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Beltias Kreun

Thanael's page

Goblin Squad Member. 1,662 posts. No reviews. 1 list. 2 wishlists.


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Way to go Creighton.

For those interested in smaller village or town write ups checkout Raging Swan Press. They have a series of products detailing villages and towns with annual collections of those published.

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Just leaving this here...

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Check out Parsantium.

Great opening scene.

The Pathfinder Tales novel Liars Blade by Tim Pratt has a protagonist with an intelligent sword. They face off against another intelligent sword controlling its master in one scene.

Check out Clinton Boomers tumblr for lots of anti paladin goodness - so to say - Including gunslinger stuff.

Holy moly that ring sure has some powers. Think about a few combos between the ring and his own spells/abilities. Control Water (use raise water option while underground) should be great in a pitch to change the battlefield. Then ice wall.

Also summon monster 7 allows for a few giant moray eels which I do find too creepy. Or you know dire crocodile. Or elementals. Plus charming the parties elementals.

The more I think about it the more I feel like this should not become a simple boss fight. The green should have so many complex tricks up his sleeve that a party of 15th level PCs might survive but I don't think they should be able to pin him down or to say it the other way round he would not get caught in a fight with them unless it is one he anticipated and planned in detail. Otherwise he would fade away when he starts loosing and return later. Or send a few invisible stalkers. He should be subtle and tricksy as hell

Have you read Dragons Revisited?

the 2e ecology of green dragon notes that they enslave hill giants and have evil forest creatures as friends or spies. So I suggest rolling on a forest encounter table a few times and thinking about the relationship the creatures could have with dragon.

I was considering making some of them half-dragon trolls to give them an acid resistance, but 1.) Thought that the green dragon doing that sort of thing was creepy and 2.) In the long run it'd make the trolls less tractable for him.

1)Creepy is good. He's an evil creature.

2) he's got charm person, suggestion and dominate person at will. I would maybe also shift the skill points a bit maybe for some intimidate. He can handle fiendish trolls. Also breath weapon and acid fog spell

A green should be a manipulative evil bastard. Give him lots of minions.

I was going to have underwater segments cordoned off with screens of thick coral or dangerous seaweed. The dragon can pass without trace through it no trouble, but others can't.

Well why not have them still? And not only underwater... He has Plant growth at will. So he can create them on the fly. And woodland stride and camouflage. And entangle at will.

Use terrain & guerilla tactics & smoke & mirrors

Shrubbery for that entanglement spell or as a basis for plant growth, low lighting, cloud effects in an underground terrain, lots of caverns small and big ones, partial underwater, a respectable stealth skill (getting awesome with alter self or polymorph btw. He could hide among some minions.

A green dragon should be a very tricksy versatile skirmisher with lots of deceiving tricks and combos up his sleeve. He can also be an awesome spy and manipulator. Also think about tricksy creatures that he could summon.

Also think 3 dimensional upwards and downwards, he can fly, breath underwater & swim (underwater tunnels going down from rooms), possibly change size and sneak, change the terrain.


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Thread needs [Purple Duck Games] in the title...

Legendary Games current Legendary Planet Kickstarter offers an AP with support material set in their own Sword & Planet setting.

Yeah I know the OP specified no w.i.p. but still: support that KS!

The first part of the AP is finished and will be provided at once when the KS ends. So they're quicker than most KSs.

Alex Augunas Lich King Build needs to be linked here..

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Four Dollar Dungeons great adventures need to be mentioned here...

Also ENWorld Publishings Zeitgeist AP.

Heck here's a thread about 3pp APs and here's one collecting 3PP settings.

Paging the linkbot...

Check out the Gothic Grimoires and Tomes of Ancient Knowledge by Legendary Games.

Might also want to check out Raging Swan Press' Whats the spell book like anyway? or Mundane No More:Texts and Tomes 2 by Christina Stiles Presents.

Legendary Games has some Tomes among their Gothic Line iirc.

Also there's a ritual magic system called Pact Magic Unbound by Alex Augunas

Paizo Adventure Finder: 8th level

The Green Market stands out there as it is set in Korvosa iiur.

+1 for Raging Swan and Rite NPC and or encounter books books.

Purple Duck Games also has a product line on Random Encounters.

FallofCamelot wrote:

For reference I run AP's. And tactics? That would require the dragon to last more than one round.

And do you run your players on 15 pt buy?

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Oooh nice. A nod to Dragon Star would be great.

Legendary Games current Legendary Planet Sword & Planet AP Kickstarter should be mentioned here...

Spell Eater abyssal bloodrager 3 / Wildstalker Ranger x / Invulnerable Barbarian or unbreakable fighter or brawler

Human with heart of the wild or maybe dwarf or tiefling.

donjon.bin probably has one... No templates for PF though.

Also Dinglesgames.

Intelligent foes that use tactics and may retreat
Other PC objectives than kill & loot.

Might want to check out the Green Faith Marshal/Feral Huntsmaster Inquisitor as an alternative to the ranger/hunter dip.

Though Druid/hunter/ranger looks like it could work. Look into the shifter archetype for ranger or feral hunter or feral shifter druid. A nature fang Druid gets some slayer abilities. Panther domain is nice.

Rage can be gotten from beast totem barbarian or wild stalker ranger.

Oh an Legendary Games' Dark Druids supplement (more a DM resource for villains though) has a Black Wolf archetype for Druids gaining lycanthrope like powers.

Nature Warden is a Druid/ranger prestige class that let's you stack some abilities like animal companion.

Green Faith Initiate is a prestige class whose fluff is fighting aberrations I think.

An older thread with the same question

Primal hunter , beast totem barbarian, shifter ranger with natural combat style

Maybe the paladins player wants to adher to the paladin code? Maybe that's why he chose a paladin? It would be a bad move to kill him , or expect him to knowingly ally with a lich.

How come the lich expects him to? He should either deceive him or brute force (geas?) him (though this is again an almost unacceptable GM move) or better yet manipulate him more subtly to do it.

Why can you not use a minion or maybe the hound archon itself as agent for the exposition? Then finding later out that there's a lich behind it all and freeing/rescuing the archon, opposing the lich and in the end maybe confronting and defeating him are much better plot options IMHO.

+1 for checking out Eberron (which is originally a 3e setting) It is a great setting.

Though I can't imagine a da Vinci like magical engineering prodigy fitting into the Lands of the Linnorm Kings.

Not that some engineering wouldn't fit but most of these ideas will probably be met with some (quite possibly violent) resistance by the culture.

If you want to ground your concept a bit more in Viking culture I suggest you check out the Northlands supplement by Kobold Press. Gift it to your GM and he'll be grateful...

Erik Mona's Ostog the Unslain used the Barbarisn archetype that grants nat armor I think. Savage Warrior? Invulnerable fits better though.

The alignment of the nation Hermea is listed in 3.5 campaign setting. PF is silent on the alignment.

That books also references psionics I think.

Some options from Nidal:
NE Druid of Uskwood
NE shadowcaller (summoner or illusionist?)

Re: sucks to be Asmodeus: there's an 3pp archetype for antipaladins in ...Way of the Wicked I believe which allows LE ones iirc.

Check thatboomerkid's tumbler for lots of anti paladin goodies.

If it wasn't book one I'd have said how about the PC returns undead? Is thee a fitting low level undead that he could return as? I know the later WotW books have options for Vampire PCs.

Or maybe his masters kept a finger to clone him?

Tell us some more details about the PC and his companions! What level are they now? What classes and backgrounds?

Also would the player want to have his PC somehow revived/returned or would he rather build a new one?

Legendary Games Dark Druids adds a bit of mechanical stuff (with some fluff implications) to the clergy of Zon Kuth... ermm I mean the Chained God and the Umbral Forest.

Liane Merciel's Pathfinder Tales novel Nightglass likewise adds a deeper look at the religion and Nidal.

Neither adds anything concrete to the mythology though.

Question: what about the Faiths of Purity/Balance/watsitcalledtheevilone? Do they add any lore or only crunch?

Question 2: the deity articles from the APs? Have they been reworked into Inner Sea Gods? Any that are not in there?

The Book of the Damned series probably has some lore of the respective fiends interacting with/relating to some deities.

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The d20pfsrd sometimes adds additional pictures for some weapons and equipment items...

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Arcadia resources and brainstorming thread

NPCs get XP too. A commoner 1 is an inexperienced kid or youth or adolescent, an average adult is level 2-4.

See this post for more on A Theory about Peasants by SKR and NPC levelling.

What? Evil AP? Link?

Yeah well: ask the DM to houserule it? There's a dearth of divine trickster options available though it is a common gnomish trope.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Dont fetishize balance in encounters too much. Read the rest of the Alexandrian blog on encounter design and more...

As for interesting adventures you might want to use/adapt some pre written adventures. Check out Raging Swan Press or Four Dollar Dungeons for some excellent low level adventures.

As for NPCs check out NPC section. Don't over prepare and sometimes fudge or simply wing it. Reuse and reskin unused NPCs later. There are lots of good NPC books out there: Raging Swan Press has a Villains series as well as the pure crunch series. Legendary Games also does good Villain products.

Consider using a random encounter table or several. There are great ones available from Purple Duck Games, Rite Publishing or Raging Swan Press. Also check out Raging Swan Press GM Miscellany series.

Check out these threads:
What are you're favorite DM assistance tools
Sandbox adventure fodder needed (even if you don't want to run a sandbox)
Sandbox and scheming villains (If you do want to run a sandbox(y) campaign)

Check out the gnome racial feats, esp Gnome Trickster. This grants you mage hand. Speak With Animals is a 3rd level arcane (bard) spell and so you then qualify for arcane trickster. (Which would then advance your cleric casting..)

As for channelling look into variant channeling rules.

Which traits/archetypes/feats/domains did you choose?

I'm sure no one will mind.

This excellent campaign journal placed it near the Worldwound.

The first and most significant change is that I've set the dungeon in Golarion. Rappan Athuk is located in Mendev, between the Lake of Mists and Veils and the outskirts of the Estrovian Forest, far from the Worldwound. Some of the names have changed, for example the Forest of Hope is now the Estrovian Forest Outskirts and the Sea Coast Road is now the Lackthroat Road (which runs all the way down to the village of Lackthroat, in Numeria - and, more importantly - on to the Mendevian metropolis of Nerosyan).

See also this old thread on whet to place Rappan Athuk and this one about foreshadowing Slumbering Tsar.

If you are looking for critique/tips post a thread with links somewhere to get more exposure.

I'm sure the community can also the point you to companies/products that use a similar style.

I fondly remember those kind of threads on ENworld by Storn and others...

Only three 18s huh? And a LN paladin...

From the (non confidential) newsletter:

Coming down the pipeline...

Tomb Raiders by Jim Groves, Mike Shel, Jonathan H. Keith, and Benjamin Bruck
Mythic Monsters: Colossal by Jason Nelson and Mike Welham
Legendary Classes: Paladins by Amber Scott and Jason Nelson
The Assimilation Strain by Tom Phillips and Neil Spicer
Legendary Classes: The General by Linda Zayas-Palmer and Will McCardell
Royal Tournaments by Jason Nelson

Starfall by Tom Phillips and Mike Welham
Cyborgs by Tim Hitchcock and Russ Taylor
Legendary Classes: Rogues by Matt Goodall, Jason Nelson, and Clinton J. Boomer
Ultimate Prestige: Villains by Jason Nelson
Mythic Monsters: Animals by Mike Welham, Jason Nelson, and Jonathan H. Keith
Scorpions of Perdition by Nicolas Logue

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