Zahir ibn Mahmoud ibn Jothan wrote:
Libertad wrote:
Thank you for the information. Are you one of the backers? If not, do you have any links of backer discussion, KickStarter or otherwise, confirming this?
I'm a backer. Have books 1 and 2 and all 7 for WotW.

You mean actual printed physical copies? Hmm...

Nope venerable is -6/+3 in total, as it cumulates with middle aged and old.

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Ron Lundeen wrote:
... like Wayfinder (and Pathfinder Chronicler)

Added some linkification.

Schadenfreude wrote:

The Alexandrian has a room key layout I've found useful:



Also AAW does some pretty innovative layout for their online accessible adventures. Not sure how much/what of that would be portable to print though.


I also had a lot of fun running a devils nunnery orphanage in Isger campaign. The campaign started off with them all being orphans and under the tutelage and training of the Chelaxian battle nuns/monks.
Then they got to choose they classes after graduating.
It was fun with them running around trying to get out of chores, get contraband, survive training,, etc.
The punishments were always fun, having to play pinata with a beehive and things like that.
"Sister Benevolent Murder Most Furious tells you to sit down and eat your greens." "what do you do?"
"I sit the @#$% down and eat my greens of course." XD

Awesome. Tell us more...

On the actual Real World meanings of sheikh and Amir.

Thanael wrote:

Check out gamer-printer's suggestion. Excellent adventure and you can't beat the price..

Otherwise for survival horror I immediately think Total Party Kill Games.

Fixed the link. Read the reviews for TPK's Reaping Stone and Bleeding Hollow.

Or file the serial numbers off and approach Legendary Games or Adventure a Week games.

Or publish it with/in Wayfinder Magazine for free.

But they are right. Start small and write something to show us your vision.

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I heard good things about Four Dollar Dungeons adventures (not sure if they have a different format for encounters but according to the reviews they contain a lot of supplementary DM prep stuff) and also about Hammerdog's Grande Temple of Jing.

See this thread on adventures around a party/festival.

Check out gamer-printer's suggestion. Excellent adventure and you can't beat the price..

Otherwise for survival horror I immediately think Total Party Kill Games.

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Thanael wrote:
Google Dicefreaks Lich template.

Created by Dicefreaks

Creating a Lich

“Lich” is an acquired template that can be added to any giant, humanoid or monstrous humanoid (referred to hereafter as the aspirant), provided it can perform the incantation, as described below. Certain other creatures (such as mind flayers) can also become liches.

Aspirants who complete the incantation begin at the first rank. To advance in rank, a lich must complete a ritual of transformation (described below).

A lich has all the base creature’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here.

Size and Type: The aspirant's type changes to Undead (Augmented [base creature's type]). Do not recalculate base attack bonus, saves, or skill points. Size is unchanged.

Hit Dice: Increase all current and future Hit Dice to d12s. Lich lords and greater also gain bonus HP using their Charisma modifer in place of their Consitution modifer.

Armor Class: A lich has a +5 natural armor bonus or the aspirant’s natural armor bonus, whichever is better. Magisters and greater gain a profane bonus to AC equal to their rank. Archlichs and greater gain a deflection bonus to AC equal to their Charisma modifer.

Attack: A lich has a touch attack that it can use once per round. If the aspirant can use weapons, the lich retains this ability. An aspirant with natural weapons retains those natural weapons. A lich fighting without weapons uses either its touch attack or its primary natural weapon (if it has any). A lich armed with a weapon uses its touch or a weapon, as it desires.

Full Attack: A lich fighting without weapons uses either its touch attack (see above) or its natural weapons (if it has any). If armed with a weapon, it usually uses the weapon as its primary attack along with a touch as a natural secondary attack, provided it has a way to make that attack (either a free hand or a natural weapon that it can use as a secondary attack).

Damage: A lich without natural weapons has a touch attack that uses negative energy to deal 1d8 points of damage per rank plus its Charisma modifer to living creatures; a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 lich’s caster level + lich’s spellcasting modifier) halves the damage. A lich with natural weapons can use its touch attack or its natural weaponry, as it prefers. If it chooses the latter, it deals 1d8 points of extra damage per rank plus its Charisma modifer on one natural weapon attack.

Special Attacks: A lich retains all the aspirant’s special attacks. Save DCs are equal to 10 + 1/2 lich’s caster level + lich’s spellcasting modifier unless otherwise noted.

Special Qualities: A lich retains all the base creature’s special qualities and gains those described below.

Turn Resistance (Ex): A lich has turn resistance equal to its rank plus its Charisma modifer.

Damage Reduction (Su): A lich’s undead body is tough, giving the creature damage reduction according to the table below. Its natural weapons are treated as magic and evil for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction. Lich lords and greater treat their natural weapons as epic for the purpose of overcoming damage recution

Immunities (Ex): Liches have immunity to cold, electricity, polymorph (though they can use polymorph effects on themselves), and mind-affecting attacks.

Phylactery (Su): If slain, a lich's soul returns to its phylactery. Once within the phylactery for three days, the spirit may return to life by possessing any corpse within 100 feet x its spellcasting modifer. The corpse, once possessed, has the same statistics as the lich did before its destruction.

Abilities: The Aspirant's ability scores increase according to the table below. Being undead, a lich has no Constitution score.

Skills: Same as the Aspirant.

Organization: Solitary

Challenge Rating: +1+rank

Treasure: Standard coins; double goods; double items.

Alignment: Any evil.

Advancement: By character class.

Neonate; +4 Int, +2 Wis, +2 Cha. DR 15/bludgeoning. 2 saliant abilities.
Alumnus; +6 Int, +2 Wis, +2 Cha. DR 15/magic and bludgeoning. 4 saliant abilities.
Magister; +8 Int, +4 Wis, +4 Cha. DR 20/magic and bludgeoning. 6 saliant abilities.
Lich Lord; +10 Int, +4 Wis, +4 Cha. DR 20/epic and bludgeoning. 8 saliant abilities.
Archlich; +12 Int, +6 Wis, +6 Cha. DR 25/epic and bludgeoning. 10 saliant abilities.
Eternal; +14 Int, +6 Wis, +6 Cha. DR 25/epic, bludgeoning and good. 12 saliant abilities.

Ritual of Transformation
Effective level: 9th
Skill Check: Craft (alchemy) DC 30, 3 successes, Knowledge (arcana) DC 30, 3 successes, Knowledge (religon) DC 30, 3 successes
Failure: Death
Components: V, S, M, F, B
Casting Time: One night
Range: Personal
Target: You
Duration: Instantaneous

This incantation kills the caster and sends his or her soul into the prepared phylactery. Three days later, the caster rises again with the lich template applied. This ritual turns the caster into a neonate; further rituals are necessary to progress to a higher rank.

Failure: Death to the caster. He or she may not be ressurected save by a greater god with the Life and Death SDA. (The Gift of Life SDA alone is insuficient).
Material Component: Transformation potion. This must be created by the aspirant himself and requires the spells finger of death or slay living and create greater undead, the Brew Potion feat, and the expenditure of 20,000 gp and 800 xp.
Focus: Phylactery. This must be created by the aspirant himself and requires the spells astral projection and magic jar or soul bind, the Craft Wonderous Items feat and the expenditure of 100,000 gp and 4,000 xp.
Backlash: In addition to the tempory death of the caster, the newly created lich is nauseated (despite the usual undead immunity) for a week after the transformation.

Ritual of Transcendance
Effective level: 9th
Skill Check: Craft (alchemy) DC (20 + 10*new rank), 3 successes, Knowledge (arcana) DC (20 + 10*new rank), 3 successes, Knowledge (religon) DC (20 + 10*new rank), 3 successes
Failure: Double backlash damage
Components: V, S, F, B, XP
Casting Time: One night
Range: Personal
Target: You
Duration: Instantaneous

This incantation may only be cast during a rare astronomical event that occurs only once every 169 years. The caster must cast this spell under an open sky and as high above sea level as possible. For every 100 feet beneath 5000 feet above sea level, the caster takes a -1 penalty to the skill checks involved in casting the incantation. If the incantation is successful, the caster rises one rank, from neonate to alumnus or alumnus to magister, for example.

Focus: Phylactery.
Backlash: (10*new rank)d6 damage. This wave of power also destroys all items the lich may be carrying or wearing, save his phylactery. He does not benefit from such items when making the skill checks.
XP: 10,000*new rank

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Posted: Fri May 25, 2007 2:52 am Post subject:
Lich Salient Abilities

Arcane Shield (Su)
The lich has learned to create a field of arcane force that protects it from attacks.
Prerequisites: Archlich or greater.
Benefit: The lich can expend a spell slot to create a barrier that absorbs incoming attacks. The barrier can absorb up to (spell slot used x rank) hit points of damage before it collapses. It is similar to a divine shield; however, it does not stop a divine blast, and cannot be adjusted to ignore damage that the lich is immune to. It is a move equivalent action for a lich to spend a spell slot to activate an arcane shield.

Agonizing Gaze (Su)
The lich's mere gaze can harm people.
Prerequisites: Alumnus or greater.
Benefit: The lich may deal damage with gaze attack equal to the damage from its touch attack.

Bolt of the Damned (Su)
After centuries of research on the negative material plane, the lich has gained mastery over the very substance of undeath. He can reverse living forces into negative forces.
Prerequisites: Archlich, Spell Focus (Necromancy).
Benefit: 1/day per rank, the lich can suck in positive energy in an area 1 ft./caster level around it. Any living creature in the area will suffer 1d8 points of damage per the lich's caster level, with a Fortitude save for half damage. Undead are not affected. The lich can then reverse the positive energy to create a bolt of negative energy (100 + 5ft./caster level feet long) for damage equal to the amount of damaged inflicted. Any living creature that dies from the energy drain or the bolt will rise as a zombie the next round.

Coldfire (Su)
The lich controls the dark power of coldfire.
Prerequisites: Alumnus or greater.
Benefit: The lich's touch attack deals 3d6 points of cold damage in additon to its normal damage. Any fire or cold damage the lich deals to living targets is treated as either fire or cold, whichever the target is more vulnerable to.

Dark Arcana (Ex)
The lich holds secrets of necromancy beyond the ken of mortals.
Prerequisites: Magister or greater, 20th level wizard specialized in Necromancy, Epic Spell Focus(Necromancy), Greater Spell Focus (Necromancy), Spell Focus (Necromancy).
Benefit: The lich can “lose” any prepared spell spell in order to cast any necromancy spell of the same spell level or lower at will. It gains the ability to use animate dead at will as a spell like ability.

Deadly Gaze (Su)
The lich's eyes carry death.
Prerequisites: Lich lord or greater, Agonising Gaze, Deadly Touch, Paralyzing Gaze, Paralyzing Touch,
Benefit: The lich's gaze attack causes death just like its touch, with the same Fortitude save to avoid its effects.

Deadly Touch (Su)
The lich's touch is death,
Prerequisites: Magister or greater, Paralyzing Touch,
Benefit: Any living creature a lich hits with its touch attack must succeed on a Fortitude save or die. This replaces the effects of Parlayzing Touch.

Fast Healing (Su)
The lich heals exceptionally quickly,
Benefit: The lich receives fast healing equal to 5x its rank. This is doubled if the lich is within 100 feet x its rank of its phylactery.

Fear Aura (Su)
The lich is shrouded in a dreadful aura of death and evil.
Benefit: Creatures of less than 5 HD in a 60-foot radius that look at the lich must succeed on a Will save or be affected as though by a fear spell from a sorcerer of the lich’s level. A creature that successfully saves cannot be affected again by the same lich’s aura for 24 hours.

Forbidden Lore (Ex)
The lich knows of things long forgotten - even some things perhaps better forgotten.
Benefit: The lich may make a special forbidden lore check with a bonus equal to his caster level + his Intelligence modifier to see whether he knows some relevant information about necromancers, undead creatures, legendary items or unholy places. If the lich has 5 or more ranks in Knowledge (religon), he gains a +2 bonus on this check (increasing to a +4 bonus with 25 ranks, +6 with 45, and so on).
A successful forbidden lore check will not reveal the powers of a magic item but may give a hint as to its general function. The lich may not take 10 or take 20 on this check; this sort of knowledge is essentially random.

DC Type of Knowledge
10 How to distinguish between a zombie and a ghoul.
20 The life and unlife of a powerful or legendary undead creature.
30 The powers of an obscure type of undead, such as a deathbringer or famine spirit.

A lich may also find out the True Name of a particularly noteworthy undead creature; this require a check against a DC of 10 + twice the being's HD.

Greater Coldfire (Su)
The lich may produce coldfire by converting spells into pure necromantic power.
Prerequisites: Lich lord or greater, Coldfire.
Benefit: The lich gains the ability to change arcane spell energy into coldfire, manifesting it as a bolt of raw negative energy. The bolt is a ranged touch attack with long range (400 feet + 40 feet/rank) that deals 1d12 points of negative energy damage per rank plus 1d12 points of cold (or fire) damage per level of the spell used to create the effect.

Improved Command (Ex)
The lich may control more undead than normal.
Prerequisites: Rebuke/Command Undead
Benefit: When determining the type of undead that are controlled rather than rebuked, the lich counts as if it were 5 levels x its rank higher. It still performs the turning check as normal, using its actual HD. For instance, a 30th level lich lord without this power would be able to command 15 HD of undead. With this power, he can command undead up to 25 HD. (1/2 of 30+(4x5)). He still turns undead as a 30th level cleric.

Improved Fear Aura (Su)
The lich's presence is terrifying.
Prerequisites: Magister or greater, Fear Aura.
Benefit: The lich's fear aura affects all creaters with less HD than the lich's caster level.

Malevolence (Su)
The lichs true form is an incorporeal spirit of fiery black energy.
Benefit: A malfunction in the transformation ritual has perverted the lichs undead existence. His phylactery and body were both destroyed and he exists as an incorporeal being of negative energy.

The lich must possess a living being to continue to survive. Once per round it can attempt to possess a living humanoid creature. This ability is similar to a magic jar spell. (caster level of the lich's hit dice), except that it does not require a receptable and the creature can inhabit the host body indefinately. To use this abilty the lich moves intot he target's space, which does not provoke attacks or oppertunity. The target can resist with a successful Will save (DC 15+lichs charisma modifier)/ A creature that successfully saves is immune to that same liches possession for 24 hours. If the save fails, the creature dies, its spirit leaves its body, and the lich's spirit animates the body as per the magic jar spell. Creatures slain in this manner can only be brought back with a miracle or wish/

A possessed body ages at three times the normal rate. If the host dies due to age, is reduced to 0 hit points, or the lich gains a level, the lich is forced out of the host. (which causes the body to combust) and must possess a new body within 1 hour or be destroyed.

Any other circumstances that force the lich out of its host render the host useless and force thel ich to seek out a new one.

While incorporeal the lich is vulnerable to dispel evil; instead of driving the lich to another plane it destroys it if it fails its resistance check and saving throw against the caster's touch attack.

Nether Arcana (Ex)
The lich's mastery of necromancy is the stuff of legends - and nightmares.
Prerequisites: Lich lord or greater, 24th level wizard specialized in Necromancy, Dark Arcana, Epic Spell Focus (Necromancy), Greater Spell Focus (Necromancy), Spell Focus (Necromancy).
Benefit: The lich adds its rank to the save DCs of all necromancy spells it casts. This stacks with the bonus from Epic Spell Focus. It gains the ability to use create undead at will as a spell-like ability.

Rebuke Undead (Su)
The lich may control undead without needing to use spells.
Benefit: The lich may rebuke or command undead as an evil cleric of a level equal to its spellcaster level.

Paralyzing Gaze (Su)
The lich's gaze carries the same paralysis as its touch.
Prerequisites: Magister or greater, Agonising Gaze, Paralyzing Touch.
Benefit: The lich's gaze attack causes paralysis just like its touch, with the same Fortitude save to avoid its effects.

Paralyzing Touch (Su)
The lich's very touch causes paralysis.
Benefit: Any living creature a lich hits with its touch attack must succeed on a Fortitude save or be permanently paralyzed. Remove paralysis or any spell that can remove a curse can free the victim (see the bestow curse spell description)..
The effect cannot be dispelled. Anyone paralyzed by a lich seems dead, though a DC 20 Spot check or a DC 15 Heal check reveals that the victim is still alive.

Spell Resistance (Su)
The lich is supernaturally resistant to spells.
Prerequisites: Magister or greater.
Benefit: The lich gains Spell Resitance equal to 13 + its caster level.

Turn Immunity (Ex)
The lich is immune to the divine control of clerics.
Prerequisites: Magister or greater.
Benefit: The lich can not be rebuked, turned, controlled or destroyed by clerical turning.

Undead Mastery (Ex)
The lich may control an almost legendary number of undead.
Prerequisites: Rebuke/Command Undead, Lich Lord.
Benefit: The number of undead that can be controlled is now equal to 2 x level x rank. This does not stack with the epic feat of the same name.

Vile Arcana (Ex)
No living or undead creature can match the lich's mastery of necromancy.
Prerequisites: Archlich or greater, 28th level wizard specialized in Necromancy, Dark Arcana, Nether Arcana, Epic Spell Focus (Necromancy), Greater Spell Focus (Necromancy), Spell Focus (Necromancy).
Benefit: The lich adds its Charisma modifer to its spellcaster level and spell DCs when casting Necromancy spells. This stacks with both the Epic Spell Focus feat and with the Nether Arcana salient ability. It gains the ability to use create greater undead at will as a spell like ability.

Sounds great.

Google Dicefreaks Lich template.

Ahoy, ye scurvy landlubbers! At Frog Gods Games thar be half price today for all shiny Razor Coast booty wi' daily deals code


For more jolly pirate RPG booty be headin' to this olde threade.

Arrrr, I be dotting this.

I can't believe I forgot to list The Grande Temple of Jing by Hammerdog Games. It a kickstartered super-dungeon currently nearing completion.

For those who missed the KS you can pre order at

Northlands Saga by FGG is said to be great. ( kickstarter currently ongoing)

See the old 3pp AP thread for a very extensive list of 3pp AP and mega adventures and adventure series. There is a lot of excellent stuff out there.

Zeitgeist got rave reviews, Razor Coast got a more mixed reception between gushing praise and some criticism. 0one games Road to Revolution is probably the best supported one.
And you can't beat FGG for sandboxy old school stuff.

Greg A. Vaughan wrote:
Thanael wrote:

Greg are you aware of the Superstitious Barbarian archetype? Naked Courage seems a bit more powerful than your Naked Fury.

Naked Fury seems more powerful to me. At 9th level the unarmored Bearsarker will have a +6 dodge bonus to AC. The savage barbarian will only have a +2 dodge bonus. The Bearsarker only loses out on a +2 bonus to fear saves. Seems like a more than adequate trade off to me considering a bless spell from a supporting cleric will provide 50% of that bonus with only a 1st level spell expenditure. I'm not sure how you're seeing Naked Courage as more advantageous.

D'oh! Missed the +2 per 3 levels...

Probably the upcoming Strange Aeons ?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

+1 on the Harrowing. Check it out.

Rite Publishing's Coliseum Morpheon Setting maybe. The novel Lost in Dream by Matt Banach which is set in that setting, is described as Alice in Wonderland meets H.P.Lovecraft. It does involve rescuing a girl who is lost in dream iirc. I suggest checking it out.

Adventure Quarterly #3 has an adventure calles “Dream Harvest” which set in a nightmare, incidently also by Matt Banach. Read the reviews for more info.

There's also Rite's Five Room Dungeon: Rabbit Hole by Matt Banach (and Coliseum Morpheon author Clinton Boomer) again.

And not PFRPG, but still merits a mention imo is Gossamer Worlds: the Nightmare Kingdom a setting/world for the Lords of Gossamer and Shadow game which is a version of Amber Diceless.

Also by Rite but not related to Coliseum or Matt Banach there is the PFRPG Kaidan Setting, which is about japanese gothic horror stories. Kaidan is an archipelago of islands, but has it's own cosmic properties making it very much like Ravenloft, being a land of oriental horror, karmic curses and a spiritual trap. It is heavily influenced by Japanese history, religion, legends, folklore and traditional ghost stories.

From 3.5/3.0? there is Mystic Eye Games which provides a dark setting that iirc is half dream. I bought several adventures and monster books from them to pillage for Ravenloft. The setting book is The Hunt: Rise of Evil.

"The Hunt: Rise of Evil" is our core d20 campaign setting by Mystic Eye Games. In this book you will be immersed into the dark world called Gothos. You will find a new and fantastic land where the dreams and nightmares of our sleeping earth folk find there way into this mystical world. This unique campaign setting will give you new rules, kingdoms, classes, races, magic and much more. Play in our world or simply apply all that you find here to any d20 game. Become a child of the waking dream and join the hunt today! This book will feature more than 20 unique, new classes, new feats, new spells, new monsters and much more for your d20 fantasy game.

Greg are you aware of the Superstitious Barbarian archetype? Naked Courage seems a bit more powerful than your Naked Fury.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

...with clubs

The Northlands Saga by Frog God Games will provide a full AP, Viking saga style.

Or set up a complicated con and swindle him out of it

+1 for Gamma World. Doesn't get much weirder IMO. I hear the 4e variant wasn't too bad. And there's a free PC generator at WoTC. One of the big charms of the old GW was rolling your mutant character. Not sure how the Sword & Sorcery version handles it.

Ghufufin wrote:

I would find out who made the permanent anti magic field on the shop and deal with them instead.

And ready for a terrible suggestion? Your character is evil and the shopkeeper is being a real obstactle. Just remove them. When you do just make sure its fully stocked. Fair warning since this is the bad option be prepared to: deal with some even greater BS, make a new character, or stop playing in the game entirely.

This. If the prices get too high threaten to let the other PCs handle the haggling ;-)

And then (let them) get creative and work around or through the obstacle. Have some one steal the item. Or worse.

Hermea huh? Now now... I could see Razmiran but Hermea? Occult? Interesting.

Whatever happened to this product? Articles are still available but I can find neither the product nor the freebie anymore...

This post might be useful.

Kobold Press' High Ghouls the Darakhul have this:

Hunger for Flesh:
Hunger for Flesh: : You must consume a meal of raw meat each day or suffer the effects of starvation. You use your Charisma when making checks regarding starvation and always suffer lethal damage from its effects. If you suffer damage from starvation, you become “fatigued” until the damage is healed. (Undead are not typically susceptible to fatigue; hunger, however, will make a darakhul feel effects identical to fatigue.) Damage from starvation cannot be healed by magic or anything else but spending 1 hour consuming an amount of raw meat equal to a Small creature. Separate from the starvation hazard, if you’re a darakhul spellcaster, you only recover your spells after enjoying a leisurely, 1-hour-long meal of raw meat. If you need to heal starvation damage and recover spells, you must eat two Small creatures over a 2-hour period. While you will gladly devour any meat any time you can, you can regain spells only once every 24 hours.

For after the honeymoonread all about goblin pregnancy and child care here (in a great in character fan article)

terraleon wrote:

Domains Chaos, Evil, Travel and I would add Death and the Speed domain from Southlands.
Favored Weapon maquahuitl (a heavy wooden club edged down two sides with razor-like obsidian blades)

Macuahuitl = terbutje which is in the PRD.

Zeitgeist AP by ENworld Publishing, or Road to Revolution AP by 0one Games.

(See the 3PP AP thread)

Some Reaper frogmen , more Frogmen by Reaper I think and ye oldeRal Partha 11-531 Bullywugs. (more bullywug minis)

More Stonehaven Grippli. I like the bowyer...

Dark Sword Miniature has some nice & hilarious frog people including a frog bishop, bard & more... (Check picture search.)

(Sorry for lmgtfy linkage, apparently I can't get urls from google searches on my iPhone)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Check out the free Magical Medieval Society: City Guide for lots of detail, and the more abstract settlement rules by Paizo

For even more links check out this post, which links to several generators some inspired by rules from the 3.5 DMG (which work great in conjusnction with the settlement rules), and some by the Medieval Society Guides i believe.

For newer stuff FGG's Lost Lore: Town of Glory which presents a new rules mini-system for building and growing frontier communities, giving players and GMs multiple options to add onto their existing game play.

Also check out Raging Swan Press Town Backdrop and Village Backdrop series pdfs if you need a smaller settlement in the vicinity or their GMs'Miscellany products like Urban Dressing.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

You has me at "catfolk thief and gnoll merchant". Also Pett. (Mroooar?)

GM Arkwright, you do know about Fire as She Bears do you ? It's FGG's take on a PFRPG nautical combat system, spawned during the Razor Coast kickstarter.

Münchhausen! There you go. Umlaut ftw.

So as an old Shadowrun fan, and having taken a brief look at the website: Will there be a shadow lingo thing - Chummer? Chumski ? - and will the presentation be similarly immersive to the great SR supplementals?

Great picture btw. Do you publish/sell your work ? With that style i'd try Adventure A Week games...

Lilith wrote:
Tome of Adventure Design, everything from Engine Publishing, and Roleplaying Tips.

I'm still missing ToAD. It's on the shortlist though.

Will check out engine publishing.

Roleplaying Tips has a free newsletter that's quite handy.

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terraleon wrote:

You can get the Midgard setting and a few additional supplements in the current Bundle of Holding. The setting, 8 adventures, a gazetteer of the Margreve Forest, and the players' guide to the Crossroads, all for $9. That's a great deal if you find the Midgard pdfs too expensive usually.

While you pay at Bundle of Holding, you fulfill through drivethruRPG.


That's a great deal!

Google Tippyverse! (?)

Wild Stalker archetype gives lowlight vision and perception stuff. Maybe look into nature oracle dip? Or a feral shifter or nature fang druid? Hunter maybe? And then into the nature warden prestige class!

Aragorn is a multiclass character probably. And he does have some healing and poison detection/slow poison ability, so low level spells might still fit.

So... Skirmisher Wild Stalker Urban Ranger. I need to build one of those...

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